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TASK 1: CREATING A BLOG AND INTRODUCING OURSELVES. Students Duration School Year Catalan and Swedish Students October 2009 2009-10 Subjects English Spanish Didactic Objectives - Create a blog as an eportfolio of the school year. - Introduce themselves oral and written. - Use new technologies: blogs and voicethread to communication with other students.

Teachers involved Cristina Arnau, Inès Boix, Oscar Davila, Gunilla Källberg.

Title and justification of the unit Creating our blog and introducing ourselves. Basic competences C1.Linguistic communicative competence. C3. Knowledge of and interaction with the physical world. C4. Competence in information and communication technologies. C5. Social and civil competence. C7. The competence of learning to learn. C8. The competence of personal autonomy and initiative.

Assessment criteria -Produce and understand oral and written introductions. -Create blogs and use voicethread. -Communicate with other people from Sweden and learn about their Catalan friends too.

Activities Session 1.1.- Let’s write a composition about ourselves!!! Your composition should have three paragraphs: personal information, daily life and likes-dislikes. Then your teacher will correct it and she will give it back. (120-150 words). Once you have your composition again. Session 1.2.- Let’s create our blog. Here you will find a mini-tutorial on how to create your blog. Session 1.3.- Giving voice to our photos about personal information, daily life and hobbies (likes-dislikes) You need to choose 3 photos minimum to explain your composition. You can choose one photo for the personal information and then record your voice reading your personal information or improvising a little bit. Next, you choose another photo to talk about daily life and another photo to talk about your hobbies.

Didactic unit - task 1  

This is the didactic unit of task 1

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