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New Zealand Children’s Books in Print 2012-13

Edited by Crissi Blair

Silvertone Limited

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‘No author likes to read picture books funnier than their own - I’m afraid this is one. It’s a stonker!’ Jeanne Willis, bestselling children’s author of ‘Who’s in the Loo?’

‘Surreal and very funny. I love it.’

Chris Haughton, award-winning author of ‘Oh No, George!’

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Dear Reader Welcome to a new edition of New Zealand Children’s Books in Print. Listed within are books for children from birth to secondary school with the exception of text books and reading schemes, in print as at the end of 2012, plus many new and upcoming in 2013. All books are by New Zealand authors and/or illustrators, living both in New Zealand and overseas. Those living overseas are indicated with a †. Some books have been created in collaboration with an overseas writer or artist, these are indicated by a * next to their name. We do our best to keep up to date with books being published in New Zealand but some self-published titles may not have been brought to our attention. Do get in touch with us if you have published a new title so we can be sure to include it in the next issue. All prices and information are correct as supplied to us by publishers at the time of going to press and we are not responsible for any subsequent changes that may have been made. Age ranges are a guide only and not intended to restrict the readership of any book. This book is a guide used by librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers and bibliophiles. We hope you will find it useful and enjoyable. Happy reading, Crissi Blair Cover: Fraser Williamson Editor & publisher

CONTENTS Audio/Visual Drama......................................................3 English/Reading........................................3 General....................................................3 Languages................................................3 Mathematics.............................................3 Music........................................................3 Poetry......................................................4 Short Stories.............................................4 Charts & Friezes..............................................4 Fiction Picture Books............................................4 Concept Books......................................4 General Picture Books...........................5 Graphic Novels........................................23 Junior Fiction..........................................23 Intermediate Fiction...............................29 Senior Fiction..........................................38 Short Stories...........................................45 Poetry....................................................46 Poetry & Prose....................................46 Junior Poetry......................................46 Senior Poetry......................................47 Knowledge Books Activity & Puzzles....................................49 Archaeology............................................49 Arts & Crafts............................................49 Auto/Biography......................................50 Business.................................................51 Careers...................................................51 Communication......................................52 Cooking..................................................52 Drama....................................................52 Gardening..............................................52 General Topics.........................................52 Geology..................................................52 Health....................................................53 History...................................................53 Literature...............................................55

Media Studies.........................................55 Music......................................................56 Natural History.......................................56 Science...................................................59 Sewing...................................................59 Sport & Leisure.......................................59 Maori Books Maori Fiction Concept Picture Books.........................59 Picture Books......................................59 Maori Knowledge Books Arts & Crafts........................................61 Auto/Biography..................................62 Charts & Friezes..................................62 Culture...............................................62 Dictionaries........................................62 General Topics.....................................63 History...............................................63 Maori Language..................................63 Music..................................................63 Myths & Legends.................................63 Natural History...................................64 Treaty of Waitangi...............................64 Pacific Islands Fiction Pacific Language Concept Books...........65 Pacific Island Picture Books..................65 Pacific Island Knowledge Books Arts & Crafts........................................65 Charts & Friezes..................................65 Dictionaries........................................65 General Topics.....................................65 Myths & Legends.................................65 Periodicals & Groups Arts & Crafts............................................66 General Topics.........................................66 Literature...............................................66 Maori.....................................................66 Music......................................................66

Natural History.......................................66 Pacific Culture.........................................66 Science...................................................66 Sport & Leisure.......................................66 Technology.............................................66 Resources Atlases & Maps........................................67 Culture...................................................67 Dictionaries............................................67 Drama....................................................67 English/Reading......................................67 Mathematics...........................................68 Parenting & Relationships.......................68 Spelling..................................................69 Writing...................................................69 Translations Fiction Picture Books......................................69 Graphic Novels....................................71 Junior Fiction......................................71 Intermediate Fiction...........................71 Knowledge Books Architecture........................................71 Arts & Crafts........................................71 General Topics.....................................71 Maori Myths & Legends.......................72 Natural History...................................72 Science...............................................72 Sports & Leisure..................................72 New Zealand Awards.....................................73 Publishers & Distributors...............................76 Index by Title...............................................78 Index by Author............................................84 Index by Illustrator.......................................86 Index by Translator.......................................87 Index by Photographer.................................87

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AUDIO/VISUAL: Drama | English/Reading | General | Languages | Mathematics | Music


Numbers; Na Veiroka - Colours. See Pacific Islands & Asia section.

Learn the Alphabet, Numbers and Colours in Niue


Chanwai-Earle, Lynda & Grace-Smith, Briar Playwriting

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation between playwrights Lynda Chanwai-Earle and Briar Grace-Smith about playwriting.

English/Reading Avia, Tusiata & Chanwai-Earle, Lynda Writing from a Non-European Perspective

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation about writing from a non-European perspective.

Beale, Fleur & Hunter, Eirlys Young Adult Fiction

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation about young adult fiction.

Bollinger, Nick & Hill, David Reviewing

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation between reviewers.

Gordon, Pamela & O’Brien, Gregory The Writing of Janet Frame

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation about the writing of Janet Frame.

Knox, Elizabeth & Jones V.M. Fantasy Fiction

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation between teen fantasy fiction writers.

Nichols, Lane & Plunket, Sean Journalism

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation about journalism.

Samuel, Frances & Wilkins, Damien

EthnicWord 2005 187740327X CD $19.95 Narrator & translator Granby Siakimotu A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Tau Matatohi Faka-Niue - Niue alphabet; Totou Numela counting numbers; Tau Lanu Kehekehe - colours.

Love to Sing and Dance

Love to Sing 9319512192518 DVD/CD $14.95 Love to Sing 473032570 CD $9.95 Lively action songs to sing and dance to.

Love to Sing Animal Songs

Love to Sing 1877180424 CD $9.95 Songs about monkeys, elephants, lions, frogs and more.

Love to Sing at the Zoo Learn the Alphabet, Numbers and Colours Love to Sing 9319512190156 DVD $19.95 Love to Sing Collection in NZ Maori EthnicWord 2005 1877403253 CD $19.95 Narrator & translator Matiu Tai Ratima A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Ko Nga Reta Maori o Aotearoa - NZ Maori alphabet; He Tatau - Counting Numbers; He Tae - Colours.

Love to Sing 3 DVDs $24.95

Narrator & translator Tafaeono Tanuvasa Tavale A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Pi Faitau - Samoan alphabet; Faitauga Numera - counting numbers; Lanu - colours.

Love to Sing 18771800149 CD $9.99 Features finger plays, action songs and lullabies.

Love to Sing Colour Songs Love to Sing 1877180165 CD $9.99 A fun way to learn colours.

Love to Sing Favourites Learn the Alphabet, Numbers & Colours Love to Sing 1877180211 DVD $19.95 Love to Sing 1877180556 CD $9.95 in Samoan Love to Sing First Songbook EthnicWord 2006 1877403229 CD $19.95

Learn the Alphabet, Numbers and Colours in Tokelauan

EthnicWord 2005 1877403253 CD $19.95 Narrator & translator Ioane Iosua A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Pi Faitau - Tokelauan alphabet; Faitauga Numela - Counting Numbers; Lanu - Colours.

Learn the Alphabet, Numbers and Colours in Tongan

EthnicWord 2005 1877403237 CD $19.95 Narrator & translator Edgar Tu’inukuafe A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Alphapeti - Tongan alphabet; Lau ‘a e Taha ki he Hongofulu - counting one to ten; Ngaahi Lanu - colours.

Creative Writing

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation between writers Damien Wilkins and Frances Samuel about creative writing.



Love to Sing Fun Songs

Love to Sing 1877180440 CD $9.99 Songs you will definitely have fun singing.

Love to Sing Greatest Hits for Kids Love to Sing 9319512190149 DVD $19.95 Vol 1 & 2 DVDs combined. Sing and dance along.

Love to Sing Number Songs Love to Sing 1877180467 CD $9.99 A funtastic way to learn numbers 1 to 10.

Love to Sing Songbook

Love to Sing 1877180599 CD $9.99

Love to Sing With You

Love to Sing 93195121865176 DVD $19.95 Love to Sing CD $9.95

Preschool Funtime

Love to Sing 9319512192532 Book/CD/DVD $34.95

Terrific Toddler Tunes

Love to Sing 9319512192501 DVD/CD $14.95

Adamson, Linda

The Best of Love to Sing

Love to Sing Times Tables

Charlton-Jones, Peter

Illus Vasanti Unka

Love to Sing \ 9319512185572 CD $24.95

Songs in the Paddock

Riley, Murdoch

Love to Sing Wallchart/Cards/Pen/CD $19.95 DVD The fun easy way to learn tables. 1 to 12 times tables. 6-10.

Viking Sevenseas 2001 VPS445CD CD $24.95 38 bird calls of land and sea birds with an informative 12-page booklet

Adamson, Linda

Illus Sunset Te Rangi Books/In the Paddock Pb & CD $20 NZ songs for NZ kids. Quirky, funny, sing along, dance along. With illustrated booklet of words and guitar chords. 2-7.

Favourite Baby Songs



Birds of New Zealand


Also see Maori Books & Pacific Is Books



Illus Vasanti Unka

Fatcat & Fishface

Love to Sing 9319512191962 $9.95 DVD/CD

Jayrem Records 2009 CD $14.99

Hearty Fun

Recording & music by Larry Killip

Learn the Alphabet, Numbers and Colours in Cook Islands Maori

Narrator & translator Rama Isaia EthnicWord 2005 1877403261 CD $19.95 A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Te Au Reta i Roto i Te Reo Kiki Airani Maori - Cook Islands Maori alphabet; Tare Numero i Roto i te Reo Kiki Airani Maori - counting numbers; Te Au Kara i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani Maori - colours.

Learn the Alphabet, Numbers & Colours in Fijian Narrator & translator Wini Duituturaga EthnicWord 2005 1877403245 CD $19.95 A phonetics tool to accompany the alphabet, numbers and colours books. Matua Vosa - Fijian Alphabet; Na Wiliwili - Counting

Love to Sing 2004 9781877180255 Video $19.95 DVD Active songs that encourage technically correct movement. Easy and fun for children with upbeat songs.

Kids’ Favourite Christmas Songs

Jayrem Records 2001 CD $14.99 Tui NZ Music Awards Children’s Category Winner 2002.

Horrible Songs for Children

Love to Sing 5 DVD Collection

Jayrem Records 1997 CD $14.99 Winner of Best New Artist for Older Children through USA-based Children’s Music on the Web - judged by children!

Love to Sing Alphabet

Jayrem Records 2007 CD $14.99

Love to Sing 9319512190132 $9.99

Love to Sing 9319512187071 5 DVDs $49.95 Love to Sing DVD $19.95 Love to Sing 1877180351 Wallchart, cards, pen, CD $29.95 Love to Sing 187718036X CD $9.95 An interactive way to learn the alphabet. 27 upbeat songs sung by children. Read the words to the songs.

Brunch Book Club

‘Brilliant’ The New Zealand Herald

“This is a cool book” Tamati Coffey

“Highly recommended” Waikato Times

The Dragon Hunters - part one of the trilogy



Pretty Ugly

Jayrem Records 2004 CD $14.99

The Best & Horriblest Songs for Children

Jayrem Records 2008 CD $14.99 Seven of the brightest and best songs from their five albums.

‘Charming’ Australian Women's Weekly Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


AUDIO/VISUAL: Music | Poetry | Short Stories | CHARTS & FRIEZES | PICTURE BOOKS: Concept

Melbourne, Hirini

Manhire, Bill

Forest and Ocean

Viking Sevenseas VPS496CD CD $19.95 Bird and other songs composed and sung by Hirini Melbourne.

Orbell, Margaret & McLean, Mervyn Songs of a Kaumatua

AUP 2006 9781869402587 Hb & 2 CDs $89.99 60 traditional songs of Tuhoe as sung by Kino Hughes, Tuhoe singer and orator, who asked the authors to compile this record. Lyrics in Maori and English, musical notations, illustrations & 2 CDs.

StarFish Magic I Love Insects!

StarFish Magic 2004 CD $15

I Love My Teddy Bear! StarFish Magic 2002 CD $15

New Zealand Poets– The Laureate Series – Bill Manhire

Jayrem Records 2008 CD $25.95 48 poems, read by the author, from Bill Manhire’s Collected Poems and Lifted (2006 Montana NZ Book Award winner).


Seeing Voices: NZ Poets Reading

AUP 1999 9781869402204 CD $34.99 44 tracks. 74min. NZ’s first poetry anthology on CD featuring 12 of NZ’s best poets, chosen for the quality of their work and their performance. C.K. Stead, Lauris Edmond, Anne French, Albert Wendt, David Eggleton, Michele Leggott, Elizabeth Smither, Robert Sullivan, Alan Brunton, Murray Edmond, Elizabeth Nannestad and Kapka Kassabova.

Short Stories

I Love Santa Claus! StarFish Magic 2004 CD $15

Batt, Tanya

StarFish Magic 2004 CD $15

Illus Musician Craig Denham Imagined Worlds CD $25 The fox is sometimes a messenger of the gods, sometimes a shape shifter. Mr Fox, Foxy-loxy, Brer Fox and Reynard all share cunningness which sometimes pays off with a full belly, at other times he’ll be outfoxed himself. Four tales balance the fox’s fortune. 3+.

Box of Foxes

I Love Water!

Wands and Wishes StarFish Magic 2004 CD $15

Sweet Samaritans

The Spirit of Christmas

StarFish Magic 2004 CD $15 Gospel.

The Aunties Cosmic Rock

Birdman Brothers/The Aunties 1998 CD $25+p&p

I Love Insects

The Aunties CD $25+p&p

I Smell a Rat

The Aunties CD $25+p&p

Birdman Brothers/The Aunties 2000 CD $25+p&p Zany songs full of liveliness and humour, often loosely based on a story or theme.

The Aunties Alphabet

The Aunties DVD $25+p&p Wonderful songs and zany, lovable characters. Each letter denotes something found in the world: A is an aluminium ladder, C is the crescent moon...

Waiata Reka – Sweet Maori Songs

The Aunties CD $25+p&p Zany songs full of liveliness and humour, often loosely based on a story or theme.


Bornholdt, Jenny

New Zealand Poets – The Laureate Series – Jenny Bornholdt

Jayrem Records 2008 CD $25.95 34 poems, read by the author, from Miss New Zealand, Summer and Mrs Winter’s Jump.

Bornholdt, Jenny & Colquhoun, Glenn New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 DVD A digital conversation between award-winning poets.

Edmond, Lauris

The Poems of Lauris Edmond

AUP 2000 9781869402341 CD $34.99 Readers: Lauris and Frances Edmond. Incidental music Dorothy Buchanan. A moving and magical expression of the lifetime’s work of a much-loved poet, recorded just before she died early in 2000.

New Zealand Poets –The Laureate Series – Michelle Leggott Jayrem Records 2009 CD $25.95

Illus Helen Taylor Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503736 $17.99 The artwork from Fifty-five Feathers as a frieze for the wall.

Fepulea’i, Heather Alphabet Frieze

Butterflies B114 $15.20 Upper and lower case. Not plastic coated

Number Frieze

Butterflies B124 $15.20 Numbers 1 to 20. Not plastic coated.

Harcourt, Miranda

Miranda’s Alphabet - Learning Letters with Pictures - Wallcards

Illus Paul Densem South Coast Press 2006 9780473112233 Pb $19 A new, fun way for pre-school children to learn the alphabet. The shape of each letter calls up a vivid sound-picture for that letter capital B looks like a bottom, little b looks like a boot... Miranda and two children feature in the illustrations which combine photography, drawing and text. Book also available.

Morrow, Rosie

Children’s ABC Wall Frieze

Kakariki Green 2010 Frieze $30+$5p&p A frieze with a distinctive Aotearoa flavour.

Illus Rachel Griffin* Barefoot Books 9781846860898 CD $35 Weaving of fabulous worlds, with words and fabrics, tales spun through the ages by communities near and far. 7+.

Glenn Colquhoun Poster

The Fairytale Tree

Illus Musician Craig Denham Imagined Worlds CD $25 Based on an old Hungarian legend. At the far end of the world there lies an island where a magical tree grows, holding a nest full of story eggs. 5 stories for 4+.

The Story Sack

Illus Musician Craig Denham Imagined Worlds CD $25 A collection of traditional stories for under 8s.

The Time of Your Life

Imagined Worlds 2010 CD $25 A collection of original stories by one of New Zealand’s top storytellers, Tanya Batt, audibly illustrated by Craig Denham. Classical themes like fairies and dragons mixed with modern life. 5+.

Pittar, Gill

Illus Cris Morrell Milly, Molly Books Series 1


Pukeko Counts to Ten

Illus Musician Craig Denham Imagined Worlds CD $25 Inspired by the work of people like Joseph Chilton Pearce, Froebel and David Abram, we have collected and retold traditional stories, written songs and music which draw on the four elements that have formed the basis of understanding for may civilisations, particularly Native American and Aboriginal cultures. 3-7.

The Fabrics of Fairytale

Princess and the Goblins

Leggott, Michele



Brown, Ben

Milly Molly Books 187729750X Set of tapes $39.90

Milly, Molly Books Series 2

Milly Molly Books 1877297518 Set of tapes $39.90

Milly, Molly Books Series 3

Milly Molly Books 1877297526 Set of tapes $39.90 Recordings of Milly, Molly stories, backed by the Milly, Molly song and sound effects.


Whispers in the Wind

Produced and directed by Janice Marriott Wellington City Libraries 2009 9780474159689 Audio CD $20 A collection of ten stories written and read aloud by Wellington writers including Joy Cowley, Fleur Beale, Barbara Else and Janice Marriott. 4+. Order from or buy at Cummings Branch Library.

New Zealand Book Council, Gavin Bishop Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of children’s writer and illustrator Gavin Bishop. New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of poet and children’s writer Glenn Colquhoun.

Janet Frame Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2005 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of poet and novelist Janet Frame.

Joy Cowley Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of children’s writer Joy Cowley.

Maurice Gee Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2005 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of novelist Maurice Gee.

Michael King Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2006 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of historian Michael King.

Witi Ihimaera Poster

New Zealand Book Council 2005 $15 A rich visual depiction of the life and times of novelist Witi Ihimaera.


Concept Books Allen, Pamela My First 123

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502289 Bd $17.99

My First 123: Puffin Baby

Puffin Baby 2007 9780143502036 Pb $15.99 Have fun making lots of noise while counting from one to ten with some of Pamela Allen’s favourite characters.

My First ABC

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143503484 Bd $17.99 Favourite characters dance, jump and stomp through the alphabet.

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PICTURE BOOKS - Concept Books | General Picture Books Bishop, Gavin

Osment, Michelle

Brown Bread and Honey

Random House 2010 9781869793661 Pb $24.99 The animals gather to celebrate the birth of their babies - one foal, two calves, three puppies... all with their associated sounds and a birthday party to celebrate at the end. The simple shapes of the animals have a variety of paint effects for visual texture and the colours of the vivid inks give a bright warmth to each spread.1-4.

Illus B M Jake Little Friends 2009 9780473151379 Pb $17.99 A counting down story written in rhyme. Ten baby tuatara hatch and try to find a place to hide, somewhere safe from predators, somewhere dark inside. The last tuatara finds the perfect place but is there someone else already in there?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Cowshed Springtime: A Kiwi Counting Book

Brown, Ben

Ten Tuatara

Natural New Zealand ABC

Puffin 1992 9780908606863 Hb $28 A delightful alphabet book based on the traditional game The Minister’s Cat, and featuring Slinky Malinki, Scarface Claw and other well-loved Lynley Dodd cats.

The Nickle Nackle Tree

Picture Puffin (1976), 2007 9780141501307 Pb $17.99 An unusual counting book with lively verse and sprightly pictures. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Much-Loved Book Award 2006.

Harcourt, Miranda & McKenzie, Stuart Illus Paul Densem

Miranda’s Alphabet - Learning Letters with Pictures

South Coast Press 2006 9780473112233 Pb $19.95 A new, fun way for pre-school children to learn the alphabet. The shape of each letter calls up a vivid sound-picture for that letter capital B looks like a bottom, little b looks like a boot... Miranda and two children feature in the illustrations which combine photography, drawing and text. Wall cards also available.

Miranda’s Numbers - Learning Numbers with Pictures

South Coast Press 2007 9780473123697 Pb $19.95 Miranda is having a party for baby Davida but nothing is ready. Friends and family come with gifts and food to save the day and get some counting done along the way.

Holguin, Rebekah The Kiwi Kid’s ABC

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508951 Pb $ 19.99 Kiwi cultural and environmental features are captured in this graphically stylish alphabet book. 3-8.

Cuthbert’s Babies Kiwi Play With Me

Puffin 2012 9780143505495 Pb $19.99 Kiwi wants some playmates. Count from one to ten as the different NZ creatures come to play, each making their respective sounds (bellbirds chime, frogs whistle...) and depicted in rich watercolours. 1-5.

Turner, Gwenda Australian 123

Picture Puffin 1997 9780140561050 Pb $18.99 How many koalas in the tree? Butterflies in the sky? Parrots flying by? Fun learning to count from one to ten

Australian ABC

Picture Puffin 1992 9780140545067 Pb $10.99 Learn the alphabet with all sorts of Australian animals and things - E for emu, T for train, with lovely detailed illustrations.

Uncle Anzac

Kapai Counts to Ten

Random House 1997 9781869413415 Bd $6.95

Williamson, Matthew

Puffin 2012 9780143505549 Board $12.99 Learn colours with things from New Zealand - purple is paua, green is flax all in graphic woodcut illustrations. 0-3.


Picture Puffin 1988 9780140509397 Pb $16.99 The king and queen lead a wild chase through the book when a lion steals their baby.

Alexander’s Outing

Hodder Moa 2010 9781869712051 Bd $13.99 A first counting book with bright graphics and sturdy pages.


Hodder Moa 2010 9781869712044 Bd $13.99 A first alphabet book with bright graphics and sturdy pages.

Morris, Sandra

One Lonely Kakapo: A NZ Counting Book

New Holland ( 1991), 2011 9781869663452 Pb $16.99 A new edition with a fresh cover and a quiz page. Meet native New Zealand birds, reptiles and sea life, captured in watercolour and coloured pencils, whilst learning to count from one to ten. Russell Clark Award for illustration 1992. 2-7.

Fancy That!

Picture Puffin 1989 9780140509717 Pb $17.99 A lovely noisy book about a little red hen who is very proud of her six brown eggs.


Picture Puffin (2008) 2011 9780143504801 Pb $17.99 Viking 2008 9780670071937 Hb $29 Felix might be a big fat cat but is not the one who ate the last of the strawberry jam so tries to find out who did.

Grandpa and Thomas


A Lion in the Night

Buzzy Bee and Friends: 123

Picture Puffin 2003 9780140556872 Pb $17.99 Daisy was an ordinary dog living an ordinary life with Stanley. Now she is an EXTRAORDINARY dog leading an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Picture Puffin (2006) 2009 9780143503682 Pb $17.99 This time when Grandpa and Thomas go to the beach the weather turns stormy and they have to shelter under the green umbrella.

Puffin 2012 9780143505556 Board $12.99 Learn the alphabet with New Zealand things from A for aroha to Z for Zealand in colour-rich woodcut illustrations. 0-3.

Allen, Pamela

Illus Flux Creative

Daisy All-Sorts

Picture Puffin Australia 2005 9780143501312 Pb $17.99 Picture Puffin UK 2009 9780143503682 Pb $17.99 Thomas and Grandpa have a lovely day together at the beach. Warm family relationships.

General Picture Books

Lion Rock Licensing

Picture Puffin 2004 9780143500858 Pb $17.99 Cuthbert’s mother brings home four baby sisters for Cuthbert and no-one seems to have time for him any more. Cuthbert wishes for someone big and bad to play with and the three pirates who respond are just what he asked for. 3-8.

Illus Fraser Williamson Little Fronds Books for Babies: ABC

Puffin 2012 9780143505563 Board $12.99 Counting from one to ten (shown as number and word) with New Zealand birds, using woodcut illustrations. 0-3.


Viking 2000 9780670844050 Hb $16.99 The king has lost his crown, I know where it is, do you? A fun book for the very young that almost needs to be read in a whisper. Picture Puffin 1995 9780140553321 Pb $16.99 A delightful story of how an elderly couple persuade their two reluctant and laden donkeys to walk.

Taylor, Helen

The Minister’s Cat ABC

Picture Puffin 2002 9780140568257 Pb $16.99 What the king likes most of all is food. He eats and eats until he finds that nothing he can do is fun any more. That’s when his friend the stable boy comes to his rescue.


Illus Helen Taylor Picture Puffin (2004), 2008 9780143503163 Pb $21 The NZ Natural ABC wallchart extended into a book, with a small paragraph about each of the creatures featured.

Dodd, Lynley


Picture Puffin 1994 9780140554786 Pb $16.99 Stay close, take care, quacked Alexander’s mother. But he did not – he straggled behind with his head in the air and disappeared down a deep dark hole.


Picture Puffin 1994 9780140544930 Pb $16.99 Old Tom is left to milk Belinda while his sister Bessie is away. But Belinda has other ideas.

Bertie and the Bear

Picture Puffin 1990 9780140509724 Pb $16.99 When Bertie is chased by a bear, all sorts of people chase after him and make all sorts of deafening noises.

Black Dog

Picture Puffin 1992 9780140543957 Pb $16.99 Black Dog and Christina have always been friends but one day things begin to change. A poignant story about how love can bring its own pain.

Grandpa & Thomas & the Green Umbrella

Hetty’s Day Out

Viking 2010 9780670074471 Hb $30 Hetty the cat gets up one morning and goes visiting her friends, who each have something delicious for her to eat. She gets progressively fatter and when she gets home has a problem getting inside. Beautifully simple watercolour illustrations. 2-7.

I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit

Picture Puffin 1991 9780140509885 Pb $17.99 Pete has a pirate suit. His younger brother dreams that if he had the pirate suit he would be the pirate captain and boss of the seven seas.

Inside Mary Elizabeth’s House

Picture Puffin 2001 9780140567113 Pb $17.99 The boys don’t believe Mary Elizabeth really does have a monster inside her house – but they soon learn differently.

Is Your Grandmother a Goanna

Picture Puffin 2007 9780143502081 Pb $17.99 Viking 2007 9780670071128 Hb $29 A little boy sets off on the train to visit his grandmother but each station he comes to is full of a different sort of animal and he knows his grandmother is not a gorilla, or an elephant... or a goanna.

Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread

Picture Puffin 2007 9780143501411 Pb $17.99 When Mr McGee visits the zoo he discovers it isn’t a good idea to feed some of the animals.

Mr McGee and the Blackberry Jam

Picture Puffin 1994 9780140545012 Pb $16.99 Mr McGee hates marmalade. He goes blackberrying so he can make some jam – but he forgets about the cows in the paddock. And the bull!

Mr McGee and the Perfect Nest

Picture Puffin 2000 9780140564969 Pb $16.99 Picture Puffin 2000 9780143502777 Bd $17.99 Lazy bird wants a nest.

* Indicates the author or illustrator is not a New Zealander, but has worked on the book with someone who is.

† Indicates the author or illustrator is a New Zealander who is living overseas.

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Mr McGee Goes to Sea

the personalities of the dogs and are all dogs captured in real situations. 3 years + and all dog lovers! Picture Puffin 1993 9780140544039 Pb $16.99 A flood carries Mr McGee out to sea but he returns home without Winston’s World: The Snow spilling a single drop of tea. Ironing Board Press 2008 9780473139261 Hb + CD $34.95 Ironing Board Press 2008 9780473139261 Pb $19.95 My Buggy Book of Animals CD of Winston’s Lullaby by Debby Heard, Puffin 2011 9780143504818 Bd $12.99 A selection of illustrated animals with a clip to attach to cot, high- arranged by Graham Wardrop) When Winston the long-haired dachshund visits the mountains chair or buggy. 0-2. he finds there are many lessons to be learned in this strange white My Cat Maisie world Photographed in the high country of NZ’s South Island. Picture Puffin 1993 9780140542370 Pb $16.99 When a scruffy ginger cat arrives at Andrew’s house he learns how Antle, Nancy* Ordinary Albert to play gently with her and they become good friends. Illus Pamela Allen Nana’s Colours Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502500 Pb $17.99 Viking 2011 9780670075379 Hb $26 It’s Nana’s birthday and all the children bring her presents of dif- Albert lives an ordinary life with his ordinary cat and his ordinary cat. But one day something extraordinary happens and things will ferent colours. never seem ordinary again. 2-6.

Our Daft Dog Danny

Picture Puffin (2009) 2011 9780143503446 Pb $17.99 Viking 2009 9780670073351 Hb $29 Two children and their dog Danny go to visit Uncle Peter and his well-trained dog Millie but Danny chases Millie and won’t let go of her tail until Uncle Peter comes up with an idea. 3+.

Share said the Rooster

Armitage, Ronda

A New Home for a Pirate

Illus Swain Holly* Picture Puffin 2007 9780141500256 Pb $21 Jed is a pirate but he would rather live on a house on a hill. One day he finds the perfect place, owned by a man who’s always wanted to be a pirate. 3+.

Picture Puffin 2 006 9780143501756 Pb $17.99 5 short stories about Billy and Ben who just don’t know how to share. Small Knight and George Illus Arthur Robins* Shhh! Little Mouse Hodder Children’s Books 2008 9781846163777 Pb $19.99 Picture Puffin (2007), 2009 9780143503675 Pb $17.99 The little mouse searches the house for something to eat, but will Small Knight doesn’t want to fight a dragon, he wants to stay at home and play with his friends. he doesn’t even know what a dragon looks he wake the sleeping cat? Read aloud to the very young. like. But it’s what big brave knights do, so he sets out on his quest.

The Bear’s Lunch

Small Knight and George and the Royal Picture Puffin 1998 9780140562415 Pb $16.99 When Wendy and Oliver decide to have a picnic in the woods, they Chocolate Cake Illus Arthur Robins* are surprised by a big black growly bear Hodder Children’s Books 2009 9781846169137 Pb $19.99 The Little Old Man Who Looked Up at the Small Knight and George, his dragon, are off on a quest - to rescue Moon the world’s biggest chocolate cake that’s been stolen in the night Viking 2012 9780670075812 Hb $30 by some cheeky robber-brigands. The little old man looks up at the moon and asks questions: Does the sky go on forever? Where do we come from? Where do we go? The Lighthouse Keeper Stories: Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch & Why are we here? 3-7. The Pear in the Pear Tree

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

Illus David Armitage Picture Puffin 2000 9780140564976 Pb $16.99 John and Jane, out walking, spy a lone pear atop its tree. Read Scholastic 2008 9781407105789 Pb $15.50 Random House NZ 2009 9781846071218 Audio CD $25.99 about their hilarious efforts to pick it down. Will Mrs Grinling ever stop the greedy seagulls eating the lighthouse The Potato People keeper’s lunch? And will greedy Mr Grinling ever stop snacking? 3-8. Picture Puffin 2005 9780143500865 Pb $17.99 Every Friday Jack spends the day with Grandma. They romp ro- The Lighthouse Keeper’s Breakfast ly-poly on the ground, they read stories and they eat cake. Then, Illus David Armitage one cold and rainy Friday, they make the Potato People. Scholastic 2002 9780439979344 Pb $15.99 The Grinlings are special guests for the lighthouse’s 200th birthThe Toymaker and the Bird day so they dress up as pirates which leads to more adventures Viking 2009 9780670073634 Hb $29 than they’d counted on. 5-8. Picture Puffin 2013 9780143305965 Pb $17.99 In a little house in a dark forest, a violin-playing toymaker lives all The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe alone until a brown bird sings along making beautiful music to- Illus David Armitage gether, but there’s trouble when the bird wants to fly away. Scholastic (1986), 2008 9781407106502 Pb $18.50 Waddle Giggle Gargle When Mr Grinling locks himself out of the lighthouse, he tries everything to get back inside. Hamish is trapped inside and the Picture Puffin 1996 9780140559910 Pb $17.99 A boisterous magpie is determined to protect her nest so Grandpa, light needs to be switched on to warn the ships. Luckily Mrs Grandma and Jonathan find an ingenious way to protect them- Grinling has a plan. 3-8 selves as they go past to work, shop and school. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas Where’s the Gold? Illus David Armitage Picture Puffin (2005), 2010 9780143501473 Pb $17.99 Scholastic 2002 9780439982214 Pb $18.50 Viking 2005 9780670028443 Hb $26 There’s a big Christmas Eve storm which strands Mr Grinling and Three brave pirates and their noisy parrot go in search of gold with his great nephew George in the lighthouse. Will it be the worst Christmas ever? 5+. surprise treasure at the end.

Who Sank the Boat?

Picture Puffin 1988 9780140509403 Pb $17.99 Picture Puffin (1988), 2007 9780143501992 Bd $21 Disaster results when all the animals want to join in the boat ride across the bay.

Allison, Sue

Photographs by Debby Heard

Winston’s World: The Beach

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Illus David Armitage Scholastic (1977), 2007 9781407103150 Pb $18.50 30th anniversary edition. Mrs Grinling sends Mr Grindling’s lunch over to the lighthouse every day but the seagulls keep stealing it until the Grinlings come up with a plan. Esther Glen Award 1978. 3-8.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s New Friend

Illus David Armitage Ironing Board Press 2007 9780473115616 Pb $20 Scholastic 2008 9781407105468 Pb $17.50 Ironing Board Press 2007 9780473115609 Hb $30 Mr Grinling looks for mermaids on his day off, but when he spots a Winston and his doggy mates go on an adventure down the golden-haired creature on the rocks it isn’t what he expected. 3-8. beach. Illustrated with black and white photographs that capture Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

Illus David Armitage Scholastic 2009 9781407106526 Pb $17.99 Mrs Grinling is a good cook and Mr Grinling loves to eat, but when he eats too much at the picnic he wishes he hadn’t. 3-8

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue

Illus David Armitage Scholastic (1989) 2001 9780439993807 Pb $18.50 The lamp in the lighthouse must always be lit at night, but when Mr Grinling falls asleep and is too late to put the light on the inspectors are soon on their way to visit. 3-8

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Surprise

Illus David Armitage Scholastic 2008 9781407108780 Pb $14.99 Two stories in one. Hamish the lighthouse keepers’ cat, loves Mrs Grinling’s cooking and is very upset to hear they might starve him. A big Christmas Eve storm strands Mr Grinling and his great nephew George in the lighthouse. Will it be the worst Christmas ever? 3-8.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tea

Illus David Armitage Scholastic 2002 9780439979382 Pb $18.50 The lighthouse keeper loses his tea to a couple of pesky seagulls. 3-8.

Aslund, Tatiana

Moho the Ugly Pukeko

Illus Samer Hatam Picture Puffin 2006 9781869481049 Pb $18.99 One baby pukeko doesn’t look like the others. He can’t fly or swim so they call him Moho (stupid). One day he runs away in search of a better place to live. Lots of text in this brightly illustrated book, including Maori words, with a glossary.

Avison, Brett

Illus Craig Smith*

A Bigger Digger

Five Mile Press 2011 9781743002056 Pb $17.99 Bryn and his dog Oscar were working on digging a hole in the yard when they struck something hard. They kept digging and it kept getting bigger. They decide it’s a dinosaur head so someone from the museum comes and brings a bigger digger. Rhyming text and a final big surprise - a pop-up digger. 3-8.

Stuck in the Muck

Five Mile Press 2011 9781742486420 Hb $24.99 Five Mile Press 2011 9781743002049 Pb $17.99 Milky the cow is usually happy sleeping in the barn but is discovered stuck in the mud where an array of people and their vehicles try to get her out. Complete with a pop-up surprise. Rhyming text and lots to look at on the farm. 3-8.

Baby’s World,

Baby’s World Cot Book

Puffin 2000 9780141310602 Cloth $13.99 A cloth book with striking black on white images.

Baby’s World – A Kiwi First Focus Book

Puffin (2001), 2007 9780140568264 Bd $12.99 A black-and-white board book with simple easily recognised images for the 0-6 month old.

Baby’s World of Nature - Kiwi First Focus Book Puffin (2002), 2007 9780143519744 Bd $12.99 Attractive nature book for the very young.

Ball, Murray

Fred the (Quite) Brave Mouse

Scholastic 2003 9781869435981 Pb $29.99 Fred Mouse has lost his parents so sets off to find a mouse he can settle down with. This leads him into the outside world where things are not as easy as he had hoped. 7-10.

Willie Wants To Wee-Wee!

Scholastic 2004 9781869436711 Pb $19.50 Scholastic 2013 9781775431558 Bd $13.50 A small boy wakes to the horror of wanting desperately to go to the toilet. He considers a number of options before remembering that the toilet is where he must go. 3-7.

Batchelor, Di

Rhinehold the Mouse

Fraser Books 2009 9780958298858 Pb $17.50 Rhinehold likes to sneak around the house at night finding things to eat, until he’s caught in a trap, and heard by the cat. Illustrated with simple black line drawings. Rhyming text.


A Child’s Book of Faeries

Illus Gail Newey* Barefoot Books 1841489530 Hb $29.95 Collection of stories about faeries.

Catching Fish

Illus Natalia Vasquez* Clean Slate Press 2012 9781927185568 Hb $24.99 Jake’s favourite shirt has five fish on the bottom of it. He wears it everywhere until his mother insists on washing it. When he puts it on again the fish have gone! He finds them flying in the sky and has to find a way to catch them. A story about the power of words, with contemporary collage illustrations by a Peruvian artist which capture the spirit of the story in their diverse panels. 3-8.

Remember That November


Rufus the Rooster

The House that Jack Built

Illus Lindy Fisher Huia 2013 9781775500100 Pb $20 At the school speech competition Aroha, wearing a white feather in her hair, tells the story of another 5th of November - the invasion of Parihaka in 1881. Finalist NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2013. Illus Jennifer Beck Polygraphia 2010 9781877332869 Eb $30 Polygraphia 2010 9781877332852 Pb $30+p&p Have you ever seen a rooster by the roadside and wondered where he came from, and if he disappeared, where he might have gone? 3-7.

Sam Goes Wild

Illus Jenna Packer New Holland 2012 9781869663063 Pb $19.99 Sam has been ill and his appetite has disappeared. Uncle Nick Illus Helen Bacon comes up with a plan to get Sam’s appetite back. He suggests Clean Slate Press 2012 9781927185575 Hb $24.99 Toby tells his friends that his dad is a dragon catcher complete Sam visits him in Hokitika, on the west coast of the South Island, with a suitable dragon-catcher protective suit, but now it’s coinciding with the Wildfoods Festival. 4-7. Father’s Day at school. His dad finds out why Toby is worrying and Stefania’s Dancing Slippers comes up with a plan. 4-8. Illus Lindy Fisher The Faery’s Gift Scholastic 2007 9781869438111 Hb $31 Scholastic 2007 Pb 9781869438111 $19.50 Illus Nicoletta Ceccoli A small Polish girl comes to New Zealand as a refugee in 1944. The Barefoot Books 2008 978184146862298 Pb $35.50 The woodcutter’s heart is full of longing. He has no children, his story of her experiences and how she clings on to the one treasure mother is going blind and they are hungry. One day he rescues a she has from her previous life. Detailed collage illustrations are faerie from a hawk and is granted a wish. But it’s not as easy as true artworks and worthy of close examination. 6-10. you might think to choose the one best thing. 5+ The Bantam and the Soldier The Princess and the White Bear King Illus Robyn Belton Scholastic 1996 9781869433932 Pb $19.50 Illus Nicoletta Ceccoli Amidst the horror and devastation of World War 1 an unusual Barefoot Books 9781846862281 Hb & CD $35.50 In the distant north a young princess embarks on a breath-taking friendship is formed. adventure in the land of ice and snow as she searches for happi- Whetu: the Little Blue Duck ness in a land which lies east of the sun and west of the moon. A Illus Renee Haggo melding of three traditional tales. 7+. Duck Creek Press 2011 9781877378522 Hb $29.99 The little blue duck has a life fraught with danger, from losing his Baynton, Martin sibling, evading the stoat and learning how to survive from his Jane and the Magician parents until it was time for him to go out on his own on a river in Walker Books (2000), 2006 9781406305289 Pb $18.99 Jane and the dragon are sent to find the magician to provide enter- the mountains where he saves a lost climber, who gives him his tainment for the prince’s birthday, but he’s caused a flood and nearly name - Whetu, and campaigns to stop mining on his river so that he can go on to find a mate and have a family of his own. The illuscauses the dragon to drown.. TV series. trations in delicately layered watercolours. 4-8.

My Dad’s a Dragon Catcher

The Dragon’s Purpose

Belcher, Angie Walker Books (1990), 2006 9781406305265 Pb $18.99 The villagers are preparing for the summer carnival but Jane is The Girls in the Kapahaka worried about the dragon who has lost his purpose. TV series. Illus Debbie Tipuna Picture Puffin (2006), 2008 9780143503231 Pb $17.99 Baynton, Terri Rose Told in the cumulative style of The House that Jack Built. Mr Bear Branches & the Cloud Conundrum Information about participating in kapahaka, including Maori ABC Books 2012 9780733329210 Hb $29.99 words and details about how things like piupiu are made. Glossary Mr Bear Branches and Lintfrey Longfellow were best friends who with pronunciation at the back. loved taking walks, discussing books and cloudwatching. Lintfrey wants to sit in the clouds but they’re not really made for it and Mr Bishop, Gavin Bear wants to find an answer to the problem. 4+. Finalist NZ Post Bruiser Children’s Books Awards 2013. Random House 2011 9781869794514 Pb with flaps $22 Random House 2011 9781869794491 Hb $34 Beames, Margaret Bruiser is a front-end loader building a motorway. He’s tough and Oliver Goes Exploring strong ploughing through hills and crushing rocks until he gets Illus Sue Hitchcock stuck in a muddy ditch and upsets a mother magpie and her baby Scholastic 2008 9781869438753 Pb $19.50 and Bruiser’s softer side is revealed. Textural and boldly coloured Oliver is out and about in the daytime, and for a cat there is so collage illustrations. 3-8. much to see and do, it’s very hard to go home again. 4+. Beck, Jennifer Gypsy Day on the Farm

Kiwi Moon

Random House (2005), 2012 9781869790516 Pb $16.99 On the surface this is a very simple story of being different, but it Illus Lisa Allen also contains the themes of intertribal warfare, European coloniNew Holland 2011 9781869663155 Pb $19.99 sation of New Zealand, Maori/Pakeha relations, and conservation. Gypsy Day (1 June) is a special time for the farming world when dairy Russell Clark Award 2006. farms change ownership, families move to their new farms, often Maui and the Goddess of Fire taking their herds of cows with them. Told in rhyme, from a young boy’s point of view, follow a family of share-milkers moving south Scholastic 1997 9781869433819 Pb $19.50 with their cows. Illustrations give a vivid depiction of farm life. 4-7. Maui tricks the Goddess of Fire into giving him all her fingernails of fire. Also in te reo Maori.

Nobody’s Dog

Illus Lindy Fisher Scholastic 2005 9781869436681 Hb $31 A boy finds a stray dog but his father won’t let him keep it. The boy thinks the dog has been shot but when he has an accident in the bush the dog comes to his rescue, only to disappear again when help arrives. Based on a true story. Stunning multi-layered illustrations. 5+. NZ Post Book Awards 2006 Children’s Choice.


Random House (2007), 2011 9781869790394 Pb $24.99 Polly Piper’s house is full of rats and a stranger turns up offering to get rid of them. Spot the rats hiding in the illustrations before they are lured away by music. Mrs Piper feels strangely lonely when they have left so they come to an agreement that suits them all. 4+. Gecko Press 2012 9781877467608 Hb with jacket $34.99 Gecko Press 2012 9781877467615 Pb w flaps $19.99 A book with two strands - the rhythmic text, based on the traditional rhyme, about Jack Bull who travels to New Zealand from London as a new settler in 1798. The contemporary illustrations tell the story from a Maori perspective beginning with creation. 3+. Also available in te reo Maori.

There Was a Crooked Man

Gecko Press 2009 9781877467240 Bd $18 An old English rhyme given a contemporary treatment with Bishop’s skilful use of printmaking and painting techniques. Simple fun in a sturdy package, the vertical format is the perfect frame for the long-legged man. 0+.

There Was An Old Woman

Gecko Press 2008 9781877467165 Bd $18 An old English rhyme in a vertical board book for very young children. Illustrations created with printmaking and ink wash in warm, clear colours, inspired by The Flight of the Old Woman Who Was Tossed Up in a Basket by Aliquis (1844).

Bixley, Donovan

Old MacDonald’s Farm

Hodder Moa 2011 9781869712303 Pb $19.99 A rendering of a well-known children’s song which is Kiwi throughout. Look for the magpie in every picture and pore over the lively digital illustrations to see what classic Kiwi items have been included, also displayed on the endpapers. 3-8.

The Looky Book

Hachette Children’s 2012 9781869712723 Pb $19.99 A Kiwi style puzzle book. Find the numbers with crazy lambs, spot the difference, find the animals hidden in the bush. Hours of visually stimulating brain-tingling fun. 4+.

The Wheels on the Bus

Hachette 2010 9781869712136 Pb $19.99 Hachette May 2013 9781869712990 Bd $14.99 This popular children’s song has been illustrated with a crew of familiar-looking passengers such as kiwi, tuatara, fantail and more.

Bland, Peter

Starkey the Gentle Pirate

Illus Nikki Slade Robinson Steele Roberts 2010 9781877577031 Hb $19.99 Starkey, the old pirate from the crew in Peter Pan, sets out on a final voyage to find Captain Hook’s buried gold ... but the journey itself turns out to be the real treasure.

Boles, Dianne

Witchy Goes Shopping

Illus Aki Fukuoka Scholastic 2010 9781869439255 Pb $19.50 It’s Witchy’s birthday but there’s nothing in the cupboard to celebrate with so she flies to the supermarket and buys spider eggs, worms and dragon’s blood to make afternoon tea for her friends. 3-7.

Bottin, Janet Slater

The Big Block of Chocolate

Illus Jeffy James Scholastic (1985), 2003 9781869435653 Pb $19.50 Jenny wants the block of chocolate all to herself but that’s not everyone’s idea.

Bowers-Vette, Megan Mangu & Ma

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509958 Bd $14.99 A first book for babies with black and white images which babies are known to be very responsive to. 0-1.

Mrs McGinty and the Bizarre Plant

Random House (1981), 2007 9781869418922 Pb $19.99 Mrs McGinty is a drab and sad old woman whose life is transformed when she buys a little plant that grows and grows. A 25-year-old classic with stylish art deco style illustrations. Russell Clark Medal for Illustration 1984. 4+.

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Brown, Ben

Collins, Paul †

Illus Helen Taylor Picture Puffin (2005), 2009 9780143504245 Pb $21 Kakapo has been booming all night and Pukeko finds out that Kakapo is lonely so sets out to find him some friends. Bright and colourful illustrations and luscious language. NZ Post Book Awards Picture Book Award 2006.

Illus Jo Thompson* Ford St Publishing 2010 9781921665042 Hb $26.95 Clara lives in her balanced world where everything is perfect. Her glasshouse is free of bugs, her prized pumpkins free of blemishes. But then one day a boy walks into her life and slowly Clara realises that her world is not perfect at all. Her paranoia spreads and she loses all her customers. Finally, she must face up to the realisation that her world is not perfect, and she must make allowances and compromise if she is to survive.

A Booming in the Night

Fifty-five Feathers

Illus Helen Taylor Picture Puffin (2004), 2008 9780143503156 Pb $19.99 Pukeko is worried about Gecko who is suffering in the cold of winter. Wise Old Tree advises ‘Make him a cloak of 55 feathers’.

The Glasshouse

On the Road to Tuapeka

Illus Scott Tulloch Scholastic 2011 9781775430476 Pb $19.50 Two wekas on the Tuapeka road catch the bus with other animal characters. They stop at a campground where they’re invited for tea, which seems a good idea until they find out what’s on the menu! Rhyming text illustrated in pencil, ink and watercolour. 3-8.

The Great Orlando

Illus Helen Taylor Scholastic 2012 9781775430889 Pb $19.50 Poor Sunday Jones lives with his monster of a father and pines for his dearly departed mother. One day, a talent show is announced at school and Sunday practices hard to become The Great Orlando - a magician who can make things disappear... even himself. 6+.

The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly

Illus Helen Taylor Picture Puffin (1993), 2008 9780143503262 Pb $18.99 A humorous story told in rhyme about a penguin who is convince that because he is a bird he must be able to fly.

The Rainmakers

Illus Helen Taylor Raupo 2007 9781869780494 Pb $17.99 Pukeko has always wanted a rainbow, so she chases one down from a nearby mountain into her swamp, bringing torrential rain with it. When the kea who own the rainbow discover one is missing they are forced to go to the swamp they hate, to get it back. Lovely colour pencil and watercolour illustrations bring the story to life. 2-8.

The Song of the Ship Rat

Ria the Reckless Wrybill

Illus Jenny Cooper Picture Puffin (2010), 2011 9780143504504 Pb $19.99 Ria’s parents teach her all the things she needs to know to survive. But Ria doesn’t pay attention and ends up snaffled by a dog. Fine watercolour illustrations capture the wrybill family and their stony river environment. 4+.

Cheng, Christopher* Sounds Spooky

Illus Sarah Davis†† Random House Australia 2011 9781864718805 Pb $19.99 Random House Australia 2011 9781864718799 Hb $27.99 There are lots of scary noises in the old house where a ghost girl lives and three children are exploring. The ghost hears them making noises but insists she isn’t scared until the end when they all meet. The illustrator created a complete model house and characters to photograph to great effect. 3-8. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Picture Puffin 2000 9780140567342 Bd $12.99 All the animals have been in the so Mrs Wishy-Washy gives them all a bath. But where do they go once they’re clean?

Mrs Wishy-Washy Makes a Splash

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Picture Puffin 2003 9780143519829 Bd $12.99 Another board book featuring this favourite character.

Mrs Wishy-Washy’s Christmas

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Picture Puffin 2005 9780143520023 Pb $18.99 Mrs Wishy-Washy who is trying to clean up for Christmas but the animals don’t want to have a bath in the cold barn and Duck shows them a much better option. But if Mrs Wishy-Washy finds out they’ll be in big trouble.

Mrs Wishy-Washy’s Farm Mr Short, Mr Thin, Mr Bald and Mr Dog

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Picture Puffin 2003 9780143519775 Pb $18.99 All the animals, under protest, are scrubbed up by the indomitable Mrs Wishy-Washy.

Cowley, Joy

Cowshed Christmas

Robby & Hoot

Fly Pie

The Duck in the Gun

Colquhoun, Glenn

Illus Nikki Slade Robinson Mrs Wishy-Washy’s Splishy-Sploshy Steele Roberts 2005 1877338575 Hb $19.99 ‘Mr Short was very tall, Mr Thin was fat...’ A zany upside-down Illus Elizabeth Fuller Puffin 2005 9780143520122 Bd $12.99 story illustrated with bright and lively illustrations. The meanies create a terrible mess splishy-sploshing around the Cooper, Janene house until Mrs Wishy-Washy comes along and cleans it all up - inA Dog Like That cluding the meanies Illus Evie Kemp Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo Duck Creek Press 2010 9781877378416 Hb $29.99 Illus Tracey Moroney A little girl has a cute dog who doesn’t do the things others say a dog should do. But she thinks her unruly pet is just perfect. Scholastic 1996 9781869433604 Pb $19.50 A scary ogre gets his comeuppance from a ‘wee wishy woman in Illustrated in layered cut paper. 3+. her apron of blue’. 3-7. Illus Gavin Bishop Random House 2009 9781869790738 Pb $24.99 It’s Christmas and the animals have all come mooing, barking, clucking, baaing, quacking, oinking and meowing to the cowshed door to see the Christmas baby. Illustrations with a NZ flavour use printmaking and painting techniques. Read aloud animal noises. 1+.

Illus Philip Webb Illus Helen Taylor Scholastic 2010 9781869439248 Pb $19.50 Scholastic 2013 9781775430483 Pb $19.5 The ship rat sings his song of the places he’s been and things he’s There was once a frog who had been a prince and knew he could be again if he was kissed by a princess. But there’s also a cute girl seen. He thinks he’s had enough of life at sea, but has he? 5-9. frog on the nearby lily pad who wants to marry him. Based on the Thief of Colours fable of The Frog Prince. Illustrations are watercolour, pencil and Illus Helen Taylor Photoshop. 3-6. Also in te reo Maori. Picture Puffin (2003), 2008 9780143503224 Pb $17.99 Greedy Cat and the Goldfish Pukeko is tired of the dull, dreary swamp where she is living with her new family so she sets out to collect some colours to brighten Illus Robyn Belton Scholastic 2009 9781869436896 Pb $19.50 the place up. Katie is looking after Grandma’s goldfish, but she shouldn’t underButler, Dorothy estimate Greedy Cat’s desire for a fishy snack. Watercolour and ink Farmer Beetroot’s Birthday illustrations complement the rhyming text. 3-7. Illus Lyn Kriegler Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show Duck Creek Press 2010 9781877378430 Hb $29.99 Illus Robyn Belton It’s Farmer Beetroot’s birthday and his wife has made a great Scholastic 2004 9781869436476 Pb $19.50 feast, but where are the guests they were expecting? Farmer Beetroot goes to find out but suffers the same fate and his wife Greedy Cat is taken to school for pet day but he doesn’t want to go. has to come and help them all before they can dig in to the party He steals the sausages at school, and then doesn’t want to go home again! 3-7. food. A funny old-fashioned tale, brightly illustrated.v 3-8.

Buxton, Jane

Mrs Wishy-Washy

Greedy Cat and the Sneeze

Illus Phillip Fickling Puffin 2011 9780143505037 Pb $19.99 Robby the Robot has lost his toe and none of the shops are selling toes for such an old model. But when he searches the nearby dump, he finds something even better - a small car called Hoot. They ‘ll both end up as scrap if they don’t escape. 4-8. Illus Robyn Belton Walker Books Australia 2009 9781921150838 Pb $18.99 25th anniversary edition. The general is having trouble with his war as a duck has made a nest and laid eggs in his gun, so he and the prime minister decide to put the war off for three weeks until the ducklings hatch. Meantime the soldiers paint the town and the general falls in love. A fine collaboration with the illustrations adding details not mentioned in the text. Essential reading. 3+.

The Fierce Little Woman & the Wicked Pirate

Illus Sarah Davis† Gecko Press (1984) 2010. 9781877467400 Pb with flaps $20 Gecko Press (1984) 2010 9781877467417 Hb $33 A newly educated edition of this Cowley classic. The fierce little woman lives alone on a wharf, keeping busy knitting socks, fishing and playing the bagpipes, until one stormy day a pirate comes knocking. 3+.

The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch

Illus Rodney McRae Picture Puffin (1982) 2009 9780143503880 Pb $19.99 Dad warns Josephine not to go down to the lake called Timberditch or the taniwha will get her but this just makes her curious. Highly detailed coloured pencil illustrations. 4-7.

Illus Robyn Belton Scholastic 2006 9781869436889 Pb $19.50 Too Many Cats! Katie thinks Greedy Cat is sick because he’s sniffling and she keeps Illus Amber Edwards giving him more food to make him feel better - then he really Edwards 2010 9780473177393 Pb $20 does feel sick! 3-7. Granda and Grandma want a pet but can’t decide what until they Manukura the White Kiwi go to a cat shelter where they find it impossible to choose just Illus Bruce Potter one. Written by Joy especially for the 12-year-old illustrator after they met at Storylines Family Day where Amber impressed Joy Random House 2012 9781869798383 Pb $19.99 A rare white kiwi is born at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife with her drawing ability. Black and white cartoon style illustraCentre and tells the story of her ancestors and how she was born, tions. Email to order. with a special message about how precious each creature is - in- Wishy-Washy World cluding the reader. Illustrated with realist paintings and a fact Illus Philip Webb page about the wildlife centre complete the story. 3-8. Storylines Clean Slate Press 2012 9781927185599 Hb $25.99 Notable Book 2013. Eight new stories about Mr and Mrs Wishy-Washy and their animals. There’s a laugh in every simple language suitable for a very new reader. Warm and friendly illustrations. 5-7.

PICTURE BOOKS Creighton, Lorinda

Illus Bob Darroch Matilda and the Forgetments

Cunningham, Robin The Little Tuatara

Illus Samer Hatam Raupo 2005 9781869485399 Pb $29.50 HarperCollins 2005 9781869505448 Pb $19.99 Matilda keeps having ‘forgetments’ and she’s driving her mother The island where the lonely little tuatara lived was far, far away crazy. What’s her mum to do? from the rest of the world. One day he meets a bird who tells him a story about his relatives, the dinosaurs, and the little tuatara Crosbie, Anna learns just how special he is. Illus Scott Tulloch

Young MacDonald Goes to the Show

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508890 Pb $19.99 The well-known Old MacDonald song adapted to celebrate Young MacDonald and his efforts at the local agricultural show where he has a go at everything from the wood-chopping to cake-baking. 3-8.

Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur

Picture Puffin (2005), 2008 9780143503651 Pb $18.99 Little Kiwi’s sister has arrived and things have really changed. Little Kiwi has to learn about ‘girl things’ but Little Sister likes scary things too.

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507909 Pb $19.99 Old MacDonald has retired. Luckily Young MacDonald has lots of modern machinery to help him on the family farm. Young MacDonald is very busy indeed. But not too busy to arrange a wonderful family surprise.

Little Kiwi and the Noisy Morning

Kiwi Corkers: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Weta

Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503545 Pb $18.99 Little Kiwi meets some of his sister’s friends - the bats, but they keep scaring him, but they come to help when little sister is stuck on an island being frightened by eels. Height chart (to 130cm) included. 3-7.

Crumble, P

Puffin 2012 9780143505419 PB $15.99 A lift-the-flap book where Little Kiwi shows Little Sister where all the sounds of the dawn chorus are coming from. Excellent read-aloud with lots of noises. 2-7.

Little Kiwi Flies to the Rescue

Illus Errol McLeary Scholastic 2011 9781869439927 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi take on the traditional rhyme. The old woman eats everything from a weta to a jandal and is captured in her ever-en- Little Kiwi is Scared of the Dark Picture Puffin (2001), 2009 9780143503613 Pb $18.99 larging state in pen and ink with watercolour wash. 3-7. Puffin 2011 9780143565970 Bd $17.99 Crump, Barry Little Kiwi finds the dark scary and full of strange creatures. What Harry Hobnail and the Pungapeople happens when he goes out during he day? 3-7. Illus Murray Ball Little Kiwi Loses His Mum Hodder Moa 2004 9781869589981 Pb $25.99 Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503620 Pb $18.99 Harry Hobnail goes tramping in the mountains where keas cause When Little Kiwi hatches from his egg, an accident launches him him a few problems, but he soon realises they’re not the only out into the world on an unexpected adventure. He’s got to get ones, the Pungapeople are annoyed that someone’s invaded their back home to Mum but can’t really remember what she looks like! land, and they have some tricky ways to deal with the intruder.

Mr Tanglewood and the Pungapeople

Illus Donovan Bixley Hodder Moa 2005 9781869710033 Hb $27.99 Mr Tanglewood the carpenter wants to build a house for himself on Punga Ridge - but the local Pungapeople have other ideas. But Mr Tanglewood achieves the unheard of - he captures a Pungaperson.

Out of Bed, Fred!

Illus Harriet Bailey Scholastic 2011 9781869439972 Pb $19.5 Mum has to hurry the boys up every morning while Shirley is always up on time so the boys decide to change the time on the alarm to teach her a lesson. 3-7

Tarantula Boo!

Illus Philip Webb Scholastic 2011 9781869439965 Pb $19.5 Lenny the tarantula loves to scare people visiting the zoo. When he is accidentally freed from his enclosure he sets off to find a friend and is in for quite an adventure before finding the perfect companion. Illustrated in Photoshop. 3-8.

The Fidgety Itch

Darroch, Bob

Young MacDonald had a Farm


Little Kiwi Meets a Monster

Picture Puffin (2003), 2008 9780143503637 Pb $18.99 Little Kiwi is going foraging at night with Dad. While Dad is busy collecting worms and grubs, Little Kiwi meets a terrifying monster..

The Last Tree on the Island

Raupo 2006 9781869485931 Pb $15.99 Mrs Windyflax and the Pungapeople Mr Smitt decides to cut the big beautiful tree down and then goes to Illus Murray Ball enormous effort to create things that do everything the tree used to do but things will never be the same again without the tree. Conservation Hodder Moa 1999 9781869587697 Pb $16.99 Mrs Windyflax suddenly discovers that her letterbox has been message and great illustrations to capture all the action. sabotaged – it’s those pesky Pungapeople. The Tree Picture Puffin (2004), 2008 9780143503569 Pb $17.99 Professor Pingwit and the Pungapeople Follow the life of the tree as it too grows to be a giant in the NZ Illus Lyn Kriegler bush, and witness the changes to the landscape along the way. Hodder Moa 2009 9781869711658 Hb with CD $27.99 The tall tale of a town built where the Pungapeople live which is Davey, Lucy beset with problems caused by the little green critters. Professor A Right Royal Christmas Pingwit is summoned to deal with the creatures but ends up in Illus Donovan Bixley hospital. There’s only one solution. Detailed illustrations and CD of Scholastic 2009 9781869438449 Pb $19.50 the story and a song by Barry Crump’s son Martin. 5+.; Princess Claire dreams of a peaceful Christmas dinner with her parPungapeople of Ninety Mile Beach ents. but as misfortune befalls other people’s Christmas dinners, they all arrive to share Princess Claire’s table - much to her annoyIllus Murray Ball ance. However when a young couple expecting a baby arrive as well, Hodder Moa 1999 9781869589059 Pb $16.99 Pungapeople have inhabited Ninety Mile Beach undisturbed for Princess Claire finally experiences the real joy of Christmas. 3-8. years. When fishermen and campers arrive the land becomes pol- Fifi La Belle Ship’s Cat luted and noisy so the Pungapeople take action and use their wily Illus Christine Ross ways to defeat the new visitors. Scholastic 2009 9781869438920 Pb $19.50 Fifi La Belle is off on an adventure with her owner which includes a trip on the ferry where she escapes from the car, causing trouble everywhere. Lots of fun told in rhyme and illustrated in acrylics. 3-7.

Illus Katz Cowley Scholastic 2010 9781869439675 Pb $19.50 When you’ve got a fidgety itch it’s great to have a friend to scratch it for you. But what happens when you’re on the end of the queue - who’ll scratch your itch for you? Told in rhyme with lots of nonsense words. Illustrations (in ‘watercolours and mosquito sweat’) capturing the expressive characters. 3-8.

De Goldi, Kate

Illus Jacqui Colley Billy - A Lolly Leopold Story

Trapeze 2006 9780473111441 Hb $24.95 Sequel to Clubs. Lolly’s classmate, Billy button, has learning difficulties and trouble with his temper. Room 7 are preparing for Pet and Produce Day and Billy is on the brink of disaster. but encouraged by that glorious creature, Ms Love, Billy triumphs in a unique way.

Clubs - A Lolly Leopold Story

Allen & Unwin 2006 9781741148916 Pb $21.50 Trapeze 2004 9780476009127 Hb $28.50 Everyone in Lolly’s class is joining a club but she doesn’t want to belong to any of them so comes up with her own. With the inspiring Ms Love for a teacher and vibrant multi-media artwork to bring the story to life. Lots of background detail gives this picture book long-term interest. NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2005 Book of the Year. Spectrum Print Book Design Typography Award 2005. Russell Clark Award 2005. IBBY Honour Book 2008.

Uncle Jack

Trapeze 2005 9780473100643 Pb $22.50 The story of quirky Jack. Witty and richly coloured by his vast imaginative world and nestled in his everyday reality. An art book created using indian ink and chalky white washes. Image and text both draw on memory and associations of childhood. A challenging but rewarding picture book with fabulous read-aloud language. 4+

de Roo, Elena The Rain Train

Illus Brian Lovelock Walker Books Australia 2012 9781821720789 Bd $22.99 Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529146 Hb $31.99 Take an overnight journey on a chugging train through the rainy night. The text is full of rhythmic onomatopoeia, the noises of the train as it moves through the countryside. Moody watercolour and ink illustrations depict pyjama-clad passengers enjoying supper then are tucked up in their sleepers. Endpapers depict the timespan - dusk to dawn. 2+.

Devlin, Erin

Good Morning, Good Night

Illus Annie Jeannes Picture Puffin 2007 9780143503842 Pb & CD $21 Kiwi is having a noisy time eating grubs and playing with his friends in the night, but learns that not everyone is up and about at that time. Told in rhyme, accompanied by combined paint/photographic illustrations. 3-8.

Kiwi and the Leprechauns

Illus Greg O’Donnell Erin Devlin 2013 9780473237370 Pb+CD $26 Kiwi travels around Ireland, with song on CD. 3-8. Order from

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Oh, No Mister Possum!

Illus Greg O’Donnell Puffin 2008 9780143503064 Pb & CD $21 Combined song and picture book. The music with chords is at the back of the book and a CD is included. The possum is a pest in NZ, but protected in its native Australia. The song suggests the great idea of sending the possum back to Oz instead of destroying our bush. Rural NZ captured well in the animated line drawings, with digital colouring.

Dodd, Lynley

A Dragon in a Wagon

Picture Puffin 1990 9780140540857 Spiral $17.99 Susie Fogg takes her dog for a walk and imagines it turning into all sorts of creatures.

Cat’s Whiskers: Four Favourite Lynley Dodd Stories

Puffin 2011 9780143505006 Hb $29.99 Slinky Malinki, Slinky Malinki, Open the Door, Slinky Malinki Catflaps and Scarface Claw.

Find Me a Tiger

Picture Puffin 1993 9780140544831 Spiral $17.99 A splendid ‘search’ book. Animals are hidden in their natural habitats. Good rhyming text.

Hairy Maclary - Four More Lynley Dodd Stories

Puffin 2011 9780143504979 Hb $29.99 Schnitzel von Krumm’s Basketwork; Hairy Maclary, Sit; Schnitzel von Krumm Forget-Me-Not; and Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack all in one volume.

Hairy Maclary and Friends Little Library

Picture Puffin 2010 9780141332277 Board 4 in box $12.99 A boxed set of four Lynley Dodd characters each in their own tiny board book - Schnitzel von Krumm, Hairy Maclary, Zachary Quack and Slinky Malinki.

Hairy Maclary and Friends: A Touch-andfeel Book

Picture Puffin 2012 9780143505150 Bd $19.99 An interactive touch and feel book with different textures on every page spread so fingers can explore the textures of Hairy and his friends.

Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack

Picture Puffin (1999) 2010 9780141330969 Pb $17.99 Puffin (1999) 2012 9780143505235 Hb $24.99 Puffin (1999), 2010 978090873809 Bd $21 Zachary Quack is a small but very determined duckling and he sets out to make friends with Hairy Maclary - whether he wants it or not.

Hairy Maclary – Five Lynley Dodd Stories

Viking 2002 9780670913862 Hb $41.50 Five of Lynley Dodd’s classic stories starring Hairy Maclary, presented in one volume: Donaldson’s Dairy; Bone; Rumpus at the Vet; Caterwaul Caper; Scattercat.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy

Picture Puffin 1985 9780140505313 Pb $17.99 Puffin (1983), 2010 9780143504450 Bd $15.99 Puffin (1983), 2010 9780143306153 Hb $24.99 Hairy Maclary and his friends go for a walk and meet tough tomcat Scarface Claw.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy 30th Anniversary Edition

CD read by David Tennant Puffin 2013 9780723278054 Pb & CD $17.99 The classic Hairy Maclary story to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Hairy Maclary Scattercat

Puffin 1985 9780143306801 Bd $15.99 Puffin 1985 9780140505801 Pb $17.99 Puffin (1985) 2011 9780143505327 Hb $24.99 Hairy has fun chasing all the neighbourhood cats until he meets Scarface Claw, the toughest tom in town.

Hairy Maclary, Shoo

Picture Puffin 2010 9780141328065 Pb $17.99 Pearson 2012 9781742533131 iPad app $6.49 Puffin 2011 9780143504849 Bd $15.99 Puffin (2009), 2011 9780143505266 Hb $24.99 If anyone needs to go to obedience classes it’s Hairy Maclary - but he just doesn’t feel like obeying. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Hairy Maclary, Sit

Schnitzel von Krumm’s Basketwork

Hairy Maclary’s Bone

Slinky Malinki

Puffin (1997) 2011 9780143306795 Bd $15.99 Puffin (1997) 2011 9780143504993 Hb $24.99 Puffin 2010 9780141330952 Pb $17.99 If anyone needs to go to obedience classes it’s Hairy Maclary - but he just doesn’t feel like obeying.

Ten Speed Press 2001 9781582460604 Pb $13.99 Puffin (1984) 2012 9780143504443 Bd $15.99 Puffin 1984 9780143505303 Hb $24.99 When Hairy is given a big juicy bone he has trouble getting rid of all his hungry friends.

Hairy Maclary’s Buggy Book

Picture Puffin 2010 9780141329604 Bd $12.99 A solid little board book with the first line from Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy. Has a strap and hook attached to hang from buggy, cot or highchair. 0-2.

Hairy Maclary’s Caterwaul Caper

Picture Puffin 1989 9780140508734 Pb $17.99 Turtleback Books 2009 9780606151580 Hb $33.99 Puffin (1987) 2011 9780143505280 Hb $24.99 Puffin (1987) 2012 9780143306818 Bd $15.99 Featuring Scarface Claw - the toughest tom in town! NZ Children’s Picture Book of the Year 1988.

Picture Puffin 1996 9780143505334 Hb $24.99 Picture Puffin (1996) 2012 9780140555578 Spiral $17.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533179 iPad $6.49 Puffin (1994) 2011 9780143306757 Bd $15.99 Schnitzel von Krumm’s owners try to give him a new basket. Picture Puffin 1992 9780140544398 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2011 9781742532233 iPad app $10.99 Puffin (1990) 2010 9780143504863 Bd $15.99 A romp through the night with a rapscallion cat who steals from the neighbours and carries the booty to his family.

Slinky Malinki Early Bird

Puffin 2012 9780143505464 Hb $24.99 Slinky Malinki likes to get up early, and won’t let anyone else sleep in either. 2-8. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Slinky Malinki, Catflaps

Picture Puffin (1998) 2010 9780143504436 Bd $15.99 Picture Puffin (1998) 2000 9780140565720 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533186 iPad $6.49 Slinky Malinki is asleep in front of the fire but moonlight and the catflap beckon and he goes outside to call up his friends.

Slinky Malinki, Open the Door

Picture Puffin 1995 9780140553260 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533056 iPad $6.49 Picture Puffin 2008 9780141501796 Pb $17.99 Puffin (1993) 2011 9780143306788 Bd $15.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533117 iPad app $6.49 Puffin (1993) 2011 9780143505389 Bd mini $12.99 Puffin 2011 9780143504832 Bd $15.99 Puffin (1993), 2011 9780143504986 Hb $24.99 Hairy Maclary is off to the park with his skimmer. When the wind Slinky Malinki and Syd the lorikeet are partners in crime and get whips Grandmother Pugh’s hat away he’s the hero of the moment up to lots of mischief. when he fetches it back. 2-7. Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers

Hairy Maclary’s Hat Tricks

Hairy Maclary’s Rumpus at the Vet

Picture Puffin (1991) 2012 9780143505341 Pb $24.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533124 iPad $6.49 Puffin 2011 9780143306825 Bd $15.99 Puffin 1991 9780140542400 Pb $17.99 Puffin 1989 9780908606573 Hb $24.99 A cross parrot nips Hairy’s tail, starting a frenzied chase around the vet’s waiting room.

Hairy Maclary’s Showbusiness

Picture Puffin 1993 9780140545500 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533148 iPad app $6.49 Puffin 2011 9780143306764 Bd $15.99 Puffin (1991) 2011 9780143505297 Hb $24.99 Puffin 2009 9780141502663 Pb+CD $23.99 Hairy Maclary creates havoc when he investigates the cat show – and wins a prize!

