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My history of live

Cristian Correa Bustamante

Teacher: Sonia López

Materia: English

Grade: 10°1

Institución Educativa Colombia

My history of live

My name is Cristian Correa Bustamante, I am 15 years old. I was born in Rosario clinic in Medellin, I was born on 30th of the month one of the year 2002. My mother is Yuly Bustamante Rodriguez and my father is Joaquin Emilio Correa Correa, I live in Antioquia, In the Girardota town, in the Montecarlo neighborhood. This history is going to be treated of my live, since small Until what I have planned for my future, Where we find chronologically my live. I will tell and talk about my current life and my childhood. My mother told me that when I was in her belly, at four months she felt that I moved, she told me that I did not move much because I was lazy. My parents chosen the name of Cristian because it seemed them very prety, also it liked because no one of my family hasn’t, the name have a beautiful meaning wich is man follow to Cristo. The 31th October of 2002 was my first hallowings day my custom was of mouse. they baptyzed me in december of 2002 in the Santisimo trinidad church, in the Girardota town in the La nueva neighborhood, the priest that baptyzed me was Guillermo. My parents told me that in the moment when the priest wetted me, I cryed so much. My godparents are Awner Alexander Bustamante (My uncle) and Maria Margarita Rodriguez Londoño (My grandmother), after the my baptism they did a lunch for all family. My family were very happy because I was baptized and in that moment I started to belong of catholic comunity. That meeding a big blessing for all. my firts steps was when I was 1 year old, I had my first teeth to the 15th month, My first words was “pa” and “ma”. I lived in the San Jose neighborhood, I lived to my first year from my third year, in my third birthday was all my family, the cake was of Barney this was my favorite personage of tv. My parents told me, that I cryed much on the night when I was a baby. I eaten very much, I had a good health.

To pass the time…. In the 2006 I moved of house for the Montecarlo neighborhood, when I was four years entered the COMFAMA garden, the firts day I cryed much when my grandmother left me, because my mother and my father worked; I got adaptaed the group and left of cryed every day that my grandmother left me. I had much Friends, and a very good person like teacher, she loved me, treated very good to my companions and me, I was not rude, never treated badly my companions, the teacher never put complaints about me because I was a child judicious. My family celebrated me my 4th birthday, this was decorated with the thematic of the Atletcio Nacional, the pinata was the shield of the team, the cake was too, the candles were a form of ball, they did the party with this thematic because I liked the football and this team. finished the 2006, the teachers made us the farewell, with a sleepover, candies, and they congratulated us. In 24th December of this year, in the Christmas eve, the Jesus child brought me many toys, and finished the year very happy with my family. When I complied five years passed to preschool in the Institución Emiliano García school, I did very well, I learned to read, also the vowels, the alphabet, To differentiate the colors and other activities. In this year I delayed a little in the notebooks, I got better every day and almost I was not dalayed, my teacher was Rubiela, was a teacher very patient, she treated us with love and other values that she highlighted. I remember that my parents given me coins for buy on the rest, when I left run,I did not realize that thrown it; so I learned not to left run for go to the rest. The 31th october, I was disguised to the school because the teacher celebrated us the Halloween; I was disquised as a civil engineer, because I said that when a grow I want to be a civil engineer”.

I won the school grade on december of the year 2007 and my parents congratulated me and they were very happy for my archievement.The next grade I did not want to continue in the Institucion Emiliano Garcia, because the theacher that gaven me was very nagger, I cryed for that my parents changed me of school. They changed me for the Institucion Educativa Colombia. In the 2008 year I was studied the firts grade in thr Institucion Educativa Colombia, The teacher was Elva Mery, I remember that she was a teacher very excelent and very strict, in this year I passed the grade very good, I liked so much the school and adapted to its, I known new friends, between their, a best friend was Julian Orlas, he was a very intelligent person; we helped us in the activities, my mother and her were a good friends since childs. My mother thell me that to the 6th years old I liked much the motorcycles, an motorcycles that the more I liked was dt and I told her that when I grow I will to buy one of that motorcycle, I ridden at this age in an red with black motrocycle dt. In this year I wished to the Jesus child an bicycle and he give me, I was learned to drive bicycle, I falled repeatedly until I learn. I liked much ridden bicycle and I asked to my parents if they could enroll me to bicicross and they did not, because they given fear and was an sport very danger. In the 2009 year I studyed 2th of primary, this was other year that I did very good, I learn to multiplied, subtracted, added, I written very good and other things more. I the higher part of the time the passed with my grandmother because my parents were worked. I came to study, and my mother gave me the lunch, I realized the homeworks because if I wanted to come out with my friends, I should made it, in this age I leave very Little because I just was sevenj years old, I liked so much the porcessiones of “Señor Caido”, I liked much the bands; my parents bought me a small drum and with the friends invented our band, we left for the Street to touched and the people left to see us and the same time they laughed. After of the processiones I always stayed with my father to seen the Fireworks because I liked it much to in spite of I was so Little and I did not afraid. Always that I gone to buy the fruts with my parents I ridded in the car of the store because I liked so much and I imagined that it was real car.

