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under the canopy PAVILION PROJECT PHASE 3 Benjamin Smith | Alistair Hume

Under the Canopy Financial Statement Under the Canopy Financial Statement 2012

Income / Expenses 31st October 2012

Money From Group Members 10 Pieces of Plywood 2440mm x 1220mm



1st November 2012

Threaded Coach Bolts A2 Stainless Steel M8 x36 Flat Washers BZP M8 Pack of 100 Stainless Steel Cap Nut

2nd November 2012

Velocity Screws 5 x 40 Pk200 and Delivery 25 x 300 Erdanker Ground Anchor x 12 and Delivery First Year Subscription to elegant themes Domain Name at

3rd Novermber 2012

Tubs of Varnish x 2 Fundraising Party White T-Shirt x 10


5th November 2012

Paint Brushes and Black Spray paint x 3

6th November 2012

Paint Brushes x 7 General Purpose Coach Bolts BZP M8 x 65mm Pack of 100

7th November 2012

Pad Lock 40mm x3 Pizza Outstanding £10 received


8th November 2012

B&Q Petrol Printing

11th November 2012

Drill 3mm x2 Most Screw x2

12th November 2012

Varnish x 20, 30 bolts, 100 Small Screws Brush Cleaners 5 Packs of 10 Bolts Petrol and B&Q Postcards, Brochure and Posters

Total Debit Subsidised Total Total:

Overspend / Profit

Benjamin Smith | Alistair Hume

313.06 £556.14 £906.14


With sponsorships taken into account, a build cost of £400 was originally planned. The overspend is the result of inefficiencies in the construction process, an example being the need to purchase alternative bolts during the build. Furthermore, a lot of the extra cost came from the printing and production of brochures and postcards that were distrubuted during the build. The overspend has been financed by the senior members of the stage 2 build team.

Final Risk Assessment Risk

Risk Assessment  "Under  The  Canopy"  pavilion People  at  risk Level  of  risk:  Low/Medium/High Control  Measures

Transportation to  CNC  cutting   Lifting  plywood  sheets Loading  and  unloading  van Dropping  wood

Back injury;  splinters Back  injury;  getting  trapped  under  a  fallen  plywood  sheet Causing  injury;  burses,  broke  limbs,  cuts

Students Students Students


Heavy objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  wear  protective  gloves. Heavy  objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  extra  attention  while  loading  van. 600kg  per  meter3  per  sheet,  1kg  carried  per  person.  2  people  to  a  sheet.

Storage Temporary  placement  in  studio Temporary  placement  in  the  workshop Drying  area

Tripping over,  broken  limbs,  cuts Tripping  over,  broken  limbs,  cuts Inhaling  fumes  from  varnish

Students &  Staff Students  &  Staff Students  &  Staff


Section off  the  area;  limit  the  amount  of  people  entering  the  space. Section  off  the  area;  limit  the  amount  of  people  entering  the  space. Section  off  the  area;  limit  the  amount  of  people  entering  the  space,  wear  masks.

Injury from  dropping  tools  or  material Damage  to  clothes Misuse  of  machinery  causing  injury   Injury  due  to  crowded  workspaces

Students &  Staff Students  &  Staff Students Students  &  Staff


Wearing appropriate  shoes  and  gloves,  handling  with  care,  inductions. Wear  an  apron  at  all  times. Induction,  following  the  hazard  colour  codes  on  each  machine. Stay  behind  lines,  no  more  then  one  person  working  on  a  machine.

Hand or  fingers  can  into  contact  with  the  blade,  resulting  in  serious  injury Blade  may  break  on  start-­‐up,  resulting  in  serious  injury Wood  dust  can  be  inhaled Inadvertent  starting  of  the  machine  can  present  a  hazard Electric  shock

Students Students Students Students Students


Use other  pieces  of  wood  to  aid. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault. Use  the  extractor  fan;  wear  masks. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault.

Disc sanding  machine  

Work piece  can  become  jammed  in  or  ejected  from  the  machine Disc  can  become  damaged  and  insecure Wood  dust  can  be  inhaled Electric  shock

Students Students Students Students


Pillar/bench-­‐mounted drilling  machine

Long hair  can  get  caught  in  machinery   Chuck  keys  can  be  violently  ejected   Electric  shock

Students Students Students


Press the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault. Use  the  extractor  fan;  wear  masks. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault.

CNC router

Long hair  can  caught  in  machinery Broken  cutter,  ejects  pieces  from  the  machine  violently   Fingers  trapped  

Students &  Staff Students  &  Staff Students


Preparation for  assembly Drilling  holes Packing  parts  in  boxes Sanding Cutting  parts  with  saw   Staining  and  varnishing

Electric shock



Machine malfunction,  electric  shock Back  injury  when  lifting  a  full  box Cut  finger  on  sanding  paper Cut  hand Glue  clothes  to  not  dry  surface

Students Students Students Students Students


Work will  be  done  by  only  people  according  to  the  hazard  colour  code. Sensible  moving  of  boxes. Wear  protective  gloves. Work  will  be  done  by  only  people  according  to  the  hazard  colour  code. Wear  appropriate  work  clothing;  work  in  workshop.

Assembly on  site Lifting  arches Fixing  parts  with  power  screwdriver Nailing

Back injury Machine  malfunction Hammering  over  a  finger  

Students Students Students


Heavy objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person. Wear  protective  gloves;  Work  will  be  done  by  only  people  according  to  the  hazard  colour  code. Wear  protective  gloves.

Use of  pavilion Trip  over  frame Fall  off  bench Hit  head  on  frame Rotten  in  frame  or  seats

Hurt face  or  /body Hurt  face  or  /body Hurt  head Slip  or  collapse

Visitors Visitors Visitors Visitors


Have safety  warnings. Have  safety  warnings. Have  safety  warnings. Have  safety  warnings.

Disassembly Unscrewing with  power  screwdriver Getting  arches  off  site

Machine malfunction,  electric  shock Back  injury

Students Students


Wear protective  gloves;  Work  will  be  done  by  only  people  according  to  the  hazard  colour  code. Heavy  objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person.

Transport Loading into  the  van Unloading  from  the  van Manual  transfer  from  van  to  site  car Unloading  on  to  the  site

Back injury  when  lifting;  getting  trapped  under  fallen  pieces,  splinters   Back  injury  when  lifting;  getting  trapped  under  fallen  pieces,  splinters   Back  injury  when  lifting;  getting  trapped  under  fallen  pieces,  splinters   Back  injury  when  lifting;  getting  trapped  under  fallen  pieces,  splinters  

Students Students Students Students


Heavy objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  wear  protective  gloves. Heavy  objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  wear  protective  gloves. Heavy  objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  wear  protective  gloves. Heavy  objects  not  to  be  lifted  by  single  person;  wear  protective  gloves.

Hazardous Activities Smoking  near  the  pavilion   Unsupervised  children

Fire Hurt head/  body

Students &  Visitors Visitors


Have safety  warnings;  keep  pathways  and  openings  free. Have  safety  warnings.

Workshop Being in  the  workshop

Using machinery Band  saw

Tie hair  back.   Make  sure  the  chuck  key  is  secured,  wear  goggle. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault.

Tie hair  back.   Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault. Stand  away  from  router;  only  one  person  can  stand  with  in  the  barrier. Press  the  stop  button,  move  away  from  the  machine  and  report  the  fault.

Benjamin Smith | Alistair Hume

Under the Canopy Timetable Projected Constructon Schedule 09:00 2/11/12 _FRI


Phase 3 Starts Wood Arrives - Stored in Studio for weekend

3/11/12_SAT 4/11/12_SUN



Transport wood to Fab Lab (Only if Workshops are too Busy)


Transport wood to Workshop








Store Parts in studio

CNC router start

Website, Advertisement, Social Networking, Sponsership, CAD Website, Advertisement, Social Networking, Sponsership, CAD


Slats from wasted wood

CNC finish

Angeling the Slats for the Arches


Store Parts in studio



Attatch Bases to Arches

Pre-Drilling holes in the Arches


Varnish the Woods

store parts in the studio




Attach Slats to Arches


Chair Construction


Testing Pavilion

11/11/12_SUN 12/11/12_MON

Transport pavilion to site

Construction Completed

The team’s planned construction schedule was not achieved, due to unforseen complications in during the build. The largest of these was the speed that the CNC router being able to cut the wooden components out at was considerably slower than anticipated. Thus the subsequent stages were delayed. There was also an issue with the slats’ measurements, which were calculated incorrectly during their conversion to 3D. A day was spent solving this issue, at the expense of most of the project’s scrap wood. Other issues encountered included location issues with the varnishing and workshop conflicts with other pavilion builds.

Live Constructon timeline 09:00 2/11/12 _FRI

Phase 3 Starts







Website, Advertisement, Social Networking, Sponsership, CAD


Website, Advertisement, Social Networking, Sponsership, CAD Transport to Workshop

CNC Slats


Varnishing Begins

Fix Arches to Frames

Angle Slats Lectures


Angle Slats/CNC Frames/Plaque

Technicials cut slat strips

Slats don’t fit

Hand Cut Slats Varnish


10/11/12_SAT Varnishing/Assembly


Finished Pre-Fabrication of Arches Website, Advertisement, Social Networking


Benjamin Smith | Alistair Hume





18:00 Development of CAD

CNC of frames begins

6/11/12_TUE 7/11/12_WED


Wood Arrives - Stored in studio for weekend

Development of CAD




7.30 load up

8.00 depart

Off-Campus Studio Workshop Transportation General Construction

9.00 arrive

Moving to position on Site

9.30 level ground Applying DPM to base of Arches Ground Spikes Attached Final Changes Made Structure Test onConstruction site Completed

21:00 - 08:00 - Redo CAD for slats


Introduction The journal presents the work of the UNDER THE CANOPY pavillion group on daily basis. All members of the supergroup were separated into sub-groups with different job categories. Everyone were supposed to do their entrances to the journal answering the quesstions given below. All information of their work is presented in the journal for other people to understand of what was done every day of the project.

Project Manager

Journal Team

Construction & Logistics

Sponsorship & Construction


CAD Team

Film Manager

Blog Team

Health & Safety Manager


Questions: 1. Work done; 2. Skills used; 3. Experience gained; 4. Difficulties occures; 5. Improvements for the future; 6. Overview of the day; 7. Other comments.

Members of the group

Ben Smith Project Manager

Alistair Hume Project Manager

Andreea Mihalache Blog Team

Matt Stockton Construction and Logistics Team

Martin Lee Construction and Logistics Team

Siti Noraishah Fatirnah Construction and Logistics Team

Nick Chizhikov Construction and Logistics Team

Mihaeka Mihaylova Secretary

Simina Ionescu Film Manager

James Kinnear Blog Team

Members of the group

Ben Roake Blog Team

Krishna Patel Blog Team

Leonie Millington Health and Safety Manager

Jessica Spencer Sponsorship&Construction Manager

Samual Holden Sponsorship&Construction Manager

JiaJun Chen Construction and Logistics Team

Chole Bellou CAD Team

Auguste Juozapaviciute Journal Team

Brigita Ereksonaite Journal Team

Alan Tong Construction and Logistics Team

Members of the group

Wei Ee Choo Construction and Logistics Team

Kenneth Tsui CAD Team

See Sern Khor Construction and Logistics Team

Cristina Manta CAD Team

Sotiris Skaros Construction and Logistics Team

Athirah Arinah Construction and Logistics Team

Poly Christofi Construction and Logistics Team

Karen Kan Finance

Eunice So Finance

Katie Chu Health and Safety Manager

Day One 30/10/12 1. Presenting the project to the supergroup and getting the main concepts of our design across; speaking to the tutors about organising the construction sequence of the project; drafting up a list of all the jobs that must be done by the sub groups; collecting up the details of all the people within the group and making sure that everyone is contactable; separating people into sub-groups with different job categories; drafting out a preliminary time schedule; continually checking in with sub groups to make sure that each individual knows what they are doing; helping to explain the project details to different people; making sure the concept links to all of our work links in with all the future work everyone does; redesigning the chairs so that they fit in with the main concept; making sure that everyone knows the details of the project; positioning key contacts in the group so we can gather information about the design. 2. Verbal Communication, Cad, Hand Drawing. 3. Learned that it is key to have time table with jobs assigned to individuals straight away so work can commence instantly. 4. Designing the benches so that they fitted with the concept, explaining some of the complex parts of the design quickly, managing lots of people and making sure everyone is doing something. 5. Focus on making sure that we have a strict plan/schedule that people follow and continually check in on people to make sure things get done on time. 6. A very packed day with lots of things happening at one time, relieved to have a basic plan of action as well as a solid schedule that we can follow. 7. An excellent start to the project, the fun really starts now.

1. Presented 'Under the Canopy' pavilion concept to the supergroup. We explained the concepts, construction details and outlined logistics to the group and 4 tutors. After being appointed project manager, Ben Smith and I organised everyone into groups according to their skill sets. Each group is given a relevant task relating to the build/documentation/sponsorship/ logistics of the project. Construction and feasibility meeting with tutors highlighted several modifications that needed to be made to the design (footing to account for site slope, bolt locations, methods to screw slats into the frame, design of chairs, requirement for a site plan). Developed a plan of action for the groups, identified representatives within each group and oversaw the work development for the various sections. Considerable enthusiasm to work hard was observed from almost everyone. Took a slightly more active role in the CAD team to ensure that they understood my drawings and could work with the files they were given (and to make sure it is designed in a way that can be built). 2. Co-ordination and organisation. Multitasking. Group Leadership. Some CAD. 3. First experience in working with such a large team with so many subdivisions. 4. Co-ordinating 30 people to achieve the same goal. 5. Carry all documentation (team lists, group plans and calendar) at all times for reference. 6. The group was enthuisatic and almost all members worked well together. 7. -

1. Took photos and videos of the team presenting the design process; helped with setting up the blog; made a facebook page for the pavillion; further changes of the pavilion's design. 2. Running media platforms. 3. Working with Wordpress; importance of linking the design of each element of the structure. 4. Making everyone happy; unsuitable design of the chairs. 5. More work. 6. Great start overall. Everything seems in its place. 7. -

1. Discussed with tutors regarding construction, minor issues were resolved for example safe and fast construction method, creating a jig to promptly drill pieces, adding small hidden legs to deal with the topography of site. Discussion with tutors regarding method of cutting and changing some components from CNC to table saw for the reason that the CNC may not be able to clamp small components. Meeting with CNC guy in workshop, went through exact routine and measurements needed to fit design on. 2. Knowledge of construction process. 3. Learnt a new safer method for construction process and an easy reliable hidden way to deal with topography. 4. More knowledgeable on H & S issues and have a better understanding of CNC cutter. 5. Method in which Cad is laid out for CNC cutter, space for legs to deal with topography, safer construction method regarding drilling angles. (Personal) consider things during a build more in depth and precise so alterations are not needed at last minute) 6. Busy day getting everyone together, organizing groups, then tasks beginning. Have to get CNC ASAP because everyone is racing for it! 7. Looking forward to the build. Will get construction team allocated into different roles for the build today.

