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A LETTER TO OUR READERS Over the past almost two years of existence, THC Magazine has tried to provide you, our readers, with all of the news that seemed pertinent to the cannabis industry here in Colorado. We have done it (in my opinion) in a mature, responsible manner. With such a turbulent, ever changing industry, we have never had a shortage of news to report. Never in all of this time did I think that we would have to include ourselves in our own editorial. As a magazine I feel it is our job to report on the news, not be a part of it. Nevertheless here we are, right in the middle of a story that could have the potential to create a widespread shift in how cannabis media is treated by the government (see Reefer Media on page 40 for the full story). If the Colorado legislators get their way, all cannabis focused magazines will be treated the same as pornography. Some people I have talked to have asked me what the big deal is with this. Well for starters, we feel this is a violation of our 1st Amendment rights and freedom of the press. If we let them get away with this then I feel we are now a part of the problem. The whole “slippery slope” argument has been overused when it comes to a lot of issues in the public’s purview, but at the risk of sounding cliche, giving up even a modicum of our rights as a press medium is a slippery slope. If we just rollover and except this censorship of cannabis magazines in Colorado then other states may follow suit. With almost 100 years of misinformation to combat, the most effective ammunition we have in the cannabis movement has always been education. Now they want to limit how accessible that education is for the average American. If you only allow us to be distributed in dispensaries then we are only, for all intensive purposes, preaching to the choir. Our goal has not only been to reach out to those that are already pro-legalization, but also to those that are on the fence or opponents of the movement. With a mature presentation of the benefits of cannabis, be they medical or industrial, we aim to enlighten and re-educate as many people as we can so they can better understand why we are all so passionate about this amazing plant. So here we are picking a fight with government. I guess it is only fitting that we get in the fray. Up to this point the fight has been left to the countless business owners and activists out there who have been on the front lines with targets on there backs. While we didn’t ask to be part of the story, we are not going to back down. We will speak out and shout it from the top of Pike’s Peak if we have to because that is our Constitutional right and we aren’t giving that up.

Unfortunate Retraction: In the last issue we stated that Jared Polis is a Senator, when in fact, he is a Colorado Congressman.

David Maddalena Editor-in-Chief 4 June/July

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” -Thomas Jefferson

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Jake Browne is a Denver-based freelance writer who has penned

Caroline Hayes

pieces for numerous medical marijuana publications and is a current contributor to The Village Voice’s marijuana site, Toke of the Town. He’s also a regular at many comedy stages around the city, is a co-founder of the Whiskey & Cigarettes podcast, and is working on his first satirical novel on stand up comedy, scheduled for release in 2014. Josh Davis is a professional actor, singer and voice-over artist. He has appeared in: Law and Order, One Life to Live, As the World Turns, Les Miserables  and produced and acted in the feature film  The Graduates. He first learned about hemp when he was given the book The  Emperor Wears No Clothes and became a hemp enthusiast ever since. He lives in New York City.

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also works in the financial industry in New York City. She has a BA in Musical Theatre Performance from Weber State University in Ogden, UT. Erin is an actress who has appeared in film, television, commercials, plays, and print, most recently for Oprah magazine. She is an avid hiker.

Caroline Hayes graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a focus in Magazine Design and Writing. She moved to Colorado after college to pursue a career and enjoy the scenery. Caroline started as a freelance writer for The Hemp Connoisseur and has furthered her position there as Director of Editorial and as a page layout designer. Jason Lauve is an author of the Colorado Hemp Remediation Pilot Program Act, a leading Medical Cannabis patient advocate and International speaker. In August 2009, Jason beat felony possession charges and got his 2 pounds 2 ounces of Cannabis back. He has a background in urban planning, environmental design, computers, and architecture. Jason has worked in a wide range of fields from children's stories and internet radio to scientific visualization, education, forensics and simulation animation, including companies like Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Nintendo, NREL, PAX, Starz Encore, and Viacom. He lives in Colorado and has a 12 year old son. Rick Macey is an award-winning newspaper, magazine writer and television producer. Since 2000, Macey TV has won several broadcasting awards for sports, live music, talk shows, and alternative lifestyles programs. Macey TV contributed to A NORML Life a Los Angeles PBS Emmy award-winning documentary on medical marijuana in CA. CannabisTube - the world’s first broadcast quality TV marijuana website - is one of Rick’s recent projects.

Monocle Man is a responsible, educated MMJ patient who enjoys

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the thrills of the cannabis industry. He takes all factors into thorough consideration and approaches each review with an open and objective mind. His knack for the trade assists him in creating valid reviews.


Liz Mund is a freelance writer living and working in Denver, CO.

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Initially commissioned for a small piece in the second issue of The Hemp Connoisseur; Liz has stayed on as a contributing writer, and her enthusiasm for the hemp industry continues to grow with each assignment. Her style is playful and poignant, hoping to connect with readers on a personal level. Liz has been published in various trade magazines and art journals and is currently working on publishing a fiction novel.

Susan Squibb is Lady Cannabis who is a perfect lady. Ms. Susan Squibb, the Cannabis Maven, on the other hand, enjoys cavorting. Ms. Squibb is an innovative cannabis product developer and produces events including the annual Mother’s High Tea. Ms. Squibb is a graduate of University of Colorado-Boulder where she majored in Anthropology. Chris Tucker is a contributor for the LocalMC as a member of their review board. He does content writing/copywriting for various websites and his first novel, an action/adventure novel, is due out within the next few months.

6 June/July


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A Letter to Our Readers


The Green Scene


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“It’s Just a Plant,” hemp products for your baby, local events, Wolff Pack

Hemp goods for your summer and your home


Dear Lady Cannabis





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Eat Your Meds...Carefully!


Amendment 64 Revisited


Phytoremediation Cleans Up


20ish Questions


Decriminalized Drugs


Denver Dispensary Guide


Colorado Springs Guide





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You have questions, she has answers World renowned tree shapers

Tasty Meds

Reviews of some of Colorado’s best edibles and smokeables

Hemp Eats

A decadent dessert, a savory smoothie and a superfood dip

MMJ and Taxes

A breakdown of 280E

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Cannabis Camera Kim Sidwell takes on a new interface

One of the Good Guys

Why the DA of Boulder isn’t focusing on marijuana


Dr. Hippie


Reefer Media

Dr. Bob Melamede breaks it down

How First Amendment rights are being shafted

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Why red cards are still important Botanacare explains eating vs. smoking What does it really mean and when does it take effect? Hemp works wonders for toxic sites

An interview with David Bronner Portugal’s example to the world

Dispensary Guide DENVER

62 The Clinic 63 Fox Street Wellness 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 65 Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Clinic 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 67 River Rock 68 Southwest Alternative Care 69 Standing Akimbo

COLORADO SPRINGS/MOUNTAINS 72 Amendment 20 71 FRAM 73 Nature’s Own Wellness Center 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 9

The GREEN Scene How Will You Talk To Your Kids About Cannabis?

Local Events

4th Annual Hemp History Week June 3-9th Join advocates around the nation in celebrating hemp: Our Heritage, Our Future. (

Metro Denver Farmer’s Markets Denver Weekend markets opened May 4th Weekday markets open June 12th. Buy fresh produce and support local farmers. Check listings for one in your neighborhood. (

Hanuman Boulder, CO June 13-16

How do you talk to your kids about cannabis? You read them “It’s Just a Plant!” By now, everyone is aware of marijuana’s legal status in Colorado as well as the gaining popularity in other states. Chances are your child is going to be aware sooner than you may like so why not be prepared for “the talk”? “It’s Just a Plant” is the story of a child who walks in on her parents smoking a joint after she’s put to bed (a very likely situation). Naturally, she has questions about what her parents are doing. Her mother delicately and informatively answers her questions in this fun story.

Hanuman Festival is a communityoriented yoga and music festival set at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. (

710 Cup Denver, CO July 12-14 Seminars, live music, medicating areas, glassblowing, speakers, giveaways, vendors and much more. Various ticketing packages available.


Author Ricardo Cortés explains “Marijuana is around kids! Some children are trying it by ten years old and awareness of the plant can begin even earlier (through pop culture or by simply opening a parent’s drawer). Other families have been affected by the incarceration of a parent for using the plant, leaving kids with a ferociously skewed view of its legal, moral, and health-related issues. We think there is a way to educate children about drugs by satisfying their curiosity but without piquing a desire to try them.” He is right. This is just as important a subject as sex or any other taboo subject. It shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. Sooner or later, a child is going to learn about cannabis and have questions. If you are struggling with how to talk to your child about medicating with cannabis, pick up a copy of “It’s Just a Plant” for a lighthearted explanation. It might be the perfect segway into your cannabis conversation with a child. See Ricardo’s other works at or follow him @Rmcortes

Bong-a-Thon South Park, CO August 2-3 Camping, 420-friendly games and events, live bands, complimentary beer. 21 and older only!


The Clinic’s 4th Annual Charity Classic Golf Tournament City Park Golf Course Denver, CO August 4th All proceeds benefit the national MS society. Contests, food, prizes and drinks. Register online or at any Clinic location.


To purchase this book, visit or

12 June/July

Babies Like Hemp Too They deserve nothing but the best!

One of BabyKick’s premiere hemp-based products is the Fitted Cloth Diaper. The organic fitted diaper is designed to be the only diaper needed from birth through potty training. Made of luxurious 33% certified organic cotton for softness, 50% natural hemp for absorbency and durability and 17% polyester for stretch, this diaper will wrap around baby hugging every curve and keeping messes in.

BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies are a very popular choice for families looking for a versatile, natural-fiber cloth. They are made with a hemp-fleece blend that is soft and fluffy on one side for gentle cleansing and the textured on the other side for easy and thorough cleanup. Hemparoo Washies are an excellent choice for cloth wipes or wash cloths for babies, but have a myriad of uses beyond baby care. With their generous size and oval shape it is impossible to go wrong with BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies!

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Unscented Baby Soap is the perfect combination of organic oils to get your baby squeaky clean. Perfect for delicate baby skin and allergen-free. Can be used for hair and skin, making it a true all-in-one. Comes in liquid or bar form. 13

Lock Your Meds Safely Away amount of edible product but it locks up tight and you can put it right in the refrigerator without the worry that your little one might eat a medicated candy bar or brownie by accident. The 6.5� bag has four separate compartments, two smaller Velcro pockets on one side, one large Velcro pocket on the other side and the main pocket. This small bag fits quite a bit of medicine, it can easily hold at least one ounce of cannabis or several prescription bottles. Like the edible bag, this one comes with a zipper lock and two keys. I like that the bag has no outward labeling so it is perfect to keep inconspicuously at your home or to transport your medication safely with you. These bags are quite secure when locked, short of having the key or cutting the bag open with a something sharp.

Wolff Pak Lock Away is a must have for parents that take any medications, prescription or otherwise. These bags are inconspicuous and secure from tiny curious fingers. These bags are durable, waterproof and hand washable. I was able to test out the Small Edibles Lock Away and the 6.5� Lock Away Bag. The small edibles bag has one zipper pocket, very similar to a small lunch bag and comes complete with a zipper lock and two keys. This bag will only fit a small

14 June/July

WolffPak LLC was started by single mom, Toni Wolff, who noticed a need. This need was for a secure, private locking medical bag. After a car accident left her having to take regular prescription medication, she wanted a way to carry and keep it in a safer, secure manner. Having a young child to care for meant needing this type of security even more so. She knew that the WolffPak Lock Away was something she needed as well as something that could be helpful for many others. The WolffPak Lock Away was developed through much thought and consideration for what is needed in order to safely and privately carry necessary medications.

by Monocle Man The Indica vaporizer is the newest vape to hit the market. This sleek compact vaporizer is a great option for patients looking for a portable vaporizer. The Indica comes in a wooden “humidor” packaging case with plenty of accessories. Upon opening the wooden top, I found the Indica vaporizer with protective cloth pouch, owners manual, a vape pick, pipe cleaners, five replacement screens and USB charger. I liked that it came with five extra screens. The charger port can be found on the bottom and the chamber door is on the side of the unit. The chamber can hold about a half a gram of ground flower and packs nicely with the vape pick it comes with. It has the feel and look of an oversized Zippo lighter. When you flip open the lid you find the mouthpiece and on/off switch with temperature control. To turn on the unit you need to hold down the on/off switch for three seconds. A green light will appear letting you know it’s on and ready for the temperature to be set. The Indica has five convenient heat settings, which you can change by clicking the on/off switch three times. It reaches the minimum temperature required for

to create vapor but never exceeds the maximum temperature. I tried the Indica vape with some Blue Dream I picked up at my local dispensary. The chamber holds quite a good amount of herb and can handle 40-50 drags per full chamber. I set the temperature to 372˚, which is right in the middle of its heat settings. After waiting about 30 seconds I took the first drag. The vapor was the right amount of density and had a great taste. Having five different heat settings is an awesome feature so you can find the right heat level for your liking. I puffed on the same chamber for a couple hours without having to reload with fresh herb. I did open the chamber and stir the grounds frequently during the session to make sure it was being evenly vaporized. Cleaning the unit is a breeze with the tools Indica provides. The manual recommends cleaning out the chamber every 500 drags or 10 full chamber loads. Overall, the Indica is a solid product. I look forward to seeing this company grow and come out with more great vaporizers. 15


Summertime and the Livin’ Is Hempy Hemp products we love to make your summer the breeziest it’s ever been

So comfortable! I really look forward to putting these Clam Diggers on after wearing jeans all day. The hemp/cotton blend is very lightweight and allows the breeze to flow right through. Wear to yoga, to the store or just to lounge. Hemp silk trim. Made by Minawear, available on Hemp Authority’s web site. 55% hemp/45% cotton.

Looking for an eco-friendly bathing suit? Look no further. Your beach days will be complete with this super cute hemp bathing suit. The ruffles are the perfect feminine touch and the bamboo rings are stylish and sexy. Soft and gets softer with each wear and wash. Made with hemp, cotton and bamboo. Dries quickly in the sun. Made in the U.S.A. by Tropi-Ties available on

You will love laying out or drying off with this organic hemp towel. It’s so soft to the touch (softer than normal beach towels) and only gets softer after washing and use. Blocks 95% of UV rays and is mold and mildew resistant. 55% hemp/45% organic terrycloth. Made in the U.S.A. by Hemptopia.

Protect your pretty face from the sun in this form-fitting Flexfit hat. I have always loved the comfort of this hat brand, which Hemptopia made better by throwing 67% of hemp into the mix. Buy whole bunch and decorate them yourself. Comes in solid colors or with Hemptopia’s logo.

16 June/July

You know those long summer days when you leave the house early and don’t return until late? Pack everything you need to transform yourself from day to night in this cute tote bag, use for groceries or as a beach bag. Since hemp is one of the sturdiest materials known to man, you wont have to worry about this bag not holding up. Various colors.

I am amazed by the versatility of this product! Earthly Body nailed it with this 3-in-1 Suntouched Candle. Light the candle and as it starts to melt, take the miniature spoon provided to scoop out the “wax” to use as massage oil and moisturizer. The fun summer scents will make your house smell great and skin feel smooth, not greasy. Made with hemp, soy and vitamin E. Petroleum free and environmentally friendly.

Summer sun can be damaging to your locks so spruce up your ‘do with this nutrient rich shampoo and conditioner. The combination of seven “healthy hair nutrients” provides the perfect protection from summer sun and other environmental dangers by increasing resiliency, moisturizing, strengthening, smoothing and defending. Safe for color treated hair because it’s formulated without sulfates. It also fights frizz and made my hair feel silky smooth. The smell is very clean and fresh. I noticed added shine too. You can feel good about cleaning up with Nature’s Gate products because they are made without parabens, phthalates, I,4-Dioxane, PEG, EDTA, Butylenes and Propylene Glycol. It’s never tested on animals and is vegan friendly. Furthermore, the bottles are made from 50 percent postconsumer recycled materials. Wow! What’s not to love about all that?

