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After the play

Exercises before the play:

You have to prepare a short description of the main characters:

Translate these sentences into Catalan: No point talking to me I live in a detached house I have to pass this year, it’s a dare I wondered what you were saying You are making it up! Give her a chance! I am not allowed to go out I think you haven’t got the proper doctor. She looks casual You are a bunch of mugs She is shocked and speechless It’s a shame She is pretending to have diabetes You are really getting on my nerves I was angry and upset I was trying to lighten the mood I am in mourning for my grandpa If I had a lot of money I wouldn’t be hanging around in the park The player nudged him I knew that I had let you down by hiding from the other children You are kind and you seem to understand me I think you are a weird girl She has done you no harm Don’t be gross The chocolate has melted If I call you freak, I say you are ..

-. Amelia:

-. Danny:

-. Penny:

- Brains:

-. Johnny: -. Cherie: . What is the play about? Can you write a little about it?

What’s your favourite character? Why?

Have you ever lived a situation like this? Explain it.

Do you know anyone at Penny’s situation? What do you do, then?

Read the play and write notes to help you to understand it. Use a dictionary, if necessary.


Information of the theatre

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