1. Talked to Siobhan about possible storage places (she will ask the staff in JD to provide a container for us). Sorted out the hand tools to be used on site - rent from any store/home students. Talked to the construction team about the material details. 2. Verbal communication, management skills. 3. Learned how to work in a big group with different characters. 4. Miscommunication with people from other sub-team. 5. Talk to right people. 6. Good. 7. -

1. Gave insight on how the pavilion is constructed to the new members of the group, discussed the construction of the pavilion (including safety issues, structural techniques and design alterations to be made to the chairs) with the group's tutors. Went with a group member to the MMU workshop to establish the time frame for the initial construction stage using a CNC cutter, the exact tools to be used so that the CAD file can be adjusted accordingly, as well as prices and other details. 2. Presentation and negotiation skills, organizational and time planning techniques. 3. Insight into alternative techniques and ways of solving issues such as ground incline on site, manufacture and assembly including joining techniques and processes used for the construction of our pavilion from tutors. 4. The initial issues that were pointed out by the tutors such as construction and assembly. Finding out that another group would be using the same CNC cutter for a larger volume of plywood sheets which brought up the need to plan a suitable schedule for our group to use the CNC cutter. 5. Ensure that all of the data previously gathered, i.e. details on using the CNC cutter, are with me at the time of discussion on the topic. 6. Relatively good day, the tutors were very informative, could have potentially minimized the time it took to organize everyone into appropriate tasks to work on, looking forward to the next stages of the project. 7. -

1. Group work- new bench design. 2. Sketching. 3. 4. Different feedback led to different solutions. 5. 6. Tired but satisfied with the results. 7. Bring us food in studio every day.

1. Created the schedule for the next 2 and a half weeks and recorded a couple of things in the studio. 2. 3. Learned that it's important to have a schedule. 4. It was quite complicated to organise everything for each day, but we managed in the end. 5. 6. Great group work, it was a successful day. 7. Looking forward to making the video.

1. Presented the “ Under the Canopy� project to our supergroup and tutors. Took photos and videos of our group mates working in the studio. Help brainstorm and modify the bench design with the construction group mates. 2. Quick sketch. 3. Working with a large group of people. 4. Did not bring tripod, videos are a bit shaky. A lot of problems redesigning the bench. 5. Bring a tripod for video recording. 6. Excited to have a large group working together. 7. -

Day One 30/10/12 1. Took photos of the team presenting the design process as well as all the team members discussing their individual roles. Our job is to document all of the group work on outward facing media such as blogging and facebook. Researched different blog sites; decided to go with wordpress as our main website; created Gravatar; researched different layouts for wordpress; uploaded first post on wordpress about 'Forming the SUPERGROUP'; created 'Brochure Page' and uploaded video; started on the Facebook Page. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Helped create blog and post the first entry. 2. Using Wordpress. 3. Learnt how to create a blog for the first time. 4. Difficult finding the right theme that would best convey the design of the pavilion. 5. Keeping up to date with what everyone is doing in the group and blogging about it. 6. Good start to the 'supergroup' project. 7. -

1. Started plaque design. 2. Autocad and Illustrator. 3. General understanding of Illustrator. 4. Couldn't figure out how to cut out logos, images were really bad quality and it took most of the night to figure out. 5. Finish tomorrow. 6. Stressed but confident I can finish it. 7. -

1. General discussion about the improvement of the project and its design on the CAD files. 2. Knowledge of AutoCAD. 3. Got to know the pavilion better. 4. The changing of the chairs' design. We are still in the process of finding a suitable design- we had to make the bases smaller so they'd feed in a sheet of wood but we couldn't scale it up on autocad cause their height would change as well. Thus we moved the arches inwards keeping its initial shape and scaled the base to the right length. 5. Chairs' design. It has to complement the existing design by keeping the angles of the seating, but changing it so as it would look more elegant and structurally efficient. 6. Happy that I met my new team. 7. -

1. Setting up the journal template on Google Docs; helping with the chair design process. 2. Typing, Word skills, construction basics. 3. Learnt how to use Google Documents. 4. After sharing the document with the group members, some people were not able to open the file due to technical failure (miswritten emails, some people forgot to sign in). The chair design was suppose to be not only functional but elegant as well- the understanding of elegant differs. 5. Explain everything not only in written form but verbally as well and repeat a few times. 6. In the beginning felt afraid of doing something wrong, but seeing that group mates are really supportive I asses the day being successful. 7. Nice to work in an active group where work is actually shared and being done.

1. Organised group and assigned roles; wrote a schedule for the week; communicated about merchants and rang about sponsorships; drafted emails; researched fundrasing. 2. Communication and organisation, ideas. 3. Learnt more about the construction side. 4. Not been able to gain any interested sponsors. 5. Be more persuasive over the phone. 6. Stressed! hard to organise people. 7. Passed out at 9:30!

1.Preparing template (Google Documents) 2.Using Dropbox, Google Documents, 3.It is very important to inform group members about their responsibilities exactly and link the information that needs to be seen in every possible way 4.To make people poste their work so that we could do overview and journal of the day 5.Making shedule of the day work of every group member, trying to bring all information together to make overview 6.Feeling stressed and a bit disorganized because of loads information 7.Going to start looking for examples of journals and creating the design of the journal pages.

1. Along with Jess and Leonie organised groups of people based on strengths and what people wanted to do, also made a contact sheet. Along with Ben, Ali and Jess went around groups organising what needed to be done and made sure everyone had something to do (not an easy task!). Researched companies who supplied external or marine plywood. Rang potential sponsors with Jess (lots of hanging up and straight no's!) - in future we should show more of what we can offer and maybe back down to just discounts instead of free stuff. Potential sponsor found in a major company (Carillion), will get in contact tomorrow. 2. Communication (with companies and the team), team building, research. 3. 4. Lots of hanging up and straight no's! 5. Act more persuasive - whether to a company or the team they won't help without incentive! Overcome group difficulties and shyness to actually get things done! 6. Now the ice is broken- everyone is working together really nicely; shout out to Leonie, Jess, Ali and Ben without whom i wouldn't of got half of what i did today done. 7. -

1. Met with tutors to verify whether fixings would work and what needed changing, then searched for possible sponsors. 2. 3. Branching out research possibilities. 4. Everyone finds mainly the same possible sponsors, making it feel like time wasted. 5. Work needs to be divided clearer as not to overlap with others. 6. Satisfied. 7. -

Day One 30/10/12 1. Finding sponsors/ cheap materials. 2. Verbal communication and bargaining skills. 3. Improvement in communication skills. 4. Unsure of the type and thickness of material using, because it wasn't decided by the group. 5. Getting more information about the project. 6. Could have settled all the materials quicker, as we found cheaper woods than the material listings in db, but due to the uncertain types, still couldn't proceed with the talk for the transaction. 7. -

1. Forming supergroup, understanding the design and construction and cad drawing (update the construction drawing). 2. Using AutoCAD. 3. Communication technique and improved modeling in cad. 4. 5. Take some time to understand the construction from the original group members. 6. Exciting, can't wait to start working again. 7. Hope everyone can cooperate smoothly.

1. Surveyed a few companies that provide men and van hire, tools to rent. Sorted out possible storage places. 2. Verbal communication. 3. Deeper understanding of what logistic actually is. 4. Finding the right company to hire. 5. Talk to the right people. 6. Quite alright. 7. -

1. Discussed with tutors regarding construction, minor issues were resolved for example safe and fast construction method, creating a jig to promptly drill pieces, adding small hidden legs to deal with the topography of site. Discussion with tutors regarding method of cutting and changing some components from CNC to table saw for the reason that the CNC may not be able to clamp small components. Meeting with CNC guy in workshop, went through exact routine and measurements needed to fit design on. Met up with the rest of the construction team and discussed ideas about new bench design. 2. Knowledge of construction and design process. 3. Learnt a new safer method for construction process and an easy reliable hidden way to deal with topography. Expanded knowledge and skills in design methods. 4. Couldn't contact timber providers, because CAD model was not finalised. Bench design difficult to satisfy both design and function. 5. Think ahead about topography of site. Have the CAD model ready and finalised so construction can start faster. 6. Busy day, everyone seems to be on top of their part. CNC cutter is on high demand so we need to hurry up. 7. -

1. Listened to the construction process from the tutors in order to sort the tools needed. Looking for transportation to Dunham Messey _current lowest bid 60pound. 2. Research skill. 3. 4. Dimension for the pavilion need to be confirmed. Date of transportation and its details need to be confirmed. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Initiated to work as finance people for the project. Made a group name list for ticking names while collecting money from members the following day. Inform members they have to pay '10 each the following day. 2. MS Excel. 3. Working as group. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Took photos of the main sub-teams working on the design; helped setting up the blog; discussing further improvements for the design; AUTOCAD files changes. 2. AUTOCAD 2D drawings, media platforms. 3. AUTOCAD 2D, working with wordpress. 4. Finding a suitable blog page design that would link to the pavilion's design; 5. Keep on working. 6. Excited, energetic, can't wait to see this project happening. 7. Good start.

1. Met the group and decided who is doing what. Made a rough programme schedule of construction week. 2. Microsoft excel. 3. Schedule a programme. 4.Time issue. 5. Schedule time if problems occure. 6. Worried about time to prepare portfolio. 7. -

1. Made an announcement; created a checklist of group members; researched for the costs. 2. Excel. 3. Organization. 4. To make sure everyone is in the group. 5. Think of the best way to handle the money, start calculating a rough budget/proposal. 6. Happy to help out. 7. -

1. Recording video of people working. 2. Recording. 3. Try to stable my hand while walking and recording at the same time. 4. Try to record without disturbing people. 5. Get better angles. 6. Good. 7. -

Summary 30/10/12

Work started off pretty well. All the members seamed to be supportive and active- volunteering for each position. Organization worked efficiently; however, most of the people went for the least responsible positions. After the work has been split, smaller groups did their work responsibly. In a few hours public appearance of the project was done as well as the first contacts with sponsors. However, the first day only two out of 29 people did an entrance on the journal. They must be pushed to do that.

Day Two 31/10/12 1. Met up with Miki and Ali in the morning to quickly discuss the outcome of yesterday and the aims for today, updated the schedule so that it has a list of all the jobs individual groups are doing as well as putting it online so it is readily accessible (in case anyone forgets what they are doing), Oversaw and helped with some of the CAD to make sure the design of the chairs were progressing on schedule, met with the blog team to check that sponsors who have been contacted (if interested) can access our website and download all the details (need to make it easier for them to contact us), Andreea and I sent emails off to different companies/websites/journals to try and get publicity for the project so we can then give this to sponsors to really make them keen at getting involved in the project. Very excited to hear from the Sponsorship team that they had secured 9 sheets of Plywood for the Pavilion (Sponsor-Carillion) as well as Matt who was also able to secure 8 sheets of plywood for the project enabling us be in a very comfortable position and lowering the cost of the pavilion already. Spoke with Chloe and Cristina, together we were able to get the CAD model nearly ready for the CNC machine. Spoke a lot to the logistics team of where we are storing the pavilion/ making it/transporting it from workshops/, Generally making sure everything is on schedule. 2. Organisation the group, Leadership, Multitasking, Some Sketchup/CAD, Wordpress. 3. Managing multiple sub-groups whilst helping individuals with problems, the importance of keeping track of jobs that need to be completed by the end of the day 4. Assigning people to positions which are unwanted and continually checking in with lots of different groups. 5. Always make sure that there are contingency plans, plan and plan again! Make sure work is saved (we learnt the hard way - Chloe) Be more Patient. 6. Yet again another busy day with lots of decisions made, Glad to see the cost going down but nervous about the complexity of some details, More planning!! 7. Thank you to everyone who pushed themselves today, bit disappointed to see some people leaving after lunch without saying anything; too many bad photos of myself, check the blog.

1. Talked to JD staff and were recommended by him to get free van from the university;Met George and Siobhan to ask them for the permission to hire the university driver;Contacted few van companies, looked for the lowest price Wandered around in JD to look for possible area to assemble the pavilion - Siobhan said she will ask the staff to clear the W 08 area for us to work in;emailed Siobhan to pass the message to the Hour Service people as they want go through the school department. 2. Verbal communication, management skill 3. Discovered that the university does have the driver service, found the big storage room with 2 large containers in it, learned the procedure to go through when dealing with the staff. 4. Time-consuming procedure to get for the free van, might need to cut the wood in Chatham. Had a hard time looking for the storage since cutting process is expected to be done by 4 pm on Saturday which the shed is already closed.There's no access on Sunday. 5. Dont think too complicated. 6. Had fun talking to the staff. Wohoo. 7. -

1. Oversaw and partook in design development for new chairs. Co-ordinated with logistics and construction team to plan for transport, construction and routing. The sponsorship team managed to secure 9 sheets of responsibly sourced plywood, and Matthew Stockton secured 10 sheets of plywood from a local supplier. We have a large margin for error with construction materials, and have the option to sell/donate wood to 'Tube Cubed', who are still looking to source 18mm plywood. Oversaw excecution of CAD drawings today. Final tesselated set is almost finished and ready to be programmed for the routers.Sponsorship Manager and Construction Manager have began to source screws. These need to be ordered by tomorrow. Blog and publicity team worked exceptionally well to contact newspapers, design websites etc for potential media coverage. The blog is running efficiently, and was conected to a twitter and a facebook page. 2. Co-ordination and organisation. Multigasking. Group Leadership. Some CAD. 3. Cross managing several group subdivisions at once; CAD team still needs to find out how to draw bolt holes on the plan so that the router drills the correct holes. 4. plan for everything and have several alternative options considered and ready. 5. 6. Optimistic that the build could be done cheaply. But I fear that there will be complications approaching. We'll need to plan well. 7. Most of the group again worked exceptionally well and were highly committed to realising the build. Some members disappeared after lunch, which is concerning. Despite having put a lot of time into, we are still encountering unforseen problem; see wordpress. sam is a boss.