Tattoo aftercare is so simple with this Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Tattoo Balm! Getting a tattoo is painful and you want the healing to happen quickly. The SPF 18 is perfect protection from the hot summer sun, which can be taxing on new ink. The Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Tattoo Balm comes in an easy to use applicator, much like an oversized lip balm. This is the perfect application method because you don’t have to smear it around with your hands. They also offer a Vegan Hemp Tattoo Soft Salve which works better for the first couple days of a new tattoo. I used the Soft Salve for three days then switched to the Tattoo Balm. The healing time was shortened by a couple of days with the use of

these two products. I really like that this product line doesn’t contain petroleum; petroleum doesn’t absorb into the skin and just forms a barrier that is easily rubbed off by clothing. This product contains organic hemp seed oil with carrot seed, lavender and orange essential oils which are all great for your skin. It also contains Calendula, which is known to reduce inflammation and has anti-fungal properties. My tattoo was left feeling moisturized but not sticky or greasy; like a lot of other products on the market for tattoo care. I will be making a permanent switch to this line of products for all my future tattoo aftercare needs. 17

Hempify Your Home by Liz Mund

A few months ago I wrote a piece on the Kestrel, a twodoor car built with hemp biocomposite plastic. My research took me on quite a ride through the many woes of traditional petroleum plastic. One tidbit in particular stayed with me: the truth about that ‘new car smell’: an olfactory aroma that for most of us elicits feelings of pride, newness or just good old fashioned capitalistic achievement. That first waft of new plastic brings back memories of the time your Journey cassette melted on the dashboard of your car, sticking to the vinyl straps of the chairs at the pool, or when you open the dishwasher before its completed the dry cycle. Harmless right? Not quite. Unfortunately, the particular scent mentioned above is actually a bi product of noxious and dangerous chemicals. Bummer. Even more of a let down is that new cars are not the only new things that emit these fumes. Ever bought a new shower curtain? Fresh out of the bag and mildew free, so new it sticks together…feels like a brand new start to the bathroom. The truth is that it’s more like a brand new way to sabotage your endocrine system. The ‘new plastic’ smell our noses detect is essentially the bouquet of uncured plastic. I don’t mean uncured as in let it sit for a day before hanging, but uncured as in won’t ever fully cure. Every time you step into a steaming hot shower, that new plastic curtain is heating up—and breaking down. Maybe you stop noticing the plastic smell, overwhelmed as it is by the scent of your coconut guava body wash (which you should probably ditch too) but it is definitely still there, in

18 June/July

the form of a BPA (bisephenol A), PVC or a similarly devilish compound. We have all heard about the dangers of parabens, phthalates, BPAs and likely seen paraben-free labels on make up or ‘BPA-free’ labels on water bottles, food storage containers, etc. So what are these chemicals and why are they so bad? All three are a part of a class of chemicals known to be endocrine disrupters, and labeled as having estrogenic activity. The human body is ruled by the endocrine system, the process that releases hormones. It follows that anything in your body that is controlled, changed, or affected by hormones, can be likewise controlled, changed or affected by an endocrine disrupter. Simply put, BPA’s and its like companions are actually capable of toying with your hormonal regulation system. As the public awareness grows, companies have surely changed their products to reflect the concern of consumers? Well, kind of. For instance, most plastic used in food storage is in fact ‘BPA free’, but unfortunately, there are other chemicals that fall into the endocrine disrupter class—a lot of them. In a nutshell: BPA-free does not equal endocrine disrupter free. Moreover, a plastic at the time of production may not exhibit dangerous endocrine disrupters, but will and does after undergoing the stresses of everyday use, like hot cars and repeated cycles in the dishwasher. Stop! Don’t throw this magazine down and set out to rid your home of everything plastic, a feat that would be almost

impossible anyway. The sliders on your sofa feet are not the enemy. But you may want to replace your carpet and get rid of all those chemically laced cleaning products under your sink- they have the bad stuff too. But plastic in and of itself is not the culprit. The bad juju is in the plasticizers or phthalates: the ingredient that binds things together, including your carpet, and likely your make up and body lotion. The good news is that all binders are not created equal, and there are bio alternatives. I won’t waste time going in to the science of phthalates or bio plastic, suffice it to say that there are healthy alternatives to decrease your exposure to dangerous chemicals, and one of the stars is our dear friend hemp.  Nix the plastic shower curtain; order a stylish hemp one online. Not only will you avoid the disrupting chemicals of the plastic, this curtain will be naturally resistant to mold and UV light, dries quickly and launders well.

wonders on my burned hand. You can also use these to make your own body products! The process is not as daunting or expensive as you may think. And if you spill some on the floor, you wont have to call poison control if it disappears when the dog gets curious.  Say no to plastic water bottles. Try stainless steel, glass, or check this out! Hemp plastic water bottles. They have a link on kickstarter. http://www.  Stop using chemicals to clean. White vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are like the duct tape of cleaning products: they do just about anything. Natural oils (hemp, olive, orange, almond) with a little lemon juice make for superb dusting/ polishing.

 Consider a hemp fiber rug. Free of chemical bi products, easy to clean and smells pleasantly nutty.

 No more plastic sandwich baggies. I know they are wicked convenient, but at what cost? Check out these sites for hemp food storage bags: http://www. and http://www.

 Inspect the ingredients in your body products. We absorb close to 60 percent of whatever we put on our skin. While phthalates are rarely labeled as such, look for ‘parfum,’ ‘fragrance,’ any word ending in “-paraben” or “eth.” Stick with words you can pronounce: aloe, lavender, hemp, shea butter.

 If you are building a home or planning on remodeling, check out hemp insulation and the variety of healthy hemp building materials. The benefits are endless. American Lime Technologies, the makers of Hemcrete®, is an excellent resource. http://www.

 Choose olive, apricot, almond or hemp oil as a moisturizer. I can vouch for hemp oil, it worked

Hempify your home this spring, for your family’s health and the well being of our planet. 19

Ask Lady Cannabis

As you know, Gentle Reader, consuming marijuana is a safe and enjoyable way to relax and spend time with others. There is a proper way to do this and several improper ways. Lady Cannabis addresses questions regarding the etiquette of responsible adult consumption of marijuana in various social settings. What is your question for Lady Cannabis? of your health conditions, it is important to know the quality of your cannabis and insist on medical grade. There are many ways to experience the pain relieving benefits of cannabis without smoking. I recommend edibles, application of topicals and vaporizing the flowers as healthier options for smoking. Eating sweet or savory food prepared with cannabis, is a convenient way to medicate throughout the day and can offer substantial pain relief. Salves are used in topical treatments to focus pain relief. Vaporizing cannabis has the benefits of immediate pain relief, without the health dangers associated with smoking. Dear Lady Cannabis, I can’t reply publicly because of my job, but something I would be interested in knowing, as would others I’m sure, is how to make edibles. Years of smoking has left me with COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and I can’t even be in the same room as someone smoking or my lungs won’t work. Is there something special you have to do or just add it in to anything like a spice? Fearful Chef Dear Chef, These are the basics for making a cannabis butter for cooking and baking. Weigh the cannabis you have to cook with. Double the number to determine the amount of butter you’ll use. (example: 8 ounces of cannabis to 16 ounces, or 1 pound of butter) Bake the cannabis in the oven for 225 degrees for 20 minutes. Now, put the cannabis in a large cooking pot, add butter, and fill the pot with water until the plant material is fully immersed. Simmer for an hour.

Dear Lady Cannabis, I have rheumatoid arthritis and asthma so I do not want to smoke cannabis. What kind of strains would you recommend I use for my ailment and in what manner do you think I should medicate? Anxious Arthritic Asthmatic Dear Anxious, Thank you for writing. Hopefully, you live in an area of the country with safe access to lab tested medical cannabis. To start, I suggest you try cannabis from the following four categories: sativas, indicas, high THC varieties and high CBD varieties. Sativa strains are known to be more energizing and indica strains are more relaxing. High THC strains produce euphoria and high CBD varieties have more analgesic pain relieving benefits. Observe how you feel on each different type and determine which variety you prefer. If these options are overwhelming or not available to you, then simply find the best quality cannabis you can. Because

20 June/July

Using a cheesecloth or press, squeeze all the water and butter out of the plant material and collect the liquid in canning jars. Squeeze as much butter as you can from the plant material. Place the jars in a cool place and as they cool, the butter and water layers will separate. Lift off the butter layer and store your freshly made cannabis butter in a clean container. As a starting point for recipes, look at the butter requirement and use half cannabis butter and half regular butter. For example, a cookie recipe calls for 1/2 cup butter. Use 1/4 cup cannabis butter and 1/4 cup regular butter. Make a batch of cookies and taste and adjust the recipe accordingly. For stronger cookies, use more cannabis butter and for less potent cookies, use more regular butter. An important safety rule, label all homemade cannabis butter and edibles. Safely store all cannabis butter and edibles and keep them away from all children, pets and imbeciles. 21

Eco Artist by Caroline Hayes

Peter “Pook” Cook and Becky Northey: World Famous Tree Shapers

Pook in his Garden Chair

Artists never cease to amaze with their innovative techniques and styles. Becky Northey and Peter “Pook” Cook have taken their love for trees to a whole new level. An Australian husband and wife duo who work side by side to create a technique of tree shaping they call Pooktre. Living in complete conscious regard and respect for the trees, they bend and shape them in all the right spots to create these unique pieces of a r t . Don’t worry, the trees are not hurt in this process. “When you are working in the shaping zone (picture on opposite page) you don’t damage the tree. Damage occurs when a mature branch is bent beyond its normal flexing range. We never do that. The shaping zone is a small area on the branch just behind the growing tip. This part is fluid, vine-line and where all trees’ final form is determined.”

22 June/July

Although they are known worldwide for this form of art, there are only about 17 tree shapers in the world. It’s important to remember that trees do not like to be bent, Northey explains. “Don’t fight with the trees, learn their lore and together you can move in harmony. Success can be seen by balanced and vigorous growth,” she said. Interested in shaping some trees? They will host a tree for you and teach you some techniques. For more information on techniques and to view more works of art, visit pooktre. com.

People Tree

People Tree

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TASTY MEDICINE reviewed by Monocle Man

The Nutty Bite by Julie & Kate Baked Goods If you are looking for gourmet flavor in your edibles, then try any Julie & Kate product. On flavor alone their Nutty Bite wouldn’t be out of place in any high-end bakery. When I want to impress someone who says they haven’t had any good tasting edibles, Julie and Kate are who I send them to. One of the aspects I love about this treat is it comes in both indica and sativa varieties. The two individually wrapped bites are 25mg each, which I appreciate, as I can enjoy one or both without worrying about over-medicating. The sativa bite had exactly the effect I expected, great for moderate activity with a very relaxing finish at about four hours. This treat is great for beginners, active patients or those that want to have an edible and supplementary smoke/vaporize at the same. The indica bite was awesome for closing out a day of landscaping and felt much heavier in medication than the sativa bite. It knocked me out within an hour and a half after ingestion. It also took all of the soreness I was feeling from the day’s work. The next morning I woke up refreshed and without the back pain I was expecting from the previous day’s activities. Rock ‘n’ Rolls by Standing Akimbo First let me say that the Rock ‘n’ Rolls are not a beginner’s edible. With two caramels in a package, each with 100 active milligrams (a great value), I do not recommend eating a whole caramel at once. Standing Akimbo has never skimped on the THC in any of their products and these are no exception. I split one of the caramels with my girlfriend before we went to a movie. There was a wonderful buttery goodness to this treat with just the hint of cannabis flavor. Activation kicked in fairly quickly at about 35-45 minutes. The effects came in waves and were heavy behind the eyes. There was also a good amount of physical relief as we both noted ourselves sinking into our seats at the theater. The overall experience was great. We both enjoyed the movie with the excitement of a couple of kids. That could have been the movie, but I’m pretty sure the caramels had a lot of influence in this situation. The Rock ‘n’ Rolls are great for traveling and are perfect for those who want a substantial dose in a small package. Confucius Crunch 85mg by Twirling Hippy Confections Jessica LeRoux the owner of Twirling Hippy Confections is one of the industries unsung heroes. When she isn’t at the Capitol fighting for patients’ rights and industry discussions, she is cooking up something special. For this review we tried the Confucius Crunch. A spicy nut and seed mix that is perfect for the summer and spring in Colorado. I brought my crunch mix with me hiking over a beautiful weekend. This product was 55 percent sativa and 45 percent indica. It was just the right amount of sativa to keep me going and indica to help with any pain and soreness from after my hike. A clear-headed body high that made for a functional experience. Each package came with a perfect amount of mixed nuts, seeds and just the right amount of kick from the spices. Not too overpowering for those with a lesser palette for spice. Like the majority of the Twirling Hippy line this is gluten free and vegan for those with dietary needs. The Confucius Crunch is the perfect medicated snack for those looking for a healthier option. It’s no wonder why Jessica has made Colorado “Cheesecake Country” with her delicious treats.

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Sour D Shatter by Top Shelf Extracts Top Shelf Extracts busted out some new techniques for this Sour Diesel shatter. Daniel de Sailles and his talented extract artisans took a Sour D budder run and de-waxed it into shatter. They wouldn’t go into too many details on how they did it on their Facebook page but they did post pictures of the process. The shatter’s quality is what has brought Top Shelf Extracts home countless awards and a loyal patient base. This sample had a beautiful light amber hue that stayed stable at room temperature. Each dab was smooth, flavorful and the taste lingered after I was done. I felt slight pressure behind my eyes with a heavy head high. This was a super sativa high that made me feel energized and ready to conquer the world. I don’t know if this would be my go-to day smoke. Definitely something that is great for the weekends when you have projects around the house. Overall an amazing smoke that has to be one of the tastiest dabs I’ve had in awhile. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the crew at Top Shelf. I am excited to see what they can come up with next. Grapefruit Shatter by The Clinic The Clinic is known for their quality flower and concentrates. Their trophy case has the hardware to prove it. They took home 1st place in the concentrate category in The Hemp Connoisseur Championship last year with their Earth OG Nectar. For this review we tried out their Grapefruit Shatter. A dark amber chunk that looked more like oil at first glance. This sample broke apart nicely without sending any shatter shrapnel across the room. The Grapefruit was a little harsh on the lungs but a tasty citrus flavor followed after the coughing subdued. It was an alert, mellow high that built up to an uplifting euphoric state. It’s a nice daytime smoke, as it’s not too overpowering. I did find myself with a serious case of the munchies after an hour of dabbing. At The Clinic they say “ our patients live better,” and with quality products like the Grapefruit Shatter it’s no wonder why.

Ghost Flo OG Coin / Ancient Tangerine from River Rock I have seen and tried a lot of concentrates over the years in Colorado, but none quite like this. Bho Johnson and his dedicated team at RiverRock have once again raised the bar with their products. They have turned shatter into art with The Coin Collection: Steindler Signature Series powered by BHO, Rare Dankness and RiverRock. I felt bad that I had to smoke these beautiful pieces of art, but someone has to right? First up was the Ghost Flo OG Coin, a light amber coin with a raised cannabis leaf on top for a 3D look. This one was a delicious flavorful smoke, like the Rock Budder the flower really comes through nicely. It started off with a clear headed focused high and turned into a couch locking effect after an hour of smoking. Next up was the Ancient Tangerine. This coin has a geometric design that looks like something out of Middle Earth. The Ancient Tangerine had a darker hue compared to the Ghost OG. I found this sample to be a more potent smoke. Immediately after exhaling my eyes began to become heavy and felt the effects rush across my body. Both coins were surprising easy to work with for dabbing. The Coin Collection is by far the coolest concentrate concept I have seen to date. 25

Incredibles Peanut Budda Budda Bar by Medically Correct Taste, consistency and effect are always the three biggest aspects I use to determine the quality of the product I am testing. In the case of Incredible’s Peanut Budda Budda Bar, I may have found the gold standard of what a modern day edible should be. First of all, the packaging is professionally designed and easy to read. With a stated 200mg of THC, I knew that I was not going to eat the whole treat in one sitting. The Budda Bar was conveniently divided into three narrow bars (think Kit Kats). So I easily snapped off one bar (approximately 66.66 Mg) for my first sample. The taste was excellent with a milky chocolate and bits of pretzel mixed in, and of course the peanut butter binding it all together. Chocolate with peanut butter is one of my favorite sweet treats so it was an almost unfair advantage from the get-go. My only complaint is that I wanted to eat more and had to restrain myself from doing so knowing if I did I would get more than I bargained for. As for the effect: it crept into my awareness about an hour after I ingested it with the full effect at about ninety minutes. The sensation was absolutely glorious! My whole body was so relaxed that I felt like Gumby from head to toe. I took my dog for a walk to avoid the couch lock that would have surely come if I stayed stationary. I probably looked like a bit of a crazy person on our walk, as I couldn’t get rid of the grin on my face the whole time. The next day I shared the rest of the treat with my girlfriend and noticed the same exact results for both of us. We both couldn’t stop laughing the whole time (two Gumby’s are better than one). On both occasions the effects lasted a good six hours and culminated in the best two nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. If you are like one of the many patients out there who have told me that edibles don’t work for you, pick up an Incredibles bar and they will make you a convert. One of the best I have tried!

