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Selected Projects

This book presents eleven collaborative projects that explore current applications of creativity and design techniques in architectural production. The old-fashioned notion of an individual with a dream of perfection is being replaced by distibuted problem solving and team-based multidisciplinary practice. Today’s design it is not longer about on designer, one client, one place, one solution.The future of global design is fundamentally collaborative. Cristian Lera was born in Mexico City where he worked for Fernando Romero, Derek Dellekamp and Nava+Nosti, and collaborating independently on projects with other exponents of Mexican architecture, as Michel Rojkind, and Chris Luce Dickinson.


Who am I? Hard-working, team player with sophisticated and creative sensibilities. I worked with Fernando Romero in Mexico City participating in successful projects, international competitions and publications where we demonstrated an experimental way of understanding and designing the contemporary architecture. What I do? Work with the internal project team and consultants throughout the design process and construction. Coordinate activities relating to the project design and integrate the work of members of the external project team and associated professionals and trade persons. Seek professional development and participate in annual personal development plan. Aim; Use design. Adapting and improvising conditions into sustainable solutions based in great graphic and verbal communication, translating the culture to architecture.



Selected Projects


Architecture brings together all the relevant disci disciplinary profession that involves design as w The high appreciation of the value of the internat courage research, taking up the societal challen Learning to deal with the increasingly complex p and stakes in the building sector is certainly an o chitecture and to development of technological

01 Juan Soriano Museum Cuernavaca, Mexico / Culture, Museum / 2013 FR-EE / Architectural Design Comission

04 National Bank Headquarters Lima, Peru / Public Space, Offices / 2013 FR-EE / Architectural Design Competition Entry / Executive Design

07 Santa Fe, The Multipurpose Arena Santa Fe, Mexico / Sports, Arena / 2011 Final Thesis Project, University Project Architectural & Executive Design

02 Community Centers Mexico, Mexico / Culture, Learning Center / 2013 FR-EE / Architectural Design Comission

05 Miami Chapel Catholic Church Miami, USA / Culture, Church / 2013 FR-EE / Architectural Design Comission / Executive Design

08 Lets talk dirty Mexico / Urbanism, Public Bathrooms / 2013 Collaborators Luce + Lera / Executive Design Competition entry,

03 PFF! An Inflatable Competition Italy / Cultural, Pavilion / 2011 Nava + Nosti Arquitectos / Architectural Design Competition Entry, Honourable Mention CityVision Magazine

06 PerĂş, La Puerta de AmĂŠrica Lima, Peru / Urbanism, Master Plan / 2013 FR-EE / Architectural Design Comission

09 Tijuana Resort Tijuana, Mexico / Public Space, Hotel / 2010 University Project Design proposal


iplines, which means we are engaged in a multiwell as sustainable and construction. tional exchange of knowledge will actively ennges specially in the fields of design. process of construction and the changing roles opportunity which contributes to progress in arinnovations.

10 The Funiture Mexico, Mexico / Industrial Desing Furniture/ 2013 Collaborators Rojkind + Luce + Lera / Executive Design/ Comission 11 Sportable New Zealand & Mexico / Industrial Design Commentarist Table / 2013 Collaborators Luce + Lera / Executive Design Comission Curriculum Vitae About / Index of Proyects Professiona Experience / Basic Facts / References Contact



Selected Projects

the art juansoriano museum

Located in a beautiful triangular garden, the lot is oriented to the west, towards the historic center of the city of Cuernavaca. Despite its central position, the difference in levels and steeper slope hinder access and the the city. The future plan of rehabilitation of the municipal government of the area creates the potential for a future connection of 3 elements: Municipal Market Mario Pani, Zocalo and future Museum Juan Soriano. It is proposed to demolish the existing buildings of architectural value to increase the green areas.

By distributing the mass in the perimete, the garden maintains its quality and breath. At the same time, the characteristic triangular shape of the land is marked, and its orientation towards the center of the city preserved. HANDLING THE PERIMETER In the field abound leafy trees, some centuries old. The deformation of the perimeter allows built organically organize around existing trees, creating a strong relationship between art and nature, an element present in the work of Juan Soriano. The figure of the building becomes part of the organic nature of its lines, becoming its identity.

“The Museum integrates art & nature. Honoring the artist Juan Soriano, and its source inspiration. “

Juan Soriano Museum

POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, TIME: December 2012-May2013 RESPONSIBLE: 2 Junior Arquitects, 2 interns.