1. Changed the layout of the blog. Went back and forth looking for a suitable theme, successfully finding one that was more appropriate at the moment. Tried another platform, tumblr due to this specific issue. Came back to wordpress. Added widgets, advertisment, sponsor feature as well as an entry for day2. Took and edited photos for day2. Made a twitter, pavillion facebook page and connected all of the platforms to have maximum coverage. Emailed loads of magazines, UK, US,Europe, Australia for feature. Waiting for replies. 2.Patience, dedication,organisational skills, pc skills, photography, photoshop, social skills 3.Better communication between the group members and finding out that through twitter and facebook you can really get across to a lot of people 4.A lot of work, but had to do it 5.Just keep on going, I guess 6.Became a total stalker and happy about it lol. Sent loads of emails to complete strangers. Hoping for the best, though. Awesome team to work with and it`s all worth it.oh, and we <3 miki for the sweet treats 7. Now, chill.

1. Spent the morning contacting potential suppliers, secured a deal with a local timber company who informed they would either deliver 8 sheets of 8 x 4 timber today or tomorrow morning also called a couple of firms to enquire about them supplying us with screws, nuts and bolts, not much luck except Screw Fix who said email them and there is a possibility that they will supply. In the afternoon, headed over to Chatham workshop to construct and enquire about the new structure of the chair design. To comment on Sam and Jess's comment, people who know which bolts and screws we are using did not disappear but were making the 1:5 chair model in the workshop. 2. Negotiation skills while trying to obtain sponsorship. Model making skills. 3. Improved knowledge or structure strength and strains after talking with Sue Merrel regarding chairs. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Called up a number of local timber merchants with one other group member, to try and get a sponsorship for our project in the form of plywood sheets. Went to the MMU workshop to talk to a member of staff concerning the design, manufacture, assembly and use of the new chairs. Cut out the pieces for a 1:10 scale model of the chair design. 2. Negotiation skills, working with workshop machinery, H&S. 3. Talking to managers of big companies and explaining the project in a way they could fully understand and would be interested in sponsoring our project. 4. Some of timber merchants we called were busy at that particular time so suitable arrangements and time frames were made to call them back at a better time. Some of the pieces that were cut out on a fret-saw did not have straight edges, however due to the fact that the model was a rough prototype and the edges could then be sanded down made this a small concern. 5. More designs for the chair could've been explored by making additional 1:10 scale models in the workshop. A more extensive list of potential sponsors could've been made to increase chances of getting a sponsorship. 6. Generally productive day as 2 different timber merchants had told us that they were able to provide us with sufficient amount of external grade good quality plywood sheets.

1. Health&Safety leaflet, contacting CNC cutting company, making tryout tumblr page for the project, contacting group members to hand out assignments 2. 3. Handling information between work groups 4. Could't get in touch with all the companies (no call or e-mail replies). 5. 6.Tired and feel like a lot of people hate me now because I made them work more (WE LOVE YOU MIKI <3 FROM UNDER THE CANOPY). 7. -

1.Recorded different bits in studio and put them together. made a day1 video. 2. Imovie skills. 3.Improved my imovie skills (still working on that haha). 4.Stupid mac was really slow, took ages to upload videos into imovie and edit them. 5.Try different techniques so that video will look better. 6.Most of the group worked really hard, it was a productive day in the end, even though a few people had dissappeared on the way. 7. -

1. Have meetings finalising the bench design. Took photos and videos for the meeting process and uploaded them to dropbox 2. Used a tripod for video recording, video looks a lot more stable. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Not much to be done after the modified bench CAD files were complete, just need to wait for the plywood sheets to arrive, so that we can start cutting and constructing. By the way, it's Halloween!!

Day Two 31/10/12 1. Worked on new chair design with Ben and Ali; discussed various solutions to resolve potential instability of chairs. Decided that the best way to find a solution would be to create a model in the workshop Were able to produce part of a 1:5 model as well as a sketchup model. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Recorded days work through photos and created the 'Meet the Team' page on the blog. 2. Photography and webpage skills. 3. Learnt how to use the blog tools more efficiently and was more aware of who was in the subgroups and small teams within the supergroup. Also got to know other members of the group more well! 4. Still has difficulty on deciding on a design for the blog, as we all had different opinions on what 'looked good' as a theme. 5. Communicate clearly with the blog team by designating tasks to members, so it avoids many people unnecessarily working on the same task and wasting time. 6. An okay 2nd day, felt slightly lost on who was doing what towards the end... but all in all, still productive! 7. -

1. Estimated the size of the seat though rough sketchup model, finished the rest of the logos, text and title and arranged. 2. Autocad and illustrator. 3. Took ages to figure out how set the text as an image rather than text on autocad, I couldn't upload the finish plaque and the separate logos to drop box and the seat is too big to be laser cut, needs to be resized. 4. Resizing the seat. 5. Confused about what I need to do regarding my health and safety role. 6. 7. -

1. Arranged a sponsorship deal along with sam before breakfast, went to mmu business hub and students union to discuss options for fundraising. Edited the plaque text. Then emailed various newspapers about media coverage options, followed up some with a phonecall that didn't go anywhere. One publication replied with an inquiry. Then along with sam tried to work out the screws and bolts needed for the pavillion, as the group members who knew had disappeared. Ended the day making jello shots for tomorrows party to raise money for the project. 2. Communication and lateral thinking, organisation and knowledge. 3. Improved knowledge about university system and screws. 4. Not been allowed to sell alcohol at the students union, Not getting any response from the media emails. 5. More preparation was needed for the fundraising but lack of time prevented it. In the end the sponsorship deals meant that it wasn't important. 6. Exciting start followed by annoying finish when team members were missing from the group. Although making the jello shots was really fun. 7. Feeling optimistic about the project coming together,

1. Got in touch with carillion at 8am, deal was to be finalised at 12 - exciting stuff; got into studio rang more sponsors incase it fell through and refined the plaque text; got the carillion deal set about jumping around telling people to advertise them everywhere - 9 sheets of plywood responsibly sourced; refined the text of the plaque further whilst adding details about the sponsor; kept everyone busy and also tried to track down missing team members who i NEEDED to work out the number and type of screws - bit disappointed guys; rang nick to find out about ground tethering he never showed up... cheers; sorted out fund raising event you best all be attending!; finalised bolt types and number; writing in this blog... 2. Skills applied: more communication (joy), literature, mathematics,quick thinking. 3. Lessons learned: always have a back up plan. 4. 5. 6. Really enjoying the managerial role gives me a chance to get to know everyone and vent my rage. 7. -

1. Working on the brochure for sponsors in InDesign. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Cad Drawings plan. 2. Autocad. 3. Learn how to do a specific role within the wider context of a group. 4. I didn't save the Cad file and when the programme crashed I had to redo everything. 5. Design the chairs on Cad. 6. Productive day, got to know the project better, I have to save the files more often. 7. -

1. Discussing the journal design with our skills tutors; doing research on journal and their formats/designs; creating and sketching the design for our group's journal; starting to enter rough information from the previous entrances. 2. Indesign, Word skills. 3. Learn how to use Indesign in terms of our journal, knowledge gained while doing the research. 4. When trying out Indesign a lot of problems occurred as when not knowing the functions made the work much longer and templates had to be redone a few times. 5. Practice programs more, especially the ones that can be used when doing presentations. 6. The day seamed to be productive, however, making mistakes when setting up the journal was frustrating. Most of the team members are trying really hard; thus, working in a team is enjoyable. 7. -

1. Thinking of the journal design, starting journal pages ( InDesign ), making diagrams, preparing symbols, editing photos (Photoshop), writing summary of the day. 2. Using Photoshop, InDesign, Dropbox, Google Documents, Microsoft Office Word document, Power Point. 3. I learned that it is essiantial to contact everyone to remind of their responsibilities so that my work would be finished on time. 4. Using new programs ( InDesign ), making aestetic and clear journal template. 5. Have a plan of the day, start making diagrams earlier, save work from time to time. 6. Stressful, hard working day spent on doing journal. 7. -

1. Whilst waiting for materials to arrive, job has changed to redesigning a brochure for sponsors as well as attempting to find possible cheaper prices for materials other than the sponsored plywood sheets such as knuts and bolts. 2. Indesign. 3. Negotiating a format in which numerous members can agree on. 4. Be quicker, slicker and more decisive about things. Satisfied. 5. 6. 7. -

Day Two 31/10/12 1. Helped out in the journal for sponsors, researched on cheaper materials and alternatives. 2. InDesign, Photoshop. 3. First time using InDesign and learned a lot from it, very much appreciate with the given chance. 4. Sponsor list, the statistics for number of visitors of Dunham Massey. 5. Should have gotten more information. 6. Learned a lot but could have done better. 7. -

1. CAD drawings (construction drawing & site plan). 2. Using AutoCAD, thinking how the construction work. 3. Improved 2D sketching on CAD, cooperation. 4. Got to know how some dimensions. 5. Need to make everything clear before start working. 6. Good, amazing. 7. Hope everything go on smoothly.

1. Contacted more delivery company.getting more details set. need to confirm on one once the decision is made. Helped in sketchup model chairs.Help in working on the construction timetable. 2. Sketchup, Excel. 3. Transport service need to be confirm as soon as possible. 4. Decision needed in order to sort the construction timetable 5. Need to talk to more people to follow the pace of progress. 6. Good. 7. -

1. Autocad 2D drawings-again-: working on the tesselation sheets, readjusting the arches, rearranging the ply sheets, with arches and slats on separate sheets to enhance the CNC cutting process; drawing the foot foundations for the middle arches to increase stability on site; positioning the holes for bolts and screws on the arches. All in all, tesselation sheets almost ready for CNC cutting. Also, started working on the plaque (which will advertise the pavilion when built) to be positioned on the benches: text, construction process diagrams, logos. 2. Autocad skills, critical thinking, visual/spatial thinking, collaboration skills. 3. Fluency in Cad, depth of skill and attention to detail. 4.Overloaded Cad, sometimes crashing, luckily it was all saved, detail oriented work which requires lots of patience; developed my ability to pivot around changing design and structural features and to iterate continuously. 5. Bolt holes need to be more accurate, so as the router drills them correctly. 6.Tired, but pleased with the outcome; I am motivated and enthusiastic to see the pavilion growing with each little step completed by the team. 7. Intense day, good to see motivation throughout the entire team; still, work might have gone a bit faster if all the members had been present. Thank you, Miki, for the Maltesers.

1. Solving out main problems regarding whether it's better to work in Fab Lab or Chattam , sorted out specific dates that require use of van, searched for cheapest man and van hire. searched for suitable place for assembling and storage. 2.Verbal communication, logical thinking, management. 3. Gained information on availability to book uni van (an awesome van with a ramp, a platform that can lift stuff into the van and a trolley). Learned formal procedures that one has to undergo when using uni's services and facilities. 4. Unsure of whether it's better to use fab lab or Chattam (fab lab- free but only on Saturday and the woodworking has to be done before 2pm as the studio closes at 2pm, this creates a lot of hassle in finding a suitable place to store the materials and transporting them to and fro the shed. Talked to a staff regarding availability of trolleys (to carry the pavilion to the van). He suggested to refer to the reception to book George the van driver. Phoned Christine Sheperd (Site Management Department) to book George. She suggested that the booking needs to go through the head of department. Later, we went to find George (our tutor) to ask whether he could help with the booking but was told that it should be Siobhan who should handle the booking matter. Discussed and emailed Siobhan. She said it would take 3-5 days to book George the van driver. 5. Clarify every decision on every matter to everyone in the group to avoid miscommunication. 6. Confusing day but quite okay. 7. -

1. Met at the studio with the rest of the group to organise construction and find possible sponsors. Looked into the new bench design, discussed issues with project managers and TAs. 2. Communication skills. 3. Organisation and teamwork. 4. Some delays. 5. Contact sponsors in advance. 6. General confusion, lots of enthusiasm. I'm excited to be part of such a large group and actually working for a real client! 7. -

1. Collected '10 from each group members; set up an email, '' for collecting payment recepts; inform groupmates about the email; count the amount of money collected and made the 'overview finance timetable'. 2. MS Excel, finance skills. 3. Working as a group, chasing after people to pay. 4. People not paying. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Collected money. Created an email to keep track all of the receipts and purchases. Looked for a safe storage for money. 2. Organizational skills, maths 3. Creating a clear account for the money flow. 4. Searching for people. Keeping the money safe. 5. Make a clear announcement. 6. Been up early. Doing maths in the morning. 7. -

1. General discussion with Ben on how it is going to be constructed and how long it will take. 2. Research how long it will take. 3. Learnt to explain more in details. 4. Difficulty finding out whether it is better taking it at the site joint together or putting up at the site. 5. Be more precise in the future. 6. Ok. 7. -

1. Took videos of people working. Uploaded a Health and Safety Template by RIBA on Facebook. 2. Recording; research. 3. Looked at how people work in a large group. Get to know more about the health and safety policy. 4. Found problem of using dropbox, fail to upload videos. Gave them to someone in the group by usb. 5. Learn how to use the computer. 6. Checked the new blog of our group! Love it. 7. -

Another early start in the studio for Under the Canopy. After hours of hard work the team managed to finished all the AutoCAD designs for the pavilions new and improved benches. Also, we are live now on facebook and twitter, so please take a moment to like our page or give us quick tweet! And now the best news of the day, thanks to our wonderful sponsership team, we now have a sponsor for our project, Carillion, who have generously decided to provide the plywood for the pavilion. So many thanks to Carillion!

Day Three 01/11/12 LECTURES 10:00 AM 5:00 PM Lecture day meant that the Under Canopy team couldn't work all day. During the day, the screws and bolts were ordered, and the design for the chair plaque developed. Delivery was expected at 10:00 AM from JM DAVIES timber merchants at UoM Jims workshop ( 8 sheets of 8 x 4 ply delivered ). Everyone is prepped to meet tomorrow to commence work. CAD must be finished, and the pieces will begin to be routed. Team managed to sell jelly shots for fundrasing.

Day Four 02/11/12 1. Met up early after having a successful 'fundraising event' last night, waited for the delivery of the wood from the sponsor to arrive. It eventually came at around 11am, the wood has got a perfect aesthetics to suit the project well, however, we may have to adjust the CAD file to increase the thickness of the arches so that they are more stable. Began to set up an official website with its own custom url/hosting/theme so it makes it more visually appealing (needs a lot of work on it), transported the wood into the studio space, help develop the brochure that will be sent to sponsors, spoke with logistics and we may now have a free van hire (Thanks to Matt Stocktons Dad) as well as tool hire for the construction in studio stage, feel as though the design is progressing on time with the routing ready to be done on Monday, We have decided to work on the other project over the weekend in terms of construction as Chatham is closed, work shall continue on the blog/website etc. 2. Web Design, Photoshop, HTML5. 3. Learning how complicated it is making your own website. 4. Trying to figure out linking the hosting to the new blog. 5. Maybe read about making websites. 6. Good to see the hard stuff done, let the construction start now!

