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Difficulty in using combination lock -intricate task

Cristie Blandford- Man & Humanity Masters; Displaced People 2009

Start: Tied Up Experience/ Displaced Disabiltity

Clapping Muted Researched Clapping/why people clap

Similar experience in rain

Frustration for people who suffer strokes who lose ability to express approval

Reason for using a combination lockits self contained- no potential to lose the key Is remembering numbers difficult for some people?

Create a formula/ something for people to be able to apply numbers more easily?

Take away the numbers?- Use reference behind - story?/other combinations?



The chosen code - how is it remembered? How do people remember/ learn to remember numbers?

-Codes are generally chosen in reference to something birthdays, other dates (4 digit norm) -mnemonics- used sometimes with a story to teach children numbers For ME the code I chose is the same number of my dad’s house alarm. 2 reasons- 1 so I don't forget the alarm code whilst away but also so if I cant remember it I can ask my dad the code- shared knowledge

numbers dont mean anything- we give them associated meanings. What numbers do I know?/associations- Listed Weight fluctuates/ height stays the same

Height (cm)

Weight Unknown



I have been told im healthy- so not a concern UK uses imperial/ metric so there is a confusion

Weight (kg)



190 180


Number informs of health


170 160 150






80 70


I decided to then look at situations where number meaning can be reinterpreted. BMI Calculates weight/height to categories- under-weight/ normal/ over-weight/ obese Flaws with BMI- muscle weight not factored in/ developed with European build. Sports people measure obese

Prototype- Mechanical scales adapted to read BMI information Results; eagerness to try but hesitant to be judged in such a black + white way

Building into the product associated meaning.

What does the prototype about/ what does it mean to me?

Interpreting Information- the number is not necessary. The reason to weigh yourself is not to learn a new number it is to be able to judge/ compare yourself to ideals

'interpreting information' height measure. Removed of all numbers- instead it reads countries averages... tells you that you're the average height in eg. Taiwan. = associated information - it is a point of human interest to know where one stands amongst things. So in relation to being displacedit places you.

03/11/2009 Note; Wood is the primary material used in the prototypes as it has an honestly about it. None clinical. More human and natural Similarly the concepts are mechanical not digital they generally receive more trust by the user. More satisfying interaction.

Interpreting Informationthe need for numbers?


Displaced disability  

project process

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