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Escuela Nacional Preparatoria Nº1 “Gabino Barreda”

Alumno: Blas Esquivel Cristian Grupo: 413 Sección: A Materia: Ingles Asesora: Ma. Elena Delgado

ABOUT MY HI, my name is Christian Blas Esquivel, I am 15 years old, I born in Guerrero Mexico but live in D.f, I love eat, play and study. Now study in school number 1 "Gabino Barreda", of the UNAM university the best of all.

INTRODUCTION This is a collection compositions made field of English, teacher Maria Delgado.

of my in the with Elena

CONTENT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Unit 1 “Facts and figures” Unit 2 “Where and Wen” Unit 3 “Family and Friends” Unit 4 “Bed and Breackfast” Unit 5 “Film and Television” Unit 6 “Work and Study” Unit 7 “News and Weather” Unit 8 “Coming and Going”

MY PET He is Pompy, he is a very playful and loving dog. He likes to go running every day, he is young and loves to play soccer is my best friend and accomplice of my adventures.

MY BROTHER He is Blas Eduardo Esquivel, he is of average height, has black hair color, he likes to play soccer and football, he is affectionate and loving with me, he likes to go running through the streets. Study at the University UNILA, is 20 years old and I love he.

I AM I am Cristian Esquivel Blas, I am 15 years old, I am a student in the school "Gabino Barreda" I have 4 siblings and I live in Mexico City but I was born in the Guerrero status in 1998. I am of average height, I have browns eyes, my skin is brown, my hair is black. I like to play soccer, football, I love skating, hanging out with my friends and I love to be with my girlfriend. I love my family because they support me and love me very much.

UNIT 2: “WHERE AND WHEN” In Mexico the working people get up at 6:00 o'clock and school day starts at 8:00 o'clock Typically. Generally Lunchtime is 11:30 a.m. in the middle of the morning. All shops stay open to lunchtime. In the afternoon, some people take a small break for eat. School finishes at about 2 o'clock. Finally we will bed at 10 clock

UNIT 3: FAMILY AND FRIENDS Hi, Franco My brother wants to travel to Chicago and visit good sites, he wants to visit the main attractions of this city, but he wants to know details. Your suggestions of where to go. My brother's name is Jesus, he would like to know the cultural places  of the city. He also likes quiet places around the world and he also likes to try traditional food. Thanks for any help you can give him and do not worry if you can not meet him. Bye Franco P.S.: Cristian Blas


I´d like some more information about the holiday apartment to rent. The description says it´s a big apartment. We are a family of four brothers,my grandmother and my uncle. How big is it? How many bedrooms are there? How many bathrooms are there?. The description also says the apartment is near the big centre. How far from the centre is it?, Can we walk there? if not, are the buses? Could you send me the address?. How big is the kitchen?, the apartment is self catering. Does it have a fridge?, and is there a supermarket near the apartment?, Does the apartment have internet access?, is there a car park? And, WHAT IS THE PRICE? And finally, What is your number telephone? I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes



Every day we will enjoy the comedy Drake and Josh for the channel 22 at 9:30 p.m, from monday until friday,and Saturday and Sunday at 17: 30 hrs. It´s a very good comedy because it has very good actors and is very good for the children since it does not contain information that could damage his mentality. It develops in several places but the environment is very healthy: The story is two brothers that not have such a good relation because they are different enough; Drake Bell (Drake) is a very smart young person, he has many girlfriends and everything goes out well for him thanks to his physicist, Josh Peck (Josh) is a young that has very bad luck in everything, he is very smart but it´s not very happy. They are very fun. It´s very good and recommend it because it´s for every public, will be able to spend also because many fun moments.


Dear Jesus I saw advertisement for training courses on the internet and I would like to apply for a course in information technology. The online option is best for me because i live in Mexico. I am interest in the course because I would like to change my job and i would like travel to others countries, i have official qualification in Maths. I study university at the UNAM school. I am interested in the course because i would study maths, and i like computers, i have an official qualification in Math. I am good at using the internet and have a lot of experience of online learning. If necessary, I am available for a telephone interview at any time. I look forward to hear from you Sincerely Cristian


Dear Mr Rom Hello, my name is Cristian Blas, and I did like to apply to be music teacher in you at school. I am 15 years old and I from Mexico, I go to singing classes, i worked dancing the summer in the different artistic schools in Mexico and now I coach give classes at INBA for children. I believe I can do this job very well. I can speak three languages spanish, French and English. I can work with children. Please write soon you sincerely... Blas Cristian

UNIT 7 “NEWS AND WEATHER� One day in the beach This happened three years ago we were on holiday at the beach my family and i the beach was beautiful, there were people in the hotel. When we arrived the weather was fantastic, it was extremely hot and sunny, we were very excited funny, we ate chinese food and fish, it was very delicious. But it started to rain heavily started coming into the hotel room. In the end, we decided to take our things and go to another hotel. At night we went to an italian restaurant, there were many people in this place. The wind blew during the night this holiday was fantastic and fun. Cristian Blas


Yesterday I went with my friends, to play game video games, the place was big and beautiful . My last was good it started at five o'clock and finished at seven o'clock because we danced all afternoon, yesterday was a good day, my friends were tired, we all finished the day happily. The day was warm, but at night the temperature was cold, in video games people after playing with them we became friends. Yesterday will be remember because I met a person that I liked a lot. At the end of the day we were very tired, my body ached a lot, we travel by metro to our homes. When, arrived I had dinner, and after I bother with very hot water, and finally I fell asleep. Yesterday was an unforgettable day.

UNIT 8 “COMING AND GOING” 16 of september

People in Mexico city visit the zocalo the capital city. The event takes about five hours, the event is very beautiful, there are frequent buses from in the airport and these are cheaper. Another option is to have a car, but it's difficult to park in the city. This day people are very happy because all people travel around the city by bus. The centuries quite small, and the buses are very efficient. There are a number of hotel in the city, and they are building two new hotels at the moment. I here isn't  five-stars hotels, but there are  a few near the airport.

NSPORT COUNTRY Most daysIN theMY people get up at five o'clock because they

go to work, many person travel by bus but this transport is expensive and not very comfortable. But people mostly take the metro because it is very fast, cheap and comfortable. In Mexico city usually there is a big problem because traffic is heavy, in these day the people should travel by bike because it is faster. Car accidents are a serious never-ending problem. The situation is changing, because people travel by bike on the streets.

Thanks for reading these compositions

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