Patient Review: Priva Pills by River Rock Priva Pills Ingestible Cannabis in the Consummate form. I am a medical marijuana consumer, in my late 50s, diabetic and afflicted with painful peripheral neuropathy in both feet. Diet and exercise are my new found friends, but I also need insulin and pain relief. Because I want to limit or eliminate smoking altogether, ingesting cannabis is my preferred method of consumption. I used to brew tea and bake brownies, but that is a very inexact science to say the least. I always wanted the perfect dose, the perfect strain, in a convenient and portable form. RiverRock Wellness took this idea and worked for months to produce a pill that is perfect - for me and millions of other people. The new Priva pills are exactly what I’ve been searching for. After all, what makes the ultimate edible? A precisely measured dose, time after time. No additives (such as sugar, carbs, caffeine or artificial sweeteners). No taste or smell. It’s an easily swallowed pill that can be easily transported. No other edible cannabis product has all of these qualities, as far as I’ve been able to find. Upon closer examination, you can see the contents of the capsules as being a refined, ivory colored powder. I’ve chewed the capsules, just to get the taste, and find the flavor to be almost unnoticeable, extremely mild, and even pleasant. Other brands of pills don’t even come close to the purity of Priva. The pills come in five different varieties - CBD, CBD1, sativa, indica and hybrid. I have consumed three of the five varieties, the first three listed. For all around general use, the CBD is the best of the pills. It gives me a nice amount of energy and a comfortable level of pain relief. That’s the one I recommend if you want to try the Priva pills for the first time. The sativa pills are terrific for those times that I want additional energy for exercising. And the CBD1 are best when taken later in the day, as they provide the best pain relief and total relaxation. Thank you, RiverRock for your fine research and development of such an effective and reasonably priced alternative to smoking. I’m a fan. -Arky James

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Indulge in tasty hemp-infused recipes that offer some nutrition without sacrificing flavor

Summertime Coconut Berry Dessert Hemp Oat Crumble Crust 1/2 cup oats*, ground in a food processor 1/4 cup almonds, ground 1/4 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup pitted dates 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla 2 tablespoons hemp seeds 1 1/2 teaspoons water

Process the oat flour, almond flour, coconut, dates, and vanilla in a food processor until broken down into crumbs. Add the hemp seeds and water. Process again briefly to incorporate. Press the mixture into the bottom of 4-6 ramekins (depending on the size of them and thickness of crust). Set aside.  *Regular, gluten free, or raw oat groats Coconut Filling Here’s where the agar fun begins. I used canned coconut milk (important to use full fat). You could use fresh by blending coconut pulp and water. Make sure it’s thick. I don’t have access to young coconuts at this time.  1/2 cup water Full 1 3/4 teaspoon agar powder 1 can coconut milk Seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean 1 tablespoon maple syrup 2-3 drops stevia

1/2 tablespoon melted coconut oil Bring the water barely to a boil in a small saucepan. Sprinkle the agar over top and whisk it in thoroughly.  Turn the heat to medium, making sure its a low boil and keep whisking until the agar dissolves (4-6 minutes). Add the coconut milk, vanilla bean and maple to the blender. Add the agar mixture. Blend until completely smooth. Add stevia, to taste. Add the coconut oil and blend again. 

Coco-Berry Hemp Smoothie 1 banana 2 cups frozen or fresh strawberries 1 cup vanilla hemp milk 1/3 cup strawberry keifer ½ can organic coconut milk ½ cup raw shelled hemp seeds ice cubes for consistency

Blend all ingredients in a blender or until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

Pour the mixture over the crusts. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours, or until set.  Berry Topping About 2 cups of assorted berries Chia seed Squirt of lemon juice 2-3 drops stevia Blend the berries on LOW in a blender, to keep some texture. Add some chia, lemon, and stevia. Blend on LOW a bit longer.  Transfer to a bowl. The mixture will thicken up a little within 30 minutes. Spoon over the chilled coconut filling.  Thanks to Heather Pace and her blog Sweetly Raw for the Summertime Coconut Berry Dessert

Superfood Hummus ¼ cup lemon juice ¼ tahini 2 Tblsp. olive oil 2-3 roasted red peppers ½ tsp. ground cumin ¼ tsp. white pepper ½ tsp. sea salt 10 oz. raw shelled hemp seeds ¼ cup chickpeas Using a food processor, blend lemon and tahini. Stop and scrape the sides of processor. Add olive oil, cumin, white pepper and sea salt. Blend for one minute. Stop and scrape the sides again. Add hemp seeds. Blend for one minute. Stop and scrape. Add chickpeas. Blend for one minute. Voila! Enjoy. 27














and other heavenly bars. & Crispies Blueberries in White Chocolate



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A Dream. Peach with real peaches cream. | |





Look for them in your favorite dispensery.

Medical Marijuana Advocates Stand United For 280E Tax Code Reform by Chris Tucker

Our country’s founders established that excessive and punitive British taxes were abhorrent, yet still today these same excessive taxes are being applied to our country’s medical cannabis providers. Only this time it is called IRS Code Section 280E, and there is an ongoing battle to reform it. Taxes are the new stronghold when it comes to the federal war on medical marijuana and if reform is not brought about, the medical marijuana community will be more prevalent to such attacks from the IRS. If any change is to come from this, medical marijuana supporters need to stand up and try to bring this reform full circle. All businesses, including nonprofit dispensaries, pay taxes every year. IRS Code Section 280E, however, creates a disconnection between federal and state laws. Since President Ronald Reagan declared the “War on Drugs” and enacted Section 280E in 1982, 18 states and the District of Columbia have legalized or decriminalized medical marijuana (12 states are pending) but while 280E has remained intact, it has also come in direct conflict with a growing number of state laws. It was supposed to ban deductions related to “trafficking of controlled substances.” However, the IRS is now using 280E to stop medical cannabis businesses from making standard business deductions, which leaves them with a substantial tax bill they cannot afford. This is resulting in dispensaries being forced to shut down as a result of a growing number of IRS audits. SECTION 280E: “No deduction or credit shall be allowed for any amount paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business if such trade or business (or the activities which comprise such trade or business) consists of trafficking in controlled substances (within the meaning of schedule I and II of the Controlled Substances Act) which is prohibited by Federal law or the law of any State in which such trade or business is conducted.”

There are legitimate medical cannabis businesses that want and expect to pay their fair share of taxes. In addition to federal taxes, dispensaries also pay state and/or local taxes. Section 280E was never intended to be applied to legal businesses that file tax returns. It was originally passed in order to seize ill-gotten gains. The IRS has taken the position that medical cannabis providers are to be considered drugtrafficking organizations, and therefore fall under the purview of Section 280E. Accordingly, the IRS denies deductions for all expenses, including normally deductible items such as rent, payroll and health insurance for employees. Businesses and citizens alike are expected to file and pay taxes to the IRS each year. The difference is that businesses are allowed to reduce their taxable income by taking standard deductions, such as the rent they pay for their space, their payroll, utilities, insurance, and so on. If Section 280E is not changed, the IRS is on course to close more legal provider of medical cannabis in the United States. This means that patients would lose safe access to laboratorytested medicine and would be forced back to the criminal market. They would have to purchase medicine in unregulated and unsafe circumstances, and be exposed to robbery or possible injury. Tens of thousands of wellpaying jobs in the legitimate medical marijuana industry would be abolished, and hundreds of millions of dollars in state tax revenue would be eliminated. Instead of creating jobs and taxes for revenue, it would create a downfall effect of epic proportions in which the medical marijuana industry would have to divert back to black market operations. 280E is endangering the very life-blood of the medical marijuana industry. The IRS is currently auditing multiple medical marijuana organizations nationwide, with more and more coming every week. Most medical cannabis providers are unable to pay these “target taxes” and would be forced to close their doors if these regulations are imposed upon them. Massive closures of legal providers in medical marijuana states could leave patients with no alternative other than the illegal marketplace. Add in to the factor that legitimate businesses will be forced to shut down for no reason and we are left to wonder – does 280E benefit anyone but the IRS? 29

30 June/July

Local Photographer, Kim Sidwell, Rebrands with Cannabis Camera by Rebecca Chavez

A staple of the Colorado marijuana industry is getting a new name. Kim Sidwell, a local photographer who often focuses on marijuana issues and events, is changing over her cannabis related website to For Sidwell, the rebranding was necessary as the marijuana industry in Colorado makes big changes in light of the passage of Amendment 64. The former website at had a focus on medical marijuana and the ongoing activism in Colorado’s cannabis community. The new website will still have these images but it will also contain images that focus on the more cultural and commercial with even more coverage as she branches out to other states. Sidwell also plans to establish a stock photo archive, in an effort to provide quality images at an affordable price to cannabis professionals around the world. Sidwell has been working as a photographer for twelve years. She moved to Denver in 2005 to attend the Art Institute of Colorado. The skills she picked up there helped her build a career in portraiture, time-lapse and commercial photography, but Kim has always been an activist and was looking for a way to integrate this into her career as a photographer. After covering events at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and other activist events she found a niche in the marijuana market.

While other photographers make it to press conferences and will show up for bigger events, Sidwell documents the smaller panels and meetings that helped to build the movement to legalize marijuana through Amendment 64. As a result, she has built up a trust within the industry and recently won the Cannabis Business Award for best small business. Her relationships within the marijuana society allow her to get images that other photographers aren’t able to and, as a result, her work has appeared in a number of magazines and other publications. Though she will continue to work on family portraiture and commercial work at, it’s clear that her cannabis related work will reach even larger audiences now that marijuana has been legalized. “Things are growing beyond what I imagined,” Sidwell said of her decision to rebrand. That growth is reflected in the new website. Sidwell will continue to host the majority of her professional work on but all the cannabis related images will move over to Cannabis Camera in a few weeks.

Marijuana isn’t a place where you’ll find a lot of photographers looking to make a name for themselves. Sidwell makes a point of attending events that other photographers might avoid. 31

Boulder DA Stan Garnett: MMJ Enforcement is Lowest Priority by Josh Davis

Known as a “pragmatic and rational” leader in marijuana enforcement, Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett has made a name for himself through, not only his jurisdiction but also the entire state. Last year he made national headlines when he sent a public letter to U.S. Attorney John Walsh of Colorado in an effort to persuade him that Colorado’s marijuana laws were enough as is. Walsh, who was threatening medical marijuana dispensaries to close shop if they were within 1000 feet of a school zones believed it was his obligation to regulate such land use. Garnett strongly disagreed and in his letter stated, “The people of Boulder County do not need Washington D.C. or the federal government dictating how far dispensaries should be from schools or other fine points of local land use law.”

THC: DA Garnett. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Let’s start from the beginning. How did you come to be the DA for Boulder?

So who is DA Stan Garnett? And why is he so darn pragmatic and rational? THC sat down with him (on the phone) to find out what makes him tick and what he has in store for Coloradans in this unprecedented, historical year.

DA Garnett: I had a diverse practice background. I was licensed in 1982 and was a deputy district attorney in Denver from ‘82-’86 and then I went to a big downtown law firm (Brown Hyatt & Farber) where I established and headed up

32 June/July

DA Garnett: Nice to talk with you as well. I’ve lived in Boulder most of my life and moved here in 1968. Went to undergrad at CU and also law school so I have been involved in Boulder for a long time. I ran for the school board in 1997, served eight years and really developed a taste for local politics then had the chance to run for the states attorney and was elected in 2008 and started serving in 2009. THC: What was your practice experience prior to becoming the Boulder DA?

their litigation department. I did litigation all over the country and was there for about 22 years. I’ve done all kinds of cases, criminal, commercial litigation tort, all kinds of work. THC: Let’s move towards the realm of cannabis shall we? Just a rough estimate, how many cases have involved specifically marijuana? DA Garnett: Not that many. You know in Boulder we file as the 20th Judicial District, which is Boulder County. We’re the 6th largest judicial district in Colorado. We file about 1900 felonies every year and about 10,000 misdemeanors. In terms of numbers, I couldn’t give you an exact amount but its quite low. I bet in the felony realm no more than 10-15 of the 1900 felonies and in the misdemeanor realm very few of them - some minor possession type cases but a very low percentage. THC: Why is that so low? Not that we’re complaining, low sounds good. But there has to be a reason, right? DA Garnett: Well it comes down to the priorities I set for the office. As a DA in the Colorado system you have a lot of discretion - where you are going to spend your resources and what you make a priority. In my first year in office I announced that marijuana enforcement would be our lowest priority and I’ve kept that promise. THC: We’re sure the good citizens of Boulder appreciate you keeping your promise. But what was your impetus to make marijuana laws a low priority?

things that actually affect public safety. At the same time that I did that I announcement that we were making serious drug dealing a real priority and that is defined in my office as group of people buying significant amounts of meth, cocaine and heroine and we have prosecuted and taken to the grand jury a number of those cases. We’ve probably convicted close to 200 people for that kind of behavior, which has really had an impact in reducing the ancillary crime that you get with drug dealings. So it’s been really popular and law enforcement would much rather spend their time on those kinds of cases than marijuana.

“Drunk driving continues to be a problem, domestic violence is definitely a problem almost always fuled by alcohol but legalization and regulation hasn’t caused crime to increase and if anything it’s caused a decrease”

DA Garnett: Well, I grew up in a very conservative Christian family, very religious childhood and a very sheltered, if you will, life. I’ve personally never used marijuana in any form but I never quite understood what the reason was for law enforcement getting all worked up about it. When I took over (the DA) in 2008 we had a couple of cases of enforcement of marijuana laws. We took them to trial, lost them and I watched the process and realized what a complete waste of time to be using the criminal justice system on marijuana possession cases. I announced in September 2009 a new set of priorities, which put marijuana enforcement at the bottom. THC: Do you ever get any sort of pushback from your enforcement plan? DA Garnett: Law enforcement’s been great. I mean, in a position like mine you get pushback in almost anything you do - there are a lot of people who disagree with what I do. But law enforcement folks, at least in Boulder County, are very practical. They want to be putting their resources on

THC: So what is your office doing to prepare for the oncoming legalization of recreational marijuana? DA Garnett: Nothing! (Chuckling) It’s really not going to make much difference. I think it’s gonna reduce maybe a little bit of the tickets that come our way concerning marijuana possession but we weren’t getting many of those anyway, partly in reaction to my announcement of where my office chooses to focus its attention. I’m a very pragmatic guy and my view is criminal law needs to be very practical, common-sensical and enforceable. I’m hoping that the Amendment 64 Task Force and resulting legislation will put in place clear laws that help us figure out what to do with any sort of public consumption of marijuana, and the juvenile use of it. But for the moment we need to see what the legislature comes up with. THC: Has the federal government been a help or hindrance over the years in terms of marijuana enforcement?

DA Garnett: Um… Well, they’ve been kind of annoying. THC: So how do you really feel? We jest. Care to expand on that? DA Garnett: Well let me give you some background first. Before Amendment 64 passed, Amendment 20 (use of medicinal marijuana) was passed in 2000. When the Obama administration took over and announced that they were not going to go after medical marijuana users in states where it was legal there suddenly was an explosion in marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, which we had not had before. This was a very tricky issue because everyone was uncertain what the heck we were supposed to do with these and how we were going to regulate them. I got involved with the Legislature in 2010 to pass a very comprehensive set of regulatory statutes that would permit licensing and regulation of dispensaries, which has worked really well. And what it did was give each individual city local control right up to the ability to ban dispensaries if they wanted; what they looked like, where they were, how close to schools they could be, that sort of thing. So Boulder County has about 15 different municipalities and the more conservative ones 33 33

banned it and the more liberal ones put in place really strict regulatory schemes. Most of them had regulatory schemes that provided that a dispensary was treated like an adult bookstore or liquor store. They had stuff like they couldn’t be within 500 ft of a school. So based on that, a whole bunch of dispensaries got licensed, got set up and started operating in Boulder very safely. THC: Which leads us to the feds being “annoying.” DA Garnett: Well, the U.S. Attorney in Colorado, John Walsh, who is a very conservative law enforcement guy, decent guy, but conservative, totally out of the blue about a year ago, sent out a letter to any dispensary that was within 1000 ft of a school saying that that violated federal law and they were going to be prosecuted for felony or be forced to shut down under federal nuisance laws. I responded quite publicly in a series of letters with him, saying I thought that was very heavy handed and interfered with local decision making and when did the federal government of all people, decide they were going to get involved in local land use decisions? We had a rather lively entertaining discussion about the issue.

