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table of contents 01 UMass Amherst Center for Sustainability 02 Holyoke Range Forest Outlook 03 Mountain Farms Greenway 04 Artist’s Studio & Gallery 05 Drawings/Sculpture

01 UMass Amherst Center for Sustainability // 2016 The proposed center will be composed of learning spaces, an event hall, working gardens, and a library. It is inspired by the process of stitching. This concept of stitching came about after careful examination of the site. The building will be situated on what was the former beginning of Ellis Way, a scenic tree-lined pathway that once connected to the heart of campus. The concrete arches crossover an interior pathway, imitating the trees that once shaded over Ellis Way. Sculpturally, the roofline evokes the motion of stitching, thrusting upwards, then back down into the ground. The building is meant to be experienced through motion. Two main walkways pass through the building, maintaining movement from various parts of campus. Several exterior pathways pass through the structure, allowing for pedestrians to engage with the building without entering. The landscape mimics the Center’s form by being broken into a patchwork of gardens, grass panels and intimate bosquets.


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Classroom Event Space Outdoor Event Space Outdoor Classroom Vestibule Lobby

First Floor

Scale: 1/8”

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Reception Area Storage Office Director’s Office Bus Stop Garden Plot






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1 Library 2 WC 3 WC

Second Floor

Scale: 1/8”

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02 Holyoke Range Forest Outlook // 2016 This observatory in the Holyoke Mountains of Western Massachusetts is inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugendaht. At first an anaylsis was done of the Villa to determine its important views and structual elements. A spatial anaylsis model was made to make a visiulization of this in threedimensions. The final realization demonstrates an emphasis on vertical elements that reach upwards, reflecting the surrounding trees. The visitor is brought down the hillside through a series of planes. Finally coming down to a calming reflecting pool. Horizontal elements, such as benches, pools, platforms, plantings and walls reinforce a strong relationship to the Villa Tugendhat. Many of these horizontal planes also withold and facilitate specific views from the Outlook.

03 Mountain Farms Greenway // 2016 The Greenway is a proposed complex of retail, bike trails, livestock grazing, learning centers, museums and suspension bridges in Hadley, Massachusetts. The conception of the project was to repurpose the wasted space of two large shopping malls. An adjacent walking trail spurred the idea to incorporate a walking path on the roofs of the malls. Furthermore the large amount of open space on top of the malls are to be repurposed as grazing areaa for any number of small livestock animals, such as sheep, goats and alpacas. This would reclaim the productive agricultural land that was taken away when the malls were built. The overall design of suspension lines, relfect the Holyoke Mountains in the distance. The design also works structually to hold the bridge, connecting the two malls. Several elevators and stairways will be constructed to faciliate movement of people from the ground floors of the mall to the roofs. Ultimately the purpose of the Greenway is to change the way people view their shopping environment and the possibilities these common spaces hold.

04 Artist Studio & Gallery // 2015 The proposed studio & gallery is a designed living and working space that contrasts openness and seclusion. Inspired by a single handshake which in turn became an interpretive drawing. This drawing would give inspiration to a pine and concrete duality cube. The cube would become the formal basis for the overall design for the studio. Opening and closing of space stems from the need to create a private area for the artist and public space for visitors. A blend of wood and concrete help demonstate this duality. An opening to the street guides people into an interior courtyard. Here the visitor’s gaze is directed upwards to the openness of the sky by vertical windows. Large open spaces charactize the public space, and transparency through interior glass walls. Circulation is also divided between public and private quarters, two separate entrances with discreet connections between the two. The artist can relax and entertain on a roof top patio that blends the roles of open and enclosed.

05 Drawings & Sculpture // 2013-2016 Here area series of drawings done in studio and on personal time. The bridges were part of a sketch series that emphasized the rhythm of these structures. On the next page, is a critique of suburban life on the left. The right is the invention of a fictional space, blending inside and outside, contrasting perspectives. The last series of images, is a personal study of growth in a figure ground map. It began because of my personal interest in history, urban planning and city life. It is an invented space, that tells a story about geography and economy.

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