*Image by Raul Soria

GARDEN SCULPTURE While the graphic work is distributed in the perimeter gallery, the sculptures will be placed in small deformations thematically in the garden, as if the weight of the same warp field. A courtyard serving the service area and cafeteria.


Office: FR-EE Team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Claudia Santos, Cristian Lera, Bhavika Mistry, Raul Soria. Year: 2013 Client: Government of Morelos Program: Culture Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico Area: 9,929.48m2 Type: Museum



Selected Projects

community centers the art school

HEIGHT! The building will be higher than its context. The verticality of the building allows you to affirm itself as a reference point.

MODULATION AND MEETING SPACE: URBAN EFFICIENCY WINDOW Its structure will be modulated An elevated plaza opens a for fast and efficient construc- window on the urban context tion. 6m modulation is based while providing a cultural and on the standard measures of recreational meeting. prefabricated steel.

PREEXISTENCE PROGRAM The site is bound in rectan- The site is located in a major gular blocks of an orthogonal urban core equipment. trace despite the irregularity that promotes self.

RED WATER SUPPLY AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT Expand and strengthen the drainage and install a water supply efficiently.

auditoriums Audiences for its size and programmatic needs are located on the ground floor.

WORKSHOPS The vast majority of shops are located on the top floor, for security and privacy.

VEGETATION To improve the urban image and microclimates of the site is to consolidate spaces with varied vegetation that give an improvement in the daily appearance of the neighborhood.

DETONATORS Steady growth is projected and faster than the current but with a vision conscisa ordering.

Community Centers

Office: FR-EE Project Leader: Joana Gomes Team: Fernando Romero, Joana Gomes, Claudia Santos, Cristian Lera, Raul Soria, Astrid Suzano, Liliana Viveros Year: 2013 Client: Government of Mexico Program: Culture / Education Location: Mexico City, Mexico Area: 2,160.24m2 Type: Learning Center


POSITION: Junior Architect TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling TIME: December 2012-February 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 3 5 Architectural Interns

The structure is composed of prefabricated steel elements, allowing efficiency in the construction process.

The traditional block can involve the local community in the construction process.

100 days:

18 days

The facade makes better use of space and increases construction efficiency.

Through the distance variation of the blocks, a facade is generated by harnessing the weather situation of each place, allowing natural light and ventilation.

TRADITIONAL SQUARE The typical public space has its recreation area exposed to crime and vandalism.

ELEVATED SQUARE! The proposal aims to recreate this space within the building on the second level, with properly controlled and secure access.

CENTER The facade formally express the idea of a ​​ social and cultural event for the community.

RAMPS Vertical circulation is formed by a system of ramps that connect the ground floor, elevated plaza and plant workshops.

16 days

3rd Level

2nd Level

1st Level

50 days

80 days

100 days



Selected Projects

pfff! an inflatable

blowing your mind.

competition (ciy vision)

“ every case we are concerned with something marked by three characteristics: (1) it is to the highest degree light; (2) it is in motion; (3) it is a vector of informaction.” I. Calvino Our project delivers an important fact, this is an evolving function within a changing form, this inflatable structure is dependant of the site, in it’s best changing under the characteristics of the available architectural space;

it doesn´t matter if we fill the object with air and chain it to the surroundings, or inflating it with helium to unlish the cover, letting the weather do it’s thing, we think even keeping the cover away during a nice sunny day. This is living architecture... The project is the blended result of a recicled PVC pavillion and recicling the actual architectonic space.

“ understood as a Modern Agora, where the center of the event configures the flock and at the same time the pavillion’s facade prevails omnipresent...”

Pfff ! An Inflatable Competition


Office: Nava + Nosti Arquitectos blowing your mind. Project Leader: Cristian Lera

POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, presentation, renders. TIME: November 2011-February 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 2 Architectural Interns.