“Boulder County is probably one of the most liberal in the state on the issue of marijuana and our crime rates are going down dramatically.”

THC: A discussion in which you both never saw eye to eye. Your letter states clearly that the U.S. Attorney’s office should focus on other crimes, specifically on “terrorism, serious economic crime, organized crime and serious drug dealing (involving significant amounts of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine).” Given that this disagreement will continue, what, if any, are the most dangerous elements of legalizing recreational marijuana?

DA Garnett: I think the biggest concern with marijuana is there are legitimate societal interests in controlling it. You want to make sure people are not driving under the influence of marijuana. You want to make sure children do not have access to it, because heavy marijuana use in teenagers can be very destructive to them. So the question is, how do you best manage it? And a lot of people find it offensive like adult bookstores. So how do you manage the distribution of it in a community that regulates it, taxes it, keeps it away from kids and keeps it discreet enough so those who prefer to not be confronted with it are not confronted with it? I don’t believe the criminalization of marijuana use accomplishes any of those things very well. But I do think the heavy land use program, like we put in place in Colorado, does do a pretty good job. THC: What are the positive aspects of legalization? DA Garnett: Well the most important one is it lets law enforcement focus on other issues that actually have an impact on public safety. Second, it avoids the enormous injustice of random heavy-handed prosecutions of people

34 June/July

for marijuana trafficking and third it permits us to obtain significant tax revenues once it’s legalized and regulated. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed talking about the issue is that it lets me go around the rotary club circuit and church club circuit to talk about what it is that the DA does and what is the goal of the DA’s office and why would enforcement of marijuana laws really not have much to do with what our goals are. THC: As the day draws nearer for full legalization, what will be the challenges for law enforcement when these laws go into effect?

DA Garnett: The first step is to make sure there are laws that can be enforced. To make sure that you have laws that make sense, that they are clearly written and that you can go to court and know how to have a judge and jury know how to apply them. The next issue will be to figure out where the role is for law enforcement. What I’ve talked to our folks about is I want to treat marijuana enforcement sort of like we treat white-collar crime. People are free to have banks and lend money and buy and sell things to each other but if they do it in a way that takes advantage of people or if it is intended to be money laundering or evading the tax laws then we will come down on them pretty hard no matter what business they are involved in. That’s why going forward most of our marijuana enforcement will be - people who are buying and selling marijuana outside the legal framework that will be established by Amendment 20 and Amendment 64. THC: Obama said enforcement of marijuana users would not be a focus for his administration. Other than Boulder, have you seen that they’ve kept their word? DA Garnett: Pretty much. I mean they keep pounding the table, like these letters, which I find annoying, but yeah by and large the U.S. Attorney in Colorado has not made aggressive marijuana enforcement a priority. I don’t know if they are keeping their word or if they can’t figure out what to do. THC: What’s your best guess as to what they might do when Amendment 64 comes into effect later this year? DA Garnett: I’m on the National Board of Directors of the National DA Attorney’s Association and we had a big meeting in February in DC and we heard from a lot of people with the Justice Department and elsewhere. I think the president himself is paying a lot of attention to this and I think he’s going to do probably what I would do if I was in his position, which is to avoid the issue as long as possible. And that’s great for states like Colorado because it allows us to get our regulatory systems set and helps everyone kinda relax about it. But I don’t think you’re going to see any sort of aggressive enforcement even though there’s been a lot of pressure on the president to go that direction. But I also don’t think you

are going to see any grand pronouncement that they accept what the states have done. I know there are some efforts in congress to bring federal law into compliance with what states have done. I think eventually there is a chance those laws will pass, but its gonna be a while. I think the president is gonna sit back and see what happens. THC: What is your position on industrial hemp? DA Garnett: Oh, it should be legalized and used. THC: A number of states this year have put forth specifically hemp legislation. And often times there’s been a lot of pushback from law enforcement, especially in Kentucky recently where they were trying to push hemp legislation through. Have you heard about any sort of pushback from law enforcement like that? DA Garnett: I have heard some of that - here’s really what you’ve got: particularly in the federal level you have a huge bureaucracy that is funded and set up primarily to enforce prohibition of marijuana possession. That bureaucracy is very concerned about legalization or relaxation of marijuana laws in any respect including hemp, and this has been one of the most interesting things. Most cops on the street, the last thing they want to do is jack around with marijuana laws. It’s kinda pointless. They would rather work on real crimes. But things like the police unions get all worked up about marijuana legalization because they worry that it’s gonna cost cops jobs in the DEA, various state enforcement efforts or whatever so you will see some rather ferocious opposition that will create hypothetical problems where the goal is to basically keep the status quo because they want to keep the jobs that their members have. It’s because keeping the status quo in place is good for the DEA and the drug enforcement agencies if nothing else. THC: Even with the hurdles ahead it seems very exciting from a legal point of view. DA Garnett: It’s a really interesting issue, you know for me as a lawyer and an amateur political scientist watching the state of Colorado figure this out. Having a chance to participate in the discussion, it’s just been really interesting. You know, I’ll tell you one thing, Boulder County is probably one of the most liberal in the state on the issue of marijuana and

our crime rates are going down dramatically. So whatever is going on with marijuana, it’s not having a great impact on increasing violent crime. Drunk driving continues to be a problem, domestic violence is definitely a problem almost always fueled by alcohol but legalization and regulation hasn’t caused crime to increase and if anything it’s caused a decrease. THC: That’s a good thing but do you ever get any sort of crimes that are fueled by marijuana? DA Garnett: We are seeing an increased amount of people driving under the influence of marijuana, which can be very dangerous. I’m trying to get a law passed that this year that has a THC nanogram limit but other than that no. And people who use marijuana don’t tend to beat their wife or kids, they don’t go out and rob liquor stores. The violence of the people who use alcohol doesn’t usually happen with marijuana. THC: Right, raiding the refrigerator is more likely. (Come on it’s kind of true.) So is there a technology that can detect the amount of THC in a person and know that the person is actually high versus someone still having THC in the body but is sober? DA Garnett: Generally speaking I think yes, though it’s not as certain as it is with alcohol. But the compromise we worked out in the legislature was to create permissive inference - so if you have a THC level of over five nanograms than you are presumptively impaired, but it gives the defendant an opportunity to establish that he wasn’t. My guess is that eventually the science will be quite clear and probably even lower the limit. The goal was to put in place an enforceable law that was also fair and gives some room for additional research. THC:  District Attorney Garnett, thank you so much for the interview. Anything else you would like to add? DA Garnett: Come to Boulder, it’s the finest city in the world next to Paris! THC: Some might argue it’s nicer given the mountains and nature! DA Garnett: Some might. Some just might. 35

Dr. Bob Melamede:

Peace, Love and Cannabis by Rick Macey

Dr. Robert Melamede is a research pioneer, a retro hippie and a savvy entrepreneur. After 40 years as a biology scientist and university professor, he is focusing his attention on turning the medicinal potential of cannabis into health care products and investor profits. An associate professor of biology at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, Dr. Bob is one of the world’s top cannabis researchers. His work confirms that cannabis cures some forms of cancer and has effective anti-aging properties. A 65-year-old academic who proudly embraces flower power and peace and love, he is also President and CEO of Cannabis Science Incorporated, dedicated to bringing FDA cannabis-based medicines to people. His goal is to cooperate with the Food and Drug Administration so that Americans in any state can go to a pharmacy and get cannabis-based medicines paid for by the health care system. “We have a world class team of people who used to work for Pfizer, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, the FDA… and we are now pursuing paths that will allow us to test these medicines and get them out to the public more rapidly,” he said. Dr. Bob’s face reveals a lot about him. He smiles a lot. In his eyes, a hint of humor, a flash of fanaticism. He seems genuinely happy, as if his four decades of work, his three ex-wives, his children and grandchildren, his new business ventures, are all that a man could wish for in life.

“This framework of physics basically says that as long as energy flows, organization of matter occurs, and that provides a foundation for understanding what life is,” Dr. Bob said. Prigogine’s theory led to pioneering research in self-organizing systems that flaunt the entropy rule of the second law of thermodynamics. It’s heady stuff.

And it all began with puff of pot nearly 50 years ago. “I was brought up in a household where when we asked what was God, my Mom always said Mother Nature,” he said.

In the late 1980s came the fundamental scientific breakthroughs about cannabis - that the human body creates its own cannabis molecules called endocannabinoids.

As a kid, he loved science. He was smart, but a poor student. At age 16, about to enter City University of New York City, Dr. Bob ingested cannabis for the first time.

That discovery intrigued Dr. Bob, who was figuring out how our bodies fix DNA damaged by free radicals. “It turns out that the endocannabinoid system is very much involved with DNA repair,” he said. “Literally everything in our lives and our bodies - immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, skeletal system, skin, every reproductive system - as well as appetite, body temperature, etcetera - are all regulated from the time of conception until the time of death by the pot that our bodies make, the endocannabinoids.”

It was a life changing and life defining experience. Smoking cannabis helped him to reflect. He realized how important it was to make the most of his college education. “I had always been very ADD, so to sit down and pay attention to anything was always difficult.” For Dr. Bob, marijuana was indeed a gateway drug - to better study habits. He pursued his passion for biology, or as he defines it, “understanding what life is.” He was influenced by the work of Ilya Prigogine, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his concept of “dissipative structures” within non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

36 June/July

“Endocannabinoids are made from essential fatty acids which every doctor will tell you are good for you - omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils - but unfortunately 99 percent of doctors probably have no clue as to why they are good for you,” Dr. Bob said. “We should recognize that cannabis is part of our lives, individually and collectively. “Our consciousness is regulated by endocannabinoids.”

That last point is critically important in understanding human progress, said Dr. Bob. Cannabis tends to make people more open-minded. Cannabis endowed people are forward looking- FLIPs as he likes to call them - who believe in peace and love and cooperation. BLIPs are backward looking people who are cannabis deficient and prone to greed, aggression, and fear. Dr. Bob insists that the ability to forget false information - such as “Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug” - helps people not to get stuck in stupid thoughts. He likes to tell this joke: Mother’s breast milk has psychoactive cannabinoids in it. Should we start arresting nursing mothers? Maybe we should arrest all women for walking around with drug paraphernalia. The Drug War, though, is no laughing matter. Dr. Bob says too many people are making money from marijuana prohibition - pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, prisons - and that’s why we have been denied the medical benefits of cannabis. The solution? Think of that theory, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and the building blocks of life working together, evolving, adapting, improving.

cannabis-endowed people, folks who can embrace change and base their decisions on scientific evidence instead of prejudice and fear. As a professor at a college situated in one of America’s most military cities - Colorado Springs, home of Army base Fort Carson and the United States Air Force Academy - Dr. Bob is troubled by how society treats (or fails to treat) returning veterans.

“Everybody has to keep working together. It’s synergy - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s the voice of all of us who are learning the truth who have to be willing to continue to speak out and work. It’s not just work for freeing the plant, it’s work to free our souls, it’s work to free the spirit of our country.”

As a self-described “old hippie,” Dr. Bob insists that the physics of cannabis and “peace and love” are manifestations of the same principles. “It’s actually the way of nature. As energy flows and organization of molecules occurs, what that really means is that molecules cooperate with one another,” Dr. Bob said. “When people are loving and peaceful, they cooperate with one another. They don’t have the greed and aggression. Unfortunately our world is dominated by greed and aggression.” Cannabis has a role in evolution. Natural selection, formally introduced to the world by Charles Darwin, is about nature favoring the most adaptable creatures - not the smartest, the strongest, nor the most attractive. Cannabis encourages people to be open-minded and to cooperate, promoting more effective adaptation. “Cooperation is the foundation of how life evolved,” he said, calling it fundamental to the development of the human race. Dr. Bob believes that for mankind to progress, we need more

Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). Physical injuries compound the stress. “I encounter a lot of these people,” he said. “It’s the utmost lack of respect for these people and for the principles of our country to send them off to war to fight for freedom, and when they come back and hear and understand from others that cannabis can benefit them, we deny them that benefit. It’s insane.” Cannabis is proven for pain management. He knows of many patients at Colorado dispensaries who dramatically reduce or completely stop taking high doses of narcotics. With many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), cannabis offers relief from the inflammation caused by the body’s immune system, which is often as troubling as the initial brain injury. The endocannabinoid system regulates the production of new nerve cells, called neurogenesis. It also increases the complexity of the brain’s wiring. Both can profoundly assist the recovery of TBI victims. As more and more people wake up to the potential of medicinal cannabis, Dr. Bob is determined to see the plant become accepted within pharmacology.

And he means business - literally. Dr. Bob and his team have focused on medicine for skin cancers, treatments that are topically applied and effective for squamous and basal cell carcinoma. He saw this as the simplest and easiest way to get approval from the FDA. The Phytiva brand - lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizing and anti-aging creams - represents that first step. It’s an astute move. Skin cancers afflict HIV patients, the elderly, those who enjoy being outdoors, soaking up sunshine, and others. For those with HIV, anti-retroviral drugs are increasingly less effective as viruses evolve and become drug resistant. As people develop AIDS, they become susceptible to additional viral infections such as the herpes infection that results 37

“The most important thing for us to do is take back our freedom”

in Kaposi’s sarcoma. HIV associated Kaposi’s is not effectively treated.

Fortunately, cannabis preparations anecdotally appear to be an effective in treating this illness by their ability to systemically manipulate the endocannabinoid system. Since endocannabinoids promote health in many ways, this natural remedy, made by our own bodies, resistance is less likely to develop. The potential of cannabis to help so many - think of the millions in Africa who are suffering from AIDS - is simply staggering. Yet that is still only scratching the surface. As populations in industrialized countries grow older, cannabis can play an important health role as an anti-aging drug. “Aging has inflammation as its basis,” he explained. “Our endocannabinoid system regulates free radicals that cause inflammation. Cannabis inhibits inappropriate free radical production. It’s like the oil of life.” “People today are dying from age-related illnesses in America - cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, cancers - and all those are reduced or delayed by taking fish oils and supplementing with this very special plant.” Taking advantage of the fantastic medicinal benefits of cannabis is a radically inexpensive proposition. Drastically reducing the costs of end-of-life care would seem to be reason enough to embrace cannabis. Sadly, we are not there yet. And that brings us back to Dr. Bob’s job at UCCS - instructing young adults in the physics of life. He says the college administration has been wonderfully supportive. After all, he was hired to teach different fields of biology. Cannabis is a part of that big picture. It doesn’t hurt that student reviews give him a thumbs up. And it’s not like UCCS brought in a swaggering stoner activist without proper credentials. A conservative scientist, Dr. Bob was slow to accept cannabis as a wonder drug despite literature since the 1970s that showed cannabinoids have anti-cancer properties. “It took me a long time before I fully embraced the cancer curing capabilities of cannabis, even though they had been demonstrated scientifically and certainly anecdotally through the work of Rick Simpson and others,” he said. When the scientific evidence finally amounted to proof - he now has more than 800 peer reviewed papers on medicinal cannabis - Dr. Bob made another discovery: Marijuana

38 June/July

prohibition - more specifically, opposition from various regulatory agencies and governmental institutions - the FDA, the DEA, the NIH - made research difficult, if not impossible. To put it another way: Understanding the value of cannabis is one thing. Implementing it is another. “Basically I’ve spent my whole life trying to implement it,” Dr. Bob said with a laugh. It’s not a matter of synthetic cannabis versus whole plant extracts. Marinol, the only FDA-approved drug, is widely regarded as a poor substitute for natural THC. Pharmaceutical companies recognize this and are now investigating whole plant extracts. The healing and mind-expanding powers of cannabis are real and within everyone’s grasp, although in many states, your hand may be slapped reaching for it. That brings us to where the scientist and the hippie co-exist as Dr. Bob. “The most important thing for us to do is take back our freedom,” he said. “Cannabis is a symbol of that, but it also represents our freedom biochemically. The ability to embrace novelty, to take risks, to explore new situations - that’s tied in with our cannabinoid system. So those very qualities of our lives and the very foundations of the country, the ideals of democracy and freedom are a part of this. “It’s time to take back our rights for health. And it’s time to end the domination of backward looking people who are cannabinoid deficient, genetically or environmentally or both. We can have a new paradigm for human cooperation that extends beyond cooperation between people and countries to cooperation with the biosphere that sustains us. We have to get active. We have to learn. The more educated we are, the more we know as to the benefits of this plant, the better.” What’s at stake is nothing less than survival of the human race. The impact of our species on the planet is dramatically increasing. Dr. Bob believes we are at a tipping point, where our capability to poison ourselves and our environment poses an immediate threat to our existence. Hemp is one of the most important agricultural crops in human history, providing fuel, fiber, clothing, and medicine for centuries. Can cannabis now provide a glimmer of hope for our future? “What more could you ask from a plant that does so many elemental things that are essential for human progress,” Dr. Bob said. “Everybody has to keep working together. It’s synergy - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s the voice of all of us who are learning the truth who have to be willing to continue to speak out and work. It’s not just work for freeing the plant, it’s work to free our souls, it’s work to free the spirit of our country.” “It’s a tide of truth and freedom that can no longer be stopped.”