1. Met with Sam Holden at 8 in the morning to receive the wood delivery from Corillian. Whilst waiting, the CAD was adjusted, and is now ready to be used for the CNC router. Wood Varnish was purchased and the bolts and screws arrived. We are looking to hire powertools for the 6th to build the pavilion. Transport to site has been arranged through a contact of Matthew Stockton. We were informed that Inhabitat are interested in writing an article about the pavilion! This prompted a faster update of our new website to be presentable by friday evening. The sponsorship brochure was also finished and included in the overall brochure. Our outward facing channels began to come together by the early afternoon. A plan has also been devised for t-shirts to be worn whilst on site. We are organising these on monday. 2. CAD, management. 3. Multi tasking. 4. More issues with compatibility between CAD and CNC router. 5. Really excited about features in global magazines! Hope we can stay on top of everything! 6. See new website...

1. Early start after a lovely get together at the fundraiser. Waited for the delivery of the wood to record the process, unpleasant due to windy and cold weather; made the new brochure updated with latest and appropriate info that`s gonna be on site, and a Greek magazine. took photos of the events, edited them for the blog post, that's gonna be delayed due to the change of platforms. twitter!facebook! 2. Endurance, patience, photoshop, photography. 3. Not everything goes as planned; just have to roll with the punches; chocolate makes life sweeter and work faster. 4. Programs crashing, not saving, do over; cold, slower pace since we were all tired, harder to focus. 5. Save! 6. Hectic with accumulated fatigue over the week, bit frustrated when the software was doing his own thing, ugh. 7. Yay, gonna sleep tonight a lot! me so happy.

1. Moved wood from JD delivery to Chatham workshop also moved wood stored in Jim's workshop into Chatham workshop. 2. Teamwork lifting, H & S skills when lifting and moving wood. 3. Always find a trolley first before carrying any wood from JD to Chatham. 4. Carrying it through Chatham. 5. None, everyone worked hard together. 6. Such a long time to move and pile up wood, a lot of heavy wood moved and stored ready for the construction.

1. Went to see Jim and asked him about the hand tools, (how many of them and permission to bring them out of the workshop). Sorted out the transportation. (Matt's dad is going to drive the pavilion to Dunham Massey) 2. Communication skill. 3. Health and Safety, university regulations of hand tools and workshop. 4. Hand tools at Jim's are not to be brought out, rang a few hand tools rental companies and they are ridiculously expensive. 5. Need to broaden the search. 6. So so. 7. -

1. Wasn't able to work on the project as I had been away from Manchester at the time, I did follow the current progress of the project via the project facebook group and talking to a member of the construction team about any changes and alterations taking place within the schedule. I had discussed with one of the project managers on the 1st day about how I will not be present on 02-02-12 and 05-02-12, and that I would still be able to work on the project from my laptop if need be. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Filling up blog. 2. 3. 4. 5. Need to do much more work. 6. Good overall group work, the plywood is great quality, the picture is slowly coming together :) 7. -

1. Woke up early in the morning and met everyone in the studio. recorded how we got some wood delivered and took lots of photos. Waited all day to record how the guys cut the wood but it didn't happen :(. Went with jess to B&Q to look at samples of wood stain, took lots of photos of them to show everyone and bought 2 buckets of satin varnish. 2. Just my amazing photographic skills... haha and direction skills. 3. 4. Didn't know where B&Q is but we managed following the google directions Sam gave me. 5. Look at some imovie tutorials. 6. Pretty good start it wasn't as bad to wake up as I was expecting. Jess has the receipts for the varnish, just so you know in case she hasn't emailed the finance team, but she probably has. Productive day, we got the wood so next step, cutting it! 7. So happy that we have the weekend off and i can't wait for monday to cut the wood and record everything.

1. Transporting all the plywood sheets from studio to workshop. 2. Took a lot of photos and videos of other people transporting the sheets. 3. 4. Sheets were quite heavy, and it's time consuming to transport them one by one. 5. Borrow trolleys from the construction workers in Chathem to transport multiple sheets at a time. 6. 7. -

Day Four 02/11/12 1. Spent the day helping transporting the plywood sheets around the campus; managed to find a suitable place to store it all in the MMU workshops. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Most of the day was spent with Ben Smith, trying to create a new blog (once and for all!), we bought a domain name ''- so no nonsence! We moved all the existing info/photos from the old blog onto the new website, not much progress in terms of content on the site, but it looks significantly better! 2. Web Design. 3. Learning about how complicated creating your own website really is... but it's worthwhile in the end! 4. GoDaddy- don't use them as a web hosting provider, you will wait hours for them to set it up and just staring, waiting at the computer... 5. Always buy more chocolates/ crisps to get through the day. 6. Quite tiring... but glad the day is over... TGIF! 7. The website is looking sweeeeet.

1. Passed on previous work, finished risk assessment and bought white t-shirts. 2. Walking. 3. 4. Running up and down primark trying to find large mens t-shirts. 5. 6. Happy we've got the weekend off. 7. -

1. Continued clean up from the fundraising event to allow sam to go wait for delivery of the wood, counted up amount raised ('31.04) and then went to b&q with Simina and purchased 2 tubs of varnish priced at '55.96 Also discussed with the salesman the different types of stain available and the best type of varnish to purchase. 2. Communication. 3. I now know where the nearest b&q is. 4. Difficulty in finding b&q and we only had a copy of the directions there so ending up having to navigate around the centre of Manchester on the way back to the JD Shed . 5. 6. Tired after a busy day yesterday and looking forward to a nice evening and not going to the Shed tomorrow. Well done on the fundraising guys, hope everyone had a good night! :)

1. Waiting for wood to arrive and researching ground fixing methods - ordered ground screws they hold into the ground better than spikes and are easy to insert. Wood delivered had to wait outside to help them find the place but got some of the resident 'hench' lads to give me a hand moving it inside, signed for it and it felt like the project was a reality. Helping with general things (wording for the leaflet, making sure everyone was busy, etc). Making sure everything on the schedule was completed so we can be up to date for next week! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Searched spaces around studio to place plywood with Matt. Moved plywood to Chatham building. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Good exercise..!!! 7. -

1. Took photos of the delivery of wood, made connections with people that can get us featured in an architectural magazine in Cyprus, helped redesigning the brochure so that the editors of the magazine will be able to understand the design as well as why and how it was chosen. 2. Photoshop, designing sheets. 3. Working in a group. 4. Photoshop kept crashing, Struggled to find a nice way to present all the information in one page. 5. Save files more often. 6. Really excited about the delivery and the quality of the wood. 7. Happy to get to know my group better! Love you guys . Ben you are a lobster.

1. Entering all four day entrances to the template; editing the information; finishing the Summary design; writing a summary for each day; 2. Indesign skills, Photoshop, hand drawing, research. 3. Presentation skills, editing skills. 4. Low quality pictures- hard to use them in the journal, still some people don't do their entrances or the information is not relative enough, informal. 5. People must be pushed to do it every day, they must be explained what information to give so as to avoid long hours of editing. 6. Very tired, however, happy to be doing something useful. 7. Excited to see the improvement in the project.

1. Finishing journal of 4 days of working in a group, editing information, photos, bringing all information together. 2. InDesign, hand drawing, planning, making research. 3. Learned not to leave unfinished pages of previous day, planning group work. 4. Presenting information in a clear and aestetic way. 5. Talk to people of what they write wrong and inaccurately, ask people for clearlier summary. 6. Feeling disorgansed and being on pressure all day to finish the work properly. 7. Looking for more examples of similar journals,thinking of how to present information better.

1. Aided in carrying plywood sheets from Studio to the Workshop in Chatham building as well as from the HBS building to Chatham too. Took a few pictures and recordings along the way. 2. Teamwork - trying to work as fast and efficiently as possible. 6. Carrying the plywood from studio to Chatham was tiring + too many splinters. The plywood from HBS appeared smoother, though unsure why we have two batches of sponsored plywood. 3. Should've got a trolley from the start to make transporting easier. Though we managed to find one after the first trip anyway. 4. Glad the ply has all been transported. Looking forward to the actual build, which canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; t take place until the weekend is over. 5. Arms are going to ache in the morn ...

Day Four 02/11/12 1. Helped to carry the plywoods from studio and UoM workshop to MMU workshop. 2. Strength to carry the heavy plywoods. 3. Using a trolley as a method to transport the plywood. 4. We carried the plywoods by hand initially and it was really tough. 5. Should have prepared a better and more efficient way of transporting. 6. We were told to come in at 9.30 in the morning only to know that CAD files weren't ready and had to wait until half one and started transporting the plywood. 7. Did not manage to cut the plywood today.

1. Nothing much, just revise the cad file for construction. 2. Using AutoCAD. 3. The workshop closes so early. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Transportation will he handed to Matt's dad helped to unload timber to studio then to workshop moved all the wood to workshop that is ready to be cut. 2. Teamwork. 3. Teamwork. 4. 5. 6. Looking forward to the construction. 7. -

1. Redesigned the sponsor brochure, as well as edited the promotional text in it, for a more suitable layout to be featured in an architectural magazine in Greece. 2. Photoshop. 3. Page design. 4. The process of redesigning was slow, as I had to gather all the information and pictures to be displayed in the brochure from different sources, since the original brochure was in a pdf format. Photoshop kept crashing. 5. Keep all media for a specific purpose ( i.e. brochure) in one designated folder. 6. Really tired after yesterday's lectures and fundraising, completing the task took longer than usual, but glad that it's weekend and looking forward to start the construction on Monday. 7. After a hard week's work I can finally take a step back throughout the weekend and reflect upon it, as well as get the chance to rethink my time management, in the wider context of the on-going White Waters project and portfolio submission. All in all, glad to be part of this team.

1. Moved plywood sheets from the jd shed to the workshop. 2. Muscle skills 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Went out to meet Jim, discussed -whether we could borrow tools from his workshop and use them in the studio, asked how many tools that he got in the workshop that we can use for construction. Sorted out transportation-Matt's dad will drive a trailer for us- have to pay petrol money. 2. Dealing with people. 3. Verbal communication. 4. Patience. 5. Didn't know Matt's dad could drive a trailer, spent a lot of time finding and contacting man and van hire companies.Should have asked team members first. 6. Normal. 7. -

1. Helped to carry plywood sheets from JD shed to the workshop in Chatham building. Me and the others borrowed a trolley from the construction site next to the workshop to carry the rest of the sheets. Went back to the studio to get the CAD file but it wasn't ready. 2. Incredible muscle skills. 3. Learned the shortest route from JD shed to the workshop. 4. 5. Get a trolley from the start. 6. Tired. 7. Its getting there!

1. Checked email, replied at emails, backup and check the receipts attached; update the finance timetable. 2. MS Excel. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Updated the finance timetable. Created a Claim form clear reimbursement. Uploaded recent financial status to the group. 2. Excel, Maths. 3. Found out a better way to deal with the money by using claim form, allowing signatures after receiving money. 4. Hard to keep the financial statement updated, since emails are still coming in during the day. 5. Trying to just update it once a day, by evening to keep everything clear 6. Alright. 7. -

1.Started working on a construction schedule 2. Planning how much time each process needed, planning the number of people needed. 3. Have to divide the construction process into different steps. 4. Not sure how many people and how much time actually needed. 5. 6. 7. -

Summary 02/11/12 After a long day of lectures on Thursday and a spot of fundraising in the evening, we started bright and early on Friday morning! We finally finished the AutoCad drawings for the CNC cutter which wasn't so painful with 2 boxes of Quality Sweets nearby! Thanks again to Chloe for the much needed chocolates! The team were also eagerly awaiting the delivery of the plywood this morning, from our very kind suppliers Carillion. Fortunately at Under the Canopy we have very 'strong men' in the team, so lifting the wood was no problem of course! Next a few members of the team headed out to the local B&Q to find some varnishes to make the plywood suitable for the outdoors, after all we are in rainy Manchester! The varnish will help the wood repel water and also stain pavilion a nice earthy brown, fitting right in with the beautiful gardens of Dunham Massey. Also we found out that we are to be featured in a couple of magazines soon, but more infor mation will be released in the near future. So watch this space!

Weekend 03/11/12 - 04/11/12 Everyone is working on their individual projects for their portfolio.

Day Five 05/11/12 1. Where to begin, very busy day in the workshop, met up in the studio to quickly sort of them different positions people were going to be in, updating the cad file so that they were 15% higher and people wouldn't bang their head as well as moving the slats to the right position, went to the workshop and began sorting out the lasercut templates (these were later used as templates for the tshirts) as well as setting up the CNC machine which took a lot longer than expected due to unforeseen problems such as transferring it into a new program, as soon as the slats were printed out making sure the construction team knew what angle to cut the slats, then when the CNCing was done on the seats gave them to Matt and Ben to put together, continueing with the CNCing and now we have the arches we then moved them to studio (we will need people to work hard and stay late rather than 3 of us sanding them down in the evening...). 2. CAD/Coral Draw, Setting up the CNC making, Spray Painting. 3. Never do small pieces on the CNC machine it will spit them out all over the place. Buy more T-Shirts everyone loves logos on a t-shirt. 4. The main problem that occurred was that some of the smaller slats were too loose on the CNC machine which were then catching and getting shredded up. We managed to fix this by printing the slats off on paper and then marking them on a the scrap from cutting the arches. Other issues were more minor such as setting up the CNC machine to cut all the way through the plywood, programs crashing and having to change the scale of the arches. 5. Have a bit more foresight when it when CNCing in the future, check the CAD file the day before and check the heights (make sure no one will bang their head!) 6. A very busy and exciting day, great to see it finally taking shape and not being a model anymore. 7. Keep up the motivation, don't waver now, it's close to be finished.