Hedgehog Howdedo

Puffin 2012 9781742533193 iPad $6.49 Puffin 2010 9780143504627 Bd $15.99 Puffin (2006) 2011 9780143505259 Hb $24.99 The Christmas tree is decorated and looking beautiful until Slinky Malinki gets involved. And what has happened to the fairy on top of the tree?


Picture Puffin 1997 9780140558685 Pb $17.99 The bossy old warthog wants to keep the waterhole all to himself, but when he isn’t looking all the other animals sneak down for a drink.

The Dudgeon is Coming

Picture Puffin 2008 9780141502168 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2008 9781877423178 Hb $31 The dudgeon is coming and the word is spreading. Each time someone spreads the news the dudgeon gets scarier. What a surprise when he actually turns up! 3-7.

The Other Ark

Picture Puffin (2000) 2002 9780140568851 Pb $17.99 Picture Puffin 2004 9780908783854 Hb $31 A visual feast of hedgehog hiding places and a lovely way to learn Picture Puffin 2006 9780141500188 Pb $17.99 to count. Destined to become another classic. Noah’s Ark is full, and Sam Jam Balu has to help out with Ark No 2. Magnet Fun with Hairy Maclary He knows what to do, so why isn’t everything going to plan? Picture Puffin 2010 9780141331003 Hb $21 The Smallest Turtle Walk through the pages with Hairy Maclary and use the animal Puffin 1982 9780908783182 Pb $17.99 magnets to create scenes from Lynley Dodd’s picture books. A baby turtle must make a perilous journey down to the sea.

Scarface Claw

Picture Puffin 2012 9781742533162 iPad app $6.49 Picture Puffin (2001) 2011 9780140568868 Spiral $17.99 Picture Puffin 2002 9780143505242 Hb $24.99 Picture Puffin (2002) 2011 9781742533025 Audio Puffin (2001) 2011 978143306832 Bd $21 Scarface is the toughest Tom in town. He shows everyone just how tough he is – but there is just one thing that does scare him!

Schnitzel von Krumm, Dogs Never Climb Trees

Picture Puffin 2004 9780140569438 Pb $17.99 Puffin 2012 9781742533063 iPad $6.49 Puffin (2002) 2011 9780143505211 Hb $24.99 Schnitzel von Krumm has many talents. But he is constantly foiled when the cat he is chasing shoots up a tree.

Schnitzel von Krumm, Forget-Me-Not Puffin 2012 9781742533070 iPad $6.49 Puffin (1996) 2011 9780143306849 Bd $15.99 Puffin (1998) 2012 9780143505358 Hb $24.99 Puffin 1998 9780140562354 Spiral $17.99 Schnitzel is left behind when his family goes on holiday.

Where is Hairy Maclary?

Picture Puffin 2006 9780141382753 Hb $23.99 Join the search to find Hairy Maclary. Flaps to lift and rollicking rhyming text.

Zachary Quack Minimonster

Picture Puffin 2006 9780141500393 Pb $17.99 Puffin (2005) 2011 9780143505228 Hb $24.99 Zachary Quack stars in his own big adventure as he chases a dragonfly through some very sticky situations.

Hb = Hardback Pb = Paperback Bd = Board book Eb = E-book



Drewery, Melanie

Fitzgibbon, Terry

The Little Yellow Digger at the Zoo

Illus Sabrina Malcolm Huia Publishers 2007 9781869691028 Pb $16.99 From blisters to blocked noses, Koro seems to have a natural remedy for everything. Story and Maori herbal all in one. Also available in Maori. White Ravens selection 2006.

Puffin 2010 9780143504320 $10.99 Simple black and white illustrations to capture baby’s attention and introduce them to common shapes. 0-2

The Little Yellow Digger Goes to School

Koro’s Medicine


Illus Bruce Potter Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503866 Pb $18.99 Mum says they have to go to bed early because there is to be a surprise in the morning - Matariki is rising and the New Year is on its way.

Yucky Mucky

Illus Trevor Pye Duck Creek Press 2012 9781877378713 Hb $29.99 A father has to try a few tricks to get his little girl to have a bath as she tries to disguise herself as a range of animals with facepaint and wild hair but he triumphs in the end with a surprise. 2-7.

Duder, Tessa

Carpet of Dreams

Illus Mark Wilson* HarperCollins 2008 9780207199912 Pb $16.99 When Sara goes to stay with her grandmother she never imagines that the old Turkish carpet in the spare room would reveal quite so many secrets and teach her so much about her Turkish grandmother’s past life.

Baby’s World of Shapes - A Kiwi First Focus Book

Fitzpatrick, Mike & Esther Sniff

Illus Simon Fletcher Jacksbooks 2011 9780473179861 Hb $24.99 Sniff, the world’s greatest rat detective with a very sensitive nose.

Florian, Annemarie & Hunt, Heather Books for Babies

Puffin 2010 9780143504429 Bd $10.99 A bright board book with simple text, featuring photographs of babies and adults (both men and women) of different ethnicities, enjoying books together. 0-2.

Foley, Sher

Kiwi Corkers: The Three Little Lambs

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2010 9781869439392 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi take on The Three Little Pigs. Three lambs set out to build whare, the first from silver ferns, second from paua shells and the third from hangi stones. Each time a wicked weasel comes along to blow the house down. Illustrations use gesso with acrylics on illustration board, capturing the colours of the New Zealand countryside. Also in te reo Maori. 3-8.

Foreman, Catherine† The Cat’s Pyjamas

Duncan, Tracy

Mere McKaskill’s Boil-up

Scholastic 2011 9781869439798 Pb $19.50 Scholastic 2011 9781775431541 Bd $13.50 Cat has a different pair of pyjamas for each night and dreams according to the theme of his pjs. When he wears his monster pjs he’s in for a sleepless night. Vivid pastel illustrations. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7..

Illus Tracy Duncan Raupo 2007 9781869780210 Pb $17.99 Travel with Mere McKaskill on her bike as she visits all her friendly shopkeepers, buying the ingredients for her boil-up along the way. She’s such a friendly soul she invites everyone to come and join her to eat it and they all bring a contribution from their various cultures. A reflection of our multi-cultural society with greetings in different languages, and a recipe to make your own boilup at the end of the book. 3-8..

Gabel, Ngareta

Elliot, David

The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff

The Adventures of Sydney Penguin

Random House 2007 9781869419639 Pb $16.99 2 books in one - Sydney and the Sea Monster (2000) and Sydney and the Whalebird (2001).

Farrer, Maria Santa’s Kiwi Holiday

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2005 9781869437060 Pb $19.50 After all his work getting Christmas organised Santa wants a rest. He picks sunny New Zealand for the sea and sun. Santa visits popular tourist sights throughout New Zealand until he’s ready to return to the North Pole to get ready for the next Christmas. 3-7.

Fatcat and Fishface,

The Wreck of the Diddley

Illus Stephen Templer Craig Potton Publishing 2012 9781877517402 Pb & DVD $24.99 Craig Potton Publishing 2012 9781877517419 Hb & DVD $34.99 A contradictory tale of the Wreck of the Diddley, told by the Captain and his parrot who can’t agree on the facts. A great animated DVD of the song the book is based on is included. 4-8.

Fernyhough, Christine & Susan Elijas Dart of Castle Hill: Want to Play Hide and Seek?

Illus Susan Elijas Photographer John Bougen Random House 2012 9781869798284 Pb $19.99 Dart is a heading dog on high country station Castle Hill. He has to go and round up the Merinos but they’re nowhere to be found. We get to see lots of different parts of station life until finally there they are - but they are doing something most strange. Lively, rhyming text and illustrations blend photographs of the station with textured collage and a dynamic interactive text. 3-8

Oh Hogwash, Sweet Pea!

Illus Astrid Jensen & Ali Teo Huia Publishers 2007 9781877283963 Pb $16.99 Translated from Maori by Hannah Rainforth Sweet Pea is always losing her shoes. On Monday ants carry them away, on Tuesday a bird borrows them. See what happens on the other days of the week.

Galbraith, Ben

Scholastic 1998 9781869434489 Pb $19.50 The little yellow digger has managed to dig itself into a large hole at the local zoo. It’s going to take more than machine power to solve this problem. 3-7. Scholastic 2005 9781869437268 Pb $19.50 The little yellow digger goes to school to dig a new swimming pool but accidentally cuts the water main. Since the school now has no water the pupils are sent to the beach for the afternoon. 3-7.

The Little Yellow Digger Saves the Whale

Scholastic 2001 9781869435004 Pb $19.50 The little yellow digger comes to the rescue, digging a channel in the sand to help save a stranded baby whale. 3-7.

Glover, Denis The Magpies

Illus Dick Frizzell Godwit 1999 9781869620424 Hb $24.99 NZ Classic. An iconic NZ poem about a couple and their farm, overseen by the magpies, with distinctive illustrations with a renowned NZ painter.

Gossage, Peter

The Giant of Lake Wakatipu

Puffin 2012 9780143505600 Pb $19.99 Manata has been kidnapped from her village by a giant so her lover, Matakauri goes to rescue her, knowing the village won’t be safe until he defeats the giant. The legend of Lake Wakatipu’s creation. Illustrated in Gossage’s distinctive graphic style using flat, bright gouache colours with black ink outlines. 4-8.

Grace, Patricia

Maraea and the Albatrosses

Illus Brian Gunson Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502685 Pb $19.99 Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502661 Hb $31 Maraea is an elderly Maori woman who lives by the sea. Her whanau has had a special relationship with the local albatrosses for generations. Now Maraea is alone and left to care for the beautiful birds along she begins her own wonderful journey. Detailed llustrations by the author’s brother. 4-10.

The Kuia and the Spider

Illus Robyn Kahukiwa Picture Puffin (1982), 2011 9780140503876 Pb $19.99 An old woman and a spider have a weaving competition – along with plenty of arguments. Children’s Picture Book of the Year 1982.

Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street Hodder Children’s Books (2006), 2007 9780340893425 Pb $19.99 Three greedy brothers are over-fishing Poverty Bay then head for the Bay of Plenty but meet Minke Whale - guardian of the ocean who one of the brothers injures. Finally the fish run out and it’s time for the brothers to get their come-upance. Multi-media illustrations with die cuts. NZ Post Best First Book & Russell Clark Awards 2007.

Illus Robyn Kahukiwa Picture Puffin (1984) 2005 9780140504927 Pb $17.99 The classic Kiwi story of a tuna (or eel in English) who leaves his creek and visits the children of Champion Street.

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Illus Michael Hight Random House 2009 9781869790110 Hb $34.99 Aunt Concertina and her niece Evalina finds a kite, which takes them around the world. A sophisticated picture book with extensive text in luscious language. Intricate illustrations in oils include maps and familiar objects tucked into each panel. Storylines Notable Book. 5-12.

Gardner*, Don

Illus Katz Cowley Scholastic 2011 9781775430582 Pb & CD $26 Scholastic 2011 9781742834122 Pb & plush toy $31 CD performed by Craig Smith. A classic Christmas song written in 1944. A monkey is missing his two front teeth and hoping Santa will help with the problem. 3-8.

Gilderdale, Betty

The Little Yellow Digger

Illus Alan Gilderdale Scholastic 2011 9781775430346 Bd $13.50 Scholastic (1992), 2009 9781869432126 Pb $19.50 When the little yellow digger gets stuck in the mud a bigger digger is called in but it gets stuck too. 3-7.

The Little Yellow Digger and the Bones

Scholastic 2009 9781869438999 Pb $19.50 It’s rained all week and there are slips and rocks to be cleared off the road so lots of diggers come to help. But when Little Yellow starts working near a cave they strike a rock with a bone poking out of it. Eventually a celebration is held at the museum to see what the bones were from, and even the digger gets to come to the party! 3-7.

Green, Paula

Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina

Groome, Narine

Wheelbarrow Wilbur

Illus Bevan Fidler Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503507 Pb $21 Wilbur gets so fat he can’t walk far so his family cart him around in a wheelbarrow. When he hurts his leg the vet tells the family their dog is too fat so he goes on a diet, and by the time his leg is mended he’s slim and ready to bound on the beach again. Exuberant illustrations portray the lively characters, and the rhyming text features varied fonts for added effect. 4-8.

Gunson, Dave

Mr Muggs the Library Cat

Scholastic 2008 9781869438333 Pb $19.50 Mr Muggs lives in the library. Mr Moon, the chief librarian, doesn’t like cats but lets him stay after he sees Mr Muggs catch a big fat

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rat. Little does he know that the cat and the rat are working to- Madison Moon and the Hot Air Balloon gether. Packed with colour and humour. 4-7. Illus Catherine Foreman Gurney, Chris Scholastic 2012 9781775430834 Pb $19.50 Giraffe Attack! Madison Moon is tired of the traffic and wants a better way to get from place to place so she buys a hot-air balloon but there’s trouble Illus Aki Fukuoka when other people decide it’s a good idea too. Pastel illustrations in Scholastic 2011 9781869439576 Pb $19.50 Jack is worried about the giraffe that’s trying to get into the house a range of page layouts adds to the dynamics of the story. 3-7. - until his mother explains that it’s really a draught causing the Hall, Roger noises. Vibrant and lively illustrations. 3-8. The Three Little Pigs Hester’s Blister Illus Errol McLeary Scholastic 2012 9781775430957 Pb $19.50 Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Mother Pig is fed up and throws out her lazy TV addicted piglets. Scholastic 2010 9781869439309 Pb $19.50 Hester has a blister on the end of her tongue and asks for help from The wolf, a land agent, sells each pig materials to build a house her friends and relations who all have different things for her to try. and comes back later for an after-sales service call. Story and play for five participants. 5-8. Digital illustrations add pizazz to the tongue-twisting story. 3-7.

Grandma McGarvey Takes a Dive

Scholastic 1998 9781869434182 Pb $19.50 Our intrepid Grandma, finding life a little dull at the swimming pool, discovers a new joy at the bungy jump. 3-7.

Grandma McGarvey’s Christmas

Scholastic 2012 9781775430674 Pb $19.50 Mrs McGarvey arrives as her caravan well equipped for Christmas but things don’t quite go to plan when the flambé Christmas pudding explodes, frightening the dog and resulting in a flying fox trip that saves the day at the community Christmas party. Hilarious ink and gouache illustrations. 3-7.

Hill, David

The Red Poppy

Illus Fifi Colston Scholastic 2012 9781869439989 Hb $33 Scholastic 2013 9781869430704 Pb $19.50 The story of one man’s fight in the trenches and the dog who saved him. Illustrations in pastels and paint with Photoshop. 7+. Also in te reo Maori. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Kiwi Corkers: A Kiwi Christmas Carol

Harper, Glyn

Little Red & the Cunning Kuri

Hayward, Rachel

Did My Mother Do That?

Illus Rachel Haupt Scholastic 2009 9781869439118 Pb $19.50 Daniel lives with his grandmother who is a retired magician, but magic keeps creeping into their everyday lives which gets Daniel in lots of trouble at school. Hazy Illustrations use Corel Painter. 5+.

Ihaka, Kingi

Le Quesnoy

Illus Philip Webb Scholastic 2010 9781869439422 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi take on Dickens’ Christmas Carol with Mr Miser who runs the local dairy. Illustrations in scanned pencil line and Photoshop. 3-7.

Illus Jenny Cooper Puffin 2012 9780143504566 Pb $19.99 The true story of the liberation of the French town of Le Quesnoy Holt, Sharon by NZ troops in 1918. 6-9. Storylines Notable Book 2013. Illus Brian Lovelock

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2010 9781869439583 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi version of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red is taking some afghan biscuits to her nana who’s feeling sick, but meets a kuri (dog) along the way. Illustrations in digital painting and collage. 3-7.

Hey Presto!

Cindy and the Lost Jandal

Illus Ross Kinnaird Hessell, Jenny Scholastic 2009 9781869438883 Hb $18.50 Illus Trevor Pye A New Zealand take on Cinderella - here it’s Cindy who loses her Grandma McGarvey sparkly jandal at Peter Prince’s barbecue. 3-7. Scholastic (1990), 2009 9781869431112 Pb $19.50 Goldie & the Three Penguins A grandma with attitude. Wacky and great fun. 3-7. Illus Sarah Nelisewe Anderson Grandma McGarvey and the Puddle Scholastic 2012 9781775430438 Hb $18.5 Street Gang A Kiwi version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The three yel- Scholastic 2009 9781869438944 Pb $19.50 low-eyed penguins are having fish and chips for tea but it’s a bit Grandma McGarvey volunteers at the old folks home where resihot so they go out for a walk but the smell lures in hungry Goldie. dents start to remember her - and their pie-pinching gang when Illustrations in digital painting and collage with gorgeous string they were all at school. Instructions for making custard grenades hair and comic-style speech bubbles. 3-7 included. 3-7.

The Elves & the Cloakmaker

Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2011 9781775430049 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi take on The Shoemaker and the Elves. The cloakmaker struggles to find enough feathers to make his cloaks and patupaiarehe come in the night and finish the beautiful cloaks which then make the cloakmaker very rich. They in turn make warm clothes for the fairy creatures for Christmas.. 3-8.

The Frog Footy Player

Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2012 9781775430575 Hb $18.50 Kiwi version of Grimm Brothers’ The Frog Prince. Kiri kicks her fooball into the pond and it’s retrieved by Archey the frog who asks to sit on a pillow, eat chocolate fish and watch the rugby on a bigscreen TV, which Kiri’s not too happy about until a startling transformation takes place. Subtle reference to NZ native Archey’s frog. Cartoon-style illustrations in Corel Paint. 3-7

Grandma McGarvey & the Treasure Hunt

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921720604 Pb $18.99 Candlewick 2010 9780763646851 Hb $31.50 What was I like when I was born? The perennial question receives a fanciful response in a tale that takes an interspecies tour of mothers and babies. 3-8.

A Pukeko in a Ponga Tree

Illus Dick Frizzell Picture Puffin (1981), 2011 9780143505051 Pb $19.99 Picture Puffin (1981), 2010 9780143504795 Hb & CD $25 The 12 days of Christmas New Zealand-style with a sing-along CD, illustrated by a top New Zealand artist. 3-10.

Ihimaera, Witi

The Little Kowhai Tree

Illus Henry Campbell Huia Publishers 2007 9781877283642 Hb $17.99 A lonely little kowhai tree longs for a brother. When her wish comes true she must protect him in a forest filled with fairy-tale creatures, noisy weka, inconsiderate pigs and chainsaw-wielding woodcutters.

Scholastic 2006 9781869437213 Pb $19.50 The Whale Rider Grandma McGarvey mows her lawn and discovers something burIllus Bruce Potter ied in the ground. What can the treasure be? 3-7. Puffin 2008 9780143503279 Pb $21 Grandma McGarvey Goes Camping A combination of mythology and realism about a young girl who Scholastic 2006 9781869437220 Pb $19.50 has the love of all her whanau except the one whose support she Grandma McGarvey tries camping but there are far too many ex- needs most. 5-10. tra visitors for her liking. Rhyming text and vibrant action-packed Johnston, Sarah illustrations. 3-7. Wooden Arms

Grandma McGarvey Goes to School

Grandma McGarvey Goes to Sea

Illus Scott Tulloch Scholastic 2012 9781775430551 Pb $19.50 Each time its people move away, the little hall sits empty. Will its walls ever again ring with laughter, music, stories and song? Then, one day, a little boy steps inside the hall ... and feels the welcome of its wooden arms. Illustrations in watercolour, ink and coloured pencil. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2011. 3-7.

Grandma McGarvey Joins the Scrum

Napoleon and the Chicken Farmer

Scholastic 2000 9781869434377 Pb $19.50 Grandma goes to Grandparents’ Day at the local primary school, dressed in uniform and plaits, causing chaos when she cleans the dusters, cheats at maths and finally entertains everyone with her stories. 3-7.

Scholastic 1994 9781869432584 Pb $19.50 Johnstone, Matthew† Grandma McGarvey doesn’t go to bed when she needs rest. Harvey, the Boy Who Couldn’t Fart Illus Stevie Mahardhika Instead she sets sail on the high seas. 3-7. Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529832 Hb $27.99 Scholastic 2009 9781869439149 Hb $18.50 Everyone can fart. Everyone except Harvey. No matter how hard Browsing through her recipe book, Little Blue Duck decides to Grandma McGarvey Goes to the Zoo Harvey tries, he can’t manage even a squeak. 5+. Free fart mamake a pavlova but Tui, Kea and Weta are no help at all, leaving Scholastic 2005 9781869436612 Pb $19.50 Little Blue Duck to do all the work. Kiwi retelling in rhyme of The Grandma McGarvey packs an enormous picnic and enjoys an out- chine with every book. Little Red Hen. 3-7. ing to the zoo. 3-7. Jones, Lloyd

The Little Blue Duck

The Mayor’s Flash New Clothes

Illus Ross Christine Scholastic 2010 9781869439415 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi version of The Emperor’s New Clothes. 3-7.

Trev and the Kauri Tree

Illus Dave Gunson Scholastic 2009 9781869439224 Hb $18.50 Mum sends Trev to the market to sell his bike and is disgusted when he comes home with a handful of seeds. She chucks them out the window and the next morning Trev sees a giant kauri tree beside the house - with a taniwha’s lair at the top. Kiwi version of Jack and the Beanstalk. 4-10.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Scholastic 2007 9781869438029 Pb $19.50 Mrs McGarvey’s car breaks down and when she goes for help she accidentally finds herself in the middle of a rugby match where she shows great skill. 3-7.

Grandma McGarvey Paints the Shed

Illus Graeme Gash Puffin 2003 9780908783755 Hb $19.99 Manoli had been a chicken farmer all his life but he would much rather be Napoleon so enters a look-alike contest. Large format with glorious character-filled illustrations. 5+.

Jones, Sally Lloyd* Scholastic 1992 978186432133 Pb $19.50 When Grandma McGarvey paints the shed she does it in her own Bible: Lift the flap Illus Trace Moroney distinctive style. 3-7. Lion Hudson (UK) 2000 9781859853177 Bd $25.99 Grandma McGarvey Surfs the Net 12 stories from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, with Scholastic 2011 9781869439934 Pb $19.50 Grandma is very enthusiastic when she sees a class called Surfing more than 45 flaps to lift. 3-5. for Seniors, but when she gets there she’s mighty confused. 3-7.


Illus Scott Tulloch Echo and Hush

HarperCollins 2008 9781869506902 Pb $19.99 Echo and Hush are sheepdogs living on a High Country sheep station. Echo is a header dog and Hush is an eye dog and together they help the farmer with the sheep, until Hush gets very fat and has to stay in her pen and Echo has to work twice as hard. Echo is humiliated at Show Day until they remembers how hush makes the sheep obey and tries something new. Touching illustrations in a painterly style add atmosphere to the story. 4-7.

Kane, Glenda Illus Lisa Allen

Anzac Day Parade New Zealand edition

Picture Puffin 2010 9780143503538 Pb $19.99 An Anzac Day book conveying the real nature of war along with remembrance for the dead, and memories of those who came home. Written in rhyme, reminiscent of war poetry. Thought provoking for older children, rather than the usual picture book audience, benefiting from close examination of the meaningful illustrations. 7+.

Kapai, Tommy

Cuzzies Find the Rainbow’s End

Kina (Huia) (2004), 2007 9780958251709 Pb $14.99 Little Pai and Cutie Pai go in search of the rainbow’s end and find more than they expected.

Kelliher, Megan

Illus Dominique Ford

The Naughtiest Puppy

HarperCollins 2009 9781869506919 Pb $19.99 Sequel to Echo and Hush. Hush’s puppies are getting bigger and all have names except the smallest, who is also the naughtiest and always in trouble. It’s lambing time and one night there’s a big snow storm and a lamb is lost, but the naughtiest puppy comes to the rescue and finally gets a name - Hero. 4-8.

Jones, Victoria


Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503354 Hb $31 A bedtime tale about the moonrabbit, only seen by children, who occasionally comes down to Earth to grant one childhood dream. Told in rhyming couplets with a dreamlike rhythm, printed with a hand-drawn style font, the illustrations are all in the dark nighttime tones with moon, stars and the moonrabbit as highlights. Not a lot of plot but will be loved at bedtime for the mesmerising nature of the text and illustrations. 3+.

Discounts available for schools and multiple purchases.

Kelly, Linda

Illus Lynne Parsons Missy Books Online 2011 9780473198183 Pb $20 Meet Grace the gannet and learn about the birds and their habitat.

Christmas in the Bush

A Gannet Named Grace

Creepy Crawlies

Illus Kim Anderson Missy Books Online 2010 9780473176426 Pb $16 Mark tells the reader all the things he’s been learning about creepy crawlies at school. Rhyming text, a few simple lines about each creature including snails, ants and caterpillars with an illustration for each, plus several pages devoted to his fear of spiders. Small format. Read aloud or learning to read. 3-8.

Missy’s Birthday Surprise

Illus Rebecca Greenhalgh Missy Books Online 2011 9780473190019 Pb $20 Misy is celebrating her birthday with a picnic by the lake with balloons and cake when she finds a pixie who needs help. 3-8.

Illus Lyn Kriegler

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508807 Pb $19.99 A totally Kiwi Christmas story about a little boy who spends his first Christmas after his parents’separation with his Dad, on Dad’s new farm.

Kent, Kimberley

Kimmy Kids Real Life Animals

Picture Puffin 2007 9780143502135 Bd $10.99 Concertina board book with photographs of animals perfect to entertain and stimulate new babies. Can stand on the floor or in side of cot for easy viewing. 0-2.

Killiner, Rochelle Goodnight Mouse

Illus Agata Oleksiak Self-published 2010 9780473163228 Pb $19+p&p It’s time for bed at the mouse’s house, but the poor little mouse is scared of the night. A bedtime story in rhyming verse. Order from

King, Brigida

Missy’s Dog Wash

Illus Jenni Shoesmith Missy Books Online 2010 9780473166182 Pb $16 Missy starts a dog wash business, puts signs up in town and fill the paddling pool with soapy water. All kinds of dogs come and most have fun in the water. Rhyming text and fun illustrations. Small format. Read aloud or learning to read. 3-8.


Missy Books Online 2011 9780473184728 Pb $7 All about Wendel the worm who is orange, yellow and green. Rhyming text. 3-7.

Kahukiwa, Robyn Matatuhi

Picture Puffin 2006 9780143519942 Pb $21 The story of a young girl adopted by Pakeha parents who discovers her Maori ancestry after a visit to the museum when a carved figure comes to life and speaks to her. Also available in Maori. Te Kura Pounamo Award 2007.

Te-Rangi Books 2007 9780473129019 Pb $15 CD written/produced by Peter Charlton-Jones PP wants to be a super hero bat but there’s no-one to rescue in the bush, so he decides to become an acro-bat at the local circus causing chaos. 4-8.

Pita Pekapeka PP & the Four Naughty Boys

Te-Rangi Books/In the Paddock Productions 2005 9780473105563 Pb & CD $15 CD produced by Peter Charlton-Jones PP wants to be a super hero bat, so sets out to rescue four naughty boys when they get lost in the bush. 4-8.

The Christmas Kitten

Te-Rangi Books 2002 047309102X Pb & CD $15 A naughty Christmas kitten gets into lots of trouble. 3-7.

Koster, Melanie

Milly Maloo and the Miracle Glue

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2011 9781869439651 Pb $19.50 Milly is in need of a fancy hat to wear to a garden party so borrows a hat from her neighbour Penelope Primm, but when she returns it the hat is quite transformed by Milly’s additions of a bit of this and that. 3-7.

Lamb, Lee

On the Farm: Shearing

Lee Lamb Publishing 2010 9780473179267 Pb $20 Two farm dogs work hard to help out the farmer during a busy day shearing sheep on a high country farm. 3-8.

On the Farm: Autumn Muster

Lee Lamb Publishing 2011 9780473185619 Pb $20 Autumn is here and it’s time to muster the sheep off the high NZ mountains and bring them home before the snow. 3-8.

On the Farm: Harvest

Picture Puffin 2004 9780143519911 Bd $11.99 Concertina book with colourful real-life images. Frieze also available.

Illus Rebecca Greenhaigh Missy Books Online 2012 9780473218843 Pb $20 Missy visits the zoo for the first time and decides which animal is her favourite. 3-8.

Pita Pekapeka PP Acrobat Bat

Lamb, Lee & Jamie

Kimmy Kids Real Life First Focus Book

Missy’s Day at the Zoo


Illus Caroline Essame Brigida King 2004 0476001447 Pb $10 John is painting but accidentally makes a blob and a smudge, which then come to life and play with him. Told simply with childlike illustrations and humour. 2-6. To order email

Kippenberger, Mary Illus Sunset

Cover Wee Wee

Te-Rangi Books 2003 9780473098568 Pb & CD $15 Music by Peter Charlton-JonesMichael seems to get blamed for things he doesn’t do. He assures his mother that his three friends, Cover Wee Wee (the elephant), Smash (the rabbit) and Grrr (the lion) are the culprits. CD includes the story, the Cover Wee Wee song, five others and The Rabbit and the Possum story. 2-5.

Grampy Snorepants

Te-Rangi Books 2012 9780473219918 Pb $14.99 Grampy is at home with his seven mokopuna while Grandy is away. He gets very comfortable and starts to snore. What a noise! Whatever their activity he finds a chance to nod off. A lovely warm whanau situation depicting familiar activities. 3-8.

Lee Lamb Publishing 2011 9780473202033 Pb $20 The big machines have arrived at the farm to harvest the grain, make the hay and other jobs to prepare food for winter. 3-8

On the Farm: Milking Time

Lee Lamb Publishing 2012 9780473220129 Pb $20 Jack and Tom help out a neighbouring dairy farmer while his worker is sick. 3-8.

Lane, Karen Big Mac

Illus Samantha Lane Duck Creek Press 2012 9781877378737 Hb $29.99 Big Mac is hungry and wants his breakfast. He doesn’t care if it’s 5am, he’ll try all sorts of techniques until his owner gets up. Based on a true story. By mother/daughter team. 3-8.

Langley, Marie

Illus Samer Hatam


Picture Puffin (2006), 2008 9780143503712 Pb $17.99 Pukeko loves to dance and that’s what he does wherever he goes . Creative use of fonts and descriptive language, vivid watercolour illustrations. 4+.

Pukeko the Performer

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143503026 Pb $18.99 Pukeko loves to dance but thinks he should be talented at other things, but there is always someone else better than him, until he realises he should make the most of his dancing talent. Vivid watercolour illustrations and fonts highlight some words. 3-8.

Laurent, Mark

Rufus and the Rain

Illus Chris Liddiard Scholastic 2008 9781869438906 Pb $19.50 When a cloud spoils Rufus Bear’s day he tells it to go away. But when it doesn’t come back, Rufus realises just how important clouds are. 3-6.

Lawrence, Jamie (adapted by) Flick the Little Fire Engine

Illus Mark Russell Picture Puffin 2007 9780143502142 Pb & CD $17.99 Based on the original story by Bert Reisfeld. An old favourite from radio storytime. Flick is a little fire engine who isn’t allowed to go out and fight fires because he’s too small. But one day all the big engines are out and Flick has a chance to prove himself. Includes the song on CD and fire safety tips at the back of the book. Read-aloud. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Lawrence, Jamie† Illus Mark Russell*

Flick and Friends: The Big Storm

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502609 Pb $15.99 Flick and the gang go to the rescue when a huge storm blows into Maddsville. They have to race through thunder and lightening to rescue the mayor’s son who is trapped in the river. Computer generated illustrations are reminiscent of Disney style. 3+.

The Bushfire

Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503514 Pb $15.99 Flick receives his engine badge from the mayor when he spots smoke. Campers haven’t put their fire out properly and now Mr Meena and his family are trapped by the blaze. Twirl the helicopter locates them and guides Flick and Zipster so the Meenas can be rescued while the others get to work extinguishing the fire. Useful bush safety tips at the end of the book. 3-7.

Marmaduke Duck & the Marmalade Jam

Illus Sarah Davis†† Scholastic 2010 9781869439286 Pb $19.50 A rollicking rhyming tale about Marmaduke Duck who makes a batch of marmalade jam which all the local animals want to enjoy too. Exuberant animals illustrated in gouache, Prismacolour pencil and Photoshop. A great read-aloud. 3-8.

Queen Alice’s Palaces

Illus Lucia Masciullo** ABC Books 2013 9780733331022 Hb $29.99 Queen Alice has the best palace in the land. But when cunning Sir Hugh plots to take one of Alice’s palaces (by means of a military coup!), will she be able to outwit him? A brilliantly funny rhyming text. 3+.

Leibrich, Julie

Illus Ross Kinnaird Nesta and the Missing Zero

Scholastic 2006 9781869437305 Pb $19.50 The characters from The Biggest Number in the Universe are back. Mr Abacus and Nesta are looking for zero which has gone missing, causing chaos in the world. Vivacious illustrations convey the chaos fabulously. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7.

The Biggest Number in the Universe

Scholastic 2004 9781869436483 Pb $19.50 Scholastic 2004 9781869436025 Hb $31 Nesta asks her neighbour for a big, impressive number. The mathematician is not interested to begin with but eventually lends her 8,888,888,888, but only on the understanding that she looks after it. Read aloud. Also available in Maori. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2003.

Illus Helen Craig* Picture Puffin (1985), 2010 9780143504399 Pb $19.99 Mr Castle is looking after the family while his wife works and starts making jam when they have a bumper crop of plums, filling every jar, vase, glass and pot in the house. 4-8.

Mister Whistler

Illus Gavin Bishop Gecko Press 2012 9781877467912 Hb $34.99 Mister Whistler is waiting for the train. He checks that he has a clean handkerchief, but then can’t find his ticket. The song in his head keeps his feet dancing while he strips off items of clothing trying to find his ticket. Children will love this hilarious tale as they see the answer to Mr Whistler’s problem in the illustrations full of pizazz in rich tones of orange and inky blues. 3-8. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Books Awards. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

The Boy Who Was Followed Home

The Exploding Paint Factory

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502982 Pb $15.99 It’s the annual clean-up day in Maddsville and Flick and his friends have been helping. On their way home they spot a trail of litter so Flick and Ember follow it to find the culprit. Meantime the paint factory has caught fire and when it explodes everyone ends up covered in paint. List of eco-wise tips in the back. Disney-style computer generated illustrations. 3+.


Tom and the Dragon

Illus Scott Tulloch Scholastic 2011 9781869439699 Pb $19.50 Tom wants to play at the pier and is warned to watch out for the dragon. When Tom does meet the dragon they discover that the dragon’s mother has been issuing similar warnings. There’s a great refrain to join in on and the illustrations depict an adorable, rather goofy, dragon. 3-8.

Mackenzie Bowen, Ewen

Superpuffin and the dinosaurs

Shetland Publishing Co 2011 9780906736227 Pb $22.99 Superpuffin takes Thomas on a timebeam to visit the dinosaurs. 4-7.

Maddern, Eric*

Illus Adrienne Kennaway †

Illus Steven Kellogg Picture Puffin (1975), 2010 9780143504375 Pb $19.99 A Margaret Mahy Classic. When a hippopotamus follows Robert home he’s delighted, but his parents aren’t and ask for help from the neighbourhood witch. 4-8.

The Boy With Two Shadows

Illus Jenny Williams Picture Puffin (1987), 2010 9780143504405 Pb $19.99 A young boy agrees to care for a witch’s shadow while she is on holiday, but having two shadows has some unexpected problems. 4-8.

The Great White Man-Eating Shark

Illus Jonathan Allen* Picture Puffin 1996 9780140554243 Pb $17.99 A funny tale about Norvin who looks like a shark and likes to shoot through the water like a silver arrow. But his plans to clear the water badly misfire.

The Man From the Land of Fandango

A Lion in the Meadow

Illus Polly Dunbar* Frances Lincoln 2012 9781847802200 Hb $29.99 Frances Lincoln 2013 9781847804747 Pb $18.99 The man from Fandango doesn’t call very often so I hope you’re ready when he does so you can join in the magical fun with all the animals, dancing and music. A fantastical adventure of the imagination with dreamy mixed media illustrations. 3-8.

Illus Mark Jones* Blue Apple Books 2010 9781609050498 Hb $33.50 Raisin and Rice are two Manhattan mice living in the storeroom of Zanzibar’s Deli. They prepare a Christmas feast and discover that the most important ingredient is friends. Included recipe for Christmas treats. 4-10.

A Summery Saturday Morning

Illus Margaret Chamberlain* Picture Puffin 1996 9780140554304 Pb $17.99 Orion May 2013 9781444009255 Pb $14.99 Orion April 2013 9781409128939 Pb+Audio CD $29.50 Sam is an ordinary person leading a dull, ordinary life but his mother is a pirate with a yearning to return to the sea.

Lock, Rachael

Bubble Trouble

Littleton, Mark*

Stories Jesus Told: Lift the flap

Illus Trace Moroney Kregel Kidzone (US) 2004 9780825455193 Bd $21.50 More than 40 flaps to lift while reading about Jesus’ parables. 3-6.

Loates, Lyn

Christmas Delicious

Daisy & Tweeter: Two Most Unlikely Friends

Illus Todd Williams R Lock 2010 9780473168919 Pb $17 You wouldn’t think a cow and a little bird would be best friends, and at first they weren’t. But when Daisy the cow and Tweeter the sparrow get to know each other, a beautiful friendship begins. 0-5.

Lockyer, John

Illus Bob Darroch

Kiwi Has a Big Secret

Hodder Moa 2007 9781869711146 Pb $17.99 Kiwi has a pair of lucky socks he thinks help him play better. When he loses them he panics and forgets about playing his best for the team until Coach Morepork gives him a nudge in the right direction. A story about self-belief and being part of a team. 4-8.

MacIver, Juliette Illus Sarah Davis††

Marmaduke Duck & Bernadette Bear

Scholastic 2011 9781775430629 Hb $31 Scholastic 2011 9781775430339 Pb $19.50 Marmaduke Duck has a very popular marmalade shop, until Bernadette Bear sets up in competition next door. It takes a big disaster for them to realise they don’t need to compete. Richly detailed illustrations in gouache, colour pencil and Photoshop. 3-8. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Rainbow Bird

Frances Lincoln 2002 9780711208988 Pb $18.99 An Aboriginal fire legend about how Bird Woman stole fire from Crocodile Man and turned into the Rainbow Bird.

Mahy, Margaret

Illus Jenny Williams* Picture Puffin (1989), 2006 9780140506303 Spiral $17.99 Overlock Press June 2013 9781468306651 Hb $35.50 Orion April 2013 9781444009262 Pb $14.99 A little boy finds a big roaring yellow whiskery lion in the meadow but his mother thinks he’s making it up.

The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate

Illus Selina Young Picture Puffin (1999), 2010 9780143504528 Pb $19.99 Let’s go down to the sea this summery Saturday morning, scattering shells and leaping logs! First the dogs chase the cat, next they chase a boy on a rattly bike – then the wild geese chase them.

The Margaret Mahy Treasury

Illus Polly Dunbar* Frances Lincoln (2008) 2011 9781847801869 Pb $19.99 Frances Lincoln 2008 9781845077587 Hb $31.99 Frances Lincoln 2013 9781847804013 Pb Big Bk $47.99 Follow the hilarious efforts of the village people as they chase the baby far across the town in an effort to get him down from the bubble, safe and sound. Storylines Notable Book. 3-10.

Down the Back of the Chair

Illus Polly Dunbar* Frances Lincoln 2007 9781845076023 Pb $19.99 Margaret has recited this poem for many years and now we finally have it in print with appropriately riotous illustrations. Dad has lost the car keys and when they search down the back of the chair they find all sorts of things - from a piece of hairy string to a taxi!

Footsteps Through the Fog

Illus Gavin Bishop Puffin 2012 9780143505570 Pb $19.99 Anthea is blind so when she goes to the beach with her brothers and sisters they have to take care of her, but when fog comes rolling in it’s Anthea who can find the way home. Braille title on the front and alphabet on back flap. Royalties to the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind. 4-10.

Penguin (2011) 2012 9780143307518 Hb+Audio CD $49.99 Eleven stories with their original illustrations: The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate, The Lion in the Meadow, The Great White Man Eating Shark, The Boy who was Followed Home, The Boy with Two Shadows, The Three Legged Cat, The Witch in the Cherry Tree, A Summery Saturday Morning, Jam and The Great Piratical Rumbustification. Six stories are also read by Margaret Mahy on the accompanying CD.

The Moon and Farmer McPhee

Illus David Elliot Random House 2010 9781869794064 Hb $36.99 Farmer McPhee is trying to sleep but animals are all having a grand time singing and dancing to the moon.He makes them all go into the dark barn and waits for them to sleep but the moon shines on Farmer McPhee and soon he’s dancing too. Illustrated in lush blues and moonlight yellows with fold-outs and die cuts. NZ Post Picture Book & Book of the Year 2011. 3-8.

The Three-Legged Cat

Illus Jonathan Allen* Picture Puffin (1993), 2010 9780143504368 Pb $19.99 A Margaret Mahy Classic. Mrs Gimble has a three-legged cat who would love to prowl the world but can’t. Mrs Gimble also has an embarrassing brother who prowls the world wearing a ‘revolting, moulting Russian hat’. When the brother comes to visit their problems are all solved in a surprising way. 4-8.

PICTURE BOOKS The Witch in the Cherry Tree

Illus Jenny Williams Picture Puffin (1974), 2010 9780143504382 Pb $19.99 A Margaret Mahy Classic. David and his mother are baking cakes and the lovely aroma has attracted a witch to their garden where she tries to trick David into giving her the cakes. Recipe for gingerbread witches included! 4-8.

Malcolm, Sabrina Blue Moon Bird

Scholastic 2013 9781775431121 Pb $19.50 Theodore is a quiet boy who lives at the Turtleduck Toy Factory where there are extraordinary toy-making machines. One night there is a rare blue moon and the machines start up while Theodore is thinking about having a pet, and produces a little bird toy which will lead Theodore to find a new friend. Textural and richly coloured illustrations in acrylic paint and pencil. 3-8.

Marshall, Jill

Kave-Tina Rox

Illus Sam Childs* Hodder Children’s Books 2009 9780340957127 Hb $34.99 Hodder Children’s Books 2011 9780340957134 Pb $20 Kave-Tina Rocks is a tough and feisty cave girl! She is not allowed to join in the caveman games with her brother and his friends, but soon shows everyone that girls can be just as brave as boys! 3+.

Martin, Janet Abigail Fantail

Illus Marigold Freeman Jampot Productions 2000 9780473069445 Pb $19.99 Abigail Fantail follows some children into the forest and gets lost. She has to spend the night alone and frightened. Written in rhyme.

Emily the Kiwi Plays the Ukulele

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2010 9780473165437 Pb $19.99 Rhyming story about a music-loving Kiwi who plays the ukulele. All of her forest friends join in for a singalong, and Emily forgets it’s time for bed!

Enough Crumbs for Everyone

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2011 9780473151348 Pb $19.99 Rhyming story about Lucie and her family who go on a picnic in the park and are soon joined by Penny Pigeon, Smokey Seagull, Daniel Duck, Goofy Goose, Wanda Swan, Abigail Fantail, Louie the Tui, Billy Blackbird, Robbie Rooster, Jacko Pukeko, and Harry Sparrow.

Janet the Gannet and the Boy who Dreamed of Flying

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2005 9780473100490 Pb $19.99 Janet the Gannet from Muriwai Beach wanted to fly to a place out of reach. Jack just wanted to fly. One night something magical happens to the bird and the boy. Written in rhyme.

Joe the Kakapo

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2009 9780473151324 Pb $19.99 Joe the Kakapo slips on a track and breaks his toe. He calls for help and all his friends come and work together to help him. Written in rhyme. 3-7.

Kiri the Kereru

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2007 9780473127664 Pb $19.99 Kiri the Kereru eats too many berries, falls out of a tree and is rescued by young Daniel. Written in rhyme.

Louie the Tui Learns to Sing

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2002 9780473088569 Pb $19.99 Louie can’t sing, he can only croak – until one day he hears Annie strumming her guitar and he joins in. Written in rhyme.

Mia the Kea

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2004 9780476006386 Pb $19.99 Mia is a mischievous young kea. Roger the Ranger has a plan to stop her naughty behaviour. Written in rhyme.

Molly Morepork and the Lost Campers

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2003 9780473099749 Pb $19.99 One night some children get lost in the forest. Molly Morepork calls out to them and leads them back to camp. Written in rhyme.

Noah the Moa

Illus Ivar Treskon Jampot Productions 2012 97801473195014 Pb $19.99 Rhyming story of a young boy’s encounter with a moa at the museum, and what happens next! Sheet music of song included.

Pukeko Shoes

Illus Marigold Janezic Jampot Productions 2011 9780473151331 Pb $19.99 Lulu the Pukeko found some old shoes, Jacko Pukeko discovered them too. A rhyming story about sharing. Sheet music of song included.


McKinlay, Helen Illus Craig Smith*

Grandma Joins the All Blacks

HarperCollins 2007 9781869506407 Pb $19.99 This unconventional gran helps out the All Blacks (though this is a rather chubby team!) when she finds out they are tired of practising. She feeds them marmalade, takes them rafting and to the circus and finally stands in for the captain who’s come down with chicken pox. Zany colourful illustrations. 4+.

Mataira, Katerina

Rangi and His Dinosaurs

Illus Ali Teo Huia Publishers 2007 9780908975976 Hb $24.99 Every night, when Rangi was falling asleep, he wished with all his heart to go to Dinosaur Land.

Matthews, Tina† A Great Cake

Illus Tina Matthews† Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921720062 Hb $27.99 Harvey wants to bake a cake and lack of the right ingredients won’t stop him. Whilst the text gives real instructions Harvey is using quite different ingredients in the pictures, all patiently encouraged by his mother who understands the need for inventive and messy play. Illustrations made with stencils and woodblocks. 3-8. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Books Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Grandma Meets the Queen

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508142 Pb $19.99 Grandma and her cat Scratch go on holiday to London where they meet the Queen and soon is helping out at the palace. 3-8.

Grandma’s Kiwi Christmas

HarperCollins 2008 9781869506858 Pb $19.99 Only five sleeps until Santa and Grandma’s a-go-go with mince pies and pantomimes. But with trouble at Santa’s house, adventure calls, and our Gran packs her handbag, buttons on her snowsuit and zips off to the North Pole. 3+.

Out of the Egg

Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529559 Pb $17.99 Walker Books Australia 2007 9781921150357 Hb $31.99 Walker Books Australia 2013 9781921720437 Pb Big Bk $47.99 A modern reworking of The Little Red Hen story. In this version Hen plants a seed that grows into a tree. She doesn’t want to let the lazy cat, rat and pig come and enjoy the tree until her little chick befriends them and they all learn about sharing and forgiveness. Fabulous woodcut illustrations. 4+. NZ Post Best First Book Award 2008.

Waiting for Later

Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921720055 Hb $27.99 A small girl wants to play with someone but everyone is busy so she heads for a tree and sees the world from another perspective. Japanese woodcuts and stencils, ‘50s-styled home, silhouettes which show another perspective of events.

McCrystal, John

Shackleton Bear Goes South

Photography John McCrystal, Mike Wilkinson & Bob Zuur Public Interest Publishing (PIP) 2012 9780987666604 Pb $25 Shackleton Bear, named after the polar explorer, is off to Antarctica. Photographs bring the bear to life on a real ship travelling via the subantarctic islands and the Southern Ocean to see all the things his namesake Sir Ernest Shackleton’s saw. Includes lots of factual information conveyed through Shackleton’s diary and maps. 5-8.

McGarvey, Jessica

Custard and Carriages

Jessica McGarvey 2011 9780473189822 Pb $16.50 Childhood memories of visiting Grandad who always had custard squares and told stories about his days driving trains. A simple but comprehensive picture of what his job was like. Accompanied by pastel illustrations. Small format, nicely produced. 3-8.

McGrath, Raymond

It’s Not a Monster, it’s Me!

Puffin 2012 9780143505525 Pb with flaps + CD $19.99 Sebastian wishes that someone would sit next to him at school but everyone’s scared because he is hairy, has horns and sharp teeth, then one day Alex asks him to play and he lets out all his troubles, then they get on with the business of being friends. An engaging way to learn about getting past appearances to the person underneath. Song on CD. 3-8.

The Great Rescue Race

Picture Puffin 2011 9780143306177 Pb $19.99 Nick has lost his best friend, Scraps. How will Scraps ever find his way home? Luckily the whole town is happy to help. 3-8.

Grandma’s Week Off

HarperCollins 2003 9781869504618 Pb $17.99 Grandma wakes up on Monday morning and decides she needs a week off from grandma duties and heads out to have some exciting adventures bungy jumping, mountaineering, and more. 4+.

McLennan, Sally

Deputy Dan and the Mysterious Midnight Marauder

Illus Joel Liochon Rogerson Press 2008 9780473126834 Pb $29.99 A long sophisticated picture book for older children, written in verse. A crime spree has the police stumped. It’s up to the youngest policeman in the nation to follow a trail of clues and catch the criminal mastermind red-handed. Mixture of black and white and coloured illustrations in cartoon style. 2009 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best professional Publication & 2006 Conclave Award for the best work in fantasy poetry. Order from

McMillan, Dawn Colour the Stars

Illus Keinyo White Scholastic 2012 9781775439743 Pb $19.50 How do you describe a colour to someone who cannot see? Also in te reo Maori. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Doggy Doo On My Shoe

Illus Ross Kinnaird Raupo 2004 9781869486464 Pb $15.99 A morality tale with a twist from the creators of ‘Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?”.

I Need a New Bum

Illus Ross Kinnaird Libro International 2012 9781877514432 Pb $19.99 In the spirit of Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?, this irreverent tale picks up from the hero’s discovery that his bum has a crack and he needs a replacement - but which one? A BMX one, an arty one, or a bum-per? 5+.

Woolly Wally

Illus Ross Kinnaird Libro International (2006) 2012 9781877514494 Pb $19.99 Wally is a magnificent ram who is immensely proud of his fine fleece, and the effect it has on the ewes around him. But such pride always comes before a fall – or in Wally’s case, before the shearing shed. A rhyming tale of the leader of a flock who’s in for a nasty shock. 5+

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



McMillan, Dawn & Signal, Bert

Old Hu-Hu

Illus Rachel Driscoll Scholastic 2009 9781869439217 Pb $19.50 Illus Ross Kinnaird Scholastic 2009 9781869438975 Hb $31 Picture Puffin (2002), 2008 9780143502883 Pb $18.99 Dogs attending the Canine Concert have to leave their bottoms Old Hu-Hu makes a final flight to the moon and back then dies. hanging on the wall outside. When there’s a fire they all rush to Everyone is sad, especially little Hu-Hu-Tu, but he knows that it’s grab the nearest bottom and it seems they’ll spend the rest of all not the real Old Hu-Hu on the ground, it’s just a shell. A tender look at death and grief, and the possibilities for what happens time trying to find the right one. 3-8. beyond death. Illustrations in pencil and paint. NZ Post Children’s Mewburn, Kyle Book of the Year 2010. Storylines Notable Book. 4+. Also in Maori.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?

Blue Gnu

Illus Daron Parton Scholastic 2012 9781775430773 Pb $19.5 Boo is a blue gnu - the one and only, until one day another blue gnu comes along. A hilarious rhyming story about individuality captured in digital and mixed media illustrations. 3-8. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Daisy’s Maze

Illus Michaela Sangl Scholastic 2010 9781869439606 Pb $19.50 Daisy lives in a tower in the middle of a maze but visitors are so exhausted by the time they get to the top that they fall asleep and Daisy thinks they are bored. Illustrations in collage, paint, pencil, photographs and Photoshop. 3-8.

Duck’s Stuck

Seesaw Po

Illus Katz Cowley Scholastic 2012 9781775430261 Pb $19.50 Po’s friends have fun on the swing, slide and roundabout but they won’t move when Po sits on them and he needs help from another very small friend. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7.

The Grumble Bee

Illus Ingrid Berzins Scholastic 2011 9781869439736 Pb $19.5 Winter is on its way and the bees are gathering pollen but Glib is always getting left behind so he decides to fly off on his own and finds a secret flower supply. 3-7.

The Story of Bo: & the Circus that Wasn’t

Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic 2012 9781775430865 Pb $19.50 A collaborative storybook with contributions by Telecom customers. Bo dreams of being a circus acrobat and decides to set up a circus in disguise and does a dangerous stunt on a bridge. 3-8..

Illus Ali Teo & John O’Reilly Scholastic (2008), 2010 9781869439590 Bd $13.50 Scholastic 2008 9781869438265 Pb $19.50 Duck is hungry so sticks his head through a crack in the wall to eat the grain inside, but when he’s finished he can’t get his head out! Three Cheers for No-Ears One by one the other animals come along and try to help.. Bold Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2011 9781869439781 Pb $19.50 illustrations created with pen and ink, coloured digitally. 3-7. No-Ears feels quite inferior without proper-sized ears, until some Hester and Lester decorative alternatives are found and his natural assets prove an Illus Harriet Bailey advantage. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7 Random House 2011 9781869794941 Hb $29.99 Lester is dressed as a king but has no castle, so he and his sister Miller, Diane Hester set about creating their own castle in the forest using all Alice’s Adventures at the Castle sorts of rubbish and including the forest creatures and their dog in Illus P G Rob their creation. The child’s imagination at its exuberant best, much Lifelogs 2010 9780986453502 Pb $20.50 of the story told in the illustrations rather than the text, which has An extension of the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by a rich vocabulary. Illustrated by inaugural Storylines Gavin Bishop Lewis Carroll. What might have happened if Alice fell beyond the Illustration Award winner. 3-8. rabbit hole and emerged in the Antipodes - in the grounds of Hill and Hole Dunedin’s Larnach Castle. Illus Vasanti Unka Josephine Off theRails Picture Puffin 2010 9780143504535 Pb $19.99 Illus Sheryl Macleod Hill and Hole are best mates who long to experience the world Lifelogs 2012 9780986453588 Pb $20 from the other’s perspective, so they ask Mole to help them swap Josephine is an old locomotive kept in the Toitu Settlers Museum places, then need the wind to solve their next problem. until one day a dog runs in, frightened because his family has gone Illustrations are rich in texture and colour and the story will without him. Josephine decides to go to his rescue and works up a prompt discussions about change and being happy with who we head of steam to head out on the tracks, going in all sorts of improbare. LIANZA Russel Clark Award 2011. PANZ Book Design Best able places along the Taieri Gorge railway and Rail Trail, with the dog Book & Best Children’s Book Awards 2011. 4+. clinging on, until they finally find his family. Marvellous adventure in the tradition of Thomas the Tank Engine. 2-8. Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! Illus Ali Teo & John O’Reilly Stars of Orion Scholastic 2006 9781869437602 Pb $19.50 Illus P G Rob Every time Aunty Elsie comes to visit Andy runs to hide from her Lifelogs 2011 9780986453571 Pb $20 sloppy kisses. Then oe day Aunty Elsie doesn’t arrive and Andy re- A picture book set in a newly-settled Otago’s adventurous past. 3-8. alises he doesn’t mind her visits after all. Vibrant pencil/collage/ digital illustrations. Joy Cowley Award 2005. NZ Post Picture Book Miller, Virginia Be Gentle and Children’s Choice awards 2007. 3-6. Walker Books (1997), 2008 9781406311877 Pb $18.99 Melu Snippets of toddler life are acutely observed in this series of atIllus Ali Teo & John O’Reilly tractive picture books. A story about playing nicely. Cute toddler Scholastic 2012 9781775430889 Pb $19.50 bear Bartholomew and his loving dad, George, learn about manScholastic 2012 9781775430278 Hb $31 ners. 1-4. Melu decides to leave the herd and follow his dream. A celebration of determination and being different. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7. Eat Your Dinner Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Books Awards, Storylines Walker Books (1992), 2007 9781406309485 Bd $15.99 Walker Books (1992), 2008 9781406311860 Pb $18.99 Notable Book 2013. A story about table manners. George finds a clever way to get Moon Cow Bartholomew to eat his dinner. 1-4. Illus Deidre Copeland Get Into Bed Puffin 2011 9780143565987 Pb $19.99 Walker Books (2000), 2008 9781406311846 Pb $18.99 Milly the cow loves the moon and wants to be friends. 3-8. A story about going to sleep. The bedtime routine is drawn out as No Room for a Mouse long as possible. 1-4. Illus Freya Blackwood* On Your Potty Scholastic Australia 2007 9781865046600 Pb $21 Walker Books (2000), 2007 9781406309430 Bd $15.99 Christopher and his mother live in an enormous house and his mother is so busy working that she doesn’t notice as he invites A story about toilet training. Bartholomew finds that using his more and more people to move in. Quirky with detailed illustra- potty is sometimes just a matter of the right timing. 1-4. tions to pore over. 4+. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Millett, Peter Moa’s Ark

Illus Lamia Aziz Picture Puffin (2005), 2009 9780143503705 Pb $18.99 A rhyming account of Noah’s trip around the world, and the moa who constantly ask “Are we there yet?”.

Moetaua, Kate Illus Bruce Potter

Papa’s Jandals

Picture Puffin 2010 9780143504221 Pb $19.99 Sequel to Papa’s Donuts. Junior is the only boy in the family and always trying to get out of doing chores. But when he loses one of Papa’s jandals he’s got to put in some hard work to find it. Colourful depictions of the Cook Islands family fill each page. 4-6.

Moroney, Trace

A Child’s Book of Miracles and Wonders Lion Hudson (UK) 2003 9781859854785 Hb $17.50 Simply told and illustrated bible stories. 5-12.

A Child’s Book of Parables

Lion Hudson (UK) 2003 9781859854655 Hb $17.50 Simply told, illustrated parables with Bible references and questions and answers. 5-12.

Animal Songs

Five Mile Press 2003 9781865036342 Bd $17.50 An illustrated collection of animal songs for children to sing along to. Die-cut pages. Book can hang on door handle.

My first Book of Nursery Songs and Rhymes Five Mile Press 2006 9781741780048 Spiral Hb & CD $24 A collection of nursery songs and rhymes with music CD. 0-5.

Nursery Rhyme Box Set

Five Mile Press 2010 9781742484846 Bd mini in box $24.99 A collection of nursery rhymes in mini board book format and packaged in a colourful box set. 0-5.

Nursery Songs

Five Mile Press 2002 9781865036373 Bd $18.50 An illustrated collection of nursery songs for children to sing along to. Die-cut pages. Book can hang on doorhandle.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Five Mile Press 2010 9781742119496 Bd & puzzle $14.99 Book and 25 piece floor puzzle in a slipcase. 2+

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

Five Mile Press 2009 9781742114361 Hb $13.99 Nursery rhyme with gently coloured illustrations, small amount of easy-to-read text.

Rock-a-bye Baby

Five Mile Press 2009 9781742114378 Hb $13.99 Five Mile Press 2010 9781742119533 Pb $9.99 Nursery rhymes are a tried and true method of engaging with children. As well as helping in language formation and observation, nursery rhymes contribute to a child’s spatial development, via music, rhyme and movement. .

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Five Mile Press 2008 9781741788518 Hb $13.99 Five Mile Press 2010 9781742119489 Bd $14.99 Book and 25 piece floor puzzle in a slipcase. 2+

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Five Mile Press 2008 9781741788501 Hb $13.99 Five Mile Press 2010 9781742119502 Pb $9.99 Nursery rhymes are a tried and true method of engaging with children. As well as helping in language formation and observation, nursery rhymes contribute to a child’s spatial development, via music, rhyme and movement. This title features some of the much-loved nursery rhymes.

The Things I love About Bedtime Five Mile Press 2009 9781742114873 Hb $20

The Things I Love About Family

Five Mile Press 2010 9781742480572 Hb $17.50

The Things I love About Friends

Five Mile Press 2010 9781742480565 Hb $17.50

The Things I Love About Me

Five Mile Press 2009 9781742114866 Hb $20

The Things I Love About Playtime

Five Mile Press 2009 978174216594 Hb $20 Five Mile Press 2009 978174216808 Pb $11.99 Addresses the everyday world of preschoolers and encourages them to think about themselves in relation to everything around them.

PICTURE BOOKS The Wheels on the Bus

Five Mile Press 2010 9781742119465 Bd $20.99 Book and 25 piece floor puzzle in a slipcase. 2+.

Three Little Kittens

Five Mile Press 2008 9781741788525 Hb $12.99

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Five Mile Press 2010 9781741788495 Hb $13.99 Book and 25 piece floor puzzle in a slipcase. 2+ A series exploring emotions, helping young children identify and label their feelings. 3-6.

When I’m Feeling Jealous

The Five Mile Press 2009 9781741783599 Pb $10.99

When I’m Feeling Lonely

The Five Mile Press 2009 9781741786316 Pb $10.99

When I’m Feeling Loved

The Five Mile Press 2008 9781741783575 Pb $14.99

When I’m Feeling Sad

The Five Mile Press 2007 9781741245455 Pb $10.99

When I’m Feeling Scared

The Five Mile Press 2008 9781741245462 Pb $10.99 A series exploring emotions, helping young children identify and label their feelings. 3-6.

Morrison, Yvonne A Kiwi Jingle Bells

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic (2006), 2011 9781775430452 Bd $13.50 Scholastic 2006 9781869437923 Pb+CD $26 A Kiwi version of Jingle Bells describing a summer Christmas holiday at the beach. 0-8.

A Kiwi Night Before Christmas

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic (2003), 2009 9781869439156 Bd $13.50 Scholastic 2003 9781869437954 Pb+CD+bach $26 The Kiwi version of a classic Christmas poem. Rhyming text tells of a family at the bach for Christmas and a white-haired man in black singlet and shorts, riding a tractor pulled by six sheep, who appears in the sky. 3+.

Brian Saves Christmas

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2010 9781869438890 Pb $19.50 Flossy the ewe and Jason the ram are having a baby. When Brian arrives Jason looks forward to teaching him all the things he loves, like playing sport and pulling Santa’s tractor. But Brian is weedy and a bit of a nerd. But when Christmas comes Brian’s scientific knowledge saves the day when he has to build a GPS unit to help Santa navigate through the fog. 4-8.

Brian the Big-Brained Romney*

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2008 9781869438722 Pb $19.50 Sequel to A Kiwi Night Before Christmas, based on the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Down in the Forest

Illus Jennifer Cooper Scholastic 2004 9781869435967 Pb $19.50 Based on the traditional ‘Over in the Meadow’, this version features New Zealand native forest flora and fauna. Also available in te reo Maori. 3-7.

Kiwi Corkers: The Tuatara and the Skink

Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic 2009 9781869438784 Hb $18.50 A New Zealand take on The Tortoise and the Hare - The slow tuatara and the quick little skink compete against each other. The illustrator has created some zany characters, hand-drawn on textured paper and coloured in Photoshop. 3-7.

The Ugly Hatchling

Illus Dave Gunson Scholastic 2009 9781869439125 Hb $18.50 A New Zealand take on The Ugly Duckling with pukekos and a little kiwi who definitely doesn’t fit in - he can’t walk in the swamp and wants to stay up all night! A well-written text with uncluttered watercolour illustrations. 3-7.

Wacko Kakapo

Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic ( 2007), 2009 9781869438791 Hb $18.50 A Kiwi version of Henny Penny. Wacko Kakapo is hit on the head by a seed, thinks the sky is falling and runs to tell Tane Mahuta,

joined along the way by other bush characters. Hand-drawn, digitally-coloured illustrations. 4+.

Kiwi Mums

Illus Ross Kinnaird Scholastic 2010 9781869439194 Hb $19.50 A lighthearted look at what makes a Kiwi mum. Laid out like a photo album, hand-drawn illustrations are coloured in Photoshop with photographic backgrounds. 4-adult.

Llama Drama

Illus Neroli Williams Scholastic 2012 9781775430537 Pb $19.50 Pam the llama is a real drama queen, always making a fuss and trying to get attention, but that’s not always a bad thing. Told in rhyme with watercolour pencil illustrations. 3-8.

The 12 Days of Holidays

Illus Jenny Cooper Scholastic 2009 9781869439163 Pb $19.50 Following the format of The Twelve Days of Christmas, this book begins when the school holidays start, and each day Mum gets more frustrated with a child watching TV, while the house gets more messy. In the end, Mum sends the child off to Grandma’s! The words can be sung to the tune of the famous Christmas song. 4+.

The Cocky Who Cried Dingo

Illus Heath Mckenzie* Little Hare 2010 9781921541421 Hb $26.99 Little Hare 2011 9781921714948 Pb $17.99 A cheeky cockatoo decides that pulling a few pranks on his fellow birds will liven things up but it backfires when no-one believes his cries for help when a real dingo pins him down.

Town Possum, Outback Possum

Illus Heath Mckenzie* Little Hare 2011 9781921541476 Hb $26.99 Outback possum loves leaves and sunsets. Town possum loves adventure and fun. Outback possum visits his cousin in town but, after tasting the high life and a few close shaves, heads happily home.

Mind Your Gramma

Illus Nikki Slade Robinson Scholastic 2011 9781775430314 Hb $21 May I? Can I? Fewer! Less! Hilarious misunderstandings between a child and her gran as Gramma corrects the child’s grammar. 5+.

Moss, Miriam* This is the Oasis

Illus Adrienne Kennaway† Frances Lincoln 2007 9781845075729 Pb $18.99 A celebration of an oasis - the green jewel of the desert - and the significance it has on the plant, animal and human life that depends upon it.

Mountain, Peter Illus Bryan Pollard


Exceptional Books NZ 2006 9780473107024 Hb $29.95 An alternative version of the traditional Goldilocks tale. Told in rhyme, this Goldilocks refuses to wash so is renamed Smellylocks. When threatened with a good scrubbing she runs away and turns up at the bears’ house.

The Wolf’s Revenge

Exceptional Books NZ 2006 9780473114992 Hb $29.95 The grandson of the big bad wolf is sick of being teased about his grandpa so makes plans to eat the three pigs himself. He ends up inside the house but with the police and two pigs outside trying to get in. He ends up, of course, getting into hot water himself.

Mr Mac (McIntyre, Alistair)

Doug the Digger: The Need for Good Teeth Having Fun Company 2006 Pb & CD $26 Having Fun Company 2006 A3 Pb & CD $52

The Need for Listening

Having Fun Company 2007 Pb & CD $26 A fun way to learn aspects of safety and work practices plus a CD of the story with sound effects to match.

Mundy, Jenny I Love the Bush

Caxton Press 2011 9781877303210 Pb $19.99 A rhyming story illustrated with photographs encouraging children to explore reserves in their area to see what they can discover. 5-8.


Neild, Diana

Illus Philip Webb

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig

Scholastic 2011 9781775430780 Bd $13.50 Scholastic 2008 9781869438746 Pb $19.50 Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig has eight siblings, all with simple short names, and he hates being different. But then his father explains how special he is. Illustrations in watercolour, pencil and Photoshop convey the loving warmth of the household. 3-7.

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig and the Camping Holiday

Scholastic 2011 9781775430162 Pb $19.50 Piggity-Wiggity and Belinda are excited about sleeping in their own tent, but how did one of the tent poles get left behind? 3-7.

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig and the Christmas Baby

Scholastic 2011 9781775430384 Pb $19.50 The Jig grandparents are coming to visit for Christmas so the children decide to put on a nativity play. Everyone has a part to play but Piggity is NOT pleased to hear that he is the baby! Rhyming text and general uproar provide a hilarious seasonal read and will perhaps encourage some performances. 3-7.

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig and the School Concert

Scholastic 2010 9781869439446 Pb $19.50 The school production is Swinderella and when brother Bruce muffs his lines Piggity-Wiggity has to save the day. Told in rhyme which reads aloud well, with action-packed illustrations using watercolour, pencil and Photoshop. 3-7.

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig Goes to Dad’s Cafe

Scholastic 2008 9781869439101 Pb $19.50 Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig has been sick at home, is getting better but is very bored so his mother takes him into town to have lunch in his father’s cafe. It’s very fancy, but the chef has to come up with a special menu for Piggity. 3-7.

Nelisi, Lino

Tane Steals the Show

Illus Gus Hunter Scholastic (1997), 2006 9781869433369 Pb $19.50 Tane wants to take part at his uncle’s wedding. He practises hard because everyone tells him he is too little to join in and in the end he steals the show. Also in te reo Maori. 3-6.

Newson, Natalie

Morepork the Babysitter & Her Many Friends

Thinking Books 2004 9780476010321 Pb $16.99 An introduction to the NZ environment for 3-7s. Watercolour illustrations.

Tarawera’s Pink Terrace Children

Illus Marylyn Simpkins & Natalie Newson Thinking Books 2004 9780473099084 Pb $16.99 The story of the 1886 Tarawera eruption, seen and imagined by a 9-year-old Maori boy living in Rotorua. Watercolour portraits by the author and scenes of Tarawera by artist Marylyn Simpkins. 6-12 .

Nimmo, Charles

Sam and Poppy: A Dag of a Tale

Illus Sam Wakelin Whatadag 2010 9780473117702 Pb $15.95 Based on the true story of two dogs living on Oakleigh Farm in Canterbury. Watercolour illustrations help convey the working life of farm dogs. 6-9. Order from

Noonan, Diana Dear Toby

Illus Linda McClelland Scholastic 2010 9781869439460 Pb $19.50 Toby Bear gives some good advice to the children who write to him, worried about their cuddly toys. The watercolour illustrations capture the worried children and their toys beautifully. 4-8.

Quaky Cat

Illus Gavin Bishop Scholastic 2010 9781775430292 Pb $19.50 Created in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquake about a cat who flees from home during the earthquake and then has to find his way back to his family. Textured illustrations depict the shaky city and its occupants. Proceeds to charity. 3-8.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


PICTURE BOOKS Kids to the Rescue

The Best-Dressed Bear

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Scholastic (2002) 2012 9781775431398 Pb $19.50 Sequel to The Best-Loved Bear. Redesigned 2012. Tim is lying awake thinking about the old clothes his mother wants to give away. He doesn’t want to give them away, or maybe even get bigger. But the answer rests with Toby the bear. 3-8.

The Best-Loved Bear

Illus Elizabeth Fuller Scholastic (1994) 2012 9781869433475 Pb $19.50 There’s a best-loved bear competition at school but Tim is worried about how tatty his bear Toby looks. He cleans Toby up as best he can and there’s a surprising result. Redesigned 2012. 2-7.

O’Rourke, Maris

Lillibutt’s Big Adventure

Illus Claudia Pond Eyley Duck Creek Press 2012 9781877378584 Hb $29.99 Lillibutt is a lonely little pig living at the bottom of the mountains where many people pass following the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Lillibutt asks them to take her and one day a young girl, Zoe, agrees to take Lillibutt with her. 4-8.

Osment, Michelle

Bears in the Bush - Adventures of the Rescue Helicopter Bears

Illus Daniel Falconer Champ the Chopper Ltd 2008 9780473134273 Pb $19.99 Champ and his friends are involved in a flood rescue. Read-aloud and early readers 2-7.

Perky by the Roadside

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2006 9780473108311 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about caring and a lesson in road safety. (Third in the series.) Perky and his mate are playing by the roadside when a car towing a trailer goes too fast and loses its load of pumpkins onto the road. Perky is tempted by the pumpkin seeds and dashes into the path of a school boy on his bicycle. Luckily the boy’s mother is a vet and she patches Perky up so he can return to teach the young pukeko about the dangers of the road.

Perky the Pukeko

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2004 9780476009349 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about belonging. (First in the series). Perky the Pukeko starts life as an orphan egg and hatches under Bantam Hen. The hen rejects him but Farmer’s wife cares for him until he is old enough to fend for himself. He soon finds a drain with his favourite things to eat and other pukeko to befriend.

Perky the Pukeko Goes to School

Illus Beverley Edge Little Friends 2006 9780473117092 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about accepting change. Goldie is very happy in her cylinder tank until Miss Mary adopts a cat and has to find a better home to keep Goldie safe. Clever multi-media illustrations using Fimo models. 3-8.

Koki the Kiwi

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2011 9780473185305 Pb $19 A rhyming story about a kiwi and its egg. Kiwi turns his egg and goes out into the night to look for food. He is spotted by the camouflaged Kiwi Hunter who finds the nest and the damaged egg to The Hatching Centre where we see the interesting process of examining the egg and keeping it safe until the baby kiwi hatches, with a little bit of help. Illustrations give a fascinating picture of the egg’s development. 3-8.

