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Street Style!

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He’s a famous singer called Daddy Yankee and I’m going to talk about his clothes. Daddy is wearing a white T-shirt with a design in the middle and a jacket on it. He’s wearing black denim trousers (jeans). He’s wearing some accessories, they’re: -Some wristbands in his right arm. -A watch in his left arm. -A necklace with a triangle shape. -A baseball cap with a design of New York. I like him because he wears a lot of accessories. I like so much his baseball caps.


Book Review I’m going to talk about a book a read 2 years ago.

The book is about a boy who was learning magic in a school called Howard. There, he knew Hermione and Ron. They have a lot of adventures in Howards. I like it because it is very interesting and there are a lot of action and adventures.


Film ‘’


I have also seen ‘’Fuga de cerebros’’. It’s another comedy film in which appear an actor very famous who is Mario Casas and in the film he’s Emilio. There are other characters like Ruedas, Cabra, Chuli… To be a comedy film, it is very good. The actor act very good in this film.


MUSIC I’m going to talk about a singer I like. His name is Edwin Rosa Vazquez, known as Ñengo Flow or RG4L, he works for the company Full Records. His music styles are reggaeton and rap. He’s from Puerto Rico, in Central America. In his country he is a delinquent and in 2004 they put him a handcuff in the leg. His more importants song are: - Haciendote el amor You should listen - En las noches frías his music. - Soldado callejero 4

Interview I’m going to interview my English assistant that has left my school. -Have you got any brothers or sisters? -Yes, I have. I have 1 sister. -Have you got a pet? -Yes, I have. I have a dog. -What’s your surname? -Debyshire. -Who’s your favourite singer? -Ed Sheeran -Where do you live? - I live in Hull.


Sports I’m going to talk about football. Football is an sport that consist of put a ball inside a goal. There are some rules, you have to play fair. There are also prizes for the best players. In my opinion, at the moment, the best 3 players are Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, And the best goalkeeper is Casillas. The football is clasified into leagues depending in the country you play. I like so much this sport, and I practise it, I’m a goalkeeper and I’m good. 6

Street style!  
Street style!  

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