1. Fabrication started today. We arrived early in the morning to begin routing early in the morning. The prepared 2D CAD drawings needed work to be ready to cut. Learnt how to use the CNC routed and cut out the frames of the chairs. Due to the tight tesselation, parts of the chairs weren't ready yet, so fabrication couldn't begin yet. Next, the slats were prepared. Had to re-arrange the CAD to get them to fit on the machine. The router spat some of the smaller pieces. The sheet was half finished when we had to stop. Around a third of the arches were cut, and the rest had to be done by hand. First page of arches were cut next, with vaulted base for feet to slot in. Construction teams were on hand to assist with transport and sanding. All of the other pieces were prepared to be cut the following day. Team was prepped for slat construction and the slat pieces (some of which weren't finished yet) were arranged to be angled on the 6th. Day was finished with Ben, Miki and I varnishing in the studio. Blog, video and photography teams carried on documenting throughout the day. 2. Operating CNC machine. Vector editing. Mechanics of 3D fabrication. Woodwork. Team management. Multitasking. 3. Operating CNC machine. Vector editing. Mechanics of 3D fabrication. Fast problem solving. 4. CNC routing is not a click and print Job. It requires preparation and understanding. Had to do this whilst overseeing the rest of the workshop. 5. Experience is key to forsee certain complications. Routing should become faster. 6. Wish I got phone signal in chatham.... 7. -

1. Wasn't able to work on the project as I had been away from Manchester at the time, I did follow the current progress of the project via the project facebook group and talking to a member of the construction team about any changes and alterations taking place within the schedule. I had discussed with one of the project managers on the 1st day about how I will not be present on 02-02-12 and 05-02-12, and that I would still be able to work on the project from my laptop if need be. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Took pictures of the cutting process, edited them for the next blog post; updated the twitter and facebook feeds with according information and pictures. 2. Photoshop, html, social media. 3. 4. All worked smoothly. 5. 6. Exciting day because we actually started cutting the wood and saw a bit of the final piece; really nice observing the machines work; awesome overall. 7. -

1. Helped out with cleaning CNC when cuts had finished. Sanded down chair pieces, and glued centerpieces of chairs together and clamped ready for varnishing tomorrow with Ben Roake. Had a conversation regarding using a more practical method other than screwing chairs together which would not be visible on the exterior. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Painting t-shirts; sanding bench parts and arches. 2. 3. 4. 5. Get sanding cubes instead of sanding paper for a better grip. 6. Cutting turned out great, arches are perfectly scaled and look really good. 7. -

1. Got to studio at half 8 and had a little chat about the construction. went to the workshop at half 9 and helped with the cutting. took lots of photos and videos. made 10 tshirts, watched how the cutting machine works. 2. Communication, photography accuracy when spraying the tshirts 3. Lack of communication, we were supposed to meet at half 8 but only a few people turned up 4. We need to be more organised, everyone need to know exactly what ther are doing 5. Busy day we've been in the workshop all day , did lots of cuttings , we're getting there with the work 6. Gonna start putting the rest of the video together tomorrow 7. I've got all the photos so if anyone needs them just ask :)

1. Loading plywood sheets to CNC machine for cutting arches, benches and slats; Made adjustments to the slats AutoCAD file for CNC machine to cut; Then printed out an A0 size slats template sheet and cut them out; Sanded down the slats. 2. AutoCAD. 3. 4. Had a slight problem with the printers printing A0 sheets, but problem solved. 5. 6. 7. The construction team were a bit short of people, volunteered to join them hope to speed up the progress.

Day Five 05/11/12 1. CNC underway; managed to get most of the chair components cut out and the arches. Encountered problems with the slats that we predicted might be a problem; because they are very small components some of them ripped under the strain of the router. Took charge of constructing the chairs with Matt Stockton. Sanded down the components of the chair that were cut; glad I wasn't doing the slats-fiddly work. Talked to Tricia about possible fixings for chair and came to a conclusion. Glued the central pieces together using exterior grade wood glue. All ready to be varnished in the morning. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Smoothed the surface of slates by using sanding paper. Measured and marked down the angel of each slates. 2. 3. Cut the angel by using plane. 4. 5. 6. Even it was slow in the beginning, managed to cut all slates. 7. Nice Monday.

1. Came really early at the studio because to take part in the construction process of the pavilion. We met with everyone in the computer room a in the main studio but unfortunately we realize that the something was wrong with the Cad files. Apparently we needed to increase the height of the pavilion in some parts. Thus we had to wait for it to get fixed. I then went to the workshop to document the cutting process of the wood then edited some pictures. 2. Photograpy, photoshop. 3. Learnt how the CNC machine works and got more confident working in Chatham. 4. We didn't expect that we would need to change the Cad files so we were a bit off schedule. 5. 6. Productive day.

1. Entering and editing journal entrances; developing the journal design; helping at the workshop; editing pictures; writing the day summary. 2. Photoshop and Indesign skills, group work. 3. Learned how to cope stress while working, improved my computer skills. 4. Having problems with printers, difficulties putting two people work together. 5. Watch more tutorials of program using, spend some time to try out different functions. 6. The whole day was stressful due to tiredness and everyone was really tensed. Work is going well, however, pressure felt for the portfolio preparation is growing. 7. -

1. Arrived at studio at 830 to organise groups for construction process. I remained in studio whilst Ben, Ali and Sam headed off to routing to distribute tasks to the rest of the group (who weren't on construction) had problems when alot of the group didnt bother to turn up and some came and then disappeared again. We had a group meeting at lunchtime to consolidate what had been going on for the morning. After lunch me and Miki went to the workshop to spray paint the tshirts which turned out really well. I then spent the rest of the day in the woodworkshop helping the construction team cut out some slat templates. 2. Communication, Organisation, Creativity and accuracy when spraying the tshirts. 3. 4. Lack of communication between the group in regards to what time and where we were meeting, Phone running out of battery so unable to contact rest of the group. Feel like the day was a success in the construction but we still have a lot more work to do. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Organised groups for the day headed of to routing, everyone seemed pretty organised, me and Jess decided one media person should be assigned to each group to document the day properly. I also laser cut the logo's so that tshirts could be made, this was a jump as i had never used the self service laser cutters, however, i worked it out in the end with the help from Adan. Had to organise the construction team who weren't making the chairs or routing to cut the slats, a confusing task due to strange angles which meant we were very limited on tool use, however, we all managed to work together and finished all the slats that were routed. We would have done more but the router messed up and destroyed pieces whilst not even cutting some. we split the work so some were at Jims and others in mmu but jim allowed us to use the sander there so the task was quicker, tomorrow we will head back to Jim's as he is more helpful. 2. Communication, woodwork, teamwork, computing skills (cad, corel draw). 3. 4. Lack of communication, unhelpful technicians (however jim and adan are legends), people not showing up. 5. 6. 7. -

1.Remaking journal design, helped at workshop, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing summary. 2.Photoshop, InDesign, social media, group work. 3.Learned some new things on InDesign. 4.Havind difficulties with programs and computer was crashing all the time. 5.I will clean my computer to make it faster, never leave unsaved files. 6.Very stressfull day, don't know how to make verything on time because of portfolio preparation. 7.Going to work more because of lack of time.

1. Slow start to the day - waited until the chairs had been routed and slats had been cut out before helping with sanding down the slats and measuring / cutting the secondary angled edge onto each and every slat. 2. Using planes and saws to cut the slats at an awkward angle. 3. Using a plane effeciently. 4. When initially using the plane to cut the angles, it would slightly peel away at the wood grains. To solve this, the plane had to be moved faster or the blade had to be adjusted outwards. 5. 6. Glad physical construction has finally begun. Looking forward to seeing the final thing. 7. -

Day Five 05/11/12 1. Started cutting the plywood after CNC including drawing and cutting the angle, sandpaper it. 2. Workshop skills. 3. Learned to use the various machines in the workshop. 4. The angle is particularly hard to measure by hand since the workshop technician did not allow us to use from the sandpaper machine straight. 5. Go to UoM workshop. 6. Could have got the work done earlier as we came in at 8.30am and were told again that the CAD files were not ready and CNC takes up a lot of time, but overall we finished the work to be done for that day, cutting all the slats at their respective angle.

1. Construction. 2. Wood workmanship. 3. Known better about the material (plywood). 4. Its hard to make angle in a wooden piece. 5. Practise more. 6. Feel good when seeing most of the segments done. 7. Can't wait to see the pavilion being built.

1. Helping in CNC the arches and slats sanding the slats into respective angle. 2.Working with machines and tools in workshop, (bench saw, sander). 3. Teamwork. 4. 5. 6. Having fun in workshop. 7. -

1. Readjusted the elevations and plan of the pavilion with context. 2. Photoshop. 3. Photomontages. 4. Photoshop crashing at times. 5. In the morning, I participated at the cutting process of the chairs and I was excited to see an actual 1:1 component of the pavilion being built; everything is coming very nicely together. 6. 7. -

1. Met up in the studio to decide what to do. After that we met up at the workshop and sanded the slats into angles and also the arches. 2. Sanding skills. 3. Learnt how to put angles on wood. 4. 5. 6. Tiring day. 7. -

1. Met up in the studio at 08:30 to find out specifically what I would be working on for the day. Later at the Chatham workshop I helped with the CNC cutting of templates (carrying plywood on and off the table, used vacuum for the saw dust and chisel to release the pieces from the sheet). Later I helped carry the first 3 arches to the studio, where we sanded the edges to make them smooth. 2. Teamwork. 3. Learned the proper process of using the CNC cutter. 4. The holes drilled on the sheets by the CNC did not go all the way through. Instead we will have to use a drill to punch them all through. Small bits of wood were chipped off during sanding process. 5. Use a file to sand off the bits that stick out. Alternatively, when using the chisel, cut right next to the piece we want and leave the bit that sticks out onto the piece of scrap wood. 6. Hard work is paying off. Excited to see the Pavillion pieces in actual size. T-shirts look good. 7. Hopefully weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ll have it standing within the next 2-3 days.

1. Received money from fund raising party; calculate and count money, update finance table; returned money to members who paid, make sure they received their money back and put down signature; bought brushes and black spray paint for t-shirt making and applying varnishes. 2. MS Excel. 3. Working as a group, communication. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Started to reimburse part of the expenses. Received money from fundraising party. Updated financial status. Ensured the money flow is correct. Got black spray paint and brushes. 2. Maths, Excel. 3. Reimbursement. 4. Hard to search for people since they all got different tasks allocated. 5. Make a better announcement, allowing people to know that we are giving out the money back today. 6. Feeling contented. 7. -

1. Finishing up the construction schedule, sent to martin. 2. Excel. 3. Planning . 4. Realised that someone is actually working on a construction schedule too... but I think it's different because the other one is about recording the process everyday. 5. Get to know what people are doing . 6. 7. -

Summary 05/11/12 Today the team started cutting our plywood sheets in the workshop using the huge CNC machine and our lovingly compiled CAD files. The team managed to get much of the structure cut without so much as a hicup, though we have realised the the slats in the design are a little too fiddly to get cut on the CNC. We got a glimpse at one of the chairs which was very exciting! Now on to varnishing!

Day Six 06/11/12 1. Woke up early went to the CNC machine and quickly set it up so that we could get as much cut today before Serpents Cavern, spent a long time speaking to the tutors about the progress of the project so far, the journal is one of the main issues so far people haven't been filling it in (we have tried to contact most people who have agreed, anyone who doesn't however will get a time limit until their names are reported to Siobhan) There was also a small issue with the font but that was quickly resolved. The verdict on the blog was that the layout was good however the logo dominated the screen (this has since been changed) as well as maybe removing the comment option on the blog post (this is yet to be resolved) and finally interviews placed into blog posts. Health and Safety was rather lacking in detail due to little contact with the group, but this has also been resolved and now there is a much greater focus on it. We must also consider the photos that we send to Corillion which must be 'to the book' and consider health and safety so they can re-use it, the issues and failures that have occurred through making the project must also be recorded and documented, the video needed some extra work on it so that it wasn't simple a construction sequence so I've got others to help simina. After discussion with the tutors which took up most of the morning it has been a case of checking in with different managers such as ali and sam etc and checking the progression of all the different areas and making sure the changes that were suggested by the tutors was applied, helping in the work shop with sam and ali to resolve the issue attaching the slats the arches at an angle, sanding and varnish and general other odd jobs throughout the day. 2. General skills in the workshop. 3. Organising large groups and managing them. 4. Joining the slats to the arches at two different angles. 5. Make sure there is a way of recording the time that people have spent so we don't have people turning up on the day of construction asking what they're meant to be doing. 6. Yet again another hectic day from early morning to the end of the day. 7. Very glad to see the arches taking shape especially with the varnish on them, one issue that might occur the immediate future is how wide the arches shall be set apart (however, we have a potential fix for this). Sorry for the long post Auguste!

1. Arrived to meet Ben at half past 8 in the CNC Lab in Chatham. Our first sheet was routing when we arrived, as set up by Aden, the technician. Ben and I had to split the work between managing fabrication and attending the meeting with tutors for our project's progress. Several issues occured with open loops in the CAD files (resolved quickly, but annoying) that slowed fabrication down. As the arches were being Routed, sanded and prepared for varnishing by the construction team, the slats were cut from scrap, freeing up a sheet of birch plywood. Health and Safety manager Leonie Millington was in the workshop today running the risk assessments and overseeing the fabrication. As the rest of the chair parts were cut from various sheets, some of the construction team turned their attention to assembling them. Worked with Matt Stockton to finalise build decisions for the chairs, and he organised a team to assemble and prepare them. Impressive work regarding chair assembly, however I am worried about the drying time for the wood glue that we're using (24 hours). It puts pressure on the varnishing and final fabrication for friday. Following the meeting with tutors, Christina is producing the construction drawings, and the photography and video team has produced a more organised plan of action. Video progress is promising, as edited by Chloe. Two sheets left to route tomorrow to make up the 3 layer thick arches. Another 2 identical sheets to be cut to make up the 4th layer, (increasing thickness for structural and aesthetic reasons). Varnishing took place in the studio today. First coat applied by Miki and team. Miki willing to apply second coat in the evening. Drying overnight. The process will need to be repeated for the yet-to-be-cut arches. Method of attaching the slats to the frame was realised and tested by Sam Holden, Ben Smith and myself. Sam and I need to make the method as safe and tested as possible for mass attachment of slats to arches tomorrow. The many axes of awkward angles makes attaching the slats difficult. 2. Team managing, multi tasking, woodwork, CNC technology, CAD, fast decisions. 3. Fast managing and decision making. 4. Wood split between layers today. Need 24 hours to repair them. Very concerning/ 5. Wood splitting was unavoidable with the donated wood. We need to get a faster drying glue. 6. Everyone worked very well today! Very pleased with commitment from the construction team. Tomorrow is going to be a long day! 7. -

1. Took pictures for the blog, edited them, helped with the new presentation video, made new presentation sheets for the concept of the pavilion; made a day5 entry for the blog. facebook, twitter work;review with the tutors for each one of the branches. 2. Social media, photoshop. 3. It can only get better. 4. Finding the right pictures, making them fit together so the final thing would be good; slow macs! ugh. 5.6. Ugly weather and switching from the workshop to studio all day wasn`t pleasing. 'just follow us already!'mood. 7. Happy day, happy day.

