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“ This peculiar disjuncture in my knowledge of the physical world caused such total crisis in my thinking and activity that it is only now, some six months later, that I am beginning to realize what has happened to me. � Jo Spence, 1982-86

“ Dipping into the archive is always an interesting, if sometimes unsettling, proposition. It often begins with anxiety, with the fear that the thing you want won’t surface. But ultimately the process is a little like tapping into the unconscious, and can bring with it the ambivalent gratification of rediscovering forgotten selves. � Moyra Davey, 2007

“ [...] In the shadows of my fears came also a rebellion, against the rubbish I discovered that I was being fed about my treatment options. � Jo Spence, 1982-86

“ [...] I no longer have to push myself to do anything, to prove anything. I can just sit on the bed and be. “ Moyra Davey, 2007

“ [...] The stigma associated with MS far outweighs any benefit that comes from awareness [...] I always get the ohhhh you poor thing look once anyone finds out that I have MS, and quite frankly, I’m not interested in their pity. ” Jazz1982, 2014

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The Journal of a Disappointed Woman  

In 2012, I received a diagnosis of remitting-relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a turning point in my life. The unpredictability of the dise...

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