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cristina buta

interior architecture portfolio

resume Cristina Buta No.14 M.A.Istvan St., ap. 19 300687 Timisoara F, romanian born 06.03.1992 interior architecture student


West University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania Faculty of Fine Arts and Design GRADUATING JULY 2014 Batchelor Des. in Interior Design ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Zwolle, The Nederlands Exchange, B. Des. in Interior Architecture (Sep 2012-Feb 2013)


PAO Experimental Architecture Summercamps Potoc, Romania (Aug 2013) website building, team working, pavilion construction StudentFest Architecture workshop Timisoara, Romania (April 2013) Hogelands Solids project in an area affected by rural flight N Groningen, The Nederlands (Jan 2013) Stedelijk Museum Exhibition Project Zwolle, The Nederlands (Sep 2012)


Erasmus study scholarship (2012-2013) one semester batchelor degree consisting in monthly finnancial support Merit scholarship, West University of Timisoara (2011-present) provides finnancial support, awarded to 10% of the class

awards/ exhibitions

Romanian Design Week 2013 exhibited “Memento”- furniture design “Timisoara Open” national debate competition (2010) won 1st place


INSPIRED - the ideas contest creative thinker and member(2011-present) developing collaborations with artists, selecting jury members, writing AT4T Association PR director (2010-2011), member (2008-2011) “ManyFest” - Visual Arts Festival “T4T”- Theatre for Teenagers English Festival coordinating media strategy, writing press releases, articles, establishing partnerships with NGOs, cultural organizations ARDOR Banat Regional Debate Organization Debate trainer (2011-2012), debater (2008-2012) coaching debaters for local and regional competitions, helding presentations, argumentation, research, public speaking skills, team work

work experience

SC Virtual Team Management, Timisoara Romania Collaborator (Nov-Dec 2013), sculptural furniture project concept and sketches, technical drawings Arch. Mihai Mutiu Meze Headphones audio company, Baia Mare Romania Marketing Intern (Feb-July 2013) article writing, social media, marketing strategy, brand development


ArchiCAD, Artlantis, 3Ds Max (rendering) familiar with Vectorworks (6 months), Solidworks Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign(beginner) Microsoft Office programs, Wordpress sketching skills, model making communication and presentation abilities


Romanian: native speaker English: advanced Dutch, Spanish: upper-intermediate French: elementary


interior design projects lawschool proposal treetokyo couple loft continuous mountain home

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furniture design memento angle pannonia gallery table

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interior design projects

lawschool proposal

main corridor ground floor

year 2013 location Timisoara The project task was to deliver an interior design proposal for the main corridor area at the Law Faculty of the West University in Timisoara. The space was subject of multiple separate design decisions, so I tried to bring a unitary concept. Another reason for using the modular wood pattern was to create a warm environment and extra rest places near the information panels. The glass walls at the information desk, doorman and shop space reflect the transparent approach that the university itself is trying to achieve while recovering from a corrupt and heavy system. The complementary colour choice marks a prestigious but open and engaging environment.


ground floor plan

6 7 exploring options - first proposal


dorman area wall sketch


1 2

1 main corridor 2 doorman 3 information desk 4 shop 5 conference space 6 lectures hall 7 stairs


intervention area

materials: european oak, acoustic vinyl floor, glass panels, aluminium


year 2012 location Zwolle

A small lot of 5 sq. metres in Tokyo was asked to be the home of one family with two children. One of the most populated city on earth’s suburbs gives little space for living and that was surely the biggest difficulty. Exploring the Japanese way of life, I wanted to bring nature to the design, while keeping in mind the family’s daily needs. The idea places the tree in the middle of the house. Each floor is perforated to

let the tree grow upwards and the staircase is organised around it. All the spaces keep close contact with the “green openings”, some rooms more than others. The leaves from the top of the tree reach the bedroom through a small opening. A big glass wall allows natural light in the room. The Japanese tearoom(with tatami) and the bathroom are placed at the top floor, in accordance to their importance.

storey ground floor: entrance, toilet 1st floor: kitchen and eating area 2nd floor: children’s bedroom, mother workspace 3rd floor: main bedroom, terrace 4th floor: Japanese tearoom, bathroom

couple loft

section AA’

working space



shelf detail

loft plan


year 2013 location Timisoara A young couple living in Cluj, Romania was looking for a refurbishment of their place, so that it would suit their needs better. Our assignment was to respond to this call with a fast and adequate solution. The loft was to be used for relaxation and sleeping, but they also needed a working space and storage for their book collection. I focused on a practical straightforward approach. I placed the bedroom upstairs, to maximize the usage of space and alternated wood with white finishings for a contemporary feel.


year 2013 location Timisoara

I was given a space inside a cave, the design brief asking for a holiday house destined to a young couple with one child. One of the main challenges was to come up with a good solution for the available space and at the same time to provide a high quality natural illumination. Hi-tech finishing materials were used in combination with stone, glass and ceramics, creating the modern home inside the mountain. At the first floor, the house “breathes� through the partially open ceiling, which lets the natural rock of the mountain indoors.

16 x 0.175 = 2.800


S-04 S-02

1 2 3


4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

16 x 0.175 = 2.800



ground floor


1 2 3


4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


first floor

section S-04

section S-02

furniture design


searching for ideas through sketches

gluing walnut wood pieces

joint tryouts

year 2012 location Zwolle

Memento is a piece of furniture inspired by the beauty of reading and the remembrance of contemplation. The idea started from interacting with the object. It was designed by merging two kinds of furniture items - shelf and chair, its shape being simplyfied untill it became a single piece. Memento is aproximately the size of a human, its proportions sustaining interaction with the human body and the design is simple because the goal is to let the books tell the story. This is a prototype made of three different types of wood: solid birch wood, birch plywood and walnut.


year 2013 location Timisoara One of our teachers challenged us to think about a daily need that we have and translate it into a piece of furniture that could satisfy that need. My constant concern was where to put my clothes and shoes for a temporary period of time. I was using a chair but that felt hardly appropiate for my need, so I decided to build my own clothes rack. I wanted to make the object as free as possible, so that it could adapt to different kinds of clothes/accessories/shoes. “Angle” has a fixed structure and in between containes “moving” profiles of beech wood. You can hang or drop items all over it and remove some of the profiles if more space is needed. The two boards are made of smooth spruce wood. h: 130 cm vertical boards: 130x40; 115x40 cm horizontal board: 22x80

using Angle in my room

pannonia gallery table

year 2013 location timisoara office VMT Virtual Team Management architect Mihai Mutiu Pannonia Gallery is sculpture brought to interior and architecture. Targeting the young and independent upper class of Romanian society, Pannonia develops furniture concepts that can suit the needs of contemporary life, in an attempt to discourage mass production and encourage unique craftmanship collaborating with local craftsmen and using available local materials.

Interior architecture portfolio cristina buta  
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