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One thursday in mid-January, Alex was hitching back to his camp when Ron Franz stopped to give him a ride

Where's your camp?

I've never heard about that place

Show me how to get there

Out past OhMy-God Hot Springs.

Into the desert What's your name?

AND your surname?

I'm Ron Franz

Just alex


are you living in this place with those nudists and drunks?

No, I'm living in a camp away from here.


he looks like a good guy It's right here, thank you.

Ron ARRIVES to his department this guy has something...

he REMEMBERS ME, my family

Ron returns to the camp

I can't get out Alex of my mind, he is A nice kid to be living in that way.

Alex, this isn't a good way to live. You should get an education and a job.

Look, Mr. Franz, you don't need to worry about me, I have a college education

Are these conditions good for you?

Yes, I'm fine. I'm living like this by choice

Ron, I movING from one place to another to GET my objective. so, What's your objective?

It's a great adventure

I'm biding my time until spring,

I intend to go to Alaska.

well... I'm here for whatever you need

As days pass on Alex and Ron spent a lot of time together

Ron grew fond of Alex

One day in early February I'm going to San Diego to earn money


No, It's decided

A week later

Hi Ron, Will you come pick me up?

Yes, but Where are you?

I'm close to you, in Coachella I'm going, right now

Ron's department

I'm going to stay only a day

but you can stay here all the time that you want.

I can't. THERE IS a job waiting for me.

so, I can take you to Grand Junction, Colorado.

All right

Meanwhile they were in the vehicle, at one point Ron dared to make a special request to Alex

Alex, I don't have family, my wife and son died,

We'll talk about it when I get back from Alaska.

so...I was wondering if I could adopt you as my grandson ?

Comic Book Project 01 Into the Wild  
Comic Book Project 01 Into the Wild