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2012 9780473219932 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about sharing. (Fourth in the series.) A school bus taking children on a trip has a puncture so the children get off and have a picnic. Lots of pukeko and ducks come to join in, but after the bus has gone Perky discovers a chick is missing so goes flapping and flying after the bus, eventually ending up at school where one of the children has a surprise in his school bag. 3-8.

Tiny Miss Dott and her Dotty Umbrella

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2009 9781869438982 Pb $19.50 Tiny Miss Dott takes her umbrella in case of rain and leaves it outside the charity shop, from whence it goes on an adventure of its own when one person after another needs to make use of it, but back to the shop in time for Miss Dott to go home. Illustrations created with digital painting, enlivened with ink washes and splatters. 2-6. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2008.

Owen, Alwyn

How the Kiwi Lost its Wings

Illus Dave Gunson Picture Puffin (2002), 2008 9780143502999 Pb $19.99 Long ago insects threatened to destroy the forest. Tane called upon the birds for assistance – one bird offered help. Also available in Maori.

Palmer, Alan

Swimming with Dishes

Perky and his Chicks

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2008 9780473139698 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about family. (Fourth in the series.) Perky takes his chicks to visit Farmer’s wife and befriends Farmer’s granddaughter Daisy but when Perky and his chicks cause trouble in the vege garden they get chased away by Farmer. When one of the chicks becomes ill however, it is Farmer and his wife who come to the little one’s aid.

Perky and the Possum Trap

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2005 9780476016057 Pb $17.99 A rhyming story about friendship. (Second in the series.) Perky the pukeko and his friends take shelter from a storm and discover a mysterious cage in the bush. Perky can’t resist the lure of an apple core and gets caught in the trap. Although his friends frantically try to get him out, they need the help of a nearby tramper. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

To The Harbour

Lopdell House Gallery 2007 9780958228442 Hb $35 NZ artist and printmaker Stanley Palmer’s story from his youth, accompanied by monoprints depicting post-war Auckland. Terminology, no longer used in this modern age, is explained at the bottom of each text page. Details of monoprint process in the front of the book. Combined picture book, history lesson, biography and work of art. NZ Post Picture Book Honour Award 2008.

Paterson, Malcolm

The Castle in our Back Yard

Illus Leah Mulgrew Libro International 2010 9781877514050 Pb $19.99 A family takes a trip to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) in Auckland and find out some of the stories about the history and legends which abound there. Translations of Maori words are at the bottom of each page and a pronunciation guide and other resources at the back of the book. 7+. Also available in Maori.

Pattrick, Jenny

The Very Important Godwit

Illus Sunset Little Friends 2006 9780473113896 Pb $17.99 A great tool for teaching about bush safety. Junior Bear and his dad get lost in the bush and the Rescue Helicopter comes to their aid. - Limited copies available.

Goldie the Goldfish

Palmer, Stanley

Illus Scott Pearson Picture Puffin 2010 9780143504290 Pb $21 Lucy is sick of her mother complaining about her messy room and making her do the dishes, so she comes up with an innovative way to get the dishes clean in the swimming pool, with startling results. Bright computer-generated illustrated. 4-6.

Palmer, Rebekah

Champ the Chopper

Illus Daniel Falconer & Chris Guise West Egg Books 2007 9780473122874 Pb $19.99 Champ is the littlest rescue helicopter at Sunshine Bay airport. In spite of his size and inexperience he’s making a difference, being brave and helping others, achieving in the face of danger. Illustrated by artists from Weta Workshop.

Good Work Champ!

Illus Chris Guise Champ the Chopper Ltd 2009 9780473151836 Pb $19.99 Champ helps rescue some children from a bush fire.

Illus Jez Tuya Random House 2010 9781869793487 Hb & CD $36.99 Little Will can count lots of adult godwits, but where are the chicks? Learn how godwits travel to the other side of the world to lay their eggs, and how researchers track them to know more about how they live. Includes CD of 17 songs to go with the story including a counting song. 4-10.

Paul, Gerry

Hank the Wrestling Shark

Illus Tom Armstrong Wacky Tales Publications 2012 9780473201302 Pb & CD $24.99 Music by Gerry Paul. The young hero of the story is swimming at Bondi Beach in Australia when he meets Hank the Wrestling Shark. At first the boy panics but then decides to fight back and comes up with a surprising tactic. Follow the story while you listen to the song on the CD, plus two others. 4-8.

Paul, Ruth

Bad Dog Flash

Scholastic 2013 9781775430964 Pb $19.50 Flash is a playful puppy who is always in trouble, but he’s so adorable that his owners always forgive him and he ends the day with cuddles. Excellent read aloud with simple text. Children will want to join in on the repeated phrase: ‘Bad Dog Flash!’

Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921977688 Hb $27.99 Hedgehog is doing magic tricks and his friends help him one at a time, but none of the tricks seem to be working which makes Hedgehog really sad. But then his friends organise a big surprise. Simple text with classically styled illustrations in acrylic, pastels, pencils and a touch of Photoshop. Patchwork endpapers 1-5.


Scholastic 2011 9781775430056 Pb $19.50 Six dinosaurs are out for a stomp. As they follow the leader the little guy on the end is squirted and splattered, but when they turn around and follow the little one he chooses activities that definitely don’t suit the big ones . Illustrated in pencil & Photoshop with minimal text. 0+.


Scholastic 2008 9781869438739 Pb $19.50 Meet the world’s newest superhero - Superpotamus! Eco-warrior! 3-7.

The Animal Undie Ball

Scholastic 2004 9781869436322 Pb $19.50 Great read-aloud with rhyming text, explaining why animals don’t wear undies. 3-7.

The King’s Bubbles

Scholastic 2007 9781869437978 Pb $19.50 King Bill is delighted with the bubbles that he blows but gets grumpy when they fly away and demands that his advisors find a way to try to retain them, resulting in some interesting problem-solving techniques. 3-7. NZ Post Children’s Choice Award 2008.

PICTURE BOOKS Two Little Pirates

Scholastic 2010 9781869439354 Pb $19.50 Two small boys wake early and, in their pirate personas, creep into their parents’ room to wake the king and queen. The parents respond by joining the battle and triumphing over the pirates who must tidy up as their punishment. In rhyme with bounce and enthusiasm. Dreamlike, beautifully coloured illustrations. 4-6.

Payen, Justine

Tea with Miss Tilly

Illus Philip Webb HarperCollins 2012 9781869509170 Pb $19.99 When you take afternoon tea with Miss Tilly, there is no knowing where you will end up: from ancient Egypt to outer space, What is for sure is that you’ll have a great ride and lots of fun. Hazy cartoon-style illustrations capture the dreamy tale. 3-8.

Milly Molly Books 1869720075 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: concern for others and coping with grief.

Milly, Molly and Oink

Milly Molly Books 958220859 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 187733605X Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720091 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: beware of strangers.

Milly, Molly and Taffy Bogle

Milly Molly Books 958220840 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336041 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720083 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: responsibility..

Milly, Molly and What Was That? Milly Molly Books 1877297070 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336017 Pb $10.90 Life skill: care and consideration.

Series 2 Milly and Molly Go Camping Milly Molly Books 1877297305 Hb $10 Life skill: courage and determination.

Milly, Molly and Alf

Peka, June

Magpie Mischief

Illus Jo Thapa Scholastic 2010 9781869439323 Pb $19.50 Pop’s favourite thing is his vege garden but when he gets a pet magpie there’s trouble in store. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2009. 4-8. Also in te reo Maori.


Baby’s First All Blacks Book

Penguin 2011 9780143504955 Bd $12.99 Rugby ball shaped with a single photograph above a single word including ball, boots and jersey. 0-3.

My First All Blacks Book

Milly Molly Books 1877297240 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297348 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720229 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: celebration of difference.

Milly, Molly and Aunt Maude

Milly Molly Books 1877297259 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297356 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720334 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: tenacity.

Milly, Molly and Different Dads

Milly Molly Books 1877297291 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297399 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720210 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: acceptance of family diversity.

Milly, Molly and Sock Heaven

Penguin 2011 9780143504948 Bd $12.99 Rugby jersey shaped with a single photograph and word per page including jersey, whistle, referee and rugby ball. 0-3.

Milly Molly Books 1877297267 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297364 Pb $10.90 Life skill: helpfulness.


Milly Molly Books 1877297283 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 877297380 Pb $10.90 Life skill: thankfulness.

Pereira, Janet

Illus Bruce Potter Raupo 2006 9781869484262 Pb $17.99 A gentle but honest and straightforward story about death and what we do when someone dies. A glossary and extra notes about things to do with dying and funeral customs adds to the value of this book. Detailed illustrations add to the emotional depth.

Pittar, Gill

Illus Cris Morrell

Milly, Molly Books

Series 1 & 2 $139.90 Hardback set $59.90 Paperback set Series 3 to 6 $69.90 Paperback set A series of illustrated stories about a group of multi-cultural friends. Values are implicitly woven into the stories. Paperbacks (stapled) include teaching guides. Spine bind paperbacks and hardbacks include endpapers and parent guides.

Series 1 Milly and Molly’s Monday

Milly Molly Books 877297062 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336009 Pb $10.90 Life skill:acceptance of difference.

Milly, Molly and Beefy

Milly Molly Books 1877297097 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336033 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720121 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill:kindness vs bullying.

Milly, Molly and BushBob

Milly Molly Books 958220867 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336068 Pb $10.90 Life skill: appreciation of nature.

Milly, Molly and Grandpa’s Oak Tree Milly Molly Books 958220875 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336076 Pb $10.90 Life skill: protection of the environment.

Milly, Molly and Jimmy’s Seeds Milly Molly Books 1877297089 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877336025 Pb $10.90

Milly, Molly and the Mountain

Milly, Molly and the Secret Scarves Milly Molly Books 1877297275 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297372 Pb $10.90 Life skill: love.

Milly, Molly and the Sunhat

Milly Molly Books 1877297232 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 187729733X Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720326 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: honesty.

Series 3 Milly, Molly and BiddyBid

Milly Molly Books 1877336548 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297437 Pb $10.90 Life skill: forgiveness.

Milly, Molly and Grandpa Friday Milly Molly Books 1877336564 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297410 Pb $10.90 Life skill: compassion.

Milly, Molly and Henry

Milly Molly Books 1877336572 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297445 Pb $10.90 Life skill: self acceptance.

Milly, Molly and Pet Day

Milly Molly Books 1877336599 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297429 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720105 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: loyalty.

Milly, Molly and the Elephant Milly Molly Books 1877336580 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297461 Pb $10.90 Life skill: courtesy.

Milly, Molly and the Queen’s Visit. Milly Molly Books 1877336556 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297453 Pb $10.90 Life skill: diligence.


Milly, Molly and the Wind

Milly Molly Books 1877336602 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297488 Pb $10.90 Life skill: respect for nature.

Milly, Molly and W.W.Webby Milly Molly Books 1877336610 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 187729747X Pb $10.90 Life skill: wisdom.

Series 4 Milly, Molly and Betelgeuse

Milly Molly Books 1877336793 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297577 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720113 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: building self-esteem in others.

Milly, Molly and Salt & Pepper Milly Molly Books 1877336742 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297585 Pb $10.90 Life skill: trustworthiness.

Milly, Molly and Special Friends Milly Molly Books 1877336734 Hb $10v Milly Molly Books 1877297615 Pb $10.90 Life skill: shared feelings.

Milly, Molly and the Bike Ride

Milly Molly Books 1877336735 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297569 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720466 Spine Bind $15.90 Life skill: punctuality.

Milly, Molly and the Jungle Gym Milly Molly Books 1877336750 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297607 Pb $10.90 Life skill: cooperation

Milly, Molly and the Stowaways Milly Molly Books 1877336777 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297593 Pb $10.90 Life skill: sense of worth.

Milly, Molly and the Train

Milly Molly Books 1877336726 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297542 Pb $10.90 Life skill: care for the environment.

Milly, Molly and the Tree Hut

Milly Molly Books 1877336769 Hb $10 Milly Molly Books 1877297550 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 186972013X Spine bind $15.90 Value - exercise.

Series 5 Milly, Molly and BB Brown

Milly Molly Books 1877297747 Pb $10.90 Life skill: self-improvement.

Milly, Molly and Billy Buttons Milly Molly Books 1877297801 Pb $10.90 Life skill: self-empowerment.

Milly, Molly and I Love You

Milly Molly Books 1877297755 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720474 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: love.

Milly, Molly and Junior Joe

Milly Molly Books 1877297763 Pb $10.90 Life skill: determination.

Milly, Molly and MacArthur

Milly Molly Books 1877297771 Pb $10.90 Life skill: literacy.

Milly, Molly and Mipper

Milly Molly Books 1877297739 Pb $10.90 Life skill: care for the air.

Milly, Molly and the Ferryman

Milly Molly Books 187729778X Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 186972044X Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: acceptance of difference.

Milly, Molly and the Pumpkin Seeds Milly Molly Books 1877297798 Pb $10.90 Life skill: social responsibility.

Series 6 Milly and Molly Help the Animals Milly Molly Books 1877297887 Pb $10.90 Life skill: animal rights.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Milly, Molly and Beaky

Pulford, Elizabeth

Scott, Anna-Miringa

Milly, Molly and Blind Bertie

Illus Fifi Colston Scholastic 2012 9781775431022 Pb $19.50 A little glow bug has been caught by a boy but escapes the jar and flies off in the night to find the way home, avoiding some dangers along the way. 3-8.

Illus Errol McLeary Scholastic 2004 9781869436698 Pb & CD $26 A small child is horrified to realise that their house doesn’t have a chimney. How will Santa leave his presents? The child solves the problem, but not in a way the parents would wish! CD includes story and song. 3-7.

Milly Molly Books 1877297860 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720393 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: patience. Milly Molly Books 1877297895 Pb $10.90 Life skill: peace and joy.

Milly, Molly and Heidi Untidy Milly Molly Books 1877297909 Pb $10.90 Life skill: tidiness.

Milly, Molly and Melonkey

Milly Molly Books 1877297879 Pb $10.90 Life skill: happiness..

Milly, Molly and Pennyroyal Milly Molly Books 1877297844 Pb $10.90 Life skill: control of anger.

Milly, Molly and the Picnic

Milly Molly Books 1877297852 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720458 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: generosity.

Milly, Molly and the Runaway Bean Milly Molly Books 1877297836 Pb $10.90 Milly Molly Books 1869720490 Spine bind $15.90 Life skill: good nutrition.

Series 7 Milly, Molly and Learn to Swim Milly Molly Books 1877337528 Pb $10.90 Life skill: Learn to Swim

Milly, Molly and Lily May

Milly Molly Books 1877337501 Pb $10.90 Life skill: Child protection.

Milly, Molly and Meg

Milly Molly Books 186972156X Pb $10.90 Life skill: Respect for each other’s bodies

Milly, Molly and Mr Rooster Milly Molly Books 1877337560 Pb $10.90 Life skill: Keeping a promise

Milly, Molly and Bunt-Me-Not Milly Molly Books 1877337633 Pb $10.90 Life skill: Respect

Sets of Milly Molly books

Series 1 Milly Molly Books 1877336408 Pb $69.90 Series 2 Milly Molly Books 1877297402 Pb $69.90 Series 3 Milly Molly Books 1877297496 Hb $69.90 Series 4 Milly Molly Books 1877297623 Hb $69.90 Series 5 Milly Molly Books 1877297828 Hb $69.90 Series 6 Milly Molly Books 1877297917 Hb $69.90

A series of illustrated stories about a group of multicultural friends for 4-7 year olds. Values are implicitly woven into the stories. Paperbacks (stapled) include teaching guides. Spine bind paperbacks and hardbacks include endpapers and parent guides.

Pitts, Hayley

Mac: A High Country Working Dog

Tucker Media 2010 9780473173593 Pb $16.99 The author lives at Mt Gladstone Station in Marlborough. All about the life of a working dog.

Storm: A High Country Mustering Horse

Tucker Media 2012 9780473194178 Pb $18 Storm is transformed from a gangly young filly to reliable working horse on a high country station, and takes part in the excitement of the muster.

Price, Hugh

The Truth AT LAST About the Little Red Hen

Illus Isabel Lowe Gondwanaland/Steele Roberts 2003 9781877228193 Pb $10.99 A revealing and funny look at the old story of The Little Red Hen. 6-9.

Prior, Jean The Waka

Illus Gavin Bishop Scholastic 2005 9781869436841 Pb $19.50 A New Zealand version of Noah’s ark with rhythmic Kiwi-flavoured text. 3-7. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2004. Also in te reo Maori.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Far, Far From Home

On a Rabbit Hunt

Illus Jenny Cooper Scholastic 2009 9781869438869 Pb $19.50 The family that charmed us in Shut the Gate (2006) returns. there is a rogue rabbit loose and young Sam, Mum and Sara are on its trail! Plenty of animal noises for littlies to join in with. Also in te reo Maori. 2-6.

Pullar, Emma

Curly from Shirley: The Christchurch Dog Illus Victoria M Azaro Pear Jam Books 2011 Pb $15 Proceeds go to Christchurch Earthquake relief fund.

Rainforth, Hannah Barnaby Bennett

Illus Ali Teo Huia Publishers 2007 9781869692322 Pb $19.99 Barnaby Bennett will only wear red clothes until his clever Nana finds a way to entice him into a new colour. Collage illustrations. White Ravens 2007. Storylines Notable Book 2007.

Randall, Latesha Button Thief

Illus Esther Tattersall Button Books (2009) 2012 9780473162061 Pb $21.99 A tale told in rhyme with old-fashioned tone, about two girls who have lost their most precious button. A small square book with handcrafted inky illustrations and a button in a tiny envelope for the reader to begin their collection with.

Reedy, Mokena Potae Timo and the Kingfish

Illus Elton Gregory Huia Publishers 2007 9781877266263 Pb $21.50 Illus Jim Byrt Huia Publishers 2012 9781775500469 Pb $20 Timo is a boy looking for a chance to improve his fishing skills against his father and older brothers. Combines contemporary childhood with Maori mythology.

Robinson, Diana Harold

Illus Trish Bowles Hazard Press 1997 9781877161193 Pb $14.99 Made miserable by bullying at school, Jimmy discovers a new way of seeing the world when he enters the magical realm of Harold the giraffe.

Chimney-less at Christmas

Shadbolt, Maurice

The Mountain Who Wanted to Live in a House

Illus Renee Haggo Duck Creek Press 2010 9781877378423 Hb $29.99 Shadbolt’s only known children’s story. A mountain decides it wants to live in a house so heads for town. Everyone is terrified and flees, except for young Thomas who comes up with a great solution. Illustrations using pen and ink, watercolours and acrylics. 5+.

Slade Robinson, Nikki

Hannah Bandanna’s Hair

Scholastic 2010 9781869439620 Pb $19.50 A fun tongue-twisting tale about Hannah Bandanna’s hair, a truly unruly mass of unrealistic, unmanageable curls. Zany illustrations use coloured pencil and gouache on brown paper combined digitally with photographs, digital illustration and the contents of a dollhouse! 3-8.

Munkle Arvur and The Bod

Scholastic 2012 9781775430698 Pb $19.50 Munkle Arvur must save beautiful Cranklebod Canyon from the rubbish-dumping Bod. At first Bod fills the previously beautiful canyon with stinking rubbish, but then Munkle Arvur works out how to recycle and renew. Lots of made up words and zany illustrations. 4-8.

That’s Not Junk

Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503521 Pb $19.99 A family has an exciting day finding stuff other people are throwing out to recycle into a fun playhouse. Told in rhyme with humour and lively, bright cartoon style illustrations. 3-10

Sloane, Julia

Illus Kelvin Hawley Kakariki and the Hangi

Scholastic 2008 9781869437367 Pb $19.50 Kakariki the taniwha gets into trouble at the hangi. Lots of Maori vocab, with a glossary at the back, and cartoon style illustrations. 4-7.

Kakariki and the Kai

Scholastic 2008 9781869437350 Pb $19.50 Tom tells Kakariki the taniwha to stay out of trouble while he’s at school, but Kakariki smells food and creates havoc eating all the kai. Maori vocab included in the rhyming text. Action-filled cartoon illustrations. 4-7.

Kakariki and the Miti

The Seven Stars of Matariki

Scholastic 2008 9781869437374 Pb $19.50 Tom’s mum is sick and can’t do the shopping so Tom and his friend Kakariki go to the butcher for some meat where Kakariki causes chaos and a bad smell. Maori vocab, glossary and rhyming text. 4-7.

Russell, James

Scholastic 2007 9781869438593 Hb $31 Four traditional stories (The Elves and the Shoemaker; Jack and the Beanstalk; Hansel and Gretel; Rapunzel) retold, with photographic illustrations.

Rolleston-Cummins, Toni

Illus Nikki Slade-Robinson Huia Publishers 2008 9781869693275 Pb $18 A contemporary myth of love, magic and adventure that celebrates Matariki and tells how the star cluster came into being. Storylines Notable Book 2009. 5+. Also available in te reo Maori

Smallfield, Jane & Graeme The Bedtime Treasury of Real Fairy Tales

The Dragon Brothers trilogy: The Dragon Hunters (Book 1)

Smith, Belynda Goodnight Pumpkin

Illus Link Choi Dragon Brothers Books 2012 9780473218164 Hb $29.95 When a passing dragon flies off with their family dog, brothers Flynn and Paddy go to the rescue. www.dragonbrothersbooks. com for supporting activities and information. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Illus Marie Sanders

Duck Creek Press 2011 9781877378492 Hb $29.99 Polly keeps getting out of bed and going into her parents’ room. Her mother patiently takes her back to bed until weariness gets the better of her, resulting in a surprise at the end. Pastel illustrations. 2-6.

Smith, Craig Kaha the Kea

illus Bruce Potter Craig Smith Pub 2012 9780473213503 Pb+CD $26 Filu Ltd 2013 iPad app US$4.99 Kaha the Kea is possibly the cheekiest kea in New Zealand, who gets away with everything ...or does he?

PICTURE BOOKS The Wonky Donkey Illus Katz Cowley

Scholastic 2009 9781869439262 Pb & CD $26

The Wonky Donkey box set

Scholastic 2010 9781869439811 Mini Pb, CD & toy $31 A funny, cumulative song. Each page tells us something new about the donkey until we end up with a spunky,hanky-panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky-tonky winky, wonky donkey. APRA Silver Scroll Best Children’s song of the Year Award 2008. NZ Post 2010 Children’s Choice Award. 4-10.

Stroud, Patricia

The House that Went to Sea

Illus Bruce Potter HarperCollins 2003 9781869504595 Pb $18.99 When the NZ Rifle Brigade marched down Queen Street to board their transport ship to Egypt and the Western Front in WWI, they were led by their official mascot, a bulldog called Caesar. Trained as a Red Cross dog, Caesar rescued wounded soldiers at the Battle of the Somme.

The Were-Nana

Caesar the Anzac Dog


Illus Gabriella Klepatski Duck Creek Press 2011 9781877378515 Hardback $29.99 Granny Gale lives with her grandson beside the sea in a house made of timber from old boats. Michael won’t enjoy any of Gran’s activities until she takes the house to sea and he starts to appreciate his new life. 4-8.

Illus Katz Cowley Willbee the Bumblebee

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2008 9781869438692 Pb $19.50 Simon tells Stella Rosa that Nana Lupin is a were-nana so Stella Rosa is terrified when her grandmother comes to visit. Illustrations in digital painting and mixed media. 6-8. NZ Post Children’s Choice Award 2009.

Willbee the Bumblebee box set

Illus Robyn Kahukiwa

Smith, Craig & Maureen Thompson Scholastic 2010 9781869439439 Pb with flaps & CD $26

Scholastic 2010 9781775430599 Mini Pb, CD & toy $31 Willbee is a bumble bee out collecting pollen as he should when his stripy jumper starts to unravel until he’s left naked. Luckily his butterfly friend takes the wool to the spider who weaves Willbee a new jumper so he can fly back home to mum. Told in rhyme but lines don’t scan very well. Illustrations created with ‘watercolours and essence of rose petals’ . CD has song version of the text. 3-7.

Sobanja, Dreydon Ed Climbs a Big Hill

Illus Jennifer Smith Inspired Kids 2013 9780473227838 Pb $20 First in the Inspirational Kiwis series designed to inspire children and adults. A fictional telling of the life of Sir Edmund Hillary from life as a normal Kiwi boy to conquering the biggest mountain in the world - Mt Everest. 4--8.

Jean Dreams of Flying

Illus Terry Fitzgibbon Inspired Kids 2013 9780473227845 Pb $20 Inspirational Kiwis series. The fictional telling of the life of Jean Batten who dreamed she would one day fly, and eventually flew from England to Australia and back again. 4-8.

Sommerset, Mark & Rowan Baa Baa Smart Sheep

Dreamboat Books 2010 9780986466816 Hb $29.99 Dreamboat Books 2012 9780986466847 Pb $29.99 Sheep plays a trick on gullible Turkey by telling him that the poo is smary tablets. NZ Post Children’s Choice Award 2011. 3-8.

Cork and the Bottle

Random House (2008), 2009 9781869790370 Pb $19.99 Random House 2008 9781869790448 Hb $29.99 The second adventure for the cork, told in rhythmic rhyme. Explores love, loss, friendship, loyalty and the joy off togetherness.

Cork on the Ocean

Dreamboat Books (2005), 2010 9780986466809 Hb $29.99 A little cork has a big adventure crossing the ocean with lots of help from friends along the way and some scary times too, but the cork is cheerful throughout. Great illustrations using a limited palette of colours.

Taniwha Toys n Tails Tutu Taniwha Fun

Summers, Justine Pipimoomoo

Craig Potton Publishing 2012 9781877517853 Hb $29.99 Craig Potton Publishing 2012 9781877517860 Pb $19.99 Pipimoomoo always wears jeans until one day her friend lends her a skirt which she loves and asks her mum to make on for her. Goes through the process of selecting fabric, cutting out and sewing. 3-8.

Sutton, Eve

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

Illus Lynley Dodd Puffin (1982), 2010 9780143504467 Bd $21 Puffin 1982 9780140502428 Pb $17.99 Cummulative story of multi-cultural cats. Great read-aloud.

Sutton, Sally

A is for All Black

Illus Scott Pearson Picture Puffin (2006), 2008 9780143503200 Pb $17.99 An alphabet book with classic New Zealand icons, idea for preschoolers learning their letters.

Crazy Kiwi Tops and Tails

Illus Dave Gunson Puffin 2006 9780143520153 Pb $18.99 Picture book with rhyming text featuring native animals and birds, with split pages so you can create your own new animals.

Farmer John’s Tractor

Illus Robyn Belton Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921150944 Hb $29.95 The tractor is ‘rusty yet trusty and orangey red’ but it’s locked in the shed when a car, then a jeep, then a truck and a fire engine all get stuck in the flood until Farmer John comes to the rescue. Rhyming text and watercolour illustrations. 3-8. Storylines Notable Book 2013.


Illus Brian Lovelock Walker Books Australia (2008), 2010 9781921529535 Pb $19.99 Walker Books Australia 2008 9781921150166 Hb $31.99 Two Little Bugs Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529580 Bd $17.99 Dreamboat Books 2011 9780986466830 Hb $29.99 A boisterous and noisy picture book which describes the Two little bugs sitting on a leaf, one on the top, one underneath.’ road-building process from beginning to end with great sound A rhyming story with cut-outs and flaps to lift about one bug who effects and bright textured illustrations. Fantastic read-aloud. NZ wants to be on top of the leaf instead of underneath, and the oth- Post Picture Book Award 2009. 2+. er who just wants to eat! 3-8. PANZ Book Design Best Children’s Demolition Book & Book of the Year 2012. Illus Brian Lovelock Stevenson, Alma Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529269 Hb $31.99 Illus PG Rob Busy workers and noisy machines demolish an old building and Old Blue and the Halls of Hollyvale Farm build a new playground. 3+. Storylines Notable Book 2013. Trinity Publishing 2004 9780476010765 Pb $16.99 Szekely, Chris The adventures of Farmer Noel’s farm truck, Old Blue, when he is Rāhui passed on to Farmer Hall and his family. Based on a true story. Illus Malcolm Ross Old Red - the Adventures of the Little Red Huia Publishers 2011 9781869694708 Hb $20 Austin Truck Cousins holiday in a rural Māori community. They have lots of adTrinity Publishing 2003 9780476000612 Pb $16.99 ventures and fun at the beach, riding horses, catching fish and eels. Old Red starts life working for greengrocer Mr Yung in Dunedin, But then one of the cousins, Thomas, drowns. They have a tangi for moves to a farm in Arrowtown, then becomes a band truck with a him and a rāhui is put on the beach. Story told simply, with painted band and dancers on deck. illustrations, adding depth of feeling. Also in te reo Māori. 6+.

Zac Mac the All Black

A Stevenson 2011 9780473189624 Pb $19.99 Zachariah McRodden is a cheeky 7-year-old bully who dreams of being an All Black, but doesn’t understand that you need commitment, dedication and courage to make it, but with a little bit of help... 3-8.

Szmanik, Melinda Made With Love

Illus Gabriella Klepatski Duck Creek Press 2012 9781877378539 Hb $29.99 The mother and children make a gingerbread woman who falls in love with the snowman outside. Includes recipe. 3-8.

Taniwha Toys and Tales 2010 9780473170479 Pb $19.95 Tutu Taniwha is joined by his friends Waiwaia Weta, Koa Kiwi, Pumau Pekapeka and Tangiweto Pupu. 2-5.

Taylor, Helen

The Indigo Bird

Picture Puffin 2010 9780143504719 Pb $19.99 The fantail flits through the bush looking for his friend the takehe, asking other native birds along the way. The illustrations capture the colours of the bush, its birds and insects. 4-8.

Thatcher, Stephanie

Great Galloping Galoot

Scholastic 2012 9781775431060 Pb $19.5 Galoot is a giraffe who is so clumsy his friends call him a ‘great galoot’. But his parents have always told him ‘when walking walk tall, when running run fast and always be your best’ so he doesn’t see himself as a failure and proves it when a disaster happens. 3-8.

The Quiet Pirate

Duck Creek Press 2013 9781877378812 Hb $29.95 Barnaby would love to sing and shout and roar like the other pirates, but he’s just plain quiet. But he watches and thinks and when disaster strikes he gets to be top pirate after all. Classic tale with a tatty old boat and roguish pirates with the appropriate pirate lingo. Smashing painted illustrations give extra spark to the characters and the endpapers are a special extra touch. 2-8.

Thompson, Colin* Illus Sarah Davis††


ABC Books 2009 9780733320255 Hb $27.99 When the Claybourne-Willments get Fearless as a little puppy they think they’ve chosen a great name for him, except that Fearless wasn’t.

Fearless in Love

ABC Books 2013 9780733329517 Hb $29.99 The only thing Fearless remembered his mother telling him was ‘Life is much nicer if you love everyone’, but it turns out to be far more complicated than he’d imagined. 3-8.

Thorp, James

The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race

Illus Angus Mackinnon Beatnik 2013 9780992249311 Hb $29.99 Set in a land of custard trampolines and chocolate submarines. An eccentric and exciting children’s story that tells the tale of an unforgettable race.

Tipene, Tim

Hinemoa Te Toa

Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2008 9781869438180 Pb $19.50 Hinemoa always declares that she is a warrior but when she leaps in the deep end of the pool she finds herself in trouble and learns that sometimes you should be cautious not brave. Maori phrases. Gouache and watercolour illustrations. Also in te reo Maori. 3-7. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Rewa Finds His Wings

Illus Jo Thapa Raupo 2008 9781869780425 Pb $18.99 Rewa hates his job and all he can think about is being a bird so his mother sends him to see a tohunga who lets him become a bird, but he must come back to earth quickly or he will forget how to be a person. He does this three times - as a piwaiwaka (fantail), kereru and a tui, when he finally decides that this is how he is happiest. 5-10..

Torckler, Gillian

The Stuck There Forever Boat

Illus Bruce Potter Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502692 Pb $18.99 A story inspired by the effect global warming is having on Tuvalu which is slowly sinking into the ocean. Tama lives on a small island but the coral is dying and the salt water is appearing in the gardens - they will have to leave their island to survive. 4+.

Willy’s Dad

HarperCollins 2007 9781869506315 Pb $18.99 Willy has a sensible mum but his dad is not quite so normal and Willy is used to being embarrassed by his dad’s boundless enthusiasm. When Mum has to go on a business trip, Dad is in charge and things get completely out of control. Cartoon style illustrations with plenty to entertain adults as well as the children. 3-8.

Willy’s Grandpa

HarperCollins 2008 9781869507381 Pb $18.99 Willy loves his Grandpa Pop. He tells funny stories and has a cool cat. But Grandpa Pop is coming to the end of his long life and there are sad times ahead for Willy. He’s about to discover that while some sadness is inevitable, it’s no match for a lifetime of love.4-8.

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Scholastic 2012 Pb & CD $26 A classic childhood singalong with lots of verses you might not know already, illustrated with zany animal characters and a surprise that brings the reader into the book. Illustrations in 2B pencil, watercolour and acrylic paints. Song on CD. 3-8.

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

Scholastic 2011 9781775430469 Pb & CD $19.5 An old favourite given an uproarious visual treatment and accompanied by classic Topp Twins recording. Everyone will be able to sing along and laugh at the antics of Eliza (a duck) and Henry (a goat). 3-8.

Tu’akoi, Feana

Jonah’s First Day

Illus Samantha Asri Scholastic 2010 9781869439200 Pb $19.50 Jonah is excited to be starting at kindy but when he gets there he’s scared so the next day Grandad comes too and has fun helping Jonah overcome his fear. Simple illustrations in Photoshop and Corel Painter convey the friendly environment. 3-5. Also in te reo Maori.

Lest We Forget

Illus Elspeth Alix Batt Scholastic 2011 9781869439873 Pb $19.5 Scholastic 2011 9781775430216 Hb $31 Tyson doesn’t understand why Mum and Poppa want to go to the Anzac Dawn Parade. Why would you celebrate war? But then they tell him about the soldiers in his family and he sees another side of the story. Also in te reo Maori. 6-10.

Tulloch, Scott

Moose on the Loose

HarperCollins 2013 9781869506834 Pb $19.99 If you could have any pet in the world what would it be? Willy can think of all kinds of cool pets he’d like to have but they’re all too big, too small, too smelly or too extinct! But there’s one pet Willy can’t live without and that’s the amazing Mr Moose! Mr Moose lives in Willy’s bedroom and has a special job that only Willy knows about.

Willy’s Mum

HarperCollins 2007 9781869506827 Pb $19.99 Willy thinks his mum is pretty perfect in spite of the tales his dad tells, but there’s no denying the truth when the photo album comes out and reveals the secrets of her past. 3-8.

Uncle Anzac Kapai and the Highway Robbers

Random House 1998 9781869413446 Pb $16.99 Kapai and his companion visit the glaciers where they meet some very cheeky kea and learn that crime doesn’t pay.

Kapai and the Kauri Trees

Random House 1995 9781869412630 Pb $16.99

Kapai Bungy Jumps

Random House 1995 9781869412647 Pb $16.99

Kapai Goes Whale Watching

Random House 1995 9781869412623 Pb $16.99 Kapai and his mates go whale watching and a whale gives them a ride with his water spout.

Kapai in the City of Sails

Random House 1996 9781869413088 Pb $16.99 Kapai and his mates visit Auckland where they see the boats sailing in the harbour and decide to make their own boat from their bus.

Kapai Tackles Rugby

Random House 2006 9781869417857 Pb $16.99 Learn the basic rudiments of rugby in a fun, light-hearted way with Kapai and his friends.

Kapai’s Thermal Adventure

Random House 2005 9781869416850 Pb $16.99 Kapai and his friends explore Rotorua discovering geysers, bubbling mud pools, hangi food, the native forest walking tracks and the soothing hot pools.

Kapai’s Kiwi Holiday

Random House 2005 9781869417444 Pb $19.99 A special 10th birthday edition bumper book, celebrates Kiwiana, Christmas and Kapai and his mates. It is longer than the previous books. Rhyming text. Glossary of Maori words at the back.

Illus Duncan West Phantom Tree House 2012 9780986457166 Pb w flaps $19.99 Sam goes to Lucy’s school. He is a bit different to the other children but Licy thinks he’s interesting and invites him to her birthday party. Sam has a good time there and Lucy learns more about him, but then he becomes unwell.

Warren, Louisa

Illus Richard Gunther

Four Bad Boys

Papawai Press 2007 9780958280631 Pb $13.99 The story of four bad boys in the school yard told in rhyming text. 4-7.

Papawai Press 2007 9780958280648 Pb $13.99 An unwanted couch finds a home and happiness. 4-7 .

Warren, Louisa & Leong, Linley Ruffystuff

Illus Richard Gunther Papawai Press 2007 9780958280600 Pb $13.99 Combined read-aloud and interactive poetry book, including the story of Ruffy and an alligator that gets stuck in an elevator. 4-7

Watson, Joy

Illus Wendy Hodder

Grandpa’s Cardigan

Scholastic 1993 9781869432263 Pb $19.50 Grandpa agrees that he needs a new cardigan but can’t find the right one. When he does find the perfect cardy Grandma’s in for a surprise. 3-7. Also in te reo Maori.

Grandpa’s Cat

Scholastic 2006 9781869437128 Pb $19.50 Grandpa’s cat is missing. They search everywhere for it but there is no sign, until they hear a miaow from way up high. 3-7. Also in te reo Maori.

Grandpa’s Shed

Scholastic 2003 9781869435622 Pb $19.50 Grandpa has decided it’s time to clean out his shed, but every day brings him a new challenge to distract him from his task. Also in te reo Maori. 3+.

Grandpa’s Shorts

Scholastic 2001 9781869435073 Pb $19.50 Grandma doesn’t want Grandpa to wear his horrible old shorts to the beach, but baggy shorts and a Hawaiian shirt turn out to be surprisingly trendy. Also in te reo Maori.

Grandpa’s Slippers

Scholastic 1989 97818643677 Pb $19.50 Grandma buys Grandpa a new pair of slippers but he refuses to part with his old comfortable pair. Also in te reo Maori.

Weakley, Emma

Jack and the Beanstalk

Random Static 2010 9780473159948 Pb $19.95 A quirky take on the classic fairytale. Pen and ink illustrations.

Webley, Kate Frank’s Goat

Illus Jenny Young Kotuku Publishing 2002 9780908947249 Pb $13.50 Based on a true story. A humorous tale set in Seatoun that features a very young entrepreneur. 6-8.

Werohia (Paewai, Candice)

Feeling Sad

Illus Vonnie Sterritt The Maketu Tuna

Waiariki, Kerehi

The Maketu Waitebait

Verroken, Sarah Walker Books 2008 9781921150692 Hb $31.99 First published in Belgium 2007. Duck is sad but his friends are encouraging. As each friend appears they bring colour to the woodcut illustrations. 3+.

Taramea Publishing 2009 9780473151171 Pb $19.99 Mr Tuna presides over Kaituna River. He’s a slimy creature who only thinks of food and his favourite food is whitebait. Our whitebait friends could be in trouble. 4+.

Where’s Koro’s Hat?

Taramea Publishing 2008 9780473134570 Pb $19.99 Whitey, Tere and Freddy are three whitebait friends from Maketu, heading for the Kaituna River. On the way they encounter an eel and have to rescue Freddy before they can lead the rest of the whanau to their destination. Painterly and colourful illustrations with anthropomorphised creatures. 4+.

Illus Brian Gunson Huia Publishers 2010 9781869693978 Pb $16 Koro wants to go fishing but can’t find his hat. He asks everyone in the household while his grandson helps him get all the fishing gear ready and eventually tells Koro that a bird has made his hat Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Illus Phil Dron TightWriters 2006 9780473113988 Pb $19.99 A monster-under-the-bed story from the monster’s point of view. 3-8.

Mr Leong’s Little Brown Couch

Sam Pyar

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507398 Pb $19.99 Piggy Pogget wants to go outside and explore the big wide world. He wants to eat lots of yummy yummy corn. But instead poor Piggy Pogget has to stay inside and eat porridge and peas for breakfast. Yuk! Then one day Farmer Pants leaves the gate open by mistake and Piggy Pogget gets his wish. But can a little piggy have too much of a good thing? 3-7.

Little Monster and Little Boy Ugly

Papawai Press 2007 9780958280617 Pb $13.99 The story of four little girls as their friendship comes unstuck on their way to school. Rhyming text. 4-7.

Vasan, Shalesh

Piggy Pogget

Wan, Jin

Four Little Girls


Illus Jenny Cooper Sung by Topp Twins

into a nest in the tree, but luckily Koro has a new hat. Illustrations subtly include details that identify the family as Maori. 3-8. Also available in Maori.


Graphic Novels

Whitmore, Denise Pepetuna

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502821 Hb $31 The tale of Pepetuna (also known as the puriri moth, or ghost moth) and its 5-year long life cycle. Pencil drawings show time passing as a child grows, while paint on canvas with threadand other materials show the moth’s evolution. 4+.

Wood, Lindsay

Beach Bag Boogie

Illus Rebekah Holguin HarperCollins 2011 9781869509033 Pb $19.99 Jasper is camping by the beach so when he wakes up the sounds are not what he is used to. The holiday feeling soon has him jiggling and doing the beach bag boogie as he enjoys all the holiday activities. Vivid and action-packed illustrations by an ex-Weta Workshop artist. 3-8.

Ball, Murray

The Mouse that Squeaked

Scholastic 2010 9781869439613 Pb $23 Everyone is frightened of big bully Razour the Rat. Barry Mouse wants to impress Titanya Olgaskya Mouse so announces he’s going to fight Razour. It’s a good thing Barry has a few tricks up his sleeve and Titanya on his side. Comic-savvy readers will enjoy this. 7+.


Azaro, Victoria M Saffron

Puffin (2009) 2012 9781877423260 Pb $14.99 Puffin 2009 9781877423277 Hb $16.99 Saffron travels the world with her family - little sister, workaholic father, and aromatherapy and yoga obsessed mother. Zany illustrations using drawing and collage. For new readers, or read aloud, with foreign languages as they travel to Buenos Aires, France and Hong Kong. 7+

Saffron: I Have Everything Under Control

Elliott, Matt & Slane, Chris Puffin (2010) 2012 9780143305521 Pb $14.99 Nice Day for a War: Adventures of a Kiwi Saffron (nearly 10) and sister Sage (5) live an exciting life; their faSoldier in WW1 ther travels and mother does yoga and aromatherapy. Now there’s a HarperCollins 2011 9781869509019 Pb $29.99 The story of NZ soldiers in World War I, based on the diaries of the author’s grandfather including illustrations and photographs.

new baby on the way so the Tias (aunties) come from Argentina to help; the family holidays in Bangkok where baby Star Anise arrives. Eccentricity and mayhem with collage illustrations. 7-10.

Saffron: So Quite Excellent

Puffin 2012 9780143306931 Pb $14.99 Mum is always tired cos baby Star Anise has a sleep problem. Saffron wants to help but her ideas don’t go quite to plan. 7+.

Baynton, Martin

Jane and the Dragon: A Dragon’s Tail

Wooton, Sue

Grosz, Chris


Illus Carla Braun-Elwert Steele Roberts 2010 9781877577024 Hb $24.99 The sun is shining and Mr Bellavista, grower of prize tomatoes, is happy. But when clouds creep over the sun, his outlook darkness so he decides to catch all the clouds in the sky.

Yates, Beatrice, Piatarhi Tui (Aunty Bea) Illus Katherine Quin Merewether Music Aunty Bea & Rodger Cunningham


Aunty Bea Publishing 2011 9780473184575 Pb+CD $25 Our ancestor Ihenga was a peacemaker and intrepid explorer, naming places in Rotorua, including mountains, rivers and lakes which supplied an abundance of kai and resources for the hapā of Ngāti Pikiao and Te Arawa whānui. Order from

One Day a Taniwha

Kimble Bent Malcontent: The Wild Adventures of a Runaway Soldier in Old-Time New Zealand

Random House 2011 9781869795160 Paperback $24.99 Kimble Bent was a sailor, soldier, deserter, outlaw, Hauhau slave and storyteller. From US Navy to the British army, in NZ in the 1860s to quell the Maori unrest. Bent deserted, and was taken in by the Hauhau. Bent’s story of life as a Pakeha Maori as recorded by historian James Cowan and published in The Adventures of Kimble Bent (Southern Reprints). Scraperboard provides a strong graphic medium. A dramatic true tale from our own history. 12+.

Sang, Ant

Shaolin Burning

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508135 $24.99 An exciting, modern take on kung fu mythology; a fusion of punked-up street culture and Chinese tradition. Senior.

Aunty Bea Publishing 2009 9780473151614 Pb & CD $20+p&p Written in 1974 by Aunty Bea, a te Arawa Rotorua teacher. Told and sung to the tune of ‘You are my Sunshine’. Also available in te reo Maori. Order from

Te Puia, Jason

Legends of Maui Volume One. Maui Slows the Sun & Maui Attacks Tun Roa

Illus Trace Moroney God is Always With You

Match and Learn Bible Stories

Junior Fiction Agnew, Leonie

Lion Hudson (UK) 2005 9781859855768 Spiral $20.99 A colourful book and flip-card set so children can flip the cards to find the elements of the story they are reading. 5-12.

The Christmas Star

Kregel Kidzone (US) 2004 9780825455179 Bd $15.99 Tells how the Christmas star lights up different characters’ lives.

The Story of Noah’s Ark

Kregel Kidzone (US) 2006 9780825455322 Pb $7.99 The bible story about Noah and his ark.

Super Finn

Bennetts, Marlene

Hinamoki’s Stormy Adventure

Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2010 9780958279550 Pb $10.50 Hinamoki the seahorse was swimming one day when there was a big storm. He holds tight to a kelp branch but it breaks off and he’s swept along with it in the waves.

Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2011 9780958279581 Pb $10.5 One night when the moon lit up the mudflats between the river and the sea, the creatures living in the estuary were very excited. The tide was out and now they could begin the races. Who would win the famous Oyster Catcher trophy this year?

Rahui Rangers

Illus Ann McCaw Emjay Publishing 2009 9780958279536 Pb $10.50 Jack (11) and his cousin Hannah spend the holidays making sure no-one takes anything from the special place opposite his home in Kaikoura - the first ever South Island Rahui area. No-one can take shells, seaweed, driftwood or anything else from the protected shoreline and water. 7+.

Scholastic 2011 9781869439996 Pb $19.50 Finn is always getting into trouble at school. When Mr Patel asks them what they want to be when they grow up Finn chooses ‘superhero’, to his teacher’s horror. Best friend Brain helps him out, but it’s going to be tough getting some superpowers, and the methods he tries lead to even more trouble. Lots of laughs and zany ideas. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award winner. 8+.

Skalaska’s New Home


Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2002 473086832 Pb $10.50 Megan wished she could swim with the dolphins but knew she never would because she couldn’t move her arms and legs.

Aksomitis, Linda

Pearson Education 2010 9781442527621 Pb $17 Nitty Gritty Novels 1. Sam is on holiday with his grandparents to Prince Albert National Park. His Grandpa has had a stroke with resulting disabilities, and the girl in the cabin next door won’t leave him alone. Now he’s spotted a mysterious creature by the lake... what could it be? 6-12.

Hb = Hardback

Illus Ian McNee Scholastic 2012 9781775430919 Pb $19.50 Jack longs for a dog but gets a rabbit instead and at first is disappointed until he discovers that his pet has a special talent. This leads to a dramatic rescue mission which includes his neighbours, best friend and a scientist. An exciting read incorporating animal cruelty issues. 6-9.

One Night at the Estuary

Raupo 2005 9781869485344 Pb $17.99 Two of Maui’s legendary exploits told in the style of comicbook superheroes. Maui has the strength of a god, the cunning of a seasoned warrior and the determination of a superhero, he’s a champion weapons-master and protector of the people. Black and while illustrations. Also available in te reo Maori. 10+.

Kregel Kidzone (US) 2006 9780825455315 Hb $27.50 Little Panda’s imagination takes him to many places as he wonders if God would be with him everywhere.


Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2007 9780958279529 Pb $10.50 An environmentally themed story about the Archey’s frog, one of the most ancient and primitive frogs in the world, and found only in NZ.

Walker Classics - Murgatroyd’s Garden

Zobel-Nolan, Allia*

Beames, Margaret

No Ordinary Frog

Zavos, Judy

Illus Zak Drahos* Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921720529 Pb $18.99 Murgatroyd hated, hated, hated having his hair washed. When his parents tried his screams were so loud they could be heard everywhere! So they stopped washing his hair, and a magnificent garden began to grow on his head. 4+

Walker Books 2007 9781406311808 Pb $14.99 Dragon has a bad case of curly tail and the only cure is the rare skyleaf plant. Jane and Gunther set off in search of the plant. Beginner chapter book with illustrations. Linked to TV series.

Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2005 959799052 Pb $10.50 Skalaska the godwit likes his new estuary home in New Zealand even though it is different to his Alaskan summer home. But he soon discovers that his new home is not as safe as he thought.

The Impossible Swim

Waikaka Grows Up

Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2006 959799079 Pb $10.50 A story about the everyday life of the unique Waikaka mudfish. Eb = E-book Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Where’s Titi?

Illus Trish Bowles Emjay Publishing 2007 9780958279512 Pb $10.50 Mrs Hutton’s shearwater was proud of her new fluffy chick, Titi. She worried about leaving wee Titi alone in their burrow, high up in the Kaikoura mountains. One evening when Mrs Hutton’s shearwater returned to her burrow, Titi was nowhere to be found! Where was he?

Bird, Val

Illus Rebecca Cundy

A Birthday in the Life of Ozzie Kingsford

Random House 2008 9781869419868 Pb $19.99 It’s Ozzie’s 11th birthday. His family and best mate Fletch are heading to the beach for the day but things don’t quite go to plan, resulting in all sorts of entertaining disasters. Black and white illustrations and varied fonts. 8-12.

A Shark Tooth Holiday in the Life of Ozzie Kingsford

Random House 2009 9781869791575 Pb $19.99 Ozzie’s golf-mad dad organises a holiday at a wild place called Shark Tooth Bay. Dad goes fishing off the rocks, and the boys go searching for monsters. 8-12.

An Electrifying New Year in the Life of Ozzie Kingsford

Random House 2009 9781869791568 Pb $19.99 Ozzie and his best mate Fletch are constructing an electrical invention, Dad has an accident on his golf trip, little sister Holly is having Barbie trouble, while Mum struggles to keep the household together. Lots of fun with an everyday sort of family. 8-12.

Five (and a bit) Days in the Life of Ozzie Kingsford

Random House 2008 9781869790530 Pb $19.99 Ozzie and his family get ready for the visit of Uncle Rusty from London. Hilarious with illustrations to match. 8-12

John Bonallack

Illus Andrew Bonallack Easy-reading adventure series for boys 7-10 who are slow to start or reluctant to read. Photo-illustrated. Very short sentences and easy vocab.

Mata and the Super Sandwich

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661807 Pb $7.95 Shayla’s mum leave the children to make their own lunch. “You can use anything in the fridge,” she unwisely tells them.

Mata and the Cliff Cave

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661814 Pb $7.95 While playing hide and seek, Shayla gets stuck on a cliff ledge. Mata is the only one who can fit through the cave to rescue her.

Mata and the Old Dam

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661821 Pb $7.95 Mata’s cousins tease Mata and Shayla by trapping them in an old reservoir. Mata reverses the trick.

Mata and the Helicopter

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661838 Pb $7.95 Mata uses his remote-controlled helicopter to get help when Shayla is hurt.

Mata and the Rock Crusher

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661845 Pb $7.95 Mata warns Shayla to stay off the derelict rock crusher. Of course, she climbs on it … and Mata has to rescue her.

Mata and the Mad Dog

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661852 Pb $7.95 Shayla, wanting attention, teases the neighbour’s dog. The dog gets its teeth into her jacket. Mata has to rescue her – again.

Mata and the Crazy Trolley

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661869 Pb $7.95 When the smoke gets out of hand on Uncle Jack’s crazy trolley, Mata directs the steering and wins the race.

Mata and the Raft Rescue

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661876 Pb $7.95 Mata rescues a boy who is swept down the river into a whirlpool. Water-safety rules emphasised.

Mata and the Stuck Lift

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661883 Pb $7.95 On a school trip to the museum, Mata’s group gets trapped in the lift. Mata’s courage and ingenuity get them out.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Mata and the Cardboard Sled

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661890 Pb $7.95 Mata and Shayla use their cardboard sled to get down the hill and stop a truck that Tas and Josh are going to crash into on their trolley.

Mata and the Flat Tyre

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661906 Pb $7.95 When some boys let the teacher’s tyre down, Mata and Shayla help out with Shayla’s bike pump.

Mata and the Stolen Lunches

Marathon Books 2012 9780987661913 Pb $7.95 School lunches are going missing, and Mata is blamed. He captures – and rescues – the real culprit. 8-11.

Tas and the Hokey Pokey

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237918 Pb $9.95 Tas and Josh make hokey pokey – a double, double, double batch to sell at school. Mum’s not pleased. Nor is the principal.

Tas and the Sea Rescue

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237925 Pb $9.95 When a dog gets swept out to sea, Tas alerts the life guards and goes out with them to help with the rescue. 8-11.

Tas and the Outside Dog

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237932 Pb $9.95 Tas persuades his parents to let him keep the dog he rescued. The ‘outside dog’ soon becomes an ‘inside dog’. 8-11.

Tas and the Circus

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237949 Pb $9.95 Tas and Josh sneak into a circus. They get caught and have to work for their tickets. 8-11.

Tas and the Stretch Limo

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237956 Pb $9.95 Tas and Josh spend the week on desperate money-making schemes to try to get enough money to go to the big match.

Tas and the Junk Mail Run

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237963 Pb $9.95 Tas does his brother’s junk mail run, surviving grumpy householders, a dog, bullies – and a brother who tries to get out of paying him. 8-11.

Tas and the Crash

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237970 Pb $9.95 When a car crashes down a bank, Tas and Josh do basic first aid and call the emergency services. 8-11.


Illus Kym Shury Kotuku Publishing 908947275 Pb $13.50 An Aboriginal folk tale set in the Australian outback during the Dreamtime. 8-10.

Branford, Anna* Neville No-Phone

Illus Kat Chadwick Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529962 Pb $17.99 Neville is the only kid in his whole class without a mobile phone. But he’s determined he’s going to get one, no matter what. He will never EVER give up. He will stop at nothing. NOTHING. 7+

Violet Mackerel series Illus Sarah Davis†

Book 1 - Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot

Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529177 Hb $24.99 Violet thinks she would quite like to own the blue China bird at the market. This is not just a silly wish. It is instead the start of a very important idea. But what she needs is a plot. A brilliant plot. Softly detailed illustrations echo the warmth of the story. 5+.

Book 2 - Violet Mackerel’s Remarkable Recovery

Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529184 Hb $24.99 Violet Mackerel has to have her tonsils out. Violet does not think this is a good idea. She prefers not to have things taken out But the tonsils have to go. And that’s okay, because maybe Violet will make the most remarkable recovery ever. 5+.

Book 3 - Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat

Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529191 Hb $24.99 Violet learns about natural habitats when she tries to make friends with a ladybird called Small Gloria, while dealing with her rather grumpy big sister. Warm illustrations capture the family in ink and pencil. 5+.

Book 4 - Violet Mackerel’s Personal Space

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529207 Hb $24.99 There is good and bad news in Violet’s household. Mum and Vincent decide to get married, but they have to move to a bigger house. Violet’s brother Dylan is upset and moves into a tent in the garden. Violet learns about personal space, and develops a new Theory of Leaving Small Things Behind. Warm illustrations complement the family story. 5-8.

Brooke, Amy (Agnes-Mary)

Tas and the Digger

Dragon Moon

Tas and the Solar Bike

The Duck Who Went to Heaven

Marathon Books 2009 9780958237987 Pb $9.95 There is a fire behind the school. Tas sets off the fire alarm and saves his uncle’s digger. Marathon Books 2009 9780958237994 Pb $9.95 Tas and Josh are support crew in a solar bike race. They become the winning riders when Tas’s uncle is injured. 8-11.

Medlar Press 2001 9780958219846 Pb $17.99 The story of a tiny creature who appears to an ill boy, Diarmid. She has been sent to earth by the elders in her world to learn a lesson in humility.

Medlar Press 2000 9780958219815 Pb $17.99 An original NZ folk tale about how the paradise duck got its name.

Tas and the Tagger

Brown, Justin

Tas and the Red Wallet

Illus Mitch Vane* Allen & Unwin 2013 9781743313688 Pb $18.99 Toby loves sport and his parents offer him a GameBox V3 if he can gain 20 wickets and 10 tries before the end of the year. Toby thinks this will be easy until Malcolm McGarvy gets in the way. Hilarious tale written as a logbook of events. 6-10.

Marathon Books 2009 9780958299503 Pb $9.95 Tas and Josh are sleeping over on a marae. They help catch a tagger who is defacing the marae fence. 8-11. Marathon Books 2009 9780958299510 Pb $9.95 An interactive story. Tas finds a wallet. The reader makes decisions for Tas that determine the outcome of the story. 8-11.

Tas and the Caves of Doom

Marathon Books 2009 9780958299527 Pb $9.95 Interactive fantasy. Tas and Josh come across a mysterious travelling sideshow. The reader makes decisions that determine the boys’ progress through the sideshow’s caves. 8-11.

Boon, Kevin

Lorna and the Ladybird

Illus Trish Bowles Kotuku Publishing 908947259 Pb $13.50 A fantasy in which Lorna’s interest in insects leads her into their world. 7-10.


Illus Jenny Young Kotuku Publishing 908947267 Pb $13.50 A realistic adventure in which three children are lost in the forest. 9-11.

Shot Boom Score!

Chapman, Jaqualine

Top Secret... Pass It On!`

Illus Rebecca Cundy Longacre Press 2009 9781877460357 Pb $16.99 Written specifically to encourage reluctant boy readers and written in the form of notes between two boys at school, and the punishments like lines and letters of apology they have to write when they get caught out. Funny, with quirky design and black and white illustrations throughout. 6-11.

Collins, Jonathan

Adventures of Mali and Keela: A Virtues Book for Children

Illus Jenny Cooper Personhood Press 2010 9781932181524 Pb $27.99 13 stories with 40 black and white illustrations, based on the 52 virtues in The Virtue Project ( Includes discussion questions and definitions of virtues. 6-12.

PICTURE BOOKS Collins, Paul†

Out of This World

Illus Steven Woolman* Koala Books 1999 864612265 Pb $11.95 If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Truckloads of lollies? A computer? Your own kid-sized Ferrari? All “Skid” Marx wanted was a dad. No one was more surprised than Skid when his dream came true. Or did it? Order from Ford Street.

Collins, Paul† and Willis, Danny* The World of Grrym: Allira’s Gift

Illus Danny Willis* The Five Mile Press 2007 9781741783308 Hb $19.95 Allira’s family trip to the country spirals into a magical journey where fantasy and reality clash. While searching for her missing grandfather, Allira discovers her visions are windows into The World of Grrym and discovers the ‘gift’ that may help her find her grandfather. Order from Ford Street.

Snake and Lizard

Ford, Vince

Stories of the Wild West Gang

Scholastic 2013 9781775430803 Pb $15 Scrap is a pup who was abandoned because farmers don’t like blond dogs, they look too much like sheep. Lucky he is rescued and grows up on a farm, learning how to work the sheep. 7-10.

Illus Gavin Bishop Gecko Press 2007 9780958278737 Pb $19.99 Snake and Lizard are good friends, despite being very different creatures. A series of warm and funny stories set in the desert. 2008 NZ Post Book of the Year, White Raven and LIANZA Merit Award. 6+. Illus Trevor Pye Gecko Press 2011 9781877467851 Pb w flaps $29.99 A bumper collection of stories about the hilarious, incorrigible West family.

The Dog King

Lothian Books from Ford St 1999 734400381 Pb $12.95 Keiren is a loner who longs for a dog - one that can win the annual dog show hurdle race and show Keiren’s arch-enemy a thing or two. Jack Ellis befriends the boy and tells some ripping yarns about dogs and it looks as though Keiren’s dream will come true.

The Great Ferret Race

Lothian Books from Ford St 2001 734402724 Pb $14.95 Kazuo didn’t mean to cheat on the day of the Great Ferret Race. It just happened..!

The Slightly Skewed Life of Toby Chrysler

Addie Accident

Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun

Cox, Michele

Illus Scott Tulloch

Frater, Adrienne

Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars

Illus Cat Chapman Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529108 Pb $13.99 Sam’s gran loves to knit jumpers. Sam loves his Gran – but not her jumpers! Especially her latest one with a gigantic turtle on it. How can he accidentally lose the turtle jumper? 5+

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508791 Pb $19.99 Sammy plays soccer with the Shooting Stars and practices har (there’s detailed info about training and playing) and helps deal with a bullying problem. She also finds out what it’s like to go to the World Cup as a team escort. 7-11.

Walker Stories - Losing Turtle

HarperCollins 2008 9781869507411 Pb $19.99 When Sammy Banks used her new Comet boots to kick her football into a bowl of custard, she thought she was doomed. Instead, she is given the chance of a lifetime - to try out for the best football club in town. But is she good enough? 9+

Gowan, Anna

Way to Play Sammy

HarperCollins 2008 9781869507428 Pb $16.99 Sammy has made the team - but can she make the grade? There’s more to football than scoring goals and doing fancy tricks, but will Sammy be smart enough to realise that in time? 9+.

de Roo, Elena

Illus Gavin Bishop Gecko Press 2009 9781877467257 Pb $19.99 Gecko Press 2009 9781877467264 Hb $29.99 The daily adventures of Snake and Lizard who are great friends in spite of being very different. NZ Post Children’s Choice & Storylines Notable Book 2010. 6+.

The Tooth Fairy’s Mistake

Oceanbooks ePub/Kindle $7.95 Anything can happen when a curious child and a worn out fairy are forced to team up.

Illus Chris Grosz Random House 2008 9781869790097 Pb $18.99 It’s a dark and stormy night and no-one has turned up for Miss May’s parent/teacher evening. The only one who is there is Sandy the cat so they spend the night together telling scary stories, some made up and some based on well-known books. 6-9.

Gregg, Stacy

The Princess and the Foal

HarperCollins September 2013 9780007469024 Hb $35.99 Inspired by a real-life princess, the unforgettable story of how a truly special horse can heal a broken heart. Princess Haya is just three years old when tragedy strikes. The princess is heartbroken so her father, the King of Jordan, gives her an orphaned foal to care for. Gradually an incredible bond grows between the two and Haya begins to dream of an extraordinary future.

Ophelia Wild, Secret Spy

Illus Tracy Duncan Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529672 Pb $16.99 Ophelia Wild, Secret Spy, is open for business! From her headquarters in the tree house, Ophelia and her assistant, Albert, solve all the toughest cases. Told in verse. 8+.

Drewery, Melanie Fishing Fame

Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2012 9781775430391 Pb $16.5 Max and Dan are desperate to get their names on the Fishing Fame Board. When they take a paddle boat out fishing, they catch much more than what they bargained for. A humorous story with illustrations. 7-10.

Harris, Trevor

Illus Jenny Cooper Scholastic 2010 9781869439491 Pb $13.50 Sequel to The Mad Tadpole Adventure. Maddie, little sister Molly and best friend Buzz create havoc for the babysitter after a stranger danger lesson at school. Plentiful black and white illustrations. 7-10.

Hegarty, Elizabeth

Stranger Madness

Scholastic 2010 9781869439316 Pb $18.50 Hollie and her mother’s neighbours are miserable and unfriendly. Hollie overhears plans to build a dog-food factory nearly and decides to bring the neighbourhood together to fight. Lots off laughs and trickery. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2009. NZ Post Best First Book & Junior Fiction Children’s Choice Awards 2011. 8-11.

The Terrible Night

Chicken Feathers

Friends: Snake and Lizard

Hollie Chips

Green, Paula

Dawley, Linda

Illus David Elliot Philomel Books 2008 97803992479210 Hb $33.50 Feel-good humorous story with an American tone. Josh’s pregnant mum is in hospital with ‘complications’, Grandma has come to run the household while Dad is busy running the chicken farm. Noone believes that Josh’s pet hen Semolina can talk even when she has important information about trouble on the farm. 8-12.

Illus David Elliot Random House 2005 9781869417246 Flexi $29.99 An unusual fantasy about an adventurous house ant and her first journey to the outside world. Beautiful new illustrations. 8-11

Sammy Goes to the World Cup

Scholastic 2010 9781869439712 Pb $18.50 No matter how hard she tries mishaps just keep happening to Addie. She’s bullied at school and struggles to fit in so escapes to Imagination land with her imaginary friend Hubert the hapless. 8-12.

Cowley, Joy

Scholastic 2013 9781775430810 Pb $15 Scrap goes to work on a real sheep station and learns to use his eye dog skills on real sheep, and gets in trouble when he tries to visit his mother on the neighbouring farm. 7-10.

Frame, Janet

The Wizard’s Torment

Corlett, Shirley

Book 2 - Oh My Dog!

Scholastic 2013 9781775430827 Pb $15 Scrap goes to a dog trial and meets his father. 7-10.

Celapene Press 2009 9780975074244 Pb $14.95 Toby’s mum has been missing for more than a month. His new friend, Ginger, has lost her dad. So how can an abandoned red shoe, an unusual plan and map coordinates help them in their search for their parents? HarperCollins from Ford Street 1995 732251206 Pb $12.95 Winston, the wizard’s apprentice, tries a new spell and finds himself in a dark place having incurred the wrath of the Magic Guild and the Wizard. Only the dragon can help him find the missing dish he needs on his quest for the lost spell of Yoal.

Scrap Book 1 - Tale of a Blond Puppy

Book 3 - Dog on Trial

Home Run

Illus Connah Brecon* Lothian Books from Ford St 2003 073440526X Hb $12.95 Based on a true story. Robbie is lonely and longs for the day when the other kids will play with him. At last he proves that, if you wish hard enough, your dreams will come true.


Breezemere Ben’s Great Journey

J & M Squire 2010 9780473161958 Pb $25+p&p The incredible journey the author’s grandson Nathan’s toy truck Ben made to find his owner after the family moved 200km away. Ben has many adventures and discovers new inner strengths. Coloured illustrations throughout.

Salt River

Scholastic 2009 9781869439088 Pb $18.50 Based on the true story of Tom Pook and his family who lived on the Kaipara Harbour in the 1920s. A tough life with a brutal fisherman father, numerous children, and a loving mother. A tough life beautifully portrayed. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2008.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


JUNIOR FICTION Billy and Old Smoko

Hunt, Des

Cody’s Unexpected Catch

Illus Justine Black 2011 9781869509118 Pb $14.99 Cody and Wiri are surprised to find their whitebait is actually ... redbait ... and greenbait ... and purplebait ... But bigger surprises are in store when a stranger comes to the beach and their holiday takes a sinister turn. Originally written for Newspapers in Education in 2010.

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361869 Pb $17.99 Billy wakes one morning to find a strange woman pretending to be his mother, burning his porridge. He finds a secret note from his real mother and sets out to find her. A madcap, mischievous story featuring a talking horse.

Mr Bluenose

Marriott, Janice Thor’s Tale

HarperCollins 2006 9781869505721 Pb $19.99 11-year-old Thor is the lowest of the low at a sub-antarctic whaling station. He is a whaler’s boy, but he really wants to be soaring high and free with the albatrosses. NZ Post Junior Fiction Award 2007.

Longacre Press 2005 9781877361067 Pb $12.99 A rich, fun-filled summer full of adventure and interesting characters seen through a child’s eyes. 8-12.

When Mum Went Funny

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361531 Pb $12.99 A funny historical story from wartime New Zealand. Mum has all kinds of strange ideas - food pills so she doesn’t have to cook, nail soup when the cupboards are bare, she might even try and sell you to the circus. 8-11.

Jones, V.M.

Lockyer, John

Marshall, Jill

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541740 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. The ozone layer is gone and Earth at risk, the only hope is to find the precious liquid telotion. Raki and Tando are on a mission to find it when they crash on an unknown planet with mysterious blue creatures. 8-10.

Macmillan 2009 9780330451536 Pb $18.99 Jack (nearly 13) lives in a stately home but just wants to be ordinary. His granny has just died and when he’s bitten by a dog strange things start to happen - sprouting hair, fangs and a snout! Jack has an important role to play to beat a family curse. Lots of info about Egyptian mythology and mummification included in this drama. 9-12.

Dog Head

The Crystal Crescent


HarperCollins (2002), 2009 9781869508098 Pb $19.99 Josh loves sport, and he loves to win, just one person stands in his way, super-jock Shane. Then along comes a wicked new challenge: a triathlon, the perfect chance to take Shane on and come out on top. Except Josh can’t swim – see how he overcomes this obstacle and triumphs but not in the way you expect. 9-12.

Jordan, Sherryl

Finnigan and the Pirates

Scholastic 2010 9781869439279 Pb $19.50 Finnigan lives with his pirate aunt. It’s an adventurous life but Finnigan would rather live onshore and go to ballet school. He dances his way in and out of trouble as he tries to convince his aunt they should have a change of lifestyle. Adventure and humour with coloured illustrations. NZ Post Junior Fiction Award 2011. 7-10.

Fish-tale Fever

Scholastic 2013 9781775431176 Pb $19.50

The Last Summoner

Scholastic 2011 9781775430179 Pb $19.50 Ari longs to be a dragon summoner, as her dead father was, but the skill can only be passed on to sons. Then the king commands her blind grandfather to summon the dragons and she must go as his guide, which leads to an adventure none of them dreamed of. 8-12.

Knox, Johanna

The Fly Papers Book 1 - The Flytrap Snaps

Illus Sabrina Malcolm Hinterlands 2011 9780473179960 Paperback $22 A novel starring a Venus fly-trap plant called Dion. The plant seems quite normal when Spencer buys it but it’s no ordinary plant; soon Dion is talking and promoting himself as a horror movie star. First in a series. Black and white illustrations. 8-12.

Lasenby, Jack

Aunt Effie series

Lohans, Alison Dog Alert

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541368 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Zoe is in a wheelchair and when her parents move to a remote Canadian town Zoe has trouble joining in as everyone else is into snow sports, then there are the wild dogs. 8-10.

MacIver, Juliette

Walker Stories - Little Witch

Illus Cat Chapman Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921720468 Pb $13.99 Little Witch’s favourite things are broom races with her best friend Billy Wicked and lemon-and-slime ice-cream with crunchy spider sprinkles. She would love to eat marshmallows for breakfast too, but she’s stuck with toadflakes. Little Witch doesn’t mean to get into mischief. Somehow though, she always does. 5+.

MacLean, Glynne Space Race

Pearson Education 2013 9781442541290 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Kimi and Ben are Team Human are out to prove to aliens that Humans can fly. 8-10.

Mahy, Margaret

Dark Blue 100-Ride Bus Ticket

HarperCollins 2009 9781869508166 Pb $19.99 When Carlo and his mother accept a free bus ticket from a strange old woman in the supermarket, they are only being polite, but then a strange bus turns up and they are on their way to the supermarket at the end of the Universe where nothing turns out the way you think it will. Storylines Notable Book 2010. 8-12.

Illus David Elliot

Book 1 - Aunt Effie

Longacre Press 2002 9781877135729 Pb $16.99 Rollicking humorous tales about Aunt Effie who, accompanied by a litter of dogs, holds forth from her giant sick bed to her 26 nieces and nephews about her adventures. Longacre Press 2003 9781877135842 Pb $16.99 The 26 nieces and nephews are forced to deal with the winter hazards while Aunt Effie takes to her bed and hibernates for the winter. There’s a snowstorm, a flood, ravening monsters, a barnfull of hungry animals and a wild ark-ride over the Vast Untrodden Ureweras. 8-13

The Great Piratical Rumbustification

Longacre Press 2004 9781877361012 Pb $12.99 Aunt Effie is restless so takes off with her 26 nieces and nephews on the scow Margery Daw for a treasure hunt across the pirate-infested Hauraki Gulf and The Waikato. 8-12.

The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom

Book 4 - Aunt Effie and Mrs Grizzle

Longacre Press 2008 9781877460074 Pb $17.99 Another tall tale from Aunt Effie involving Mrs Grizzle, a redhaired, double-jointed magician, involving edible gunpowder, monster pukeko and a glass eye. Great vocab to stretch the imagination and a glossary is included. 8-12.

