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What are conditions in order to construct a peace culture in our communities? Good, we can speak about of this question but attain not of time or place for speak of manner most correct about of this. To continuing we go take to posture critic in two aspect general: The core of society (The family) and of society (In general). The family: As we know the family is the core in the any society; but, what must you? To this questions we can give answer, but before we should think. We know that if a family is X also the society will be X. then our society present should strive in construct to new society with more values, and citizen awareness, good behavior, Etc. This for new generations. For the generations of present there are a road: 1) The family: The family have of obligation of give to all members of this good values and principles for that the day of tomorrow they are good person for society. And starting this they can use of reason and learn to differentiate the good of evil (The ethics) and there start this road

2) The society As already said above, the society is the conformation of multi families, then is the conformation of multiple people. As we know in this set there are many things bad, for ejemple: Corruption Inequality There are not liberty Oppression Etc Then. What can do for change this society? The only form that you can change this society is you; because, you is different to all others and this is good, because you can contribute to your society in several motives

Now good. What can do you for change this society?

Because as said Socrates: “dThe truth in each this was�

What are conditions in order to construct a peace culture in our communities  
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