Discreet yet revolutionary.

The Indica vaporizer is engineered to maximize the minimal. ™

Precise control of temperatures for pure vaporization. Outstanding capacity within a clean, pocket-friendly design. The look is subtle, the experience isn’t. Learn more at

Cannabis Legalization = Reefer Madness? by Jake Browne

Were you one of the 1,383,139 people who voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol? In a bizarre turn at the state legislature, one facet may be regulated more like pornography. Marijuana themed magazines, like the “Green Lady” High Times, might be moving from the racks to the back of the counter. Others, like The Hemp Connoisseur and The Daily Doobie, see this as the first blow to their First Amendment rights. Just don’t expect them to go without a fight. Now that Gov. Hickenlooper signed off on HB 13-1317 on May 28th, he may be wishing for the ability to veto a few line items that will likely find the state in court. The last minute addition of the following, in particular: “MAGAZINES WHOSE PRIMARY FOCUS IS MARIJUANA OR MARIJUANA BUSINESSES ARE ONLY SOLD IN RETAIL MARIJUANA STORES OR BEHIND THE COUNTER IN ESTABLISHMENTS WHERE PERSONS UNDER TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF AGE ARE PRESENT.” Publications that have been readily accessible for decades will now be ousted from their previous resting places. The uproar was immediate. “The big thing to me is this isn’t a cannabis issue anymore, it’s a freedom of speech issue,” argues David Maddalena, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Hemp Connoisseur magazine. He began reaching out to other stakeholders on the publishing side of the industry to orchestrate a lawsuit the day the bill is signed into law. Soon, he was joined by Bruce Daily, publisher of The Daily Doobie. “The ability to grow my business would be affected greatly, it would restrict my distributorship by half of its potential,” notes Daily, whose free paper began shortly after the passage of Amendment 64. Specifically, he’s concerned about the ability to distribute what they affectionately refer to as “Colorado’s own weed-rag” in places like restaurants or music venues that aren’t always for patrons who are 21 or older. Representing the two publications and serving as cocounsel to High Times, is civil rights attorney David Lane of Killmer, Lane & Newman LLP. Lane is confident that the provision stands little chance, noting that “It’s a blatant First Amendment violation as far as I’m concerned.” The first course of action will be filing an injunction that should catch the attention of Attorney General John Suthers. The core of the debate will come down to commercial versus political speech, an area where Lane feels the state has little ground to stand on. “The guy who passed the bill basically took the position that this is essentially commercial speech because they’re just advertising pot, bongs and marijuana paraphernalia,” notes Lane. “The highest form of protected speech in the country is political speech and these magazines all have articles about decriminalizing marijuana and so forth.”

40 June/July

This, in fact, is a point of pride for the magazines, as cannabis is a tough subject to discuss without talking about the political nature of prohibition in the United States. “I read the bill, attend the seminars and visit the capitol to hear the conversations because the majority of our readership can’t,” Daily points out. Maddalena notes that there’s a safety element in play, as well.

Even then, there could be unintended consequences that politicians simply didn’t envision. “What’s ironic about how poorly this regulation was written is that if there were a magazine that was dedicated to convincing young people that they should stay away from marijuana...that magazine would also be required to move behind the counter,” points out Silverstein.

“We’re trying to teach patients how to medicate responsibly, when it comes to things like edibles or dabbing, not overmedicating,” he notes. “We’re reporting on the political activity out there. To limit us in the manner they’ve proposed, they’re not letting education get out there and hurting the citizens of Colorado.”

This move, while harmful to publishers, could end up doing the most damage to those who will soon be selling recreational marijuana. While restrictions on advertising - such as tobacco or alcohol - are legal federally, those in the MMJ market have promoted their products relatively unencumbered. Maddalena is also concerned about the message being sent to states soon to adopt any marijuana laws. “It’s a bad precedent for the state of Colorado to set with so many states looking to us,” he argues. “If other states see that they’re getting away with it here, it looks like it’s doable there.”

Editor-in-Chief Chris Simunek didn’t mince words when discussing the change. “It’s absurd to think that, after all these years of standard display while marijuana was illegal, we should suddenly be ushered into to the closet now that it’s legal.” It’s not just those with skin in the marijuana game who are objecting to the inclusion, as a prominent civil rights group also sees serious flaws in the language. Mark Silverstein, legal director of the ACLU of Colorado sees the regulation as incredibly vague, with a lot of room open to interpretation on what constitutes the “primary focus” of a magazine.

A legal challenge looks to be the only option, and looks to be a matter of when and not if at this point. High Times is no stranger to litigation, and their attorneys are already licking their chops. “If they try to pass this, we will fight them in court and we will win,” declares Simunek. And the Colorado taxpayers will be the ones reimbursing their legal fees. 41

The Second Annual THC Magazine Championship Is Coming!!! We are now accepting early registration for this fall’s competition With 135 patient judges in our first year, we expect this one to be even bigger!

Just a few things that set us apart from the other competitions out there: No sponsorship allowed from competitors Absolutely no favoritism Completely blind judging 30 days for judges to sample their medicine for proper ratings Fully compliant with state regulations The coveted Patient’s Choice Award Our beautiful Emerald Tower Trophies

Categories available for entry are as follows

Flower: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Concentrates: Shatter, Hash/Budder, H2O Extracts, CO2 Extracts, Oil, CBD Concentrates Edibles: Sweet, Savory, Sublingual/Capsules, CBD Edibles For more information contact us at david@thcmag. com or call 719-963-1226 May the best cannabis win!!

42 June/July

Weed is Legal Now, So Why Should I Get My Red Card?

We have heard some rumors going around that some existing medical marijuana patients are not renewing their red cards. Here are just a few reasons why qualifying patients should continue to have a medical marijuana card. 1. Adult use cannabis stores will not be open until 2014. 2. Medical marijuana patients are subject to a much lower tax rate for cannabis products. a. Denver sales tax rate-7.62% b. Boulder sales tax rate - 8.21% c. Colorado Springs sales tax rate- 7.63% d. Proposed sales/excise tax on recreational/adult use: up to 30%. Average ounce price of $175 in Colorado. If you consume 2 ounces of cannabis per month, as a patient that would cost you $4200 + $336 in sales tax each year; as an adult use cannabis consumer, for the same 2 ounces per month, you will pay $4200 + $1260 in pro posed sales/excise tax each year. Getting your red card costs around $100, average $65 for the doctor and $35 for the state fee. So potentially, getting your red card renewed will save you around $800 a year after the cost of your card. 3. As a MMJ patient you can still possess 2 ounces of marijuana, adult use only allows for possession of one ounce. 4. With a red card you will have continued access to higher milligram edibles, adult use limits edibles to 100mg per serving. 5. Continue to support an industry that has fought for the right to use cannabis as a medicine and as a safer alternative to alcohol.

See coupons in the back of the magazine for evaluations from these providers.


Denver 3888 E. Mexico Ave. # 202 Denver, CO 80210

Boulder 4450 Arapahoe Ave. # 100 Boulder, CO 80303

Lone Tree 9233 Park Meadows Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124

Lakewood 3600 S. Wadsworth Blvd. # B Lakewood, CO 80235

Broomfield 1006 Depot Hill Rd. #100 Broomfield, CO 80020 970-412-5955

Colorado Springs 115 N. Parkside Dr. #100 Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-645-5955

Call ahead for hours and availability 43

Should I Use Cannabis Edibles for My Symptoms? by Robin Hackett

As a cannabis adviser/dispensary owner, I have seen hundreds of medical cannabis patients each month for 18 months. I have documented how each patient responded to different cannabis treatments. All of the patients experienced various levels of suffering caused by their diseases, injuries/ symptoms (qualifying medical conditions of the state of CO) but each patient reported a reduction in their suffering with the addition of some form of MMJ edible medicine. Unfortunately most “bud tenders” in MMJ dispensaries do not have the complete knowledge to help people with their range of symptoms. As a result, many patients do not know the benefits of MMJ edible therapy or how to use edibles to achieve maximum results. Some patients give up using MMJ edibles in their treatment because they have had a bad experience with them. This may be due to taking the wrong dose for their individual tolerance, similar to taking the wrong dose of a prescription drug. Other patients stop using MMJ edibles because they do not think the edibles are effective in treating their problems. When asked why they felt the cannabis (MMJ) edible did not work, patients reported that is it was because they “did not feel a head high (feeling stoned) associated with the MMJ edible.” Another reason was that the patient felt too stoned (high) and this was not a pleasant feeling. There are approximately 100 known cannabinoids in cannabis. The two most widely studied have been THC and CBD. Both are therapeutic and work well together. THC is psychoactive, producing the “head high” while CBD is nonpsychoactive. CBD rich bud/edibles in ratios of usually 2 to 1 or more, when compared to THC levels, usually produce therapeutic effects without the head high or stoned feeling. CBD is a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti nausea, neuroprotective, antispasmodic, etc. In my experience medical cannabis (MMJ) edible therapy is the best way to help with the therapeutics of longer lasting relief of the qualifying conditions allowed by Colorado for MMJ use. It should be noted that most MMJ edibles sold

44 June/July

in MMJ dispensaries now in CO are rich in THC, while very low in CBD levels. The patient needs to pay close attention to the labeling of the MMJ edible considered for use and also personal experience with a particular product, as well as asking questions of the bud tender about particular lab testing methods and accuracy, are vital. NOT all MMJ edibles are created equally and produce consistent results. There are a few quality MMJ edible products sold that are consistent in therapeutic effects and potency. So how do you know what the right dose is for you and your symptoms? The information below will help you safely find the dose that is right for you. Q: Why would I want to use medical cannabis edibles for my symptoms? A: Smoking/vaporizing cannabis is considered spot or short term medicating (the relief lasting two to four hours). Studies show that patients who eat MMJ cannabis (MMJ edibles) receive MORE of the anti-inflammatory, neuropathic (nerve) pain, and other forms of pain relief, etc. Medical benefits can last four to eight hours in some cases.   Q: How much do I need to eat each day to receive the benefits of MMJ edible cannabis therapy?    A: The challenge in cannabis dosing is that like any other medicine, medical cannabis reacts different in each individual. This is due to the medicine ingested and the digestion process itself. The first step in formatting the dose, that is best for the patient, is first to determine what type of patient you are.

What type of patient am I? Type 1 Patient Is new to medical cannabis therapy and has no tolerance (very sensitive) to the effects of THC. This patient needs

to first gain a tolerance to THC before they can start medicating for symptom relief. They need to start taking very small doses at bedtime. This patient should take, at bedtime only, 10mg for 14 days then 20mg for seven days. This low dose may or may not help the symptoms but will help the patient to establish a tolerance to THC. After the 21 days this patient will be considered a Type 2 patient. Note-In my experience, patients typically gain a tolerance to THC every 14 days so if the patient needs to get to a higher dose for relief they can safely increase the dose every one to two weeks. Type 2 Patient Has moderate to medium symptoms. This patient has used cannabis but has a low tolerance to the effects of THC and would prefer not to feel the stoned effects of THC. This patient should medicate at bedtime only with any type of edible they enjoy at 20mg to 50mg. If daytime doses are necessary for additional relief, use low THC, high CBD products (a 1 to 1 ratio of THC and CBD is best) (See “Do I Need to Dose During the Day” for suggestions on daytime dosing) Type 3 Patient Is the typical patient who has medium to severe symptoms. This patient is experienced with cannabis and has a good tolerance to the effects of THC. This patient may enjoy the effects of THC all day; some may prefer not to feel the effects of THC during commitments like work, chores and childcare. This patient can choose to take 20mg to 100mg at bedtime or may choose to break up their doses throughout the day as well as bedtime. (See “Do I Need to Dose During the Day” for suggestions on daytime dosing) Type 4 Patient Has severe to extreme symptoms. This patient has a significant tolerance to the effects of THC and can function well with high doses of THC MMJ edibles. Type 4 patients dosing may appeal to a patient that would like to feel the intense effects of THC. This type of patient may eat 100mg to 300mg a day either in one dose or broken up into several doses throughout the day. (See “Do I Need to Dose During the day” for suggestions on daytime dosing) Q: How often do I medicate each day to ease my symptoms? A: All patients benefited more from a bedtime dose than any

other time of day. Dosing at bedtime has been shown to:  Promote higher quality, deeper sleep –The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality and even your weight. No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort!  Allows the patient to consume larger doses of cannabis while sleeping through the psychoactive effects of THC.   Q: Do I need to dose during the day? A: There are five factors to take into consideration when deciding how often to dose with medical cannabis.              Severity of symptoms – Some patients have such severe symptoms that they must medicate more than once a day. Some patients add vaporization/inhalation (smoking MMJ) therapy to help them deal with their medical issues through the day. Others use a properly dosed MMJ edible in the morning as well as at bedtime to ease their symptoms. Patients that have extreme conditions use both MMJ edibles and inhalation therapy to find relief. NOTE- It should be stated that using a MMJ vaporizer is a much healthier way to inhale/smoke medical cannabis that traditional smoking via a joint or pipe using a lighter/ matches.  THC tolerance – Some patients need strong relief but do not want to feel the psychoactive (stoned) effects of THC while other patients function better with the THC effects. If you have a good tolerance to THC you will want to experiment with daytime dosing until you achieve the desired results. WARNING-THC rich MMJ can impair motor and cognitive function and must be used with caution when attention to detail is required. Driving, operating machinery of any kind, being in situations where a person’s full attention is required should be advised to use extreme caution and/ or refrain from using THC rich MMJ during the day. If you do not like feeling the brain effects of THC (being high) you would do best with a strong MMJ dose at bedtime and enhance your symptom relief during the day by using low THC, high CBD products (a 1 45

 to 1 ratio of THC and CBD is best). Note: there are several products that have the same low THC, high CBD profile. They are currently the best for daytime relief with the possibility of much less of the head high or in fact the head high may be absent. Again, these effects vary with the individual patient and MMJ product used. Many times in treating patients with medical cannabis, one size does not fit all. In fact this is the case in most patients and patients need to start their treatment regimen slowly to experience what works best for them.  Lifestyle – Some patients need symptom relief but cannot be impaired by THC because of their job, family commitments or daily tasks. This patient would do best dosing with MMJ at bedtime and enhance your symptom relief during the day by using products that are low in THC and rich in CBD. Note: There are low THC, high CBD profile; however the products best for daytime medical symptom relief without a head high. Again this varies from patient to patient. Usually, if the percentage ratio of CBD to THC as stated on the product label is not at least 2 to 1, CBD to THC, most patients will feel some head high.  Gender – Women can store more cannabinoids in their fat cells than men. Often men will have to dose twice a day to get the same result as a woman dosing once a day.    Weight – Cannabis is the ultimate time released medication. It is stored in the fat cells in the body and released into the blood stream over time, which varies from person to person. Extremely thin people my need to medicate up to three times a day with MMJ edibles to achieve desired medical results while heavier patients will receive symptom relief with a strong MMJ edible dose at bedtime Q: Can I use medical cannabis edibles with vaporization/ inhalation (smoking MMJ) therapy?