Team: Cristian Lera, Ernesto Nava, Miriam Nosti Year: 2011 Client: CityVision Magazine Program: Culture Location: Italy Area: 78.95m2 Type : Pavilion

Ours is a limpet... it will manage it’s own way to deliver the function, transforming and deforming, climbing or floating, grabbing itself to any available architecture, never mind the weights, people, users are the ones to keep this object ground-tied. The aim; to make people read through this project something “happening” inside it whenever it’s inflated; as we do when we see a group of people lifting a circus carp, the action of inflating the pavillion may result a joyful event as it´s essence. PFFF can be either attached to walls, structures or poles; in a complete stage it has to have the three rings inflated, but it can also be programmed with at least the ground level ring, the center of this basic structure is supposed to have an inflating device, so as users walk through it will also be inflating the object, this doesn’t mean the object can’t be machine-pumped. The second and third rings are designed for weather protection, the height to be lifted is determined by the site and surroundings, and also by the program, the requirements of each event will solve how tall the PVC building will raise. The inner part of the ground-ring has its own fused sitting spaces, for we think the project must not use chairs or any other kind of furniture other than the perimeter itself.



Selected Projects

headquarters national bank

Office: FR-EE Project Leader: Brian Slocum Team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Brian Slocum , Cristian Lera, Tamara Hinojosa, Guillermo Paredes, Raul Soria, Andrea Martinez Year: 2013 Client: Government of Morelos Program: Public Spaces Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico Area: 49,518.85m2 Type: Offices & Convention Center

*Image by Raul Soria

Peru is on a virtuous circle of economic growth. Foreign investment is investing in the mining, hydrocarbons and large infrastructure projects. Export earnings from commodity boom has provided tax revenues and underpinned the currency, allowing public investment to record levels and the domestic market for consumer products of all kinds to take off. The result has been eight years of growth averaging 7% annually, faster than anywhere else in Latin America. Peru was designated to host the Annual Meeting of the Inter-national Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) in 2015, announced tonight the chairman Ollanta Humala.

A connection forms between them define a continuum to each other.

The three buildings (tower Conveciones center, hotel and parking) can function individually.

The continuity of the building allows a large square into the assembly. Cre-’m an ICON.

National Bank Headquarters

POSITION: Junior Architect TASKS: Architectural design,fa莽ade design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, presentation bookelt. TIME: July 2013-September 2013w RESPONSIBLE: 3 Junior Architects, 5 Architectural Interns.

Develop a project, which includes the new Institutional Bank Headquarters of the Nation and the future Convention Center, with the goal of hosting the 2015 Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The building will serve multiple users, planning of traffic

flow is one of the most important aspects of the design. We have carefully planned access to all components of the building, from the service entrance to the access of the President, as well as the connection to the future Convention Center. The new headquarters is a mix of the

latest generation of high security, intelligent systems and sustainable strategies of 30 floors and 4 basements. Plants and efficient core flexibility to allow the building to serve for temporary use as well as modern and efficient new headquarters of the Banco de la Naci贸n both.




Selected Projects

miami chapel catholic church Site with cross

Cross defines sacred zone

Volumes and plaza

Office: FR-EE Project Leader: Brian Slocum Team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Brian Slocum, Cristian Lera, Guillermo Paredes, Raul Soria, Andrea Martinez Year: 2013 Client: Archdiocese of Miami Program: Culture Location: Miami, USA Area: 1,442.28m2 Type: Church

Located in a suburb of Miami, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church will become the new home for a multicultural parish of approximately 1,500 worshippers. The design is inspired by the chapels of the renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán – massive religious buildings with interior gathering spaces cloistered from the exterior. In order to distinguish the church within this context and to maintain a presence at different scales, the main sanctuary building will take the form of a pure, abstract golden form 75 feet in height floating above the landscape. An exterior plaza will provide space for outdoor gatherings and worship. Three important conceptual ideas have guided the organization of the project. The first is the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is one of the most recognizable icons in all of Latin America and has been an inspiration from the beginning of the project.

+ The texture and color of the exterior is meant to evoke Her flowing robes as well as the rays of heavenly light emanating from the icon. As in all religious structures, the cross is an important element, and we have allowed it to influence all aspects of the planning of the project, from the cruciform site organization, to the design of the aluminum profiles of the golden cladding. Finally, the golden proportion has been used to govern the proportions of the plan and elevations of the church. This mathematical ratio has been employed throughout history to provide rationality, beauty, and order in architecture and the arts, and here serves to join the ineffable and spiritual with the terrestrial.