Illus Quentin Blake* Orion Books (1978 JM Dent) 2012 9781444005448 Pb $12.99 All across the city the pirates are getting restless and long for a party. So when a retired pirate comes to babysit for the Terrapin family, they are in for quite a surprise. Illus Chris Mould* HarperCollins 2001 9780007113743 Pb $14.50 The ghost of the Riddle awakens from an ancient sleep deep in the Antarctic. Three different people around the world hear his cries for help and each wants to solve the mystery of the Phantom for a different reason.

Hb = Hardback Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Macmillan 2010 9780330451543 Pb $19.99 Now that Jack has embraced his doggy alter-ego (Anubis, god of the dead) he must travel to the afterlife and join his grandparents in a fight against evil that could affect the whole of history. 9-12.l

Jane Blonde Goldenspy

Macmillan 2008 9780230532441 Pb $18.99 Macmillan 2008 9780230714052 Eb $20.50 Janey Brown/Jane Blonde pits her wits and gadgets against her enemy Capernicus, which takes her to Florida with killer whales, hippos and more. 9-12.

Jane Blonde Sensational Spylet

Macmillan 2006 9780330438148 Pb $18.99 Macmillan 2006 9780330472371 Eb $20.50 Macmillan 2006 9781405092142 CD $33.99 Janey Brown’s life takes an exciting new turn when G-Mamma turns up in the house next door and tells her the truth about her family and introduces her to the world of spies. She has a whole array of useful gadgets to help her on missions. First in a series. Exciting read. 8-12

Jane Blonde Spies Trouble

Macmillan 2006 9780330438254 Pb $20.50 Macmillan 2008 9780330473682 Eb $20.50 Jane Blonde’s spy-cat, Trouble, has been kitty-napped! A group of crazed scientists believe they have discovered the secret to a cat’s nine lives - but they need Trouble for their experiments. All the clues lead Janey down a manhole - defeating the enemy is going to be a wet and stinky business! But with chewing gum that lets her breathe underwater, a tracking device called a SPIpod and a high-speed mini-hoverboard - as well as her natural code-cracking expertise - Jane Blonde is ready for action.

Jane Blonde Spy in the Sky

Book 2 - Aunt Effie’s Ark

Book 3 - Aunt Effie & the Island that Sank

Dog Head Bites Back

Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Macmillan 2008 9780330458122 Pb $18.99 When Jane Blonde becomes a sky-diving sensation she’s on cloud nine! But her flying skills are put to the test when a flock of freaky creatures takes to the air. Can she uncover the dangerous force behind her new enemy before she’s blasted out of the sky? 9-12.

Jane Blonde Spylet on Ice

Macmillan 2007 97803304465787 Pb $18.99 Macmillan 2007 9780330470971 Eb $20.50 Janey Brown is off to SPIcamp. There are gadgets galore at the secret facility and a snow dome to train in. The team is whisked off to investigate suspicious activity at the South Pole and Janey comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, Copernicus. Jane Blonde, helped by Spudnik the robotic penguin, has to save the planet again. 8-12.

Jane Blonde Spylets are Forever

Macmillan 2009 9780330458139 Pb $18.99 The past is calling, and Jane Blonde must travel back in time for her final showdown with Copernicus. Does she have what it takes to defeat him - and avoid getting stuck in the past forever? 8-12. Eb = E-book

JUNIOR FICTION Jane Blonde Twice the Spylet

Macmillan 2007 9780330446570 Pb $18.99 Janey Brown thought she was an only child but now Joanie has turned up claiming to be her secret twin. But when Jane Blonde is posted to Australia to investigate a suspicious sheep farm it becomes clear that Joanie isn’t quite what she seems. 8-12.

McKay, Sandy

Mr Tripp Goes for a Skate

Illus Ruth Paul Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529733 Pb $13.99 It’s Wheels Day at school and students have brought bikes, scooters, even a wheelbarrow. Everyone wants Mr Tripp to have wheels too but he’s not looking too happy about it! Complete with Mr Tripp’s jokes. 5-8.

Mr Tripp Smells a Rat

Dinosaur Rescue:

Illus Donovan Bixley

Book 1 - T-Wreck-Asaurus

Scholastic 2011 9781775430193 Paperback $12 A brainy Stone Age boy called Arg lives with his family and friends in a dinosaur-infested valley. A noisy T-Rex comes stomping into the village and Arg has to work out what its problem is, with a surprise ending that’s key to the rest of the series. Full of farts, snot, slime and body odour. 7-10.

Book 2 - Stego-Snotty-Saurus

Scholastic 2011 9781775430209 Pb $12 Terrible flu is sweeping through Arg’s valley causing snotty problems and he realises that flu is deadly to dinosaurs too. If it reaches the secret valley they are doomed. 7-10.

Illus Ruth Paul Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529061 Pb $13.99 Three short stories about Mr Tripp and his class. In the first we find out how brave Mr Tripp is when he has to catch a rat, the second has a funny birthday party, and the third involves the scourge of nits. You’ll enjoy all Mr T’s jokes and the personalities in the class. Great for beginner readers. 5+.

Book 3 - Velocitchy-Raptor

Longacre Press (2001), 2005 9781877135491 Pb $16.99 A comic story of one boy’s attempt to save the planet. 8-12.

Book 5 - Spino-Rottysaurus


Mewburn, Kyle

A Crack in the Sky

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2010 9781869439347 Pb $18.50 Things are tough for Conor (9) and his mum so it’s a great surprise when he finds a red sofa on the incoming tide. When he falls asleep on it strange things start to happen and he must gather all his resources to get back where he belongs. A strange and enthralling tale. 8-11.

Scholastic 2011 9781775430490 Pb $12 Arg the Neanderthal boy and his T-rex friend Skeet have to save a baby velociraptor from a hungry quetzalcoatlus. 7-10.

Book 4 - Diplo-Dizzydocus

Scholastic 2011 9781775430506 Pb $12 Arg has to find out what would make a diplodocus herd too dizzy to walk or him and Skeet will be stew! 7-10. Scholastic 2012 9781775430933 Pb $12 An angry spinosaur blunders into the valley, causing havoc and killing anything that moves. Can Arg and Skeet outwit the biggest, nastiest, most dangerous dinosaur around? 7-10.

Book 6 - Dako-snappysaurus

Scholastic 2012 9781775430988 Pb $12 Arg has been keeping a record of the moons and various events on the wall of his cave and he figures that he should be old enough to go hunting with his father. When he’s finally allowed he takes too many belongings but when sickness and disaster strikes the hunting party he needs everything he’s brought to save them from a fierce dacosaurus. A hilarious read with action-packed illustrations and fact pages.


Book 7 - Scuto-stickysaurus

Scholastic 2012 9781775431206 Pb $12 Arg goes searching for the cause of a terrible noise and discovers a Scutosaurus and sets of to save it from the hunting party, but then he gets stuck to the Scut and his frined Skeet will have to rescue him. Hilarious line cartoon drawings and fact boxes augment the story. 7-10.

Book 8 - Salto-scaredypus

Scholastic 2013 9781775431213 Pb $12 Arg gets stuck in a muddy cavern underground. Is he going to be able to get out before he’s eaten by a bunch of hungry (usually-friendly) saltopuses? 7-10.

Dinosaur Rescue Megasaurus Mash-Up (Books 1-4) Scholastic 2013 9781775431701 Pb $19 Books 1 to 4 of Arg’s adventures with dinosaurs. 7-10.

Dinosaur Rescue Megasaurus Mash-Up (Books 5-8) Scholastic 2013 9781775431718 Pb $19 Books 5 to 8 of Arg’s adventures with dinosaurs. 7-10.

Do Not Push

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2011 9781869439729 Pb $18.50 Cam loves exploring the mysterious forest though his mum always warns him to be careful and stay on the track. When he falls into a gully and finds a big red button marked ‘Do Not Push’ he can’t resist. He heads home only to find things in chaos. How can he fix it? Line drawings complete this odd tale. 6-10.

Pop Hooper’s Perfect Pets: Funny Little Dog

Illus Heath Mckenzie* Little Hare 2009 9781921272769 Pb $12.99 Pop Hooper drives a truck with lots of crazy wagons attached, all full of animals. He promises to provide you with your perfect pet. Flyn wants a fierce guard dog to protect him from the school bullies. Pop Hooper asks him to take care of a pudgy little lap dog called Pumpkin overnight, while he finds the perfect pet for Flyn. Pumpkin causes a few anxieties but shows what he’s made of when it really counts. Pen and ink illustrations add to the drama. 6+.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Pop Hooper’s Perfect Pets: Illus Heath Mckenzie* Scruffy Old Cat

Parker, John

Millett, Peter

Book 2 - Lily Has a Secret


Schlichting, Dieter,

The Adventures of Luna Bear

National Pacific Press NZ 2007 9781877368165 Pb $19.99 Illus Errol McLeary Little Hare 2009 9781921272752 Pb $12.99 Luna lives with her family near the Sierra Mountains of Mexico Scholastic 1994 9781869435974 Pb $14.99 Lily is a ballet dancer and likes everything to be perfect and thinks The young prince must defeat the dragon to save his neighbour’s king- and this is the story of her adventures with her animal friends. her perfect pet is a fluffy white kitten but Pop asks her to look af- dom, but sword-fighting is not his forte - he’s much better at spelling! Scott, Juliette ter mangy little Sardine overnight until he can supply her perfect Milly and the Chittens pet. Sardine leads her on a merry dance and changes her ideas Pine, Barbara Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182208 Pb $19.99 The Whole Hole: A Fumblejoys Sidecar Story about what is really perfect. 6+. Pear Jam Book 2011 9781927182239 Audio $10.99 Print House 2011 9780473189563 Pb $24.99 Slowcoach Turtle Fumblejoys Carrotoyd and Yellowjoy, with the help of Poppy and Milly’s room is a terrible mess, which proves to be the best condiLittle Hare 2010 9781921541230 Pb $9.99 tions to hatch a trio of mysterious creatures. They cause much Tilda loves to climb trees and thinks a monkey would be her per- pets Lucy the dog and Turnip the cat and other friends solve some chaos but eventually steal the show. 6-10 problems. 5-10. fect pet. When she meets Pop Hooper, after fighting with her best Sutton, Sally friend, he asks her to look after Pickle the turtle overnight. Tilda Pulford, Elizabeth Illus Dave Gunson gets upset because she doesn’t know what to do and her forgiving The Littlest Angel series friend Nat helps solve the problem. Line drawings capture Tilda’s Illus Aki Fukuoka Diary of a Bat fury perfectly. 6+. Scholastic 2012 9781775431015 Pb $15 Book 1 - Lily Gets her Wings Written as a diary we experience the life of a young bat, going to Stubborn Little Pony Scholastic 2011 9781775430223 Pb $12 Little Hare 2010 9781921541391 Pb $9.99 Lily has to sit a test to be accepted into Amelia’s Angel Academy, school at night, saying good morning when they go to bed, and Jake’s family have recently moved to the city and he’s having trou- competing against the not-very-nice Tisa. When she sees her living in fear of the Shining. Lots of information about bats is inble fitting in. He’d like to make friends with Denny who has a wings in a tree outside, and rips those belonging to an older an- cluded in the details of the story. Pen and ink illustrations. parrot, so when Pop Hooper offers him a pet Jake asks for a parrot, gel, it’s just the beginning of the day’s problems, but being herself Diary of a Frog but Pop asks him to care for Popcorn the pony for the night first. and telling the truth will be the secret to her success. Foiled cover Scholastic 2013 9781775431527 Pb $15 But how will he get on looking after a pony in the city. The diary of a young frog with black and white illustrations. 7-9. and page edges, with illustrations. 5-9.

Boy Zero Wannabe Hero Illus Steve May*

Book 1 - The Petrifying Plot of the Plummeting Pants

Faber and Faber 2010 9780571252473 Pb $15.99 General pandemonium is plotting to take over the world with his undie-taker-downer. he’s disabled the world’s superheroes at Super School, but there’s still Charlie Applejack (the wannabe hero). Lots of laughs, word play and toilet humour. Line drawings depict the events. 6-10.

Book 2 - The Attack of the Brain-Dead Breakdancing Zombies

Faber and Faber 2010 9780571253234 Pb $15.99 Charlie Applejack is the unlikely hero again when he attempts to defeat super villain General Pandemonium who has returned disguised as a pop singer, trying to brainwash the world with his songs. But if Charlie is going to defeat the general, he’ll have to get over his fear of spiders. 6-10.

Book 3 - The Curse of the Catastrophic Cupcakes

Faber and Faber 2011 9780571253265 Pb $15.99 Charlie Applejack is in the middle of receiving his Junior Superhero of the Year award when General Pandemonium escapes from jail and with Master Sushi create cupcakes that make whoever eats them get lighter until they float away into space, which Charlie is in danger of eating at his birthday party. 7-10.

Nagelkerke, Bill

Hippo Ears and the Stargazer

Scholastic 2011 9781775430230 Paperback $12 Lily the angel finds an injured kitten but they are not allowed to have pets at Amelia’s Angel Academy. So Lily hides it but her roommate Tisa is very suspicious . The kitten causes a series of disasters but there is always someone around to help fix things. 5-9.

Book 3 - Lily Goes Skitter Skating

Diary of a Pukeko

Scholastic 2011 9781869439750 Pb $15 In diary form we read about the life of a young pukeko, his family occasions and attempts to impress the gorgeous Indigo. Corny jokes and comical illustrations on most pages. 7-9.

Diary of a Sea Lion

Scholastic 2013 9781775431534 Pb $15 Scholastic 2011 9781775430247 Pb $12 The diary of a young sea lion with black and white illustrations. 7-9. Lily wants Amelia’s Angel Academy to with the snow sports trophy Szymanik, Melinda but will her enemy Wanda Westbrook cause trouble as usual? 5-9. Jack the Viking Book 4 - Lily Lands in Bubble Trouble Scholastic 2008 9781869438708 Pb $18.50 Scholastic 2011 9781775430520 Pb $12 Jack discovers how dangerous wishing can be when he wakes to Lily wants to be part of the celebrations for Mother Angel’s birth- find himself in a strange and desperate world - Norway in the time of the Vikings, 900 years ago. 10+. day but is sick with spottimonities. 5-9.

Book 5 - Lily Chases Lost Dreams

Sally Bangle: Unexpected Detective

Tale-Spin Media 2013 9780473233365 Ebook US$2.99 Scholastic 2012 9781775430940 Pb $12 Lily wants to earn a Silver Star, but to receive it each of the first-year Sally’s sea-captain dad disappeared seven years ago but when she is given a project to do on the headmistress’ father Professor angels have to earn ten points through doing good deeds. 5-9. Angstrom she discovers he was on the voyage where her father Book 6 - Lily Gets in a Pink Pickle disappeared. Sally’s not going to stop until she’s found out what Scholastic 2012 9781775430995 Pb $12 happened to her dad. 8-12. The Cherub Cat show is looming and Lily decides to enter her cat, Petal. But Professor Glumbo wants Frumplepuss, his mean ugly Thorpe, Leonie cat, to be part of the cat show as well and Lily is torn. How can she Archie Saves the Day HarperCollins 2009 9781869507220 Pb $16.99 save hurting anyone’s feelings? 5-9. More adventures with the not-so-ordinary Archie Roach. A boy in The Littlest Angel Bindup 1&2 the neighbourhood asks Archie’s help with his grandad’s debt Scholastic 2012 9781775430520 Pb $14 problem, and a local tagger has been compelled by Constable The Littlest Angel books 1 and 2. 5-9.. Wang to join the Sea Scouts, where they’re finally learning to sail. The Littlest Angel Bindup 3&4 Good fun with serious issues dealt to in the process. 8+. Scholastic 2012 9781775430940 Pb $14 The Littlest Angel book 3 and 4. 5-9.

Pearson Education 2012 9781442541344 Hb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novels, level 0. Hipparchus and his sister Sappho live on the island of Samos in Ancient Greece and love to listen to The Mysterious Magical Shop Stargazer tell stories. But not everyone likes his ideas and he could Illus Rachel Driscoll Scholastic 2012 9781869439866 Paperback $16.50 be in danger. 8-10. Hannah goes into Mr McPherson’s mysterious second-hand shop Noonan, Diana on Christmas Eve in search of a fairy for the top of the tree but she Come Down, Golden gets far more than she bargained for with a sad story about the Pearson Education 2013 9781442541337 Pb $18.99 tiny dancer trapped inside the crystal ball and the possibility that Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Louis is wheelchair-bound and dreams Hannah might find a way to free her. 6-10. Storylines Notable Archie’s Adventures of having a dog, but Mum says no. But now there’s a golden monHarperCollins 2007 9781869506568 Pb $16.99 Book 2013. key in the backyard; is it possible that Louis can tame it? 8-10. Archie Roach is new in town, he has no friends and he’s useless at The Quest for the Rotten Egg Treetop Treasure everything. His dad tells him that’s just the way it is for the Illus Philip Webb Roaches and not to expect anything different. Then a mysterious Pearson Education 2014 9781442542600 Pb $18.99 one-eyed maggot-breeder turns up and Archie’s life becomes Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Marrick and Jessie discover a rare para- Scholastic 2011 9781869439668 Pb $15 The hapless Sir Omlet and his trusty squire Peabody have to find much more exciting. Two humorous stories show what a bit of keet, but there are also scary poachers interested. 8-10. the egg of the Rotten bird. 7-10. determination can do. Teacher notes available. 8+

Orman, Lorraine

Lightning Strikes: Haunted

Robertson, Alison

Rocket Shoes Walker Books Australia 2009 9781921150821 Pb $15.99 A story about a brother and sister who discover a lonely ghost Pearson Education 2011 9781442541375 Pb $19.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. No-one can outrun Cassie but winning isn’t who wants them to be best friends ... forever. 8-12. all it’s cracked up to be and when a new girl at athletics challenges Cassie she has to think about how important winning is. 8-10. Novels are divided into Junior (beginner independent readers), Intermediate (fluent readers) and Senior (for older children, mainly due to subject matter or complexity of language). Age ranges should be taken as a guide only, and are not intended to restrict the readership of any book.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


Playing to Win

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541283 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. A mysterious creature falls from the sky, injured and needs to get back to the clouds where he belongs, and needs help from Ellie and Jay. 8-10.

Slide the Corner

The Cloud Rider

Tipene, Tim

Bullies and Warriors

Libro International (2006), 2012 9781877514142 Pb $24.99 Bully Mark makes life miserable for Sean, who never manages to escape his unwanted attention. But when Papa Tim comes to their school things start to change as both boys learn a new way to behave. A great read for boys, 8+.

Urale, Makerita

The Magic Seashell

Illus Samuel Sakaria Steele Roberts 1999 1877228060 Pb $16.99 Masina is cast away on an island and finds a beautiful seashell. It is found again, far away, by her grandchildren, who discover its magical powers. A new fable from the Pacific.

Intermediate Fiction

Bakker, Marilyn J

The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell Book 1 - Danger at Devil’s Cove

Illus Reuben Horn & Pati Ahsue Arthur Publishing 2009 9780473161897 Pb $22.99 Adventure in 1950’s Coromandel Peninsula. Josephine is orphaned and goes to live with her aunt. She makes friends with Tommy at school and when the school bully Prudence goes missing they try to find her in an abandoned gold mine and uncover a covert operation which leads to Devil’s Cove. Gold Medal Pride in Print award. 10+.

Book 2 - The Mystery of the Missing Artefact

Illus Reuben Horn Arthur Publishing 2012 9780473212933 Pb $24 A mystery story set on Coromandel Peninsula in the 1950s. Josephine notices that the bejewelled hair comb worn by the carved warrior on the meeting house is missing.

Barrow, Mary

Survive!: Rough, Tough & Had Enough

Scholastic 2005 9781869436087 Pb $18.50 A father introduces his son to the wonders of nature by taking him on a hike. All does not go well though -the father is hurt and and the weather turns nasty. 10+.

Batistich, Amelia

Scholastic (1999), 2006 97814869434106 Pb $19.50 Denny Logan’s feeling left out of the‘in’crowd but it wouldn’t be as bad if Alice didn’t completely ignore him and Todd didn’t bully him. 12+. Scholastic (1993), 2009 9781869439378 Pb $19.50 Greg is expected to be brainy like the rest of his family, but he wants to drive a rally car and be a mechanic. Intermediate level, with appeal to older reluctant readers. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a much-loved book 2007.

Beames, Margaret The Shearwater Bell

Scholastic (1997), 2009 9781869439484 Pb $19.50 According to local legend, when a mysterious bell tolls it means someone is going to die, which is not what Rona wants to hear when her father’s lying critically ill in hospital. But when Wiri finds a diary, which gives clues to the source of the ghost bell, Wiri and Rona go searching for it - with dangerous consequences. 9+.

The Singing Cave

Scholastic 2009 9781869439132 Pb $18.50 Tom lives on a Pacific island where his parents are researchers. There’s a shark in the bay and his friend’s boat has been found with a big hole in it, and no sign of Pero. But Tom thinks Pero is somewhere else and heads for the singing cave to look for him, finding a totally unexpected world. An exciting story with a dollop of sci-fi to spice it up. 9-1.

Beattie, Kath

My New Zealand Story: Gumdigger: Northland, 1899-1900

Scholastic 2011 9781775430360 Pb $18.50 Previously Poor Man’s Gold in the My Story series. Reuben’s father owns the store in Waipapa but they must leave their home when the bank forecloses on a loan, and they move into a tent and Reuben must leave school and find work as a gumdigger. 11+.

Bennett, Jean

My Story: Below the Mountains

Scholastic 2005 9781869435636 Pb $18.50 In 1935, 14-year-old Amy McDonald comes to the harsh environment of the Milford Road Public Works camp with her mother and brother while her father works on the dangerous project of building the Milford Road and the Homer Tunnel. 10+.

Bilbrough, Norman

Scholastic 2003 9781869436032 Pb $18.50 The diary of 11-year-old Ivana Ivanovich, a member of the Dalmation community in Dargaville in the mid-1920s. 10+.

Battye, Susan

My Story: America’s Cup Magic

Scholastic 2012 9781775430285 Pb $18.50 The Diary of Mike Lucas, Auckland, 1995. Mike and his family are involved in New Zealand’s bid to win the 1995 America’s Cup race. 10+.

Beale, Fleur

End of the Alphabet

Random House 2009 9781869790707 Pb $19.99 Ruby (14) has a very busy life doing more than her fair share at home. Although she has lots of friends she thinks she’s not clever because she has trouble reading. When her best friend says Ruby’s a doormat she decides to do something about it and sets herself a challenge, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Storylines Notable Book 2010. 12+

Lacey and the Drama Queens

Scholastic (2004), 2009 9781869439477 Pb $19.50 Prequel to Lucky for Some. Tells how Lacey developed her passion for dancing. 9-14.

My New Zealand Story: Mission Girl.

Scholastic 2010 (2004) 9781869439897 Pb $18.50 Paihia c.1840. Atapo escapes slavery by joining the Mission Station at Paihia, and witnesses the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. 10+ Previously published as My Story A New Song in the Land. 10+.

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541313 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Josh wants a rat for his birthday but instead he gets a metal detector. 6-12.

Bird, Val

Oceanbooks 2012 ePub $4.95 Dusty brings his friend’s pet rats home and everything possible goes wrong.

Dusty and the Strongman

Oceanbooks 2012 ePub $5.95 Dusty and his mates go back to school where their teacher is Mr Strongman, ex army drill-instructor determined to transform his students.

Dusty Plays the Part

Oceanbooks 2012 ePub $5.95 As a member of the Cat, Rat and Dog pack Dusty has to play the female lead in their pop group at the talent quest. They all have to work as a team but can Dusty wear high heels, and can they win?


Oceanbooks 2012 9781927215142 Pb $22.99 Oceanbooks 2012 9781927199916 ePub $7.95 Oceanbooks 2012 9781927199923 Kindle $7.95 Emma (13) is having strange dreams about a Silver Lady who wants Emma to complete a task for her. A historica-paperchase-scary adventure which takes them back to Victorian England, then Australia and New Zealand.

Bodle, S.V.

Planet Treasure Guardians series Book 1 - Battle for the Savant Sceptre

Silverbound Publishing 2005 476012589 Pb $29.99 A fantasy adventure. Ladek and Robbie find a magical seed pod and what seems like a thrilling treasure hunt turns into something far more dangerous. 10+.

Hb = Hardback

Pb = Paperback

Book 2 - Hunt for the Emberteller

Silverbound Publishing 2006 9780473113520 Pb $29.99 Star-navigating to Ixanza, blasting through a particle port and escaping capture are the least of 12-year-old Ladek’s problems. He and his friends have become prime targets as evil strikes from every direction. Time is short and so is their list of options. Actionpacked for 10+.

Book 3 - Secret of the Stolen Scripts

Silverbound Publishing 2007 9780473127350 Pb $29.99 A crippling poison has left Ladek’s body in a life-threatening coma. Racing against time., Ladek must learn to manipulate energy and harness his power. Only then can the guardians discover the location of the stolen scripts, which hold a secret so powerful their enemies will stop at nothing to capture them. 10+.

Bonallack, John

Josh and the Chat Room

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299565 Pb $13.99 When Josh’s sister gets kidnapped by a man she meets in an online chatroom, Josh and Tas go to the rescue. Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11

Josh and the Gun Fort

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299589 Pb $13.99 While trying to rescue Tas’s dog, the boys get trapped in a ghostly WW1 gun fort. Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11

Josh and the Juggernauts

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299596 Pb $13.99 When they can’t get a dad, Josh and Tas ask Josh’s mum to coach their rugby team. They enter the competition and face some tough teams. Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11.

Josh and the Man Overboard

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299558 Pb $13.99 While on the ferry, osh and Tas alert the captain when a drug courier goes overboard. Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11.

Josh and the Paua Poachers

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299541 Pb $13.99 When Josh and Tas are caught by paua poachers, they need to use some clever tricks to escape. Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11.

Josh and the Trolley Race

Marathon Books 2011 9780958299572 Pb $13.99 Josh and Tas survive unscrupulous competition and sabotage to win a $1000 prize in a trolley race Short sentences & easy vocab. 8-11

Boom, Rosie

Robert the Rat

Dusty and the Run-a-way Rat-Pack

My Story: A Better Life


Bd = Board book

The Barn Chronicles Book 1 - Where Lions Roar at Night

Rosie Boom 2009 9781921161162 Hb $22.99 Millie (10) is thrilled when her family moves to a piece of land in Whangarei to live in a barn but there are lots of mucky and hard jobs to do. 8-11.

Book 2 - Where Arrows Fly

Rosie Boom 2011 9780980793635 Hb $23 Millie (11) and her family live in a 90-year-old barn and lead adventurous lives. Millie has a collection of animals but wants to milk her very own cow. 2011 CALEB prize for faith-inspired writing - children’s category. 8-11.

Boon, Kevin & Mansfield, Katherine Kezia

Kotuku Publishing 2011 908947997 Pb $25 Focusing on the early years of Katherine Mansfield’s life, made up of part Mansfield writings, part novel. Set on the shop taking Katherine (14) to England in 1903, covering her years growing up in Thorndon, moving to Karori, her time at Wellington Girls’ College and relationships with family and the city. Includes six Mansfield stories. 10-15.

Bradley, Tom

Big Noise in Town

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541351 Pb $18.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level 0. Billy wants to buy a really big drum kit like rock bands have and thinks it’s going to get him everything he wants - the chance to drum. 7-12.

Troublesome Jones

Pearson 2009 9781442527614 Pb $20.99 Nitty Gritty Novel level one. It’s nearly midnight on Greg’s 11th birthday and he’s cold, wet, hungry and in trouble, and all the problems his family’s been having are his fault. But maybe there’s something he can do - track down Bargain Bob and make him give back their money. 9-13. Eb = E-book Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Brassell, Jill,

My Story: Aquarius My Ohu Year

Scholastic 2006 9781869437558 Pb $18.50 The diary of Starshine Penney, 1975. Starshine (previously known as Estelle), whose mother leaves her father to go and join a commune - the Aquarius ohu, taking her daughter with her. But life on the commune isn’t the paradise they had hoped for and there are many troubles to deal with. 11+.

Broadbent, Adele

The Drover’s Quest

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509071 Pb $19.99 It’s 1866 and Charlotte (14) has been left at a convent school in Christchurch by her father is gold mining on the West Coast. When his mate Tama turns up with Tom’s horse, injured dog, and news that Tom has disappeared and his gold is missing, Charlotte is determined to go and find him so disguises herself as a boy and joins a group of drovers taking cattle across the mountains.10-15. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Just Jack

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508869 Pb $19.99 Based on the author’s grandfather who was once an apprentice jockey, and the Napier earthquake in 1931. Wee Jack Baines is not much good at anything, but his uncle notices he has a knack with horses. Wee Jack leaves home to become an apprentice jockey but things definitely don’t go to plan. About believing in yourself and stepping up to challenges. 9-12.

Book 2 - Jade at the Champs

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508432 Pb $19.99 Jade and her father are settled in Flaxmere and she’s preparing to ride her pony, Pip, in the national Pony Club Champs, and even has an Olympian to train her. But when Pip has problems Jade has to ride the troublesome Dorian. 9-12.

Book 3 - Jade and the Hunters

HarperCollins 2011 9781869509217 Pb $19.99 Persuaded by her friends Becca and Laura, Jade spends the winter The Wolf in the Wardrobe holidays on the Deaths’ sheep station. Zoe’s family are all keen HarperCollins 2011 9781869509064 Pb $19.99 riders, except mysterious Mr Death, and won’t accept no for an When Finn comes across a car accident, little does he realize his answer when it comes to hunting. Is this the perfect opportunity life is about to change forever. The huge, injured animal he discov- for Jade to recover her confidence and bond with Taniwha, or a ers is no dog - but a wolf, escaped from the circus. Finn is be- dangerous mistake? 9-12. witched. Instinctively, he knows he must save the wolf, Lupa, and prevent her return to the cruel circus.

Brooke, Amy (Agnes-Mary) The Last Herrick Secret

AV Project 2012 9780473224110 Pb $20 Sequel to Too Many Secrets. Becs and her family are leaving Herrick House and moving back to the city. Country boy Isaiah is going with them so he can go to school in the city. Becs’ friends have changed while she’s been away and Isaiah struggles with city life and has to find his own way to fit in. But Isaiah’s father is sick again and they have to race back to the bush and somehow find a way to solve the last Herrick secret. 11-15.

Too Many Secrets

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508562 Pb $19.99 Becs (12) and her family move to an isolated rural area to renovate an old mansion. There’s no power or phone and Becs gets very stroppy. She discovers a runaway in the treehouse and keeps him secret while supplying him with food and blankets. There are quite a few secrets to be discovered in this enthralling bush story set in the bush. 10+.

Brocker, Susan

Brave Bess and the ANZAC Horses

HarperCollins 2010 9781869507916 Pb $20.50 A book about wartime heroes not usually remembered - the horses who carried the troops into the desert in WW1. 10-14.

Dreams of Warriors

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508401 Pb $19.99 It’s 1942 and Bella (14) has a lot of responsibilities. Her father is away at the war, her sister Sylvia works in town and her mother looks after the house so Bella has to milk the cows, go to school and try and train the crazy horse her father thought could be a champion racehorse. The progress of war is a constant background to the local story where courage, loyalty and strength are the qualities required to triumph in the end. 11+

Restless Spirit -Te Wairua Whakariuka

HarperCollins 2007 9781869506230 Pb $19.99 Set in the North Island’s volcanic plateau. The story of a wild white Kaimanawa stallion who cannot be tamed and two troubled teens who grow to love him. 12+ Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

A Ring Around the Sun: The Quest of the Phoenix

Medlar Press (1991), 2000 9780958219822 Pb $18.99 Winter solstice is approaching, with plans for a big bonfire, but Gerry (12) feels that something he dreads is about to happen. There’s a chase through the centuries from ancient Greece, to the night of the present solstice. Gerry, his brother and a friend are caught in a con- Book 4 - Jade’s Summer of Horses HarperCollins 2012 9781869509224 Pb $19.99 test of opposing forces from other times and worlds. Jade has to find a new home for Pip and school troublesome Taniwha, Night of the Medlar then Aunt Flora wants Pip for her riding school by the beach. Medlar Press (1992), 2000 9780958219839 Pb $18.99 Justin and Penny find a cryptic message tucked inside a box in the Cartwright, Pauline chimney. What does it mean, and how does 107-year-old Maddy My NZ Story: Gold. Otago, 1862 Stewart know about it? Scholastic 2010 9781869439903 Pb $18.50 Previously published as Finding Father in the My Story series. Mary Scorpio Rising and her family move to NZ from Australia but her father is kept in Medlar Press 9780958268042 Pb $24.99 Stand-alone sequel to Who Will Speak for the Dreamer? Rowan is Australia a further seven years. The goldrush has begun and Mary, in danger from the spreading dark. A tra is laid for him with his disguised as a boy, heads off to find him in the Otago hills. 10-13. dog for bait. While searching a fox brings Rowan to the children Catran, Ken throug space and time. Dead Harry Scholastic 2012 9781775430513 Pb $19.50 The Mora Stone Sam is shocked when his friend Harry suddenly dies, but is even Medlar Press 2000 9780958219808 Pb $24.95 On her 13th birthday Willow is given a broken ring in a box with a more stunned when Harry’s ghost appears and claims that he was cryptic message. Nothing is the same once she puts it on. murdered, and wants Sam to find out who did it and why. 9-12. Summoned back hundreds of years to Scandinavia she becomes Storylines Notable Book 2013. When Empire Calls embroiled in an epic quest. 11-14. Scholastic 2012 9781869435554 Pb $19.50 The Owl, the Two and the Medlar When Empire calls, men go to war ... and families suffer. It is the Medlar Press 1997 9781877161070 Pb $19.99 Sequel to Night of the Medlar, and in two parts - The Last Chance early days of the Boer War, and James’ two elder brothers sign up, and The Keeper Sleeps. There’s trouble afoot for the animals of the leaving James to help with the family farm and at the local store, surrounding land. the old medlar is dangerously cantankerous. where he learns a different perspective on war. 10+. Finalist Part two is some years later, Digby and John revisit the house and LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013. orchard with their younger brothers. The medlar is dead... or is it? Cherry, Frances

The Testing

Medlar Press 2003 9780958219884 Pb $19.99 While at the beach Amber’s attention is caught by a green stone which she slips into her pocket, not knowing what challenge will now confront her.

Who Will Speak for the Dreamer?


Scholastic 2009 9781869438838 Pb $19.50 Kyla’s life undergoes dramatic change when the grandmother she has been living with dies, and she has to live in her aunt’s city apartment. She feels unwanted and out of place and takes dramatic action to try to remedy the situation. 11+

Collins, Paul† Medlar Press/Cognos Publishing 9780958219891 Pb $24.99 Rohan (12) sees faces in the old blackwood and then dreams be- The Quentaris Chronicles: gin. But what do they mean? Only the dreamer can right a great Dragonlords of Quentaris Lothian Books from Ford St 2004 734406207 Pb $14.95 wrong and prevent the reenactment of a great tragedy. Rad de La’rel is about to sign a trade agreement with the Fendonians Brown, Amy†† when he is captured by sky pirates. Sold into slavery, he becomes a Pony Tales: pawn to the dragonlords of Udari. When he returns to Quentaris it Book 1 - Jade and the Stray has been invaded by the very creatures Rad has escaped from. HarperCollins 2010 9781869508425 Pb $19.99 Slaves of Quentaris Jade (11) has come to live with her grandad in Flaxmere. She’s not Lothian Books (from Ford St) 2003 073440557X Pb $14.95 looking forward to living ‘in the middle of nowhere’ but resigns Yukin and Yulen, flee when slave-traders attack but they are herself to it when she discovers a pony in the local pound and de- caught and transported to Quentaris. On their journey through cides to rescue him. She’s fortunate in having a neighbour to help the rift caves Yukin discovers a power that taps into the senses of and the process of learning to ride and care for the pony helps her insects and animals. But can it save them in time? overcome her other problems too. Includes lots of info about looking after a pony. 9-12.

Intermediate Fiction Swords of Quentaris

Lothian Books (from Ford St) 2003 734404700 Pb $14.95 Rad de La’rel is a street urchin who yearns to be a guide to adventurers in the rift caves of Quentaris, but before he can claim his birthright, he must escape the Thieves’ Guild and the notorious Vindon Nibhelline.

The Forgotten Prince

Lothian Books from Ford St 2006 073440882X Pb $16.95 Thieves’ Guild apprentice Crocodile Sal is sitting her prac exam, Deceit and Daring 101. Her goal is to find a job and stay in it for at least three months. During this time, she has to steal something valuable and use it in a successful, diabolical crime.

Vampires of Quentaries

Lothian Books from Ford St 2008 9780734409850 Pb $16.95 Quentaris is at war with Tolrush. Quentarian rift guide, Rad de La’rel, is shocked to discover his city has been left wide open to attack by vampires.

Colston, Fifi Glory

Scholastic 2009 9781869438685 Pb $18.50 Florence Bright is ordinary and never gets an award, but she’s sick of it and decides it’s time those who thought they’d never get a prize got their moment of glory. Unfortunately her plans don’t quite work out as she’d planned. 9+.

Copsey, Sue

The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head

Pear Jam Books 2012 9781927182253 Pb $19.99 A ghostly mystery set in an old house on the cliffs of Young Nick’s Head. Joe and Eddie (11) see a shadowy form that lurks on the headland, and are dangerously close to becoming ghosts themselves. 8-12.

Corlett, Shirley

My NZ Story: The Wahine Disaster

Scholastic 2013 9781775431336 Pb $18.50 It’s 1968 when Debbie’s grandmother gives her a forefather’s sea journal. She finds it fascinating and very different to her own diary of school life and friends. One day she thinks her long-dead relative is trying to tell her something. 10+.

My Story: Abandon Ship!

Scholastic 2003 9781869436063 Pb $19.50 The diary of Debbie Atherton, Wellington, 1968. Debbie is sick and sent to Christchurch with her cousin Val where she makes friends with Bronwyn. They all return to Wellington, along with Bronwyn’s grandmother, travelling on the ‘Wahine’ on the tragic night when the boat sank. 10+.

My Story: Fire in the Sky

Scholastic 2005 9781869436926 Pb $18.50 The Diary of James Collier, Tarawera 1886. Set at the time of the eruption of Mount Tarawera. James (14) accompanies his father who is here to paint the Pink and White Terraces. James makes friends with Wiremu and meets local Maori people while his father is working. They see the ghostly waka floating on the lake - an image reported by many as a premonition of the disaster to follow. 10+.

Through Thick and Thin

Scholastic 2005 9781869436957 Pb $18.50 13-year-old Matthew’s bike is stolen so his mate Caleb and their older brothers agree to help look. But the older boys end up drinking and driving, resulting in Caleb’s brother being killed in an accident caused by Matthew’s brother. Both families are suffering and the friends decide to run away together to force their mothers to talk to one another again. 10+.

You’ve Got Guts, Kenny Melrose

Scholastic 2004 9781869435905 Pb $18.50 Just after World War 1 at Briden Orphanage, life is hard for Kenny and his sister. There is something in their past that they are being punished for, something their father did that Kenny can’t understand. Looks at the topic of conscientious objectors. 9-14.

The Silent One

Puffin 2001 9780140322842 Pb $19.99 A South Pacific story about deaf boy. Jonasi, unable to speak, retreats to his underwater world where he develops a special friendship with a giant white turtle.

Crisp, Maureen Craic

Marmac Media 2012 9780473200299 Ebook US$2.99 Can friendship survive three years of lies, a famous rock band, obsessive fans and your own family? Tressa has carefully faked a normal life for herself online. Unfortunately, to finally meet her best friend Sonia, she has to travel with Craic, the most famous Irish band in the world. 8-12.

Cross, Gary Super Sister

Pearson 2009 9781442527607 Pb $16.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level one. Aaron doesn’t fit in, he’s just one of the average, unpopular kids but dreams of being a superhero. When the government declares all superheroes must reveal themselves he hopes one of his heroes might appear, and perhaps be someone he knows. 9-11

Davis, Lindy

The Golden Scarab

Deep Ark 6

Pearson 2009 9781442528390 Pb $16.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 1. Soon there will be no dry land above sea level following cataclysmic global warning. The only remaining place to live is at the bottom of the sea. Rom lives 2000m under the sea and has never seen the sun. His dad runs Deep Ark 6 - an underwater zoo that’s really giving Rom the creeps. Sci fi for 9-11.

Rat Island

Pearson 2011 9781442541306 Pb $20.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 0. Tam is cabin boy on the Terrified Jane, in fear of the captain who sets him the task of spying on his shipmates.

Else, Barbara

The Queen and the Nobody Boy: A Tale of Fontania

Gecko Press 2012 9781877579233 Pb $24.99 Sequel to The Travelling Restaurant. Hodie, unpaid odd-job boy at the palace in Fontania, is fed up and decides to head South for a better life, only to find little Queen Sibilla has followed along. They become caught up in a giant adventure involving a greedy king, his surprising daughter, strange technology and perhaps just a little bit of magic when it matters. Enthralling. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Dawe, Ted

And Did Those Feet

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361494 Pb $18.99 When Sandy’s mum dies and his dad goes a bit mad Sandy is sent to stay on his aunt and uncle’s Taranaki farm. His relations are part of a group who follow the teachings of poet William Blake. Sandy has a lot to learn as he faces his season of disasters - some of his own making and some brought upon him by others. 10-14.

De Goldi, Kate

The ACB with Honora Lee

Illus Gregory O’Brien Longacre 2012 9781869799892 Hb $34.99 Perry (9) has a busy life filled with after-school classes, but when an afternoon is freed up she decides to visit her grandmother at the rest home each week. The grandmother is suffering from dementia but Perry shows understanding and decides to make an alphabet book about all the characters at the home. O’Brien’s illustrations add a quirky interpretation to each chapter. 10-adult. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Delamain, Brenda Lizzie, Love

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361395 Pb $16.99 Set in 1833 and based on a true story. Lizzie is 12 and has been crippled by a recent illness. Her father is a missionary to Maori in the Bay of Islands. Lizzie is struggling when her baby brother dies and her mother becomes ill, she’s the eldest of 7 children and much is expected of her. 10-13.

Duder, Tessa Jellybean

HarperCollins (1985) 2010 9781869508395 Pb $16.99 Geraldine (Jellybean) lives with her cellist mother and knows little about her father. She is often left to her own devices, when she acts out her dream to become a conductor. When a stranger comes into their life and she finds that he is someone from her mother’s past, she begins to wonder if he is her father. She learns that you have to make some challenging decisions when you know what you really want. American Library Association 1987 Honour Book. 9+.

Bow Down Shadrach

Puffin (1991), 2000 9780141309156 Pb $19.99 When Hannah discovers that her beloved horse has been sold to a pet food factory, she and her brothers set out on a daring rescue.

The Travelling Restaurant: Jasper’s Adventures in Three Parts

Illus Sam Broad Gecko Press 2011 9781877467776 Pb with flaps $24.99 In the city of Fontania magic is forbidden. Jasper (12) is left behind as his parents flee the city, and he finds refuge on The Travelling Restaurant, a sailing ship. Jasper embarks on a journey to find his baby sister and his parents, and to find the true monarch of Fontania. NZ IBBY Honour Book for Writing, Storylines Notable Book & LIANZA Esther Glen Award 2012. 9+.

Falkner, Brian The Flea Thing

Walker Books Australia 2007 9781921150128 Pb $16.99 Daniel (12) wins a place on the NZ Warriors rugby league team and becomes the youngest-ever player in the history of the game. How? Well that’s a secret which will turn Daniel’s life upside down and inside out, make him a media sensation - a legend in his own time. But even being a league superstar has its downside. 8-14.

The Super Freak

Walker Books Aust (2005) 2007 9781921150142 Pb $16.99 Jacob’s amazing superpower means he must decide whether he will be a super-hero or a super-villain. As Jacob’s life gets increasingly complicated, he is forced to make important decisions. 8-14..

The Real Thing

Walker Books Australia (2004) 2007 978921150135 Pb $16.99 Fizzer Boyd and Tupai White get caught up in an exciting adventure when Fizzer’s talent for picking the ‘real thing’ becomes a matter of life and death. 8-14.

Maddy West and the Tongue Taker

Illus Donovan Bixley Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921977671 Pb $22.99 Maddy West can speak every language in the world. When she is asked to translate some ancient scrolls, Maddy is excited. But the scrolls hide many secrets. Secrets that send Maddy on a wild adventure with a stowaway ninja, a mysterious monkey, a Bulgarian wrestler and a fiendish witch. And soon Maddy finds herself in deadly peril. Does Maddy have what it takes to save herself and her new friends? Storylines Notable Book 2013.



Duval, Stu

Lindy Davis (2007 9780473122669 Pb $25.95 Adventure/thriller. Oliver has three weeks to discover who is masterminding a plot to steal artefacts from the Warkworth Museum. 10-13.

Cowley, Joy

Puffin 2005 9780143318293 Pb $19.99 14-year-old Jordan and her young brothers crash in the bush and the pilot of their plane is killed and one of the boys is badly hurt. Somehow there seems to be a strange voice telling her what to do. 200 years before a young hunter with second sight is slave to some Maori warriors, he needs to escape but also needs to help the girl with golden hair who is in trouble. NZ Post Book of the Year 2006.


Night Race to Kawau

Puffin (1987), 2007 9780143303459 Pb $19.99 An exciting yacht race goes badly wrong when Sam’s father is knocked unconscious and the rest of the family must sail in the dark in a gale. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award 2005. 10-14.

Illus Donovan Bixley Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921529801 Pb $22.99 A quirky fantasy adventure starring brave and bolshy Cecelia Undergarment. She rescues a neglected dog from next door, but it lands her in the dangerous forest of Northwood in a castle which apparently no-one has ever escaped from. But Cecelia’s curiosity leads her where others don’t dare to go. Full of drama and humour with a great cast of goodies and baddies depicted in the vivacious illustrations. 9-12. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



The Project

Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529795 Pb $21.99 Luke and Tommy discover a rare book, apparently boring but really hiding some very important secrets. The town is flooding, and now there are some very bad people on their trail; they’re about to go on an unbelievable journey, risking their lives. Exciting, fastpaced, with interesting concepts about history and Leonardo Da Vinci. 11+.

Book 2 - The Priests of Ferris

Puffin 2005 9780143318361 Pb $21 Susan and Nick return to the world of O which they had saved from the Halfmen. But a hundred years have passed and O is now ruled by the the cruel and ruthless priests.

Book 3 - Motherstone

The Ninth Dragon

Puffin (1985), 2005 9780143318354 Pb $21 At last Susan and Nick are leaving the magical land of O, but even as they prepare to step back to earth, strange and evil forces reach out to ensnare them. Esther Glen Award 1986.

Folkers, Juie

Puffin (1983), 2008 9780143303893 Pb $18.99 Caroline discovers an old pair of spectacles in her father’s junk shop. When she puts them on she sees things very differently and now the safety of another world depends on them. 10-14.

Faranda, Melinda

Pearson Education 2011 9781442541320 Pb $ 18.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 0. Zac’s mum is working with ancient relics in China, changing Zac’s plans for the holidays so now he’s stuck in freezing China, but finding a mysterious carved dragon changes things. 7-12.

Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm

Julie Folkers (2003) 2011 9780473199302 Pb $24.99 National Pacific Press 2003 9780958244831 Pb $16.99 Book 1. Abby and her new friends seek to unravel the mystery at Beechhorn Cove.. They are plunged into adventures with many odd characters from the realms, while trying to save the realms from the evil Agnes.

Anika and the Techno Pirates

Julie Folkers (2007) 2011 9780473199326 Pb $24.99 National Pacific Press 2007 9781877368189 Pb $16.99 Book 2. The Techno Festival is on and there’s mystery about, with a strange Techno Wizard and the Techno Pirates.

Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove

National Pacific Press NZ 2007 9781877368295 Pb $17.99 Book 3. The Techno Festival that had come to Hopplescotch Realm is now over, and Muriel returns home to Beechorn Cove. But things have been happening while she was away, and more trouble is brewing for her and the other intriguing characters from the author’s earlier stories.

Ford, Vincent (Vince) 2Much4U

Scholastic 1999 9781869434168 Pb $18.50 Yikes! How is Davin ever going to pay his mum back for wrecking her car? The odd job business sounds like a winner until it becomes too much for even Davin to do. Tom Fitzgibbon Award 1998. NZ Post Best First Book & Junior Fiction Awards 2000. 9-13.

The World Around the Corner

Under the Mountain

Puffin (1979) 2009 9780143305019 Pb $21 Giant creatures are waking in tunnels under the extinct volcanoes of Auckland City. Their goal is the destruction of the world. Twins Rachel and Theo are destined to prevent this. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a much-loved book 2004. 9+.

Jonty and Choc

Scholastic 2011 9781869439385 Pb $19.50 Jonty and Choc are best mates - one Maori and one Pakeha, looking ofrward to going to intermediate school but they have a falling out over a mysterious lump they find at the beach which Choc is drawn to, giving him strange dreams and affecting his personality. 9-13.

The Dare Club

Longacre Press 2002 9781877135682 Pb $14.99 Adam and friends form their own club – where they take risks which usually go wrong. Somehow they always end up involving the town’s toughest gang.

Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182352 Pb $19.99 Jason (14) is woken by the police to tell him his parents have been in a high-speed crash. It looks like it was no accident and now Jason is in danger too. Drama mixes with his school life, and dealing with his father’s injury and mother’s death. 10-15.

Gregg, Stacy

Pony Club Rivals Book 1 - The Auditions

HarperCollins 2010 9780007333431 Pb $16.99 It’s audition time for next year’s new intake of students at the elite Blainford All-Stars Academy, with all the glitz and glamour of international eventing and the daily dramas of high school life.

Book 4 - Stardust & the Daredevil Ponies

HarperCollins 2008 9780007245161 Pb $15.99 Issie and her friends have been asked to help out Aunt Hess on a movie set featuring her trained horses. It’s a lot of hard work and their star horse is playing up. Can they find the secret to Stardust’s bad behaviour, along with the troublesome star of the movie Angelique? Lots of horsey excitement and the thrill of a new foal too. 9-13.

Book 5 - Comet and the Champions Cup

Book 2 - Showjumpers

HarperCollins 2010 9780007333448 Pb $16.99 Georgie has secured her place at Blainford Academy for now, but knowing who to trust is tough when you’re all competing against each other. Some new-found friendships might already be close to breaking point as competition heats up in the showjumping arena. Is cute boy James about to become an ally or is his scheming sister Kennedy going to wreck Georgie’s dreams?

Book 3 - Riding Star

HarperCollins 2011 9780007333455 Pb $16.99 There’s more backstabbing and drama as loyalties are tested to the limit in the third episode of the high life at elite riding school, Blainford Academy.

Puffin (1989), 2008 9780143303886 Pb $18.99 In 1943 in a small New Zealand town wounded American soldier comes to stay with Rex and his family bringing surprising events and changes. 10-14. Puffin (1986), 2008 9780143304081 Pb $18.99 The search for the fire-raiser in the town makes for an exciting, tension-filled tale. 10-14.

Book 4 - The Prize

Puffin 2005 9780143318347 Pb $21 Susan had always been a bit odd and never really got on with her cousin Nick, but the mark on her wrist draws them together in a frightening adventure, summoned to save the beautiful land of O from the evil Halfmen. 8-13.

Pony Club Secrets Book 1 - Mystic and the Midnight Ride

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

HarperCollins 2008 9780007245185 Pb $15.99 Issie has been training for the dressage competition but now she has to go and stay with her aunt for the summer. She’s mad until she learns that she can take her horse with her and help train horses to perform in the movies.

HarperCollins 2008 9780007270309 Pb $15.99 When Francoise D’Arth, the mysterious trainer from the world-renowned dancing pony troupe, El Caballo Dnaza Magnifico, returns to Chevalier Point to ask for Issie’s help, Issie excitedly agrees. She will travel to Spain with Francoise to compete in an ancient street race. What Issie doesn’t know is that the fate of the world-famous dance troupe depends on her success. 9-13.

The Champion

The O Trilogy Book 1 - The Halfmen of O

Book 3 - Destiny and the Wild Horses

Catch Jason Shaw series Book 1 - High Speed

Gee, Maurice

The Fire-raiser

HarperCollins 2007 9780007245178 Pb $15.99 Issie and her friends have been picked to represent their pony club at the Interclub Gold Shield - the biggest competition of the year. But then equipment is sabotaged and a rider is injured and they have to find out who is to blame. 9-13.

Grant, D C


Scholastic 2006 9781869437411 Pb $18.50 Definitely a boys’ book. Callum is suspended for trying to get some shoes off a power line outside school and his parents decide he should accompany his father on his annual motorbike ride south. The trip turns into a discovery about his father, his family, history and himself. Very little punctuation makes interesting reading. 12-15.

Book 2 - Blaze and the Dark Rider

HarperCollins 2011 Pb $16.99 In a new term at Blainford ‘All-Stars’ academy in Lexington USA and Georgia is keen to take on her rivals as she aims to take her riding up to the next level. HarperCollins 2007 9780007245192 Pb $15.99 Issie loves horses and is a member of the Chevalier Point Pony Club, where she looks after her pony Mystic, trains for gymkhanas and hangs out with her friends. When she is asked to train Blaze, an abandoned pony, her riding skills are put to the test. 9-13.

Book 6 - Storm and the Silver Bridle

HarperCollins 2009 9780007270316 Pb $15.99 Issie’s colt, Storm, is growing up fast. When he disappears in the night Issie has to go to the other side of the world to rescue him, and then to race for the Silver Bridle. 9-13.

Book 7 - Fortune and the Golden Trophy

HarperCollins 2009 9780007270323 Pb $15.99 Issie and friends are surprised when Natasha’s dad is made pony club president and unveils the Tucker Trophy competition. issie’s facing her biggest training challenge yet - Fortune, who she must work into winning form. Meanwhile someone is doing their best to wreck relations between the riders and a nearby golf club. 9-13.

Book 8 - Victory & the All-Stars Academy

HarperCollins 2009 9780007270330 Pb $15.99 Issie has won a place in the National Junior Team and is selected to compete in an international eventing competition abroad. Lots of riders and horses are training together and Issie makes new friends and enemies. She also has to bond quickly with her loan horse, Victory.

INTERMEDIATE FICTION Book 9 - Flame and the Rebel Riders

HarperCollins 2010 9780007299294 Pb $15.99 Issie takes a summer job at Ginty McLintoch’s prestigious showjumping stables where she meets a talented pony called Flame. Issie must try to keep her head in the glamorous commercial world of showjumping and will face decisions that could change her life forever. 9-13.

Ziggy and the Plugfish

Allen & Unwin 2005 9781741144024 Pb $18.99 A funny, fantastical adventure for junior readers about two children trying to rescue their parents after they’ve been swallowed by a giant jellyfish. 8-12.

Harris, Jill

At the Lake

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508845 Pb $19.99 What’s going on behind the new fences? Why can’t Simon stop himself being mean to his brother? And how far will he go to face up to his fear and find out what’s really happening?

Book 11 - Liberty and the Dream Ride

HarperCollins 2011 9780007299317 Pb $15.99 Issie leaps to new heights with showjumper Comet, but will she ride to victory on Liberty? 9-13.

Missing Toby

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361906 Pb $17.99 Harriet is missing her brother. She wants him to return and make her parents happy again. Then there’s Max and Gus who keep the local dogs in order, and away from the dog catcher. There are lots of mysteries but most important is will Toby ever come back? A story about the healing power of man’s best friend. 9-12.

Harrison, Craig

The Dumpster Saga

Book 12 - Nightstorm & the Grand Slam

HarperCollins 2011 9780007299324 Pb $15.99 It’s the final adventure for Issie and her sporthorse Nightstorm – can they exceed their greatest hopes and become the youngest team to win the triple Grand Slam ever?

Christmas Special : Issie and the Christmas Pony

HarperCollins 2008 9780007288748 Pb $15.99 In this gorgeous Christmas special, Issie tells the story of how she first met Mystic and how a little magic helped Issie and her perfect pony to stay together for ever. 9-13.

Scholastic 2007 9781869438166 Pb $18.50 All Ben wants is to get a job and impress a girl but then his kid brother turns up wearing a plastic helmet with a propeller on the top that he found in a dumpster. His brother develops super powers and aliens get involved and somehow they’re in the middle of an intergalactic incident. Humour with a touch of sci-fi. 9-12.

Haworth, Dianne

Kaimanawa Princess

HarperCollins 2008 9781869507046 Pb $20.50 Inspired by the true story of one of the first ponies culled by the Department of Conservation from the Kaimanawa herds in the Central Plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. A tale of love and courage, and the bond between a young girl and her pony. 9+.

Brave Company HarperCollins 2009 9780007313631 Pb $20.99

Hager, Mandy

Run for the Trees

Steele Roberts 1996 9781877228117 Pb $16.99 13-year-old Ben gets tangled in a campaign to save native forests and expose corruption with a sub-story of Ben’s journey to self-esteem in spite of his dyslexia.

Harlen, Johnathon† Circus Berzerkus

Allen & Unwin (2002), 2005 9781741144925 Pb $18.99 An extraordinary boy performer called Marvin Gumbo, his best friend Rajah the elephant, battle to save the family circus from ruin at the hands of Dancing Dan. 8-12.

Cockroach War

Allen & Unwin (2003), 2005 9781741144901 Pb $18.99 When the Cadwalladers win $40 million in the lottery, they blow up their house, install a landing pad for their helicopter and throw wild parties night after night. For the Judge family this means war. Illustrated edition. 8-12.

Drop Dead, Mad Dog Fred

Allen & Unwin (2003), 2005 9781741144932 Pb $18.99 A wacky adventure about a lovable but not very bright wombat farmer, his resourceful daughter Sam and their quest to save the family farm from ruin and restore Sam’s brother Billy to health. 8-12.

Puffin (1992), 2002 9780143318026 Pb $19.99 The funny and moving story of Simon, a typical teenage boy who is fighting a losing battle with muscular dystrophy. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-loved Book 2002. Times Educational Supplement Award for Special Needs 1994. 10-14.


Scholastic 2013 9781775431329 Pb $19.50 A grim secret. A life in danger. When a crazy old man leaps out of the bushes at Conrad on his way to swimming training, he gets the fright of his life. And when he discovers the man’s granddaughter is that weird horse-riding girl from school, he decides to steer clear of them. But fate has other ideas ...and he is drawn into a grim secret. What’s the old man’s connection to a death from long ago? And whose life is in danger now ... Scholastic 1995 9781869432591 Pb $18.50 Welton Intermediate School redesigns rugby. One player makes her tackles karate style, another scores on the wrong field when he takes his glasses off. The coach uses star signs to plan her practices. 9+.

Hills, Stephanie Argenta

Scholastic 2008 9781869438463 Pb $19.50 The birdpeople of the planet Argenta are slowly dying out. Anquin, a young birdboy flies into the icy Forbidden Zone, is transported to Earth, meets bored Earth boy Martin and together they must try to rescue the Clan from slavery and stop an invasion of Earth. 9+.

Hollyer, Belinda†

Secrets, Lies and my Sister Kate

Orchard Books 2007 9781846166907 Pb $19.99 Mini loves her sister Kate. They’ve been close and have a special travel game they play to distract them from their parents’ fighting. When Kate disappears Mini is determined to track her down and has to follow the clues, which leads to discoveries about their family. Contemporary characters with warmth and growing understanding of themselves and family dynamics. 10-14.

Holt, Sharon

My Story: No Survivors

Scholastic 2009 9781869439321 Pb $18.50 The Diary of Jacki Simms, Hamilton 1979. This story culminates in the tragic Erebus crash. Jackie’s brother is meant to be on the plane but misses the flight because of a series of mishaps, however his best friend (who Jackie fancies) and Jackie’s uncle are on the flight. 10-12.

My Story: Sabotage!

Hill, David Pony Club Secrets - Mystic and Blaze (Bind-up Edition)

See Ya, Simon

The Winning Touch

Book 10 - Angel and the Flying Stallions

HarperCollins 2010 9780007299300 Pb $14.99 Issie returns to El Caballo Danza Magnifico determined to bring her colt Storm back home. But first she must master haut ecole moves on stallion Angel to prove herself to the best riders in Spain. 9-13.


Puffin August 2013 9780143307570 Pb $19.99 Boy Seaman Russell Purchas is stationed on HMNZS Taupo. It’s 1952, and the frigate has just entered hostile waters off the coast of Korea. Russell is determined to prove he is a hero, to shake off the shadow of his spineless uncle who died in WW2. Russell doesn’t have to wait long to be tested. Never far from enemy fire, the waters are swarming with battleships, mines, and fleeing Korean refugees. When Russell and an orphaned Korean boy are trapped in the middle of a land battle he has to think about what bravery really is. 9-12.

My Brother’s War

Puffin 2012 9780143307174 Pb $19.99 It’s 1916. The war in Europe is underway and conscription is in place. William (18) volunteers for the army. He’s at odds with his younger brother Edmund, who is a conscientious objector and refuses to fight, no matter what humiliation and punishments are pressed upon him because of this stance. Told from their alternating points of view, with letters home to their mother and sister. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013. 9-14.

My NZ Story: Journey to Tangiwai

Scholastic (2003), 2010 9781775430063 Pb $18.50 The diary of Peter Cotterill of Napier as he travels on the train into the Tangiwai disaster, Christmas 1853. Previously published in the My Story series. 10+.

Scholastic 2008 9781869438210 Pb $18.50 The diary of Rowan Webb, Auckland, 1985. The Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, has been bombed in Auckland’s harbour and a crew member is dead. Rowan’s French pen-friend’s brother Rene has been to visit, but after the bombing she starts to wonder if he was all he appeared to be. Includes photographs and recommended reading list. 10+.

Huber, Raymond Sting

Walker Books Australia 2009 9781921150890 Pb $17.99 Ziggy is different to the other bees in his hive and he finds out that there is a mystery about where he comes from and when danger threatens the hive he has to go abroad to find help, and an answer to his questions. Learn heaps about bees while enjoying an adventure story.


Walker Books Australia 9781921720208 Pb $17.99 Sequel to Sting. Ziggy and his adopted family are in Tokyo to help discover what is destroying all the honey bees there. A fast-paced story with heaps of information as well as an exciting reading experience and there’s a great puzzle to solve before they can succeed in their mission.

Hunt, Des

Crown Park

Oceanbooks ePub/Kindle $5.95 Jack is miserable at school in Taupo then meets Fluoro who lives in an old explosion crater which provides a link to the time of an eruption 2000 years before.

Cry of the Taniwha

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507312 Pb $19.99 Matt isn’t looking forward to staying with his grandmother and her new husband in Rotorua where he doesn’t know anybody. He meets Juzza who lives over the back fence and wants to join a gang and together they get involved in a dangerous adventure involving a hand-cuffed skeleton. 9-14. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



HarperCollins 2008 9781869506384 Pb $17.99 Tim searches for dinosaur fossils in the hills of his grandparents’ sheep station. His mother drowned when he was four, leaving him with only a vague memory of her, and of a giant tooth embedded in rock. He races against time to find it before the river gully is dammed and water will cover the site. Then there’s the school bully to deal with and a gang of horse thieves to face. 9-12.

Making Waves

Scholastic 2008 9781869438456 Pb $18.50 Jazzy (13) is horrified when her parents decide to take the family sailing for a year. However, it turns out to be a time of excitement, danger, and even terror, when the family stumble on a vanilla smuggling operation. 10+.

Jones, V.M.

Juggling with Mandarins

Frog Whistle Mine

HarperCollins 2003 9781869504625 Pb $22.99 When Pip’s English teacher sets the class a challenge – to learn to juggle – he takes to it with enthusiasm. But he also discovers another talent, one that he desperately wants to keep secret. 11+. NZ Post Book of the Year & White Ravens selection 2004.

HarperCollins 2006 9781869505950 Pb $24.99 There are dark secrets beneath the surface of the quiet little town, andd Tony is about to come face to face with an intriguing mystery of his own. 9-12.

Phantom of Terawhiti

HarperCollins 2013 9781869509545 Pb $19.99 Zac is living with his disgraced father on Terawhiti Station on Wellington’s wild southwest coast. They witness a boat sink during a storm and later some unusual animal prints on the beach followed by dangerous men hunting down the Phantom of Terawhiti.

Whale Pot Bay

HarperCollins 2008 9781869507305 Pb $19.99 Jake and his father live in a female-free zone in a remote part of Wairarapa where Jake spends his time surfing and watching the whales in the bay. When Jake’s father gets a girlfriend with a daughter Jake behaves badly, and then scary things start happening with a creepy photographer and other strangers threatening trouble, and a whale stranding to deal with, Jake really has to see what he’s made of. An exciting read. 9-14.

Hunter, Eirlys

Finn’s Quest series Book 3 - Slave Stealers

Shadows in the Ice

HarperCollins 2007 9781869506735 Pb $17.99 Sequel to Frog Whistle Mine. Tony and his new step-father take a trip to Fox Glacier for another exciting adventure. Combines ecothemes, NZ geology, flora and fauna, global warning and the foibles of human nature. Teacher notes available. 9-12.

Steel Pelicans

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509538 Pb $19.99 Dean the daredevil and Pelly, his best mate, are frequently up to no good, but ean’s bomb-making is a step too far and followed by a different sort of bombshell.

Scholastic 2004 9781869435677 Pb $18.50 Third and final in the series. Finn has been longing to return to the game, school is not holding his attention and the teachers have noticed a change in him. Not even sports hold any appeal and his parents are worried. 11+.

The Crocodile Nest

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508289 Pb $19.99 Luke Evans has never known his father, so when he tracks down someone on the internet that might be him, living at a luxury resort in Queensland, Luke’s imagination runs wild. What happens when they finally meet is unexpected, and shocks him to the core. 10+.

The Peco Incident

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508968 Pb $19.99 Danny’s hyper cousin Nick is coming to stay and Danny’s dreading it. That’s the least of their problems though, bio-terrorists have come to the Otago Peninsula and the boys get caught up in finding out just what’s going on. 9-12.

Karazan Quartet Book 1 - The Serpents of Arakesh

HarperCollins 2003 9781869504779 Pb $17.99 A fantasy series in which Adam Equinox, an unlikely hero whose spelling has to be seen to be believed, wins a strange computer game competition and enters the dangerous and challenging world of Karazan, where the Serpents of Arakesh stand guard over priceless treasures.

Hutley, Tania Tough Enough

Scholastic 2009 9781869438609 Pb $18.50 Matt’s mum takes him on holiday to stay in a caravan at a beach where there has recently been a murder. He’s missing his friends and gets off to a bad start with the local kids. When one of them dares him to break into the house of the Guts McGrady and his vicious dog, it leads to unexpected discoveries and Matt discovers just how brave he can be. An exciting thriller with some moral dilemmas to consider. 9-12.

99 Flavours of Suck

Scholastic 2012 9781775430926 Pb $19.50 Kane (15) is allergic to dog hair but has a TV star mother who is a dog whisperer. He is first licked by a weirdo then bitten on the bum by a dog, leading to dramatic changes in Kane’s appearance. His friends come up with an inventive way to solve his problems. 12-15..

Book 2 - Beyond the Shroud

HarperCollins 2004 9781869504786 Pb $17.99 Adam and his friends believe they’ve said farewell to the fantasy world of Karazan forever. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Book 3 - Prince of the Wind

HarperCollins 2004 9781869504793 Pb $17.99 King Karazeel must be overthrown before it is too late, but there’s only one person who can defeat him: Zephyr, the lost Prince of the Wind. Can the five friends find him?

Johnston, Phyllis

Brother Sister Soldier Cousin

Longacre Press 2009 9781877460319 Pb $17.99 Helen (13) lives on a farm with Mum, Dad and siser Jess, and now brother Harry is home from the war in Egypt. Full of details of farm life with milking, school, chores, the threat of Japanese invasion and war rations. Helen accidentally discovers a secret about her past which changes her whole view of herself, and the problems just keep on coming. Courage and humour are needed by everyone to make it through. 9-14.

Dead Dan’s Dee

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361753 Pb $16.99 Dee’s father was killed in the Great War and she lives with her sick mother and aunt until they are hospitalised and she is sent to a refuge for orphans where life is harsh. Her father’s friend rescues her and takes her to live on a farm where she is much happier but there are still shadows over her life as she tries to discover the truth about her father and plan a happier future. Great insight into life in New Zealand in the post-war years. 11+.

Book 4 - Quest for the Sun

HarperCollins 2005 9781869504809 Pb $17.99 The final instalment of the tale of Adam Equinox and his adventures in Karazan.

Shooting the Moon

HarperCollins 2006 9781869506216 Pb $19.99 Sequel to Juggling with Mandarins. The pangs of adolescence show as Pip struggles to deal with his brother’s failure at school and increasing drug use, his own problems dealing with girls and ongoing issues with his father who insists Pip has to go through the family rite of passage - deer hunting with Dad. 11+

Then There Were Nine

The Secret of Jelly Mountain

Scholastic 2009 9781869438913 Pb $19.50 13-year-old twins Jason and Jessy live with their parents on a farm. When Shawn Morris crashes his plane there he brings trouble, and machinery looking for oil. The twins have found a diary written by a girl who lived on their farm during WW1 which leads them to discover the secrets of Jelly Mountain. Packed with excitement and environmental information. 10+. Hb = Hardback Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Jones, Linley

Waiatarua 1989 9780908705429 Pb $14.99 Suddenly the lives of the Edgemores, five girls and four boys aged 6-21, are drastically changed, and they only have a few days to come to terms with surviving alone in colonial New Zealand.

Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Eb = Electronic book


Denzil series Book 1 - The Wednesday Wizard

Scholastic (1991), 2007 9781869438388 Pb $18.50 A humorous tale about a crazy medieval wizard’s apprentice who creates mayhem wherever he goes. After Denzil miscasts a spell he is transported to the 20th century. 8-12.

Book 2 - Denzil’s Dilema

Scholastic (1992), 2007 9781869438395 Pb $18.50 Denzil is in big trouble after borrowing a sacred charm. He has to summon his friend Sam from the 20th century to help him. She arrives dressed as an angel which causes more trouble. 8-12.

Book 3 - The Great Bear Burglary

Scholastic (1997), 2007 9781869438401 Pb $18.50 Denzil the apprentice wizard 8-12.has to rescue Wimpy the dancing bear from further cruelty and decides they must go and live with his friends in the 20th century. 8-12.

Book 4 - The Silver Dragon

Scholastic 2007 9781869438418 Pb $18.50 In Denzil’s time books are hand-written by monks and very precious. Only the rich can learn to read. But visiting his friend Sam in the future he has seen books made on machines. Denzil tries to use his magic to create his own machine but it all goes wrong and now everyone is in danger. 8-12.

Travellers series Book 1 - Because We Were the Travellers

Longacre Press 2002 9781877135743 Pb $16.99 Set in a time when the sun has scorched the earth. Two cast out ‘Travellers’, an old woman and a young boy, battle to survive in the hostile terrain.

Book 3 - The Shaman and the Droll

Longacre Press 1999 9781877135323 Pb $14.99 In the harsh land of the Great White Bear, Ish finds a rescuer, companion and friend in The Bear Man. He gains wisdom and a place for himself, learns the power of knowledge and the mysteries of the human spirit. But there’s a dark, menacing presence lurking in this land.

Book 4 - Kalik

Longacre Press 2001 9781877135590 Pb $14.99 The final book in the series. Ish escapes from Lutha’s cruel and primitive society, with a group of children, in search of a peaceful place to start a new life.

Locke, Elsie

A Canoe in the Mist Collins Modern NZ Classics 3

HarperCollins (1984), 2005 9781869505684 Pb $19.99 A classic about the traumatic events surrounding the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera, from the viewpoint of two young schoolgirls.


MacLean, Glynne Escape

Pearson 2009 9781442524439 Pb $20.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 1. Historical fiction set in the port city of Suq, a bustling centre of sea-going trade in the days of the Byzantine empire. Katin and Asha are best friends and Asha has disappeared but katin can’t get the truth out of anyone. 9-11.