46 June/July

A: Yes, in fact a majority of the patients use both. The average patient should take the same dose each day of edible MMJ cannabis, approx 20mg to 100mg (depending on what type of patient you are-(pls. see above). Inhalation MMJ therapy can be used to control more severe symptoms on an as needed basis by a patient. Treatment regimens may have to be adjusted occasionally given occasional flare-ups in the MMJ patient’s condition(s). Q: What do I do if I am ingesting a MMJ edible for the first time? A: GO SLOWLY. Please keep in mind that edibles can be very strong in comparison to smoke therapy. In addition, the effect of ingesting medical cannabis will last six times longer than the effects of smoke therapy. A patient should take a MMJ edible with some food, preferably containing some fat, i.e olive oil or solid food etc. to help with the digestion and metabolism of THC and CBD. The amount of MMJ needed for symptom relief is different for each patient and many patients are USING TOO HIGH of dosing of MMJ to effectively treat their medical conditions.   Q: How do I know which edible company is best for me? A: NOT ALL MMJ EDIBLE COMPANIES ARE CREATED EQUALLY. Some MMJ edible companies test their products for accurate dosing of THC/CBD but a lot of them don’t. Lab testing is expensive and Colorado state standards for assuring accurate testing results don’t exist. This is a very significant problem in the current MMJ edible market. The best way for a patient to protect themselves from these inferior products and bad side effects as discussed above is to make sure your MMJ center demands quality lab test results from the edible manufacturer so the patient can use the medicine safely and wisely. AGAIN, THE PATIENT MUST PROCEED SLOWLY WHEN USING MMJ EDIBLES TO DEVELOP TOLERANCE AND KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT PRODUCT(S) WORK BEST AND MOST CONSISTENTLY AT THE PROPER DOSAGE, INCLUDING THE TIMING OF MMJ INGESTION TO HAVE THE MOST SYMPTOM RELIEF. WORKING WITH KNOWLEDGEABLE BUDTENDERS AT A QUALITY DISPENSARY IS SUGGESTED. Q: How do I read the labeling? A: Buyer beware: The labels regarding the strength of

edible products may say one thing and not be consistent from one batch to another. This pertains to levels of THC and/or CBD. Any time a patient is using a new MMJ edible, PLEASE begin with a low dosage until you know how you will respond to it. NOTE: Just because the packaging says it has a 100mg THC dose may not necessarily mean that it has 100mg of activated THC. It could have more and many times less than the actual number on the label. MMJ edibles vary in strength between different companies as well as from individual products within a specific MMJ edible company. It is dangerous for a patient to eat an edible MMJ product that claims to have 100mg activated THC but only contains 35mg. This patient believes that they have a tolerance to 100mg but only has ingested 35mg THC, which may work well for that particular patient. If this patient tries a MMJ edible product that actually has a 100mg activated THC, then the patient gets too high and may suffer anxiety and possibly panic because they have now taken too high a dose of THC contained in the MMJ edible. This is confusing, scary and very uncomfortable for the patient and not good regarding the practice of medicine.   Q: How long until I feel the benefits of edibles? A: It typically takes 30 to 90 minutes to feel the effects of MMJ edible therapy. You can expect to feel a slight increase in symptom relief the next morning after your first bedtime dose and will feel more symptom relief in usually three days. Some patients reach substantial symptom relief within two weeks although some patients may take up to two months

before receiving the maximum benefits of MMJ edibles. Q: What do I do if I have eaten too much? A: Don’t panic, cannabis cannot kill you. The most common side effects include increasing anxiety, racing thoughts, increased heart rate, possibly a panic attack, nausea, vomiting, feelings of disorientation, excessive drowsiness. Some people within the MMJ community say ingesting high concentrations of sugar found in sweets, soft drinks or ingesting starches such as rice or pasta and drinking plenty of water may help reduce the uncomfortable effects of an overdose or bad reaction to cannabis. If you follow the above recommendations and are still not accomplishing symptoms relief contact BotanaCare for a personalized medicating program designed around your personal needs.

11450 Cherokee St. Unit a7 Northglenn, Colorado 80234 (303) 254-4200 47

Implementation of 64: Who Can Buy What, When and Where?

by Jake Browne

For Denver attorney Brian Vicente, Amendment 64’s passage was the culmination of a years as a marijuana advocate, the white whale of his Ahab-like dedication to reforming our legal system and reprogramming minds. Don’t worry about empty nest syndrome for Vicente, however, as he’s found plenty to keep busy with in the months following. With a stroke of Gov. Hickenlooper’s pen, much of that hard work will start taking shape. The first order of business in the post-64 world: draft legislation to figure out what, exactly, a retail marijuana store looks like. Fortunately for Colorado voters, another founding member of Vicente Sederberg LLC - Christian Sederberg - was named to the governor’s task force to provide recommendations on how to execute their vision. Also on the task force: 23 other stakeholders, mostly representatives of the law enforcement and business community. “I think the big surprise was, after battling law enforcement and the government officials for years, the fact that they said ‘This passed by 55 percent of the vote, so we’re going to work with you guys to make it happen,’” said Vicente. “It was one of those things where they held their nose and push forward.” Being one of the first two states to legalize adult cultivation and consumption put Colorado on the national radar, with many residents hailing from less permissive parts of our union itching to do a little canna-tourism of their own. In fact, it became one of the largest concerns legislators had in drafting HB13-1317, the a set of guidelines that the Marijuana Enforcement Division will be trusted to flesh out. The fact is that Colorado has the best marijuana laws in the world. Frankly, the history of the world,” offers Vicente. “I think that’s still going to drive a lot of cannabis consumers to the state.” That sparked immediate concerns about diversion to neighboring states. ”We ended up at [a limit of] a quarter of an ounce, which is pretty good if you’re coming out skiing for a weekend. We also don’t prevent people from purchasing multiple quarter ounces if they want to, but the point is, we’re just making it

harder for someone to buy ounce after ounce after ounce which can lead to widespread diversion.” Where can tourists toke, though? Amendment 64 doesn’t permit public use, and things like pot clubs or collectives look to be struck down before many had an opportunity to open their doors. Vicente says that you’re free to consume “in private locations: people’s homes, possibly hotel rooms. The big question from there is: what is a private location? A lot of that will be left up to local government.” Some towns, like Nederland, are already pursuing their own version of regulation, opting for more liberal flourishes than other conservative cities and counties. While many had proclaimed the MMJ industry dead, or soonto-be-cannibalized, those who operate dispensaries will actually have the first crack at licensure and will be able to serve patients or adults - as long as they’re over 21. Vicente believes they’ll be able to hold on to a niche, even in the long term, with some cities banning recreational use. “You also have your lower cost medicine and can purchase more than one ounce, and there’s all of the wellness services that these facilities provide,” he notes. Other provisions included a voter approved tax, which could set rates as high as 25 percent when people go to the polls this November, independent state lab testing, and new packaging requirements. One provision he’s eager to see determined, though, are caps on the amount of physical product produced. “If we really maximize the grow space in this state, will we be flooded with marijuana which will tank the price and lead to people diverting it out of state,” he argues. “I think we need to, at least in the short term, have some kind of production cap.” Six months after election, however, the one question that is on everyone’s mind still hasn’t changed: when can a person walk in a store with an I.D. and money, and out with marijuana? “January 2014. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, that’s the time to buy your ticket.” For many, it’ll be a ticket to paradise. 49

Hemp:Cleaning From the Ground Up

by Jason Lauve

Americans are taking more personal responsibility with their health, businesses and communities, and seeing subtle changes taking place with huge impacts on the political landscape and how people view their rights.

and city. Industrial hemp was planted in an experiment to clean up the Chernobyl disaster demonstrating hemp remediation of soil, water and air as a very efficient form of cleaning contaminants.

We now know hemp has the potential to clean up toxic materials left behind from issues such as mining, oil spills, commercial contamination, over nutrification of farm land, heavy uses of pesticides and herbicides, excess carbon from manufacturing of products like cement and other sources. Recent data has demonstrated that hemp can further Enter Hemp Cleans, a Colorado grassroots non-profit, contribute to the stabilization of soil lowering its salinity; striving for regulation and cultivation of industrial hemp. reducing erosion and contamination of clean water sources; Hemp Cleans has been doing presentations to the farming and removing heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons. community, sharing information By using hemp as a boundary crop, and/or in about the potential in producing multi-cropping and a rotation crop it can mitigate and processing industrial hemp for nutrient runoff and reduce or even eliminate the Industrial hemp foods, fibers, fuels and additionally as amounts of herbicides and pesticides which end was planted in filters, clearly a very diverse range of up in our water; once the contaminated elements an experiment applications. are sequestered into the plant. Depending on the specific contaminants, the plant may be to clean up the incinerated in an EPA certified incinerator or it can Until recently, remediation of Chernobyl disaster be used in production as long as the contaminants contaminants has been done through in the plant material are at safe levels. Research very costly mechanical and chemical demonstrating processes not considered practical is extremely important at this time because there hemp remediation for many applications. According to are hundreds and possibly thousands of useful of soil, water services this plant has to offer. the Environmental Protection Agency, there are over 30,000 contaminated and air as a We know that deforestation has decimated most sites in the U.S. What we need is very efficient of the forests in the world today. We are mining, a sustainable approach to develop burning fuel for transportation; and contributing “a closed loop relationship” with our form of cleaning to eutrophication in our aquatic systems, which ecological systems. When we take into contaminants. eventually lead to areas void of any life. Burning consideration the relationship between one acre of grassland gives off pollutants more food sources, land, mining, energy damaging than running 2,500 cars. In Africa systems, communities and other issues we create a feedback system. This system is called alone, we are burning more than 500 million acres every a closed loop relationship, which allows for greater health year, which is equivalent to 1.2 trillion cars. Therefore, by and sustainability in our homes and communities. We can making a shift from a path of waste to a closed loop system continue to improve upon these relationships with subtle of re-use, we can substantially lower the detrimental impact changes from the data we accumulate through experience. on our local, national and global ecological systems. We may even have the ability to repair these systems. Currently, Hemp Cleans is involved in a research and development project, which was started in Colorado last We still have a lot of work to do in learning about the June of 2012 under HB12-1099, The Industrial Hemp potentials of industrial hemp. When America gets to the Remediation Pilot Program. This program explores a point of producing enough hemp for all of our needs and multitude of experiments where hemp may be used for there is “excess material,” the creation of the sustainable cleaning soil, water and air. Examples of current projects closed loop system could sequester carbon while growing include mitigating forest fire damage and waste from gold the hemp and then use the plants as a source of fuel for mining operations. There is potential for many more projects cars, trucks and planes. to come. Remediation of contaminants using hemp may prove to be a The official term phytoremediation was coined by Dr. Ilya method that will speed the process of cleaning up generations Raskin of Rutgers University Biotechnology Center for of contamination. As people, communities and companies Agriculture and the Environment. She was a member of the become stewards of our natural and built environments, we original task force sent by the International Atomic Energy can be certain there will be an improvement in our overall Association to examine food safety at the Chernobyl site. In health. Please contact to support 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded releasing the ongoing research and implementation of industrial hemp. and spreading radioactive materials all over the landscape Today our air, food and water are filled with things that we can’t even pronounce, let alone understand, particularly the ill effects they have on us and our communities at large. Many are asking difficult questions about what to do to solve these problems and are taking action.

50 June/July

Phyto = Plant Remediation = Cleanse 51

20ish Questions With David Bronner by Josh Davis

Another exciting installment of 20 Questions With Someone You Should Know. This time our special guest is David Bronner and this is why you should know him... THC: Hi David. So first question as always: Who are you and why are you someone we should know? David Bronner (DB): I’m David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. I’m guessing I’m someone you should know because my company uses organic hemp seed oil in our soaps. THC: Ding Ding! You are correct sir and we thank you for it. How did Dr. Bronner’s Soaps come to be? DB: Well we’re now in the 5th generation of Bronner’s soap makers. The company as we know it today was founded by my grandfather, Dr. Emmanuel Bronner in America in 1948 but my ancestors on my grandfather’s side were Orthodox Jews living in Southern Germany who started to manufacture soap in 1858. THC: The packaging of the soap is very unique and has been the same since it’s original creation in ‘48. What’s the message behind all the writing? DB: My grandfather founded our company as a nonprofit religious organization with a message that all the great traditions and spiritual giants around the world were basically saying the same thing: we need to realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides, we are all children of the same Divine source. THC: In referring to your grandfather you’ve been quoted as saying; “ I couldn’t really talk to him on a human level.” What did you mean by that? DB: Well that was in reference to when I was a kid growing up, not later in life. My granddad was 24/7 coming off the mountaintop. I mean, just read our label.  That was him all the time. It was difficult to have a normal conversation with him. Especially when I was a kid it was a little hard to understand. I mean it was great and powerful, but was also sailing over our heads, until I got older and wiser, when I got down and was super psyched. THC: When the company was launched in ‘48 was it an immediate success? DB: Not immediately but the soaps did pick up a cult following and then with the counterculture of the 60s and the rejection of the corporate based ecologically destructive products they really took off. THC: I’m guessing you are no longer a non-for-profit company though?

52 June/July

DB: Correct. We’re now a for profit company. In the late 80s my granddad lost  his nonprofit status to the IRS and eventually declared bankruptcy. My dad reorganized the company as a for profit but we still have that nonprofit DNA in everything we do from capping our salaries to our fair trade raw material sourcing policy. THC: How so in relation to your salaries? DB: Well among other things we cap executive compensation at five times the lowest-paid position and we give all profits not needed for business development to support progressive charities and causes. THC: Just like all the major corporations of the world! Not! How else are you different from other companies? DB: We very much believe in getting off the chemical treadmill of industrial agricultural that is completely unsustainable. Blasting our food crops with huge amounts of the petrochemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides is clearly unsustainable and polluting the rivers and waterways as well as our bodies. So we are all about promoting sustainable agriculture. All of our products are based on certified organic and fair trade ingredients. THC: With the hemp issue in full swing around the country has Dr. Bronner’s been involved with legalization support? DB: Very much so. We’ve been passionate advocates of legalizing industrial hemp as a sustainable ecological rotation crop for food, textiles, construction, etc. We also support integrating marijuana and psychedelics responsibly into the larger culture, as important allies to help us become more conscious about how we live and conduct our lives, treat one another and the Earth, and think about how we consume, what we eat and what we do. I’m now serving on the board of MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, an organization that is doing incredible work in this regard. THC: It’s fairly rare to hear of the president of a company publicly supporting psychedelic research but it goes inline with the words printed on the soap labels. Did you always see yourself being a part of the company? DB: You know not really. My dad oversaw the soap business starting in the early 90s but he had his own chemical company, Bronner Chemical, that was independent of the soap business and I grew up working with him in. He developed fire-fighting foam that was used in forest fires around the world, so whenever you see foam being blasted or dropped onto a fire that probably is my dad’s product. He modified a version of that to make fake snow to spray on Hollywood sets. After I went to college at Harvard I wanted to go out and do my own thing, I was just trying to figure

out what I wanted to do so I went to Europe and kinda (sic) got stuck in Amsterdam. It was just an amazing experience - a wonderful community of activists and artists. I got really radicalized, had a wake up call really and saw from the outside what our country was doing, looking at the disaster of western consumption on the planet and seeing how the companies making products gave little thought to how they were produced. So I came back to the states working as a mental health counselor and over this period of time I really started to appreciate what my granddad was all about and what his vision was. I realized what a unique opportunity I had in working with my family and my relationship with my dad had also improved substantially. My daughter Maya was born on the same day my grandfather died, March 7th, 1997. I told my dad that I was ready to come back to the company and sadly a few months later he was diagnosed with stage four cancer and was given six months to live. So this really sucked but I was very fortunate that I had decided to come back to the company already and got to have a crucial intense year with my dad teaching me the ropes of life and business. I was also committed to uphold the vision of my granddad. I was young and its been quite and adventure. I recruited my brother, Mike Bronner, a couple of years later to be my partner in life and crime and our team has since grown to include all star rock stars with different strengths and talents, but all inspired by the progressive vision that my granddad and dad bequeathed to us. THC: Was hemp seed oil always a part of the soap? DB: No, we put the hemp seed oil in 1999 as a super-fatting ingredient because of its unsurpassed essential fatty acid content, which makes the lather smoother and after-feel less drying. We were really excited and thought we were a year away from re-commercializing hemp agriculture in the U.S. Canada commercialized it in 1998 so we were right on the cusp and then Bush came into office and it was just a dark time that the industry had to navigate. THC: Did you have to stop using hemp as an ingredient? DB: No, but we got in a huge fight with the DEA just to protect the status quo imports in hemp seed, oil and fibre, which as you know can’t be cultivated in the U.S. but we were allowed to import non-viable seed and fibre. The DEA was trying to kill the American consumer market for hemp, which is the world’s largest so that was really where I felt I was needed. I coordinated the industry’s successful litigation against DEA, which was right after 9/11, it was an intense time.