1. Workshop day.Made adjustments to the chairs structure, trimmed, glued and clamped together with Nick and Polys ready for varnish and construction. Sanded down and drilled bolt holes through frames, carried numerous out of workshop into storage area. Issue regarding frames splitting, glued, clamped and left for drying overnight in storage area, had a briefing from Will regarding clamping method. Carried frames over to the JD shed and finished the day off varnishing. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Helped transferring all the cut parts to the studio. Re-labeled each slats with respective numbers and angles. Varnished the woods, dried them and varnished the other sides. 2. Painting. 3. Woodworkings. 4. Human skill (patience). 5. Couldn't stand the smell of varnish. 6. Pissed off.

1. Sanded down bench pieces and arches, applied adhesive and clamped bench legs together for drying overnight, repaired where the arches had split, cut out bench component on band saw and used belt sander for finish, moved the arches to from workshop to studio for varnishing. 2. Working with workshop machinery, health and safety. 3. Now know what the best way is to repair plywood that's been split. 4. Earlier in the day a decision had to be made about the way in which the bench legs would be attached to the top piece, the result was that we would cut 18mm off all but 2 of the bench legs on each bench to form a butt joint between the top piece and the inner legs at the sides, and then to use angle brackets with screws to reinforce the joint. Another problem occurred when the wood veneer on 3 of the arches had split which lowered it's strength and appearance, this was solved by widening the gap between the 2 veneers, applying an even coating of adhesive in between using a syringe and a piece of wood to evenly distribute it. Although this is a temporary solution, a generous amount of water-proof varnish would need to be applied to the formed gaps where the plywood had split to ensure that no moisture can get between the plywood layers, as it will cause the plywood to swell up and result in further cracks. 5. All of the bench pieces to be cut out at the same time so that they are ready to be sanded cut down and joined to their adjacent components using adhesive to then dry overnight. 6. Felt that a lot got done today but could've done more if we were more organized. 7. -

1. Sanding arches; varnishing arches and slats. 2. Painting skills. 3. 4. Getting cuts from the sanding paper and sticky hands from the varnish. 5. Wear gloves. 6. Long day of running from studio to the workshop and back, arches are not that heavy to carry,but you need someone to open the doors for you :D 7. -

1. Arrived at studio had a chat with the tutors and quickly moved to the workshop to record the construction team cutting the wood . came back to the studio and started working at the video. chloi and andreea helped me. we managed to finish a couple of videos and did a photomontage for the start of the main video. it's now starting to look pretty nice. 2. Photoshop, teamwork and photogrpahy 3. Woodwork and film making 4. Tutors were concerned about the health and safety and we realised everything we recorded was without gloves and safety equipment( except from aprons and goggles) so i had to retake lots of photos and videos for the health and safety guide with all the necessary equipment 5. Need to finish the video soon and help with the cutting tomorrow 6. It was a good day, everyone worked really hard, especially in the workshop, you can already see the results. 7. I can't wait to see the pavilion built on the site and everyone wearing their amazing tshirts !

1. Sanded down the rough edges of the remaining arches from the previous day; Glued and clamped the arches which are splitting apart; Transported the sanded arches from the workshop to the studio; Bought 7 more paint brushes to let more people help varnishing the wood; Varnish the slats and arches in the studio and left them drying overnight. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Still a little bit behind schedule, but hope to complete the prefabrication before Thursday, really need to start working on the portfolio!

1. From 10-11 listened to group feedback from tutors so far, 11-1 I used the jigsaw to remove excess pieces from the arches due to a mistake in the cad drawings for the CNC machine. I also helped to sand the various components. I later helped with the blog, attempting to fix technical issues with the website such as the logo randomly deciding to become a thumbnail, with half of it cut off. Eventually we managed to smooth it off aesthetically despite no knowledge of HTML or any desire to learn it. 2. I used basic workshop skills and knowledge. 3. I gained lots of lovely splinters which I have yet to remove... 4. 5. 6. 7. -

Day Six 06/11/12 1. Today was very busy indeed everyone was working enthusiastically to get the construction finished well on time. In the end we got the majority of the plywood cut to size, sanded down and ready to be put together. Had a review with the tutors in the morning; went over the blog site with them and took on board feedback, making amendments. Wrote blog for previous day but didn't realise Andrea was doing the same across the table from me. Bit frustrating but managed to find a synthesis between two. Went on to help in the workshop to help with the construction. The team has decided to add Additional support to the chair legs which will provide ample structure and help support the aesthetics of the arches more fully. 4. We had a bit of a problem with the arches splitting which we resolved by syringing exterior grade wood glue into the gaps and clamping it all up to dry over night with the chairs. Hope it doesn't happen again. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Had a bit of a man vs machine moment with Nick as we had to re-cut out two of the pieces for the chair using the band saw as opposed to the CNC; took a lot longer but got a good finish.

1. Cut the excess plywood into small parts by saw. Draw out the rest of slates by pencil. Cut these slates in workshop and sand it. All plywood were painted. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Enjoying this Busy day. Hope the pavilion will be built soon. 7. -

1. Started implementing, my role as safety manager. organised the health and safety equipment and people for the prefabrication in studio construction, helping with sanding and transporting wood, expanded on the risk assessment, added to the blog and generally overseen health and safety in the workshop. 2. 3. 4. 5. Construction dates and working out how much an average person can carry. 6. Busy, looking forward to the construction. 7. -

1. Took pictures for the blog. Made a new video for the project for the entire period, gathering all the videos that were already made and edited it. 2. Adobe PremierePro, photography, photoshop. 3. New effects for premierepro. 4. Premiere pro is time consuming; took quite a while to put everything together. 5. 6. Really tired after an exhausting day, but happy that everything started to look really good. 7. -

1. Entering and editing journal entrances for the previous day; Discussing the design with the tutors; changing details of the design that tutors weren't satisfied with; making profile pictures for the journal to be done; informing and making all people do their entrances; editing pictures; writing the summary. 2. Indesign and Photoshop skills, group work, organisational skills. 3. Learnt that font matters as well as all the details, improved my Indesign knowledge, learned that people must be pushed to do things all the time, as not everyone is putting their effort to what they were assigned. 4. Problems with journal design and its details, problems with some of the group mates as they don't do their entrances, had to edit during the night alone, because some people did their all week entrances just now. 5. Learn how to cope with being mean to people who don't do entrances, explore even more functions on Indesign. 6. I really don't enjoy pushing people; I don't like some people's attitude towards journal that has to be done daily. Chipped my computer. A lot of stress and frustration. However, I'm enjoying most of the group work as most people are doing their work and are putting a lot of effort. 7. In general our group is the best!

1. Arrived in studio at 10 but couldn't find anyone so went to chatham to meet Ali, organised the construction team to cut out the slats from templates, watched over the cnc (had to lift a very heavy plywood sheet!) hoovered up sawdust etc. Helped the construction team to sand the arches and glue some back together after they had split, this probably took longer than it should have. Then went to studio to varnish the slats followed by the arches, had to ensure the varnish didn't spill and that the slats were all labeled with the correct numbers. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. In the end we set up an efficient process. Was a busy day trying to sort of the different odds and ends out. 7. -

1. Went to studio noone was there at 10 so headed off to workshop to watch over the cnc (changed sheets etc). At 11 met people, debriefed the construction crew (sanding, chair, slats) it was going to be a long one... Between 12 - 1 remained in cnc room to change sheets and hoover up etc after it had finished, it acted as hq for the day. At 2 - 3 met up with the people who cut out the slats and headed to Jims room to add angles, unfortunately only me sotiris and khor were there and by the time we'd finished the rest showed up. Relayed information to rest of group (the ones still present) to sort a plan of action for the morrow also varnished the wooden slats that required the second coat. 2. Communication, woodwork, computer. 3. 4. Had a hard time trying to work out how to attach the slats with Ali and Ben, however, we succeeded and are ready for another full on day tomorrow. 5. 6. 7. -

1.Talking to tutors about the jounal, changing details that tutors asked to change, trying to make people to do their entrance for the journal, try to print some pages to see if all information is clear and understandable, taking photos, editing photos, writing summary, making the list of people who are not filling their overview of the day. 2.Organisation skills, Photoshop, InDesign, group work, social media, hand drawing. 3.Learned that sometimes people do not care of their responsibilities and it is essential to keep persuading them to do what they have to. 4.Some members of the group are irresponsible and it is very hard to make them fill the overview. 5.I can trust only myself. 6.Stress all day, can't get all the information from all group members. 7.Still trying to sort out the information.

1. No waiting around today, instantly to workshop to cut the excess plywood (leftover from cutting out the chairs and main structure) into smaller sheets. Slat templates were then drawn onto these sheets and cut out in the workshop before being sanded down. The slats were then transported to HBS workshop to cut the secondary angled side, before all the parts were taken back to studio to be varnished. 2. Varnishing, using the Bandsaw, sander and manual saw. 3. Learnt a lot about health and safety in the workshop. 4. Being constantly distracted by the technician, warning everyone about health and safety ... 5. 6. Very content. 7. Seeing all the separate pieces, it looks like the pavilion is coming together nicely. Hopefully, the slats are the correct size.

Day Six 06/11/12 1. We cut/saw the remaining slats by hand from the remnant plywood available after CNC, make it at an angle and varnish it. 2. Workshop skills/ utilizing the machines in the workshop. 3. Used most of the machines from the 'wood room' of the workshop. 4. It was quite hard to saw the slats from the limited spaces from the remnant plywood, scratches all over the hands. 5. Should use machine to cut the plywood for efficiency and more time saving. 6. Lack of plaster to stick on the hand to prevent sawdust/bacteria infecting the wounds. 7. Satisfied with the work done as I managed to apply the workshop skills learnt yesterday and the week before.

1. Construction (cutting the slats, sander them, cut them into an angled side and varnish them). 2. Using bandsaw, sandering and varnishing. 3. Learnt what machine is suitable for a specific job. 4. Some wood pieces are too large or too small, difficult to cut them properly, and kept distracted by the technician on some minor matter. 5. Seem we are moving on smoothly and quickly. 6. Nice to see everyone is working together. 7. -

1. Recycling wasted wood for the broken slat sanded the rest of the wood slats into respective angles and is all done. Varnished the arches and wood slats in studio and they will be ready to get drill tomorrow. 2. Operating sander and bench saw. 3. Getting use to the machines in workshop. 4. 5. 6. Having lots of fun in workshop. 7. -

1. Finished the elevations with context in Photoshop, did 3D Cad model of the chairs, readjusted all the plans and elevations with the new chairs, 3D model of the pavilion, exploded axonometrics. 2. Autocad, Photoshop. 3. Improved 3D modelling in Cad, and making photomontages in Photoshop. 4. 5. Tired, as the deadline approaches, everyone is working really hard, but the results are visible, can't wait to help constructing the pavilion tomorrow! 6. Great work everybody, especially workshop people, for all their effort in cutting, varnishing and sanding etc. 7. -

1. Went to Chattam, brought cut parts to studio. Helped to varnish them- labelled time of varnish (it takes 8 hours for a layer of varnish to dry); became a door opener for the day as other team members carried arches to Chattam. 2. Painting. 3. Varnishing wood. 4. No problem at all. 5. Didn't know we had t-shirts but for ten members only. 6. Not minding uneasy feelings. stay patient and happy. 7. -

1. Alterations done to the bench pieces so that they fit together in a different way. Cut off 18 mm on the top of half the outer leg pieces and all the middle pieces using the band saw. Then sanded them and glued them and clamped them. Used drill to punch holes into arches, used files and sand paper to sand them down. A couple of arches had spliced open in places so we used a syringe to apply glue in between the plies then clamped them and left them to 'heal'. Carried the finished arches to the studio so they could be varnished. Helped out a bit with the varnishing process. 2. Ingenuity, Patience, Teamwork, Operating tools and machinery. 3. Operating tools and machinery. 4. One of the bench pieces wasn't cut by CNC so Ben had to cut it with the band saw. Some bits of wood were chipped off during sanding process. A couple of arches were sliced open at places during cutting process. 5. Use chisel near the structural component instead of scrap pieces so there's no wood bits sticking out. 6. Plenty of work got done, need to keep up the enthusiasm and stay ahead of schedule. 7. Better communication between managers and members will help with organisation and efficiency.

1. Checked emails, replied emails, collected and checked receipts, gave the money back to group members. Updated finance timetable. Applied varnishes to wood pieces.Wait for the wood to dry and add another coating. Chase group members who still have not paid the '10. Upload the updated finance table on facebook group. 2. Painting skills, MS Excel. 3. Improved 3D modeling on CAD. 4. Varnishes takes a long time to dry. will have to stay at studio till late to apply at least two coatings. 5. To make sure group members know about the amount of money left. 6. Still waiting for the varnishes to dry................... 7. -

1. Updated the timetable, checked email, helping members to claim their money back. Helped out in applying varnishes to the arches. 2. Maths, Excel, Painting skills. 3. Paint varnishes. 4. Have to leave the varnishes to dry for 8 hours, quite time consuming. 5. To have a better planning, since it took 8 hours to dry, should have utilised the time better. 6. Be patient. 7. -

1. Drawn the slats on a piece of plywood and cut them out.We then sanded them down into the angles that were needed and to also make them smooth. After that we took all the slats and arches to the JD Shed and varnished the wood. 2. Maths. 3. How to put angles. 4. Small angles were difficult to sand down. 5. Varnish only the one side first. 6. Painful day. 7. -

1. Went to the workshop, carried some wood panels back to the studio and varnishes them. 2. Painting the wood panels. 3. First time varnishing wood, never knew that it has to take 8 hours to dry. 4. Have to paint a really thin layer on the wood, try to make the paint even. Waiting for the panels to dry and paint the other side of the panels... 5. 6. 7. -

Summary 06/11/12 Our team met up early in the morning today despite the fact that we were having studio lesson at 10, we went to the workshop at 9 to continue our work where we left off yesterday. Ben, one of our project managers, stayed in the studio and had a discussion with our tutors, talking about our design and construction progress. In the mean time, our construction team started to sand down and drill bolt holes through the frames which were cut out from the plywood sheets yesterday. After that, the frames were transported back to the studio for varnishing, then left them for drying overnight in the storage area.