Mahy, Margaret

Kaitangata Twitch

Allen & Unwin (2005), 2010 9781742373966 Pb $19.99 A supernatural eco-thriller about a girl who has dangerous dreams and an island that punishes those who would harm it. Also a TV series. 12+.

Maddigan’s Quest

HarperCollins 2006 9781869506025 Pb $20.50 In a time not too far from our own, a colourful and bizarre group of travellers brave a post-apocalyptic landscape - the acrobats, clowns, trapeze artists, jugglers and musicians who make up Maddigan’s Fantasia. Linked television series. Previously published as Maddigan’s Fantasia - finalist NZ Post Book Awards 2006.

Kelly, Michelle Payback

Scholastic 2008 9781869438296 Pb $19.50 Riley’s biggest problem is that he’s short, but there are other problems too - like why Kelly isn’t talking to him, and what’s going to happen after he thumps the biggest bully in the school? Now it’s payback time. A funny story, good for reluctant readers. 10-15.

Organ Music

Kenna, Anna

The Runaway Settlers Collins Modern NZ Classics

Scholastic 2010 9781869439330 Pb $18.50 12-year-old Caitlin’s mother is in a wheelchair after a bike accident and a lot is expected of Caitlin, even with her grandfather, and mum’s new boyfriend around to help. She decides to investigate what went wrong with the bike, leading to a dramatic show-down, echoed by a school project investigating her reporter-aunt Viola. 10+.

Lockyer, John

Viola Vincent Reporting

King, Rachael Red Rocks

Random House 2012 9781869799144 Pb $19.99 Jake finds a sealskin in a cave by the sea which he takes home and hides in his room. Around town a red-haired, barefoot woman searches for something; when she makes friends with his father things become very strange. There are strange tales about seals who become human and Jake begins to suspect that he has caused trouble by hiding the skin. Filled with folktale, ocean adventure and intriguing characters. 10-14. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Lasenby, Jack Old Drumble

HarperCollins 2008 9781869506742 Pb $19.99 Jack lives in a small town in central New Zealand. His hero is Andy the drover who tells him tales of his dog Old Drumble and their adventures. 8-13. NZ Post Junior Fiction Award 2009.

HarperCollins (1965), 2009 9781869507695 Pb $19.99 The year is 1859 and the Small family arrives in the new Canterbury colony without a penny to their name. Mother and six children have a hard beginning to their new life - all the more since they are runaways from a cruel father and husband in Australia.

The Intruder

Pearson 2009 9781442527591 Pb $17 Nitty Gritty Level 1. Earth’s population has exploded and there’s not enough food, but a special fertilizer from the moon produces bumper crops which are grown in huge domes which are entirely machine-operated. Luca is the moon base’s sole occupant until a strange female arrives - what does she want and is she friend or foe? Sci-fi for 9-11.

The Tears of Harry Wakatipu

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361432 Pb $12.99 Harry Whakatipu the horse returns to Hopuruahine Hut, hear more of Harry’s adventures in the classic days of deer culling, real blokes and life in the Vast Untrodden Ureweras. 10+.

HarperCollins 2006 9781869505707 Pb $18.50 Ditta wants to be a detective and when she spots a ghostly boy in the library her first mystery begins. Then her best friend Max reveals that his new bedroom is making strange noises and his computer seems to be possessed things get really spooky.


Pearson 2010 9781442527638 Pb $20.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 1. Connor is on a holiday cruise to Greece and Turkey when strange things start to happen. He keeps seeing a boy who looks just like him and when Connor’s ID card goes missing he is accused of doing things he hasn’t.

Lowe, Helen Thornspell

Random House (2008) 2010 9780375844799 Pb $19.99 Referencing the classic Sleeping Beauty. Prince Sigismund has grown up in a remote castle, dreaming of going on knightly quests. He has only been mildly interested in the forbidden wood beyond the castle gates, until a brief encounter with a beautiful and mysterious lady changes his life forever. Julius Vogel Award for Best Young Adult Novel 2009. 9-12.

Triple Ripple HarperCollins 2010 9781869508524 Pb $19.99 Maggie is growing up in the Depression, in a small rural town with her widowed father who does his best to care for her, with help from the friends and neighbours. 9-12.

Portable Ghosts

Lohans, Alison

Lowry, Brigid † The Haystack

Gecko Press 2010 9781877467479 Pb $20 A short but adrenalin-filled novel looking at issues of bioethics. Harley and David (14) are in town at night looking for excitement, when they find a flash car with the keys left in the ignition. They can’t resist but when they get in the car drives itself deep into the forest to the Willesdan Research Centre. Now they’re not just in trouble for stealing a car, their lives could be in danger. A horror story with fantastic vocabulary. A good read for older reluctant readers. 11+.

Allen & Unwin 2011 9781742374994 Pb $22.99 Brigid Lowry’s original fairytale with a modern twist will totally charm romantic girls from age 12 up. It’s a clever story that combines a fairytale and a modern-girl’s tale, and reveals the magic of the writer’s creative journey. 12+.

Marriott, Janice Monstrosity

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508333 Pb $19.99 Brewster (aka Monster) just can’t help playing practical jokes and the family despairs off making him behave. But perhaps a really spectacular trick could be the answer. A fabulously funny collection previously published in 1997 as Green Slime Dinner Time, The B4 Battle, The Big Bug Blast and Alien on Wheels. 9-12.

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Marshall, Jill

Matilda Peppercorn: Manx

Pear Jam Books 2011 Ebook $8.49 Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182307 Pb $19.99 Matilda Peppercorn (known as Tilly) is being watched by some strange women who turn up in her garden, at kickboxing, up a tree while she’s with her best friend, another Matilda (known as Mattan). They are both adopted and their parents are very worried as other adopted children have been going missing. The weird women have plans for Tilly and she’s in for quite an adventure. 8-12.

McCurdie, Carolyn The Unquiet

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361401 Pb $12.99 The Unquiet is creeping in between the star systems, Pluto has disappeared and soon the earth is under attack, entire countries are swallowed. Tansy and Anaru have to travel far into the heart of the earth, accompanied by guides from another realm to try to find a way to stem the world’s great unrest. 10-13.

My Story: Be Counted!

Scholastic 2007 9781869438371 Pb $18.50 The diary of Amy Phelps, Dunedin 1893. Amy is 13 and her father has brought the family to ruin through his drinking. She gets the chance to go and live with her rich aunt in Dunedin where she can pursue her dream to be an artist. Meanwhile her aunt is involved with the campaign to get women the vote. 10+.

Menefy, Diana

Shadow of the Boyd

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508609 Pb $19.99 In 1809 the sailing ship Boyd is cutting through the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. Amongst those are board is George, a Maori youth on his way home, and Thomas Davidson, an apprentice on his first voyage. George falls ill and refuses to work and is flogged as a consequence, but he’s going to have his revenge. Based on a true story and told from the point of view of one of a handful of Pakeha who survived the massacre of the Boyd. 11+.

McKay, Sandy

When Our Jack Went to War

Longacre 2013 9781775533092 Pb $19.99 It’s 1914 and war has broken out in Europe. Tom’s older brother Jack has been called up and goes to training camp then by sea across the world and to the front line. Told in the form of letters between Tom and Jack, telling of the wartime experience at home and in the brutal midst of the war. Includes newspaper clippings. 10-16.

McKinnon, Kingi

When the Kehua Calls

Scholastic 2002 9781869435226 Pb $18.50 Rewi’s family has returned home but something is wrong with his mother’s house. There’s a strange feeling about it that only Rewi can feel.

McNabb, Linda

Circle of Dreams series Book 1 - Runeweaver

Scholastic 2005 9781869436797 Pb $18.50 The search is on for a new king or queen, and for runeweavers who can help contenders penetrate the Circle of Dreams and win the throne. Zaine just has to reach out and touch the book and his fate will be sealed, he is fighting the urge but it seems irresistible. 11-14.

Book 2 - Timeweaver

Scholastic 2007 9781869438364 Pb $18.50 The aftermath of Runeweaver, is more destructive than Zaine could have imagined. Over the site of the Circle of Dreams hangs a raging storm that threatens to destroy the castle and the undo all the work Zaine has done to free the wizards from their books. 11-14.

Book 3 - Starweaver

Scholastic 2008 9781869438814 Pb $18.50 The crowning planned from book one has still to be finalised when a strange anomaly reveals that time is slowing. There must be yet another circle of Dreams somewhere ad it is essential that Zaine finds it and repairs the rifts that are causing worlds to slow. 11+.

McQuillan, Heather Nest of Lies

Scholastic 2011 9781775430254 Pb $18.50 Ashlee is a slave to her wicked stepfamily, until a yellowhammer bird taps at her window, leading her to a message of hope ... and her lost brother, Felix. Ashlee must sift through lies and fairytales to find the truth about herself, the past and her own father. 11+.

McRae, Jacqui Scent of Apples

Huia Publishers 2011 9781869694777 Pb $20 Libby (13) is devastated when her grandfather dies, and can’t seem to deal with her loss, until she finds that physical pain, from pulling her hair out, eases the emotional pain. She’s sent to boarding school where she meets a Maori girl, Charlie, who’s full of life and part of a welcoming and accepting whanau. She helps Libby and her mother find a way beyond their troubles. 11-15.

McVeagh, Janine

My NZ Story: Earthquake! Napier, 1930-31

Scholastic 2011 9781775430155 Pb $18.50 The diary of Katie Bourke, Napier, 1930-31. Napier in the 1930s was tough for the Bourke household. After the death of Katie’s father the Catholic family must survive on the earnings of the older siblings and the washing the mother takes in. Katie records events in her father’s old diary. Then the earthquake strikes.10-13. First published in 2004 as Earthquake! in the My Story series. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

mysterious casket everyone is looking for. With help from the Valentine twins Gerald sets about solving the mystery in spite of considerable danger. Very exciting read. Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing 2008. LIANZA Esther Glen Award 2010.

Book 2 - The Emerald Casket

Text Publishing 2010 9781921656453 Pb $26 Gerald, Sam and Ruby fly to India in Gerald’s private jet for a holiday, hoping to escape the exhausting business of stolen gems. But their holiday soon turns into another exciting adventure as Gerald’s nemesis is on his trail again and there’s a special casket to find.

Book 3 - The Mask of Destiny

Text Publishing 2011 9781921758539 Pb $26 The police have caught Sir Mason Green and the third casket can remain a secret. Gerald thinks he can relax, but at his trial Green drops dead in the dock, poisoned by a dart with Gerald’s DNA on it. 9-12.

Book 4 - The Crystal Code

Text Publishing 2012 9781922079039 Pb $21 Gerald, Sam and Ruby meet Alisha and Ox for snowboarding in California but their private chalet is attacked, they escape but are pursued by snowmobile. The adventure takes them from USA through the Czech Republic and a Swedish island.

Nicholson, Trudy

Mills, Tania

Don’t Call me Jojo

Scholastic 2008 9781869438203 Pb $19.50 Jojo discovers her father has a criminal record. In her fury she refuses to see him or have anything to do with him, including using his pet name for her. 11+.

Morris-Bensemann, Leone My Story: Escape from Sarau

Scholastic 2006 9781869437008 Pb $18.50 The diary of Emilie Ritter in 1882. She is planning her escape from the tiny German immigrant village of Sarau, near Nelson. She wants to escape from her life of drudgery and her violent father. But how can she do it with no money and nowhere to go? Glossary of German words, recipes and photographs included. 10+.

Murray, Lee

Battle of the Birds: Te Pakanga o Ngā Manu

Oceanbooks ePub/Kindle $7.95 Taramea Publishing 2011 9780473189280 Pb $19.99 Annie is transported back in time and from Wisconsin to early New Zealand on the back of an eagle called Ken. A Maori tribe think she is the answer to a prophecy about an upcoming battle between the birds. An exciting fantasy adventure with information about early Maori and how they might have lived. 10-14.

Nagelkerke, Bill Hot Money

Pearson Education 2010 9781442528406 Pb $20/99 Nitty Gritty level 1. Miles and August are mucking around on their bikes after school when a bank robber’s proceeds are flung from a speeding car’s window, with police in hot pursuit. Miles knows what he must do with the money - he must hand it in, right?

My Story - Sitting on the Fence

Scholastic 2007 9781869437480 Pb $18.50 The diary of Martin Daly, Christchurch, 1981. Based on the Springbok rugby tour of new Zealand in 1981 when the nation was divided between pro and anti tour supporters. 10+.

Nelson, Sandy

The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508678 Pb $18.99 Paddy (11) is being haunted by 10233 ghosts of sailors who died in Guadalcanal at the Battle of Savo Island. His class is doing an Anzac study so Paddy asks his grandfather about his experiences as a survivor of the sinking of the HMAS Canberra in the Savo Island battle. The traumatic tale helps Paddy understand why Grandad didn’t want to talk about it, but even after Grandad dies the ghosts still won’t leave Paddy alone until he finds a way to tell the full story to the world. 11+.

Newsome, Richard†

The Billionaire series Book 1 - The Billionaire’s Curse

Text Publishing 2009 9781921520570 Pb $26 Text Publishing 2012 9781921922756 Pb $21 Gerald Wilkins’ (13) life takes a surprising turn when he inherits his great aunt’s estate worth 20 billion pounds. Someone’s stolen the world’s most valuable diamond, and then there’s the

White Cloud Station series Book 1 - Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station

Puffin 2009 9781742288857 Eb $19.99 Puffin 2009 9780143304586 Pb $19.99 Suzy, Alexa and Lucy love horses, but because of her allergies Suzy isn’t allowed to own one. When they attend the round-up and auction of wild horses Suzy falls in love with a horse but it’s sold to another bidder. But just when it looks like Suzy’s dream will never come true an unexpected friend comes to the rescue. 10+.

Book 2 - Summer with Horses

Puffin 2009 9781742288864 Eb $19.99 Puffin 2009 9780143304593 Pb $19.99 Suzy, Alexa and Lucy are spending summer at the beach with their horses when they meet a new hero though a lucky escape and Suzy has a chance to return to White Cloud Station. 10+.

Book 3 - Wild Horse Country

Puffin 2009 9780143304753 Pb $19.99 Puffin 2009 9781742288864 Eb $19.99 Suzy, Lucy and Alexa are allowed to take part in the round-up at White Cloud Station. But Alexa has other plans and her actions may cost all of the girls. 9-14.

Book 4 - Riding High at White Cloud Station

Puffin 2009 9781742288567 Eb $19.99 Puffin 2009 9780143304760 Pb $19.99 Suzy has promised her best friends Alexa and Lucy that she will show them the secret herd of curly-coated horses living in the mountains near White Cloud Station, but an accident puts one of the out of action. 9-14.

Book 5 - Horse Magic

Puffin 2010 9780143305088 Pb $19.99 Puffin 2010 9781742287201 Eb $19.99 Suzy and Alexa return to Jasmine farm while Lucy and Hope must stay at White Cloud Station to recover from an accident. Grandad has a plan for Hope so that Lucy will be able to ride her again. 9-14.

Book 6 - Autumn with Horses

Puffin 2010 9780143305095 Pb $19.99 Puffin 2010 9781742287492 Eb $19.99 The girls decide to enter the national Grand Champion Show where an unexpected winner takes the Grand Champion award. When they return to White Cloud Station a mystery ride takes them to an overnight stay at a haunted house and Suzy discovers a secret herd of curly-coated horses. 9-14.

Norcliffe, James

Felix and the Red Rats

Random House 2013 9781775533245 Pb $19.99 When David’s uncle comes to visit bizarre things start happening including pet rats turning red. David senses they are connected to a story he is reading. In a parallel story Felix and friend Bella are shifted into a strange land where they must solve a riddle which puts them in great danger. Word riddles and fantastical adventure. 9-12.

The Carousel Experiment

Hazard Press 1995 9780908790869 Pb $16.99 Determined to find his long lost mother, Larry sets off to the mysterious Carousel Caravan Park and encounters more than he bargained for.


Longacre 2012 9781869799267 Paperback $19.99 Becky’s mother has bought her a flute, but it will only play one tune. A card in the flute case leads her to meet a strange man. When Dr Faustus invites her to his home, schoolmate Johnny comes along too and when they find themselves locked in a room they escape out the window, but it has led to a very strange world. Echoing with myths associated with Pan and other familiar tales, this is a long and convoluted tale both fascinating and scary as each layer both reveals and adds depth to the fantastical. 10-15.

The Loblolly Boy

Longacre Press 2009 9781877460258 Pb $19.99 Red lives in an orphanage and suffers at the hands of the bullies, keepers and their snarling dogs. When a strange young boy appears in the garden and offers to teach him to fly he suddenly finds himself transformed into the loblolly boy. He is free, he can fly and he is invisible, but this isn’t as great as it sounds. He makes few friends as most can’t see him, and finally has to find his way back to being himself again. Magical, mysterious and thought-provoking. NZ Post Junior Fiction Award 2010. 10+.

The Loblolly Boy and the Sorcerer

Longacre Press 2011 9781877460692 Pb $19.99 Michael convinces the unhappy boy at the Great Hall to exchange with him again, and begins a magical journey home. Complications, twists and stunts abound the Sorcerer and Gadget Man get involved.10+.

O, Jesse

Staying Home: My True Story of Survival

Puffin 2010 9780143305699 Pb $18.99 A pandemic has struck and more and more people are getting sick so they’re all restricted to their homes. Zac (12) and his family do a great job of surviving but when days turn into weeks it gets pretty scary and they must be increasingly resourceful to cope. 10-14.

O’Brien, Bill

My New Zealand Story: Castaway

Scholastic 2011 9781869439910 Pb $18.50 The diary of Samuel Abraham Clark, Disappointment Island, 1907. Sam (13) leaves Dunedin to go to find his brother in London after his parents die in a house fire. In Sydney he joins the crew of a sailing ship but then disaster strikes. In the Southern Ocean a storm drives the ship onto a desolate island. 10+. Was My Story: Castaway in 2006.

Oehley, Michael†

The 4 Powers of Daren Saner

Scholastic 2010 9781869439453 Pb $19.50 Two worlds, thousands of years apart in time, are in crisis, and it seems Daren is their only hope, with his four strange powers and two destinies - to save the worlds of his past and his future. 10+.

The Vitality Code

Scholastic 2012 9781775430568 Pb $19.50 Daren Saner and his friends take a forbidden jaunt in the space pods and bring back a deadly virus to the spaceship. Daren makes a miraculous recovery but his friends remain in a coma ... and the plague begins to spread through the ship. 10+.

Orman, Lorraine

My New Zealand Story: Here Come the Marines. Warkworth 1943

Scholastic 2012 9781775430766 Pb $18.50 The diary of Lillian Glenmore in 1943. She is staying with her grandparents in Whangateau, to recover from tuberculosis. Then a US Marine Division moves in down the road and life gets a lot more interesting. 10+. Previously My Story: A Long Way from Home.

My Story: Land of Promise

Scholastic 2008 9781869438494 Pb $18.50 The diary of William Donahue, Gravesend to Wellington, 1839-40. William’s family spend months on a ship travelling to New Zealand to find the settlement isn’t as established as they were led to believe. Detail about life on board the ship and the hard work required to make their new home. 10+.

Orwin, Joanna My Story: Kauri In My Blood

Scholastic 2007 9781869437619 Pb $18.50 The diary of Laura Ann Findlay, the Coromandel, 1921-24. Laura’s family lives a hard life following the timber men as they cut down kauri in the dense forests that once covered the Coromandel Peninsula. The family lives under canvas and cooks over open fires while Laura longs to be able to go to school. 10+.

Owen, Julia

A Case for G-String

Scholastic 2005 9781869436766 Pb $18.50 Geraldine (Mickey to her friends) String does her brother’s paper round when he is sick and is soon on the case of Miss Horn and her dog Cupcake. Miss Horn is dead and Cupcake is missing but Mickey is determined to solve the mystery, with the help of her friends. 9-12.

Palmer, Geoffrey Too Many Zeros

Puffin 2011 9780143504290 Pb $25 It’s the beginning of an adventure when Tim meets two mice with an amazing calculator. Alien visitors, new technology, and space travel all contribute to this exciting tale.

Park, Ruth† My Sister Sif

University of Queensland Press 2009 9780702237010 Pb $26 Erika (14) always has confidence that she knows best, so when her homesick sister Sif longs to return to Rongo Island, Erika plots for Sif to get there, then runs away to join her. The locals are frightened by changes to their world, and there are more problems with Sif and a family secret. 11-15.

Playing Beattie Bow

Viking 2013 9780670076864 Hb $26 Puffin 1982 9780140314601 Pb $17.99 Puffin 1982 9781742531540 Eb $17.99

Playing Beattie Bow (Popular Penguin)

Puffin 1982 9780143204879 Pb $13.99 Penguin 2010 9781742530864 Eb $POA What starts as a game develops into a strange and frightening adventure. Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year 1981.

Parker, John

Lightning Strikes: Sucked In

Walker Books Australia 2008 9781921150623 Pb $15.99 A spine-tingling story about a boy who wishes to be taller - and the blood-hungry eye that appears to be the answer to all his problems but which soon gets out of control. 8-12.

Sucked Out

Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529689 Pb $15.99 Sequel to Sucked In. The creepy eyeball Zainey ordered from a magazine is causing trouble again. It was stuck in the back of a teacher’s head, giving him the ability to see behind him, but now it’s on the loose again and looking for blood. When it goes down the heating vent in the school stage the boys have to get clever to retrieve it, and eventually find a great new home for the eye. Fastpaced easy read for older children. 9-14.

Pulford, Elizabeth Blackthorn

Walker Books Aust (2008), 2009 9781921529443 Pb $17.99 A historical fantasy set in the ancient time of tribal feuds. After the death of her father Alyana determines to follow in his footsteps and flees to live in the forest as the warrior she feels she truly is. 8-12.

Blackthorn’s Betrayal

Walker Books Australia 2009 9781921529030 Pb $17.99 Sequel to Blackthorn. Blackthorn is close to achieving her aim to be a Trahern warrior but she must embark on a treacherous mission, travelling deep into enemy territory to infiltrate the Doane camp. But the stakes are high and her instincts are put to the ultimate test. 8-12.

Call of the Cruins

Scholastic 2000 9781869434717 Pb $18.50 In a time when killing seals was a way of life, how can a young girl save one?

Castlecliff and the Fossil Princess

Illus Lorelei Jenner Walker Books Australia 2007 9781921150111 Pb $17.99 12-year-old Jamie is with his mother and his new step-dad, Hurst, on their honeymoon trip to Castlecliff. There he meets the strange Lani, suffering from leukemia but trying to live a normal life. She helps Jamie with his swimming and tells him about Grancliff and the fossils. They discover a secret about Grancliff and her brother William and Jamie learns a lot about himself, friendship and what’s really important. 10+.


Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921529450 Pb $18.99 Kate (13) is worried about her dad who is missing after a plane crash. Each evening she lights a lamp in the window of a hut in the hills so he can find his way home. A boy from the nearby boot camp turns up and makes friends with Kate, but when his dad


arrives on the scene things get dangerous. A mixture of compelling drama and close relationships. 10-13.

Quilter, Rose

Lightning Strikes!: The Slice

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921977534 $15.99 Marco’s stomach rumbles. He remembers the cold piece of pizza left over from last night. But Andy and Joey are starving too. They all hold on to the pizza box. It’s decided that the last person holding the box gets the slice. They’ve got nothing else to do this summer. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Roxborogh, Tania Space Gum

Longacre Press 2008 9781877460050 Pb $17.99 Carl’s father introduces him to an ex-NASA scientist who gives him some old books. A piece of paper he finds leads to some dangerous events as his father is abducted and they have to make an important decision. Humorous and exciting. 10-14.

Scott, Clare

Lightning Strikes!: Egghead

Walker Books Australia 2008 9781921150814 Pb $15.99 Paddy is excited when his teacher announces a week-long experiment. But this experiment is not what it’s cracked up to be. 9-12.

The Great Shave

Walker Books Australia 2008 9781921150609 Pb $15.99 Stix dyes his hair green in honour of his favourite band but it won’t wash out! He manages to turn disaster into triumph and which demonstrates how legends come in all shapes, sizes and colours! Easy read, great story. 10-14.

Simpson, Vicki Yo, Shark Bait!

Scholastic 2007 9781869438012 Pb $18.50 Rory loves fishing more than anything but an accidental swim with a huge mako shark affects him deeply and now he’s afraid of the water - which is a bit of a problem when his school principal puts him in charge of the school fishing competition. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2006. 10+.

Slade Robinson, Nikki

Lissy Lamont & the Extreme Dream Team

Oceanbooks 2012 9781927199060 ePub/Kindle $7.95 A hilarious environmental adventure set in New Zealand where Lissy and her team show tha kids CAN achieve big things, in spite of criminals trying to stop them. 8-10.

Stanhope, Kris

Why I Hate School by Michael Fatarsky

Scholastic 2008 9781869438715 Pb $17.50 Michael has 243 reasons why he hates school. But when a school assignment leads him to get to know another student he starts to see the world differently, and look at his past and the death of his brother in a new way. Full of humour and emotion with a happy ending. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2007. 9-13.

Stone, Sally

My NZ Story: Pandemic. Spanish Flu, 1918

Scholastic 2012 9781775430896 Pb $18.50 1918, Freda Rose (11) is looking forward to her brother returning from the Western Front. But there’s more trouble coming in the form of a devastating contagious disease. Written in diary form.

Sullivan, Jillian

Rat Keeper, Cat Keeper

Pearson 2009 9781442524477 Pb $20.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 1. Meg’s new stepfather has given her cat to the animal refuge but Meg has a plan to get Starry back, involving one of the meanest boys at school and his pet rats. 9-11.

Szymanik, Melinda

A Winter’s Day in 1939

Scholastic 2013 9781775430308 Pb $18.50 Based on the story of the author’s father in WW2 Poland. Adam (12) and his family have their farm taken by the Red Army and they must leave with only what they can carry, to begin a long journey to a prisoner of war camp in Siberia. Heartbreaking, but rich in detail of how they survived and took care of each other through these events. 10+.

Taylor, Kathy Iris’s Ukulele

Scholastic 2012 9781775430544 Pb $19.50 A story about a vampire rap musical and a strong friendship ... and dreams of a shiny new purple ukulele. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2011 & Notable Book 2013. 10+. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Thompson, Tulia Josefa and the Vu

Huia Publishers 2007 9781869693008 Pb $20 When Josefa is met by a giant warrior claiming to be an ancestral spirit things get chaotic. The school bully has stolen the family’s tabua and Josefa and his friend take a lot of risks to get it back. Adventure story for 9-12.

The Bully Chip

Walker Books Australia July 2013 9781921977640 Pb $18.99 A year after they defeated Lester Smythe, the evil mastermind, Callum, Sophie and Jinx are having problems with the new kids at Thanxton High. The bullies seem to be targeting them. And the friends soon discover they’re in the middle of a dangerous plot for revenge. Who’s behind it? And what is the bully chip?

Thorpe, Leonie

Wood, Lindsay

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508159 Pb $19.99 When a group from 14-year-old Anna’s school go to see her mother’s research lab on Careers Day, they discover there are animals being experimented on, including a sheep. A thought-provoking story with lots of action and realistic characters. 9-12.

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508197 Pb $18.99 Corey is overweight and hates school. He’d like to spend all his time playing computer games but his mother takes a stand and says he must take up a team sport. He picks orienteering under the mistaken impression that it’s just ‘a walk in the park’. He gets lost on the course and has to use his wits to get out of trouble and discovers he’s more capable than he’d thought. 11+.

The Sheep on the Fourth Floor

Deadwater Lane

Scripta 2012 9781475260250 Pb $29.99 Christopher wants to understand his old risk-taking, tearaway self. There was an accident, an old man killed while they were car racing. Christo got the blame and a head injury so his memory is not the best, but soon he’s back on the streets, doing community service and plotting revenge ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ style for his best mate stealing his girlfriend. 13-16.

This Way Up

Beaglehole, Helen Family Album

Cape Catley 1997 9780908561582 Pb $16.99 A novel for young adults about family relationships, where an old tragedy throws light on relationships today.

Strange Company

Tipene, Tim

Kura Toa - Warrior School

Libro International (2004), 2009 9781877514029 Pb $24.99 Haki is in a car crash when an old man comes along and steals the pounamu from around his neck. His search to get it back brings conflict with family, friends and school and Haki must face many challenges on his way to becoming a warrior. 11-15.


Mary’s Christmas Yarn

Illus Sarah Healey Penguin 2011 9780143566809 Hb $25 A Christmas fundraiser for ChildFund New Zealand written cooperatively by celebrities including Jim Mora, Jacquie Brown, Carol Hirschfeld and Hilary Barry. Mary has a pet lamb called Rosemary and wants to find out why children in poverty overseas might want a sheet for Christmas and learns about all the things a lamb can provide. 6+.

Senior Fiction

Anson, Carl

The Demos Deception: Danger on the High Seas

Carl Anson 2010 9780473178154 Pb $24.95 Steven Grant (17) tragically orphaned in his last year at school, longs to escape the boring life with his guardians. A yacht left to him by his father is his one love and way to freedom, but it’s not all plain sailing. Look out for storms pirates and terrorists!

Ayers, Shirley Wild Tussock

Dreamstime Press 2011 9780473188290 Pb $29.99 A New Zealand family saga set in the central plateau.

Waiti-Mulholland, Isabel

Baker, Chris

Huia Publishers 2007 9781869692971 Pb $20 The new girl, Inna Furey, is mysterious, and now she’s missing and only Leanne knows what has happened to her, and she can’t tell. 9-12.

Huia Publishers 2007 9781877266317 Pb $25 A supernatural adventure. After his community is wiped out by a virus Sean sets off with horse and dog. 13+.

Warren, Louisa

Shadow Waters

Inna Furey

Illus Alexandra Asher Jack’s Land

Papawai Press 2007 9780958280655 Pb $15.99 Historically accurate adventure novel set in 1860s New Zealand revolving around 12-year-old Jack Watson, the elder son of an English migrant family. 9-12.

The Raft

Papawai Press 2007 9780958280662 Pb $15.99 Set in 1860s New Zealand. The continued adventures of Jack and the friends he has made in his new homeland. 9-12.

Werry, Philippa

Kokopu Dreams

Baker, Chris

Huia Publishers 2006 9781869692353 Eb $7.99 Sequel to Kokopu Dreams. Hoheria and Ken travel through a decimated landscape full of promise and discover a world where myth has become real and the ancient spirits have increased their power with terrifying consequences. 13+.

Barker, Stephen

The Secret of Spirits Bay

Scripta (2008) 2012 9780473229450 Pb $29.99 Tom Bowman loves to run. As he trains for an important race, he begins to see another boy, also running - but nobody else seems to see him. Is he a ghost? And what is he trying to tell Tom? 12+.

A Girl Called Harry

Scholastic 2010 9781869439705 Pb $19.50 Harry is blessed with a vivid imagination and artistic skills which help her escape from the reality of life with two unemployed parents and a year 8 class of sports nuts. When a new girl arrives and Harry’s best friend latches on to her Harry is hurt at being left out and makes up stories in revenge, leading to trouble all round. A great cast of characters and a look at what life is like for children of this age. 9-12

Enemy at the Gate

Scholastic 2008 9781869438135 Pb $18.50 Set in 1936 in the midst of the polio epidemic when schools are closed and seeing your friends is dangerous. Tom (12) takes refuge in his dream of running in the Olympics like Jack Lovelock. 10-14.

Wood, Glenn

The Brain Sucker

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921977633 Pb $18.99 Callum lives with his Gran. He gets a hi-tech wheelchair for his 13th birthday so he can get to more places, augmented by the inventions of his best friend Sophie. When Callum finds some bad guys sucking stuff out of Gran’s brain he and his friends get on the case. Sci-fi adventure with quirky characters and gadgetry. 9-12. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Cape Catley 1996 9780908561483 Pb $15.99 A family boating holiday turns into a frightening mystery adventure.

War Zones

Steele Roberts 2006 187733880X Pb $20.99 In 1942 everyone wants a dad who is a hero. Not many people think Tom’s dad is a hero though - many think he’s an unpatriotic coward. Tom tries to play it safe so he will be accepted but eventually has to make his own stand. 13+.

Beale, Fleur Dirt Bomb

Random House 2011 9781869795467 Pb $19.99 Jake has two best mates but no money. Buzz has a milking job. When they spot an old abandoned car they decide to fix it up and use it as a paddock thrasher but they each have to put in $100. Jake doesn’t want to work and has to get desperate before he’ll change his mind. An easy read for older boys, full of mechanical information and colloquial language. 12-16.

Fierce September

Random House 2010 9781869793289 Pb $19.99 Random House 2010 9781869795283 Eb $19.99 Random House 2010 9781869795290 Kindle $19.99 Sequel to Juno of Taris. Juno (14) and her community are rescued from Taris, arrive in Aotearoa after a dangerous journey but are falsely accused of bringing a pandemic which sees the whole country in quarantine. Supporting blog posts online. NZ Post Senior Fiction Award 2011. 12+.

Further Back Than Zero

Scholastic 1998 9781869433871 Pb $19.50 A hard-hitting tale of Rex, stumbling from one step-home to another, drinking too much, getting in and out of trouble. One night he arrives on his ‘little brother’s’ doorstep when the going gets too tough.

I Am Not Esther

Longacre Press (1998), 2012 9781877135484 Pb $18.99 Kirby’s mother can’t cope and disappears, leaving Kirby with Uncle Caleb and a closed sect of fundamentalist Christians... the most shocking upheaval in Kirby’s life. Resource kit available.

Juno of Taris

The Riddle of the Stones

Scripta 2012 9781477531051 Pb $29.99 Sequel to The Secret of Spirits Bay. Tom and Ana are faced with an adventure that leads them from New Zealand to England and back as they struggle against mysterious ancient forces. 12+.

Random House 2008 9781869419862 Pb $18.99 Random House 2010 9781869795269 Eb $18.99 Random House 2010 9781869795276 Kindle $18.99 A thought-provoking novel for young adults, examining many themes including peer pressure, environmental breakdown, the fictionalisation of history and societal control. LIANZA Esther Glen Award & Storylines Notable Book 2009.

The Boy in the Olive Grove

Random House 2012 9781869799861 Pb $19.99 Bess (18) has a vision of her stepmother being burned at the stake in some long past time. She has often dreamt of a boy in an olive grove who has brought her feelings of warmth and comfort. When her father is hospitalised Bess steps up to sort out his furniture business, doing well in spite of her youth and inexperience, but understanding the dreams is the key to Bess being able to move on with her life. 14+. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

SENIOR FICTION 39 The Transformation of Minna Hargreaves

Random House 2007 9781869418366 Pb $19.99 Minna is a typical 14-year-old girl until her life is turned upside-down and she has to spend a year on an island with only her family for company. 15+.

Beckett, Bernard August

Text Publishing 2011 9781921758041 Pb $30 Quercus Publishing 2011 9780857387899 Pb $20.99 Text Publishing 2011 9781921834356 Eb The cover is a clue to the confusion that abounds within - the car upside down, or is it the text? Tristan and his passenger Grace hang upside down in a car after a crash and each tell the stories of what brought them to this point. 14+.


Longacre Press (2006), 2008 9781877460180 Pb $22.99 Science fiction thriller set in a time where outsiders can’t be trusted and are shot on sight, where the people serve the State and the Philosophers who guide it, until one man, Adam Forde puts himself at grave risk and changes everything. 10 years +. NZ Post Senior Fiction & Esther Glen Award 2007. IBBY Honour Book 2008.

Bickford, Anaru

Burnside, Deborah

Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182451 Pb $19.99 Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182475 Eb Aroha, a Maori teen, goes to live with her aunt, uncle and bullying cousin in USA. She is plagued by a nightmarish vision and has much to learn in order to survive. Dystopian fiction. 14+.

HarperCollins 2011 9781869509255 Pb $22.99 Marty and Luke enter the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) at school so they can get rich and get close to the girls they like. It doesn’t work out too well on either front but they learn a lot along the way. Marty’s thoughts are part of the story (he has a mild form of autism). Likeable teenage characters involved in realistic situations that readers will relate to. 12+.


John Bonallack

Illus Andrew Bonallack

You’re the Skipper

Marathon Books 2001 0958227438 Pb $9.95 Photo-illustrated ‘pick-a-path’ type story about a group of students on a fishing trip. For reluctant readers 12-15. Short sentences & text blocks

Lost in the Bush

Marathon Books 2000 0958218161 Pb $9.95 Photo-illustrated ‘pick-a-path’ type story about a group of students lost in the bush. For reluctant readers 12-15. Short sentences & text blocks


Marathon Books 2001 0958218196 Pb $9.95 Photo-illustrated story of a boy & girl surviving a mugging in the Home Boys city at night. For reluctant readers 12-15. Short sentences & text Longacre Press 2003 9781877135880 Pb $18.99 Imagine living in London just after WW2, then being sent halfway blocks across the world because someone thinks it will be better for you. Boock, Paula The story of two boys on the run, in search of a place to belong. 13+. Out Walked Mel Longacre Press (1991), 2004 9780958340595 Pb $17.99 Jolt Mel is angry at the world and gets herself in and out of trouble in Longacre Press (2004), 2009 9781877460296 Pb $18.99 this witty, compassionate narrative. 13+. A thriller with a psychological twist.


Longacre Press 1999 9781877135217 Pb $14.99 Michael has moved to Langton to get out of trouble. A fresh start which coincides with the arrival of Lester – and a mysterious explosion of hatred in the town. Michael is about to be trouble again.


Brocker, Susan Saving Sam

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507435 Pb $19.99 Ben and his older brother Sam have lost their mother and their father is in prison. They’ve been dumped with their aunt and uncle and Ben takes on responsibility for their unhappy guard dog. Malcolm and Juliet Their bond leads to happier relationships all round, except for Sam Longacre Press 2004 9781877135941 Pb $18.99 Malcolm (16) decides to do his science project on sex with results who’s heading for trouble and really needs help. A story filled with that range from tender to hilarious. 13 +.NZ Post Senior Fiction & drama, friendship and courage. 12+. LIANZA Esther Glen Awards 2005.

Cartwright, Pauline Inside the Game

Pearson 2009 9781869706487 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3. Chris finds Seven Missions, the computer game that first hooked him in, in his uncle’s basement. But something has changed in the Seven Missions world and Chris and his cousin Amy now have to save a real person from real enemies... inside the game! 12-14.

Catran, Ken Earth Dragon, Fire Hare

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509415 Pb $24.99 About New Zealand’s forgotten war - Malaya 1948 - and two men’s linked destinies foretold by horoscope and forged in battle. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

No Alarms

Longacre Press 2002 9781877135750 Pb $16.99 Sharon’s in trouble at school, hates her home life and blames the system for her failures. Burglary with Justin seems like an easy answer but Sharon learns that burglars can be double crossers too.

Letters from the Coffin Trenches

Random House 2002 9781869415099 Pb $18.99 A poignant romance set during WW1. A fascinating chronicle of the times and a charming portrayal of innocent love. 13+.

Beckett, Bernard & Knighton, Clare Deep Fried

Longacre Press 2005 9781877361111 Pb $12.99 Pete is a young man who has had enough. One small act of defiance against the local fast-food outlet starts a series of events he’d never anticipated. Sophie joins the fight with her computer savvy and soon they’re in deep trouble when the giant corporation doesn’t take kindly to their interference. An exciting thriller for 13+.

Benn, Ken Gutted

Penguin 2012 9780143307129 Pb $19.99 Book 3. Jack is still on remand and must keep his mouth shut to protect his mother and sister Rochelle, who is playing inline hockey in Brisbane and has the key to Jack’s release. They need people they can really trust to find justice. 14+.

Lethal Deliveries

Brooke, Amy (Agnes-Mary)

From Whatever Shadows They Come

Random House 2007 9781869419387 Pb $19.99 Three stand-alone stories about teenagers of 17 or 18 interacting with an elderly person who was their age during WW2. 15+.

Medlar Press 9780958219877 Pb $24.95 An imaginative tour de force. It maps the quest of three brothers, Nina of the Dark the Princes Dragos, Gerwin and Meer, in a race across time and HarperCollins 2009 9781869506650 Pb $24.99 Book 1. Nina is abandoned as a baby, and brought up as a slave other ages. 14+. girl. But she is different to others and has a true destiny as a leadBrounéus, Fredrik er, while trying to find the secret to her own past. Exciting with a The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse surprising conclusion, fully of fantasy creatures - dragons, trolls, Illus Tony Tarasiewicz giants and more. 13+. Steam Press 2012 9780473195779 Pb $30 Steam Press 2012 9780473200114 Epub Dunedinite George (18) goes on a road trip with a Tibetan monk on a mission and a beautiful Finnish exchange student (who is possibly the reincarnation of an evil villain) and George’s grandfather (a zombie), as they try to work out how to save the world, escape from a secret organisation and find out what it means to be a hero. 14+.

Penguin 2010 9780143305477 Pb $19.99 Book 1. Rochelle and Jack are siblings playing in a roller hockey team, coached by Methsy - a drunk who tries his best. The Geek watches them practice from his room where he’s stuck after can- Brown, Hugh cer treatment. Jack’s dad is a drug dealer and now wants Jack to Reach help, having him beaten if Jack doesn’t cooperate. A harsh but HarperCollins 2012 9781869509569 Pb $22.99 Inaugural winner Storylines Tessa Duder Award for Young Adult Fiction compelling read with a large measure of violence. 14+ 2011. Raised by octogenarian grandparents Will is a mix of teenage Trapped Outside a Cage: Guilty Until shyness and adult candour. He retreats into the imaginary world of Proven Innocent fantasy novels every chance he gets but has to face up to reality so he Penguin 2012 9780143306214 Pb $19.99 can move on with his life. NZ Post Children’s Book Awards finalist 2013. Book 2. Jack has confessed to murder and is in a youth detention facility. His sister Rochelle doesn’t think he did it, but there are enemies - including Jack’s father - watching, who will do anything to make sure the truth doesn’t come out. 14+. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Monsters of Blood and Honour

Nina Questor

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508746 Pb $26.99 Book 2. Nina leaves her daughter and kingdom to the Broken Lands to find the secrets of her destiny as Nina the Chosen, and it’s a bloody and treacherous path. Second in the series. 13+.

* Indicates the author or illustrator is not a

New Zealander, but has worked on the book with someone who is. † Indicates the author or illustrator is a New Zealander who is living overseas.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Sea of Mutiny

Random House 2005 9781869417079 Pb $18.99 Historical novel about Bligh’s Bounty; massive sea voyages in treacherous conditions on overcrowded, overladen ships.

Seal Boy

Random House 2004 9781869416119 Pb $18.99 Historical fiction about a little-explored aspect of New Zealand history. 14-year-old Emmet is a spoilt boy from a wealthy Boston family. Attacked by thugs, he finds himself on board a whaling vessel bound for the South Pacific. Deals with issues of independence and coming-of-age. 12+.

Smiling Jack

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508128 Pb $23.99 Smiling Jack is murdering the residents of a small town, leaving a Jack playing card at every scene. Robert’s father has been murdered leaving some unhappy people whose investments have been embezzled. A thriller where you’re kept guessing right until the end. NZ Post Children’s Choice Senior Fiction Award 2011. 12+

Book 2: Dyson’s Drop

Ford Street 2012 9781921665660 Pb $19.95 Maximus must outwit his nemesis, Anneke Longshadow, to find the second lost coordinates to locate the armada of dreadnoughts.

The Skyborn

Tom Doherty Associates (from Ford St) 2005 9780765312730 Hb Welkin Quinn (14) is left for dead, rescued by Earthborn refugees and becomes a trusted member of the Family. There are dangers for the Earthborn and Welkin is their only hope.

The Spell of Undoing

Ford St Publishing 2008 9781876462536 Pb $15.95 Calamity has struck the city of Quentaris. Due to a vengeful plot by warlike Tolrush (which backfires), Quentaris is uprooted -- city, cliff-face and all -- and hurled into the uncharted rift-maze.


Ford St Publishing 9781876462581 Pb $24.95 Final in The Jelindel Chromnicles. Jelindel has tracked the alien mailshirt across two worlds. But the journey is fraught with flying beasts, metal wasps, mercenaries and assassins.

Collins, Paul†† and Willis, Danny* The World of Grrym: Lords of Quibbitt

Paul Collins† Cyberskin

Hybrid Publishers/Ford Street 2000 1876462116 Pb $14.95 A cyberpunk novel. Calloway is an aging ‘splattie’ star and the movie moguls want him out of the industry. Permanently. But Calloway is somehow always one step ahead of them.


Ford St Publishing 2008 9781921665080 Pb $34.95 Countess Jelindel, scholar, Adept and fighter, must call upon all her power, intelligence and courage - and trust in the loyalty of friends - to restore balance.


Ford St Publishing 2011 9781921665240 Pb $24.95 Adventure/fantasy. An all-powerful, enchanted mailshirt from the stars, but six links are missing; an orphan, a streetwise urchin and a swordsman must find the links before the greatest evil descends upon Q’zar. 11+.

The Five Mile Press (from Ford St) 2008 978171786439 Hb $19.95 Allira Hart’s ‘gift’ has saved her from certain death. But now she has to fix the Rainbow Gate to gain entry to The World of Grrym where her grandfather is being held captive and muster nine goblin kingdoms to fight Morgassa the Fierce and her army.

Morgassa’s Folly

The Five Mile Press 2009 9781742110097 Hb $19.95 Allira and her brother Steven have plunged back into the magical world of Grrym to save Quibbitt and their grandfather. Their only hope is to enter the Haunted Forest of N-Gorodenka and find the Great Spirit, Quon’deesh - a mystical entity who may be the ony one powerful enough to stop Morgassa in her tracks.

Cross, Gary

Chronicles of Blood Book 1 - Plague of the Undead

Puffin 2009 9780143304616 Pb $35.50 Set in 17th century England. When Lucius was 10 his father returned home as vampire and murdered everyone else in his family. Now Lucius leads the band of vampire hunters. Will he survive, or join the realms of the undead? Scary, violent stuff! 14+.

Walking into the Fire

Pearson 2009 9781869706494 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3. Olivia’s life changes forever in December 1941 when a Japanese fighter plane appears above her school . The Japanese have invaded Malaya and Georgia’s father must help fight the invaders. Their Chinese servant is sent to take Olivia and her friend to the train station but safety proves hard to find. 12-14.

Davis, Graham Dragonsight

Ford St Publishing (2005), 2010 9781921665073 Pb $24.95 Countess Jelindel dek Mediesar, Daretor and Zimak are sent on a quest to find a stolen jade talisman called the Dragonsight. With a slow-acting poison ticking through their veins, they have only six weeks to find the talisman and take the antidote. 13+.

The Earthborn

Tom Doherty Associates 2003 765303078 Hb $32.95 Welkin Quinn has always dreamed of setting foot on earth but he’s an elite Skyborn teenager. When the transport ship is forced to crash-lands on earth, Welkin will finally have a chance to experience Earth - and the Earthborn - firsthand.

The Hiveborn

Bohemian Ink (from Ford St) 2007 9780972605182 Hb $57.5 Welkin Quinn and his Earthborn and Skyborn survivors face the superior technology of the Hiveborn - parasitic aliens who possess the humans they encounter, followers of the Hiveborn Queen: the source of the implacable Hivemind, the consciousness that desires universal domination. Final in the Earthborn Wars trilogy.

The Maximus Black Files Book 1: Mole Hunt

Ford St 2011 9781921665264 Pb $19.95 In a galaxy of cutthroat companies, shadowy clans and a million agendas, spy agency RIM barely wields enough control to keep order. Maximus Black is RIM’s star cadet but he has a problem. One of RIM’s best agents knows there’s a mole in the organisation and Maximus has a lot to hide. 14+. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Flight of the Kereru

National Pacific Press 2006 9781877368134 Pb $29.99 Janus finds the Orb near a forest track. A spiritual entity from the Orb attaches itself to him and teaches him secrets. Together they explore human passion, fear and unworthiness, involving them in religion, science and life after death. 13+.

Dawe, Ted

Into the River

MUP 2012 9780473205089 Pb $19.99 Prequel to Thunder Road. Te Arepa Santos is dragged into the river by a giant eel, the boy who struggles to the bank is not the same as the one who plunged in. He has brushed against the spirit world, and there is a price to be paid; an utu to be exacted. Finalist NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2013.

K. Road

Longacre Press 2005 9781877361197 Pb $19.99 On K. Road you’ll find a jostling urban tribe fighting for turm, the drifters, surfers, taggers, the gangsters and the street kids. Jazz and Roxy, teenage lovers on the run, try to escape their cruel, subterranean existence. Senior.

Thunder Road

Longacre Press 2005 9781877135873 Pb $18.99 Trace is 19 and grown out of small town ways. In the city he makes friends with Devon who introduces him to the world of street racing. Menacing and suspenseful. Resource kit available. 14+.

De Goldi, Kate

The 10pm Question

Longacre Press 2008 9781877460203 Pb $29.99 Frankie worries... a lot. Only his mum takes his concerns seriously, listening patiently to his 10pm questions. He has an unusual family to deal with, and then a new girl arrives at school with questions of her own, and thus begins the unravelling of Frankie ‘s carefully controlled world and finding the answers to the questions that really matter. 12+. NZ Post Book of the Year & Storylines Notable Book 2009.

Drinkwater, Kathryn Dog Tucker

Scholastic 2009 9781869438937 Pb $18.50 Angry and defiant, Devlin (13) believes he’s unwanted. He’s fed up with changing schools and foster homes, and decides to run away from his foster-uncle’s farm. But then he meets a horse about to become ‘dog tucker’ and becomes involved in the harness racing scene where he is instrumental in unravelling a deception. 11+.

Duder, Tessa

The Alex Quartet - Book 1 - Alex

Whitcoulls (1987), 2012 9780987667410 Pb $12.99 Alex (15) strives to be included in the Olympic swimming team.

Duff, Alan

Once Were Warriors series

Book 2 - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

Vintage 1997 9781869413422 Pb $27.99 It is six years since Jake’s daughter Grace hanged herself. His wife has left him, his son killed in a gangland fight. His only consolations are drink and his memories. His daughter Polly is determined to escape the violence that is destroying the Maori. But can Jake redeem himself too?. Senior.

Duval, Stu

Ride of the Katipo

Pearson 2007 9781869705961 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 2. At school Jack lives in the shadows, trying to avoid the bullies. Whenever he can he escapes to isolated Wetapunga Bay, but when he discovers two bodies on the beach his sense of refuge is shattered.

Lake of the Dead

Pearson 2009 9781869706500 Pb $27.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3. Six classmates are on a study trip in the Bellevue Forest when Mt Darius erupts. The group are swept into a violent landside where Josh and Greer find themselves alone The landscape has completely changed, they find an abandoned town and discover some long forgotten secrets about the lake that surrounds the town. 12-14.

Eden, Jack

Furt Bent from Aldaheit

Pear Jam Books 2012 9781927182536 Pb $19.99 Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182543 Eb Fast-paced thriller follows Osgood from a normal teenage life to running from the law with jail and break ins along the way, escaping DI Hubbard who doesn’t’ let the truth get in the way of a result. 14+.

Edwards, Hazel* & Kennedy, Ryan F2M: The Boy Within

Ford Street Publishing 2010 9781876462901 Pb $24.99 Skye has just left school, dresses punk and plays in an all-girl band. But what she really wants to do is become a man. She chooses a new name - Finn, finds information on the internet, and starts telling people about his decision and living his new life. It’s understandably difficult and friends an family have mixed reactions, but there’s support too. Told in a straightforward manner enabling the reader to understand what is involved both emotionally and medically. 14+.

Falkner, Brian† Brainjack

Walker Books Australia 2009 9781921150951 Pb $21.99 A thrilling action novel set in the not-too-distant future in which a brilliant young computer hacker fights to prevent the human race from being erased. 11+.

Recon Team Angel series Book 1 - Assault

Walker Books Australia 2011 9781921720543 Pb $21.99 It is 2030, and the world is at war with an alien race. The Bzadians. The battleground: Earth. Recon Team Angel, made up of teenagers from around the world, has been training for years. They have learned Bzadian languages. Learned how to operate their weapons. How to work, eat, and think like them. Now it is time to act. 14+

SENIOR FICTION Book 2 - Task Force

Gee, Maurice

Book 3 - Ice War

Puffin (1999), 2008 9780143303862 Pb $18.99 Puffin 2008 9781742288529 Eb $18.99 A story of obsessive love. Alisa lives at the hostel where her mum is the matron. She is fascinated by her roommate Gloria. When Gloria starts to receive increasingly menacing anonymous love letters the girls realise that the writer must be watching their every move. 12+.

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921720550 Pb $21.99 Beginning on New Year’s Eve 2031, specialist teen fighters - Team Angel, with two new member to replace those killed on their last mission, is behind enemy lines again on Operation Magnum. Things start going wrong early on the mission and their commander will have to make a tough decision that could result in tragedy all round. Action packed exciting reading for 14+. Walker Books Australia Sept 2013 9781921720567 Pb $21.99 It is February 2033. Earth forces have their full attention on the Bering Strait. If Bzadian forces cross the icy wastelands and enter the Americas, the planet will be lost. On Little Diomede Island, the control centre for the Bering Strait, something is not right. An agent and two Seal teams have vanished. Recon Team Angel is secreted into the frozen landscape to investigate. What they find is more than chilling and has catastrophic implications for the survival of the human race. Who will win the Ice War? 14+.

The Tomorrow Code

Walker Books Australia 2008 9781921850340 Pb $21.99 A futuristic adventure story about viral contamination and eco-terrorism set in New Zealand. Tane and Rebecca must crack the code, the survival of the human race depends on it. Storylines Notable Book 2009. 12+.

Ford, Vincent (Vince)

Chronicles of Stone Trilogy

Scholastic (2008), 2010 9781869438241 Pb $36

Book 1 - Scorched Bone

Scholastic 2008 978186943802 Pb $21 Set in ancient times. The People of the Canyons are experiencing a drought. Trei and his sister Souk run away to the north to find the people who throw spears like lightening bolts. It’s a tough journey and they learn many skills on the way. Exciting and informative. 13+.

Book 2 - Set in Stone

Scholastic 2008 9781869438319 Pb $21 Trei and Souk have reached the mysterious tribe of the north and must now ensure they survive and steal the knowledge their own tribe so desperately needs. 13+.

Book 3 - Tribal Ash

Scholastic 2009 9781869438326 Pb $21 Having survived their time in the north Trei heads back home, leaving his sister Souk with the Northmen as their shaman. he struggles through the mountains then looked after by the Sea People before going on to look for his own people. But will they accept him back, and will Souk’s dream of peace ever come to pass? 13+.

Hostel Girl

Gee, Maurice Salt Trilogy Book 1 - Salt

Puffin (2007), 2010 9780143305453 Eb $21 Puffin (2007), 2010 9780143305453 Pb $21 Hari lives in a dangerous world. His father has been captured and sent to Deep Salt and Hari is determined to rescue him. Hari has a secret gift - he can speak with animals and talk inside his head. He connects with Pearl who has run from her Company family and enforced marriage. They must unite and work together for their common cause. 12+. NZ Post Young Adult Fiction Award 2008.

Book 2 - Gool

Puffin (2008), 2010 9780143305446 Pb $21 Puffin (2008), 2010 9781742288505 Eb $21 It’s 18 years since Hari and Pearl fled from Belong but now there’s a dangerous enemy that threatens them. They encounter a gool, which has left a part of it wrapped around Hari’s throat, slowly killing him. His son and daughter - Xantee and Lo, with their friend Duro, must head back to the city to find the mother gool and stop the destruction. Exciting fantasy. 12+.

Book 3 - The Limping Man

Puffin 2010 9780143305163 Pb $21 Puffin 2010 9781742288581 Eb $21 The Limping Man is strange and evil, creeping into your mind, compelling you to love and obey him, and he’s amassing an army with plans to rule the world. Hana escapes the city after her mother’s death. She meets Ben and discovers that the stories her mother told about Hari and Pearl are true. She develops skills and develops a bond with a hawk. They return to the city determined to stop the evil leader. Compelling reading with strong characters and curious concepts. 11+.

The Fat Man

Puffin (1994), 2008 9780143304074 Pb $18.99 Colin Potter is a skinny boy, hungry for chocolate. Herbert Muskie is enormously fat and hungry for revenge. A dark tale of hatred and manipulation.

Frame, Janet

Glensor, Tricia

Random House (1966, 1968), 2006 9781869417765 Flexi $34.99 In A State of Siege art teacher Malfred Signal tries to reinvent herself, leaving her repressed past and domineering family behind, and moves from Otago to Auckland to live on a tropical island. The Rainbirds is about a man who also tries to start a new life but spoils it by being mistakenly pronounced dead.

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509347 Pb $24.99 Set in German-occupied France in 1942. A French family decides to hide a downed Kiwi airman and smuggle him to safety. The only way that he and they can survive is to weave a web of lies. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

A State of Siege / The Rainbirds

Living in the Maniototo

Vintage (1992), 2005 9781869417376 Flexi $29.99 Janet Frame’s last novel, winner of the 1989 Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Ansett New Zealand Book Award.

Towards Another Summer

Vintage 2007 9781869418687 Pb $29.99 Grace Cleve, expatriate novelist living in London, is holidaying in the north of England. Her host asks why she has abandoned her homeland. A previously unpublished novel exploring themes of travel and return, homesickness and belonging. Written in 1963 but unpublished until after Frame’s death. Senior..

Random House 2009 9781869791506 Pb $19.99 Maryam has crossed over from child to woman and must leave everything she has known behind. She is faced with unthinkable decisions - obey the leaders who will stop at nothing to meet their bloodthirsty needs, or turn her back on everything she once held dear. NZ Post Senior Fiction Award & Storylines Notable Book 2010. 12+.

Book 2 - Into the Wilderness

Random House 2010 9781869793296 Pb $19.99 Joseph, Maryam, Ruth and the unpleasant Lazarus have escaped from onewere in a handmade boat, heading for an island where they hope to find help. After a troublesome journey they finally get there to find it deserted. They leave the island and when they eventually find help it seems they might have ended up in a worse situation that they started in. A n excellent read, packed with tension and complex relationships and interesting ways of looking at politics and religion. 13+.

Book 3 - Resurrection

Random House 2011 9781869795221 Pb $19.99 Maryam fights for her life, freedom and love. Maryam and Lazurus return to Onewere where Maryam tries to show the people the remedy to their illness, but is captured. The apostles claim she is the new Messiah - right down to planning her crucifixion. Will Maryam be able to teach the people to think for themselves in time? 13+.

The Nature of Ash

Random House 2012 9781869799038 Pb $19.99 Ash’s father has been killed in a bomb blast. He must return to Wellington to care for brother Mickey who has Down Syndrome, and they are joined by Mickey’s carer Jiao. Set in a not too distant future, the country is disintegrating as internal and external forces battle for power. A fast-paced and thought-provoking read. 13-18. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Hair, David

Aotearoa series Book 1 - The Bone Tiki

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507343 Pb $24.99 An exciting fantasy novel using NZs mythology and history intertwined with the modern world. Matiu steals a tiki at a tangi and now he has a lot of bad guys chasing him. He’s helped by Pania and then finds a girl who runs with him as they flee from their pursuers, changing worlds and working out how to resolve their situation. Very exciting read. NZ Post Best First Book 2010. 11+.

Book 2 - The Taniwha’s Tear

Vintage (1961, 1962), 2005 9781869417383 Flexi $34.99 Reissued as part of the new Janet Frame Collection series, two novels in one volume. Commonly regarded as part of a trilogy with Owls Do Cry.

The Carpathians

Hagar, Mandy Blood of the Lamb trilogy Book 1 - The Crossing

Telling Lies

Faces in the Water / Edge of Alphabet

Vintage (1979), 2006 9781869417710 Flexi $29.99 NZ Book Awards Fiction Prize 1980. The process of writing a novel is dramatised as we follow Violet Proudlock from New Zealand to Baltimore to California where she goes to write. Strong evocations of New Zealand.


Grant, D C

In Too Deep

Scholastic 2007 9781869438197 Pb $19.50 Josh’s world is crashing around him. His father’s business has gone bankrupt and they have to sell their house and move to their bach at Piha where Josh is targeted by a bully and the family continues to crumble. He escapes to the surf where he feels he’s in control, but starts having nightmares about drowning. A gritty and compelling book about facing up to your problems and finding out what’s important. 13-16.

HarperCollins 2010 9781869508265 Pb $24.99 Matiu (16) just wants life to be normal and his parents to sort their marriage out, but it seems there are important things to be done that only Mat can do - like help a girl who is not only dead, but transformed into a taniwha and turned to stone. A dramatic, action-packed and often bloody tale, merging contemporary New Zealand and the mystical Aotearoa. 11+.

Book 3 - The Lost Tohunga

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508272 Pb $24.99 The third in the Maori Gothic series set in the parallel worlds of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Everyone thinks Ngatoro-i-rangi is long dead but Matiu knows otherwise because he hears the tohunga’s voice in his head. He should be studying for exams but instead must enter the fray as warlocks battle to dominate Aotearoa.

Greenhead, Alan

The Darkness Before Sunset

Self-published 2010 9780473163143 Pb $21.99 David and his grandfather set out on a journey through a landscape of abandoned homes, their goal is to see the sun setting over the sea, to prove that beauty sill survives in a disintegrating world. Along the way they rescue a young girl from her kidnappers, face wild animals, storms and sudden tragedy. Set in a future New Zealand ravaged by runaway climate change. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Book 4 - Justice and Utu

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509316 Pb $24.99 Matiu’s father is a lawyer, but when he takes a job in magical Aotearoa tensions run high. Moving from the streets of early Auckland to wild Kororareka and onto the ocean. More excitement based on New Zealand history and mythology.13+.

Book 5 - Ghosts of Parihaka

HarperCollins 2013 9781869509323 Pb $24.99 Matiu Douglas is a magical adept. One of his friends is now a ghost, his enemies have stolen the Treaty of Waitangi, he can’t date the girl he really likes and he keeps getting unwanted marriage proposals from a dangerous, centuries-old tohunga’s daughter. When his best friend is snatched into the ghost-world of Aotearoa during a school trip, Mat has to put all his other worries aside and act fast. 13+.

The Shattering

Allen & Unwin 2011 9781741758818 Pb $22.99 Keri, Janna and Sione have two things in common: they each have an older brother who committed suicide, and they each have a connection with Summerton. As the three teenagers delve deeper into the mystery they uncover secrets that will shatter everything they thought they knew. 13+.

Higgins, Jane The Bridge

Text Publishing 2011 9781921758331 Pb $26 It’s 2199. The City is divided. Nik and his friends are in high school and destined for careers in the special forces. But then the selection panel comes and he’s not chosen. But why? Before he can find out the school is bombed and friends killed. Cityside is being overrun and one of the children is stolen. The only thing to do is cross the bridge into enemy territory and try to find answers. A deeply thought-provoking novel which is packed with action but also with issues of identity, religion, power and politics. The Text Prize 2010. 13+.

Hill, David Coming Back

The Return of Ravana series Book 1 - Pyre of Queens

Puffin 2011 9780143306122 Pb $25 Set in India. 769 AD - an evil king has a deadly secret ritual where he and his seven queens will burn on his funeral pyre and he will rise again as the demon king Ravana, but things go wrong and a bride escapes. 2010 - a group of teenagers realise the king and his brides are hunting them down. They must unlock truths that have been hidden for centuries and fight an ancient battle.

Book 2: The Ghost Bride

Puffin 2011 9780143565994 Pb $19.99 Further drama as Vickram and his friends battle their enemy through many lives - Ravindra. Jumping between 1175 and 2010 - in each there is a bridal challenge to find a husband for a beautiful woman. There is danger and much changing of names and identities as we follow the characters through their different incarnations to a dramatic climax. 14+.

Book 3 - Souls in Exile

Puffin 2012 9780143568117 Pb $19.99 Vikram, Amanjit and Rasita are on the run, accused of actress Sunita Ashoka’s murder. In exile they are beset by the same perils as the heroes of the Ramayana. But there is hope in their skills and powers, which they’ll need to battle Ravindra and his Rakshsa army. 14+.

Book 4 - King of Lanka

Puffin 2012 9780143568100 Pb $19.99 Vikram and Amanjit must try to rescue Rasita who is captive of Ravindra who has demonic beings on his side. Why are the four friends reliving the Ramayana and who was Ravana? Ancient mysteries are uncovered and forgotten powers regained. Exciting and mystical. 14+.

Hall, Margaret

Return for the Gold

Longacre Press 2009 9781877460265 Pb $18.99 Mary is 17, feisty and quick-tongued. She’s engaged to Nik but is haunted by the nightmare of a robbery months before, and the man who threatened to come back for her and the missing gold. A dramatic tale of the early West Coast settlers. 12+/

Healey, Karen When We Wake

Allen & Unwin 2013 9781742378084 Pb $21.99 Tegan is 16 when she is shot and cryogenically frozen. 100 years later she is revived. She’s part of a military project but wants to find a normal life. When she learns about secret projects she’s in real danger but the truth must come out. A very real picture of what could become of our world as a result of climate change with a romantic element along with thrilling excitement. 12+.

Guardian of the Dead

Allen & Unwin 2010 9781741758801 Pb $23.99 A YA urban fantasy set in New Zealand. Ellie is at boarding school, he main concerns are hanging out with her best friend Kevin, her crush on Mark, and her paper deadline. Then an older woman sets her sights on Kevin, who is Maori, and she has plans for him. Ellie is drawn into the world of Maori war, eventually finds herself at war with the fairy people. Plenty to frighten the reader including a killer who removes victim’s eyes. 13-16. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Puffin (2004), 2010 9780143305910 Pb $22 Tara is heading home, Ryan is driving his mates, neither is paying attention on a dirty wet night. The tragedy that results changes many lives. White Ravens 2005.

The Name of the Game

Puffin 2001 9780908783632 Pb $21 The 1981 Spring Bok tour fictionalised for young people. Rugbyplaying Alan and his friends are all in favour of the tour before it happens, Donna and her friends are protesters. The country is polarised and Alan begins to see another side.

Hills, Lia†

The Beginner’s Guide to Living

Text Publishing 2009 9781921520075 Pb $26 Farrar Straus Giroux 2010 97803741306595 $35.50 Text Publishing 2010 9781921799617 Epub Will (17) and his family are grieving after his mother’s sudden death and they each have their own way of coping. Will should be preparing for his exams but instead he begins searching for answers. he turns to philosophy, throws himself into an intense sexual relationship with Taryn (16), experiments with drugs and outsider behaviour. He documents his journey with photos taken on his mother’s camera. Warning: graphic sex scenes and drug taking. A turbulent emotional story. 14+.

Hubrick, Carl

Target For Terror

National Pacific Press NZ 2007 9781877368202 Pb $17.99 When two boys and two girls go on holiday to the Southern Alps, they are expecting to have fun exploring the mountains. But on a hiking trip they come across a wounded man - a man who is being pursued by his would-be killers.

Hyde, Robin

The Godwits Fly

AUP (2001) 2007 9781869402457 Pb $34.99 Sandbrook, Patrick (Editor) A revised edition of this wistful and engaging classic novel. The story conveys the intensely felt worlds of the adolescent – love, poetry and England – and the enthralling but sometimes painful experience of growing up female. Senior.


Scholastic 1990 9781869435844 Pb $19.50 A teenage boy with unusual powers faces the challenge of his life when he is transported into a primitive society. 12+. AIM Story Book of the Year 1991.

The Freedom Merchants

Scholastic June 2013 9781775431466 Pb $19.50 Set in Ireland in the 1600s, about the white slave trade on the Barbary Coast (northern coast of Africa) at the same time as the slave trade of Negroes to America. Over 1 million white Christians were captured by Corsair pirates. 13-19.

The Hunting of the Last Dragon

Simon & Schuster 2006 9780689860799 Pb $20.50 High overhead, a dragon flies on coppery wings, raining down fire and destruction on all that lies below. Desperate and frightened, the people pray for a hero to save them. Jude is no hero but he alone must kill the last dragon, with some much-needed help.

The Juniper Game

Scholastic 1991 9781869435837 Pb $18.50 Juniper (15) has telepathic powers and convinces her friend Dylan to experiment with her powers. 12+.

Time of the Eagle

Simon & Schuster 2009 9781416904489 Pb $17.99 Avala’s father, Gabriel, was the great Deliverer who sacrificed himself for their people’s survival. Avala dreams of becomingg a Shinali healer, not a martyr like her father. But her dreams are not the same as her destiny, and unless she fulfils her father’s prophecy, the Shinali tribe face extermination.

Jubermann, David Drift Race

Epsum Media 2012 Kindle $2.99 Epsum Media 2012 9780473206949 Pb $29.95 Leon discovers drift racing and the all-consuming world of fast cars and the adrenaline rush of high speed races. His father was killed drift racing but his uncle arrives from Japan and teaches Leon how to drift. Action-packed drama. Order from


First Edition 2006 Kindle $2.99 First Edition 2006 1877391697 Pb $29.95 A boy racer drama set in the streets of Christchurch, with heaps of fast car detail. 14+. Order from

Kneubuhl, Lemanatele The Smell of the Moon

Huia Publishers 2006 9781869692100 Pb $29.99 Huia Publishers 2006 9781869694630 Epub A middle-aged man resigns his job and takes his family to live on a South Pacific island, in search of a more relaxed lifestyle. A thoughtful, fanciful, moving tale full off interesting characters. 15+.

Knox, Elizabeth Dreamhunter

HarperCollins 2005 9780732281939 Pb $35.99 Part one of two. The story of two 15-year-old girls, one of whom is able to go into the world of dreams and replay them to sleeping customers. Complex fantasy story. 14+. Esther Glen Award 2006.

Ihimaera, Witi

The Whale Rider

Raupo (2007), 2008 9780143011392 Pb $26 A combination of mythology and realism about a young girl who has the love of all her whanau except the one whose support she needs most. 11+.

Johnson, Mike Stench

Hazard Press 2004 9781877270680 Pb $24.99 Set in a small New Zealand town, a group of teenagers become party to a terrible secret. Something lies beneath the floor of the hospital, it gives off a stench which has the power to change people, warping their minds and spirits and enslaving them.

Jordan, Sherryl Ransomwood

Scholastic 2012 9781775430445 Pb $19.50 Beautiful shamed Gwenifer must leave the village to accompany Henry and old Mother Dorit on a perilous pilgrimage to drink the tears of the statue of the Blessed Lady. Simple Henry adores Gwenifer and protects her secret with his life. 12+. Storylines Notable Book 2013.


HarperCollins 2007 9780732281946 Pb $27.99 Sequel to Dreamhunter. Grace introduces a nightmare instead of the happy holiday dream programmed to a packed oper house of recipients, with chaotic results. This is just the beginning of the trouble, there is unrest and dreamhunters are disappearing and worse dreams are on their way. 14+.

Mortal Fire

Gecko Press June 2013 9781877579530 Pb $29.99 When 16-year-old Canny of the Pacific island, Southland (the same land featured in the Dreamhunter series), sets out on a trip with her stepbrother and his girlfriend, she finds herself drawn into enchanting Zarene Valley where the mysterious but dark 17-year-old Ghislain helps her to figure out her origins. 14+.

SENIOR FICTION Book 3 - Finder’s Shore

HarperCollins 2008 9780732287313 Pb $36.99 Dreamhunter and Dreamquake combined in one volume. 14+.

Longacre Press 2011 9781877460722 Pb $20 A year has passed since the trouble of Ebony Hill, and there is still trouble about and indecision about what the future will bring. The governors of Vidya decide they must reach out to other islands and the decision is made to investigate the island of Dunnett, where Ness came from. She volunteers to make the journey and also desperately wants to see what has happened to her family. There is drama aplenty, tangled emotions and personal interractions, and surprises which I don’t want to spoil here. this is the final volume but I found myself still wanting to know more about these characters who the author has made so real. 13+.

Calling the Gods

The Time Stealers

The Invisible Road

Lasenby, Jack

MacLean, Glynne

HarperCollins 2011 9781869509484 Pb $24.99 Selene has been unjustly banished from her town where life is ruled by the seasons and superstition. She’s cast away on a boat with limited supplies but determined to return to save her siblings before trying to find a better place to live. Detailed information about the way of life and surviving at sea and in the brutal environment. 12+.

