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An Overview of Installing Screw Piles on Lightweight Buildings In the advent of technology, people have been looking for more cost effective ways to meet their needs. We take for instance building constructions or projects. Let's consider on these lightweight buildings. Perhaps, you will be needing a barbecue shelter right at your backyard. Or probably, you would need to rebuild a garage in your property. Building a construction is never easy. However, the moment you have the right methods used to create a lightweight building, it wouldn't be any difficult after all. Building Foundations Made Distinctive Consider this as the most crucial part in building the construction. In fact, this is the first thing that should be built regardless of the size of the construction. Foundations carry the entire weight of the building. So, it has to be strong and sturdy. This is where screw pilings come in. Gone are the traditional method of creating the so called solid foundations. These type of piles are made from solid steel. Thereby, foundations should be strong enough to carry the weight of the building. These days, more people have recognized on the beauty and the benefit of using this method over the other types of piling such as the most common as the concrete piling. Unlike concrete piles, this pile method do not require too much labor, effort, and most of all money. Since constructing the foundation can be done manually. Compared to the traditional method, you will be required several steps such as digging the area where your construction will be built. Not to mention, you will need equipment and labor to fill the piling with concrete as well. And lastly, the waiting time makes it different from using the screw piles. Concrete needs to be dry before you can use it. Meanwhile, steel screw piles are ready to use.

Building Foundations Made Easier So, you have learned all the benefits of using these piles over the other methods. Let's discuss on how this should be installed. This method of foundation is considered as the fast and cost-efficient solution. In fact, most treat this method as the effortless foundation construction. Although this can also be used for heavy weight buildings, this article will focus on those small lightweight projects or otherwise known as Do-It-Yourself constructions. Yes, read on and you will be amazed how you can install this method without using any effort.

The Installation Process... Installation begins by inserting an iron bar into the ground to approximately hitting on a 20 – 30 cm deep. As it reaches on the desired level, the piles will be inserted twisting it clockwise until you would be able to reach the desired height. Another process would involve portable earth drill. So, instead of using the iron bar to dig a hole on the ground, the equipment will be used. As the hole is dug, insert the pile and twist is to its desired height. There are a lot of good reasons of choosing screw piles. has proven its wonders and ability. The next time you plan to construct a lightweight building, consider on these foundation construction method. Less cost, less effort, yet effective.

An Overview Of Installing Screw Piles On Lightweight Buildings  

This article is helpful in giving out guidelines on the proper way of installing screw piles on lightweight buildings.

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