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All people before going to mark a school make a breakfast to have energy. In MĂŠxico city, generally all people go to work at 6:00 o'clock in the morning, after work they go home and have dinner in the afternoon. At rush people go to bed after a long school day or work.

Dear francisco I would like an apartment to rent in your hotel. I´d like to know if there is internet in the room and television. In your hotel is there spanish food? Finally i'd like to know the price for a day. Because we will be on vacations.

Thanks cristian

FILM & TELEVISION I recommend “telehit” It’s a channel to watch musical, series, videos and funny programs. It’s on channel 704 at 8pm every night. The funny program is call it “the show the oscar burgos” it’s about a crazy character who makes jokes. The series is very interesting and very complete. I recommend it because it is very funny and entertaining.

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