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Lorts dealers can offer consumers something no one else in town has: affordable “design it yourself” furniture that doesn’t take forever and a day to receive. Tell that story with an in-store event; once you get the customer to walk in your door, you have a much better chance of making a sale.


good thing we have an entire year to get the job done. Since our family business

always been on people: our employees,


our retail partners and our end users. We


rely on all of you, and in turn we want you


it yourself” furniture with the highest level of customer service has been a winning strategy for Lorts. But we could not have



Advertise your store event in the local paper to reach the masses, but be sure to send out invitations to your customer list. Is it appropriate to send an invitation by e-mail? Yes! If you are not collecting customers’ e-mail addresses, start today.



Consider having a co-sponsor for your event. By teaming up with a high-end clothes shop, day spa or similar local business, you will instantly be reaching new prospects at no cost at all. Send us your retailing ideas, we’ll use them in an upcoming issue. Thanks!

done this without you. So, thanks! One more thing: on Saturday, April 29, we are planning a wonderful evening in our newly expanded High Point showroom, IHFC H-1104. I am personally inviting one and all to join us as we toast the most important people we know: our customers and employees.

TY LORTS President

INFLUENCES APPAREL Formal fabrics are setting the trend in daytime attire. The look is sheer, light, opaque, layered. Likewise, Lorts’ fashion finishes achieve their beauty with multiple layers applied by hand.

HOUSEWARES Dull is done! Color is now king in the kitchen. Why not fry an egg in a bright yellow pan? Lorts has more than 30 finish colors, including yellow, purple and other fun colors we’ve developed in our finish shop.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Lorts Furniture 15836 West Eddie Albert Way Goodyear, AZ 85338 Tel: 623.936.1437 Fax: 623.936.8839

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know you can rely on Lorts, too. Creating the best quality, affordably priced “design



Build your event around your favorite interior designers. Invite them to speak on the latest trends, their current projects, their favorite ways to entertain. Help them with visuals; slides, photos to pass around, props and the like will dazzle all who attend…including the designers’ own clients. Leave time in the program to talk about unique Lorts furniture. Don’t let anyone leave without understanding what makes Lorts different.

There are a lot of you out there, so it’s a

began in the mid-1960s, the priority has


HOME TEXTILES Moroccan influences add spice to home décor in 2006. Strong exotic patterns work well with dark woods, aged metals, rough surfaces. Strong patterns work well with Lorts’ dark wood finishes.

ACCESSORIES Mirrored surfaces add light and sparkle to our busy lives. Trays, photo frames, lidded boxes are new ways to reflect all that is beautiful about you. Lorts’ highsheen finishes are available on all our furniture.


e t a r b e el hat fun it is to celebrate an impor-

tant occasion! This year at Lorts, we are celebrating all 365 days of


our 40th anniver-

sary year. Why not join in? We dedicate 2006 to every-


one who

has been part of Lorts’

success, and that means you! Saying

thank you to literally hundreds of people is a challenge we will relish. Our employees here in Goodyear, our sales reps and our retail partners comprise a team that has brought Lorts to this exciting time in our

history. In your honor, we are throwing a big party in our newly expanded High Point showroom, IHFC H-1104, during Spring Market. Please save the date: Saturday, April 29, for delicious food, drinks, live music and a few surprises.





MOVE UNDERWAY: Lorts is on the move! In January, we began moving our manufacturing and office staffs into our new 150,000 squarefoot building at 15836 West Eddie Albert Way, in Goodyear, AZ. Faster production and shipping times are benefits customers will enjoy.

NEW VICE PRESIDENT: Fred Faul was recently named Lorts’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Fred has been with the company for 13 years, spendin g t h e last sev er al y ear s as Vice President of Operations. Lorts President Ty Lorts named Paul Backer to serve as the new Vice President of Operations.

BIGGER SHOWROOM: It’s bigger! It’s better! And it’s in the same location: IHFC H-1104. Be sure to stop by Lorts’ newly expanded and remodeled showroom at High Point during Spring Market, April 27 through May 3, 2006. Wait until you see what our designers have done with our High Point home. We look forward to your visit.

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FROM THE trenches

VINTAGE FINISH Antique lovers will really appreciate our new Vintage finish. Crafted in the Lorts finish shop, this process begins with layers of paint that are allowed to dry and then randomly “peeled” with hand tools. The final result transmits a feeling of something old, very fine and deeply treasured. The nicks and scratches from everyday family living just blend right in!

responsive, highly creative and design-driven: everyone at Lorts

to know us by Lorts’ spring introductions include lots of upholstered seating—a growing category for our retailers. Beautiful new wood frames, including stools in several heights, are available C.O.M. or covered in one of the new fabrics in our expanded swatch books.

these attributes. From our great designers and fine furniture

THE NEW LUXURY CONSUMER According to the most recent Census data, nearly 6 million (or five percent of the total) U.S. households earn $150,000 or more. Unlike previous generations, these upperincome consumers are all over the board when it comes to lifestyle choices. Luxury cars share garage space with do-it-yourself stuff from Home Depot. Cashmere socks slip into loafers from Target. For today’s individualistic shopper, the only rule is there are no rules.

makers to our Well-educated, worldly and more sophisticated about home furnishings than their parents, today’s wealthiest consumers define luxury based on their own experience and perceptions.

amazing finish-

By selling a unique furniture line like Lorts in your store, you are sending a powerful message to the wealthiest consumers. That message: “You need not be satisfied with the ordinary.”

expert sales reps

Giving your customers a choice of finish color, distress level and more is just part of the story. At Lorts, we create furniture that remembers the tradition of fine furniture manufacturing, and respects the wide variety of home-owner needs and desires. Your customers no longer need be satisfied with mass-produced furniture when, for the same price, they can have a design that is theirs, and theirs alone.

SIZE MATTERS Have you noticed that the size of residential furniture is getting smaller again? After years of oversized “casual” styles, the pendulum is swinging back in the direction of nicely proportioned pieces that work well in smaller homes or small rooms inside big homes. Your sales rep can show you some of these newer items in our line.



For the same money, our products will delight and satisfy your customers in ways you 40 3/4" thought were no longer possible.


wants our dealers


Terracotta, Lorts’ newest finish color, is a happy marriage of orange and red that looks great alone or teamed with a number of other colors in the Lorts palette. Blended by Lorts’ own finish shop, the new terracotta finish color is sensational with yellow and teal—as seen in our High Point showroom in October.


The new luxury market is not about things that are ultra exquisite, rare or even the most expensive. While the old luxury market shopped in expensive stores and bought the right brands, the new luxury market has little interest in those status symbols. The real shift in the luxury market, according to one expert, is a change in the way consumers define luxury.

Class, Not Mass

New occasional groupings our dealers first saw at Fall Market are selling well at retail. One of the best sellers is the Dovetail Collection, a collection with exposed dovetail joinery. The colors in our finish selection give the pieces an incredibly different look. Furniture in this group includes a cocktail table, console and lamp table, plus a handsome side chair.

ing room our

and our friendly customer-service staff, the Lorts team aims to please. We are committed to offering affordable furniture, built to suit your needs and taste, and done so with



a dedication to satisfaction that our industry has lost


sight of.

Need that table an inch shorter? Our custom shop can make that happen in no time. Tell us what you need.


We’re listening

Crispy Content for Lorts Furniture  
Crispy Content for Lorts Furniture  

A four page brochure created for a milestone anniversary.