Pearson 2008 9781869706463 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3 Neil Jarvie enjoys his life in Tal City, you can always find any person, place or information you want with your mobile, except about the history of Tal City. Now he’s helping a time traveller but this one is paranoid about the surveillance and obsessed with her own history. 12-14.

The Spiral Chrysalis

Pearson 2007 9781869705886 Pb $25.99 When Nareen finds a spiral-shaped chrysalis in her backyard she’s sure it is magical. Nareen, her brother Carl and best friend Kelly are soon drawn through the chrysalis and have a week to find their way out before the spiral fades away and they are trapped.

Mahy, Margaret The Changeover

Lockyer, John Lost

Pearson 2007 9781869705930 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 2. On the Earth-cloned planet Eco a virus is threatening the future of the human population. Valdez has just arrived to join his scientist sister, when his shuttle crashes in a remote part of the planet.

HarperCollins (1984), 2007 9780007243525 Pb $17.50 From the moment Laura saw the face in the mirror she knew that something dreadful was going to happen. The evil Carmody Braque has touched and branded Laura’s little brother and now he is very ill, and getting worse. Laura has to release her supernatural powers and change over in order to save him. Classic fantasy fiction. Esther Glen Award 1985, Carnegie Medal 1984.

Lowry, Brigid † Follow the Blue

Allen & Unwin 2001 9781865084008 Pb $31.50 Bec feels ordinary and dull. But her 15th summer changes everything. Her parents go away, she falls out with her best friend, and she wins a lot of money. Bec learns to be a girl who can take risks.

Guitar Highway Rose

Allen & Unwin 2004 9781741145250 Pb $22.99 Rosie, bored and restless, wants more independence. She meets Asher, a dreadlocked Jim Morrison fan, and when Asher quits school to head for home, Rosie decides to go on a journey with him.

The Magician of Hoad

HarperCollins 2008 9781869506872 Hb $29.99 A hero, an ageing magician, a farm boy, a noble daughter and a mad prince meet on the edge of a city of tents. So begins an intricate tale of a boy with a troublesome eye, who is capable of extraordinary things, as he struggles in finding his true purpose in life. 11+.

Marshall, Heather

Picking Up the Pieces

With Lots of Love from Georgia

Cape Catley 1993 9780908561421 Pb $17.99 Annabel is an orphan, brought up by her unloving uncle and aunt. Their own daughter, Goldie, is the same age as Annabel and she too has to cope with emotional neglect. A strong story of teenagers trapped in a home without love and support.

Mackenzie, Anna

Cape Catley 1995 9780908561452 Pb $17.99 Stroppy Abigail (16), sent from Sydney to stay with her NZ grandmother, finds a nightmare childhood in the pages of an old diary.

Allen & Unwin 2005 9781741143102 Pb $22.99 Follow the life of Georgia - a little plump, a little individual and very unique. 13 +. NZ Post Young Adult Fiction Award 2006.

What Happened That Night

Sea-Wreck Stranger trilogy Book 1 - The Sea-wreck Stranger

Martin, Denis Marked

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361883 Pb $18.99 A post-apocalyptic novel. Ness, Ty and their cousin Sophie live in a small island community that has turned its back on the sea and its own past. Then a stranger arrives who forces them all to question the world they know and they each have a choice to make. White Raven book and Honour book at NZ Post and Sir Julius Vogel Fantasy and Science Fiction Awards 2008. 12+.

Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921977541 Pb $19.99 Cully thinks life in small-town Cooksville will be quiet. Then he meets Kat. Athletic. Stunning. Intriguing. But something is going on with Kat Cully is sure of it. He knows he should stay out of it, but he can t. Now Kat and Cully are caught in the middle of a deadly web. And it s too late to hide from those who hunt them. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Longacre Press 2010 9781877460487 Pb $19.99 Sequel to The Sea-Wreck Stranger. Ness’s new home is the ruined city of Vidya. Dev’s people are trying to build a new world in a corner of the old city. Ness is sent to work on the community’s farms, is caught up in a land battle and volunteers to help in the medic room at Ebony Hill. Gripping and suspenseful. 14+

I Am Leather-Man

Book 2 - Ebony Hill

McKay, Sandy Losing It

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361746 Pb $18.99 Joanna has been hospitalised for her eating disorder. Through her letters and diary entries she comes to terms with her issues and works towards health and independence. Insight into the realities of the experiences of those who suffer, and their families and friends. 13+.

Morris, Paula† Dark Souls

Scholastic 2011 9780545251327 Hb $29 Scholastic 2012 9780545251341 Pb $21 Miranda and big brother Rob are traumatised after they were in a crash where Miranda’s best friend died, that was also when Miranda discovered she could see ghosts. Now they’re on a family trip to historic York in the UK and ghosts are everywhere. Rob brightens when he meets a girl, and Miranda learns more about ghosts when she meets a strange goth boy, Nick who has a lot of secrets, and sees ghosts too. A ghost story, mystery, history and romance in a rich setting. 13+.

Ruined: A Ghost Story

Scholastic 2010 9780545042147 TPb $21 Scholastic 2009 9780545042154 Hb $26 A spooky novel set in New Orleans post-Katrina and delving into its history including the yellow fever epidemic, free people of colour, voodoo and Mardi Gras. Rebecca (16) comes to stay in New Orleans but she struggles to fit in. She follows some teens into the out-of-bounds cemetery and there meets Lisette, a ghost unable to rest in peace because of the way she died. Past and present meet in a dramatic conclusion. A great portrait of this fascinating city. 12+.

Unbroken: A Ruined Novel

Scholastic 2013 9780545416412 Hb $26 Returning to New Orleans for spring break, Rebecca (16) finds herself embroiled in another murder mystery from more than a century ago, when she meets the ghost of a troubled boy.

Nagelkerke, Bill Demons

ACHUKAbooks 2012 B009EXB9W2 Kindle Andrea McNamara, daughter of Catholic parents with a lifetime of ‘protest’ behind them, and granddaughter of an Irish matriarch, has finished university and is looking forward to starting her new life. But then she meets Chris, her former boyfriend, and self-styled classics geek and atheist. The meeting prompts Andrea to look back at her final year at high school when she met Chris for the first time and when her life began to change in ways both challenging and unexpected.

Date of Origin

Pearson 2008 9781869706470 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3. It’s the 20th century and Rezza lives with her sister Boyd and a group of other young, female outcasts. Terrified of the guards who control the Earth, they survive on what they can find or hunt. They wait for their Date of Origin, when they find out if they will morph into Aggers (slaves), but a group of rebels has a daring plan. 12-14.


Maybury, Ged & Vencil, Anna

Cape Catley 2001 9780908561858 Pb $14.99 Jake’s wealthy parents are so busy with their own lives they don’t realise he’s slipped out of the arrangements they’ve made for him, and is living alone in his mother’s new house while she is down country at university. It’s when he begins to tell a few fibs that his troubles really begin.

The Field

ACHUKAbooks 2012 B006Z3FTUW Kindle When Jacinta begins receiving messages from Mary, Mother of God, her parents and the local bishop don’t know how to respond.

Neale, Emma Fosterling

Random House 2011 9781869794859 Pb $29.99 Random House 2011 9781869794866 Epub A young man falls injured in the forest and is found unconscious, 7’ tall with hair all over his face and body. When he wakes he’s in hospital and refuses to talk. He is persecuted but we come to know his gentle heart and longing to find his place in the world, and the intriguing story of where he came from. 13+.

Noonan, Diana

Flight from Ledron

Pearson Education 2008 9781869705947 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 2 After Amon finds an injured bird in the desert outside ledron, his whole world turns upside down. his mother is ill and he knows his community does not have the resources to help her. The bird seems to offer help, but if they manage to escape into the desert what will they find? Sci-fi.

Win! Win!

Pearson 2008 9781869706456 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 3. Phoebe has done something terrible and now she’s in a truck with no idea where she’s going. Too bad if Mum was worried, she’s chosen to stay with Mick and his gambling problem and she couldn’t expect to have Phoebe as well. 12-14.

Norcliffe, James

The Assassin of Gleam

Hazard Press 2006 1877270997 Pb $29.99 21st century fantasy in a time of tyrant rulers and black magic. The ruler of Gleam has destroyed all hope and freedom but there is a prophesy of a bright new beginning for the kingdom. To prevent this the Markgrave seeks help from the Brotherhood. Meanwhile a young woman and her brother come to the kingdom and will have to face darkness and danger if they are to survive. 14+. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



The Emerald Encyclopedia

Hazard Press 1994 9780908790630 Pb $16.99 Each promise contains an increasingly sinister catch, and Fraser and Katherine realise that it is working its evil on the entire town.

Orman, Lorraine Cross Tides

Longacre Press 2004 9781877135927 Pb $18.99 Linked historical and contemporary stories of Lizzie Dawson, 16-year-old child bride of a whaler in the 1820s, who reaches across time to communicate with troubled, modern-day Bel, also 16. 13+. NZ Post Book Awards 2005 Best First Book


Ashmore Books 2013 9780473239725 Epub US$4.99 Ashmore Books 2013 9780473239732 Kindle US$4.99 Skye (16) is desperate to know why her mother cut herself off from the family and travels to the West Coast to meet her great-grandfather, determined to unearth the truth. Skye meets her cousin and hears about protest action by an eco-warrior group fighting against a coalmine, leading to some explosive situations and confronting truths. Available from Smashwords & Amazon or email

Orwin, Joanna Out of Tune

Longacre Press 2004 9781877135903 Pb $12.99 Jasmine is out to shock with her clothes and behaviour, and to get her parents to take notice but Jaz is spinning out. Help comes in the form of her grandmother, and the diary of an ancestor. 13+.


HarperCollins 2011 9781869509125 Pb $26.99 Taka, a gifted dancer, yearns to be a hero, to be one of the Travellers. But what daunting, new challenges will be required of him and his companions if they are to have any chance of becoming saviours of their people? What sacrifices might they need to make and does Taka himself have a special role to play?


Scholastic 2002 9781869434939 Pb $18.50 Nicole has always wanted to be special. To have a special talent. But she’s average, that is until she’s chosen to play the lead in the school production of Cinderella. Now is her chance to shine. 9+.

Scott, Mary-anne

Snakes and Ladders

Scholastic 2012 9781775430407 Pb $21 Finn’s druggie Dad is on trial for manslaughter, and so Finn is sent away to an exclusive boarding school where he makes some friends. But someone knows Finn’s secret ...Blackmail and lies ...will Finn ever face the truth? Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Simpson, Phillip Book 1 - Rapture

Pear Jam Books 2011 9780473191610 Pb $19.99 The Rapture has occurred, as predicted in the Bible. The faithful have risen to Heaven, those behind are in a living hell. Samael (16) is half demon, left behind by his Christian family, and it’s Sam’s task to help anyone left behind.14+.

Book 2 - Tribulation

Pear Jam Books 2012 9781927182796 Pb $19.99 Halfway through the Tribulation, half-demon Samael is alone, with only his Samurai swords and memories of the dearly departed to sustain him. Beset on all sides by adversaries Sam must stop his brother before America falls. And if that means killing him, then so be it. 14+.

Stedman, R L

Necklace of Souls

HarperCollins 2013 9781775540069 PB $24.99 With the help of her best friend, Will, and the enigmatic N’tombe, Dana, the rightful heir, must claim the power of the necklace and save her people. But the necklace takes a terrible toll on whoever wears it - a toll that Dana may not be prepared to face. 12+.

Thorpe, Leonie

How to Sell Toothpaste

HarperCollins 2012 9781869509422 Pb $24.99 Dom has left school, and has a holiday job painting his super-cool father’s ad agency offices. Dom wants to find a way to prove he’s just as cool as his father, by designing an ad campaign. But how hard can it be to get creative with toothpaste. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Tipene, Tim Patu

Libro International 2012 9781877514500 Pb $29.99 A moving story for teens of transition, challenge and return to roots for the young Maori protagonist.

Todd, Penelope Watermark trilogy Book 2 - Dark

Longacre Press 2004 9781877135965 Pb $18.99 A year later Zillah is back at Roimata on the wild West Coast. This time Joss and Hep have asked along another guest and Joss seems to be heading into a downward spiral. 13+.

Book 3 - Zillah

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361739 Pb $18.99 Zillah revisits her hideaway on the West Coast to absorb the trauma of a blighted working holiday in Spain. 13+.

Vakaruru, Ngaire Crossing the Line

Ngaire Vakaruru 2012 9780473196523 Pb $25 Rory (15) is sent to a private boys school so he can become ‘more masculine’, but is an easy target for bullies when they discover he might be gay. 13-16. To order email


Owen, Julia

Beneath the Surf

Scholastic 2003 9781869435912 Pb $19.50 Yasmin is on the first real holiday her family has ever had. Everyone is there except Dad, who announced he couldn’t come a decision that will change the family forever. 11+.

Owen, Julia

Straight Walking

Scholastic 2004 9781869435950 Pb $19.50 Told through letters sent to Lissy’s absent father who, we eventually discover, is in jail. Lissy is certain things would be different if she could leave her flakey, druggy mother and dysfunctional family to live with her perfect dad but growing up means facing up to reality. 13+.

Pita, Graham

Cannibal Coast

Bush Press Aug 2013 9780986456442 Pb $25

Pulford, Elizabeth Broken

Illus Angus Gomes Walker Books Australia 2012 9781921529887 Pb $21.99 Zara is broken. She’s in a coma, trapped in the world of her subconscious. A world of painful memories, distant voices and dark secrets. Secrets she has to unlock. Her life depends on it. Includes graphic novel elements. 13+

Roxborogh, Tania Banquo’s Son

Penguin 2009 9780143202493 Pb $30 For Fleance, only son of Banquo, the time has come to make a choice. Since his father’s brutal murder 10 years ago he has kept his identity hidden. Now he must unmask his enemies and discover why his father’s ghost plagues him. An epic tale of love, loss and revenge set amidst the turmoil of Scotland after Macbeth.

Blood Lines

Penguin 2010 9780143205050 Pb $40 Fleance is the new King of Scotland, a divided nation. He is advised to marry Rachel, from a royal bloodline, not his childhood love Rosie. Love and duty collide in this tale of valour and betrayal. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Sullivan, Jillian Silverstream

Pearson 2007 9781869705893 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Novels level 2. In a future society the government restricts citizen’s rights and punishes people who disagree with the regimes. Lorna’s father was killed in a protest six years ago and now her mother has disappeared, but Lorna’s determined not to lose another parent and will risk everything.

Ngaire Vakaruru 2011 9780473181154 Pb $25 Mary (14) feels trapped in her strict religious family and finds freedom chatting with Sean (20) on Facebook. As their friendship develops Mary lies so they can meet. 12-15.

Walmsley, Correne

Skye and the Lost Relic

Oceanbooks 9781927199527 ePub/Kindle $7.95 Oceanbooks Pb $19.95 First in trilogy featuring Skye, her dog Roma and two friends, based on Maori history and mythology.

Szymanik, Melinda

West, Ella

Pear Jam Books 2011 9781927182406 Pb $19.99 Mallory is the big sister who disappeared two years ago when she was 15 and it seems that Ryan, now 15 himself, is paying the price with his mum’s tough rules, having to babysit his little sister (13) all the time, an absent father, and a stranger watching him. Told from Ryan’s point of view, this is a complex mystery with family and mental health issues. 13+.

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361487 Pb $18.99 Nicky can transport herself by the power of thought alone. Now the Project have discovered her talent and spirit her away to a desert hideaway. A chilling thriller for 13+.

The Half Life of Ryan Davis

Taylor, William My Summer of the Lions

Pearson (1988), 2007 9781869705855 Pb $25.99 Nitty Gritty Level 2 With a dead mother and a father too preoccupied with himself, Martin spends his evenings hanging out at pool rooms or video arcades and stealing hubcaps with his best mate Sam. The only friends Martin talks to are a couple of old zoo lions, Felix and Felicity, but they can’t help when his criminal life spirals out of control.

Scarface and the Angel

Longacre Press 2000 9781877135446 Pb $14.99 There are two sides to Damon. You can see it in his face – Good Face, Bad Face. But which is the true Damon? The one who hits first and asks questions later? Or the one who acts out of kindness?

Temple, Philip

Beak of the Moon

HarperCollins (1981), 2008 9781869506773 Pb $29.99 In the remote valley of Kawee, the timeless world of the kea is suddenly disrupted when strange wingless birds appear, bringing hardship and corruption to their society and forcing young Strongbeak to flee the tyrannical boss Highfeather. Strongbeak leads a quest for a new world beyond the mountains. 13+

Thieves trilogy Book 1 - Thieves - A Novel

Book 2 - Anywhere But Here

Longacre Press 2008 9781877460043 Pb $19.99 Nicky and the other travellers are on the run, transporting themselves from place to place by thought alone, pursued by the Project. Now they’re in Los Angeles, trying to keep one step ahead of their pursuers. 14+.

Book 3 - Real Life

Longacre Press 2009 9781877460395 Pb $19.99 Despite their gifts, Nicky and her fellow travellers are back at the Project with new tracking bracelets that can’t be removed, leaving them all feeling trapped and betrayed. Much of the novel focuses on Nicky sorting out her relationships and trying to find freedom, along with some thrilling events and a dramatic conclusion. 12+.

Wright, Denis Violence 101

Black Dog Books 2011 9781742031781 Pb $18.99 Puffin 2008 9780143304036 Pb $19.99 Hamish Graham is super intelligent and obsessed with his heroes - Alexander the Great, Te Rauparaha, Charles Upham. He’s also only 14 with a big anger problem that has landed him in his third institution for young offenders. He’s required to keep a journal and through this we learn about Hamish and his attempts to find meaning in life. NZ Post Best First Book 2009. 12+.


Short Stories

Batt, Tanya

The Barefoot Book of Faeries

Illus Gail Newey* Barefoot Books 2008 9781846861635 Pb & CD $30 Barefoot Books 2008 9781846861635 Hb & CD $40 Stories from the faery realm with elves, pixies, leprechauns and hobgoblins. 5+

Cowley, Joy

Like Wallpaper

Illus Gavin Bishop Gecko Press 2011 9781877467868 Hb $32.99 Gecko Press 2011 9781877467677 Pb $22.99 Illustrated short stories to read aloud to young children.

Mischief & Mayhem

Just One More

The Fabrics of Fairytale

Illus Rachel Griffin* Barefoot Books 2007 9781846860898 Pb & CD $33.50 Weaving of fabulous worlds, with words and fabrics, tales spun through the ages by communities near and far. 7+.

Brooke, Amy (Agnes-Mary)

Day, Marion

Jasper and Granny May Again

Halcyon Press 2012 9781877566292 Paperback $24.99 Packed with blood and guts and adventure as young people get out into the wild hunting and fishing. Many tales are quite frightening and there’s death and destruction a plenty. Aimed at young men, along the classic lines of Brian Crump and other hunters of his ilk. 13+.

Illus Dean Raybould Medlar Press 2001 9780958219952 Pb $19.50 Six stories featuring Jasper and his Granny. She loses her purse, Jasper milk’s the cow, and Granny makes an apple pie. Junior.

Blow Me Socks Off!

Illus Dean Raybould Medlar Press 2006 9582680100 Pb $19.50 Christmas is coming, their friends get into trouble, and there’s a touch of magic in this collection of stories about Jasper, Granny May and their village friends. Junior.

Cor Blimey Mate

Medlar Press 2001 9780958219860 Pb $16.99 A collection of stories for younger children written in the classic European tradition.

The Third Star and Other Stories

Medlar Press 2007 9780958268028 Pb $18.50 A collection of magical stories - a cat is not what it seems; animals have adventures; and naughty child escapes dire consequences; a hungry mouse has a wonderful Christmas.

Collins, Paul (Ed) Dream Weavers

Penguin (order from Ford St) 1996 140262083 Pb $14.95 Swords and sorcery, time travel, marauding barbarians, cataclysms and heroism - tools of the trade for fourteen fantasists who take us into lands steeped in legend. Featuring Isobelle Carmody, Paul Collins and more.

Mackay Books 2010 9780986468001 Pb $21 A collection of action stories and poems about experienced and not-so-experienced hunters, their dogs, wild pigs, deer, helicopters and guns. Many are based on true events, told in the language of the hunter, allowing a glimpse into their lives, beliefs and culture, and the loyalty and love they have for their dogs. 11-14.

Drewery, Melanie

Stories from our Night Sky

Illus Jenny Cooper Picture Puffin 2009 9780143503750 Pb $26 A collection of stories and poems about NZ’s southern skies, complemented by stunning illustrations incorporating Maori design elements and mainly night-time tones. A special distinctively NZ treasure. 6+.

Duder, Tessa

Too Close to the Wind and Other Stories

HarperCollins 2006 9781869506087 Pb $17.99 Ten stories for younger readers - exciting, funny, sad - something for everyone.

Strange Fruit: Tales of the Unexpected

Penguin (from Ford St) 1995 140248056 Pb $15.95 A collection of eerie tales by Australian masters and mistresses of the bizarre, the unnerving. Senior.

The Government in Exile & other stories

Sumeria Press (from Ford St) 1994 646197746 Pb $14.95 A collection of stories providing a comprehensive overview of the work of one of Australia’s science fiction writers. Senior

Trust Me!

Ford St Publishing 2009 9781876462574 Pb $24.95 50 of Australia’s best known children’s authors, poets and illustrators. Stories and poems cover all genres, mystery, romance, crime, fantasy, SF, humour and more. Contributors include: Andy Griffiths, Shaun Tan, Gary Crew, Steven Herrick, Leigh Hobbs, Marc McBride, and others.

Trust Me Too

Ford Street 2012 9781921665585 Pb $24.95 Over 50 of Australia’s leading children’s authors and illustrators. Separated into genres such as crime, adventure, romance, science fiction and fantasy. It contains fiction, illustrations, poetry and graphics. Senior.

Illus Philip Webb Random House 2005 9781869416942 Hb $24.99 All children get up to mischief of some kind and our childhood memories are often of the great adventures we had - this collection will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Illus Philip Webb Random House 2008 9781869790028 Hb $25.99 30 entertaining stories about children showing what they’re made of at home, at school, in parades and anywhere! Wacky illustrations for extra laughs.

Farrell, Fiona (Ed)

The Best New Zealand Fiction Vol 4

Random House 2007 9781869418779 Pb $34.99 Earlier volumes edited by Fiona Kidman. Fiona Farrell has scoured the country and beyond for a sampling of the best stories being written by our writers today. There are moments of tenderness and revelation, humour and insight. Contributors include Ben Brown, Charlotte Grimshaw, Eirlys Hunter, Witi Ihimaera, Fiona Kidman and C.K. Stead. Senior.

Frame, Janet

Gorse is Not People

Penguin 2012 9780143567707 Pb $39.99 28 short stories spanning the length of Frame’s career, many never published before and none included in previous collections. Senior.

Stories and Poems

Vintage 2004 9781869416638 Flexi $29.99 Reissued together, The Lagoon & Other Stories and The Pocket Mirror show Janet Frame’s playful explorations of language and vivid evocations of everyday life.

Holcroft, Anthony

A Visit to the Orchards of Heaven

Hazard Press 1998 9781877161261 Pb $17.99 Enchanting tales peopled by magical creatures such as a greedy, backward counting leprechaun and seemingly everyday characters who have a supernatural streak – such as a retired witch who has forgotten the spell that activates her broomstick and discovers that a motorcycle will serve as a substitute.

The Boy at the Door

Hazard Press 1991 9780908790241 Pb $6.99 Five chilling tales of magic and enchantment for 9-12s.

Tales from the Wasteland

Hodder Children’s (from Ford St) 2000 733610978 Pb $14.95 Horror, fantasy, science fiction and suspense are intermingled to produce stories that are purely paranormal but range from chillingly scary, to beautifully lyrical, to ironically humorous. Authors include Allan Baillie, Paul Collins, Meredith Costain and Gary Crew. Senior

Random House 2005 9781869416935 Pb $18.99 An anthology of New Zealand short stories especially for teenagers. The settings are New Zealand homes and flats, local schools and roads, beaches, rivers and cities. 12+.

Showtime: 30 NZ Stories for Children

Jasper and Granny May

The Little Brass Bell and other stories


The Stone Boat Down to the Sea Again: True Sea Stories for Young New Zealanders

HarperCollins 2005 9781869504762 Pb $20.50 Real-life stories from New Zealanders. Read about nearly drowning, exciting sailing holidays, paddling a waka, reliving terrifying storms and shipwrecks, and more.

Else, Barbara (Ed)

30 Weird & Wonderful NZ Stories

Illus Philip Webb Random House 2003 9781869415655 Hb $25.99 An anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories written for New Zealand children, aimed at 8-10s.

Claws & Jaws: 30 NZ Animal Stories

Illus Philip Webb Random House 2004 9781869416386 Hb $25.99 A collection of stories about animals aimed at 8-10s. Writers include Jane Buxton, Jack Lasenby and David Hill.

Dare and Double Dare

Illus Philip Webb Random House 2007 9781869418748 Hb $25.99 Another anthology of New Zealand stories with a sporting theme. A variety of stories from funny to serious to exciting.

Illus Leah Palmer Price Tarn Publishing 2004 476008271 Pb $12.99 Seven short stories combining folktale and fantasy. 10+.

Ihimaera, Witi

Witi Ihimaera: His Best Stories

Raupo 2009 9780143010906 Pb $30 24 stories from across Ihimaera’s career of more than 35 years. Senior.

Keestra, Jenni (Ed)

The Puffin Treasury of New Zealand Children’s Stories

Volume 4

Puffin 2007 9780143303466 Pb $31 More classic stories from some of New Zealand’s popular authors and illustrators like Joy Cowley and Lynley Dodd.

Kidman, Fiona (Ed)

The Best New Zealand Fiction - Volume 1

Vintage 2004 9781869416645 Pb $29.99 A lively and fresh sampling of what is being written now. Selected by Fiona Kidman, they come from our top writers: both established and new; those based in NZ and those who have recently spent time here. Senior.

Novels are divided into Junior (beginner independent readers), Intermediate (fluent readers) and Senior (for older children, mainly due to subject matter or complexity of language). Age ranges should be taken as a guide only, and are not intended to restrict the readership of any book.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



The Best New Zealand Fiction - Volume 2

Vintage 2005 9781869417406 Pb $29.99 Drawing on the very best of what local writers have been crafting over the past year, this collection of stories and novel extracts gives an invaluable snapshot of the state of New Zealand’s current literature. Senior.

The Best New Zealand Fiction - Volume 3

Punter, Russell* Illus Philip Webb

Christmas Stories for Little Children

Usborne 2007 9780746087534 Hb $40.99 A luxury edition combining Stories of Santa and Stories of snowmen. Six original festive stories for the run-up to Christmas. Read aloud or suitable for newly independent readers.

Random House 2006 9781869417970 Pb $34.99 Stories of Santa The third annual collection of the best short stories from the past Usborne 2006 9780794514761 Hb $17.99 year. A great sampler of current New Zealand writing. Senior. Usborne 2006 9780746077030 Hb $10.99 Original stories about Santa - how he makes his toys, what he Lasenby, Jack does on his days off, how to spot a fake and more. Suitable for Uncle Trev newly independent readers. Cape Catley (1991) 1999 9780908561308 Pb $14.99 Uncle Trev and his tales e for laugh-out-loud reading. Storylines Stories of Snowmen Gaelyn Gordon Much-Loved Book 2012. Usborne 2007 9780746086612 Hb $12.99 Stories about snowmen, suitable for newly independent readers Uncle Trev and His Whistling Bull Gecko Press 2012 9780877467158 Pb w flaps $19.99 Tauranga Writers for Children It’s the 1930s and the storyteller is sick in bed when Uncle Trev Illus Caren Glazer arrives to tell stories. 9-12 + adults. 25 More Stories for Kiwi Kidz Tauranga Writers for Children 2008 9780473138349 Pb $15.20 25 short stories suitable to be ready by or to primary school children.

Lowry, Brigid †

Tomorrow All Will Be Beautiful

Longacre Press 1998 9781877135200 Pb $14.99 Funny, sad, dramatic and sometimes frightening stories. 14+.


20 Winning Kids’ Stories

Illus Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic 2010 9781869439958 Pb $19.50 Winners from Scholastic’s short story competition in three age groups (5-7, 8-10 and 11-13), with a black and white illustration for each story. 5-13.


Duder, Tessa & Norcliffe, James (Eds) The World’s Steepest Street

Clerestory Press/The School for Young Writers 2010 9780958288866 Pb $34 Tenth in the Re-Draft series which presents tomorrow’s writers today. Millett, Peter 150 pages of the best young New Zealand writers’ work from all The ANZAC Biscuit Man around the country and overseas. Stories, poems, non-fiction, drama. Illus Lamia Aziz The Re-Draft books are anthologies of poetry and prose by teenagers, collected by means of a national competition sponsored by the School Picture Puffin (2007), 2008 9780143503194 Pb $26 Six classic tales reworked with a Kiwi flavour. Changes in colour for Young Writers since 2001 when Re-Draft 2001 was published. and font are used to highlight text and bright illustrations accom- Cupid on a Friday Night (the 5th in the series) was the first to have a pany each story. Introduction by Margaret Mahy encourages read- separate title). Re-Draft 3 was in the Munich-based International Youth Library’s White Ravens catalogue for 2005. The Re-Draft compeing aloud to get the most from these stories. 4+. tition allows writers age 13-19 to write what they like, with no restricMoleta, Janette D tions on genre, subject matter, language or word-count. The sole criteTales of Old Shaky rion for selection is the quality of the writing. Illus Christine Grace Also see The School for Young Writers in Periodicals & Groups section. Pear Jam Books 2012 978927182154 Pb $19.99 Ten old-fashioned adventure stories featuring the author’s ani- Gawith, Gwen (Ed) Something Zany mals with watercolour illustrations to appeal to all ages. Scholastic 1992 9781869430832 Pb $18.50 Morris, Paula (Editor) Funny, bright and bizarre stories and poems by NZ authors. 8-12. Scholastic 2006 9781869437312 Pb $18.50 Short stories about rural Maori youth. 8-12.

The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Short Stories

Penguin 2009 9780143006817 Pb $41 A contemporary collection of short stories by some of New Zealand’s best including CK Stead, Patricia Grace, Witi Ihimaera, Emily Perkins, Alice Tawhai and Carl Nixon. Senior.

Murray, Celine

Seven to Seventeen

5 Kiwi in a Kombi on Tour

Picture Puffin (2005), 2008 9780143503217 Pb $21 Five kiwis travel around New Zealand in a van. Miscellaneous information about everything from trees to volcanoes to animals, population and more. Illustrated in comic book style making the information tempting and easy to read.

Baxter, James K. Baxter Basics

Bland, Peter When Gulls Fly High


Tales from the Swamp

Junior Poetry Gunson, Dave

Taylor, William

Illus Beci Orpin Studios Allen & Unwin 2007 9781741751604 Pb $22.99 Short stories and poetry with a contemporary flavour with great appeal to the modern girl who doesn’t always feel beautiful. Funny, Pick ‘n’ Mix Assorted Kiwi Stories touching, hopeful text augmented with groovy illustrations. 12+. Illus Jenny Cooper Volume 1 Scholastic 2010 9781869439569 Pb $24 Marshall, Owen (Ed) Volume 2 Scholastic 2010 9781869439941 Pb $24 The Best New Zealand Fiction 16 quick reads which range from funny to scary including wellVolume 6 known authors such as Joy Cowley, David Hill and Janice Marriott, Vintage 2009 9781869790622 Pb $36.99 with a quirky pencil drawing to go with each story. Includes photos Stories where love and the individual spirit reign supreme. and biographies of authors. 7-11. Characters face issues such as redundancy, global warming, leaky homes and overpopulation, dealing with them in moving, quirky, oetry rose humorous and shocking ways. Established and new writers. Senior.

McKinnon, Kingi

Whitcoulls 2012 9780987667403 Hb $29.99 A collection of stories and poems written by New Zealand authors, for children of all ages. Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley, Michael King, Tessa Duder and many others have contributed to this beautiful book which includes illustrations by local artists. Storylines Notable Books Special Mention 2013.

Illus Lynley Dodd and others Steele Roberts (1979), 2008 9781877448188 Hb $30.99 Six of Baxter’s poems for children (Rain, I’m a Tree, Our House, The Ships, The Firemen and The Seagull), illustrated by Lynley Dodd and others.

At the Big Red Rooster Cape Catley 1997 9780908561667 Hb $15 99 Old favourites plus some new outrageous stories from the master of tall tales.

Read Me Another One, Please!

The Book With No Name

Tauranga Writers for Children 2005 473103133 Pb $12 27 short stories suitable to be read to or by primary school children.

Uncle Trev’s Teeth

Smith, Belynda & Vinicombe, Dorothy Dudek (Eds)

Illus Joanna Bland Puffin 2011 9780143504474 Hb $30 Poetry for children, given an added dimension by the accompanying mixed media illustrations full of texture. The poems also are many layered, some simple and some more complex. A nice collection that goes well beyond the humorous rhyme. 7+.

Green, Paula

Macaroni Moon & Other Poems

Illus Sarah Laing Random House 2009 9781869791513 Pb $24.99 A great collection of quirky little poems about all sorts of things grouped by themes like poems that make you go blue or yellow, cheesy poems to get your teeth into, purring poems and more. A lovely early poetry collection for home or school, with zany black and white illustrations that add to the fun. 5+.

Flamingo Bendalingo

Illus Michael Hight AUP 2006 9781869403539 Hb $34.99 Poems created about animals at the Auckland Zoo by established poet Paula Green and children from Swanson Primary School, with illustrations by Paula’s partner fine artist Michael Hight. Includes extensive glossary to help create great poetry. All ages.

Mahy, Margaret

The Word Witch: The Magical Verse of Margaret Mahy

Illus David Elliot HarperCollins 2009 9781869507077 Hb $46 HarperCollins 2012 9781775540014 Pb+CD $39.99 Edited by Tessa Duder A treasury of 66 of Mahy’s poems and stories in rhyme, each poem individually illustrated in his whimsical style by David Elliot. An essential in any library or family collection. NZ Post Picture Book Honour Award & Storylines Notable Book 2010.

Keestra, Jenni (Ed)

The Puffin Treasury of NZ Children’s Stories Volume 1

Puffin 2004 9780143318255 Pb $36 A splendid selection of stories, poems, extracts and picture books with the original illustrations. Classic stories and modern writers, well chosen from our most-loved authors and illustrators.

Millett, Peter

Humpty Rugby & other Classic Kiwi Rhymes

Illus Eddie Booth Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502814 Pb $18.99 Kiwi versions of well-known nursery rhymes with colourful kitsch illustrations. 2+.

Oceanbook Pb $9.95 By Year 13 author. Ten stories spanning a decade providing insight into a young writer’s development. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


Charman, Janet


Illus Jenny Cooper Clerestory Press 2013 9780958288880 Pb $27 A poetry book to both enjoy for its variety of poetry exploring subjects from space travel to birds and animals, inspired by real places and people or total fantasy. Then there are the line drawings that accompany each poem without overwhelming them. The bonus here are the suggestions for aspiring poets to write their own poems and detailed notes about each poem and how the author came to write it. A great package for anyone wanting to enjoy and understand poetry and have a go at writing their own. Commissioned by the School for Young Writers.

AUP 2012 978 869407285 Pb $24.99 Gritty lyrics and biting wordplay reveals the truth of the OE experience – a passage hedged with earnest expectation and ripe with the black comedy of disillusion.

Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins

Packing a Bag For Mars

Wright, Danielle (Collector)

My Village: Rhymes from Around the World

Illus Mique Moriuchi* Gecko Press 2008 9781877467103 Pb $21.99 A collection of nursery verses from 22 countries in their original languages and English. From Iran ot iceland, Samoa to Switzerland. Quirky, touching and funny with vibrant illustrations. A contribution to the NZ Diversity Action Programme of the Human Rights Commission. Share with children from babies up, a real family collection. White Raven 2009.

At the White Coast

Snowing Down South

AUP 2002 9781869402686 Pb $24.99 A fifth collection. Vivid and compassionate evocation of ordinary domestic life and unflinching realism about the situation of women.

Edmond, Murray Fool Moon

AUP 2005 9781869403164 Pb $27.99 A sparkling collection by a well-known poet. Arranged in four sections for the phases of the moon. Lively and inventive.

Walls to Kick and Hills to Sing From: A Comedy with Interruptions

AUP 2010 9781869404581 Pb $24.99 This poetry collection merrily experiments with voice and performance, including in various forms - monologues, dialogues, choruses, songs, scene sets and story boards. This is a challenging, playful and profound collection.

Eggleton, David Fast Talker

AUP 2006 9781869403607 Pb $24.99 An energetic collection, filled with an emphatic, punchy political and social awareness, ranging over the Kiwi psyche, the South Pacific, the media, the suburbs of Auckland, big business and the worlds of war and commodity.

Senior Poetry

Bagby, Stu; Gardner, Jane & Yelich, Sonja AUP New Poets 2

AUP 2002 9781869402808 Pb $24.99 An accessible sampler of contemporary New Zealand poetry: three voices, quite different in style and approach but all sharing memories of childhood and the intense moments of ordinary life.

Baxter, James K.

James K Baxter: Poems

AUP 2009 9781869404345 Hb $29.99 Hunt, Sam (Editor)Poet Sam Hunt introduces his 50 favourite poems by James K Baxter - verses he has lived with, road tested and recited around New Zealand for more than 40 years. A quirky, refreshing and original look at one of New Zealand’s finest poets.

Selected Poems of James K Baxter

AUP 2010 9781869404611 Pb $39.99 Millar, Paul (Editor) A new, generous and authoritative selection of Baxter’s verse including the full texts of the major sequences, a representative range of poems from the 1940s to the 1960s, key new poems, previously published as well as an insightful introduction and notes.

Bornholdt, Jenny Mrs Winter’s Jump

Red Leaves

AUP 2005 9781869403461 Pb $24.99 A spare, elegant book that teems with imagery, often drawn from Chinese or Indian sources, but also deals in a restrained way with more personal material that is subtle yet moving

Broom, Sarah

AUP 2007 9781869404024 Pb $24.99 A poetic memoir in the light of art, with poems on painting, Frances Hodgkins, and other favourite artists and poets.

Slip Stream

AUP 2010 978 1869404628 Pb $24.99 An account of a time when the author was in the midst of an illness, documenting in intimate poems features of her daily life, treatment, treats and heartbreak and the warmth of family love.

Green, Paula (Ed)

Dear Heart: 150 NZ Love Poems

Random House 2012 9781869797621 Hb $36.99 A collection of poetry not only about romantic love, but also love for a child, a place, a thing. Love in its many forms. The diversity of this collection is what makes it hugely appropriate for a secondary school library where it can be explored, enjoyed, and to provide inspiration for self-expression. The book is also a thing of beauty you will love for itself - on the dust jacket, and interspersed in the pages within, are letters commissioned from several New Zealand artists, the poems arranged in a manner the editor describes as ‘as though I were composing a symphony ... because I wanted poetic music along with poetic heart’. All together a treasure. 13+.

Green, Paula & Ricketts, Harry 99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry

AUP 2008 9781869403881 Pb $24.99 A poetic response to Farrell’s stay in Ireland: part travelogue, part family record, part song and myth and history rewritten.

Palaver Lava Queen

Cassandra’s Daughter

The Pop-up Book of Invasions

Fitchett, Sue

Harlow, Michael

AUP 2004 9781869403263 Pb $24.99 These are poems of Auckland, charting its layered history, mythology, landscape and often frenetic energy.

AUP 2006 9781869403324 Pb $24.99 Deals with the search for language to express and convey the strangeness and mystery of the everyday.

Frame, Janet

The Tram Conductor’s Blue Cap

Manhire, Bill (Ed) Vintage 2008 9781869790172 Pb $29.99 Previously unpublished poems selected and edited by Bill Manhire at Janet Frame’s request.

Harvey, Siobhan (Ed)

The Goose Bath

Freegard, Janis

Kingdom Anamalia: The Escapades of Linnaeus

AUP 2011 9781869404734 Pb $24.99 Freegard draws on the taxonomy system created by Swedish-born naturalist Carolus Linnaeus.

Freegard, Janis; Liddy, Katherine & Robinson, Reihana AUP New Poets 3


AUP 2009 9781869404307 Pb $24.99 A poet of dreams, riddles and singing words, asking what it means, in the face of absurdities and shadowy things in life, to risk delight.

Our Own Kind, 100 New Zealand Poems About Animals

Photographs by Mark Smith Godwit 2009 9781869621605 Pb $36.99 100 poems by New Zealand writers about all kinds of animals. A book for all ages, divided into categories such as Bow-wow, Miaow, Creepers and Crawlers, Zoo and more, with occasional black and white photographs. A lovely collection to dip into.

Jackson, Anna The Gas Leak

AUP 2006 9781869403560 $24.99 A collection exploring the complex, uneasy and mysterious dynamics of a family: a gas fitter; his teenage daughter; and his wife.

The Long Road to Teatime

AUP 2000 9781869402235 Pb $24.99 Includes six playful, warm and allusive sequences, literary variations on domestic life, domestic takes on literature.


AUP 2011 9781869404826 Pb $24.99 In Anna Jackson’s fifth collection of poetry, a rich and leafy life is closing in on the poet. The shimmering, multi-faceted poems are preoccupied with thickets of language and other tangles.

AUP 2011 9781869404871 Pb $24.99 In three parts, Shift takes us both back and outwards - from the poet’s early history out towards the wider world - London, Europe, New York - and back again.

Jackson, Michael


Jenner, Lynn

Green, Paula

AUP 2000 9781869402402 Pb $24.99 Chrome is a way of coming to terms with relationships in the poAUP August 2013 9781869407704 Pb $24.99 Explores the effect of a life-threatening condition by way of the et’s own life, with her parents and with poetry. landscapes of the natural world.


AUP 2004 9781869403249 Pb $27.99 A lyrical collection that evokes the New Zealand landscape, engages with contemporary art, and recalls aspects of the poet’s life bound up with the popular music of the 1970s.

Vintage 2010 9781869791788 Pb $44.99 More than 85 poems from NZ writers that demonstrate poetry and its place in our history with information about form, features, effects and context. Divided into five key parts. 25 poets also share their inspiration, meanings and creative processes. Illustrated with many photographs and book covers. 13+.

Farrell, Fiona

AUP 2008 9781869404161 Pb $24.99 Godwit 2007 9781869621377 Hb $36.99 The fifth in the series of poetry from New Zealand’s Te Mata Estate Three voices, quite different in style and approach offer poems Poet Laureates (to date, Hone Tuwhare, Elizabeth Smither, Bill surreal from Wellington, brutal from Pitcairn and precise from the Manhire and Brian Turner). Jenny Bornholdt is one of New Bronze Age onwards. Zealand’s most deft poets, her work distinguished by its delicacy, French, Anne accessibility and engaging quality. Illustrated with a series of Wild black and white photographs. AUP 2003 9781869403102 Pb $24.99 The sixth book of poetry from this popular poet, ‘Wild’ describes Bridge, Diana the phenomenon of ‘wildness’ from historic Britain to the poet’s Aloe and other Poems own contemporary life. AUP 2009 9781869404413 Pb $24.99 Themes of loss, generation and repetition run through this collection. Gallagher, Rhian

Bridge, Diana


Dead Reckoning

AUP 2006 9781869403614 Pb $24.99 A poetry collection of distance and global reach but a strong sense of NZ; by a poet ‘reckoning’up his past experience and his position in the world.

Dear Sweet Harry

AUP 2010 9781869404604 Pb $24.99 A first poetry collection with a difference, carefully crafted, imaginative and with an offbeat charm. It also includes fascinating stories from the lives of Mata Hari, Katherine Mansfield and Harry Houdini. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


SENIOR POETRY The Lark Quartet

Johnstone, Andrew (Ed)

Mitchell, David

Godwit 2008 9781869621476 Pb $36.99 A collection of poems about death and dying, from many points of view, by NZ poets. A fine collection with diverse points of view.

AUP 2010 9781869404598 Pb $34.99 Edmond, Martin & Roberts, Nigel (Eds) Structured in seven sections with poems from 1962 to 2009, and with a comprehensive introduction by the editors, this collection reconstructs missing gaps, presenting afresh the lyrical, beat intensity of this Antipodean hipster and iconic New Zealand poet.

AUP New Poets 4

Norcliffe, James

Stead, C.K.

AUP 2008 9781869404185 Pb $59.99 Included poems from Stead’s 14 collections, previously uncollected poems and a forward and notes.

Kawana, Phil

AUP 2007 9781869403836 Pb $24.99 Lyrics anchored by three sequences: the 15th century French poet Villon fetching up in the West Coast town of Millerton; the mysteries of the Indian rope trick; and the contradictory character of the 19th-century missionary Samuel Marsden.

Moonlight. New Zealand Poems on Death and Dying

Jones, Harry; Scudder, Erin & Tse, Chris

AUP 2011 9781869404741 Pb $24.99 The fourth book in AUP’s New Poets series brings together the work of three distinct new voices, with new poetry ranging in subject matter from family histories to sharply observed pieces about the world we live in.

Steal Away Boy: Selected Poems

Villon in Millerton

The Devil In My Shoes

O’Brien, Gregory

Kennedy, Anne

AUP 2012 9781869405793 Pb $27.99 Poems written with thoughtful musicality and sense of humour, from a variety of locations and experiences, including a trip to the Kermadecs and Tonga aboard the HMS Otago.

AUP 2005 9781869403522 Pb $24.99 The first book of poems by an admired short story writer. Meshes a natural lyrical impulse with a strong voice speaking out against social injustice.

The Darling North

AUP 2012 9781869405939 Pb $24.99 Engage with a woman’s past, her lover and her landscapes, particularly the Hokianga, Northland and Hawaii.

The Time of the Giants

AUP 2005 9781869403423 Pb $27.99 An original, delightful sequence of poems that tells the stories of a family of giants and, in particular, the daughter’s efforts to conceal from her normal-size lover how tall she really is.

Le Bas, Jessica

Beauties of the Octagonal Pool

Orr, Bob Calypso

AUP 2008 9781869404055 Pb $24.99 Short, intensely New Zealand poems that combine the everyday with a visionary sense of mystery and wonder.


AUP 2002 9781869402822 Pb $24.99 Wonderful poems from a master of melodic sound and haunting image. Accessible poems of New Zealand seascape, citylife in Auckland and a rural Waikato childhood.


Price, Chris

Walking to Africa

AUP 2002 9781869402662 Pb $24.99 Poetry from a former editor of Landfall. Jessie McKay Award for the Best First Book of Poetry 2002.

AUP 2007 9781869403928 Pb $24.99 Poems about family, friends, domestic situations, many with rural or seashore settings and many from the perspective of children. AUP 2009 9781869404468 Pb $24.99 An intensely felt narrative portraying a mother’s experience of coming to terms with her daughter’s mental illness and its health care, diagnosis and treatment. Revelatory and powerful but healing.


The Blind Singer

AUP 2009 9781869404338 Pb $24.99 A collection that works legend, history, biography, art and the secret lives of musical instruments into the poetic narrative.

Leggott, Michele

Quigley, Sarah

AUP 2005 9781869403348 Pb $27.99 A beautiful collection that uses deft word play, allusion and quotation with liquid sounds, intense images and stirring rhythms.

AUP 2003 9781869402846 Pb $24.99 The poems are chiefly poised lyrics written in a relaxed conversational tone and in the persona of a modern young woman who travels, observes, writes.

Love in a Bookstore or Your Money Back

Milk and Honey

Mirabile Dictu

AUP 2009 9781869404406 Pb $27.99 Throughout 2008 Michele Leggott recorded her term as the first New Zealand Poet Laureate. This warm and wonderful collection of poetry relates the wonders of that year.

Marsh, Selina Tusitala Fast Talking PI

AUP 2009 9781869404321 Pb & CD $27.99 Energised, streetwise poems in which a woman of Pacific descent, born and raised in Aotearoa, NZ, speaks up and speaks loud.

Meredith, Courtney Sina Girls in Bright Red Lipstick

Beatnik 2012 9780473219987 Hb $24.99 A collection of poetry from a poet who has established a local and international reputation as a performer, poet, musician and playwright. Her work is an ongoing discussion of contemporary urban life with an underlying Pacific politique and an educated, politically aware, international voice.

Ross, Jack & Kemp, Jan (Eds) Classic NZ Poets in Performance

AUP 2006 9781869403676 Pb & 2 CDs $45 27 classic NZ poets reading their own work, plus a book of the poem texts, with brief biographies and bibliographies for each poet, including Mason, Curnow, Glover, Baxter, Edmond, Tuwhare, Frame and Campbell.

Contemporary NZ Poets in Performance

AUP 2007 9781869403959 Pb & 2 CDs $45 27 New Zealand poets of the 1960s and 1970s reading their own work on CD, plus a book of the poem texts, with brief biographies and bibliographies for each poet, including Sam Hunt, Bill Manhire, Keri Hulme, Cilla McQueen and Ian Wedde.

New New Zealand Poets in Performance

AUP 2008 9781869404093 Pb & 2 CDs $45 28 recent NZ poets reading their own work on CD, plus a book of the poem texts, with brief biographies and bibliographies for each poet, including Jenny Bornholdt, Anne Kennedy, Andrew johnston, Gregory O’Brien, robert Sullivan and Glenn Colquhoun.

AUP 2000 9781869402167 Pb $24.99 Gardens, friends, painting and music inhabit these attractive poems. NZ Book Award for Poetry 2000.

The Year of Adverbs

AUP 2007 9781869403942 Pb $24.99 Full of the stuff of daily life, personalities, travel and more. Highlights Smither’s verbal playfulness, distinctive wit and style.

Collected Poems, 1951-2006

The Black River

AUP 2007 9781869403850 Pb 24.99 Poems written after CK Stead suffered a stroke which temporarily affected his ability to read and write, showing a constant awareness of the ‘black river’ of mortality, balanced by a joy in the vivid pleasures off the senses and the physical world.

Sullivan, Robert

Voice Carried My Family

AUP 2005 9781869403379 Pb $27.99 Great variety and strong pervasive themes, such as the rewriting of NZ myths from a Polynesian perspective, and the engagement of the ancestors in the contemporary life and the modern world.

Tuwhare, Hone

Small Holes in the Silence: Collected Works

Godwit 2011 9781869795788 Pb $44.99 A collection of poetry by Hone Tuwhare (1922-2008) from his many publications and some previously unpublished. Some are complemented with Maori translations by Selwyn Muru, Patu Hohepa and Waihoroi Shortland, alongside Hone’s original English. Includes photographs, book covers, an index, bibliography and notes on some of the poems.

Wedde, Ian

Good Business

AUP 2009 9781869404420 Pb $24.99 In his 14th poetry collection, Ian Wedde writes a sequence of quietly hilarious poems titled after Wellington businesses and institutions. Wedde’s jaunty and self-deprecating tone becomes more serious and elegiac in later sequences.

Three Regrets and a Hymn to Beauty

AUP 2005 9781869403492 Pb $24.99 Five extended poems linked thematically by language and an interest in beauty.

Wendt, Albert; Whaitiri, Reina, & Sullivan, Robert (Eds)

Mauri Ola: Contemporary Polynesian Poems in English

AUP 2010 9781869404482 Pb $49.99 Poems written over the last 25 years from more than 60 poets in the Pacific region.

Yelich, Sonja Clung

AUP 2004 9781869403232 Pb $24.99 The wry, colourful and amused poems of a woman stuck at home with small children and listening to the radio, which ushers outside voices, stories and worlds into her domestic life.

Get Some

AUP 2009 9781809404239 Pb $24.99 A poetry collection following a US Marine serving in the Iraq War and the responses of his family back home to his tour of ‘doody’.

Smither, Elizabeth The Blue Coat

AUP 2013 9781869407360 Pb $24.99 Poetry that demonstrates Smither’s talent for illuminating the poetry in the everyday. A master of the unfolding poem, in lines that take you from a single image to the cusp of something larger. At times meditative, at times playful, even slightly subversive.

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KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Activity & Puzzle | Archaeology | Arts & Crafts


Activity & Puzzle

Author unknown,

A Kiwi Night Before Christmas Sticker Book

Scholastic 2010 9781869439156 Pb $10 A sticker book based on the Kiwi version of the Night Before Christmas classic. 3-7.

Naumann, Ruth

501 Great Kiwi Jokes

Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic 2011 9781775430353 Pb $10 Jokes on many subjects including sport, music, ghosts and animals with cartoon line drawings. Fundraiser for Cure Kids. 5-12.

Andrewes, Russell

I’m Busy Homework Book

New House 2003 9781869467123 Pb $15.99 A homework book of general knowledge for Year 4-6 children.

Smarts Homework Book

New House 2004 9781869467227 Pb $15.99 A homework book of general knowledge for Year 6-7 children.

Superstars Homework Book

New House 2004 9781869467227 Pb $15.99 A homework book of general knowledge for Year 7-9 children.

Neild, Diana

Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig’s Book of Pigtivities

Illus Philip Webb Scholastic 2010 9781869439880 Pb $12.50 Get involved in the Piggity-Wiggity world by doing the puzzles, colouring in, making puppets, using the stickers and making some piggy biscuits. 3-8.

Ryan, Nellie

The Great Kiwi Doodle Book

Barnett, Whitebait Television & Stephen Scholastic 2012 9781775430711 Pb $10 The What Now Big Book of Fun!

Scholastic 2011 9781775430377 Pb $19 A fun book to celebrate What Now’s 20 years on TV. Packed with things to do including games, puzzles and things to make. Presenter profiles and the different jobs involved in putting the show together, along with the many mad antics which have entertained children over the years. 5-12.

Barry, Annette

The Great Kiwi Swimming Puzzle Book Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2012 9781775430902 Pb $10 An activity book for 4-8.

The Great Rugby Activity Book

Illus Christine Dale Scholastic 2011 9781775430186 Pb $10 Full of rugby-related puzzles and things to do. 6-10.

Farrer, Maria

Santa’s Kiwi Holiday Activity Book

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 9781869438425 Pb $10 An activity book based on the picture book Santa’s Kiwi Holiday. 3-8.

Gilderdale, Betty

The Little Yellow Digger Activity Book

Illus Alan Gilderdale Scholastic 2012 9781775431114 Pb $10 Lots of different activities to do all based on The Little Yellow Digger books including matching rhyming words, counting, making paper chains and mud cookies, colouring in etc. 3-8.

Gunson, Dave

NZ Birds to Read, Colour and Keep

Includes lots of starter pictures for children to work from - from decorative NZ tea towels and pavlovas to waka and sailing boats. 5+.

Gunther, Richard

The Great Kiwi Puzzle Book

Scholastic 2000 9781869434892 Pb $10 An activity book that focuses on the flora and fauna of NZ. 4-8.

Mewburn, Kyle

Dinosaur Rescue Book of Stuff Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic 2013 9781775431732 Pb $12.50

Morrison, Yvonne Illus Deborah Hinde

A Kiwi Jingle Bells Activity & Sticker Book

Scholastic 2010 9781869439071 Pb $11 A Kiwi version of Jingle Bells describing a summer Christmas holiday at the beach. 4-8. Hb = Hardback

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki 2012 9780864632906 Pb $45 The work of 26 Pasifika artists in all their diversity, from bright raffia wall hangings, huge papercut works, video and more traditional photographs, sculpture and paintings. Comprehensive information about the artists and exhibited works is included and augmented by biographies in the back of the book and four essays looking at various aspects of Pasifika art. 14+.

Caughey, Liz & Gow, John

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2

The Great Animal Puzzle Book

David Bateman 2008 9781869537197 Pb $49.99 A series examining both New Zealand’s established and up-andcoming artists working in a variety of media. along with a selection of each artist’s work, there is a brief biography and an interpretation of the works shown. Senior.

Contemporary New Zealand Art 4 David Bateman 2005 9781869535759 Pb $49.99

Contemporary New Zealand Art 5

Telfer, Barbara

Scholastic 2011 9781869439170 Pb $12.50 100 puzzles including wordfinds, crosswords and games, all about animals. 7-11.

The Great New Zealand Puzzle Book

Colston, Fifi

Scholastic 2008 9781869438951 Pb $10 Over 80 puzzles, all of which relate to New Zealand. 6-10.

World of Wearable Art Handbook

Scholastic July 2013 9781775431589 Pb $21 From long-time World of Wearable Arts competitor, heaps of ideas for kids to make their own wearable arts masterpieces.


Veart, David

Digging Up the Past: Archaeology for the Young and Curious

AUP 2011 9781869404659 Hb $39.99 Illustrated with pictures of archaeological evidence, scientists at work and reconstructions of lost worlds, this story of New Zealand is told with humour and insight from an archaeological angle. It features do-it-yourself activities for readers and teaches children the science of archaeology.

Arts & Crafts Arnold, Heather Draw New Zealand Birds

The Super Sticker Book of NZ Wildlife

Puffin (1998), 2008 9780140565140 Pb $19.99 Children can choose where to place the easy-to-use reusable stickers on the backgrounds provided to create their own wildlife scenes.

Home AKL: Artists of Pacific Heritage in Auckland

David Bateman 2002 9781869534875 Pb $49.99

AUP 2005 9781869403430 Pb $59.99 A book of Hotere’s line drawings and paintings of women, produced from 1959 to the late 1990s. Senior.

New Holland 2010 9781869662851 Pb $9.99 30 simple black and white illustrations ready to be coloured in, with a sentence or two of basic introductory text about each one. 4-7.

Brownson, Ron; Māhina-Tuai, Kolokesa; Refiti, Albert L; Tavola, Ema; Tonga, Nina,

Contemporary New Zealand Art 3

Baker, Kristelle

New Holland 2011 9781869663346 Pb $9.99

AUP 2007 9781869403713 Pb $49.99 Well-known New Zealand writers - poets, novelists, a musician and an economist - write about their favourite local artist. Each essay is accompanied by images chosen by the writer. Senior.

Illus Katz Cowley Scholastic 2012 9781775431152 Pb $29 Wonky Donkey and a house to make for him to live in. 4+.

NZ Wildlife to Read, Colour and Keep

New Holland 2012 9781869663841 Pb $9.99

Look This Way: NZ Writers on NZ Artists

David Bateman 1999 9781869534332 Pb $49.95

The House that Wonky Built

NZ Shore & Sea Life to Read Colour & Keep

NZ Garden Wildlife to Read Colour & Keep

Blundell, Sally (Ed)

Smith, Craig

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143503378 Pb $26 A comprehensive guide to drawing some of NZ’s birds. Instructions, lists of materials used, hints on drawing feet, beaks, feathers etc. Information about the birds and how to depict them accurately. Notes about copyright, a glossary and list of other resources.. 8+.

New Holland 2009 9781869662356 Pb $9.99


Dunn, Michael

New Zealand Painting

AUP (2004) 2007 9781869402976 Hb $99.99 A revised and updated edition of this essential overview of New Zealand painting, including new material that covers the 1990s and contemporary work by Maori and Pacific Island artists. Senior.

New Zealand Sculpture

AUP (2002) 2008 9781869404253 Hb $99.99 An updated edition of this overview of New Zealand sculpture, including new material covering the early 2000s. Includes colour plates, bibliography and reading lists. Senior.

Frizzell, Dick

It’s All About the Image

Godwit 2011 9781869797072 Pb $65 Around 100 works of art which have influenced Dick Frizzell and his work from early influences such as Peter McIntyre to contemporary artists. A substantial paperback packed with exuberance. 13+.

Kahukiwa, Robyn

The Desire of the Line: Ralph Hotere Figurative Works

The Art of Robyn Kahukiwa

Beaumont, Matheson

Raupo 2005 9780790010137 Hb $77 Looks at more than 100 of the artist’s works that represent her artistic career, including her children’s books. Captions written by the artist offer insight into the origins and significance of each item, along with materials, size and provenance. 12+.

King, Michael

Chasing the Southern Light: The Photographs of Matheson Beaumont

Maori: A Photographic & Social History

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361562 Hb $79.99 A photographic journey of southern New Zealand, accompanied by an essay about his photographic career, associations with Brian Brake, Ansel Adams and others, and landscape as a subject. In addition to the lavish colour photographs, early black and white photographs are also included. Senior.

Raupo 2008 9780143010883 Pb $52 A comprehensive documentary of Maori culture and society. From early daguerreotype in 1852 to protest images of the 1990s.

Bell, Leonard

Te Papa Press 2013 9780987668806 $29.99 Activities to hep children see, think and draw like an artist, using works of art from the Te Papa collection and new work by leading artists made especially for this book. Includes full-colour reproductions of some work. Draw a mural, turn a circle into a 3D ball, draw your own landscape, put on an exhibition. Inspiration for children and adults alike. Draw directly into the book or photocopy pages you want to use. 8+.

Marti Friedlander

AUP 2009 978186940444 Hb $75 A richly illustrated book by art historian Leonard Bell, presents a detailed account of Friedlander’s life and work, including nearly 200 photographs, many published for the first time. Senior Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Lloyd, Helen

The New Zealand Art Activity Book: 100+ Ideas for Creative Kids

Eb = Electronic book Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Arts & Crafts | Auto/Biography

McDoull, Hamish

100 Essential New Zealand Films

Awa Press 2009 9780958275095 Pb $41 A guide to New Zealand films and film-makers from Len Lye to Taika Waititi, Ramai Hayward in the 1920s to contemporary Peter Jackson and Jane Campion.

O’Brien, Gregory

A Micronaut in the Wide World: The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy

AUP 2011 9781869404703 Hb $59.99 Graham Percy is one of New Zealand’s highest achieving illustrators on a global scale. Though he lived in London from 1964 until his death in 2008, he spent his formative, apprentice years in New Zealand. In this book O’Brien rediscovers the life and work of this talented and original artist-illustrator-typographer. Senior.

Back and Beyond: New Zealand Painting for the Young and Curious

AUP 2008 9781869404048 Hb $34.99 A companion to Welcome to the South Seas. An exploration of the history of New Zealand in painting and the story of painting in New Zealand. Easily understood language and packed with illustrations. Aimed at children 8-12 but interesting to all ages. NZ Post Non-fiction Award 2009.

Owen, Dylan

Creatures Aotearoa

Gecko Press 2008 9781877467073 Pb $19 The first in a series promoting New Zealand art for young children. Featuring painting, sculpture, photography and jewellery. Artists include Jeff Thomson, Richard Killeen, Michael Tuffery and Richard Taylor. Simple text matched with each artwork. Attractive, glossy book with details of each artwork at the back. 3+.

Scott, Hanna & Julia Waite with Rob Gardiner, Sue Gardiner, Pauline Buchanan, Caroline McBride and Christa Napier-Robertson I Spy New Zealand Art

Auckland Art Gallery 2011 9780864632784 Pb $19.95 Matches 26 works by New Zealand artists with the letters of the alphabet so the reader can search in the image for items beginning with that letter. Suggestions at the back include artistic terminology as well as more obvious items in the picture. 4-10.

Sharp, Iain Heaphy

AUP 2008 9781869404239 Hb $69.99 The multi-faceted art and life of an early New Zealand artist, explorer, soldier, surveyor, magistrate, dog-lover, MP, coroner and unsettled settler. Senior.

Shute, Gareth

Insight: NZ Artists Talk About Creativity

Random House 2006 9781869418243 Pb $29.99 Artists examine the creative process. Includes emergent artists as well as experienced artists like Dick Frizzell and Douglas Wright. An inspiring picture of what it’s like to be an artist in NZ. Senior.

Simpson, Peter

The Art of Grahame Sydney


Beale, Fleur

Red Dog in Bandit Country

Longacre Press 2003 9781877135811 Pb $16.99 A true story as told by Bill (Red Dog) Redding. The wild-west memoir of Red Dog’s time in the heart of Colombian bandit country. Includes maps and a glossary. Teacher resource kit available. Young adult

Beck, Jennifer

John Britten: The Boy Who Did Do Better

Scholastic 2004 9781869435486 Pb $19.50 John Britten was a failure at school but didn’t let learning difficulties stop him realising his dream and going on to create the world’s most advanced motorbike. An inspirational true-life story of a New Zealand design-engineering genius. 10+.

Art Icons: Lines in the Sand

David Bateman 2008 9781869536374 Pb $49.99 Looks at 40 iconic images that are part of our visual vocabulary and puts them into the context of New Zealand art history. Senior. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Photographers Thomas Burstyn & Norbert Guenther HarperCollins 2012 9781869509644 Pb $34.95 An intimate portrait of a family living beyond the shelter most of us take for granted, bringing up their seven children in midst of nature, learning about horses, hunting and fishing, and taking care of themselves and each other. Written in an easy conversational style, not shying away from the harsher aspects of life and family conflict, and full of photographs capturing the family and their beautiful environment. The story has earlier been told in an award winning film of the same name which has featured in film festivals all over the world.

Molly Paul Books/Craig Potton 2008 9781877333972 Pb $19.99 The true story of a heroic dog who survived more than 30 hours at sea after being washed overboard in a storm. Intense watercolour illustrations and factual documents, letters and photographs on the endpapers. LIANZA Russell Clark Award 2009. Storylines Notable Book. 5+.

Bishop, Gavin

Copsey, Sue

Random House 2008 9781775532576 Pb $24.99 Bishop’s childhood years spent in the town of Kingston (19491954). The train, the food, mates, catching eels, riding to school on a horse, the Guy Fawkes bonfire and more. Illustrations throughout, prints and retro-coloured ink wash, add atmosphere and character. Cloth spine & special endpapers. 8+ and adults. PANZ Book Design Children’s Book Award & Storylines Notable Book 2009.

Forward by Helen Clark Pearson 2011 9781442537354 Pb $30.99 Children from many different backgrounds and ethnic groups, including immigrants, and from around New Zealand from city to country, affluent and poor. Children talk about their lives, culture, traditions and hopes for the future. 7-11.

Piano Rock - A 1950s Childhood

Kotuku Publishing $13.50 Set of 6 $70.00

Famous New Zealanders 2 Catherine Tizard 9780908947171 Eric Tindill 9780908947195 Simpson, Peter & Peryer Peter James K. Baxter 9780908947225 Peter Peryer: Photographer Malvina Major 9780908947218 AUP 2008 9781869404178 Pb $59.99 9780908947201 Things are not always what they seem in Peryerland: 80 full-col- Ngaio Marsh our plates, an autobiographical essay and an art historical essay Peter Buck 9780908947164

Stead, Oliver

This Way of Life

Herbert The Brave Sea Dog

Boon, Kevin Famous New Zealanders 1 AUP 2007 9781869403898 Pb $59.99 Charles Upham 9780908947140 A comprehensive overview of this period in the work of one of NZ’s George Nepia 9780908947133 greatest painters. Covers McCahon’s job at Auckland City Art Gallery, Kate Sheppard 9780908947119 the Titirangi house and setting, changes in his art practice and a trip Margaret Mahy 9780908947196 to the US in 1958. Full-colour paintings and photographs. Senior. Robert Muldoon 9780908947157 Simpson, Peter Whina Cooper 9780908947102 Fantastica: The World of Leo Bensemann

about one of New Zealand’s leading photographers. Senior.

Burstyn, Sumner

Belton, Robyn

Colin McCahon: The Titirangi Years, 1953-59

AUP 2011 9781869404710 Hb $75 Fantastica is the first book to survey the life and work of accomplished New Zealand artist Leo Bensemann (1912-1986). Senior.

Inia Te Wiata Jean Batten Katherine Mansfield

9781869550684 9781869559639 Longacre Press 2003 9781877135316 Hb $99.99 9781869559639 Best known for his magnificent landscapes of Central Otago, Kotuku Publishing Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $70.00 Sydney is one of New Zealand’s major artists. A comprehensive People in New Zealand History 2 survey chosen from paintings from the past 30 years. Includes 143 9781869555351 reproductions, 9 photographs, list of artworks, exhibition history Apirana Ngata 9781869555344 and biographical notes. Montana Medal for Non-fiction, category Bernard Freyberg winner and Readers Choice awards 2000. Senior Frances Hodgkins 9781869555388 Kiri Te Kanawa 9781869555384 Wolfe, Richard Artists @ Work Princess Te Puea 9781869555368 Photographs by Stephen Robinson Richard Hadlee 9781869555375 Penguin 2010 9780670074693 Pb with flaps $72 Kotuku Publishing Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $70.00 An insider’s look at 24 New Zealand painters and sculptors, their People in New Zealand History 3 work and their studios, their creative processes and practical in9780908947638 formation about how they work. Photographs capture the artists Janet Frame Jon Trimmer 9780908947614 and their tools and workplaces. 12+. Maui Pomare 9780908947621 Wright, Alan & Hanfling, Edward Norman Kirk 9780908947607 Mrkusich: The Art of Transformation Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan 978090847652 AUP 2009 9781869404376 Hb $99.99 A richly illustrated comprehensive survey of the work of NZ’s lead- Yvette Williams 9780908947645 ing abstract painter, Milan Mrkusich. Senior. Kotuku Publishing 2006 090894764X Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $70

Sydney, Grahame & various

Kotuku Publishing Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $70.00

Famous New Zealand Men Jon Trimmer 9780908947614 Kotuku Publishing 2005 Pb $12.50

People in New Zealand History 1 Edmund Hillary 9781869550660 Ernest Rutherford 9781869550677 Guide Rangi 9781869550646

Our Children Aotearoa O Tatou Tamariki

Crowe, Andrew

The Dalai Lama Story: The Making of a World Leader

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361838 Pb $29.99 Forward by His Holiness The Dalai Lama An inspiring recount of the Dalai Lama’s life after being chosen as spiritual leader of Tibet as an infant, taking political control of his country at 15, Chinese invasion and a life in exile. Illustrated with maps, drawings and photographs and with useful timelines and other reference material. 10-15.

Dougherty, Ian

Arawata Bill: The story of legendary gold prospector William James O’Leary Exisle 2012 9781927147535 Pb $29.99 Biography of pioneering folk hero Arawata Bill.

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KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Auto/Biography | Business | Careers Duder, Tessa

Margaret Mahy A Writer’s Life

Haworth, Dianne

Paddy the Wanderer

HarperCollins 2012 9781775540175 Pb $39.99 HarperCollins 2007 9781869506254 Pb $19.99 A literary portrait of New Zealand author Margaret Mahy, updated The true story of an amazing Airedale dog who captured public after her death in 2012. imagination during the Great Depression. When Paddy’s mistress died he headed for the Wellington waterfront where he made many friends. He went on adventures too including a trip in a Gypsy Moth plane. He was formally adopted by the Wellington Harbour Board and when he died his funeral procession brought Wellington to a standstill. Reading notes available.

The Story of Sir Peter Blake

Libro International 2012 9781877514425 Pb $21.99 For younger readers. Blake’s life from his childhood and first boating experiences through to his death in 2001. Celebration, both of the triumphs and losses of the many ocean races he participated in, but also of the hard work and dedication that enabled him to Paddy the Wanderer Extended Edition have such success. Fact panels and photographs, list of awards HarperCollins (2007), 2008 9781869507121 Hb $26.99 and glossary of sailing terminology. 11+ As above with additional maps, photos and more adventures. 8+.

Gilderdale, Betty

Inglis, Mark

Illus Alan Gilderdale Puffin 2013 9780143568810 Pb $19.99 An updated edition of the original published in 1987. Read about the childhood, home, working life, travel and awards of one of NZ’s greatest writers. Lots of quotes and anecdotes. 7+.

Random House 2008 9781869790127 Flexi $26.99 The inspirational autobiography by double amputee Mark Inglis who fulfilled a childhood ambition to climb Mt Everest.

Magical Margaret Mahy

High Tech Legs On Everest

Johnston, Alexa with Larsen, David

Edmond, Martin

Reaching the Summit - Sir Edmund Hillary’s Story

Fernyhough, Christine

One Stroppy Jockey: The Christine Lawn Story

Dark Night: Walking with McCahon

Puffin 2007 9780143006664 Pb $19.99 AUP 2011 9781869404833 Pb $37.99 The story of Sir Edmund Hillary and his mission to climb Mount In 1984, Colin McCahon went missing for 24 hours in Sydney. In Everest with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and, some years later, his jourthis work of creative non-fiction, Martin Edmond illuminates the ney by tractor to the South Pole. An action-packed story reaching life and work of Colin McCahon by taking readers on an imagined from the top to the bottom of the world. Photos included. 11+. (and real) journey based on that night. McKay, Sandy with Lawn, Christine

Ben and Mark - Boys of the High Country

Illus Photographs by John Bougen Random House 2009 9781869790684 Flexi $36.99 Experience life on a high country station through two young brothers, Ben and Mark, whose parents manage the 40,000-hectare Mount White Station in Canterbury. Meet farm animals and experience local dog trials and the boys’ first muster. Maps provide location info. Easyreading text and colour photos transport you there. 8-adult.

