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Cristie Blandford Man & Humanity (2009)

36 million people were driven from their homes by rapid-onset natural disasters in 2008. Reuters (2009) Natural disasters displacing millions: U.N. study,, last accessed 28/09/2009

Hillsborough Sheffield UK (2007)

The average person in the UK will move home 16 times over the course of their life Insure and Go (2009) Average person moves 16 times over lifetime- according to Ideal Home Show, ime_11028.html, last accessed 28/9/09



Shepshed UK (2007)

Loughborough UK (2007)

David (2008)

relationship breakdown, domestic violence, leaving home or care, leaving institutions (hospital, armed forces, prison), the death of a spouse or partner, getting into debt Homeless Link (2009) Causes of homelessness, accessed 28/9/09

excessive drinking is becoming an increasingly common marriage problem with the bad habit often leading to physical abuse Ross, T (unknown) Alcohol Abuse is a bad habit which is hard to break, html , 29/9/09

Almost 1/3 of the custody records sampled indicated that alcohol was a factor in the arrest. Home Office (2002) Dealing with alcohol-related detainees in the custody suite,, 29/9/09

Home Office figures showed that for every 100,000 people, some 139 are imprisoned BBC News (2004) Prison numbers reach record high, 29/9/09

Displaced People Man & Humanity 2009 Cristie Blandford Mdes Humanitarian Design and Sustainable Living

Displacement Overview  

My personal thoughts on the trimester theme Displaced People

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