In the 2010 year I studyed 3th of primary, my teacher was Francisco, he was a teacher in some aspects veri good and others he did not, I agreement that with he I maked quite indiscipline with my friends, I remember that I was undicisplined, but in spite of that I my ratings were very good in all periods of the year. In this year I entered to play basketball because that sport called me the atention, I was trained several weeks and aproximation to month I sicked, the symptom was a pain in a side of the stomach, this did not let me walked well, it was very pain much and I cryed for the pain, I was carryed to the hospital San Rafael and the doctor discovered that was appendicitis, to the hospital San Rafael I was moved to the Pablo Tobón Uribe Clinic in Medellin; the doctors had that opérate me, for me was very painful, sad and devastated because I was on the hospital for ten days hospitalized, because I had many complications , because the symptom were not of the appendicitis and the doctors were insecure of opérate me because they did not known if I had apendicitis. In the Pablo Tobón Uribe Clinic the doctors trated me very good, the nurses were kind to me and doctors were pending of me, my mother passed the days with me in the clinic; she my family very sad because I had complicated, my father was working and the moments that he could be with me was when he left of work and the days that rested, my grandmother was gone to visit, the carryed the breakfast and lunch to my mother, my mother not eated in front of mi because I not could eated the same food has her, my mother very sad to see me that I the asked and not could give me. The days passed, and new doctor interred we never seen him, he told us that if I dont improve in 12 hours they need to opérate me again but more risky, they put me a probes and medicates that the doctor recommend, that was the only that he said, he went and we never saw him again. My mother and I started to pray, but God is so great and his glory is marvelous, I gaven of the body and He allowed that all leafted good and the doctors did not operate me as he had said the doctor, we considered to the doctor an angel Commanded by God because we never saw the doctor, the doctor had the faith that I gaven of the body. God made a very wonderful miracle in me and my family, for this my parents, my grandmother live very grateful with our sir Jesuscrito. I return to the school and finich the year very good. The next year I could enter to an football team called “Girardota Futbol Club” in which I could learned to play and to form me as a person, on the principle I was a Little bad. I had companions that they were selfish because they thaned me and they scolded me because I was barely learned and did not made good passes, it made that I got bored and I left that team. I retired of team “Girardota Futbol Club” and my parents looked for me another team that was Esfugir (escuela de futbol Girardota). My coach was Santiago a excelent teacher, of good patience, beautiful person and other values in which he stood. In this team all my friends were very humble, good friends and they taught me a lot, in that time my position on the playing field was of the Brand steering Wheel. in the 2012 year I stuyed 5th of primary, in this year I saw so much diferents themes to the previous grades, in this year was the same history, I won the grade because I did very good. I graduate 5th of primary, it was something very excellent because In the previous grades I did not lost any matter. My family congratulate me and they carried me to lunch to

puerta del norte and to the games. In this year the child Jesus gave me a PlayStation 2, I liked to play with my counsins and my Friends. In my childhood I lived it with my firends, every nights I left to play thief and pólice,yeime, ponchado and many games more with which we had fun much and never we tired always were playing. Some day we were played some Friends to “escondidijo” and was my turn to find my Friends, I lacked just one of my friend to find, I seen her and run toward the post that was the place where we counted the time, while I run, I fallen in the Street and hurt my chin, My grandmother carried me to the hospital and in this place the doctor put me 3 ponits in my chin, when I arrived to my house I did not able to eaten because the chin I felt numb and a lot of pain. Lamentably this games are not see because the humans live constantly conects to the tecnology and everytime we star to conect in a early age. In 2015 my parents after many years of living together they decide to marry and receive the blessing of God, I was the page-boy and was very happy, the whole family accompanied us,we were a great blessing for us. I made the confirmation in the month of November, my godfather was Edison vasquez (cousin), my parents took me to eat, my godfather gave me a detail, and I made the confirmation with all my soccer friends. In this moment I am 15 years old and I am studying the 10th grade. My purposes is finish my studies, leave Good academic and personal training; my objective after finish the secundary is introduce myself to a high division team as Envigado and train for comply my dreams to be a big soccer player, if this dream will not comply, my other dream is enter to the university, and study the career of pedriatics and learn more lenguages. My family always support me and tell me that chose choose what it is convenient to me and like me. I consider myself a remarkable person in some values and abilities like, responsable, intelligent, loving, respectful, disciplined, organized, sociable among other… This is my history of live…

My history of life  

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