Gill, Maria

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361807 Pb $34.99 The story of Christine Lawn, a successful jockey with 19 wins until she fell from a horse during a race in 2002 and ended up in a wheelchair. 14+. Teacher resource kit available.

Meduna, Veronica & Priestly, Rebecca Atoms, Dinosaurs & DNA. 68 Great New Zealand Scientists

Random House 2008 9781869419547 Pb $34.99 New Zealand has produced some outstanding scientists and 68 are NZ Hall of Fame: 50 Remarkable Kiwis profiled here - from early explorers and collectors to the leading scienIllus Bruce Potter tists of today. Including Joseph Banks, Ernest Rutherford, Beatrice New Holland 2011 9781869663124 Hb $34.99 Celebrating 50 famous New Zealanders. As well as the greats: Sir Tinsley and Ingrid Visser. Full of illustrations depicting the scientists at Edmund Hillary, Sir Peter Blake and Jean Batten, there are experts work, comprehensive information including awards. 12+. on Giant squid and orca, powerful women, a famous film produc- Ogonowska-Coates, Halina er, artists successful sports people. 7-12. Krystyna’s Story Longacre Press (1992), 2012 9781877460166 Pb $24.99 Graham, Judith, Krystyna is one of 732 Polish children who survived forced deporBreaking the Habit tation to the Soviet Union and was given a home in New Zealand Longacre Press (1992), 2006 9781877361449 Pb $16.99 The warm, personal story of Judith Graham who became a nun in 1944. This is the story of her childhood, the family’s journey to just out of school and spent 12 years spiritual fulfilment before Siberia, the flight to freedom, Krystyna’s lonely voyage here, and her experience of rural New Zealand. 13+. leaving. 14+.

Harris, Laurel; Morris, Mary & Woods, Joanna The Material Mansfield

Shepard, Deborah

Her Life’s Work: Conversations with Five New Zealand Women

Photographs by Marti Friedlander AUP 2009 9781869404437 Pb $45 A candid exploration of the lives and times of five extraordinary, creative women: Merimeri Penfold; Margaret Mahy; Anne Salmond; Gaylene Preston and Jacqueline Fahey. Senior.

Avery, Sir Ray & Cameron Bennett The Power of Us

Photographer Adrian Malloch Random House 2012 9781775530008 Hb $49.99 50 individuals talk about what they do, why they do it and what is important to them. Portraits of each individual accompany the concise text. Intermediate - adult.

Stead, C.K.

South-West of Eden: A Memoir, 1932-1956

AUP 2010 9781869404543 Hb $45 In this virtuoso performance, C.K. Stead wonderfully illuminates 23 years of his time and his place.

Thomsen, Jane Voskamp (Jane U) JaneInside

Kevin Roberts 2006 473106833 Pb $24.99 Combination diary/poetry collection telling the true story of a teenager who created a character to protect herself. 13+.

Business Lattimore, Ralph & Eaqub, Shamubeel The NZ Economy: An Introduction

AUP 2011 9781869404895 Pb $34.99 A concise introduction to the contemporary New Zealand economy as we enter ‘the Asian era’. Covering issues such as globalisation and the rise of the Asian economies, the global financial crisis and current concerns about growth and productivity.

Careers Carpenter, Heather

The Career Maze: Guiding your Children Towards a Successful Future

New Holland 2008 9781869662042 Pb $25.99 Simple conversational tools to help parents foster self-knowledge, self-belief and confidence in their child – qualities that instil motivation and commitment.

Jury, Rebecca

BA: An Insider’s Guide: 10 Steps to a Great Degree

AUP 2012 9781869405779 Pb $29.99 A guide book for senior students considering university study or starting an arts degree.

McAllister, Heather

Who You Are Is What You Do - Making Choices About Life After School

Beatnik 2010 9780473160975 Hb $34.99 Author Heather McAllister has drawn on her experience as a career coach to create an essential resource for schools, students and parents alike. Attractive and fun-to-use, Who You Are Is What You Do gets its readers asking the right questions about themselves.

Peat, Neville

Winging it! The Adventures of Tim Wallis

Longacre Press 2006 9781877361500 Pb $16.99 A legendary figure in the aviation, deer farming and business worlds, Tim Wallis has led an adventurous and challenging life, including the struggle to recover from a major air accident in 1996. 12-15.

Random House 2008 9781869790141 Hb $24.99 A record of Katherine Mansfield’s remaining possessions, enabling us to experience the material world she inhabited and what it meant to her. Includes photographs of treasures, extracts Price, Chris Brief Lives from letters and stories. Senior. AUP 2006 9781869403638 Pb $29.99 Hart, Herbert A beautifully written dictionary of biographical fragments and The Devil’s Own War reflections on known and unknown figures. Poetry, prose and biExisle 2009 9780908988228 Pb $29.99 ography. Spectrum Print Book Design Award 2007 (Winner - NonCrawford, John (Editor) illustrated). Senior. The First World War diary of Brigadier-General Herbert Hart: Gallipoli, the Somme and Passchendale as they happened. Hart’s Sanderson, Nora diary is widely regarded as one of the most important personal One of the Family Steele Roberts 1996 9781877228186 Pb $25.99 sources relating to World War One. Senior. The story of a girl growing up on a pioneering farm in the Hokianga in the early 1900s, complete with unruly animals, ghosts and con-men.


McKinley, Elizabeth Madjar, Irena (Ed)

Uni Bound?: Students’ Stories of Transition from School to University

NZ Council for Educational Resources 2010 9781877398599 Pb $27 15 stories written by young New Zealanders looking back on their individual journeys from school to tertiary education. From urban and rural schools, and a wide ethnic mix. A glimpse of what it is like to leave the familiarity of school, family and community and become a university student. 13-20. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Communication | Cooking | Drama | Gardening | General |

Communication Metge, Joan

Zecchini, Allesandra & Zecchini Dowling, Arantxa

Noonan, Diana & Olsen, Keith

AUP 2001 9781869402549 Pb $24.99 A companion to Talking Past Each Other. It presents a procedure for managing group discussion and is designed for use in settings where Maori from different iwi or non-Maori from different ethnic groups are present. It could be useful in conferences, workshops, community discussions. Sensible, imaginative and practical.

Photographs by Shaun Cato-Symonds New Holland 2011 9781869662998 Pb $29.99 A delicious array of food fit for a party, and with recipes straightforward enough to be made by young beginner cooks. With instructions for decorating in elegant style and variations on the recipes which range from sweet treats to the savoury picnic fare. Mmmm! 8-14.

Penguin 2010 9780143204985 Pb with plastic cover $25 Updated from The Know, Sow and Grow Kids’ Book of Plants (Bridge Hill, 1997) in conjunction with the Tui’s Great NZ Schools Grow Off ( Part one looks at how plants grow, how to propagate, designing and making your garden, pests and diseases, composting and recycling. Part two is an A-Z of plants, mainly edible but also including easy-to-grow cacti. Information includes how and when to grow, facts and recipes. Includes diagrams, coloured photographs and an index. 6+.

Korero Tahi: Talking Together


Blomfield, Alan

Helping Kids to Eat Healthy

Blue Jandal Books 2011 9780473194475 Pb $24.99 Uncle Herb teaches Sam and Susan that there are healthy alternatives to the junk food they fancy. Recipes at the back of the book so you can make healthy food too. 7-12.

Brockelbank, Nicholas Nic’s Cookbook

Photographer Nigel Beach Scholastic 2012 9781775431107 Pb $10 Nic is 10 . He has muscular dystrophy and cooking was a good way for him to learn maths and literacy. Simple and tasty recipes with clear instructions and full of colour that will help kids on the way to becoming cooks themselves. NZ winner of the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards 2012 Best Children and Family Cookbook and Best Fundraising, Charity and Community Cookbook. 50% of royalties go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. 5-10.

Brooker, Margaret It’s My Turn to Cook

Photgraphs by Paul McCredie New Holland 2010 9781869663087 Pb $24.99 40 tasty recipes for young Kiwi cooks. Every recipe is photographed with step by step guide. Large format glossy pages to withstand those sticky fingers.


Edmonds Beginner’s Cookbook

Hodder Moa 2006 9781869710750 Spiral $26.99 Easy-to-make dishes, all with illustrated step-by-step instructions as well as colour photographs of the finished product.

Hislop, Annette & Ross, Linda Party Cakes for Kiwi Kids

Photographs by Nicola Topping New Holland 2009 9781869662486 Pb $25.99 A step-by-step guide to making fun professional-looking party cakes with a distinctly Kiwi theme.

New Zealand Rugby Foundation

NZ Rugby Kitchen: Celebrating the Love of Food, Family and Rugby

Photographers Kieren Scott & Melanie Jenkins Random House 2012 9781775530039 Pb $45 Fundraiser for the NZ Rugby Foundation and featuring recipes from important rugby players (male and female) from the past and present. The recipes are mostly good hearty meals, although there’s also a yummy dessert section, and many show the players participating in the cooking process. 10+.

Party Food for Girls

Drama Armstrong, Dave & Kightley, Oscar Niu Sila

Gardening for Planet Earth

Essential Shakespeare - The Tempest

General Topics Adapted from the United Nations Conventionthe Rights of the Child (UNCROC)

Gamble, J

New House 2004 9781869467081 Pb $19.99

Roxborogh, Tania

The Merchant of Venice

New House 2002 9780170950015 Pb $19.99


Cook, Helen

Get Growing. A NZ Step-by-step Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables and Fruit

Illus Chris Grosz Photographs by Julian Matthews Random House 2009 9781869791599 Pb $29.99 A slim guide, but packed with information in an easy-access format, about growing veges and fruit at home or at school, with some special projects to try and good step-by-step instructions to get you off to the best start possible. A good resource for school or home.

Jones, Keli

The NZ School Gardening Handbook

Pearson 2009 9781442518643 Pb $53.99 A comprehensive, practical and easy-to-use gardening guide for teachers and students building and maintaining their school garden. Includes organics, soil and fertility, sun and air, how what and when to plant, composting and damage control.

Kleinpaste, Ruud

Backyard Battlefield

Random House 2005 9781869416911 Pb $29.99 Packed with information and advice about common insects and invertebrates that live in your garden.

Marriott, Janice

Yates Young Gardener: Get Your Hands Dirty

HarperCollins 2011 9781869508852 Pb $24.99 More simple gardening for children. Exciting things to do in the garden to get your hands dirty and watch plants grow. Fun facts, puzzles and jokes. Learn how to grow humongous fungus, make shrunken heads, make a secret hideout, magic wands and wrapping paper. 4-8.

Kiwi Cookbook

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Learning Media/UNICEF NZ 2011 9780790338699 Pb $26 Bilingual (English/Māori), illustrated book to help children, parents and communities understand child rights

Barnett, Stephen

The Book of NZ World Records and Firsts

Scholastic 2011 9781775430315 Pb $17 Stories about world records and ‘firsts’ with a Kiwi connection including the world’s fastest tap dancer, the longest non-stop fight by a bird (eight days), the steepest street in the world ... and more. All ages.

It’s True! This Book is a Load of Rubbish

Illus Andrew Plant* Allen & Unwin 2005 9781741146240 Pb $14.99 Unearth the facts about rubbish and recycling through the ages: from dustmen to litter on Everest; from George Clooney’s pig pal, Max, to a dunny fit for a Chinese Emperor. This is the 14th title in the It’s True! series

Cairns, Barbara & Martin, Helen Shortland Street Teacher Guide

Macmillan 1996 9780908923403 Pb $49.99 Shortland Street provides a flexible package for Year 11 to 13 to be used in media studies or to illustrate particular features and functions of text in more language based units of study.

Carruthers, W.

Our Government

New House 2010 9780170182232 Pb $26.50 Designed to help young New Zealanders understand how systems of government are organised and affect people’s lives.

Chapman, Nicky

Facts New Zealand: Second Edition

David Bateman 2004 9781869535711 Pb $19.99 Everything you wanted to know about New Zealand, including natural history, people, government, business, health education, recreation and more.

Even More Things You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot

Lip Smackin’, Fast Cookin’, Hunger Bustin’, Gr8 Tastin’ Cookbook

AUP 2008 9781869404109 Pb $49.99 The illustrated story of what NZers cooked through the recipes that we used. From explorer Charles Heaphy to the Edmonds Cook Book, to Alison Holst and Hudson and Halls, and on to the meal on your plate today. Senior

For Each and Every Child, He Taonga Tonu te Tamariki

Illus Timon Maxey

Seagar, Jo

First, Catch Your Weka: The Story of New Zealand Cooking

Illus Mike Pigneyguy Papawai Press 2009 9780958296625 Pb $28 Learn about the fun and science of organic gardening, including information about soils, composting, natural cycles, photosynthesis, beneficial insects, growing and caring for plants.

Jones, Lloyd

Viking Sevenseas 2012 9780854671366 Pb $10 50 Recipes of today and colonial days

Veart, David

Pigneyguy, Dee

New House 2008 9780170950336 Pb $23.99 An adaptation of a funny and successful New Zealand play for use in secondary schools. The story of two boys growing up in New Zealand - one Polynesian and one European - resonates with true Kiwi-isms and a few stark home truths.

Riley, Murdoch

Random House 2003 9781869415877 Pb $16.99 This book is for new cooks, from the young who want to get stuck into serious cooking, to anyone who is venturing into the kitchen for the first time and doesn’t know where to start.

The Tui NZ Kids’ Garden: A Kids’ Guide to Growing Fruit and Vegetables in NZ

Growing Things to Eat

Illus Elena Petrov HarperCollins 2009 9781869507947 Pb $24.99 A simple introductory gardening book for children aged 6 to 9. Find out what tools are needed and how to make seeds grow into flowers or vegetables. Discover who the garden friends are and find out who’s just waiting to munch on juicy new plants. Includes jokes, games and puzzles and experiments plus some amazing plant facts and lots of fun things to do and make.

Four Winds Press 2005 9780958265706 Pb $19.99 Simon Eliot presents more trivia and miscellaneous facts.

Everything You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot

Four Winds Press 2004 9780958251495 Pb $19.99 Simon Eliot presents a collection of trivia and miscellaneous facts like Why are tears salty?

O’Brien, Bill

Blue Adrenalin: Life in the NZ Police

Longacre Press 2010 9781877460500 Pb $34.99 All about what it’s like to work in the police force in New Zealand, what they do and why, problems they face and scenarios based on real events. Real quotes and stories and photos to illustrate. 12+.

KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: General | Health | History Riley, Murdoch

Know Your South Island Places: Guide to Place Names and History

Viking Sevenseas 1995 9780854670963 Pb $19.99 Hundreds of Maori and English place names explained, plus historical background.

Simmons, Laurence (Ed)

Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim & Taddeo, John. What’s Up With Richard? Medikidz Explain Childhood Leukaemia Hill, Peter D (Eds) Superheroes on a Medical Mission: What’s Up With Astra? Medikidz Explain ADHD HarperCollins 2010 9781448818334 Pb $22.99 HarperCollins 2010 9781906935139 Library $54.50

Speaking Truth to Power: Public Intellectuals Rethink New Zealand

The Crafting of Narnia: The Art, Creatures and Weapons

HarperCollins 2008 9780061456350 Hb $52 Chronicles the concept drawings, designs and props that helped create the world of Narnia on screen. Detailed photography, drawings, sculptures and commentary from the artists and craftspeople of the workshop.

HarperCollins 2012 9781906935825 Pb $15.99,

What’s Up With Ryan’s Mum? Medikidz Explain Multiple Sclerosis

Anstis, Marnie

HarperCollins 2010 9781906935030 Pb $19.99

Chilman-Blair, Kim Dr; deLoache, Shawn Medikidz Explain Having an Operation

Chilman-Blair, Kim Dr; Rimmer, Ian

American Cancer Society 2011 9781604430257 Hb $29.5 HarperCollins 2010 9781906935115 Pb $26.99

Illus Myke Sutherland K.E.E.A. Children’s Division of New Zealand Continence Assoc 2011 9780473189587 Pb $18 Written by a children’s continence nurse to help children with bed-wetting problems. Illustrated in comic style.

Medikidz Explain Growth Hormone Deficiency Medikidz / HarperCollins 2010 9781906935382 Pb $19.99

What’s Up With Ella? Medikidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes HarperCollins 2010 9781906935078 Pb $19.99

What’s Up With Jen? Medikidz Explain OSA HarperCollins 2010 9781906935306 Pb $19.99

Superheroes on a Medical Mission: Medikidz Explain Depression Rosen Central 2010 9781435894556 Pb $69.99 HarperCollins 2010 9781906935108 Pb $19.99

What’s Up With John? Medikidz Explain Scoliosis HarperCollins 2010 9781906935047 Pb $19.99

What’s Up With Max? Medikidz Explain Asthma HarperCollins 2010 9781906935016 Pb $19.99

Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim† & Tadden, John. Baron-Cohen, Simon & Skuse, Dr David H. (Eds)

What’s Up With Mum? Medikidz Explain Breast Cancer

HarperCollins 2010 9781906935283 Pb $19.99 HarperCollins 2010 9781435894600 Library $54.50

HarperCollins 2010 9781906935023 Pb $19.99

Superheroes on a Medical Mission: What’s Up With Ben? Medikidz Explain Autism

Taketakerau: The Millenium Tree

Illus Patricia Howitt & Kelly Spencer Steele Roberts 2012 9781877577680 Hb $35 Koro and Grandma tell a tale of the ancient puriri tree Taketakerau (in the Hukutaia Domain, 10km from Opotiki), the settlement and development of NZ, and world events over the last 2000 years. Finalist NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013. 7+.

Barnes, Felicity

NZ’s London: A Colony and its Metropolis

AUP 2012 9781869405854 Pb $49.99 Barnes develops a larger story about our colonial and national identity, out of a focus on particular themes – from agricultural marketing to expatriate writers. Senior.

Developments in New Zealand History Dawn of the 20th Century

Superheroes on a Medical Mission: Medikidz Explain Sleep Apnea

Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim & Deloache, Shawn. Shooter, Mike (Ed)


Boon, Kevin

Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim & Deloache, Shawn. Gringras, Dr Paul & Rapoport, Professor David (Eds) Rosen Central 2010 9781435894594 Library $69.99

What’s Up With Wendy? Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

Illus Richard Gunther Papawai Press 2007 9780958280624 Pb $30 Information about food and how our bodies work, presented in an entertaining format with cartoon illustrations to make the material child-friendly. Find out how to achieve better health and well-being by putting your nutritional know-how into action.

What’s Up With Matt? Medikidz Explain HIV

What’s Up With Lyndon? Medikidz Explain Osteosarcoma

A Wee Secret

Harpercollins 2010 9781906935368 Pb $20.99

Feed Me Right - Nutritional Know-How and Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim & Taddeo, John. Novelli, Dr Vas & Moshal, Dr Karyn (Eds) Body Science

Chilman-Blair, Kim Dr;Taddeo John

Brown, Jacqueline

What’s Up With Tiffany’s Dad? Medikidz Explain Melanoma

Pigneyguy, Dee & Tamarin

HarperCollins 2012 9781906935788 Pb $26.99


HarperCollins 2010 9781906935054 Pb $19.99

HarperCollins 2010 9781906935009 Pb $19.99 The Medikidz are a group of five larger-than-life cartoon super heroes who live on Mediland - a planet shaped just like the human body. The Medikidz will guide you on a journey through Mediland, explaining complex medical issues in a humorous and engaging way.

AUP 2007 9781869403799 Pb $49.99 Interviews with some of New Zealand’s leading intellectuals such as Jane Kelsey, Brian Easton, Marilyn Waring and the late Michael King. A wide-ranging discussion of intellectual life in today’s NZ. Senior.

Weta Workshop, Daniel Falconer & Daniel Tobin


HarperCollins 2010 9781906935085 Pb $ 19.99

What’s Up With Paris? Medikidz Explain Childhood Overweight What’s Up With Pauline? Medikidz Explain Food Allergy HarperCollins 2010 9781906935061 Pb $19.99

What’s Up With Rachel? Medikidz Explain Brain Tumour HarperCollins 2010 9781906935092 Pb $19.99

Waiatarua 2008 9781869632083 Hb $29.95 Urban and rural life at the turn of the century, Maori, Maori political leaders, the South African War, the 1905 All Black tour and the industrial disputes of 1912-13. 8-13.

Set 1 James Cook & Other European Explorers

Waiatarua 1998 9781869630492 Hb $30 each, $100 set Tracking the key figures in the history of early New Zealand exploration by Europeans. Ideal companion to the New Zealand school curriculum. 8-13.

Missionaries and Traders

Waiatarua 1998 9781869630515 Hb $30 each, $100 set The traders and missionaries introduced vast changes to the traditional lifestyles of the Maori. The key themes and figures in the history of New Zealand’s early traders and missionaries are covered in this title. 8-13.

The Maori Before the Europeans Came to NZ

Waiatarua 1998 9781869630362 Pb $19.95 Waiatarua 1998 9781869630508 Hb $29.95 The daily domestic routines, art, architecture, tools, self-defence, history and migration of early Maori people. 8-13.

* Indicates the author or illustrator is not a Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim†. McCauley, John & Semple, Calum (Eds) Medikidz Explain Swine Flu

HarperCollins 2010 9781906935337 Pb $19.99 HarperCollins 2010 9781906935337 Pb $19.99 Rose Central 2010 9781435894570 Library $69.99

New Zealander, but has worked on the book with someone who is.

† Indicates the author or illustrator is a New Zealander who is living overseas.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone



Whalers and Sealers

Davidson, Leon

Waiatarua 1998 9781869630485 Hb $30 each, $100 set The Drum - Red Haze: Australians & New From the first sealing gangs to the establishment of whaling sta- Zealanders in Vietnam tions on New Zealand shores, the whalers and sealers contributed Black Dog Books 2006 9781876372958 Pb $19.99 to the settlement of colonial NZ in many unique ways. 8-13. The story of soldiers from New Zealand and Australia involved in Set 2 the Vietnam War, told in an easy to understand and honest way. Includes diagrams, maps, fact boxes, a glossary and timeline. Elsie The Colonies Locke Award 2007. 10+. Waiatarua 1999 9781869630522 Hb $30 each, $100 set The first key settlements in New Zealand are identified, as well as The Drum - Scarecrow Army: The Anzacs at the administrators and organisations responsible for their settle- Gallipoli ment. Life on the emigrant ships and lifestyles in the first colonies Black Dog Books 2005 9781876372606 Pb $19.99 are described and illustrated with historical images. 8-13. The story of what happened to the Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli. The Gold Rushes Includes a glossary, timeline and a comprehensive index. NZ Post Waiatarua 1999 9781869630546 Hb $30 each, $100 set Book Awards 2006 Non-fiction Award. Children’s Book Council of When gold was discovered in New Zealand, the rush was on in Australia 2006 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. 10+. Nelson, Coromandel, Otago and the West Coast. Immigrants Zero Hour. The Anzacs on the Western Front flocked to the ‘diggings’ and the gold rushes created many oppor- Text Publishing 2010 9781921656071 Pb $25 tunities for the growth of settlements and infrastructure. 8-13. A personal, close-up look at the experiences of those who lived The Land Wars and died on the Western Front during World War One. Events are described with raw honesty, giving the facts and quoting from Waiatarua 1999 9781869630553 Hb $30 each, $100 set soldiers’ letters and diaries, with photographs, poetry and graveWaiatarua 1999 9781869630591 Pb $30 each, $100 set Follow the historical path of the New Zealand Land Wars and find stone inscriptions. NZ Post Non-Fiction Award 2011. 12+. out about the causes and effects of the conflict. Learn about the Duncan, John Maori leaders of the time and how the government and military Any Colour So Long As It’s Black: Designing dealt with conflict over Maori land. 8-13.

The Treaty of Waitangi

the Model T Ford 1906-1908

Exisle 2008 9781877437151 Hb $35 Waiatarua 1999 9781869630580 Pb $30 each, $100 set Simply written and illustrated throughout. What is remarkable Considers the importance of The Treaty of Waitangi in NZ history about the Model T and why it is a landmark in engineering history. and describes the historical events which took place before and Edmond, Martin after it was signed. 8-13.

Set 3

Elsie Locke Award 2006.

Development of Farming

Waiatarua 2005 9781869632021 Hb $30 each, $100 set From the clearing of the first forests, exposing arable land for settling farmers, to the advent of the frozen meat trade, the key events in NZ’s early farming history are covered in this title. 8-13.

Roads and Railways

Zone of the Marvellous: on the Idea of the Antipodes

AUP 2009 9781869404475 Pb $39.99 This 4000-year history of the idea of the Antipodes in the western imagination, explores the intertwining of fact and fiction with an extraordinary intellectual breadth and imaginative reach. Senior.

Ell, Gordon

Photographs Gordon Ell

Waiatarua 2005 9781869632038 Hb $30 each, $100 set As colonial NZ emerged into a nation, so did its infrastructure. Follow the progress of the first roads and railway lines and the contribution of the Public Works Schemes towards linking NZ. 8-13.

The Buried Village of Te Wairoa

Waiatarua 2005 9781869632014 Hb $30 each, $100 set From gumdiggers and pit sawyers, to ship masts, furniture and housing, the history of deforestation and the use of native timber from NZ’s ancient forests is tracked in a clear continuum. 8-13.

Kiwi: The Real Story

The Forests

Bush Press (2006) 2011 0908608624 Pb $17.50

The Kauri Museum

Bush Press (2005) 2012 0908608586 Pb $20

Florian, Annemarie & Hunt, Heather

New Holland 2012 9781869663780 Hb $30 Find out about the secret night world of the North Island brown kiwi. Facts about its habitat, diet, courting, and parenting. A story that can be read on two levels: poetic text describes kiwi in action The Liberals in the bush, while the non-fiction narrative provides facts about Waiatarua 2005 9781869632045 Hb $30 each, $100 set The colourful characters and progressive liberal policies belonging kiwi biology and behaviour. 4-14. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post to the governing political party between 1890 and 1911 are intro- Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013. Harper, Glyn duced to a younger audience. 8-13.

Events in New Zealand History White Island Eruption The Great Depression The Influenza Epidemic The Napier Earthquake The Wellington Flood Kotuku Publishing Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $60

Events in New Zealand History 2 Cyclone Giselle The Abbotsford Landslide Kotuku Publishing Pb $13.50 Set of 6 $60

New Zealand’s Special Days Anzac Day 9780908947232 Labour Day 908947234 Queen’s Birthday 908947235 Waitangi Day 908947231 Kotuku Publishing Pb $15 Set of 4 $50

Harris, Stephen

Under a Bomber’s Moon: The True Story of Two Airmen at War Over Germany

Exisle 2009 9780908988235 Pb $36.99 The account of two highly successful airmen - one in the RAF, the other in the Luftwaffe - in the Second World War. Senior.

Hastings, David

Over the Mountains of the Sea: Life on the Migrant Ships, 1870-1885

AUP 2007 9781869403751 Pb $49.99 A vivid picture of the settlers’ voyage out to New Zealand during the crucial Vogel period, describing the narrative of the voyage and aspects of gender, class and marital status, the routines of daily life, crime, mutiny, health and religion. Senior.

Hayward, Bruce & Diamond, Jack Pictures from the Past series Kauri Timber Days

Bush Press 9780908608485 Pb $19.99 The pioneer kauri timber industry of the north in more than 80 historic photos with extended notes on all aspects of the industry, technology and people.

Ip, Manying

The Dragon and the Taniwha: Maori and Chinese in New Zealand

AUP 2009 9781869404369 Pb $49.99 This is a study of the relationship between the tangata whenua and NZ’s earliest and largest non-European immigrant group, and offers a nuanced study of contemporary shared identities. Senior.

Mahy, Margaret

Awesome Aotearoa: Margaret Mahy’s History of New Zealand

Illus Trace Hodgson AUT Media (2009), 2011 9780958200749 Pb $34.99 A funny and irreverent history of NZ from the forest to the rocky shore, earthquakes, volcanoes and pools of boiling mud, and updated to include Rugby World Cup, Christchurch earthquakes and the economic recession. Cartoons by Trace Hodgson require a close read and add to Mahy’s humorous take on our past. 10-adult.

Marriott, Janice

Soldier in the Yellow Socks

Illus Bruce Potter HarperCollins 2006 9781869505691 Pb $19.99 The story of one of New Zealand’s famous soldiers - Charles Upham, who fought in World War 2 and won the Victoria Cross twice. Pencil sketches depict the wartime scenes.

Letters from Gallipoli: New Zealand Soldiers Write Home

AUP 2011 9781869404772 Pb $45 The Gallipoli campaign looms large in New Zealand’s cultural memory. For the first time in the book, Glyn Harper tells the story of the campaign in the words of the NZ soldiers who were there. Senior.

My Grandfather’s War

Illus Bruce Potter Raupo 2007 9781869780166 Pb $17.99 Jade’s grandfather is often sad when he thinks about the Vietnam War so she asks him to tell her about it. An excellent portrayal of a difficult war, depicted in gouache illustrations. Summary of the facts at the back of the book. 4+.

Montgomerie, Deborah

Love in Time of War: Letter Writing in the Second World War

AUP 2005 9781869403362 Pb $34.99 An accessible introduction to NZ’s role in World War 2, this book traces the connections between those at home and those away by focusing on three individual stories brought to life in letters. Senior.

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AUP 2007 9781869403829 Pb $34.99 How the colonial settlers from the British Isles adapted the festivals of New Year, Easter and Christmas to the new world of upside-down seasons, unfamiliar vegetation and isolation. Senior.

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KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: History | Literature | Media Studies Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa, 100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

Te Papa Press 2012 9781877385797 Pb w flaps & DVDs $34.99 Based on TV series Tales from Te Papa and including DVDs of the series.100 treasures from Te Papa shown in colour photos with fact panels and comprehensive text about each item. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013. 9-adult.

Naumann, Ruth New Zealand Basics series My Country, My People My Culture, My Nation My World, My Planet

9780170131384 9780170950435 9780170950404

New House 2008 Pb $15.99 Books which provide information about our country: the when, what, why, where, who and how of New Zealand..

The Tauiwi – The Later Immigrants

New House 2010 9780170182256 Pb $27.99 A book of activities and graphics about the European immigrants who came to New Zealand. Follows Te Ao O Te Maori.

O’Malley, Vincent

The Meeting Place: Māori and Pākehā Encounters, 1642–1840

AUP 2012 9781869405946 Pb $45 By exploring the meeting place – the economic, religious, political and sexual encounters – between Māori and Pākehā from 1642 to 1840, O’Malley offers a strikingly different picture to traditional accounts of imperial Pakeha power over a static, resistant Maori society. Senior.

Palenski, Ron

On This Day in New Zealand

Hodder Moa 2010 9781869711870 Pb $34.99 In chronological order from 1800s to the present day, most major events that have affected people in New Zealand. Not flash and glossy but useful and easy to follow with black and white photos.

The Making of New Zealanders

AUP 2012 9781869407261 Pb $45 An account of how transplanted Britons and others turned themselves into NZers, a distinct group of people with their own songs and sports, symbols and opinions, political traditions and sense of self. Senior.

Riley, Murdoch

New Zealand Time Line

Viking Sevenseas 2008 9780854671304 Pb $10.50 New Zealand history from Kupe to the present day with 114 drawings, paintings and photographs

Robson, John

Captain Cook Encyclopedia

Random House 2004 9781869416652 Hb $34.99 The life of the great British explorer, Captain James Cook, is both a meticulous piece of scholarship and an attractive and accessible reference book for the general reader.

Simmons, David

Greater Maori Auckland

Bush Press 2013 9780986456435 Pb $40 Including the Maori Place Names of Auckland collected by George Graham. Simmons extends his earlier account (Maori Auckland 1987) of the many traditions and legends of the Auckland isthmus to its wider context, the countryside beyond. Includes historic black and white photos. Fully indexed with end notes.

Stone, Russell C J

From Tamaki-makau-rau to Auckland

AUP 2002 9781869402594 Pb $59.95 A model of local history, tracing the history of the region from the beginnings of settlement, about 800 years ago, up to 1840.

Logan Campbell’s Auckland: Tales of the Early Years

AUP 2007 9781869403935 Pb $45 15 tales of 19th century Auckland life and history, including stories of rugby, lost boys and duelling. Senior.

Stroud, Patricia

Caesar: The True Story of a Canine ANZAC Hero

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507275 Hb $26.99 Caesar was the mascot of the NZ Rifle Brigade which went to the Western Front. He was trained as a Red Cross dog who, with her handler - the author’s Great-Uncle Tom, helped rescue wounded soldiers. Tom’s letters home form the basis of this story. Originally told as a picture book, now expanded for older readers.

Scholastic 2005 9781869436803 Hb $26 Children’s picture history book. Link to TV series.

AUP 2006 9781869403652 Pb $45 Eye-witness accounts from 13 of the 10,000 New Zealand servicemen who were on active duty with the RAF and the Royal Navy at the time of the D-Day landings in June 1944. Senior.

Peden, Robert

Making Sheep Country: Mt Peel Station & the Transformation of the Tussock Land

AUP 2011 9781869404857 Pb $49.99 How early NZ settlers transformed their world by focusing in particular on one case study: John Barton Acland and Mt Peel Station in South Canterbury, giving an intimate portrait of the economics and ecological transformation of New Zealand. Senior.

Phillips, Jock & Hearn, Terry

Temple, Philip

Presenting NZ: An Illustrated History

New Holland 2008 9781869662233 Pb $42 An informative account, packed with photographs, paintings and maps, of how New Zealand developed into the independent nation that the rest of the world recognises today.

Toledo, A.J.

Wearing the Poppy

HarperCollins 2009 9781869507749 Pb $19.99 Find out what Anzac Day is all about, why we wear the poppy and why does it mean so much? The story of the first Anzacs told through the experience of one family’s letters, diaries and memories of WW1. Blue-toned photos, highlighted with red poppiesand a simply told story. Includes an Anzac timeline. 8-12.

Settlers: NZ Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945

AUP 2008 9781869404017 Pb $45 Explores New Zealand’s Pākehā ancestors from England, Scotland and Ireland - their geographical origins, their occupational and class background, their religions and their values. Senior. AUP 2012 9781869407278 Pb $44.99 Uncovers the rich history of NZ’s engagement with the nuclear world and the roots of our nuclear-free identity, revealing much about our culture’s attitudes to science, technology and the wider world. Senior.

Pugsley, Chris (Ed) Kiwis in Conflict

David Bateman 2008 9781869537081 Pb $39.99 Revised edition of Scars on the Heart, looking at 200 years of New Zealanders at war. Heavily illustrated with lots of quotes from those involved in the conflicts and peace-keeping missions.

AUP 2011 9781869404888 $45 A study of the relationship between literature and place in NZ. Based on readings of some of our greatest writers, including Mansfield, Sargeson, Curnow and Frame. Senior.

Edmond, Martin

Waimarino County & Other Excursions

AUP 2007 9781869403911 Pb $39.99 Essays encompassing art, nostalgia, journeys and literature. Senior.

Jackson, Anna; Geoffrey Miles, Harry Ricketts, Tatjana Schaefer, Kathryn Walls A Made-Up Place: NZ in Young Adult Fiction

Victoria University Press 2011 9780864736970 Pb $40 Examining the way New Zealand young adult fiction ‘makes up’ the nation in which the stories are set through real and fictional events and locations. Authors are members of the English programme at Victoria University of Wellington, teaching children’s literature. Senior.

Manhire, Ken Dumcum, Chris Price and Damien Wilkins (Eds), Bill The Exercise Book: Creative Writing Exercises from Victoria University’s Institute of Modern Letters

Victoria University Press 2011 9780864736857 Pb $35 A writing guide that provides exercises for the imagination. Heaps of trigger ideas to get people writing. For both the experienced and beginner writer, with ideas from many of New Zealand’s top writers such as Kate De Goldi, Paula Morris and Emily Perkins. 13-adult.

McLean, Gavin

Whare Raupo - The Reed Books Story

Raupo 2007 9780790011233 Hb $62 Whare Raupo - The House of Reed - is the history of Reed Publishing produced to celebrate its centenary. Includes information about the vast children’s book list. Copious notes, bibliography, awards lists complement the information-packed text and many photographs from past and present. Senior.

Learning Media 2007 9780790326276 Pb $42.99 Learning Media 2007 9780790319636 Hb $61.99 Over the course of its hundred-year history the School Journal has attracted work from some of new Zealand’s greatest poets, painters and novelists including Margaret Mahy, James K. Baxter, Janet Frame, Rita Angus, Russell Clark and Dick Frizzell. The book includes highlights of the publications which have both shaped and reflected the country we live in.

Stafford, Jane & Williams, Mark (Eds) The AUP Anthology of NZ Literature

AUP 2012 9781869405892 Hb $75 First major anthology of NZ writing from the earliest records to the globalised present, arranged in periods and themes, with a substantial introduction and essays on each section. Senior.

Stead, C.K. Kin of Place

AUP 2002 9781869402723 Pb $45 Brings together the essays from In the Glass Case, long out of print, and some lively and perceptive new studies of Frame, Sargeson, Smithyman, Wedde, Lauris Edmond, Elizabeth Knox, and Curnow in an essential reading of NZ literary texts. Senior.

Abel, Sue

Media Studies

Shaping the News: Waitangi Day on TV

Priestley, Rebecca

Mad on Radium: NZ in the Atomic Age

The Settler’s Plot: How Stories Take Place in NZ

A Nest of Singing Birds - 100 Years of the New Zealand School Journal

Frontier of Dreams: The Story of NZ A Land Discovered. Gondwana -1835

The Big Show: NZers, D-Day & the War in Europe


O’Brien, Gregory

Parker, John

Parr, Alison

Calder, Alex


Werry, Philippa

Anzac Day: The New Zealand Story. What it is a why it matters

AUP 1997 9781869401764 Pb $45 An illuminating picture of how television news is produced, which also offers insights into the way in which Maori issues are treated by mainly Pakeha news teams. Senior.

New Holland 2013 9781869663803 Pb $24.99 Explore the story of Anzac Day, from the Gallipoli Campaign and the Great War, through to the commemorative services held annually throughout the country. Timeline, maps, paintings, photographs, newspaper clippings and infographics tell the story in great detail and their are things to do and websites for further investigation. 8-12. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


KNOWLDEGE BOOKS: Music | Natural History

Bourke, Chris


Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music 1918-1964

Bramwell, Sue

Where Does Honey Come From?

Photographs by Rob Tucker Tucker Media 2012 9780473193164 Pb $18 A look at the life of the busy bee and information about the great benefits he provides.

AUP 2010 9781869404550 $59.99 Pb & CD The first account of New Zealand popular music to the late 1960s including a CD of classic Kiwi tunes. Blue Smoke also covers the Where Does Milk Come From? great contribution of Maori to New Zealand popular music. PANZ Tucker Media 2011 9780473180355 Pb $18 Set on the Faull Brothers’ Taranaki dairy farm, telling the story of Book Design Best Illustrated Book Award 2011. Senior. milk, where it comes from, where it goes and with facts about Dickison, Mike cows and the dairy industry.

Kiwi Ukulele. The NZ Ukulele Companion

Illus Mike Dickison & Helen Taylor AUT Media 2008 9780958282987 Pb $24.99 A guide to playing the ukulele with easy-to-follow instructions, chords, how to string your uke and hints on playing in groups. Lyrics and chords for a variety of songs from Pokarekare Ana to the White Stripes. Pull-out with chords and handy hints.

Leask, Jeffrey

Little Red Rocking Hood

Brownlie, Betty The Life Cycle of the Frog

Scholastic 2011 9781869439842 Paperback $19.50 Facts such as why frogs never drink water. 6+

The Life Cycle of the Kiwi

Scholastic (1994), 2010 9781869439828 Paperback $19.50 Information about New Zealand’s iconic bird. 6+.

The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly


Introducing New Zealand Birds

Photographs by Len Doel Raupo 2008 9780143010135 Pb $21 New Zealand birds likely to be seen by city and country dwellers in three parts - the past, present and future.

Penguin 2009 9780143009269 Pb $10.99 This book fits in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket, so you can quickly identify new Zealand’s native and introduced spiders. Includes life-size and magnified photos and an index, with an excellent contents page which sorts spiders by their web-making and hunting styles.

New Zealand’s Land Birds

Illus Dave Gunson Penguin 2007 9780143006190 Pb $10.99 A handy pocket-size guide to the identification of NZ’s land birds. Condensed from Andrew Crowe’s Which NZ Bird? series.

Nature Flip Guides: New Zealand Birds

Penguin (2001), 2007 9780143008361 Chart $19.99


Penguin ( 1999), 2007 9780143008354 Chart $19.99


Penguin 2004 9780143019398 Chart $19.99 A laminated flip guide with more than 60 of New Zealand’s wild Scholastic (1992), 2011 9781869439835 Paperback $19.50 The monarch butterfly can travel 2000km in 2-4 days. Lots of in- flowers with life-size colour photos. formation about these beautiful creatures. 6+. The Life-Size Guide to:

Illus Gavin Bishop Scholastic 1992 9781869437275 Pb $23 Pb/CD Originally published in the early 90s, a rock’n’roll take on the clas- The Life Cycle of the Pukeko sic tale, starring Little Red as a rock’n’roll dancer. 4-8. Scholastic 2010 9781869439637 Pb $19.50 In easy-to-read bites of text learn all about the pukeko -- their lifestyle, eating habits, how they sound, fly and breed, bring up their atural istory babies and build their nests. Complemented with vivid photos. 6+. Arkins, Alina


New Zealand Spiders

The Life Cycle of the Royal Albatross

Scholastic (1995) 2010 9781869439040 Pb $19.50 All about the royal albatross, how it flies for 3-5 years, what it eats, how they breed and where they live. Packed with colour photographs and fact boxes. 6+

Insects & Other Land Invertebrates of NZ

Penguin 1999 9780140283457 Pb $24.99 To help you identify New Zealand’s insects, spiders and other land invertebrates. 300+ life-size colour photographs.

Native Trees & other Common Plants of NZ

Penguin 2000 9780140295603 Pb $24.99 Match leaves, flowers, seeds, berries and bark with life-size photos.

The NZ Beach

Penguin 2004 9780143019343 Pb $24.99 Identifying New Zealand’s insects, trees, wildflowers and material The Life Cycle of the Tuatara found on the beach is remarkably simple with these guides. Each Ballance, Alison Scholastic 2011 9781869439644 Pb $19.50 book is a guide to hundreds of our natural history subjects with Rare Wildlife of New Zealand All about the endangered tuatara, living a nocturnal life on remote excellent colour photographs and illustrations. Photographs by Rod Morris islands. How and where they live, what they eat, how they breed Which series: Random House 2008 9781869419127 Flexi $29.99 100 NZ threatened native species of all kinds - birds, plants, insects, and look after their young. Colour photos and easy-to-read text. 6+. Which Native Forest Plant? New Ecology Ed reptiles, amphibians, fish and mammals. Organised by habitat - forest, Candler, Gillian Penguin 2009 9780143009016 Pb $26 island, wetland, river, high country and sea and shore. A snapshot of At the Beach: Explore and Discover the Updated from Which Native Tree? Includes ecological information the critical state of some of our wildlife. Packed with stunning up-close New Zealand Seashore about the tree and its environment. Known uses of each plant and photography. Easy to understand and quite captivating. 12+. how to grow in your garden. A leafy key to identify plants of the Illus Ned Barraud native forest. Colour photos, graphics with shape and height, Bird, Val Craig Potton Publishing 2012 9781877517747 Pb $19.99 In Love with Moko Find out all about the beach, rock pools and mudflats and discover plant distribution maps and ID checklists. the animals and plants that live there. Suitable for the whole fam- Which Native Fern? New Ecology Edition Illus Nikki Slade Robinson ily from preschool up with a removable visual guide to what you Penguin (2001), 2009 9780143009009 Pb $26 Mann Print & Design 2011 9780473180607 Pb $28 A small format book, image-packed tribute to Moko, the friendly might find on the beach. 3+. Finalist LIANZA & NZ Post Children’s Includes comprehensive ecological information of the fern and its environment. Known uses of each fern from food and medicine to dolphin who loved to interact with people as he swam in the East Book Awards 2013. perfume, making tools, mattresses and track-markers. How to Coast waters around Mahia, Gisborne, Whakatane and Tauranga. Cometti, Ronald grow, insect and birdlife to look for in each fern, and the origins of New Zealand Through Time Bishop, Nic † Maori names. A leaf key, colour photos of leaves and associated Illus Ronald Cometti Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths creatures, graphics, distribution maps and ID checklists. New Holland 2008 9781869661632 Pb $32 Scholastic USA 9780439877572 Hb $35.50 Which Native Forest Plant New Ecology Edition An illustrated journey through 83 million years of New Zealand A close-up look at butterflies and moths. Full-page images, simPenguin (1999), 2009 9780140286311 Pb $26 ple text, basic information and quirky facts about the appearance natural history. A useful series of field guides which include photographs. habits and life-cycle. Index and glossary. Sibert Honor book. 4+ Cowley, Joy Identification checklists, illustrations showing shape and height. Chameleon, Chameleon Nic Bishop Frogs Notes on a wide range of uses and cultivation. Scholastic USA 9780439877558 Hb $31 Photographs by Nic† Bishop Which Native Tree? New Ecology Edition A close-up look at frogs. With full-page images, simple text pro- Scholastic 2005 9780439666534 Hb $31 vides basic information and quirky facts about the appearance Danger lurks everywhere as the chameleon faces geckos and scor- Penguin (1999), 2009 9780143008996 Pb $26 habits and life-cycle, index and glossary. Boston Globe-Horn pions while in search for a new home. The journey’s end brings a Find out the known uses of each tree from food and medicine to dyes, perfume, honey, bootlaces, fire-making and timber. How to Honor Book and ALA Notable book. 4+ meal and a new friend. grow each tree and insect and birdlife to look for in each tree, plus Nic Bishop Lizards Crouth, Julia details of the origins of Maori names. Colour photographs of Scholastic USA 2010 9780545206341 Hb $35.50 After Dark: NZ Creatures of the Night leaves and creatures, graphics of tree shape and height, distribuA close-up look at the beauty and diversity of lizards. Full-page Scholastic 2004 9781869436346 Pb $19.50 tion maps and ID checklists. images including a double-gatefold spread. Simple text provides An introduction to New Zealand’s wildlife of the night, starting basic information and quirky facts about the appearance habits with the kiwi. Each page describes the creature found on the next Which New Zealand Bird? Penguin 2001 9780141006352 Pb $26 and life-cycle. Index and glossary supplied. 4+ page, encouraging the readers to predict what the creature might 98 endemic, native, introduced or migrant bird species from all Nic Bishop Spiders be. 4-8. Also available in Maori the main habitats. 9 identification habitats feature four simiScholastic USA 9780439877565 Hb $31 lar-looking birds with simple tips for telling them apart. Each bird Crowe, Andrew A close-up look at the beauty and diversity of spiders. Full-page A Field Guide to Native Edible Plants is coded from 1-100, indicating how easy it is to find. Colour paintimages including a double-gatefold spread. Simple text provides ings show detail, differences between juvenile and adult or male Penguin 2004 9780143019220 Pb $32 basic information and quirky facts about the appearance habits and and female. Distribution maps for each bird. A look at plants you can eat. life-cycle. Index and glossary supplied. Sibert Honor book. 4+

A Mini Guide to the Identification of: New Zealand Native Trees

Penguin 2007 9780143007111 Pb $10.99 A pocket-size guide to the identification of New Zealand native trees. Condensed from Andrew Crowe’s Which Native? series. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Natural History Which New Zealand Insect?

Penguin 2002 9780141006369 Pb $30 Insects only (no spiders, centipedes, worms etc) including complete coverage of NZ butterflies. More than 350 insects.

Which New Zealand Spider?

Penguin 2007 9780143006435 Pb $26 A useful series of field guides which include photographs, identification checklists, illustrations showing shape and height. Notes on a wide range of uses and cultivation of the different plants.

Davis, Lloyd Spencer

Smithsonian Q&A: Penguins

HarperCollins 2008 9780060891268 Pb $26.99 Refutes common myths and reveals often-unknown facts as it answers hundreds of unusual and fascinating questions about the complex courting breeding and eating habits of penguins.

Gill, Brian & Whitaker, Tony

Lost Worlds of Aotearoa

David Bateman 1996 9781869532642 Pb $29.99 A guide to help the reader – by means of photographs, identification keys and descriptive text – to identify the 59 species of frogs, tuatara, geckos, skink, turtles and sea-snakes that occur wild in NZ.

The Big Book of New Zealand Wildlife

New Zealand Frogs and Reptiles

Gill, Maria

Eco-rangers Save the Planet

Illus Vivienne Lingard New Holland 2009 9781869662585 Pb $19.99 Structured as a series of ranger missions and designed to educate intermediate-age children about environmental issues facing them today. Information combined with activities and code-cracking. 8+.

Eruption!: Discovering NZ Volcanoes

New Holland 2012 9781869663629 Pb $21 Join Volcanica, reporter for\ Magmatic Press as she explores the world of volcanoes. Illustrations, photos and packed with information. Links for websites and videos. An index and useful information about possible expeditions and what to do in case of an eruption. 8-14. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Save Our Seas: Continuing the Mission of the Adventurer Sir Peter Blake

Dawson, John & Lucas, Rob

Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest

Godwit 2000 9781869620554 Pb $50 User friendly, colour-coded layout, from the tallest trees to the forest floor. Illustrated with stunning photographs, many of which are beautiful composite shots of several similar species for easy identification – comprehensive and innovative guide to the wonders of the New Zealand forest.

Drewery, Melanie

Tahi - One Lucky Kiwi

Illus Ali Teo Random House (2007), 2009 9781869790400 Pb $19.99 The true story of a team effort to save a kiwi that lost its leg. Weta Workshop, the Artificial Limb Centre and Wellington Zoo all joined forces to provide this kiwi with an artificial leg. NZ Post Picture Book Award 2008.

Ell, Gordon

Enjoying Nature in the NZ Garden

Bush Press 1995 9780908608270 Pb $29.99 A collection of ideas and projects to attract birds, butterflies and other creatures in the NZ garden. There are lists of plants attractive to wildlife and notes on keeping and breeding minibeasts.

Ell, Sarah

Sirocco the Rock Star Kakapo

Random House 2012 9781869798314 Pb $24.99 Sirocco is a Kakapo, an endangered species of ground parrot with origins on Codfish Island/Whenua Hou, off the coast of Stewart Island. He was hand-reared and became attached to humans which led to being an ambassador for the kakapo’s cause, travelling around NZ. Photos show every stage of Sirocco’s growth and the scientific and natural environments. Storylines Notable Book 2013.

Enting, Brian

‘Neath the Mantle of Rangi

Viking Sevenseas 9780854670369 Hb $25.99 Photographic essay on original New Zealand. Flora and fauna as found in pre-European times.

Esler, Alan

Wild Plants in Auckland

AUP 2004 9781869403294 Pb $49.99 A survey of the urban Auckland plantlife to be found right in the backyard, from natives to weeds, including useful line drawings as a guide to reference. Senior.

Fairweather, Bill

Spiders in New Zealand

Raupo 2008 9780143009443 Pb $21 A full-colour beginner’s book/pocket guide and photographic reference to spiders in NZ. Information on specific anatomical makeup, web construction, life cycle, how species are classified, enemies, close relatives and a glossary. Senior.


Illus Vivienne Lingard New Holland 2009 9781869662301 Pb $21 Join a sailing adventure with Skipper L.B. Tross around NZ and learn all about the creatures and plants that live in and beside the sea. Inspired by sailor and explorer Sir Peter Blake. What we can do to help save our oceans and waterways. Laid out with a ship’s log (excerpts from Sir Peter’s original logs) for each place with fact boxes, jokes, websites, diagrams and more. 7-11.

The Call of the Kōkako

Illus Heather Arnold New Holland 2011 9781869662943 Hb $29.99 Described as ‘grey ghosts’ because they are seldom seen in New Zealand forests, kōkako are known for their song. Explore their world where they are preyed upon by predators in a shrinking habitat and the story of how the kōkako is being saved.

Gunson, Dave

All About New Zealand Birds

New Holland 2008 9781869661984 Pb $24.99 More than 40 of our favourite native and introduced birds. Each page features one large illustration of a bird, a fact box & text.

All About New Zealand Garden Wildlife

New Holland 2012 9781869662967 Pb $24.99 Introduces over 60 of the most interesting and remarkable garden creatures and plants.

All About New Zealand Insects and Other Creepy Crawlies

New Holland 2009 9781869662172 Pb $24.99 NZ’s most interesting native and introduced insects and other invertebrates with fact boxes and detailed illustrations. From the less well known like the tiger beetle, to the common cicada.

All About New Zealand Plants

New Holland 2009 9781869662516 Pb $24.99 An introduction for young children to New Zealand’s best known trees, climbers, shrubs, flowers and other plants. Text gives the botanical facts alongside illustrations of plants, fruits, flowers and other details. 6-9.

Random House 2005 9781869416812 Pb $29.99 Look into NZ’s far-distant past, tracking its evolution from being part of Gondwanaland to its present state. Stunning illustrations describe the animals and plants that once thrived in NZ. New Holland 2011 9781869662974 Hb $39.99 A bumper book of over 400 species of NZ birds, animals, insects, fish, plants and fungi, including some which are now extinct. Each illustration is accompanied by brief but comprehensive text. 7-14.

Wildlife Stuff: All About New Zealand’s Bugs, Birds, Bushes and Beasts

Scholastic 1999 9781869434052 Pb $19.50 Mixes information with entertainment in its humorous look at New Zealand’s living, endangered and extinct wildlife. 5-8.

Hayward, Bruce W; Murdoch, Graeme & Maitland, Gordon Volcanoes of Auckland

AUP 2011 9781869404796 Pb $56.99 From Rangitoto to One Tree Hill, North Head to Mangere Lagoon, the city of Auckland is defined by the volcanoes it is built upon. Volcanoes of Auckland is the essential guide to these extraordinary natural phenomena.

Hicks & Hamish Campbell (Eds), Geoff Awesome Forces: The Natural Hazards that Threaten New Zealand

Te Papa Press 2012 9781877385872 Pb with flaps $39.99 The forces that affect our landscape - volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, storms. Revised and updated from 1998 publication. Photographs, maps and diagrams assist in our understanding of the forces at play. 13+.

Houghton, Bruce & Scott, Bradley

Geyserland: A Guide to the Volcanoes & Geothermal Areas of Rotorua

Bush Press 2008 9781877480034 Pb $19.95 Guide to volcanoes and geothermal areas of Rotorua. Colour pictures and diagrams.

Hughes-Cleland, Barbara

Mr RG the Adventurous Tomtit

Illus Josie Galbraith Barbara Hughes-Cleland 9780473183646 Pb $20 The story of Mr RG, a North Island tomtit that lived in the Hunua Ranges near Auckland. He was tracked then trapped, along with 31 others, and taken to pest-free Tiritiri Matangi, only to be found, 9 weeks later, back in the Hunua Ranges The story is augmented with photographs, cartoons and fact panels, a glossary and references and maps. 4-12. Order from

Hunt, Des

The Naughty Kid’s Book of Nature

Illus Scott Tulloch HarperCollins 2010 9781869508029 Pb $29.99 A great book about natural history for kids who enjoy the grosser side of life like road kill, blood, guts, maggots and rats. Text is written in a friendly colloquial tone, whilst conveying a serious amount of clear information, and is complemented with heaps of coloured illustrations, fact boxes, questions and key words. 7+.

All About NZ’s Freshwater Wildlife

New Holland 2011 9781869662905 Pb $24.99 Introduces around 60 of our most interesting or spectacular water creatures and plants.

All About New Zealand’s Sea Life

New Holland 2011 9781869662844 Pb $24.99 Introduces the plants and animals of the shore covering major groups such as seaweeds, shore plants, shore invertebrates, rockpool and surf creatures.

All About new Zealand’s Seashore

New Holland 2009 9781869662523 Pb $24.99 From how tides work to the diverse forms of life in and by the ocean in NZ. Easy-to-read text with clear real-life colour illustrations. 6+.

All About NZ’s Wildlife of the Past

New Holland 2010 9781869662820 Pb $24.99 Lots of fascinating facts about the wildlife of our past including a timeline from the Age of Dinosaurs to the Age of Settlement, extinct and currently endangered wildlife.

Hunt, Janet

A Bird in the Hand - Keeping NZ Wildlife Safe

Random House 2003 9781869415631 Limp $19.99 Looks at some of NZ’s unique creatures, where they are safe and people who are working to keep them that way. Each creature is introduced with an anecdote often featuring a DOC worker. NZ Post Nonfiction and Book of the Year and LIANZA Elsie Locke Award 2004.

E3 Call Home

Random House 2009 9781869792763 Pb $24.99 The story of two godwits whose 2007 flight was tracked with transmitters, watched by millions on the internet. One disappeared and the other showed godwits could fly from Alaska to New Zealand - 11,200 non-stop kilometres. Heaps of photos and information. NZ Post Non-fiction Book Award 2010.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Natural History |

From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the NZ Forest

Photographs Rob Lucas Random House 2004 9781869416553 Flexi $29.99 All-in-one guide to the bush - birds, insects, plants and trees. Beautiful photograph with accessible, lively text.

Hutching, Gerard

The Penguin Natural World of NZ: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of our Natural Heritage

Penguin 2004 9780143019251 Pb $41 A revised and updated paperback reprint of this award-winning natural history encyclopedia.

Jolly, Dr Gill

Wild Planet: The Tsunami Book - Killer Waves

Morris, Sandra

Sensational Survivors: An Illustrated Guide to NZ’s Remarkable Wildlife

AUP 2012 9781869405830 Hb $59.99 Accessible, illustrated book about science in Antarctica, introducing students to big subjects (survival,evolution, climate, the universe), the scientists who tackle them and the insights the continent has yielded.13+.

Montgomery, Sy *

Photographs Nic Bishop† Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World’s Strangest Parrot


Cengage 2010 9780170189446 Pb $29.99 What causes a tsunami and specifically the 2009 Samoan tsunami. The causes and effects, people’s reaction in response to the event and how that effects those living there in the present. Suitable for NCEA Level 1 Geography. Includes activities and imagery. 13+.


Happy Feet’s Incredible Journey

Illus Sarah Healey Penguin 2011 9780143306924 Pb $19.99 The true story of the emperor penguin who arrived on a beach near Wellington - the furtherest an emperor penguin has ever travelled from Antarctica. He was sick and had to be cared for before being returned to his home territory. Illustrated using photographs and digital illustrations. 3-8.

Penguin Pocket Guide,

NZ Native Birds of Bush and Countryside

Houghton Mifflin 2010 9780618494170 Hb $35.50 Penguin 1996 9780140260106 Pb $10.99 Documents the successes and failures of a rescue effort in New A pocket-size guide to help identify NZ’s native birds. Photographs Zealand dedicated to saving a species of flightless parrots num- with text describing birds’ habitats, plumage and characteristics. bering fewer than 100. Sibert Medal.

Saving the Ghost of the Mountain

Viking Sevenseas 1983 9780854670703 Pb $10.50 Colour illustrations and descriptive notes on native and introduced species of land, sea and freshwater insects, butterflies, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921150661 Pb $29.99 A useful volume packed with watercolour illustrations along with easy-to-read text and infographics including the everyday and Taylor, Mary more unusual. Glossary, index and suggested further reading. 6+. Old Blue: The Rarest Bird in the World Scholastic 1993 9781869431082 Pb $23 Naumann, Ruth Blue was the rarest bird in the world – a black robin. This is an Tsunami: Case Study of an Extreme Natural Old account of the battle to save a species from extinction. 6-adult.

Black Dog Books 2009 9781742030913 Pb $18.99 New Zealand Forest and Bird, What is a tsunami, how are they formed and when and where Wild Encounters: A Forest and Bird Guide to have they occurred throughout history. Junior. Discovering NZ’s Unique Wildlife The Volcano Book - Erupting Near You Penguin 2009 9780143202547 Pb $41 Black Dog Books 2008 9781742030272 Pb $21.99 Articles about unique NZ wildlife encounters. Written by contribuWhat is a volcano and where are the biggest, loudest and most tors to Forest and Bird magazine. A map shows each location which is then easily matched with the contents opposite. Colour dangerous ones. Who lives nearby and why. Junior. photos and fact files including how to get there, when and where Meduna, Veronica to visit, contact details and a detailed index. 12-adult.

Science on Ice: Discovering the Secrets of Antarctica

New Zealand Wildlife

Pownall, Glen

Unique New Zealand

Te Ara Online Encyclopedia,

Life on the Edge: New Zealand’s Natural Hazards and Disasters

David Bateman 2007 9781869536909 Pb $39.99 A combination of science, history and eye-witness accounts to explore the natural hazards that NZers are exposed to. Full colour resource with accessible and user-friendly content. Senior.

Todd, Barbara Illus Helen Taylor

I am a Dolphin

New Holland 2009 9781869662646 Pb $17.99 Learn about habitat, hunting, social behaviour, breeding and relations with humans with easy-to-grasp rhyming text. Species shown are primarily those found around New Zealand. 4-8.

I am a Penguin

New Holland 2009 9781869662462 Pb $17.99 The life of penguins told using cartoons, rhyming verse and photography. Includes penguins found in New Zealand and overseas, including Australia and South Africa. Learn about habitat, hunting, social behaviour, breeding and relations with humans. 4-8.

I Am A Seal

New Holland 2010 9781869662875 Pb $17.99 All types of seals photographed, illustrated and with simple rhyming text. A page of related activities to try with children is included. 4-8

I am a Whale

New Holland 2010 9781869662981 Pb $17.99 Meet the giants of the deep that live off NZ and in oceans all around the world. Find out the differences between toothed and baleen whales, their methods of hunting and feeding, breeding and migration habits and the need to conserve their habitat. 4-8.

Houghton Mifflin 2007 9780618916450 Library $35.50 Torckler, Gillian & Darryl Viking Sevenseas 1978 9780854670031 Pb $10.50 Set in Mongolia. Follow an expedition in search of the elusive Real-Size Guide to the NZ Rocky Shore Unique because both man and the plants and animals of the envisnow leopard. 9-12. ronment developed special characteristics in isolation from other Random House 2004 9781869416348 Pb $14.99 The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Looks at different zones of the New Zealand rocky shore, and the lands. From prehistoric to modern times. Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New creatures that live within them: splash zone; upper shore; interRiddell, Te Aorere tidal zone; rock pools; lower shore; underwater. Guinea Toroa: The Royal Albatross Houghton Mifflin 2006 9780547248929 Pb $17.99 Vallance, Nic Huia Publishers 2007 9781877283895 Pb $35.50 Houghton Mifflin 2009 9780619496419 Hb $36.50 The life-cycle and migratory patterns of the albatross, how they Photographs by Rod Morris Meet the Matschie’s tree kangaroo, who lives in Papua New are killed and cooked, use of their feathers and bones, and threats Nic’s NZ Nature: Invaders - Animals from Guinea’s cloud forest. It looks like a bear, climbs trees as easily as a to their existence. elsewhere that are causing trouble here monkey, and has a belly pocket like a kangaroo. Meet the scienRiley, Murdoch New Holland 2009 9781869662097 Pb $21 tists who track these elusive animals. 9-12. Know Your New Zealand Birds A5 size book packed with tiny text, but worth a close read as there The Snake Scientist is a heap of interesting information, complemented with 100+ Viking Sevenseas 1982 9780854670680 Square Back $10.50 Houghton Mifflin 2001 9780618111190 Pb $17.99 photos, all about creatures brought into New Zealand and the Viking Sevenseas 2005 9780854670673 Pb $10.50 Learn about the emergence of thousands of red-sided garter Identification details and colour illustrations of some 70 most impact they have had here. 9-14. snakes every year from a cave in Canada. 9-12. commonly seen New Zealand birds: native land birds; introduced Nic’s New Zealand Nature: Wild Buddies... The Tarantula Scientist land birds; and sea birds. and Baddies Houghton Mifflin 2007 978061618915774 Pb $15.99 Know Your New Zealand Seashells: New Holland 2012 9781869663025 Pb $21 Follow spider scientist Sam Marshall as he explores the dense Hinemoana’s Family Explore the co-existence of New Zealand wildlife through rainforest of French Guiana, at the doors of tarantula burrows, Viking Sevenseas 2003 9780954671021 Pb $12 one-sided friendships, pesky parasites and win-win relationships. taking a look at one of Earth’s biggest and hairiest spiders. 9-12. 150 seashells from around New Zealand’s coasts. From tuatara snuggling up to sea birds and rata trees that like to Moon, Geoff piggyback rimu trees, to worms that can take over the minds of New Zealand Flowers and Berries: Bush NZ Forest Birds and their World weta. 9-14. Lover’s Calender New Holland 2010 9781869661960 Pb $42 9780732901196 Pb $11.99 Illus Photographs by John Salmon A visual and written portrait of nearly 30 species of birds from the Viking Sevenseas 2004 9780854671120 Pb $10.50 Ward, Chrissie New Zealand forest. The result of many decades of observation. Curious Kiwi Creatures Viking Sevenseas 2004 9780854671151 Square back $10.50 A look at New Zealand’s diverse range of flowering plants. Moon, Lynnette Illus Pauline Whimp New Zealand Bird Calls New Zealand Trees and Ferns New Holland 2007 9781869661717 Pb $17.99 Viking Sevenseas 2001 9780854670734 Pb $10.99 A fact-packed book about wild New Zealand including giant Photographs by Geoff Moon snails, jumbo eggs, unique parrots and more. Viking Sevenseas 1983 9780854670727 Pb $15.95 New Holland 2011 9781869663100 Pb & CD $29.99 Colour photos of 60 birds with info about nests, food and bird calls, Colour illustrations and brief notes of each tree’s significance to Williams, Karen & Keys, Harry along with a memoir by sound recordist John Kendrick about his the Maori of old. 60 important and widely found plants. Ruapehu Erupts friendship with Geoff Moon. CD of bird calls compiled by Karen Godwit (1996), 2008 9781869621643 Pb $24.99 Baird, with each bird introduced by George Henare. 7-adult. Celebrates the drama and magic of Ruapehu’s recent eruptions and provides a stunning record of the latest chapter in the continuing story of this unpredictable volcano. Revised edition. Hb = Hardback Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Eb = Electronic book

KNOWLEDGE BOOKS: Science | Sewing | Sport & Leisure | MAORI BOOKS: Concept | Picture Books

Science Beckett, Bernard

Falling for Science: Asking the Big Questions

Longacre Press 2007 9781877361722 Pb $39.99 The history of the ideas behind recent scientific developments, and introduces arguments about the nature of consciousness, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence and more. Senior.

Pigneyguy, Dee

Nature’s Techno Tricks: Biomimetics Science Mimicking Nature

Papawai Press 2009 9780958296618 Pb $24.99 Discover some of nature’s best designs and how they have inspired scientists and engineers.

Priestly, Rebecca (Ed)

The Awa Book of New Zealand Science

Penguin 2008 9780958262996 Hb $50 An anthology about extraordinary scientific discoveries made by NZ scientists from early naturalists to geologists, nuclear science to nanotechnology. 2009 Royal Society of NZ Science Book Prize. 12+.


New Zealand Fashion Museum, Home Sewn

Introduction Doris Du Pont Penguin 2012 9780143568322 Pb in plastic sleeve $45 Profiles of 10 top NZ designers including WORLD and twentysevennames, along with a simple pattern from each, and a ‘how to’ section with straightforward instructions on useful sewing techniques such as putting in a zip and sewing a French seam. The introductory essay is by Doris Du Pont, founder of the New Zealand Fashion Museum and curator of the Home Sewn exhibition. A useful and inspiring book to encourage a practical interest in fashion. 12+.

Sport & Leisure

Anderson, Colin How to Catch Fish

Illus Keith Olsen Lifelogs (1999), 2010 9780986453533 Pb $20.50 All the how-to rules and regulations, safety first; instructions for fly, salmon, beach, boat and rock fishing; conservation – all that’s needed to lure a youngster into a life-long addiction.

Bentley, Trevor

Hunting for a Hobby

The Halcyon Press 2011 9781877566073 Pb $39.99 Hunting for pleasure around New Zealand on public land over the last 15 years. B&W and colour photographs. 14+.

Blomfield, Pauline

How to Keep Kids Safe with Dogs

Illus Red Blue Jandal Books 2011 9780473182502 Pb $22 Sam and Susan choose Buddy to be their pet dog and he teaches them seven important lessons about how to be safe with dogs such as ‘if a dog’s on its own leave it alone’ and ‘when it’s time for a snack, keep well back’. Cartoon illustrations help convey these useful safety precautions. 4-10.

Kiwi As 2011 9780473187149 Pb $30 Things to make and do with young children using materials you find at home or recycling waste materials. Particularly aimed at early childhood (and written by a kindergarten teacher) but with ideas that could be put to use at home too.

Crampton, Jane* & Terezow, Marianna*

The Kiwi Fossil Hunter’s Handbook

Random House 2010 9781869791889 Flexi $39.99 Written by scientists from GNS Science in conjunction with the NZ Fossils: Dead Precious! touring exhibition. Full of diagrams, maps and photographs with specific information about 28 sites around New Zealand and the fossils you might find there. Watch for Special Cautions and Hazards boxes to avoid trouble spots and use the glossary for specialised terminology. 8+.

Koch, Isabelle

Like a Fish in Water

RSVP Publishing 9780892817733 Pb $25.50 Yoga for children aged five years and up.

Miller, Gaye

Where Shall We Take the Kids

New Holland 2008 9781869662202 Pb $29.99 A guide to family-friendly destinations and activities in NZ.

Morris, James

Student Hunter: The Hunting Tales of a University Student

The Halcyon Press 2012 9781877566233 Pb $29.99 During the author’s three years of undergraduate study he hunted and explored the hills of Canterbury and South Westland over 100+ hunting trips. 14+.

Paul, Gregor

Black Obsession: The All Blacks’ Quest for World Cup Success

Exisle 2009 9781877437311 Pb $36.99 A thought-provoking and comprehensive look at why the world’s greatest rugby nation continues to fail in their quest for World Cup glory. Senior.

Peta, Lee & Errol

Learn to Skateboard with Luka Ko to Akonga ki te Papa Retireti i te Taha o Luka

Photographs by Lee Peta Raupo 2008 9781869780562 Pb $17.99 Peta Luka is one of New Zealand’s youngest competitive skateboarders. Learn how to look after your skateboard, what safety gear to use and some basic skating moves. Written by Luka’s parents. English and Maori text.

Williamson, Karen & Luke Family OE

Photographs Luke Williamson New Holland 2008 9781869661854 Pb $39.99 A Kiwi guide to travelling overseas with children.

The Story of the All Blacks: Lions, Wallabies & Springboks 9780908047812 Originals and Invincibles 1900-1925

My Maori Colours

Picture Puffin (2002) 2009 9780143305187 Pb $15.99 Introduces children to the shapes and colours from the natural world around them.

Ikenasio-Thorpe, Bettina Illus Sam Ikenasio

Colours - He Tae - Colours in NZ Maori & English EthnicWord 2006 1877403296 Pb $14.95

Counting - He Tatau - Counting Numbers in NZ Maori and English EthnicWord 2006 1877403113 Pb $14.95 Basic concept pictorial books in bilingual NZ Maori/English.

Ratima, Matiu

Illus Sam Ikenasio

Alphabet - Ko Nga Reta Maori o Aotearoa - NZ Maori Alphabet with English Translation EthnicWord 2006 1877403288 Pb $16.95 Basic concept pictorial book in bilingual NZ Maori/English.

Maori Picture Books Bishop, Gavin Bidibidi

Translator Apirana Mahuika Scholastic (1982), 2001 9781869435158 Pb $19.50 The tale of an adventurous sheep. 3-7.