THC: Were you being threatened by the DEA? DB: Well among other things we were told we had to dispose of our hemp seed inventory by February 6th, 2002, or become drug kingpins. We got a federal stay from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against the DEA’s action and it was the first time the DEA got stopped on anything pretty much. Two years later after a series of more court battles we got a clean victory on February 6th, 2004 over the DEA. Coincidently, February 6th is Bob Marley’s birthday. THC: Where do you get your hemp from today? DB: Canada. Initially we got it from Europe but soon after Canada legalized their quality became better than Europe’s. THC: If hemp became legal for U.S. farmers to grow would you buy it here? DB: Yeah absolutely! We would be very excited to use American hemp oil. While it’s still illegal under federal law, we really feel that if a farmer is willing to risk his liberty, crop insurance and subsidies and be really conscious of the potential consequences, that cultivating hemp in this cultural moment will bust this thing wide open. You know civil disobedience has been driving medical marijuana but it’s easy to understand why because you have patients with serious life and death issues, and a relatively small quantity of plants to grow. Whereas with hemp, you’ve got farmers interested in a possible rotation crop but it’s not a life or death situation and they’ve got to plant a million plants and technically, according to the feds it’s marijuana so facing a lifetime in jail is rather daunting. But at the same time it’s so absurd and ridiculous I think we’re at a point now with Amendment 64 going through that the Obama administration is not going to interfere and if they did I think they’ll just come in and chop down the crop and that would generate such a media firestorm that either way we win. But, yeah I would be more than happy to contract to buy the hemp seed oil pressed from the crop. THC: Do you have any American hemp partnerships yet? DB: Yeah, we actually helped finance the Kentucky Hemp Commission with a matching donation of $50,000 last year in November (matching Sen. Rand Paul’s PAC). We’ve had ongoing discussions in Colorado as well so we really feel that Kentucky and Colorado is where it’s at. This is super exciting because in Kentucky it’s the first time that we’ve had a Republican champion in the Senate in Rand Paul and he even got Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader, to support 53

hemp as well. I really think Kentucky’s leverage is going to provide the political cover to get federal waivers soon so farmers can grow hemp. I think it will probably be a policy change from the DOJ, but it’s not going to come from them, it will come from outside pressure from the Senate. THC: Can you explain the idea of fair trade? DB: Sure. So, “certified organic” addresses the environmental sustainability equation but what it doesn’t do is support social sustainability. What kind of working conditions, prices and wages are the farmers and workers getting? Fair trade originated around coffee in the 80s. The global commodity coffee markets were incredibly volatile and were routinely crashing below the cost of production and all these farmers around the world were getting totally screwed. They were in a complete poverty trap. So fair trade is a way for conscious western buyers to cut out all the middlemen and go directly to the farmers and create trade relationships based on long-term respectful conditions. The farmers and their families and farm communities benefit from fair prices, living wages and funding for local development projects. THC: Do you think this is something other companies should adopt? DB: Absolutely. It’s about being responsible and making sure the profits that you are getting are spread equitably through your supply chain. It’s not enough to say we’re recycling in our head office, you know? What about your supply chain? That’s what makes companies green. It’s not about carbon offsets - it’s the supply chain and fairness to the workers. THC: Looking back on your career, what were some mistakes from which you learned? DB: Oh there were so many! But we learned a lot from our mistakes. Like during our battle with the DEA we launched a hemp food product to help reassure the retailers that we were confident that we would win, and not discontinue hemp products and ruin the industry. So we launched this hemp food product called Alpsnack. It was made by a local Swiss lady named Gertrude Spindler. The leading ingredient was almonds, with a lot of hemp nuts and other stuff in it. The big mistake we made was leading with almonds without enough margin built in. The problem was that the almond pricing was very volatile. Our costs were all over the place, we weren’t making any money and the margin structure was all screwed up. So it was a huge life lesson in making sure that you have sustainable

54 June/July

margins to grow the product and have a real good handle on the cost structure. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to do something with as much forethought as possible, and then learn what not to do through trial and error. You don’t learn if you don’t try. THC: Who have been your mentors? DB: Number one is my dad as well as my grandfather, my mom and Uncle Ralph, my wife and my daughter, my brother and sister, my friends past and present in this incredible life. Then the cannabis warriors, Jack Herer of course, Steve McWilliams, Steph Sherer and many others, then a lot of my comrades in the hemp industry, people like Sue Kastensen, Eric Steenstra, Adam Eidinger, Gero Leson, Denny Finneran, Dion Markgraaf, Shaun Crew and Steve Levine who inspired me through their business and activism. In this regard too, I was highly influenced by Paul Hawken’s book “Natural Capitalism.”  Basically our entire crew at Dr. Bronner’s has rocked my world.   Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of MAPS, and John Gilmore, fellow board member and drug war reformer, have been key inspirations.  Our rock star attorney Joe Sandler has schooled me well.  And Ronnie Cummins, Executive Director of the Organic Consumers Association, takes names and kicks ass like no other. THC: We reached 20 but mind if we keep going? (Nope) Speaking of activism - you’ve been pretty busy in the last few years from planting hemp on the DEA’s lawn to locking yourself in a jail cell in front of the White House to protest the prohibition of hemp. Do you think it’s worked? DB: Yes. I think smart activism like what I did with the jail cell in front of the White House really highlights the absurdity of the situation. I gained respect and got a lot of compliments from people that saw in the media what I had done. People are sort of laughing at the whole thing. I don’t know how I’m gonna top it but hopefully I won’t have to if Colorado or Kentucky farmers will have the ability to plant hemp themselves. THC: What’s the future look like for Dr. Bronner’s? DB: We are on a really nice trajectory. I think we could be a $100 million dollar company in five years. Thanks to my brother, internationally our growth is super strong. We’re doing really

well in Japan, Korea, Germany, the UK and Australia. I think people are really resonating to the business model we have. Number one we have the best soap on the planet and number two we have this incredible mission that people are down with. Plus we’re getting better at marketing our story and mission. THC: Will Dr. Bronner’s continue to fight for GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling and against what you called the “Industrial Agricultural Machine”? DB: Absolutely! Having fought with the DEA in the early 2000s and getting through that level of stress really made us comfortable with litigating all kinds of unfair practices in our industry, such as organic fraud and fair trade fraud and also figuring out the state initiative process. We are very engaged with GMO labeling, as we are very concerned with genetic engineering. The pesticide industry in this country has bought the seed industry and is engineering resistance to their weed killers, which are being sprayed in ever increasing amounts on our food crops. The industrial age machine is a huge problem. We’re taking the lessons we’ve learned from cannabis activism and the cannabis initiative process and applying them to GMOs and who knows what else down the line. We’re starting to be able to do real damage with the amount of funds we can sling around along with a team of experts we’ve built in house and the circle of consultants with whom we work. We’re just really looking forward to helping build a more progressive future.


3801 North Jason Street Denver, CO 80211 303-997-4526

2011 & 2012 MmEeDdIiıCcAaLl CcAaNnNnAaBbIiıSs CcUuPp WwIiıNnNnEeRrSs 55

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One Country’s Success With Decriminalized Drugs by Erin Hiatt

“The Portugese decriminalization law allows for a person to purchase, possess and consume their own drugs of up to a 10-day supply...” President George H.W. Bush stated about U.S. drug policy in 1992 that “the logic is simple...the cheapest and safest way to eradicate narcotics is to destroy them at their source... we need to wipe out crops wherever they are grown and take out labs wherever they exist.” ( drugwar) The U.S. bases their drug control on a supply-side containment model. The belief is held that the best way to reduce domestic drug consumption is to eliminate drugs completely. On the other side of the world on December 24, 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in order to suppress rival political groups and to strengthen the Afghan Communist Regime loyal to the USSR. The United States, vehemently opposed to communism throughout the world, engaged in a shadowy sort of strategy to help the Afghans defeat the Soviets. Their plan: to aid Afghan warlords in smuggling

heroin. Their intent was to either weaken the Soviet Union through drug addiction, or smuggle it to the west, where the money brought back to the warlords could be used to buy weapons for the Afghan resistance. Charles S. Cogan, CIA Director of the Afghan operation said “Our main mission was to damage the Soviets. We didn’t really have the resources or the time to devote to an investigation of the drug trade. There was fallout in terms of drugs, yes, but the main objective was accomplished. The Soviets left Afghanistan.” (Chussudovsky, Michel, Jan. 8, 2008, “Pakistan and the Global War on Terrorism”) The “fallout” landed squarely in the lap of Portugal. Lisbon, with its port on the west coast of Portugal, was and remains the primary doorway for illegal drugs entering Europe. Heroin flooded the underground market. 57

Drug slums teeming with junkies formed in Lisbon, where shooting-up on the streets was common. HIV and hepatitis rates skyrocketed from the sharing of dirty needle. Drug mortality rates were alarmingly high, much more so than in surrounding countries. Criminal activity and drug-related societal problems were spiraling. João Goulão was a family physician in Lisbon and is one of the architects of Portugal’s current drug policy. Goulão says Portugal was “naive” ( and had no idea how to deal with the drugs awash on the streets. In the mid-1990s the number of Portuguese who were severely addicted to drugs, mostly heroin, was 100,000 in a country which had a population of fewer than 10,000,000. The Portuguese government in reaction to this crisis created an anti-drug commission tasked with rectifying the situation. Goulão was among them. He asserted that “drug users aren’t criminals, they’re sick.” ( This belief was agreed upon by the commission and the seed for the current drug policy in Portugal was planted: Decriminalize ALL drugs and treat offenders as people who need medical treatment, not as criminals. The law decriminalizing drugs in Portugal, called Law 30/2000, took effect on July 1, 2001. All drugs in Portugal, it should be noted, are still illegal.   The aim of the law is to take the focus off of criminalizing recreational drug users and instead direct their efforts on an addict’s rehabilitation while still arresting and prosecuting dealers and traffickers. There are three tools for this: first is to concentrate on user prevention, second is to improve the healthcare networks so addicts who seek treatment will receive it promptly and professionally, and third is providing law enforcement with measuring tools to discern casual users from traffickers and dealers. The Portuguese decriminalization law allows for a person to purchase, possess and consume their own drugs of up to a 10-day supply and makes no distinction between “hard” and “soft” drugs. Drug traffickers, dealers, people who sell to minors or the mentally disabled are treated as criminals and are held to the standards of the Portuguese courts.   Jasmine Tyler is the Deputy Director of International Affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance and she notes two specific benefits of the Portugal model for dealing with illicit drugs, noting that “one is the decriminalization because of possession. Criminalization creates so many barriers for individuals, whether it’s accessing services or even accessing gainful employment and so decriminalizing possession of up to about a ten-day supply would be a huge step toward minimizing the criminal justice system.”   In Portugal “the police still search people for drugs,” Goulão stated (, and if the amount found is more than the 10-day limit, Portuguese police will treat that person as a dealer. Those under the 10-day limit will be sent to the Commission for Dissuasion of Drug Addiction. This body is solely responsible for meting out drug-related punishments.

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Non-addicted users their first time in front of the commission may be issued a warning or a citation similar to a traffic ticket. If the user comes before the commission a second time, they could be sent to rehabilitative treatment provided by the healthcare system of Portugal. If the user comes back a third time they are held to criminal proceedings and prosecuted accordingly. There are many nuances involved in the assessment of fines. Variables that could sway the severity of punishment could include where the person was using, whether they were within the view of children, if the person was driving or any other number of scenarios. Since decriminalization has been in effect in Portugal, the country has seen a dramatic social turnaround. The Cato Report “Drug Decriminalization in Portugal” by Glenn Greenwald tells us the following:  Drug usage, in absolute terms, has decreased  Social related ills continue to fall  Drug related mortality rates have decreased as have instances of HIV and Hepatits B and C  Lifetime prevalence rates (meaning the percentage of people who have tried a drug at least once over the course of their lifetime) have decreased. Current lifetime prevalence rate is 8.2 percent  Trafficking has decreased since the law’s passage in 2001  Cannabis, which is the most widely used drug in the EU, has the lowest lifetime prevalence rate of any of their EU counterparts, who in fact average double and triple the rate of usage in post-decriminalization Portugal  In 2000, approximately 14,000 people were arrested for drug-related crimes.  After decriminalization, the average dropped 5,000-5,500 people per year ( The United States, since the beginning of War on Drugs began in 1971, has this tale to tell (  More than one trillion spent on the War on Drugs  Number of people arrested in the U.S. in 2011 for nonviolent drug charges: 1.53 million  Number of Americans incarcerated in 2011 in federal, state and local prisons and jails: 2,266,800 or 1 in every 99.1 adults, the highest incarceration rate in the world  Fraction of people incarcerated for a drug offense in state prison that are black or Hispanic, although these groups use and sell drugs at similar rates as whites: 2/3  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that syringe access programs lower HIV incidence among people who inject drugs by 80 percent while the dollars being spent by the federal government on such prevention programs equals exactly $0

Ms. Tyler thinks that the U.S. drug war has been “extremely unsuccessful and it’s been a complete failure in curtailing illegal drug production and usage. In the 40 years since the drug war’s been waged we’ve spent a trillion dollars and the only thing we have to show for it is that we lead the world in incarceration. We have 5 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the world’s prison population, yet drugs remain available, cheap and pure every day.”

solve the problems of drug trafficking and thinks that the U.S. could see better results if more states followed Colorado and Washington. “Decriminalization, legalization, taxing and regulating marijuana would be a huge step because so much of the profits are gained from marijuana trafficking back into the U.S. If we could get marijuana off the table, tax it and regulate just like alcohol, we would have more resources to deal with other drugs and how to deal with addiction.”

The drug laws in Portugal are unmatched anywhere in the world and have been a grand experiment in drug policy. None of the nightmare scenarios predicted by naysayers have come to pass. Goulão concedes that “we haven’t found some miracle cure” ( and it is true that no drug policy anywhere has been successful at keeping people from taking drugs. But since the law’s passage in 2001, the negative aspects of drug culture in Portugal have been contained and in some aspects reversed.

An outlier in transforming U.S. drug policies may be the passage of the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.” The U.S. medical system is a for-profit model unlike Portugal’s, but Ms. Tyler says that “the Portugal model would also pair well with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, given that they’ll be more available opportunities for accessing drug treatment and other treatments.” She goes on to say that “the increase in health treatment options, whether it’s drug treatment options or public health options like syringe exchange opportunities or increased use of methadone would be hugely helpful in reducing problematic drug use in the U.S. and would begin to solve a lot of issues that arise because of illicit drug use.”

But the U.S. continues their determined stance, “displaying very little interest in understanding the improving trends in Portugal, specifically those that have clearly resulted in an environment of drug liberalization and decriminalization” and actually “agitates for greater criminalization rather than managing usage rates and ameliorating drug-related harms.” (Louisa Degenhardt, University of New South Wales Sydney, PLOS Medicine)

It seems that the different approaches to drug policy between the U.S. and Portugal boils down to philosophy. Eradicate the drugs, or treat the users? So far, Portugal is winning the race.

