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Weird Cat And Dog Behaviours – What Are They Thinking? We love our pets. More so, we consider them part of the family. Sure there are times when they make you go crazy. But who can ever resist those puppy-dog eyes and I’m-sorry-cat eyes? Our pets never fail to entertain us with weird and funny stunts. Are there any explanations for these behaviours? # Why do cats hate bath time? Cats hate two things, surprises and water. Unfortunately, bath time has both. Cats hate being sprayed, dunked or soaked in water. (There’s an exception for regions with hot and dry climate.) Moreover, a cat’s fur is not designed to be drenched. The top layer of their coat is water-resistant to a degree. Some studies show that they don’t like the smell of water chemicals. # Why do cats bring you their kill? Believe it or not, cats love to give gifts to their owners. These gifts may come in forms of dead or dying mice but purely a gift nevertheless. They think of it as payment for their cat food. It’s one of their natural feline behaviour. # Why do dogs sniff before they pee? Dogs have stronger scent receptors than humans. When dogs sniff around before eliminating, it’s either their marking their territory or he’s researching about other dogs. Surprisingly, the smell of another dog’s urine will tell everything about that dog – if it’s male or female, if it’s a potential pair, if the dog is healthy etc. # Why do cats love strings? A cat’s vision is keyed to motion. Something that twists, turns and lengthy can always get their attention. Strings are the best form of play for cats. By chasing strings, cats can bring out their natural predatory instinct. Think of it as a form of exercise that alleviates their boredom. (Yes, pets get bored too.) # Why do dogs chase their tails? Watching your dog go around in circles chasing his tail may seem funny to you. Truth is it’s one of the signs that he is bored and is not getting enough play time. Don’t wait for it to become an obsessive compulsive disorder. What your dog needs is physical activity. Taking him for a walk and playing fetch is his cloud nine. # Why do dogs eat paint off the wall? Dogs also suffer from separation anxiety which will result to developing unusual habits. One example is eating non-food items, a condition called pica. Strange as it sounds, Painter Perth Decorators explains that some of their clients choose water based paints due to this reason. Take your dog out more as this will stop the pica fixation.

# Why do cats know when its meal time? When you follow a schedule in feeding your cat, they store the information on their internal body clock. This means that they can sense general time of the day. Plus cats are good creatures of habit. Act like you forgot and they’ll even be the ones to remind you that it’s their chow time. # Why do cats love to claw furniture? Cats love clawing your household furnishings to feel good and not to piss you off. It’s one of their exercise routines to stretch their muscles and keep their claws in top shape. Perth Painter Decorators suggest purchasing at least one sturdy scratching post that won’t wobble when cats apply pressure.

Weird cat and dog behaviours what are they thinking  

Perth Painter Decorators suggest purchasing at least one sturdy scratching post that won’t wobble when cats apply pressure.

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