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Group renovation Federio Mayo Neverdeland London Professional projects


Battalion Court - London

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60 B AY PO INT RO AD House - New Hmpshire INFLUENSTER O f f ic e - New York

06 07

ARENÓ S Pharm ac y - Valencia CUENCA Pharm ac y - Valencia Competitions


Voic e of Hac kney - London



G R OUP REN O VAT I O N F ED ER I CO MAYO Final project 2014-2015


The objective of the project was to reform the housing estate built by architect Javier Goerlich Lleó in 1947. The housing estate is situated in the Ayora neighbourhood in Valencia city. We had to build lifts to access the housing estate, design a new nursery to replace the existing one and provide the community with all the activities/facilities that we considered necessary. The primary objective was the development of a flexible social space that would ensure that the citizens feel at home and that they could use the space for mutual learning. In the interior space of the housing estate, I designed several different areas, which, in order to make this space multi use and connected would house distinct activities. The nursery would form part of this section of area and activities and wouldn’t be separate, yet part of the ensemble and would have more purposes than just those of the education centre. Putting lifts into place also allows for the free use of the rooftop, an area which was previously unused, therefore I introduced certain important elements, both of which would bring revenue to the community. The first was an urban orchard, given that sustainability was an extremely important element of the project and I wanted it to play a vital role. The second was the construction of prefabricated modules, which would be designed as small satellite rooms for rent. The housing would also undergo small changes, not so much with regards to distribution but rather flexibility. I wanted to increase the possibility and introduce free mobility of certain partitions, all of which would use recyclable and new technological materials.

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Detail of metallic walkways and cantilevered volumes

Planta primera manzana 1/200

Planta baja manzana 1/200

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Alzado Norte 1/200

Secciรณn longitudinal_fachada Sur 1/200

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FINAL DESIGN Final model_mockups

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Huertos urbanos

Flat roof

Nursery design


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NEVER LAN D LO N D O N London project 2014-2015

volumetric Hierarchy

auxiliar access main access therapy access

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The project is located in London, in the Brixton neighbourhood. The objective of the project was the remodelling of a day-care centre for children at risk of exclusion. A place where both the children and on occasion the families could not only come to do their homework under the supervision of the tutors but could also do sporting, relaxation and group therapy activities. The centre would cater for children from two to twenty years old. The project was a big challenge and a learning curve given that all the design work was carried out in the same centred that was being renovated. The idea was to maintain the same structure of a double slatted roof belonging to the principal nave. From this point on, the shape would be enlarged to three naves, making up the core structure of the series of areas and would house the distinct activities. Therefore, the exterior would have clear tone and certain rigidity, but its interior would be totally open and flexible. The principal nave would allow for the geometry of the space in two directions and this would act as a support for the design and the distribution of all the interior space.


FLUIDITYLl eovwe l Level 0

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First level

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Section D-D´

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BATTA LI O N C O U RT Shep he ard Eps t ain H u nt er Project 2017-2019




BAY PO I N T RO AD H O U S E Sca la r Archit ect u re N ew York Project 2016-2017

Situated on a peninsula on Ossipee Lake, New Hampshire, the lakeside cottage addresses a wide range of parameters, including climate, passive energy performance, accessibility and privacy for multigenerational living, and an openness towards the spectacular wooded surroundings and views. Using a process of adaptive computational design, Scalar developed an elemental prism that maximizes interior volume while affording a high passive environmental efficiency. The folded roof simultaneously negotiates the southern exposure, the northern views, and the summer westerly winds. As a gesture to the multigenerational family program, a second prism evolved from the first one, providing a “tree house� for the young adults occupying the top level, and the ground floor given over to the grandparents’ quarters.


I NFLUES N T ER O ffi ce Sca la r Archit ect u re N ew York Project 2016-2017

A 10,700-square-foot office located in west village at 435 Hudson street.The client, Influenster, is a medium social mediacompany with a very strong style. We realized that we need to create a unique and functional office space to match. We created an office with a lot of inspirational spaces, full of bright colors with a ‘storytelling’ theme running throughout . We wanted to design each office with its own style, as if each one of them had been created to inspire a task development.