Day Seven 07/11/12 1. Started nice and early by cracking on with the varnishing of most of the wood up along with Miki and Arinah this was completed by around 10 o'clock by which time the remaining 4 sheets (we decided to use the extra sheets of red plywood supplied by JM DAVIES to add an extra layer to either side of the arches), sent Jess and Simina to find a place which we would let us rent 3x Power Drills we eventually found later on in the day that MMU after some rather large amounts of reassurance allowed us to take the tools out for the night, as soon as others began turning up which was around 10 o'clock we immediately sent them to go to the router where Ali had started the CNCing, the production line was then established where parts were returning from chatham were sanded then varnished (later varnished again 8 hours down the line), Checked the blog/journal/video/health and safety were all progressing on schedule throughout the day (were missing James and Leonie today). When we began to drill the arches (took a long about half an hour to sort the method for drilling) we soon realised there was an issue with the slats that the angles and width were off which was due to increasing the height of the arches by 15% and not forgetting about the movement/repositioning of the slats, this has meant that some of the pieces do not fit correctly so we have two different solutions for tomorrow to solve the problem which will be done between lectures. 2. Problem solving, Construction and Fabrication, running (between the workshop and studio so much!). 3. Think about every little possible detail before initialising the construction sequence. 4. Slats, I hate these. 5. Remember to scale everything and think about the problems it may cause. 6. Knackered. 7. One more big push, big ask for people to manage this project/portfolio/lectures/ social life/everything but we really need support for the next two days after which it should hopefully be finished a little behind schedule .

1. Final routing took place in the morning. We cut the 2 final pieces (and 2 extra pieces to thicken the arches to 4 layers). Slat production simultaneously took place at Jim's workshop. By 2.00, we were ready to assemble, but had to work on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Fixed blog issues; added widgets for enhanced slideshows for each one of the posts, filled in text where needed. Uploaded a post for today. Took pictures, edited them for the site. Made a sponsorship page where we encourage people to further support us and thanked the ones that already have. Helped Chloe Bellou doing another presentation video and provided filmed material for it. Participated in the drilling process. Twitter, Facebook, as daily. 2. PremierePro features; construction details. 3. Loosing scenes, last minute change of plans, deciding to re-shoot or use other scenes; code issues for the blog, had to look for other solutions; getting the right angles for the drilling 4. Be more patient, i guess. 5. 6. Enjoyed the entire day, even though I feel so tired at the moment. The pavilion starts to look like the renders and it`s really exciting. Drilling is fun, but so scary when you`re the one holding the piece of wood.haha. 7. -

1. Started out in the workshop at 09:30 sanding down and drilling bolt holes out on the rest of the frame pieces, also sanded down new chair pieces. Helped Ben Roake draw up a jig to use for pre drilling the slats. Later on in the afternoon went over to the studio where the team were screwing slats up and varnishing. Started screwing and drilling slats, but major issue that slats didn't fit properly, discussed what the next best step was and decision was to re draw on cad and cut out the following day. Personal feelings were that the old slats could be cut to fit for most of what we need. Didn't get home until around 9pm. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1.Brought the cut components to the studio, sanded and varnished them. Updated the construction schedule 2. Woodworking skill 3. Learned how to be patient with certain people. 4. Got scolded by the staff for varnishing in the studio. Headache because of the varnish smell. Kept dripping the varnish on the shirt. 5. Be more careful. 6. Stressed 7. -

1. Sanded down bench pieces and arches, cut down bench legs down by 18mm on band saw 2. Working with workshop machinery; band saw, belt sander, power drill, chisel. Health and safety. 3. Now know that newspaper should be placed in between the ply pieces when clamping them together after applying adhesive. 4. When taking the g-clamps off of the arches, one of the wood pieces, that were used to prevent the g-clamp from leaving an imprint in the arches, was stuck to the arch. This was solved after a workshop technician used a chisel and a mallet to carefully detach the 2 pieces. The arch had a few bumps left from the other plywood piece and was then smoothed out with sandpaper. 5. Place newspaper in between the plywood pieces to prevent them from sticking together. 6. Would've liked to help out more towards the end of the day, however due there being more people than power tools available, I was unable to help in anyway. 7. -

1. Sanding arches; carrying and varnishing arches,bench parts and slats. 2.Painting skills. 3. 4. Not all the slats fit. 5. 6. Long day of running from studio to the workshop, no time to even get food, too much work-too little time. 7. -

1.Got to the studio at half 9 and started varnishing the pieces. at about half 10 left studio with jess and went to trafford park to collect the drills. drove all the way there to find out they don't have any drills available. announced the team , so we had to get the drills from chatam. no idea why we haven't done that from the beginning. went to B&Q afterwards to get drill bits, then headed back to studio. once in the studio we found out that there's no need for 4 drill bits and had to return one, therefore we went back to B&Q. got back to the studio after lunch break and started varnishing the rest of the pieces plus the bench sit/plaque. the project managers realised all the slats that we cut and varnished were wrong so we're gonna need to cut them again tomorrow. 2. Varnishing skills, human navigator , patience and perseverance 3.What's the difference between a drill base that is 10 pounds and one that is 3.78 pounds(the more expensive one is for beginners in drilling) 4. Went to 2 places for equipment in trafford park and both of them ran out of drills, went all the way there for nothing. had to go back to B&Q to return a drill bit. realising all the bits connecting the main frames were cut the wrong way. 5.Call before going somewhere 6. We varnished most of the pieces and got the drills and everything so it was a pretty good day despite all time we wasted going to trafford park 7. Need to finish all the cutting tomorrow so that we can start constructing it on friday .

1. Construction and Documentation.Varnished the 2nd layer for the arches, slats and benches. Updated the construction timetable for yesterday together with Katie. Wrote a summary of what we did yesterday for our blog and website 2. Microsoft Word. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

Day Seven 07/11/12 1. Arrived at chatham at 9am, discussed with ali the jobs needed to be done that day, went over to studio and helped varnish the chairs. Then went to hire some drills with Simina, when we got there we found out that you needed two forms of ID (which we didnt have) and a 500 deposit to hire out 5 drills, when research was done into the hire place these things should have been looked at. It also turned out that the hire shop didnt have any drills in, and neither did another place that we visited; next time ring up before you drive all the way to trafford! In the end we borrowed 3 drills from the workshop. Then we had to go to b&q to buy some drill bits, we had to ask an assistant as they didn't have the drill bits that we wanted. Then when we got back to studio we found out that we'd been told to buy 4 drill bits but we only needed. So we had to drive all the way back to b&q. 2. Navigating and driving around Manchester after getting slightly lost on the way back from trafford 3. I now know where b&q is! 4. 5. Look up places yourself. 6. 7. -

1. Still cutting sheets down to size hopefully won't have to do too much more. Nearly there! 2. Spent some of the morning making a jig to help us predrill the slats with accuracy and precision. Unfortunately it didn't prove to be that useful. 3. Helped out with the varnishing and witnessed the first sight of the arches coming together. 4. Very scared when we realised that some of the slats don't fit but somehow managed to make it work. Will still have to re-cut some of the slats. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Sanded the rest of cut plywood and brought them to studio and varnished. 2. Most of works are similar as Tuesday. 3. Staffs in workshop complained about the waste plywood we left in workshop. 4. Most of preparation for the project should be done. 5. Hope next monday is a SUNNY DAY!!! 6. 7. -

1.Video making 2. Adobe premier pro, Photoshop 3. Learnt adobe premier better 4. I got crazy trying to remember the name of the song that I needed for the video! I wasn't able to work in an edit mode on my laptop cause I started doing the video on Andreea' s laptop yesterday and it couldn't recognise the files on my laptop. The video making took hours! I tried to synchronise the movement with the music so I slowed it down or made it faster in some parts. 5. Work faster and be more concentrated. 6. Happy cause we r almost done and everything went as planned! 7. -

1. Making the list of people, who haven't entered the Journal so as to make them do it. Filling in gaps and editing the information. Finishing the design of the Journal- putting in pictures etc., helping to varnish wooden arches. 2. Photoshop, Indesign, painting skills. 3. Organising skills, found new functions on Indesign. 4. People were still not listening to enter the journal and fill in their gaps. It got really hard not to get lost when putting information to the journal and editing it. Almost fainted from the varnish smell. 5. Take some time off to relax, cause emotions are overflowing. 6. Work seams to go well, though completely stressed about the portfolio, which I haven't started yet, due to the journal editing. Need to get some rest before crashing. 7. Go team!

1. Still making changes of the journal, finding the final design, trying to get all information, taking and editing photos, writing summaries and descriptions for the journal, gathering all the information. 2. Social media, team working skills, InDesign, Photoshop, organisatory skills. 3. Learned not to give jobs for other member of the group without checking if they are really doing this, also learned to ask and make sure if noone else is doing the same work as I do. 4. There are still many people who haven't done their entrance for the journal ( at least for one day ), computer doesn't work properly thus the work is very slow and takes to much time - can't do my do anything for my portfolio most of the day. 5. Now I know how to make people work ( at least most of them ),. 6. One more day full of stress, however, I think I got used to the pressure and it doesn't distracts me from my work any more. 7. I believe the journal is going quite good, we just need more time to make it even better.

1. 9 - 10 moved first pieces of wood ready to be cnc'd. 2. 10 - 11 furthered process of joining slats to arches. 3. 12 - 2 changed plaque to the new design and proceeded to laser cut (had a hard time converting cad to corel draw as scale was wrong, finally had to draw a box the size of the plaque and make the file fit in) adan helped again whilst laser cutting as he showed me a way to make sure it was lined up. 4. 2 - 4 everyone loved the plaque, furthered work on the slat connection/lunch. 5. 4 - 8 big problems with slats when ali and ben scaled the model up they didnt take into account the change of slat. Angles which is totally understandable but meant big issues tonight solution: fit the ones in that fit and on frisday cut out more slats by measuring the ogaps of the ones that dont fit. All in all knackered ready for a 7oclock start tomorrow. 6. 7. -

Day Seven 07/11/12 1.Construction (sander the new arches and vinish them). 2. Workmanship technic. 3. more get used to doing wood work. 4. 5. 6. so far so good. 7. feel really bad when heard that the sluts don't fit in the arches..., needa do all over AGAIN.

1.CNC the rest of the arches as the thickness increase from 3 to 4 sanding the arches in the workshop and transport to the studio, varnished the arches and missed a afternoon skill session, kick start for the pre- drilling holes for the arches and slats. 2.Working in the workshop. 3. 4.Triangle base are done manually so might not as accurate as expected. 5. 6. 7. -

1.Varnished the arches, slats, chairs, writing down the numbers afferent to the holes in the middle arches, so that each slat goes into the right place, took a video of drilling holes into the slats. 2. Working in a workshop. 3. 4. Clothes not appropriate for varnishing, varnish smell too powerful. 5. Appropriate clothes for varnishing, keep all the windows open! 6. Enjoyed work today, although I can still smell the varnish; it was great to see most of the components ready to be assembled. 7. Again, a hard day's work for everybody, but well done!

1. Carried the rest of the arches to the JD Shed. Varnished a second coat on the arches that were already in the JD Shed and varnished the new arches that were brought to the JD Shed today. 2.Painting skills. 3. None. 4. Varnish everything when they are all together because now we .do not know which have been varnished twice. 5.Finish everything before varnish. 6. Tiring day and sticky. 7. -

1. Sanded down arches and bench pieces. Cut down 18mm off bench piece on band saw. Used the drill to punch holes in the arches. Helped to carry arches back to the studio. Helped varnish the remaining bench pieces and arches with a second coating of varnish. 2. Working with workshop machinery, Health and safety, painting skills 3. Working with workshop machinery is now easier and faster. Varnishing skills. 4. When taking the g-clamps off of the arches, one of the wood pieces, that were used to prevent the g-clamp from leaving an imprint in the arches, was stuck to the arch. This was solved after a workshop technician used a chisel and a mallet to carefully detach the 2 pieces. The arch had a few bumps left from the other plywood piece and was then smoothed out with sandpaper. The angles of the slats were not calculated properly so some of them didn't fit between the arches. Not all the arches were varnished because the holes for the slats did not correspond to the actual positions. 5. Place newspaper in between the plywood pieces to prevent them from sticking together. Take a long look at the AutoCAD file before sending it to the CNC. Calculate every possible mishap and have a backup plan ready for each one in order to save time. 6. Really tiring day, a bit upset with the slat setback. Studio should accommodate hard working second years until morning if it has to! I can still smell the varnish. 7. -

1. Made finance money distribution info-gram chart. Check email, update finance table. Collect money from group members. Return money to group members who have paid. 2. MS Excel, photoshop for the finance graph 3. Learning how to represent information graphically 4. Dealing with 'formula tool' in excel. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Created an overview for overall expenses. Made two balance sheets. Created charts to compare the financial status (with/ without sponsors.). 2. iWork- Numbers, Maths, Organizational skills. 3. To prepare a neat financial report with charts and accounting sheets. 4. Have to be accurate with all of the numbers, to show the actual status of the money we have now. 5. To be sure of every purchases. 6. Content. 7. -

1. Updated the programme schedule for yesterday, change the layout and format a bit (try to make it neater). 2. Excel. 3. Try to remember what people have done yesterday... 4. Can't remember it very well. 5. 6. 7. -

Summary 07/11/12 Kicked off early because of the main activity that needed to be done and that was varnishing. We double coated each piece of plywood for protection. Whilst waiting for it to dry, the tools for drilling were attained and everything was ready to be taken to the workshop for fixings! Some minor confusions delayed the entire process, but everything was back on track and drilling could begin. Each piece of wood had its own number and there was no room for further mistakes. Our plaque was also done today and it looks exquisite! The pavilion is getting built beautifully!

Day Eight 08/11/12 LECTURES 10:00 AM 5:00 PM Thursday found us with homework done and lessons learnt from the day before when after some resizing in autoCAD files for arches, issues came up with the slats. We quickly took action and after a night with not that much sleep, we managed to have everything under control. We enjoyed lunch in our second house now, the workshop, where we cut, sanded and numbered new pieces. Due to lectures, the activity was delayed but at 6 everyone was ready to go. Special thanks to our project managers, Ali Hume, Ben Smith, secretary Mihaela Mihaylova and construction manager Sam Holden for their dedication and constant struggle for the future build of the pavilion. Sleep tight because tomorrow it`s building time!

