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Cristin a A L M A N Z A

Cristin a A L M A N Z A


Sarrell Dental Coloring Book English & Spanish Versions

Sarrell Dental is a Non-Profit Center with 14 locations that serve underprivileged children with Medicaid and ALL-Kids Insurance. The coloring book idea was created as both an educational and promotional tool for the outreach managers to provide to Sarrell’s target audience. The coloring book was created both in Spanish and English, and it has been used in the waiting room areas of different offices as means to entertain the children and provide age appropriate information about a dental visit. The coloring book includes a word puzzle, a maze, a fill in the blank and also a comic strip where the main character “Sunny� the Sarrell Logo teaches Doggy how to brush his teeth. The arrangement of the content is placed in the same position whether viewed in English or Spanish. In theory, a Hispanic child and American child who are sitting together would have similar responses the words and visuals, to promote the interchange of didactical material between the languages.

Thank You Cards Sarrell Dental

The concept behind these Thank You cards was to convey the importance of the organization to those who were not necessarily familiar with Sarrell’s mission and services to the community. We used this card to provide a very simple and and direct message to legislators, community leaders, and other important people who were not part of Sarrell’s target market. Each face on the card represents an actual patient, a child in Alabama who has benefited from the care and treatment which they have received from Sarrell Dental Center.

Cristin a A L M A N Z A


Jerrod Brown Studios Magazine Advertisement

These ads were produced for Jerrod Brown Studios, an upscale wedding photography studio in Birmingham, Alabama. The focus of the ad is to portray the style and elegence of the photographer’s work through the combination of typography and imagery. The design of the ad and the anonimity of it’s subjects entice the potential customer (Brides) to envision themsleves in a similar experience as the one which is pictured in the advertisment.

Cristin a A L M A N Z A


Team Sports Brand Identity

Team Sports is an Anniston, Alabama based sports apparel store which is dedicated to sell sporting goods and uniforms to local area high school teams. The customer wanted a logo that depicted sports and activity, but showed no reference to a particular sport. Blue and Black were chosen as the main colors in this identy, so that there was no particular favoritism to any school or team.

Cristin a A L M A N Z A


Dancing With Our Stars Ticket Designs

“Dancing With Our Stars� is a Charitable Event sponsored by Anniston Morning Rotary Club. This event supports local organizations that enable childhood educational programs. I have been a part of these events for over three years, designing tickets, billboards, and the website. This event has helped raise over $198,000 for the selected charities.

Cristin a A L M A N Z A


Falcon Ministries Brand Identity

Falcon Ministries is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to rescuing abused women from dangerous situations.The client requested a logo design that was very emblematic of the name “Falcon”, but which was contemporary and earthy. The color palette was selected to match that of their mission of “putting people back on solid ground”. The same theme and concept has been used through their website, brochures and letterhead.

Cristin a A L M A N Z A




Cristina Almanza - Portfolio  
Cristina Almanza - Portfolio  

This portfolio includes samples of my recent work. I am a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience in varied areas of branding, layout a...