The Quotes of the Virgin of Guadalupe will be included along the covered entrance.”Am i not here who am your mother” A Sliding Golden Gate of golden crosses will separate the covered walkway from the plaza and allow the church to be closed off for security. Icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe will appear as a window on the east facade facing the plaza. The window will allow light to enter both the main sanctuary and the daily chapel. Stations of the Cross The fifteen stations of the cross will be located in a circuit around the plaza. Covered Entrance Wordships are allowed to enter through the covered walkway.




Miami Chapel


POSITION: Junior Architect TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, presentation bookelt. TIME: May 2013-November 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 1 Junior Architect, 5 Architectural Interns.

On the edge of metropolitan Miami, Doral sits between the urban and the rural, the natural landscapes of the beach and the unique beauty of Florida’s Everglades. Doral lies on the flight path for Miami International Airport, meaning the site will also be more visible from the air. The elevated Turnpike to the west of the site gives the site an additional vantage-point that most churches do not have: commuters and tourists will catch a glimpse of the building as they speed by at 75mph. AXONOMETRIC INTERIOR DETAIL ThIs cut-away section shows the elements of the construction including the structural steel trusses and concrete walls, skylights and roof, and the vertical interior screen that forms a light baffle and contains the 28 chapels dedicated to the latin american virgins along the side aisles.

*Image by Brian Slocum

“to create a feeling of openness in the church, it´s a dynamic interior.”



Selected Projects

la puerta peru de america LOCATION Peru, Lima, and Provincia del Callao.

FILL Site is located on the coast, should be filled by thousands of square meters of earth.

1st PHASE Marina, Convention Center.

With the purpose of housing facilities for the 2014 Bolivarian Games.

CONNECTIONS Design urban connections, bewteen the city and the site.

2nd PHASE + Hotels, Shopping Mall.

Peru, la puerta de America

POSITION: Junior Architect TASKS: Urban design, research, diagrams,urban planning, architectural design, diagrams, resarch, presentation booklet TIME: January 2012-April 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 2 Junior Arquitects, 2 interns.

CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAMS Connecting the docks through internal streets at the site.


Office: FR-EE Project Leader: Astrid Suzano Team: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Astrid Suzano, Cristian Lera, Raul Soria Year: 2012 Client: Juegos Bolivarianos Program: Urbanism Location: Lima, Peru Area: 95, 582m2 Type: Housing, Offices, Convention Center, Shopping Mall

PROGRAM Adding housing, parking, and touristic program to the area.

SUSTAINABILITY All design should consume 80% less power than a regular building. Getting the benefits of renewable energy.

*Image by Raul Soria

3rd PHASE + Museums and Botanical Garden.



Selected Projects

santa fe

the multipurpose arena

Santa Fe, The Multipurpose Arena

Final Thesis Project, University Project Project Leader: Cristian Lera Team: Cristian Lera Year: 2011 Client: TV Azteca Program: Sports and Entertainment Arena + Hotel Location: Santa Fe, Mexico. Area: 40,550m2 Type: Sports Arena


POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, presentation bookelt. TIME: January 2011-December 2011 RESPONSIBLE: 5 Model makers

A multi-purpose venue located in the city of Santa Fe, in Mexico City. Be one of the most modern and luxurious in the world, Main characteristic, hold 2 concerts/ entertainment events simultaneously, through a rotation system that stands stored inside the structure. The city of Santa Fe, an urban developmen located in Distrito Federal, best new area for the biggest headquarters in Mexico. Santa Fe is located west of the city of Mexico by the output at Toluca, in the place that had once been sand mines and dumps of Mexico City, but is often flirt with the area belonging to the Lomas Cuajimalpa. Currently has four private universities and variety of schools, as well as various buildings that house the national headquarters of several national companies and foreign.



Selected Projects

santa fe

the multipurpose arena

The Santa Fe Arena has 5,000 club seats and, 80 luxury suites. The theater can be configured for concerts, family events, musical theatre and other stage shows. Its spectator capacity is 20,000 at maximum settings.

This main arena capacity is between 19,000-20,000 when events such as tennis, gymnastics, boxing, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling take place there. It will be also the only Mexican arena equipped especially for Basketball. The arena features a gigantic moveable section of seating which can reduce capacity for smaller events and create a more intimate setting.