Day Nine 09/11/12 1. Went to Jim's workshop as MMU staff treated us like rubbish yesterday at 8:30am and immediately started sorting the slats into similar angles, once miki and matt arrived the process became a lot quicker and eventually by around 10am most people had arrived (this was down to me not pointing out on facebook what time we were to meet) By around 12 we had all the sets of slats for the arches and began moving back to studio with the new slats, due to MMU being strict with the number of drills they were lending out we weren't able to get one (with some heavy bargaining with Serpents Cavern got one off them and shared it with Octavia until matt turned up with his drill-Will be quicker tomorrow with two drills), When we started to drill huge tidy up of the other room due to Health and Safety being reported to by the Studio secretary about varnishing (which we weren't doing), by around 3pm eventually got back to drilling however found similar issue with previous slats occurred, with a bit of fudging it we were able to begin putting slats in (after arguing with some people-my bad stress+lack of sleep=cranky). Eventually got the process to be much quicker and almost finished the 2nd one (waiting on jess and sam tomorrow to bring new screws), Got kicked out at 7pm. 2. Sander, Problem solving, Stressing 3. Human error is not in CAD no matter how much you plan for it, Really figure out a better solution before doing construction 4. Slats. Bane of my Life. 5. Make everything with simple right angles. 6. These ridiculous hours are killing me. 7am - 2am... 7. Its getting closer to actually being constructed, just needs one final push tomorrow then it'll be done.

1. Sanding and smoothing out slats, cutting out slats manually on the band saw, learnt how to use an angled disk sander, carried slats to studio, helped with the studio clean up and the initial assembly of the medium sized pavilion. Collected tools from workshop. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Went to studio and then workshop to meet the guys, found out they were in jim`s workshop in uom. Got there, but couldn`t work because they reached the maximum number of people in the room. Spam Returned to studio, gathered the wood planks and varnished the chairs, to ensure they have enough time to dry and use them later on. When everyone arrived from jim`s workshop, we had the wood for chairs varnished and started the construction. It was difficult as we didn`t have enough drills, some pieces just wouldn`t fit and we had to manually adjust them. We were forced to clean the entire area that we worked in and spent an annoying time to do that and rub varnish off the tables in the rain! After we continued with the build, adjusted slats and everything. Got kicked off at 7 when they closed the shed and had one part finished. I recorded all the activities today, both photos and videos to have enough material to update blog, facebook. 2. Photography, video, manual work 3. Scrubbing cleaning tables.yay..not! Get in the kitchen. 4. Slats wouldn`t fit, cleaning interrupted our schedule, time consuming measuring and adjusting, crowded area, had to move things from place to place, not enough tools, sometimes not enough people or people not doing their jobs and i had to take over. 5. Not much. one cannot predict what`s going to happen. 6.Literally exhausted. Got soaked in the rain cleaning the tables and now the entire schedule is delayed. Annoyed because I didn`t expect that many discrepancies in measurements and many changes of plans. Now we have to go to studio for another full day of work. Frustrated with the portofolio deadline LOLFACE 7. CRAZY day with too much chocolate and wood chippings. Drained. Back to folio then. Lovely team at the studio though. Great job everyone that participated and stayed until the very end !:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D

1. Got to Jims workshop for 09:30am jumped straight onto the table sander, spent a couple of hours on there sanding the edges of the slats to the marks drew the night before. Just before lunch went with sam to get hold of some drills from chatham to screw slats up. Issues regarding other groups lending drills and not returning. Chased down culprits and got them to return drills so that we were allowed to lend one (very bad decision to forget my drill from home). Went over to workshop, now lunchtime, decided to go home for my drill to get things done faster when slats arrive. Went home, so much traffic and the weather was terrible, got back to the group having just cleaned all the remnants of paint, varnish etc due to H & S getting involved with groups using hazardous materials in the workshop. Found out the new slats which were cut out still didn't fit, worked around it cutting, sanding, making slats fit. Got first pavilion close to being finished slat wise, left studio when it closed at 7pm. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1..Started the day at 9 in chatham and then took the slats to jim`s workshop to start sanding them at an angle.Spent the entire morning working there and after went to studio to start the actual construction. We were interrupted because we suddenly had to clean the area in which we worked for the past two days together with some guys from the serpent`s cavern. Finally finished, resumed work with the pavilion. So time consuming readjusting, holding slats so that ali could make the holes, drill, measure and then readjust and all that. Awful! Did that until 7 when the shed got closed. Going to return tomorrow to finish, hopefully. 2.organizational skills, social, work under pressure. 3. 4. Even after we redid all the slats some of them still didn't fit. 5.Better all around time management. 6. 7.Very tired and cold :D, we worked all day but have so much more to do, it will be a long weekend.

1.Been to the studio, varnished the benches and started the construction +photos, videos. 2. 3. 4. Had to varnish the pieces outside and it was raining but we managed. 5. 6. Productive day, as usual. 7. Can't wait for the pavilion to be built!

Day Nine 09/11/12 1. Arrived at 10:00, walked round to find the group and couldnt find anyone. Went to jims workshop and then proceeded to sand the newly cut slats, draw out the new slats to be cut, organise the slats into numbered piles and communicate with the rest of the group in studio. Went to studio after all the slats had finally been cut out and started to construct the middle arch. Faced problems when the arches didn't fit and we didnt have enough drills to use. Then had to manically clean up all the varnish in the other room and got very wet cleaning tables outside in the rain. This posed more problems for the project as it then meant we had an hour less to screw in the arches untill studio closed. Then I had to take another trip to B&Q (third time this week) and I ended up driving all round Manchester before I got there and was panicking thinking it closed in 10 minutes but it turned out it stayed open till 9. Arrived home at 8:30 and collapsed. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Still filling in the journal and editing information. Trying to get all the people to do their entrances. Editing previous design so as to make it more appealing. 2. Photoshop, InDesign, organisation skills. 3. Design can never be complete and there's always something you can improve. 4. Not feeling good to make people do their entrances, feeling like a bully. Because of one person had to change the design layout. 5. Be more strict to other people, not to take their word for a real thing. 6. The work seams to go well, however, emotionally exhausted. Stress caused by the portfolio is just enormous. 7. -

1. Filling the journal, preparing new changed design, taking pictures, writing summaries, keep pushing people to write their overview of the day, editing photos, making changes on previous pages. 2. Organisation skills, Photoshop, InDesign, group work, social media, hand drawing. 3. Learned more InDesign and Photoshop functions. 4. Having problems with my computer, the files are too big and it slows my computer; some members of the group are missing and I can't make them to write for the journal. 5. I will try to be more patient group members and will always be polite as it makes mirracles. 6. I'm stressed as every day because of so much work I have to do. 7. It is very good to work in a big group because other people can teach me many new things.

1. 10 - 10 30 came in couldnt find anyone evemtually found them in jims s=workshops. 2. 1030 - 12 in jims we had to cut slats and sand them, whilst i appreciate the work i believe it was unnessecary because we should have used the slats that fitted first rather than cutting a whole new set out, i made this clear but they thought it would be best to have extras in case, i also thought sanding to the degree we did was pointless as varnish makes it smooth and it was just wasting time. 12 - 4 30 adding new slats to arches me and matt stockton had an effort securing a drill as serpents cavern were using them even though they said theyd return them at 9 in the morning, halfway through we had to clean the tables in the rain i stayed outside the whole time and got drenched whilst other people stood around chatting and being useless. carried on adding slats using old and new ones 430 - 6 tea time. 6 - 8 went to bnq to pick up another drill and more supplies absoutely knackered, stressed and worried because these 12 hour days are killing me and when i get home i have to do my portfolio because im not getting any other time to do it but i cant because im physically and mentally drained so i just sit in front of the computer screen like im dead. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

Day Nine 09/11/12 1. Went to Jim's worshop, planned to help for the construction, but Ali asked me to help with the construction drawing. Then go home to take my laptop and head back to studio. Ben gave me a further instruction and i' m clear what I am doing. The whole team was procrastinated a bit due to the clean up of the studio space requested by Studio secretary. Afterwards, work was continued. I went back home as my desktop work faster and finished the cad drawing by 11pm. 2. Autocad, problem solving. 3. Improved modeling on CAD. 4. 5. 6. Can keep concentrated for the whole day, not bad, just hope everything can be done as soon as possible. 7. -

1. Finished off sanding the angles for the slats. Helping in drilling and fixing the slats on the arches. 2. 3. should be distributed more evenly among members so more work can be done in a short period. 5. 6.will be another long, long day tomorrow .

1.Went to the studio at 10:30 and varnished the remaining chairs; took photos of the slats being tested whether they fit or not between the arches. 2. 3. 4. As we were varnishing the seats outside the shed, it started raining and we were afraid that the appearance of the seats will be damaged, as the varnish was not dried. Fortunately, we managed to finish before any damage could happen. 4. 5. 6. The construction has been delayed again, as we still need to work on the angles of the slats, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; s getting harder and harder to focus as the deadlines approach, but hopefully tomorrow we will manage to finish everything. 7. -

Summary 09/11/12 Today was a bit different as we had to consider that Jim`s workshop in UoM had a maximum number of people working at the same time and we split into teams: some in JD Shed and others in UoM. Sanded the slats that we cut the previous day at an angle and then joined the other team that finished varnishing the chair. Now time for the actual battle, putting everything together. Reconnecting with our inner warrior spirit, we faced each difficulty and succeeded. Sanded, cut, drilled, had a lot of chocolate and in the end we had it perfect. Great work, UnderTheCanopy! Looking forward to seeing the rest of 2 arches finished.

Weekend 10/11/12 - 11/11/12 A sunny Saturday morning found us in studio, again, as construction process cannot take breaks for weekends. We carried on with the work from yesterday and then everything magically fit into place. The pavilion that we used to see only in renders or sketches was now erected and stood beautiful in sunlight. The fragmented views ( even of the parking lot) were appealling and `satisfaction` was the word of the day. Sunday was a day of fixing the arches that ensure the stability of the pavilion and finish the benches. Lots of drilling, bolting happened, with minor contradictions of which method was best to use. As the main construction team Ali, Ben, Matt and Sam are very well prepared if was only normal to pitch in ideas of how to continue the process in a manner that was more time efficient. The rest of us that were present sanded the last pieces and finished varnishing to secure the waterproof character.

Day ten 12/11/12 1. Designed merchandise stuff for our group, stuff like postcards, posters, brochures and a prototype model of a mini under the canopy set (for visitors to understand the tessellation concept) Bought a set of thick glossy A2 papers for printing the postcards, unfortunately the printers in chatham could not print with those set of paper.... only the posters and brochure were printed out. 2. Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop 3. 4. Cannot print postcards! 5. Should plan stuff earlier and test the printers 6. Tomorrow is the big day! Feeling excited. 7. -

1. Slept in late (my bad), got hit by a car on the way in but still managed to hobble to studio for around 11, Got on with bolting all the arches together and encountered a few problems such as bolts not setting it place correctly and arches bowing (solved with screwing into the layer beneath it), eventually got all 3 arches to have 4 layers on either side, went and helped in Jims workshop with Ali with the last two chairs and then carried them to JD Studio, Varnished the bases of the arches, Varnished everything with one final coat and left them to dry off for the night. Done. 2. Physical, Mental 3. Nothing ever goes to plan, however much you try to think of everything, there is always something that goes wrong. 4. The arches bowing 5. Make more holes closer to each other to prevent bowing 6. Really happy to see the pavilion up and finished. 7. Very tired. Very happy.

1. Moved the bench pieces to the workshop for assembly. Went back to studio helped with the bolting of the arches. Applied adhesive to where there were gaps between arches due to insufficient bolts and clamped for it to harden. 2. 3. 4. Moving around the confined area was caused some inconvenience but we got around that problem. Some of the drill bits ended up being lost under the floor as the workspace was not the most suitable choice but we were limited to it for several reasons. 5. 6. Excited as tomorrow is the build day. 7. -

1.Varnishing pavilions. 2. Painting 3.4. 5. 6. Good work done, all of my hands and clothes are sticky from the varnish, feeling relieved after finishing the last day of work for the project. 7. -

Day ten 12/11/12 1. Arrived at studio at 8:30, had to wait for everyone else then headed to jims workshop to construct the chairs, Ali, Nick, Polis & Khor stayed to make the chairs whilst I headed to studio to bolt the arches together. Headed home at 1:00. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -

1. Trying to fill in the gaps, asking people to do it as soon as possible, editing previous information. 2. InDesign, organisational skills. 3. Only in the end you can tell who is actually comitted to the project and to the group. 4. Most of the people are doing their portfolios instead of construction. Thus, they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; t do their entrances giving me and Brigita even more pressure. 5. Organise time better. 6. All the time working on the journal or on the portfolio. Sleeping one hour per day. 7. I hope to survive.

1. Working with the journal, filling as many gaps as I could, editing photos, updating information in the journal. 2. InDesign, Photoshop, AutoCAD, individual work. 3. Found many new thing in the programs that was used today. 4. The majority of the group stoped filling the journal and I can't contact them properly because everyone is very busy.. Also there is too much presure because of the portfolio wich has to be finished in few days. Too much work! 5. I will try to sleep less.. 6. The whole day was incredibly busy and tense. 7. Can't get out of the library.

1. 8:30 - 1 2. First headed of to Jims to fix the problems with the seating (the blocks of wood we used as brackets were plywood and werent strong enough we replaced with teak, a hardwood that is structually sound) . 3. Then attached the other layers of plywood arches to the primary structure and bolted in place, tightening with a spanner - we had difficulties in that the arches started to bow out and had to be screwed in place as well as being glued. 4. Ready to get it over with tomorrow portfolio deadline looming... 5. 6. 7. -

Day ten 12/11/12 1.Cut, drill and countersink the bracket for the seatings.Fixing all the chairs up and glue it tight. 2. 3. 4.Working in real life will have lots of human errors and cannot be perfect as in autocad. 5.Adaptation needed for the changes that happen 6.Good luck to all who is constructing on site tomorrow. 7. -

Summary 12/11/12 The last day of construction arrived. Nervously we stepped into the workshop with a single goal: finishing! The construction team finished the benches, that look beautiful. The new design fits perfectly and now we saw that extra thinking about them was time well spent. All worth it. Time for final touches; a bit of sanding here and there, bolts that needed some more tightening and last coats of varnish were applied. 17:07: The most amazing feeling of accomplishment took over us. `Under The Canopy`is good to go!

Final day 13/11/12 Seeing the pavilion complete and on site makes the last two months of late nights and long days completely worth it! 'Under the Canopy', a sustainable pavilion designed and built for the National Trust.

Final day 13/11/12

Portfolio 2.2 White Water  
Portfolio 2.2 White Water  

Manchester School of Architecture Year 2 Project 2.2 Cristina Manta