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Laptop power cable

Phone charger Camera battery charger


2-3hrs (but generally used with power connection)

2hrs 1-2hrs


Use of the adapter. (Switching products)

The process of charging a phone (Ignoring plugging the phone into the charger)

Aline the 3 pins (UK plug) into the adapter plug recesses

Push the UK plug into the UK-Europe adapter

Push the UK plug together with the adapter into multi-socket or wall socket.

After the phone has charged UK plug together with the adapter is removed from the socket

To use with an alternate product; the adapter is then pulled away from the UK plug.

The adapter is securely pushed onto the plug of the new product after alinement

The adapter together with the plug is again pushed back into the multisocket where it was removed from

After charging the plug and adapter are pulled together from the socket and pulled apart

This step is the most difficult and time consuming. Consists of riggling the plug pins whilst pulling apart

The plug is removed and the adapter is ready for its next application. (No storage location between charges)

Steps After mobile has charged switching to charge camera battery

Most difficult step







Considerations User groups with weaker grips Use of one hand Cutting down steps Storage between use

Incompatibilities UK plug in The Netherlands

Some European sockets have sprung metal elements to secure a standard european plug. However the way that the UK plug fits in to the UK-Europe adapter means that these features within multi-sockets prevent use of the adapter and supplying power to the product

How the central pin of a UK plug fits into the UK-Europe power adapter

International Power Adapter Cristie Blandford Man & Humanity Masters Mentor: Reny/ Joop Workshop: Being a Humanitarian Designer

Adapter finals  

Adapter issues presentation

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