Santa Fe, The Multipurpose Arena

Final Thesis Project, University Project Project Leader: Cristian Lera Team: Cristian Lera Year: 2011 Client: TV Azteca Program: Sports and Entertainment Arena + Hotel Location: Santa Fe, Mexico. Area: 40,550m2 Type: Sports Arena


POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, presentation bookelt. TIME: January 2011-December 2011 RESPONSIBLE: 5 Model makers

Santa Fe arena measures 88,257.9 m2 of total space, with a 28.7 m by 61.0 )arena floor. It stands 45.7 m tall. The arena seats up to 19,060 for basketball, 18,118 for ice hockey and arena football, and around 20,000 for concerts or other sporting events. Two-thirds of the arena’s seating, including 2,500 club seats, are in the lower bowl...



Selected Projects

let‘s talk dirtypublic

bathrooms The main objective of the proposal is to improve the operation, transport, logistics and installation.

Design a module 1.50 meters, facilitate the transfer of our WORTHY bathroom, which does not need some kind of specialized transport large loads.

“in 2013, yet 2.5 billion people in the world have no access to a basic sanitary toilet...” (Rose George, TED Talks apr 2013)

-Diarrhea kills more children than AIDS. -4000 children die every day -Ranked 2nd place in the rate of mortality in the WORLD.

-Comprehensive solution for family welfare and health improvement. - Ideal for rural communities and remote areas that do not have drainage or bathroom. - Includes Rotoplas Better Water System 450 liters, 600 liters Biodigestor Self-cleaning, Pipe Tuboplus Health

and Hydraulics, a register of sludge, a WC and a stand of fiberglass. -Helps reduce gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. -Zero-maintenance costs and hassles.  - It does not pollute groundwater.  - Low investment cost and installation.

Let´s talk dirty

Collaboration: Cristian Lera + Chris Luce


POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, renders, presentation bookelt. TIME: November 2013- December 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 1 Junior Architect, 1 Architectural Intern.

Project Leader: Cristian Lera Team: Cristian Lera, Chris Luce Year: 2013 Client: Rotoplas Program: Urbanism (Street Furniture) Location: Mexico Area: 2.25m2 Type: Public Bathrooms

The area of water ​​ recollection increases, benefiting   self-sustainability.

Getting improvements, since they could eventually deliver a limitless number of bathrooms according to each trip. NO matter how far east or the type of road. NOW ROTOPLAS BATHROOM WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ANY COMMUNITY. Harnessing our natural resources, Photovoltaic cells will be installed, with which BATHROOM WORTHY ROTOPLAS lights and light will provide the context. Reuse of water. Streamline, sensitize the Mexican population with respect to the environment, so ENSURE self-sustainability of BATHROOM ROTOPLAS.


Metal Sheet





Selected Projects

the funiture

Collaborators Michel Rojkind + Luce + Lera

r. de alba‘s fundation An auction # ProyectoCalleVeinte to benefit the foundation Rebecca de Alba in Gallego Center, where twenty creative project joined in the fight against cancer by providing twenty pieces of furniture-design-only to be auctioned ,

proceeds will support young people with cancer who do not have enough help to receive proper care and treatment, in addition to preventive educational programs.

Project Leader: Chris Luce Team: Cristian Lera, Luce, Rojkind arquitectos. Year: 2013 Client: Rebecca de Alba Program: Industrial Design Location: Mexico Area: 7.92m2 Type: Transformable furniture

POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, renders, presentation bookelt, construction supervisor. TIME: September 2013- November 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 1 Junior Architect, 1 Architectural Intern.


s portable

Collaborators Luce + Lera Project Leader: Cristian Lera Team: Cristian Lera, Chris Luce. Year: 2013 Client: FOX Sports Program: Industrial Design Location: Mexico Area: 2.4m2 Type: Portable furniture


POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Architectural design, research, diagrams, CAD drawings, 3d modeling, renders, presentation bookelt, construction supervisor. TIME: November 2013 RESPONSIBLE: 1 Junior Architect, 1 Architectural Intern.

Challenge : Designing and executing a commentarist table for Fox Sports within 1 week. The aim of the table is that it should be portable and has to weigh 60kg max beacuse it will travel from Mexico to New Zealand. The idea remains on a 3d puzzle, assembling each of the 15 pieces all together.




A visionary developer of luxury vacation resort, hotel and spa in Tijuana. Tijuana Resort offer contemporary luxury accommodations, world-class spas, gourmet restaurants, gorgeous landscapes and an indefinable hospitality experience. Believing in the art and passion of hospitality, TJ Resort is dedicated to creating unique luxury vacation experiences throughout Mexico for travelers from around the world.