A R EN Ó S P HA R MAC Y I N T ER NS HI P . A rchi tectuARENÓS P H ARMAC Y re S r u d io . Va le nci a


d’Estud i o Archi t ect s VaP r o j e c t 2 0lencia. 16 Project 2016

renovationlocated of a pharmacy located in Almassora, ovation Entire of a pharmacy in Almassora, Valencia. The Pharmacy stands out for its singularity in its The Pharmacy stands out for its singularity in its residential surroundings and small businesses. l surroundings and small businesses. The main idea of the project was taken from the Aqua

idea of the project was of taken from the Aqua of the tower Tower in Chicago which the slenderness Chicago of which the slenderness of the towerelements. The is fragmented by a series of horizontal is horizontal constructed elements. in the same way lengthwise nted by pharmacy a series of The however in is divided by vertical elements. The L shaped is constructed the same way lengthwise thatelements. are used The to display the products also is dividedstructures by vertical L shaped create form, which is continuous s that are useda sinuous to display the products also throughout the corridor. inuous form, which is continuous throughout or.

The pureness of the white is combined with the wood to create better quality spaces. The glass divides the ness of the white is combined with and the permeability, wood spaces giving them lightness as well better quality spaces. The appear glass divides theseem like one. as making the spaces bigger and ving them permeability, well design for the Welightness wanted toand create a unique andas special client, to make it different from theone. rest of the establithe spaces appear bigger and seem like shments along with addingdesign value to d to create a unique and special forboth the the pharmacy and the neighbourhood. make it different from the rest of the establi-

along with adding value to both the pharmacy eighbourhood.

08 07

CUENC A P H ARMAC Y I NTER N S I P . Archi ud’Estud ioH Archi t ecttsect Vare Srudio . Valencia lencia. Project 2016

Entire renovation of a pharmacy located in the centre of Valencia. The project was designed to allow construction in phases meaning that the normal functionality of the Pharmacy would not be affected. The main objective was the increase in the number of sales, therefore a market study had to be done and a new focus on marketing was emphasised. From the start, the project was considered to be innovative, deviating from the established norms and the preconceived idea of the space. However, we wanted to reflect the pharmacist’s personality and the current architectural design. The façade is one of the main elements that draws the publics’ attention. The white facing contrasts with the building’s brickwork and the black window frames draw attention to the shop window displays. The project is materialized following the same line of construction that is based on allowing as much light as possible to enter, spatial quality and clearly marked shapes. All of the previously mentioned is achieved by means of glass closures, marble pavements and wood and Corian displays. Similarly to the rest of furniture everything was exclusively designed for this pharmacy, reinforcing the philosophy of the study that states that each individual pharmacy should be a unique space and different from the rest.


VOI CE O F H AC K N EY COMPETI T I O N Shep he ard Epst ain H u nt er Project 2017

Hackney is a diverse and vibrant community which is rapidly changing due to regeneration and a wealth of new small enterprises. VOICE OF HACKNEY is envisaged to be a billboard and community space where local community can broadcast their views, comments and ideas about the place where they live or work. Utilising the interactive technologies that had become integral to contemporary built environment, the three fixed screens are used to display images which can be seen both from the towpath or on board. The movable ‘crates’ surrounding the screens slide into various configurations to create internal spaces where events and meetings can be held, transforming the barge into a flexible pocket public space within this urban setting

How will you

use Ouse?....

Fixed box with polycarbonate cladding

Movable box with cork sheet cladding

Movable box with cork strip cladding


Timber frame box structure with metal connection joints and runners at base Translucent stretched fabric

Interactive LED screens

Retractable seating with cork sheet cladding.

Rail tracks fixed to boat edge to allow boxes to slide.




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