Ko Maui Raua Ko Te Atua O Te Ahi (Maui and the Goddess of Fire)

Translator Kāterina Mataira Scholastic 9781869435196 Pb $19.50 Maui tricks the goddess of fire into giving him all her fingernails of fire. Also in English. 3-7

Koinei te Whare Na Haki I Hanga (The House that Jack Built)

Translation by Piripi Walker. Gecko Press 2012 9781877467790 Pb with flaps $19.99 A book with two strands - the rhythmic text, based on the tradiitonal rhyme, about Jack Bull who travels to NZ from London as a new settler in 1798. The contemporary illustrations tell the story from a Maori perspective beginning with creation. 3+. Also available in English.

Nga Poaka E Toru (The Three Little Pigs) Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2001 9781869435103 Pb $19.50 The European tale of the three pigs who outwit the wolf. 3-7.

Pipi Paopao (Chicken Licken)

Translated by Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2001 9781869435110 Pb $19.50 A traditional European tale.

Tā Pākiha (Mr Fox)

Boles, Dianne

Te Haere Hokohoko a Witiwitipā (Witchy Goes Shopping)

* Indicates the author or illustrator is not a

New Zealander, but has worked on the book with someone who is. † Indicates the author or illustrator is a New Zealander who is living overseas.

Don’t forget to order your copy of New Zealand Children’s Books in Print for next year. Order individual copies or place a standing order to automatically receive each edition. Order from Silvertone Ltd, PO Box 21 265, Henderson, Auckland 0650. Email Web

Maori Concept Books Duncan, Tracy

Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2001 9781869435127 Pb $19.50 Mr Fox sets out to outwit, but is outwitted himself. 3-7.

Boon, Kevin

9780908947805 Politics & World Cups 9780908947843 Springbok Fever & Grand Slams 9780908947836 Kotuku Publishing 2011 Pb $23/set of 4 $80


Buckingham, Adam

Turning Trash Into Treasure For Young Children


Illus Aki Fukuoka Scholastic 2010 9781869439521 Pb $19.50 It’s Witchy’s birthday but there’s nothing in the cupboard to celebrate with, and she can’t remember the magic word to replenish it so must go to the supermarket on her broomstick. She buys spider eggs, worms and dragon’s blood and makes a lovely afternoon. Also in English. 3-7.

Campbell, Gordon

Horeta me te Waka (Horeta & the Waka)

Illus Zak Waipara Scholastic 2007 9781869438227 Pb $19.50 The first sighting of Captain James Cook and his crew is told through the eyes of a young Maori boy. 3-7.

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


MAORI BOOKS: Picture Books

Cowley, Joy

Purini Rango (Fly Pie)

Illus Philip Webb Scholastic 2010 9781869439507 Pb $19.50 There was once a frog who had been a prince and knew he could be again if he was kissed by a princess. But there’s also a cute girl frog on the nearby lily pad who wants to marry him. Based on the fable of The Frog Prince. 3-7. Also in English.

Tarakihana Pakupaku (The Little Tractor)

Illus Gavin Bishop Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2004 9781869436148 Pb $19.50 The life story of a little tractor from the first farm it works on, through various owners until the son of the original farmer buys it to work on his new farm. Also in English. 3-7.

Te Tamahine a Te Moana (The Sea Daughter)

Illus Manu Smith Translator Apirana Mahuika Scholastic 2001 9781869435165 Pb $17.50 Hinemoa, daughter of the sea, loves Kahu the fisherman. But to be with him she must promise to never reveal where she is from. 3-7.

Drewery, Melanie Nga Rongoa a Koro (Koro’s Medicine)

Illus Sabrina Malcolm Translator Kararaina Uatuku Huia Publishers 2007 9781869691035 Pb $16.99 From blisters to blocked noses, Koro seems to have a natural remedy for everything. Story and Maori herbal all in one. Also available in English. Te Kura Pounamu award 2005. IBBY Honour Book 2008.

Holt, Sharon

May, Gillian

Te Reo Singalong: Book 1 - Maranga Mai! (Wake Up!)

Photographs Geoff Dale Scholastic 2005 9781869437473 Pb $19.50 At a child’s first birthday everyone greets him with a pet name instead of his real name.

Illus Deborah Hinde Music by Graham Stewart & Stacy Walker The Writing Bug Ltd 2011 9780473214913 Pb & CD $24.99 What do all the different animals say when they wake up? A simple Maori song with colour illustrations of children acting out the words. Translation, new words and guitar chords, audio CD plus ideas for extended use are at the back. 3-8.

Ngā Rāme Riki e Toru (Kiwi Corkers: The Three Little Lambs)

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2010 9781775430728 Hb $19.50 A Kiwi take on The Three Little Pigs. Three lambs set out to build whare, the first from silver ferns, second from paua shells and the third from hangi stones. Each time a wicked weasel comes along to blow the house down. Illustrations use gesso with acrylics on illustration board, capturing the colours of the NZ countryside. Also in English. 3-8.

Foreman, Catherine

Ngā Kahumoe o Te Ngeru (The Cat’s Pyjamas)

Translated by Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2011 9781775430117 Pb $19.50 Cat has a different pair of pyjamas for each night and dreams according to the theme of his pjs. When he wears his monster pjs he’s in for a sleepless night. Vivid pastel illustrations. Also in English. 3-7.

Gossage, Peter

I Te Timatanga (In the Beginning)

Translator Katarina Mataira Scholastic 2004 9781869436124 Pb $19.50 At the start of time there were Rangi the sky and Papa the earth. The story of how light came to Aotearoa. Also in English. 3-6.

Hessell, Jenny

Ko Pipi me ngā Kirehe o te Pā (Phoebe and the Night Creatures)

Illus Donovan Bixley Scholastic 2011 9781775430735 Pb $19.50 Phoebe needs to go to the toilet at night but thinks she’s being followed by monsters. They all join her on her trip to the bathroom but when she turns the light on there’s another surprise. Shadows and changing points of view add to the spookiness. Also in English. 3-8.

Hill, Eric*

Kei Hea a Spot? (Where is Spot?)

Picture Puffin (1980) 2010 9780143504344 Pb $21 Spot has been a thirty-year-favourite lift-the-flap book in English. Here it can be enjoyed in Maori. 1-6. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Taea ngā Whetu (Colour the Stars)

Illus Keinyo White Scholastic 2012 9781775430148 Pb $19.50 How do you describe a colour to someone who cannot see? Also in English. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

He Rakiraki Kei te Puna (Ducklings on the Pond) Book 2 - Kei te Peke Ahau (I am Jumping)

The Writing Bug Ltd 2011 9780473214920 Pb & CD $24.99 Children move like different animals. A simple Maori song with colour illustrations of children acting out the words. Translation, new words and guitar chords, audio CD plus ideas for extended use are at the back. 3-8.

Book 3 - Anei Ke! (Here it is!)

The Writing Bug Ltd 2012 9780473221744 Pb & CD $24.99 A book about weather with lots of weather sounds. A simple Maori song with colour illustrations of children acting out the words. Translation, new words and guitar chords, audio CD plus ideas for extended use are at the back. 3-8.

Kei te Pehea Koe? How Do You Feel?

Foley, Sher

McMillan, Dawn

McPherson, Jan

Duncan, Tracy

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143502838 Pb $19.99 A simple, and beautiful, bilingual book describing feelings in Maori and English. The illustrations depict stylised big-eyed characters who convey each feeling from cold to jealousy, feeling shy to feeling happy! Te reo Maori pronunciation guide included. Share with 2+, useful for learning Maori for all ages.

Ko Wai Toku Ingoa? (What is My Name?)

Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2001 9781869435035 Pb $17.50 An adventurous day for five ducklings. 3-7.

Mewburn, Kyle

E Pāoi e Po! (Seesaw Po)

Illus Katz Cowley Scholastic 2012 9781775430742 Pb $19.5 Po’s friends have fun on the swing, slide and roundabout but the won’t move when Po sits on them and he needs help from another very small friend. Also in English. 3-7.

He Mihi Nui mā Taringa-Kore! (Three Cheers for No-Ears)

Illus Deborah Hinde Scholastic 2011 9781775430100 Pb $19.50 No-Ears feels quite inferior without proper-sized ears, until some decorative alternatives are found and his natural assets prove an advantage. Also in English. 3-7

Hu-Hu Koroheke (Old Hu-Hu) Book 4 - Me Haere (Let’s Go)

The Writing Bug Ltd July 2013 Pb & CD $24.99 A great book for learning the names of vehicles and colours - and putting them into a sentence! A simple Maori song with colour illustrations of children acting out the words. Translation, new words and guitar chords, audio CD plus ideas for extended use are at the back. 3-8.

Jowitt, Glenn & Parker, John

He Aha Kei Runga? (What is On Top?)

Photographs Glenn Jowitt Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2006 9781869437565 Pb $19.50 All different kinds of hats from different cultures with great colour photographs. 3-7.

Kahukiwa, Robyn Matatuhi

Translator Kiwa Hammond Picture Puffin 2006 9780143519942 Pb $21 The story of a young girl adopted by Pakeha parents who discovers her Maori ancestry after a visit to the museum when a carved figure comes to life and speaks to her. Also available in English. Te Kura Pounamo Award 2007.

Ngā Atua

Mauri Tā 2012 9780958220453 Pb $20 Made for her mokopuna’s birthday, a book about Nga Atua, the supernatural beings who are important to the Maori people, with colourful and graphic illustrations in classic Kahukiwa style. 4-10.


Translated by Keri Kaa Picture Puffin 1987 9780140505986 Pb $19.99 A little boy has made friends with the taniwha in his river but noone believes him. The taniwha takes the boy on a journey through time and myth where he meets amazing characters, gather the earth’s treasures as he goes.

Leibrich, Julie

Te Nama Tino Rahi Rawa Atu I te Whaiao (Nesta and the Missing Zero)

Illus Ross Kinnaird Scholastic 2006 9781869436506 Pb $19.50 The characters from The Biggest Number in the Universe are back. Mr Abacus and Nesta are looking for zero which has gone missing, causing chaos in the world. Vivacious illustrations convey the chaos fabulously. Also in English. 3-7.

Illus Rachel Driscoll Translated by Katerina Te Heikoko Scholastic 2009 9781869435189 Pb $19.50 Old Hu-Hu makes a final flight to the moon and back then dies. Everyone is sad, especially little Hu-Hu-Tu, but he knows that it’s not the real Old Hu-Hu on the ground, it’s just a shell. A tender look at death and grief. Illustrations in pencil and paint create delicate characters and a crisp autumn environment. NZ Post Children’s Book of the Year 2010. Storylines Notable Book. IBBY 2012 Honour Book (translation). 4+. Also in English.

Ko Meru (Melu)

Illus Ali Teo & John O’Reilly Translated by Ngaere Roberts. Scholastic 2012 9781775430759 Pb $19.50 Melu, the stubborn mule, decides to leave the herd and follow his dream. A celebration of determination and being different. Also in English. 3-7. Finalist LIANZA Children’s Book Awards 2013.

Morrison, Yvonne

I Roto I te Ngahere (Down in the Forest)

Illus Jennifer Cooper Scholastic 2004 9781869437237 Pb $19.50 Based on the traditional ‘Over in the Meadow’, this version features NZ native forest flora and fauna. Also available in English. 3-7.

Nelisi, Lino

Tane Te Whetu o te Ra (Tane Steals the Show)

Illus Gus Hunter Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 1997 9781869433963 Pb $19.50 Tane wants to take part at his uncle’s wedding. He practises hard because everyone tells him he is too little to join in and in the end he steals the show. Also available in English. 3-6.

Paterson, Malcolm

Te Pa Kaha kei to tatou lari (The Castle in Our Back Yard)

Illus Leah Mulgrew Libro International 2010 9781877514104 Pb $19.99 A family takes a trip to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) in Auckland and find out some of the stories about the history and legends which abound there. Naive coloured illustrations cleverly incorporate the past and present into some spreads. Translations of Maori words are at the bottom of each page and a pronunciation guide and other resources at the back of the book. 7+. Also in English.

MAORI BOOKS: Picture Books | Arts & Crafts | Auto/Biography


Peirce, Robin

Tipene, Tim

Te Poti A Papa Koroua (Grandpa’s Cat)

Illus Nikki Slade Robinson Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 1992 9781869430900 Pb $17.50 Everyone wants the little black cat until it hisses, claws and spits. Soon it will be the only cat left in the pet shop.

Illus John Bennett Scholastic 2008 9781869439002 Pb $19.50 Hinemoa declares that she is a warrior but when she leaps in the deep end of the pool she finds herself in trouble and Nana explains that sometimes you should be cautious not brave. Maori phrases included. Gouache and watercolour illustrations. Also in English. 3-7.

Te Tarau Poto O Papa Koroua (Grandpa’s Shorts)

Te Poti Pukuriri (The Cross Little Cat)

Peka, July

Manu Haututu (Magpie Mischief)

Hinemoa Te Toa

Illus Jo Thapa Scholastic 2010 9781869439538 Pb $19.50 Pop’s favourite thing is his vege garden but when the vet gives Pop a pet magpie there’s trouble in store. Pop thinks he’ll eat the bugs, but Pie has other tricks in mind and Pop has to use his wits to come up with an innovative solution to his problems. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2009. 4-8. Also in English.

Te Taniwha i te Kura (Taming the Taniwha)

Pulford, Elizabeth

I Kai Parakipere Ahau (I’ve Been Eating Blackberries)

Rapu Rāpeti (On a Rabbit Hunt)

Illus Jenny Cooper Scholastic 2009 9781869434977 Pb $19.50 The family that charmed us in Shut the Gate (2006) returns. there is a rogue rabbit loose and young Sam, Mum and Sara are on its trail! Plenty of animal noises for littlies to join in with. Also in English. 2-6.

Teihi Tāre (Daisy Doll)

Illus Denise Durkin Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2004 9781869436452 Pb $19.50 Emily loves her precious Daisy Doll, who used to belong to her great-great-grandmother but when her little sister is sick in hospital and won’t stop crying, Emily lends her the doll. 3-5.

Sutton, Sally

Mahiara (Roadworks)

Illus Henry Campbell Huia Publishers 2007 9781877266539 Pb $14.50 Tama is being bullied by a nasty taniwha. He goes to his family for ideas about how to tame the taniwha.

Trussell-Cullen, Alan

Illus Kevin Hawley Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 1987 9781869435042 Pb $12.50 A child enjoys eating blackberries and gets juice all over his mouth, hands and clothes. 3-7.

Waiariki, Kerehi

Kei Hea Taku Potae? (Where’s Koro’s Hat?)

Illus Brian Gunson Huia Publishers 2010 9781869693961 Pb $16 Koro wants to go fishing but can’t find his hat. He asks everyone in the household while his grandson helps him get all the fishing gear ready and eventually tells Koro that a bird has made his hat into a nest in the tree, but luckily Koro has a new hat. Illustrations subtly include details that identify the family as Maori. 3-8. Also available in English.

Illus Brian Lovelock Translated by Katarina Mataira Walker Books Australia 2010 9781921720178 Pb $19.99 A boisterous and noisy picture book which describes the road-building process from beginning to end with great sound effects and bright textured illustrations. Fantastic read-aloud. NZ Post Picture Book Award 2009. 2+. Also in English.

Wairama, Moira


Watson, Joy

Szekely, Chris

Illus Malcolm Ross Huia Publishers 2011 9781869694715 Hb $20 A touching story about cousins who holiday in a rural Māori community and have fun together until one of the cousins, Thomas, drowns. They have a tangi for him and a rāhui is put on the beach they can’t play or swim there, or eat seafood from the beach for a year. On the anniversary a headstone for Thomas is unveiled, and at last they can return to enjoying the beach, but always keeping Thomas in their hearts. Painted illustrations. Also in English. 6+.

Tarlton, John

Te Haere Ki To Kuia Kainga (Going to Grandma’s)

Translator Katerina Mataira Scholastic 2001 9781869435059 Pb $17.50 A young girl goes on an eventful trip to her grandma’s.

Taylor, Clive

Taku Hiahia He Kaiā Moana Tāku Pāpā (I Wish My Dad Was a Pirate) Illus Clive Taylor Scholastic 2001 9781869435745 Pb $17.50 A little boy wishes his dad was a hero. 3-7.

Te Pouaka Karetao (The Puppet Box)

Illus Bruce Potter Scholastic 2007 9781869438159 Pb $19.50 Rua is shy when he starts kindergarten so the teacher uses the puppet box to help him feel comfortable, introducing a new puppet each day. Vivid illustrations depicting a multicultural cast. Storylines Joy Cowley Award 2006. Also in English. Illus Wendy Hodder Translator Katerina Mataira

Nga Paenaena o Papa Kororua (Grandpa’s Slippers)

Scholastic 1993 9781869431969 Pb $19.50 Grandma buys Grandpa a new pair of slippers but he refuses to part with his old comfortable pair. 3+. Also in English.

Te Pakoro a Papa Koroua (Grandpa’s Shed)

Scholastic 2003 9781869435882 Pb $19.50 Grandpa has decided it’s time to clean out his shed, but every day brings him a new challenge to distract him from his task. 3+. Also in English.

Te Poraka O Papa Koroua (Grandpa’s Cardigan)

Scholastic 1993 9781869435134 Pb $19.50 Grandpa agrees that he needs a new cardigan but he can’t find the right one. When he does find the perfect cardy Grandma’s in for a surprise. 3+. Available in English.

Scholastic 2006 9781869437640 Pb $19.50 Grandpa’s cat is missing. They search everywhere for it but there is no sign, until they hear a miaow from way up high. 3-7. Also in English. Scholastic 2002 9781869435547 Pb $19.50 Grandma doesn’t want Grandpa to wear his horrible old shorts to the beach, but baggy shorts and a Hawaiian shirt turn out to be surprisingly trendy. 3+. Also in English.

Whaanga, Mere

Tangaroa’s Gift - Te Koha ā Tangaroa

Scholastic 1990 9781869430221 Pb $19.50 Once there lived a sad and lonely sea creature named Paua. Mighty Tangaroa decided to give him a special gift. Bilingual edition. 3-7.

Yates, Beatrice, Piatarhi Tui (Aunty Bea) Hoha te Taniwha (One Day a Taniwha)

Illus Katherine Quin Merewether Music Aunty Bea & Rodger Cunningham Aunty Bea Pub 2009 9780473165666 Pb & CD $24.50+p&p First written in 1974 by Aunty Bea, a well known te Arawa Rotorua teacher. Told and sung to the tune of ‘You are my Sunshine’. Also available in te reo Maori. Order from

Maori Arts & Crafts Barrow, Terence An Illustrated Guide to Maori Art

Raupo (2000), 2008 9780143011040 Pb $31 Describes the designs, materials, construction and everyday use of Maori art objects.

Kahukiwa, Robyn

Te Marama (The Moon)

Mauri Tu 2011 9780958220446 Pb with flaps $25 Maori translation Kiwa Hammond. A beautiful poem and artwork celebrating Te Marama, the moon, its legendary place in the world and its many moods, from pale to dark to bright. The text is spare, leaving the illustrations to tell their evocative story. Beautiful textures and simple forms with rich bleeding colours and Kahukiwa’s characteristic stylised faces. Order from

King, Michael

Moko: Maori Tattooing in the 20th Century

Photographs by Marti Friedlander David Bateman 2008 9781869537142 Hb $59.99 The significance of the moko and the story of the last generation of women to wear it. New edition with new images taken direct from Marti Friedlander’s original prints

Pendergrast, Mick

Fun With Flax: 50 Projects for Beginners

Raupo (2001), 2008 9780143009931 Pb $31 Some delightful ideas for things to make with flax such as animals and bird shapes.

Te Mahi Kete

Penguin 2008 9780143011033 Pb $31 Detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrated with line drawings and black and white photographs, to make two simple types of kete, plus variations for starting and finishing, making handles and incorporating a decorative pattern.

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62 62

MAORI BOOKS: Arts & Crafts | Auto/Biography | Charts & Friezes | Culture | Dictionaries

Prickett, Nigel

Nga Tohu Tawhito – Early Maori Ornament

Ip, Manying

Being Maori-Chinese: Mixed Identities

David Bateman 1999 9781869534158 Pb $14.99 AUP 2008 9781869403997 Pb $49.99 One of an informative series based on collections held at the The story of Maori-Chinese families through the 20th century told Auckland Museum. using extensive oral history interviews. Senior.

Rickard, Leilani

Kawharu, Merata

Raupo 2008 9780143009450 Pb $31 Step-by-step instructions on how to make a piupiu, from selecting your flax to the finished article and a gallery of flax skirts in traditional and modern styles. Filled with colour photographs and illustrations make this an excellent guide to this special skill.

Photographs Krzysztof Pfeiffer AUP 2008 9781869404291 Pb $49.99 Nearly 200 proverbs from the North in Maori, with new translations in English, and explanations of the origin and meaning of the sayings that capture key moments in history, important places and celebrated ancestors. Senior.

How to Make a Piupiu

Skinner, Damian

The Carver and the Artist: Maori Art in the Twentieth Century

AUP 2008 9781869403737 Hb $89.99 The growth and development of Maori art in the 20th century, from the re-awakening of Maori customary carving through the new styles of Maori modernist art and contemporary practices. Senior.

Maori Auto/Biography Bishop, Gavin Katarina

Random House (1990), 2012 9781869790646 Pb $19.99 New Zealand Classic series. The true story of Gavin Bishop’s greataunt Katarina in the early 1860s when she met her true love, a pakeha, and went to Otago to live with him. When she returned to visit her family in the Waikato in the midst of the land wars there was much bloodshed. Although she settled in Otago she managed to blend the Maori and Pakeha ways and always her roots were in the Waikato. Sepia toned illustrations capture the emotion and way of life perfectly. 5+.

Orange, Claudia (General Ed)

Mapihi Kahurangi: Illustrated Biographies from Nga Tangata Taumata Rau Vol One

Tahuhu Korero: The Sayings of Tairokerau

Mead, Sir Hirini Moko & Mead, Lady June Te Rini

People of the land. Images and Proverbs of Aotearoa New Zealand

Huia Publishers 2010 9781869694036 Hb $30 A collection of Maori proverbs with English translations and explanations, each complemented by a photograph of Maori from throughout New Zealand to illustrate the saying. Ngā Kupu Ora Te Reo Maori Book Award 2010. 10+.

Pohatu, Warren The Marae

Picture Puffin 2007 9780143503828 Pb $18.99 To help visitors understand the protocol and physical aspects of a marae. Explains the many functions of the people, the land, the processes and the parts of the marae building itself in an easy-to-understand format.

Stafford, Don

Introducing Maori Culture

Raupo 2008 9780143010821 Pb $18 This book answers questions such as: When was Aotearoa discovered? How was Maori society organised in pre-European times? What is traditional Maori art? How does the Treaty of Waitangi affect us today?

AUP/Te Taritaiwhenua 1993 9780908912391 Pb $19.95 Illustrated biographies from the Maori language version of Te Ara Online Encyclopedia, Maori Tribes of New Zealand Volume One of the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. David Bateman 2008 9781869537395 Pb $29.99 Nga Tangata Taumata Rau: 1870-1900 A guide to the main Maori tribes based on Maori Peoples of New AUP/Te Taritaiwhenua 1994 9780908912636 Hb $79.99 Zealand written especially for younger students, combining great The Maori language version of the Maori biographies in the sec- photos of scenic New Zealand with maps, Maori art and history. ond volume of the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

Nga Tangata Taumata Rau: 1901-1920

Maori Dictionaries

AUP/Te Taritaiwhenua 1996 9781869402013 Hb $79.99 The Maori language version of the Maori biographies in the third Biggs, Bruce Complete English-Maori Dictionary volume of the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. AUP (2005) 2010 9781869400576 Pb $73.99 A definitive Maori dictionary from a leading expert in the field. aori harts riezes




Ikenasio-Thorpe, Bettina

English-Maori Maori-English Dictionary

Colours - He Tae - Colours in NZ Maori and English

Cormack, Ian

Illus Sam Ikenasio

AUP (2004), 2009 9781869400569 Pb $19.99 A pocket-size edition of Professor Briggs’ definitive Maori dictionary.

He Pa Auroa - A Dictionary and Language EthnicWord 2008 1877403466 Wallchart $19.95 Basic concept pictorial wallchart of colours in bilingual New Guide for Students of Maori New House 2000 9780170950053 Pb $21.50 Zealand Maori/English. Counting - He Tatau - Counting in NZ Maori An intermediate level dictionary and language guide for students of Maori. Years 9-11. and English

Holloway, Judith & Nohotima, Peti EthnicWord 2007 1877403393 Wallchart $19.95 Basic concept pictorial wallchart of counting numbers 1-10 in bi- Kupu Tuhituhi – a First Maori Dictionary Illus Carolyn Campbell & John Forster lingual NZ Maori/English. New House 2000 9780170950510 Pb $14.50 Ratima, Matiu A spelling book for young students learning to read and write in Alphabet - Ko Nga Reta Maori o Aotearoa - NZ Maori, this contains more than 800 essential, everyday Maori Maori alphabet with English translation words. Ample space for students to write in their own words as Illus Sam Ikenasio their vocabulary develops. EthnicWord 2006 1877403326 Wallchart $19.95 Huia Language Team Basic concept pictorial wallchart of the NZ Maori alphabet in bilinFirst Thousand Words in Maori gual NZ Maori/English. Illus Stephen Cartwright Huia Publishers 2007 9781869692391 Pb $20 aori ulture Learn new words by looking at the small labelled pictures then Harawira, Wena use the words by talking about the large and colourful central Te Kawa O Te Marae: A Guide for All Marae pictures. Instructions and a word list at the end in English, otherVisitors wise content is entirely in Maori. Raupo (1997), 2009 9780143011958 Pb $17.99 Te Kete Kupu - 300 Essential Words in Maori Here, in simple straight-forward presentation, is a complete guide to marae customs and ceremony. Its aim is to assist the visitor to Illus Brian Gunson Huia Publishers 2007 9781869691783 Pb $15 understand and enjoy the occasion. 300 essential words in Maori with examples of common uses, selected



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from published texts in Maori for young readers. Colourful illustrations help convey meanings. Content is all in Maori with no English translation. Spectrum Book Design Award 2007 - Education.

Everyday Words in Maori

Illus Jo Litchfield (designer & modelmaker)* Huia Publishers 2010 9781869693985 Pb $20 Photographer Howard Allman* Maori vocabulary designed for Maori-speaking children or those leaning Maori as a second language. Bright, detailed models, skillfully made from Fimo®. A pronunciation guide at the back of the book and the double-page scenes have individual items around the border, with its Maori name, and each can be found in the main picture. Developed from the Usborne Book of Everyday Words.

Macalister, John

A Dictionary of Maori Words in NZ English

Oxford University Press 2005 9780195584950 Pb $64.99 Lexical monograph from the research undertaken at the NZ Dictionary Centre. Words include the names of flora and fauna, aspects of material and social culture, and new creations, as well as place and personal names.

Reed, AW

Raupo Concise Maori Dictionary

Raupo (1948), 2009 9780143202608 Pb $35.50 An invaluable reference providing a list of words and their equivalents in both Maori and English. The dictionary has been revised and updated several times since its inaugural print run in 1948.

Reed, AW; Timoti, Karetu & Brougham, A E The Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs

Raupo 2012 9780143567912 Pb $24.99 Proverbs (whakatauki) express the wisdom, wit and common sense of the Maori people. Several hundred proverbs categoriesed under many headings, with translations and explanations in English.

Reed, AW; Timoti, Karetu & Calman, Ross The Raupo Concise Maori Dictionary

Raupo 2012 9780143567929 Pb $24.99 An invaluable reference providing a list of words and their equivalents in both Maori and English. The dictionary has been revised and updated several times since its inaugural print run in 1948.

Ryan, PM

The Raupo Pocket Dictionary of Modern Maori

Raupo 2009 9780143011927 Pb $31 Maori-English and English-Maori. More than 50,000 entries including a vocabulary list of words for new inventions, metric items and modern concepts plus scientific, computer, technological, medical and legal terms. Pronunciation guide and short section on Maori grammar and more.

Sinclair, Margaret & Calman, Ross The Maori Picture Dictionary

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143503323 Pb $26 More than 1300 words, illustrated, and with explanatory sentences in Maori and English for the more confusing words.

Tauroa, Patricia

Collins Maori Phrase Book & Dictionary

HarperCollins (1990), 2006 9781869505738 Pb $27.99 A useful book of common phrases, a bridge between a dictionary and a complete Maori course. Updated to include modern terms and useage and a comprehensive range of simple phrases for use in a variety of social and formal occasions.

The Maori Language Commission, He Pataka Kupu: Te kai a te rangatira

Raupo 2009 9780143010470 Pb $52 A Maori-only language resource containing almost 24,000 entries. Each entry gives a category, parts of speech, definitions, examples of the word used in context and an etymology of the word.

Williams, H W

Dictionary of the Maori Language

Legislation Direct (2004) 2007 1869560450 Pb $35 A comprehensive Maori dictionary. (Maori to English only).

MAORI BOOKS: General Topics | History | Maori Language | Music | Myths & Legends

Maori General Topics Curnow, Jenifer; Hopa, Ngapare & McRae, Jane (Eds)

He Pitopito Korero no te Perehi Maori: Readings from the Maori-language Press

AUP 2006 9781869403591 Pb $45 A reader drawn from 19th century Maori newspapers; Maori and English texts run alongside one another in six sections. Great resource for students of Maori language and culture. Senior.

Leather, Kay & Hall, Richard

Work of the Gods. Tatai Arorangi: Maori Astronomy

Viking Sevenseas 2004 9780854671052 Square back $19.99 A comprehensive analysis of the astronomical knowledge of the Maori and the ways it was used.

Riley, Murdoch

Maori Healing and Herbal: New Zealand Ethnobotanical Sourcebook

Viking Sevenseas 1994 9780854670956 Hb $104.99 Photographs Brian Enting In two sections - the first surveys Maori health and healing from pre-European times to the present. The second is a herbal of about 200 plants, all with colour photographs and medicinal information.

Maori Place Names Explained

Viking Sevenseas 2008 9780854671274 Pb $10.50 Viking Sevenseas 2008 9780854671281 Square back $10.50 How places got their Maori names - from explorers, war episodes and ordinary events.

Maori History

Bonnevie, John

Glimpses of the Moriori World

Viking Sevenseas 2004 9780854671137 Pb $10.50 Viking Sevenseas 2004 9780854671144 Square back $10.50 The story of the Chatham Islands, uninhabited for many years, then settled by the Moriori.

Mills, Harry

Digging Up the Past: The First NZers

Macmillan 1990 9780333301326 Pb $19.99 A look at Polynesian migration and pre-European Maori culture.

Scott, Dick

Ask That Mountain: The Story of Parihaka

Raupo (1975), 2008 9780143010869 Pb $45 Drawing on official papers, settler manuscripts and oral history to give the first complete account of what took place at Parihaka.

Te Ara Online Encyclopedia,

Maori Peoples of NZ Nga Iwi o Aotearoa

David Bateman 2006 9781869536220 Pb $49.99 400+ photographs and maps covering the discovery and settlement of Aotearoa NZ, as well as a brief history and examination of contemporary issues of the main iwi of the country. Senior.

Tu’akoi, Feana

Illus Elspeth Alix Batt Scholastic 2011 9781775430124 Pb $19.50 Translated by Katerina Mataira. Tyson doesn’t understand why Mum and Poppa want to go to the Anzac Dawn Parade. Why would you celebrate war? But then they tell him about the soldiers in his family and he sees another side of the story. Also available in English. 6-10.

Woodcock, Peter

Pb = Paperback

AUP (2000) 2010 9781869401863 Pb $39.99 A revised edition of this classic Maori language course in a redesigned easy-to-use format. Complementary audio tapes available from Kiwi Pacific Records, Wellington.

Viking Sevenseas VPS377CD CD $27.95 Popular Maori songs with 12-page instruction booklet.

Let’s Learn Maori

Cormack, Ian

Te Hikuwai: Launch Yourself into Te Reo Maori Cengage 2010 9780170185516 Pb & CD $37.99 A comprehensive self-tuition course for Maori language..

Cormack, Ian & Shirley Te Matapuna

25 Solid Gold Maori Songs

Pokarekare: The Maori Song Book

Viking Sevenseas 1975 9780854670147 Pb $10.50 Words (Maori and English) of more than 70 Maori songs.

Armstrong, Alan

Games and Dances of the Maori People

Viking Sevenseas 1986 9780854670888 Pb $25.99 Origins and practical instructions of Maori string and hand games, haka and action songs, poi dances, stick games and games with toys.

New House 1995 9781869462024 Book & Tape $100 The first in a five-level course being developed using a full range of modern approaches to language teaching. Each level consists of three basic resources – student textbook, student workbook and teacher’s guide. The first level (The Source) assumes that the student has little or no previous experience of Maori language.

Haere Mai Welcome!

New House 1996 9780170131674 Pb $59.95 New House 1996 9780170950398 Workbook $19.99 This second level (The Stream) assumes that the student is confident with the language and structures of the first level. It is built on a gradual step by step approach to learning the language.

Viking Sevenseas 2008 9780854671298 Pb $25.99 59 favourite traditional and contemporary Maori songs.

Te Pukaki

Huia Language Team

First Hundred Words in Maori

Illus Stephen Cartwright Huia Publishers 2007 9781869693046 Pb $20 Big, brightly coloured pictures engage young learners. Clear illustrations of each word, with the word in Maori underneath. There is also a guide to counting and pronunciation at the back of the book.

Jackson, Amanda

Maori First Sentence Books I Went Up and Down (Maori/English)

David Bateman 1998 9781869533281 Pb $14.99 Expanding on the popular series of photographic language books designed for early childhood and junior level at kohanga reo and primary school.

Maori First Word Books Nga Pukapuka Kupu Tuatahi Children of Tane (Maori/English)

David Bateman 2004 9781869533144 Pb $14.99

Children of Tangaroa (Maori/English)

Viking Sevenseas 1986 VPS475CD Pb & CD $27 20 music tracks and 30-page booklet on action songs, haka, poi dances, stick and hand games.

Freedman, Sam

Maori Music: A Complete Collection of Maori Favourites

McLean, Mervyn Maori Music

AUP 1996 9781869401443 Hb $65 Illustrated. Musical examples. An important record of ancient Maori musical tradition and knowledge, and an exploration of the impact of European music on that tradition. Senior.

McRae, Jane

Nga Moteatea: An Introduction He Kupu Arataki

AUP 2011 9781869404901 Pb $34.99 This book is a short, accessible introduction to Apirana Ngata’s classic collection of moteatea (sung laments) and to the power and meaning of traditional Maori song.

Melbourne, Hirini Te Wao Nui a Tane

Illus Te Maari Gardiner Huia Publishers 2007 9780908975990 Pb & CD $62.99 28 easy listening and sing-along waiata accompanied by traditional and contemporary instruments. Maori language with English translations.

Yates, Beatrice, Piatarhi Tui (Aunty Bea)

David Bateman 2004 9781869533182 Pb $14.99

Music Aunty Bea and Rodger Cunningham Illus Katherine Quin Merewether

David Bateman 2004 9781869532826 Pb $14.99

Aunty Bea Pub 2011 9780473195854 Pb & CD $24.50+p&p

Earth and the Sky 1 (Maori/English) Feelings (Maori/English)

David Bateman 2004 9781869533250 Pb $14.99

He Kararehe - Animals (Maori/English) David Bateman 2004 9781869533120 Pb $14.99 David Bateman 2004 9781869535384 Pb $14.99

Kaimoana - Seafood (Maori/English) David Bateman 2004 9781869532857 Pb $14.99

Nga Hua o te Whenua - Fruits of the Land (Maori/English) David Bateman 2004 9781869532840 Pb $14.99

Nga Kai Hauora - Healthy Food (Maori/English) David Bateman 2004 9781869533137 Pb $14.99

Te Tinana (Maori)

Macmillan 1988 9780333416259 Pb $19.99 The sequel to Digging up the Past. Looks at the changes experienced by the Maori in the 1769-1846 period as a result of contact with Europeans.

Hb = Hardback

Maori Music Author unknown,

Insect World (Maori/English)

Kei Wareware Tātou (Lest We Forget)

The Cultures Collide

Maori Language Biggs, Bruce


David Bateman 2004 9781869533229 Pb $14.99

Rewi, Poia

Whaikorero: The World of Maori Oratory

AUP 2010 9781869404635 Pb $45 Based on broad research and oral information from 30 of the leading exponents of whaikorero. Provides quality language for learners of Maori wishing to improve their whaikorero skills. Senior.

Bd = Board book

Eb = E-book

Waiata Mai

Waiata Mai Teachers Pack

Aunty Bea Pub 2011 9780473195854 Pb, CD & A3 book $58+p&p A bilingual children’s song book and DC including classic Maori songs such as A E I O U and Mā is white. Order from

Maori Myths & Legends Bacon, Ron Haumia and His Kumara

Illus Manu Smith Waiatarua 2005 9781869631598 Pb $12.99 A story from Manukau. In this story we learn that if you’re very clever and cunning, you can sometimes play a trick on a taniwha! 4+.

Hine-moana and Kiwa

Illus Manu Smith Waiatarua 2005 9781869631567 Pb $12.99 A legend of the sea. The long coastline of Aotearoa is forever being attacked by Hine-moana the Sea Woman. But Papa the land has friends who keep her safe. 4+.

Bishop, Gavin

Counting the Stars. Four Maori Myths

Random House 2012 9781775530176 Pb $19.99 Random House 2009 9781869790721 Hb $34.99 Sequel to Taming the Sun and Riding the Waves. Includes ‘Mother Earth and Father Sky’, ‘The Battle of the Birds’, ‘Kae and the Whale’ and ‘Hinemoa and Tutanekai’. The stories are told in an easy-to-read text that sometimes has quite a poetic flow, and a different colour palette is used for each one. Illustrations are full of texture and drama, created with a mix of printmaking and coloured inks. 6+.

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MAORI BOOKS: Myths & Legends | Natural History | Treaty of Waitangi


Scholastic (1993) 2004 9781869437244 Pb $19.50 Hinepau looks different from the rest of her village and is banished as a witch. When her people are punished by Tane Mahuta for neglecting traditional customs it is Hinepau’s wisdom that brings forgiveness to them. 5-7.

Taming the Sun: Four Maori Myths

Random House (2004), 2008 9781869790349 Pb $19.99 Two Maui legends and two lesser-known myths.

Campbell, Alistair Maori Legends

Viking Sevenseas 1978 9780854670178 Pb $10.50 Twelve traditional legends in a small booklet.

Gossage, Peter

Meadows, Graham

Maori Legends of the Land: Maori Tales and Traditions

Translator Katerina Te Heikōkō Mataira

Bush Press 2002 9780908608645 Pb $17.99 A collection of traditions and stories about New Zealand landmarks. Supports studies of local place names and local history. 5-12.

Kahukiwa, Robyn Paikea

Picture Puffin 1994 9780140509120 Pb $19.99 Paikea, ancestor of the eastern and southern Maori tribes, fled from his jealous brother in Hawaiki and travelled on the back of a whale to Aotearoa.

Pohatu, Warren

Puffin 2012 9780143505631 Pb $19.99 Tongariro is forced to battle three strong mountains, Taranaki, Tauhara and PutaPutauki, to keep his wife Pihanga, safe from them. The story of how he successfully banishes them to the positions where they stand today. 7+

Fish of Maui

Puffin 2011 9780143505174 Pb $19.99 Maui’s jealous brothers don’t want him to come fishing with them. Maui is cleverer than they are and not only tricks them, but catches the best fish of all. 7+

How Maui Defied the Goddess of Death

Puffin 2012 9780143505624 Pb $19.99 Puffin (1984) 2010 9780143504634 Pb $19.99 When one of Maui’s uncles dies, Maui sets out to defeat the goddess of death, but death has a few surprises in store for him. 7+

How Maui Found His Father and the Magic Jawbone

Puffin (1980), 2011 9780143505198 Pb $19.99 Maui wants to know who father is, and where does his mother go during the day. One day her follows her and finds himself in the underworld.

How Maui Found his Mother

Puffin (1975), 2011 9780143505204 Pb $19.99 After he is found washed up on the beach as a baby, Maui is brought up by his uncle, but always wonders where his mother is so goes on a quest to find her.

How Maui Found the Secret of Fire

Puffin (1984), 2009 9780143503798 Pb $19.99 Puffin 2012 9780143505648 Pb $19.99 Maui the trickster wants to know what will happen if he puts out all the fires in the pa, but must then go to the volcano to visit Mahuika, the goddess of fire.

How Maui Slowed the Sun

Puffin (1982), 2011 9780143505181 Pb $19.99 The days are too short and the nights too long so Maui comes up with a plan to slow down the sun, with the help of his brothers. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a much-loved book 2013.

In the Beginning

Scholastic 2001 9781869437626 Pb $19.50 At the start of time there were Rangi the sky and Papa the earth. The story of how light came to Aotearoa. Also in te reo Maori. 3-6.

Pania of the Reef

Puffin (2003), 2012 9780143505655 Pb $19.99 Pania left her Sea People to be with her love, Karitoki, on shore. His desire for her to stay with him instead of returning to the sea each day drove her away and she became to reef off Napier Breakwater where you can hear her sadly crying across the sea. 7+.

Rona and the Moon

Puffin 2012 9780143505655 Pb $19.99 Rona is charged with making food for her family when they return from fishing. As night falls she uses the moon to light her way, but when a cloud covers the moon she becomes angry.

The Fish of Maui

Puffin (1981), 2011 9780143505174 Pb $19.99 Maui’s jealous brothers don’t want him to come fishing with them, but Maui is cleverer than them and catches the best fish of all.

The Giant of Lake Wakatipu

Puffin 2012 Pb 9780143505600 Pb $19.99 When Manata is kidnapped by a giant her lover Matakauri goes to rescue her and kill the giant by building a fire around him.

Hb = Hardback

Horekau i Rite te Kararehe ki a Tatou - Poaka (Animals Are Not Like Us - Pigs)* Scholastic 2002 9781869435776 Pb $17.50

Horekau i Rite te Kararehe ki a Tatou - Tori (Animals Are Not Like Us - Cats)

Scholastic 2002 9781869435769 Pb $17.50 A series of photographic books showing the ways in which animals hear, communicate and behave. Children will find out that in some ways animals are like us. 3-7.

Riley, Murdoch

Manu Maori: Bird Legends and Customs

Traditional Maori Legends Nga Tai Korero

Battle of the Mountains

Copyright © 2013 Silvertone

Graham, Pita

Picture Puffin 2008 9780143503330 Pb $19.99 Nga Tai Korero’ means ‘the currents of speech’ - referring to the tradition of oral storytelling. A retelling of 14 Maori stories and myths including ‘Maui and the Fish’, ‘Paikea and the Whale’, ‘Tutanekai and Hinemoa’, ‘Ngatoroirangi’, ‘Rona and the Moon’, and ‘Maui and the Sun’, all accompanied by vivid double-page illustrations.

Reed, A W

Maori Tales of Long Ago

Illus A S Paterson New Holland 2010 9781869662608 Hb $30.99 Combines two collections from 1940s - Wonder Tales of Maoriland and Tales of Long Ago. Popo - the storyteller of the village, tells ancient stories to two children, Hine and Rata. Simply told and complemented with many illustrations - 70+ elegant line drawings and 8 watercolours. Although written long ago the tales are timeless. 7+.

Reed, AW

Maori Myth and Legends

Illus Roger Hart Forward by Don Stafford Raupo (1984), 2011 9780143565475 Pb $25 First published as 2 volumes in 1972 & ‘77, combined in ‘84. Includes the most widely recognised myth and supernatural stories from the Maori world, including the Creation cycle, legends of Maui, the moon, pounamu and more.

Rikihana Hyland, Queenie

CD of bird songs by Hirini Melbourne Viking Sevenseas 2006 9780854671243 Hb & CD $34.90 Bird legends and customs.

Tu’akoi, Feana

Translator Katerina Te Heikōkō Mataira.

He aha te Manu? (What is a Bird?) Scholastic 2007 9781869438616 Pb $18.50

He aha te Ika? (What is a Fish?) Scholastic 2007 9781860438623 Pb $18.50

He aha te Kirihātua (What is an Amphibian?) Scholastic 2007 9781869438647 Pb $18.50

He Aha te Ngarara? (What is a Reptile?) Scholastic 2007 9781869438067 Pb $18.50

He Aha te Ngoteu? (What is a Mammal?)

Scholastic 2007 9781869438043 Pb $18.50 Find out exactly what makes a bird/reptile/mammal a bird/reptile/mammal, using comparisons with other creatures. Interesting facts and vivid colour photographs. 5+.

Treaty of Waitangi Naumann, Ruth Our Treaty

New House 2008 9780170950480 Pb $26.99 A study of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Te Mana O Te Tiriti – The Living Treaty

Illustrated Maori Myths and Legends

Illus Patrick Puru Picture Puffin (2003), 2010 9780143504511 Pb $31 A collection of favourite Maori myths and legends. From the creation and the mischief-making of Maui, to the love stories of Hinemoa and Tutanekai. Previously published as ‘Paki Waitara’

Te Ake Ake, Annie Rae

Myths and Legends of Aotearoa

Scholastic 9781869433888 Hb $31 15 Maori legends from throughout Aotearoa, illustrated by secondary school art students. 8+ and read aloud.

Wairama, Moira

Nga Taniwha i te Whanga-nui-a-tara (The Taniwha of Wellington Harbour)

New House 1991 9780170950473 Pb $26.50 Looks at the main ideas that led up to and beyond the Treaty of Waitangi. Intermediate/secondary level.

O’Malley, Vincent; Stirling, Bruce; Penetito, Wally

The Treaty of Waitangi Companion: Maori and Pakeha from Tasman to Today

AUP 2010 9781869404673 Pb $49.99 A comprehensive reader of key documents and notable quotations on the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori-Pakeha relations in NZ since 1840. For students from high school to postgraduate readers who want to get to the heart of NZ history. Senior.

Orams, LeAnne

Illus Roger Twiname

Illus Bruce Potter Puffin 2011 9780143504825 Pb $19.99 Translation by Mokena Reedy & Hannah Rainforth The Ngai Tara legend about the taniwhas - Ngake and Whataitai who lived in the lake that was Wellington’s harbour until Ngake broke through the banks and joined it to the sea. Gouache illustrations. 4+. Also available in English.

The Treaty House

Legend of the Seven Whales

Bridget Williams (1995) 2004 9781877242168 Pb $39.99 An exploration of the Treaty from before the signing to the present day. Photographs, maps, drawings and paintings bring the story to life, and lists of Treaty signatories provide essential detail.

Whaanga, Mere

Scholastic (1990), 2005 9781869430214 Pb $19.50 Beautifully told and illustrated Maori legend of how the islands east of Wairoa came to be. Bilingual. 8+.

Maori Natural History

Orange, Claudia

An Illustrated History of the Treaty of Waitangi

The Story of a Treaty

Bridget Williams Books (1994) 2013 9781927131442 Pb $29.99 Simply expressed, with illustrations. A good starting point for understanding the Treaty.

Crouth, Julia

Kia Heke te Po (After Dark: NZ Creatures of the Night)

Raupo 2007 9781869780104 Pb $17.99 Learn about the treaty with Olley who is visiting The Treaty House at Waitangi and gets a big surprise when the house starts to talk to him, answering his questions about what happened when the treaty was signed. Observe what happened as you look through the window panes and meet many of the people involved. 6+.

Scholastic 2004 9781869437404 Pb $19.50 An introduction to New Zealand’s wildlife of the night, starting with the kiwi. Each page describes the creature found on the next page, encouraging the readers to predict what the creature might be. 4-8. Also available in English. Pb = Paperback

Bd = Board book

Eb = Electronic book

PACIFIC ISLAND BOOKS: Concept | Picture | Arts & Crafts | Dictionaries | General Topics | Myths & Legends | 65


Concept Books Ikenasio-Thorpe, Bettina Illus Sam Ikenasio

Alphabet with English translation Alafapeti - Tongan Alphabet 1877403016 Matua Vosa - Fijian Alphabet 1877403040 Pi Faitau - Samoan Alphabet 1877403208 Pi Faitau - Tokelau Alphabet 1877403075 Tau Matatohi Faka-Niue - Niue Alphabet


Ko E Kamataaga... (In the Beginning) Translators Granby Siakimotu & Pita Tanaki EthnicWord 2005 1877403210 Hb $19.95 A Bible story in Niue and English.

Charts & Friezes Ikenasio-Thorpe, Bettina Illus Sam Ikenasio

Mahina, Hikule’o Fe’aomoeako Melaia Alphabet with English translation: Alafapeti - Tongan alphabet 1877403342 & ‘Alatini, Mele Ha’amoa Mahina Illus Semisi Fetokai Potauaine & Kolokesa Uafa Mahina-Tuai Tongan translation by Hufanga Dr ‘Okusitino Mahina & Dr Tevita O Ka’ili

Fono ‘Iloa ko Sangone (Sangone the Legendary Turtle)

KULA-’ULI Pub 2009 9780986453106 Pb $29.99

Matua Vosa - Fijian alphabet 1877403369 Pi Faitau - Samoan alphabet 1877403334 Pi Faitau - Tokelau alphabet 1877403385 Tau Matatohi Faka-Niue - Niue alphabet 1877403377 Te Au Reta i Roto i Te Reo Kiki Airani Maori - Cook Islands Maori alphabet 1877403350

Te Au Reta i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani Maori A Tongan tragedy concerning the relationship with Tonga and EthnicWord 2009 $19.95 Wallchart - Cook Islands Maori Alphabet 187740313X Samoa in the years when Tonga ruled the islands. One page in Basic concept bilingual pictorial wallchart EthnicWord Pb $16.95 Tongan and facing page in English. Illustrated in simple shapes and Colours with English translation: Basic bilingual concept pictorial books. colours, and with a useful glossary of Tongan words. 20 pages. Lanu - Colours in Samoan 1877403474 Colours with English translation Kalia Lahi Fakatoukatea ko e Lomipeau Lanu - Colours in Tokelau 1877403520 Lanu - Colours in SamoanE 1877403008 Lomipeau (The Giant Double Hulled Canoe Na Veiroka - Colours in Fijian 1877403504 KULA-’ULI Publishing 2009 9780986453120 Pb $29.99 Lanu - Colours in Tokelau 1877403091 Ngaahi Lanu Colours in Tongan 1877403482 A Tongan comic legend about the status and greatness of tonga in Na Veiroka - Colours in Fijian 1877403067 the days when it ruled the neighbouring islands. Illustrated with Tau Lanu Kehekehe - Colours in Niue 1877403512 Ngaahi Lanu - Colours in Tongan 1877403032 stylised artwork, one page in Tongan and the facing page in English, Te Au Kara i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani Maori Tau Lanu Kehekehe - Colours in Niue 1877403121 with a small glossary of Tongan words in the back. 20 pages - Colours in Cook Islands Maori 1877403390 Te Au Kara i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani Maori Ko e Tupu’anga ‘o e ‘Akau ko e Kava mo e To EthnicWord 2008 $19.95 Wallchart - Colours in Cook Islands Maori 1877403156 (The Origin of the Kava & Sugarcane Plants Basic concept bilingual pictorial wallchart of colours. EthnicWord Pb $14.95 KULA-’ULI Publishing 2009 9780986453113 Pb $29.99 Counting with English translation Basic bilingual concept pictorial book of colours. A traditional Tongan tale of the origins of the kava and sugar cane Counting with English translation plants. One page in Tongan and facing page in English. Illustrated in Faitauga Numela - Counting in Tokelau Faitauga Numela - Counting Numbers in the traditional Tongan style with triangle and diamond shapes and 1877403458 Faitauga Numera - Counting in Samoan Tokelau 1877403083 restricted colour palette. A useful glossary is included. 20 pages. Müller, Karamia (text & pattern design) 1877403407 Faitauga Numera - Counting Numbers in Lau ‘a e Taha ki he Hongofulu - Counting in Samoan 476013216 How Do You Say ‘Thank You’? Illus Mark Paterson (character illustration Tongan 1877403415 Lau ‘a e Taha ki he Hongofulu - Counting Na Wiliwili - Counting in Fijian 1877403431 numbers in Tongan 1877403024 Type design Joseph Churchward Beatnik 2012 9780473212896 Hb $24.99 Tare Numero i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani Maori Na Wiliwili - Counting Numbers in Fijian Alofa and Filipo want to learn how to say ‘thank you’ for different 1877403423 1877403059 things in the Samoan language - for teaching them to count, for - Counting in Cook Islands Maori Tare Numero i Roto i Te Reo Kuki Airani running them a bath, for making their lunch... There’s also a use- Totou Numela - Counting in Nuie 187740344X Maori - Counting Numbers in Cook ful glossary at the back. The illustrations are bright and fun, with EthnicWord 2007 $19.95 Wallchart Islands Maori 1877403148 beautifully crafted Polynesian-influenced patterns on the endpa- Basic concept bilingual pictorial wallchart of counting numbers 1-10. Totou Numela - Counting Numbers in Niue pers and as backgrounds. First in The Navigator series introducing Pacific Is Dictionaries the Samoan language and values in bilingual format. 4-10. 1877403113 Storylines Notable Book 2013. Penguin EthnicWord 2005 Pb $14.95 Samoan Picture Dictionary Basic bilingual concept pictorial book of counting numbers 1-10

Picture Puffin (2006), 2010 9780143504733 Pb $31 Over 1000 commonly used words. Words needing further explanation are given in English and Samoan sentences to aid comprehension. Wordlists include parts of the body, time, colours, numbers, days of the week, months of the year and simple Samoan greetings. Originally published as Reed Samoan Picture Dictionary.

Pacific Is Picture Books

Ikenasio-Thorpe, Bettina Illus Sam Ikenasio

E Nai Vakatekivu... (In the Beginning) Translator Wini Duituturaga EthnicWord 2005 1877403180 Hb $19.95 A Bible story in Fijian and English.

I He Kamata’anga... (In the Beginning) Translator Edgar Tu’inukuafe EthnicWord 2005 1877403172 Hb $19.95 Bible story in Tongan and English.

I Le ‘Amataga... (In the Beginning)

Translators Tofaeono Tanuvasa Tavale & Letoa Ikenasio EthnicWord 2005 1877403164 Hb $19.95 A Bible story in Samoan and English.

Pacific Is Arts & Crafts Pendergrast, Mick & Neich, Roger Tapa of the Pacific

David Bateman 2001 9781869534646 Pb $14.99 One of an informative series based on collections held by the Auckland Museum.

Surviving a Tsunami: Dealing with Disaster

Read Pacific 2011 9780473196295 Pb $32.50 Learn about earthquakes and tsunamis. Combining scientific information with survivor stories, illustrations, photographs and classroom activities. All ages.

Pacific Is Myths & Legends Hopkins, Shona

I Muatangana Ra... (In the Beginning)

Illus Bruce Potter

Translator Rama Isaia EthnicWord 2005 1877403199 Hb $19.95 A Bible story in Cook Islands Maori and English.

* Indicates the author or illustrator is not a

Translator Ioane Iosua EthnicWord 2005 1877403202 Hb $19.95 A Bible story in Tokelauan and English.

† Indicates the author or illustrator is a New

I Te Kamataga... (In the Beginning)

Pacific Is General Topics Faasisila, Jackie; Jowitt, Angela & Dudley, Walter

New Zealander, but has worked on the book with someone who is.

Legends of the Cook Islands

Puffin 2010 9780143504078 Pb $21 Eight dramatic legends of the Cook Islands, the colours of the Pacific captured in the gouache illustrations. Although a slim volume, it’s packed with text and quite sophisticated stories. 7+.

Zealander who is living overseas.

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Arts & Crafts

Art News NZ

$11.50 each, $42 1 year (4 issues), $80 2 year (8 issues) Reviews, artist profiles, features about NZ’s art scene including visual arts, theatre, literature. Articles and listings from all over New Zealand including events and art awards and practical information relevant to the collection, care and presentation of art. Senior. Art News, Freepost 4505, PO Box 137 300, Parnell, Auckland

Kidz Mag

General Topics

Gemfish Publications ISSN 11765976 $7.90 A magazine especially for Kiwi kids packed with puzzles, games, articles about sport, animals, science, fashion, craft activities, stories and competitions. Contributions from children also included. 6-12. 1year/6 issues $45. Order from

Upstart Magazine

Syrup Publishing $6 each Subscription $30 for 6 editions New Zealand children’s magazine with lots of varied content including writing and illustrations by children, information about books, movies, sport, games, social issues and more. 7-13 years. Upstart Magazine PO Box 28 088, Havelock North, Hastings 4157 Email Web

Prime Times

A comprehensive website featuring all aspects of NZ literature including author profiles, book group notes and information about events and awards. Also now with a dedicated education section, with children’s book reviews and news and resources for teachers.

Peppercorn Press, New Zealand Books

ISSN 11709103 $44 Subscription Produced four times a year and includes reviews, debate, essays and comment on New Zealand books.

School for Young Writers, Write On

ISSN 17756055 $12 per year (1 copy per issue $49 per year (12 copies per issue) $69 per year (30 copies per issue) Contributing schools: $69 per year (12 copies per issue_ $99 per year (30 copies per issue) Write On comes out twice a year, full of poems and stories by young writers aged 8–18. It’s a great read, a superb resource for teachers and a welcome addition to any school, community or family library. School for Young Writers, PO Box 21 120, Christchurch. Phone 03 355 3588 Email Web

Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust of New Zealand, Membership Storylines Foundation

$4 each $20 subscription $40 individual; $50 group; $60 overseas Information about videos, books, computer games, adventure, fun Membership of Storylines Foundation entitles you to the e-newsand things to do. Up to intermediate level. letter, a themed booklist four times a year, The Inside Story year book annually plus online access to the members only area. iterature What’s the Story? ISSN 11750189 Magpies The monthly e-newsletter from Storylines Children’s Literature $53 annual subscription Charitable Trust. Contact Storylines, PO Box 96 094, Balmoral, Australian review magazine of children’s books with articles on Auckland 1342 or see aspects of children’s literature, profiles of authors and illustrators and news of interest. An 8-page NZ supplement contains reviews, aori articles and author profiles. Published 5 times a year, first issue in Mana March then bi-monthly. $42 per year subscription Back issues $6 each. 6 issues per year. Magpies NZ PO Box 75, Paparoa 0543. Phone 021 266 5700. Maori news magazine for all New Zealanders, suitable for Year 8 Around the Bookshops and above. Complementary website including Mana index and For many years Barbara Murison published Around the Bookshops, subscription form. packed with reviews of the latest in children’s books, interviews Te Puni Kokiri and articles. This publication is no longer being produced but 6 issues per year. Available free online and in hardcopy Barbara is now reviewing children’s books on her blog Articles about Maori achievement in all areas. The September issue is entirely in Te Reo while other issues are at least 15% Te Reo content. New Zealand Book Council





usic ISSN 11768851 Pb $Free to NZBC subscribers A journal distributed free to Book Council members, or by down- NZ Musician load from the website Includes reviews $30 per year (6 issues) subscription of books, essays and comment on writing in New Zealand. Information for and about New Zealand musicians. Website with news archive Creative Coaching - Writers in Schools Residencies Programme

Funding applied for jointly with participant school Imagine how your young creative writers might benefit from intensive mentoring from one of New Zealand’s top writers. Developed in response to a 2008 survey of English teachers. The development and pilot period was funded by the Ministry of Education from Term 3 2010 to Term 2 2011.

New Zealand Book Council Membership

Natural History

Animals Voice

Auckland SPCA Subscribe 4 issues $29 per year $24 schools rate The official journal of the Auckland Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

Kiwi Conservation Club

$24 Junior membership Individual $29 Schools $82 Libraries $100 Patron $300/500 $74 Junior group membership (set of 30 kCC mags per issue) $100 School membership Speed Date an Author For younger students. Jokes, experiments and competitions. $20 per student A fast-moving workshop. This exciting event involves six profession- Helpful for school projects about New Zealand wildlife and wild al writers giving writing tips to 50 students in 20min sessions. Gifted places. 5 issues per year. writers learn valuable skills in this 3-hour field trip. New Zealand Geographic $74 per year (6 issues) subscription The School Library Looking at our natural world. Suitable for intermediate and up. E-newsletter Part of subscription An e-publication with reviews of books published for young read- Website includes online subscriptions, index and extracts from ers in New Zealand, biographical snippets from Writers in Schools featured articles. writers, and articles relevant to teachers. Emailed to Book Council school members, or by request to other members. acific ulture

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$30 online, $56 print subscription for 1 year A funded programme for member schools that takes NZ writers and il- Broad-ranging magazine for Pacific Island and Maori readers fealustrators into NZ classrooms to run workshops and give readings/talks. turing food, artists and entertainment, homes, travel, sport and sports personalities and columns from around the world. Year 8 See and up. 6 issues per year. Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


Double Helix Science Club

Membership included with sub to the following magazines:


CSIRO (Aust) Subscription - AU$93 or $114 with The Helix Science magazine for students 7+.

The Helix

Subscription - AU$63 or $114 with Scientriffic Science magazine for students 10+. Published by CSIRO (Aust) with New Zealand input..

Sport & Leisure

SKY Sport the magazine

1 year/12 issues $70 Gallagher, Grant (Ed) Complements major sporting events with articles and in-depth interviews with the sports people involved. 12 issues per year.


$5 each, $50 12 issues per year Diet, adventure, sport and health. Suitable for senior female students. Top stories from current issue full-text online. Articles also available on the website.,

DANZ Quarterly

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand Membership from $30 see website for graduated categories Magazine of Dance Aotearoa New Zealand, distributed to members or available in stores, showcases Kiwi dance achievement nationally and internationally. Includes performance reviews from Kapa Haka to Salsa, upcoming events, choreography and teaching resources. 4 issues per year.

Dirtrider Downunder

$52/6 months/6 issues $99/12 months/12 issues Motorbike magazine with lots of boy appeal.

Kiwi Rider Motorcycle Magazine

$89/12 issues/1 year subscription A popular topic with secondary students. Includes New Zealand and overseas information. 12 issues per year.

More Pork $9 each $54/year/6 issues Popular NZ pig hunting magazine for primary and secondary students. Illustrated articles contributed by hunters of all ages.

NZ Mountain Biker

$25/3 issues/6 months $49/6 issues/12 months Includes ‘where to ride’ guides, new products, maintenance tips, event coverage, interviews, trail stories and forthcoming events.

NZ Skateboarder

$12 annual People, events, tricks and tips from the skateboarding community. ,


$35 print/$12 digital/5 issues/1 year print subscription Mountain biking magazine features the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa. Suitable for intermediate and secondary schools.

Wilderness NZ

$81.60 print/$55 digital/$99 print & digital bundle/1 year/12 issues Great New Zealand outdoors content promoting places to visit, outdoor activities, outdoor activities and environmental conservation.


Netguide (NZ edition)

$59 digital/1 year/12 issues Plain language magazine catering for new and experienced users of the internet.

NZ PC World

$9.20 each..$80/1 year/13 issues Editorial, insight and buying advice for personal computing, cell phones, game consoles, digital entertainment and broadband.

RESOURCES: Atlases & Maps | Culture | Dictionaries | Drama | English/Reading


Atlases & Maps

Kirkpatrick, Russell

Bateman Contemporary Atlas New Zealand : The Shapes of Our Nation

David Bateman 2005 9781869535971 Hb $49.99 Map-based examination of current issues in NZ geography including population studies, transport, recreation, industry and more.


Macmillan New Zealand World Atlas Macmillan 1996 9780908923410 Pb $30.99

Macmillan NZ World Atlas Compact Ed

Macmillan 1997 9780908923779 Pb $20.50 Produced in association with Department of Survey and Land Information. Generous New Zealand/Pacific section


Fepulea’i, Heather Spiral Dictionary

Butterflies B115 $9.50 A freestanding spiral-bound word resource with plastic-coated card pages. 15 x 24cm. 400 high-frequency words in alphabetical order

Reed, AW & Dowling, Peter

Place Names of New Zealand: Origins and Meanings for Over 10,000 names

Raupo 2010 9780143204107 Pb $52 Find out the origins and meanings behind more than 10,000 places in New Zealand.

Weir, Jim

Quotable New Zealand Quotes: Kiwi Wit & Wisdom for All Occasions

New Holland 2012 9781869663858 Pb $27.99 Quotations from a wide range of NZers from politicians to poets. Organised alphabetically by name, with an index to help if you’re looking for a particular topic. A good up-to-date resource with many gems.

Bishop, Russell & Berryman, Mere

Culture Speaks: Culture Relationships and Classroom Learning

Huia Publishers 2007 9781869692797 Pb $45 What is it like to be a young indigenous minority person in a NZ secondary school classroom? Presents and discusses narratives drawn from Maori secondary students, their families, principals and teachers. Proposes strategies for teachers to increase their effectiveness in the teaching and learning of students from indigenous minorities.


Also see Maori & Pacific Is sections

Bardsley, Dianne

The NZ Oxford Primary School Dictionary

Oxford University Press 2009 9780195585032 Pb $35.95 4th edition fully revised with many new features, a great reference resource for upper primary school students. Containing over 30,000 words, It includes new entries and comprehensive appendices.

The New Zealand School Thesaurus

Oxford University Press 2005 9780195584943 Pb $25.99 Specifically designed for NZ school students in upper primary and secondary school. Compact and easy to use with 150,000 words, including antonyms and cross references.

Barratt, Alexandra, Rosalyn (Ed)

The NZ Oxford Schoolmate Dictionary

Oxford University Press 2000 9780195582383 Pb $37 Based on the NZ Oxford School Dictionary, this book is designed to fit into a school ringbinder. A handy dictionary with over 20,000 headwords, borrowings from te reo Maori and a pronounciation guide.

Bardsley, Dianne (Ed)

The NZ Oxford Junior Dictionary 4th Ed

Oxford University Press 2011 9780195585056 Hb $25.99 Over 4000 colour headwords with black and white illustrations, parts of speech, plurals and derivatives written out in full to help with grammar. 7-10.

Cryer, Max

Batt, Tanya


Dance Upon A Time: Movement Stories for the Feet and Tongue

Illus Juliet Hawkins Imagined Worlds Book $30 Imagined Worlds Audio CD $35 Imagined Worlds Book & CD $60 See dance as primarily about using the body as a means of exploration and expression and may include slumping, slithering, rolling, bounding and jumping. Learn to assist children to interpret the thoughts and emotions expressed in language with their bodies. Challenge and engage children’s creativity within the secure environs of stories, some familiar, some new.

Imagined Worlds: A Journey Through the Expressive Arts in Early Childhood

Illus Lea-Anne Sheather Imagined Worlds Book $30 Imagined Worlds Book & CD $50 Learn to introduce young children to the joys of creative drama using a variety of resources - song, dance, mime, storytelling, visual arts. Tanya works with children from pre-school to 8 years old to lead them through dramas to expand their experience, help them discover consequences of their actions, teach stories of many cultures and have lots of fun.

The Story Sack

Illus Ingrid Berzins & Juliet Hawkins Musician: Craig Denham Imagined Worlds CD $25 Imagined Worlds Book $30 A book primarily aimed at adults who want to share stories with young children. Ideas, tales, props, histories and theories based on the author’s experience as a performance storyteller and early childhood arts educator. 3+.


The Godzone Dictionary of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases

Brown, Sue

The Godzone Dictionary of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases

Learning Media 478273800 Pb $51.99 Written for both new and experienced teachers who want to support students to become proficient, motivated, and critical readers. A research-based framework for using shared reading, supported by practical guidance and real classroom examples.

Exisle 2011 9780908988747 Pb $29.99 An A-Z of distinctly New Zealand words and phrases, including slang and Maori words. Exisle 2011 9781458779526 Pb $34.99 Large print 16pt. An A-Z of distinctly New Zealand words and phrases, including slang and Maori words.

Deverson, Tony

The NZ Pocket Oxford Dictionary 4th Ed

Oxford University Press 2005 9780195585209 Hb $55 An extensive and versatile dictionary providing an authoritative coverage of NZ and international English. It contains over 60,000 dictionary headwords, more than 3000 NZ English words and meanings, several hundred borrowings from te reo Maori, and appendices.

Deverson, Tony & Kennedy, Graeme The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary

Oxford University Press 2004 9780195584516 Hb $103.50 A comprehensive single volume. 100,000 headwords, thousands of encyclopedic entries; up-to-date information on NZ and international facts and figures.

Shared Reading for Grades 3 and Beyond: Working It Out Together

Butler, Dorothy

Telling Tales: The 1992 Margaret Mahy Award Lecture

New Zealand Children’s Book Foundation 473018950 Pb $2 Available from Storylines Charitable Trust

Butler, Dorothy with Clay, Marie

Reading Begins at Home: Preparing Children for Reading Before They Go to School

Illus Brenda Marshall Pearson Heinemann (1987) 2008 9781869706012 Pb $33.99 A straight-forward, easy-to-read guide to sharing books with children so they are ready to learn to read. Activities and books to share with your children and booklists to get you started. Revised.


Clay, Marie

Becoming Literate: The Construction of Inner Control Heinemann 1991 9780435085742 Pb $41.99 Pearson 1991 9780868632797 Pb $54.99 How skills learned in early reading and writing empower independent literacy learning.

Cryer, Max

Preposterous Proverbs: Why Fine Words Butter no Parnsips

Exisle 2011 9781921497452 Pb $29.99 Max Cryer has chosen a vast array of proverbs from around the world, with his characteristic wry wit analyses their meaning and truth.

Who Said That First?: The Curious Origins of Common Words and Phrases Exisle 2010 9780908988914 Pb $29.99 The origins of words and phrases that we use regularly.

Fepulea’i, Heather A3 Alphabet Card

Butterflies B102 $7

A3 Blends Card Butterflies B108 $7 A3 Dictionary Card Butterflies B106 $7 A4 Alphabet Cards (Pack of 6) Butterflies B101 $13.80

A4 Blends Cards (Pack of 6) Butterflies B107 $13.80

A4 Dictionary Cards (Pack of 6) Butterflies B105 $13.80

A5 Alphabet/Blends (Pack of 6) Butterflies B111 $14.80 Tent cards

A5 Dictionary (Pack of six) Butterflies B112 $14.80 Tent cards

Alphabet Games Cards Butterflies B113 $23

Key Word Cards

Butterflies B116 $25.50

Pointing the Way Photocopy masters

Butterflies 473087677 $23 Resources to develop alphabet knowledge and early dictionary skills. Products are plastic coated for durability.

Flynn, Jim

The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books

Awa Press 2010 9780958291699 Pb $33 Awa Press 2010 9781877551185 Eb $15 A university professor who is an expert on intelligence and IQ has compiled this list of the books he thinks every young person should read to give them an all-round education including the history of civilization and encompassing novels, histories, poetry and plays. A way to acquire a wealth of knowledge through the pleasure of reading. 14+.

Mahy, Margaret

Surprising Moments: The Inaugural Margaret Mahy Award Lecture

New Zealand Children’s Book Foundation 908652909 Pb $2 Margaret Mahy’s lecture from the inaugural Margaret Mahy Award. Available from Storylines Charitable Trust.

Murison, Barbara

Too Good to Miss: NZ Writers and Illustrators for Children and Young People Volume 1 2009 Volume 2 2011 Volume 3 2012

Marigold Enterprises Pb $11.50+gst + p&p Background information on New Zealand writers and illustrators Email to order Don’t forget to order your copy of New Zealand Children’s Books in Print for next year. Order individual copies or place a standing order to automatically receive annually. Order from Silvertone Ltd, PO Box 21 265, Henderson, Auckland 0650. Email Web Copyright © 2013 Silvertone


RESOURCES: English/Reading | Mathematics | Parenting & Relationships

Roxborogh, Tania & Thomas, Jenny English Basics

New House (1999), 2011 9780170189439 Pb $14.95

More English Basics

New House (2000), 2011 9780170189460 Pb $19.95 New edition with more help for English language, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust of New Zealand, The Inside Story: Year Book

The annual year book includes information about Storylines awards including the text of the Margaret Mahy Award and Betty Gilderdale Award winners’ presentations, a themed booklist and full information of national and international children’s book awards. Sent free to Storylines members or on sale at

Mathematics Fepulea’i, Heather

Understanding the Losses Children and Young People Face and How to Help

Skylight 2005 958232598 Pb $8.80 This very practical Skylight booklet offers key information for adults wanting to understand and support children teens they k