“Reserve yourself the Best�

Selected Projects

the duty resort free

Tijuana Resort

POSITION: Project Leader TASKS: Urban design, research, diagrams,urban planning, architectural design, diagrams, resarch, presentation booklet TIME: July 2010-December2010.

We believe that happiness is a way of life and it is our goal to create ideal experiences, which celebrate that philosophy. Contributed to Mexico’s socioeconomic development with the creation of new tourist destinations,


University Project

Universidad La Salle Project Leader & Team: Cristian Lera Year: 2010 Program: Urbanism (Street Furniture) Hotel, Residences, Public Parks. Location: Tijuana, Mexico Area: 8,640m2 Type: Hotel

“Inspiring generations of happiness, creating the extraordinary”

urban infrastructure and real estate development. Building our solid reputation by responding wisely to marketplace demands and pioneering the development of luxury vacation destinations.



Selected Projects




Selected Projects Profile



I was born in Ciudad Satelite, a middle-class suburban area located in the State of Mexico, designed by one of the biggest Mexican architects; Mario Pani and influenced by Luis Barragan. But basically I grew up in Mexico City, so I‘ve been a mix between cultures, a product of the metropolis.My Architecture is influenced by the weather, the people, the corruption, and the city. After High School I decided to live in Toronto for a while, exposing my vulnerability and learning from my mistakes. Studied in Mexico City attended at Universidad La Salle School of Architecture, graduated with honours under academic excellence. In 2011 had the first approach to real clients, competitions and design. Collaborating at Nava+Nosti Arquitectos, leading 3 residence projects until its construction, participated in PFFF! CityVision competition back in 2011, awarded with honorable mention. Moving forward in my carreer , I started working with Fernando Romero at FR-EE in Mexico City, entered the company as a Junior Architect and later on leaded projects as Museo Soriano, Telcel Offices, UNO TV, and National Laws University. Address:

Place of birth: Nationality: Birth date: Education

Visa: Languages: Marital Status: Professional experience:

Mar de Smith 52, Naucalpan 53280, Mexico leracristian [at] gmail [dot] com Mexico City Mexican Citizen 1st May 1987 Bachelor of Science in Architecture five-year degree Universidad La Salle Eligibility for NAFTA Professional English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese(basic) Single 3 years






2013Personal Projects

-Fox Sports Commentarist Table -The Funniture -Let‘s talk dirty, rural & portable bathroom. -Junkie Justice -Milenio Shop (interior design)

FR-EE, 2013Junior Architect

-Reforma Tower -Del Valle Tower -Bicycle Pavillion -Administration City -Zurich 272 -Community Centers -Headquarters National Bank of Peru -FR-EE Mexico Headquarters -Neza Stadium -Maria Garibay Square -Industrial Social Club -Multiporpuse Arena Peru -San Juan Diego Chapel -Sanborns Palmas Offices -Museo Juan Soriano -Miami Tower

FR-EE, 2012Junior Architect

-Miami Chapel -Peru, La Puerta de America -Ciudad Juarez Master Plan -Omnilife Headquarters -Reforma 76 -Cultural Center at Chapultepec Park -Aquarium Mexico City -Tamarindos Residences Tower -New National Laws University -Telcel Reforma -UNO TV Offices -Sears Shopping Mall

2012Personal Projects

-The playhouse Competition -Wok Inn restaurant (interior design) -Farias Residence -Amanalli Club House

Nava+Nosti, 2011Junior Architect -Calderon de la Barca House -Porfirio Diaz Resicences -Baja Flats -Rocallosas Furniture -Cordova House -Luis Cabrera (interior design) -Ocampo Tower -Entebi Headquarters -Portable Construction Office -PAC -Sarfati House -Ruben Dario Center -PFFF! CityVision Competition

2011Personal Projects

-Millenium Graphic Design -The Office -Human Light. -Tokyo Arquitectum International Competition -Shuffle Design -Shuffle Design

Axtral, 2010CAD Drafter

-ISSSTE Clinic -Toreo Residences -R House -Morelos Hospital Competition

index of projects





Junior Architect

FR-EE Fernando Romero EnterprisE

January 2012 – December 2013 (2 years) Mexico City Area, Mexico Prepare information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, equipment, and construction time. Perform original design work utilizing specifications, sketches and ideas on developing designs. Consult with client to determine functional and spatial requirements of structure. Analyze space utilization effectiveness and changing demands for space needs: recommends actions to meet new requirements. Preparing and presenting feasibility design proposals to the client. Discuss design ideas, local authority requirements and constraints. Create designs and prepare drawings. Junior Architect