Ms. Tyler thinks that the U.S. approach is doing nothing to 59



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Best Meds in Colorado Southwest Alternative has the best meds in Colorado hands down. Pricing is spot on with the meds. All the employees are amazing. Makes you feel like you are a regular your first time in. AWESOME!!!!! - seige55, This place is the best kept secret in Denver I have been a member with Southwest for about a year now, and have nothing but raving reviews. But the original shop wasn’t very close for me as I do not drive. With this new location in the heart of Denver has made buying my meds even easier. Best benefits in town, they give out the most free stuff for members by far. - FACEwreck5360

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Signature Edibles

Pecanna Bar - 2011 High Times Award Winner Our award winning and signature medible. We infuse the crust and the caramel with our Canna Butter and then cover thoroughly with pecans. 100mgs of THC Bubble Brownie - 2012 High Times Award Winner Made using the finest ingredients just like grandma used to do it. 100mgs of THC Chronic Crispies - Using various cereals, we blend marshmallows and our Canna Butter to create a delicious treat. 100mgs of THC Buddy Mix - Covered in infused peanut butter and infused chocolate makes this edible delicious and unique. 100mgs of THC Comfy Crackers - Seasoned with our own blend of spices and infused with Canna Oil make these crackers stand out. 100mg of THC Party Mix - Just as you remember it, except we infuse it with our Canna Butter and olive oil. 100mg of THC Rock n Rollz - A sweet infused caramel delight. These 1x1 squares are surely a sell-out item now AND during the coming holidays. 2 individual 1x1 squares with 100mg of infused medicated THC. A total of 200mg of sweet harmony. Disco Domes - Peanut butter milk chocolate surrounded by 72% single origin dark chocolate. 125mg of THC New* Pecanna Bites - *In house only - Just like our award winning Pecanna Bar, only bite size. New* Brownie Bites - *In house only - Just like our award winning Bubble Brownie, only bite sized. 12’ Carry Out Pizza - *In house only - Made to order with mozzarella, fresh tomato and herbs. 250mg of THC - Coupon in the back of the magazine. Island Ice Cream Push Pops - *In house only - Chocolate and banana Ice cream with a splash of rum. 100mg of THC

Staff Favorites

FLO - Hybrid The high is light and energetic, allowing for mental clarity throughout. Cough #1 - Hybrid A wonderful sativa buzz that will certainly put a spring in your step. Comfortable and enjoyable yet powerful. Sour Diesel - Sativa Couch lock? I think not. This is a popular strain for good reason. A dreamy, uplifting high that will not kill your motivation. 69



COLORADO SPRINGS 72 Amendment 20 71 FRAM 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles


73 Nature’s Own Wellness Center

70 June/July



C O L O R A D O Front Range Alternative Medicines, aka FRAM is Colorado Springs Premier Medical Marijuana Center for patients from all over Colorado. FRAM is conveniently located just off I-25 & exit 148. Family owned & operated since 2009, FRAM is compassionate about patients and their needs. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you select the correct choice of medicine for your body, mind & soul. Known to some patients as “The Edible Warehouse”, FRAM always has a LARGE assortment of new and popular edibles to choose from. They offer a good selection of house hashish and a bunch of popular waxes & shatters from around our state. Maybe you need high CBD tinctures, topicals & capsules, well FRAM has it. Vapes, pens, glass, titanium, quartz accessories, yup FRAM has that too. Why shop around when you can just go to one place that has it all? “Your one stop shop”, FRAM. Good pricing for all, great benefits & a competitive rewards program if you designate FRAM as your MMC. Brand new patients are always welcome with a tour of our dispensary. Like us on Facebook for daily specials. Stop in today, it may be a life time experience that you’ve never expected!

5913 North Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80918 719-213-0118 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm Sunday 12:00am-5:00pm 71


C O L O R A D O S P R I N G S Amendment 20 Caregivers is a family-owned and operated Colorado MMJ center dedicated to quality medicine and a satisfying patient experience.

2727 Palmer Park Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-375-5610 Monday-Saturday 11:00am-6:30pm Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm

Top Strains Aurora Indica Grapefruit Blue Dream Hong Kong Star Chem Dogg Matanuska Tundra

(aka Mountain Thunder)

Cindy 99 Jilly Bean Skunk #6 Headband Sage ‘n’ Sour Cream Cheeze

The friendly staff works tirelessly to ensure every patient has an enjoyable visit and that they are receiving the best medicine available for their condition. The medicine is only top-shelf but is available at reasonable prices that everyone can afford (and most cannot believe). Member patients enjoy even lower pricing, daily specials, and patient appreciation events. Bud-tenders are friendly, knowledgeable, and enjoy helping patients feel better. Amendment 20 Caregivers is conveniently located in central Colorado Springs with plenty of free parking and with safe, private, and easy access for every patient. The wide variety of edibles and high-quality meds make this the perfect stop. Come visit them today to learn about and sign up for member pricing and other daily discounts blasts.

Roadblock-15 Thai Blueberry 2 LA Confidential Lemon Skunk NYPD White Widow Sour Diesel Pez Kt Kush Blue City Diesel NYPD

Staff Favorites

New York Power Diesel sativa dominant 70/30 The New York Power Diesel (NYPD) is an indoor power strain with a radical mix of Sativa Mexicana father and Afghan/Dutch indica mother. The Nirvana addition to the diesel family stays close to the New York variant. NYPD is an F1 hybrid that is balanced but sativa-dominant, with potential for gardeners and home breeders. Its mother plant, the Aurora Indica, is a combination of Northern Lights and an Afghan strain that was stabilized especially for use in this cross. The heavy, greasy narcotic effects of the Aurora Indica beautifully cut the edge of the crispy, speedy Oaxacan sativa father known as Eldorado. The resulting terpenoids have a powerful diesel aroma with a lemon-edged fuel flavor. Aurora Indica indica dominant 90/10 Aurora Indica’s leaves are dark and impressively wide and its smell is dense and spicy, leading gardeners to anticipate the cosmic indica experience its name suggests. The buds are thick and greasy to the touch, with a deep Afghani flavor that is more apparent when grown in soil. A great stone before bed, this heavy buzz comes on quickly and can be quite sedative. People have reported hot ears as a common side effect when vaporizing. This strain has medicinal potential for treating hyperactivity and insomnia.

Concentrates 72 June/July

Scissor Hash-Rainbow Bubble Hash-Rainbow Style Moonrocks Kief Under new ownership and management, Nature’s Own Wellness Center strives to give every patient a quality experience that is only surpassed by the quality of their medicine. The dispensary offers a wide variety of strains and products to help all patients with their particular needs. Nature’s Own Wellness Center offers only the best edibles and marijuana infused products from around the state. All strains our house-grown and special care is taken to make sure they are of the highest quality. Nature’s Own Wellness Center offers a clean, safe, comfortable, environment run by medical professionals who are focused on the well-being of their patients. The dispensary takes their caregiver responsibility seriously and will work with the patients to be sure that the care they are receiving is helpful and provides relief. The focus is on real patients who can benefit from this type of therapy, and the dispensary is establishing a patient-oriented approach while complying with all Colorado laws and statutes. Nature’s Own Wellness Center offers a place of healing for patients with a compassionate and knowledgeable staff of providers you can trust. More than just a medical cannabis center; Nature’s Own Wellness Center is here to help you experience a better quality of life and a healing of mind, body, and spirit.

927 Highway 3 Durango, CO 81301 970-259-0283 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:30pm Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm



*Varies from harvest to harvest

*Call for availability

Cherry Lime Afghani Bullrider Herijuana Romulan Purple Kush Bubba Kush Banana Kush Bubba Bruce Bruce Banner Master Kush Rom Rider Ray Charles Grand Daddy Nosebleed UK Cheese Lava Berry Kush Flo Lemon Skunk Green Crack Island Sweet Skunk Lambs Bread

Bakked - Cake Balls, Hash Oil Cheeba Chews - Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD Dr. J’s - Caramellows, Star Barz Dixie Elixir - Dew Drop, CBD Dew Drop, Dixie Rolls, Truffles, Dixie Scripts EdiPure - 100 mg, 250 mg assorted Julie and Kate - Cannabutter, Granola, Nut mixes Standing Akimbo - Pecanna Bars, Bubble Brownies, Rock n Rolls, Buddy Mix, Chronic Crispies Tincture Belle - Suckers, Tinctures, Dab-O-Honey, Dabba Zabba, Dabby Nut Rolls, Punches, Caramel Popcorn Mountain High Edibles - Chocolate Rolls 73


C O L O R A D O S P R I N G S In the heart of Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Miracles prides itself on delivering all-natural MMJ products for patients all over Colorado.

2316 East Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-473-9333 Monday-Saturday 11:00pm-6:45pm Sunday-Monday Closed

Family is very important to owner Ali, who operates Rocky Mountain Miracles with daughters Jessica, Mandy, Shelly, and son Mike. The growers and trimmers are all family as well. You are welcomed and cared for like family too. Part of what makes RMM stand out is its quality selection of medication. RMM offers over 80 top-shelf quality, hand trimmed strains, with new strains introduced regularly, as well as hash and caviar. It’s all about providing the right medication for your medical needs, from severe physical pain to PTSD. Also, RMM boasts a wealth of medicated edibles - from cooking ingredients to snacks, teas, coffees, and drinks, plus items for diabetics. Medicated tablets, chew-ables, tinctures, and more provide great alternatives to smoking. But there’s more to this dispensary than the products they sell. Trained staff members happily provide consultation on marijuana questions, pain management, and offer evaluations for patients to determine how MMJ could help alleviate pain and improve quality of life. At Rocky Mountain Miracles, MMJ is provided with expert counseling while friendly service offers unparalleled relief. Check out our coupon in the back of this issue.

Staff Favorites

LA Confidential - Tested at 23% THC Durga Mata - Tested at 18.4% THC Chocolope - Tested at 20.7% THC Mango 13 - Tested at 17.7% THC Orange Bud - Tested at 18.8% THC Hawaiian Skunk - Tested at 16.7% THC Skywalker - Tested at 18.9% THC AK-47 - Tested at 21% THC Blue Dream - Tested at 22.8% THC Black Cherry - Tested at 21% THC Super Lemon Haze - Tested at 20.4% THC Jack the Ripper - Tested at 18.3% THC


Green Chili Brownies Cookies Hard Candy/Taffy Apple Butter Peanut Butter Marinara Macaroni and Cheese Chicken Noodle Soup Hot Chocolate/Coffees/Teas Oatmeal Trail Mix/Sunflower Seeds

Patient Testimonials

“I like RMM because it’s run by a family. They care very much about their patients, all of them, especially ones with real health problems or who are on disability, like myself. I’ve received very good advice on certain edibles that have helped me tremendously with my PTSD, my immune disease, and chronic problems with my back. It has helped take me off most of my medications, where I’m not having to take as many pharmaceutical drugs anymore and I can rely more on natural medicine.” - Jannae, RMM patient

74 June/July

“Shopping at RMM is fun. I laugh with Ali and her daughters every time I come in and they are so friendly and knowledgeable. There are always new products to try and they take the time to explain how the medication can affect me and answer my questions. They have a great selection of edibles. I have horrible back pain and prefer edibles during the day - my favorites are Jolly Drops. I always feel like I’m getting a good deal - like I’m part of the family.” - Susie, RMM patient

Acupuncture 3 Preferred Organic Therapy ATM On Site 56 Emerald City Organics 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles Award Winning 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 67 River Rock 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Body Care Products 61 The Hemp Center Books & Education 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy Cash Only 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles Charity/Community Outreach 5, 62 The Clinic 67 River Rock

Clone Bar 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 51 MMD of Colorado

Evaluation Clinic/MMJ Doctor 19 Amarimed 75 Colorado Medical Marijuana 77 Relaxed Clarity

Clothing Items 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 61 The Hemp Center 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles

Free Parking 72 Amendment 20 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 15, 63 Fox Street Wellness 71 FRAM 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care 55, 69 Standing Akimbo

Credit Cards 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 51 MMD of Colorado Daily Specials 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 71 FRAM 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 51 MMD of Colorado 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Educational Classes 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 65 MBS Wellness Center 3 Preferred Organic Therapy

Happy Hour 56 Emerald City Organics 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Hemp Products 61 The Hemp Center 67 River Rock Holistic Health 72 The Hemp Center 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles Infused Products 55 At Home Baked 51 Evolab 28 Incredibles 3 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 41 Solace Meds 55, 69 Standing Akimbo

Internet Wi-Fi 51 Element Four20 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Live Music 67 River Rock Local Artist Program 67 River Rock Massage Therapy 61 The Hemp Center 65 MBS Wellness Center 81 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock Member Discounts 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 71 FRAM 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 51 MMD of Colorado 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Member Loyalty Program 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 71 FRAM 67 River Rock 79

Multiple Locations 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 56 Emerald City Organics 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 67 River Rock 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care

Pre-Order Medication 72 Amendment 20 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care 55, 69 Standing Akimbo

Nutritional Consulting 56 Emerald City Organics 72 The Hemp Center

Seeds 5, 62 The Clinic 67 River Rock

Pain Management Consulting 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 56 Emerald City Organics 61 The Hemp Center 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock

Senior Discounts 51 Element Four20 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy

MMJ Doctor/Evaluation Clinic 19 Amarimed 75 Colorado Medical Marijuana 77 Relaxed Clarity

Patient Appreciation Events 67 River Rock Private Dispensing Rooms 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care

80 June/July

Signature Concentrates 5, 62 The Clinic 19 Element Four20 Signature Edibles 56 Emerald City Organics 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 55, 69 Standing Akimbo

Signature Strains 72 Amendment 20 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 15, 63 Fox Street Wellness 71 FRAM 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Smoking Accessories 39 Indica Vape Specialty Glass 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 71 FRAM 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Specialized Treatment Programs

5, 62 The Clinic 67 River Rock

Topicals 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 5, 62 The Clinic 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 61 The Hemp Center 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 51 MMD of Colorado 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock Trimming Accessories 84 EZ Trim Vegetarian 55 At Home Baked 28 Incredibles 3 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 41 Solace Meds Veteran Discounts 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 61 The Hemp Center 65 MBS Wellness Center 51 MMD of Colorado 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 River Rock 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles

Colorado Springs 72 Amendment 20 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 71 FRAM 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles61 The Hemp Center Denver Central 5, 62 The Clinic 56 Emerald City Organics 67 River Rock 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care Denver Downtown 51 MMD of Colorado Denver East 5, 62 The Clinic Denver Highlands 5, 62 The Clinic 13, 85 Standing Akimbo Denver North 77 Doctor’s Orders 56 Emerald City Organics 15, 63 Fox Street Wellness 67 River Rock 55, 69 Standing Akimbo Denver South 5, 62 The Clinic 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 10 River Rock 75 Walking Raven Denver Southwest 51 Element Four20 56 Emerald City Organics 55 Remedy Care Center 56 Rocky Mountain MM 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care Durango 73 Nature’s Own Wellness Edgewater 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx Englewood 2, 64 Good Meds Network

Georgetown 2, 64 Good Meds Network Lakewood 5, 62 The Clinic 2, 64 Good Meds Network 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Littleton 61 The Hemp Center Mountain 2, 64 Good Meds Network 73 Nature’s Own Wellness


7 The 710 Cup 47 Amarimed 72 Amendment 20 55 At Home Baked 48 Bong-a-Thon 14 Canna Caregivers 14 The Canna Center 77 Cannabis Camera 21 Cannabis Energy Drink 5, 62 The Clinic 75 Colorado Medical Marijuana 77 Doctor’s Orders 51 Element Four20/Evolab 56 Emerald City Organics 15, 63 Fox Street Wellness 71 FRAM 2, 64 Good Meds Network 61 The Hemp Center 28 Hemp History Week 28 Incredibles 39 Indica 3 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 9, 41 Kind Pain Management 65 MBS Wellness Center 59 Maison de Chanvre 51 MMD of Colorado 14 MMJ Meet and Greet 73 Nature’s Own Wellness Center 66 Northern Lights Natural Rx 3 Preferred Organic Therapy 77 Relaxed Clarity 55 Remedy Care Center 67 River Rock/Priva 74 Rocky Mountain Miracles 41 Solace Meds 9, 68 Southwest Alternative Care 55, 69 Standing Akimbo 75 Walking Raven 81

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