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Volume XVIII, Issue: 12| Date: January 14, 2014

THE KEY CHAIN The Official Newsletter of the Egg Harbor Township High School Key Club

Welcome to January full of new thing for a new year.

Volume XVIII, Issue 12| January 14, 2014


Hey Key Cubs!

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I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas break! Now that the school year has resumed, I hope each and everyone of you are excited to recommence your duty of service. In the past couple of weeks, you guys have enjoyed and participated in events such as Holiday Circle, EHT PAL Winter Festival, and dozens of in-school projects. Now that the new year has arrived, we're going to start it with a bang! Key Club's biggest event of the year is around the corner, Volleyball-a-thon! As well, YUDA band sales have begun and are selling in the commons area from January 13th to January 24th for only seven dollars! I hope everyone is excited to begin a new year and recommence your duty of service!

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Hey Cubs,

Yours in Caring, Love, and Service

Joshua Perez Garcia How are you all ? Me well as im writing this I have a EHTHS Key Club Vice President 2013-2014 bittersweet feeling because sadly the term of 2013-2014 is coming to an end soon we will have elections which new members will be your new board and our term will end. I don’t want to say I don’t want the term to end because we are all kind of tired and really need a break, but it’s just Kinda sad. Besides that though we still got time and the best way to make time last is volley-ball-athon the biggest event for EHTHS key club. Lets also not forget about yuda band sells and DCON. We still have a pretty jammed pack year so lets finish it with a bang and a start a new one with a boom ! Yours in caring and Service Cristel Villagarcia 2013-2014 EHTHS Bulletin Editor

Volume XVIII, Issue 12| January 14, 2014


VOLLEYBALL-A-thon VBAT is definitely one of the biggest and most fun events I've ever done during my time in Key club. It was definitely worth the "staying at school till 2 am" thing. Even though I was a ref and I definitely got into a few arguments, to be honest it was pretty exhilarating. VBAT really makes you have to literally transform into a tough cookie and that's pretty cool. Add in the fact that I was with my friends and it was even better. I loved watching all the teams play too. You could see how happy everyone was to be there. I highly suggest making a team if you're not into the referee thing. All in all it was a night I'll definitely never forget and I'm really excited for this year's VBAT! BY: SADIA ALAM General member

Cheering. Whistles. Buzzers. Shouting. At volleyball-a-thon you find all of those things along with the smell of pizza and the feeling of fun all around. One team triumphs over the rest, but everyone succeeds in having fun. Being a part of the last two vbats has been two of the best choices I have made. When you’re on a team you get to play with your friends and have some friendly competition against the other students. You stay up all night playing volleyball, hanging out, eating pizza, and just having a great night. Rotating schedules, cheering on your friends, and just being with the people that you enjoy spending time with makes the whole thing worth the time. When you’re a ref you get to be in charge of what goes on in the games. You are the one telling people that they have fouled, who has done the right thing, and who gets the points. Following the rules is extremely important and even if the players start yelling and saying they are right, you get to stick to your guns and tell them what is actually right. It can be difficult at times, but oh well its fun anyway! Everyone gets their shifts to just relax and enjoy the games, even if you are a ref or working concessions. It’s a great experience for everyone to enjoy! Go grab you best friends, friends, acquaintances, or people you barely know (because you know they are good at volleyball) and sign-up for being a ref, concession worker, or being on a team because no matter what it is time well spent. BY: TAYLOR STRAUSS General Position


Volume XVIII, Issue 12| January 14, 2014

EHT High School Key Club held their annual Volleyball-A-Thon event at the EHT high school gymnasium. I was recruited as a first time referee for the night. Before the event started, I was worried about making wrong calls and meeting the different teams, not knowing what kind of people they’d be. However, as the night passed, I was getting the hang of it. While reefing, I noticed many competitive teams who argued for every small detail and point. There were some friendly and kind teams while others were rude and feisty. Overall, it was a great experience because I was able to open up more to strangers. I learned to communicate with others to work things out and also learned the dark sides of some. Being able help out at this event for a great cause made me proud. VBAT was filled with fun and I highly encourage other key club members to somehow participate in this event. EHT High School Key Club will once again hold their annual Volleyball-AThon event, also known as VBAT. Volleyball teams will spend a night competing with each other to see who will be the last team standing. Teams can consist of EHTHS teachers and students and perhaps their friends and families. There will also be concession stand provided. The money raised will go towards the ELIMINATE Project, hoping to save hundreds and hundreds of innocent babies. Many talented and amazing teams joined last year, but the 1st place trophies were awarded to team Don’t Worry about It. There was competition in the air as many teams battled it out. With the help of many people, EHTHS Key Club were able to earn a total of $ for affected babies

BY:KELLY MA Recognition committee chair

around the world by maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT), making a very successful outcome. The club will be looking forward to another great year of VBAT.


Volume XVIII, Issue 12| January 14, 2014

Dcon: time to party At DCON, I experienced a multitude of emotions. They ranged from extreme euphoria to depressionlike crying. There are not enough words to describe DCON, but what can describe it is the Oscar Awards Ceremony mixed with a spring afternoon at the Jersey shore. DCON has this elaborate elegance to it, yet it doesn't feel overwhelming. It feels like you're with a few friends on a weekend trip who also happened to attend an opulent event. DCON, to say the least, is just that great. Apart from its grandeur, its an amazing experience that let's you reevaluate your view of the world and how much community service means to the planet. DCON causes members to kindle or rekindle their love for service and allows them to remember why they do Key Club I the first place. Apart from all of the spiritual-epiphany moments that occur at DCON, you also get to meet people from all over the state. Personally, I formed many friendships that span all the way up to the tiny town of Tenafly. Not only did I form strong friendships, but they're friendships that are still continuing into the present. DCON is an event that not only allows you to see how key club affects the world, but allows you to form friendships with people all across the state who, just like you, care about service. For me, DCON was a life changing experience. It allowed me to remember why I do key club and what it means to be a key clubbed. DCON showed me that what I do on a daily basis has a ripple effect. Also, it has given me friendships that can last for decades. Hopefully all of you reading this are thinking of going. DCON can not only give you a weekend to have fun with your friends, but will give you a weekend that will affect the rest of your lives. BY:JOSH PEREZ Vice President

For me, DCON is the party at the end of the year. The service year ends in March, which means all of the old officers and district board step down and the new boards are installed. DCON is a weekend filled with friendships and memories. It takes place at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long branch, NJ from March 28-30. The first part of DCON is the service fair where clubs can learn about service projects and partners of service. This year, a blood drive will also be held during the service fair and for every pint of blood collected, $5 will be donated to the Eliminate Project. There are sessions and workshops throughout the weekend where members can learn about officer positions or get tips for college. During sessions, members will hear speeches from the executive board candidates and by the end of the weekend the new board will be complete There are two dances during the weekend as well as a few hours of free time to spend on the beach or at the local shops. On top of all the things that are going on, there are contests, awards, and lots of time to spend with friends and to make new friends. If you would like more information on DCON talk to any of the officers or Mr. Stevenson. Registration packets can be found outside of E117, spots are limited to 30 people maximum so register as soon as possible! BY:CYNTHIA THURAIRAJAH LTG Division 1B

Volume XVIII, Issue 12| January 14, 2014



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Happy service year  

This is in the spirit of the new year so please enjoy and welcome all the new faces and people