Nava + Nosti

May 2011 – December 2011 (8 months )Mexico City Area, Mexico Consult with clients to determine functional or spatial requirements of structures. Plan layout of project. Prepare information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, equipment, estimated costs, or construction time. Represent architect on construction site, ensuring builder compliance with design specifications and advising on design corrections. Supervise, coordinate, and inspect the work of draftspersons, technicians, and technologists on construction projects. Prepare contract documents for building contractors. Direct activities of workers engaged in preparing drawings and specification documents. Conduct periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans. Administer construction contracts. Design environmentally sound structural upgrades to existing buildings, such as natural lighting systems, green roofs, or rainwater collection systems. Personal Assistant

ADI, The Real State Show, 2011 Mexico City Area, Mexico -Bjarke Ingels (Bjarke Ingels Group) Architectural Designer Intern

Dellekamp Arquitectos

January 2011 – May 2011 (5 months)Mexico City Area, Mexico Assisting on aspects of architectural design Construction plans Drafting and 3D modeling Modeling Maintaining project files

Curriculum Vitae Profile

Tourist Guide and Management (Social Services) part time

Casa Estudio Luis Barragán

January 2011 – December 2011 (1 year) Mexico City Area, Mexico Responsible for helping people to visit the architectural heritage. Special trips with v.i.p. groups in order to show them importance of Luis Barragan’ s Architecture. Describe and explain points of interest on the tour. Answer questions and give out written information. Act as an interpreter. Personal Assistant

ADI, The Real State Show, 2010 Mexico City Area, Mexico -Brandon Haw (Foster & Partners) Architectural Drafter


June 2010 – December 2010 (7 months) Mexico City Area, Mexico Produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms and records. Analyze building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, and other technical documents and reports to determine their effect on architectural designs. Draw rough and detailed scale plans for foundations, buildings and structures, based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data.. Determine procedures and instructions to be followed, according to design specifications and quantity of required materials. Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to lists of materials. Personal Assistant

ADI, The Real State Show, 2009 Mexico City Area, Mexico -Guy Battle (Battle McCarthy)






Selected Projects Profile

Curriculum Vitae Profile


-PFFF! Infatable Competition, Honours Distintion -Wok Inn Restaurant, 2nd Place -Taller Virtual de las AmĂŠricas, Mexico Represantative, BALL UNIVERSITY -Taller Bicentario, 2nd Place, National Competition of La Salle University Network -Mario Pani National Student Competition, Mexico, Nomination -Architecture National Student Competition, Mexico, Honourable Mention. -Tokyo Fashion Museum Architectum, Nomination


-Architectural Digest Mexico, The funiture, Rebecca de Alba Subasta CalleVeinte -Vogue November Issue The Funiture, Rebecca de Alba Subasta CalleVeinte. -Magazine Publication Issue 4, PFFF! Infatable Project


-Architectural design -Schematic design -Urban design -3d Rendering -Design research -Design presentations -Bid sets -Construction documents -Executive design -Commercial design


-Rhino -Adobe Master Suite Collection. -Autocad -Processing -3ds Max -Maya -Revit -Vray -Sketchup






Selected Projects Profile

Curriculum Vitae Profile

Fernando Romero Founder at FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise FR-EE Mexico DF Brian Slocum Design Director at FR-EE/Fernando Romero EnterprisE FR-EE Mexico DF Derek Dellekamp Founder at Dellekamp Arquitectos Dellekamp Arquitectos Mexico DF

Ernesto Nava Founder at Nava+Nosti Arquitectos Nava+Nosti Arquitectos Mexico DF





Selected Projects Profile

Curriculum Vitae Profile

Mar de Smith 52, Cd Brisas Naucalpan, Mexico, 53280 Mexico, Mexico. +52 555 510 177 451 Text and design Cristian Lera Illustrations and quotations Cristian Lera Layout Cristian Lera Projects by FR-EE, Nava Nosti, Cristian Lera, Michel Rojkind, Chris Luce.



Cristian Lera Portfolio