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t is crazy how the contents of this publication were just black letters on a white page. In a manner of weeks I have turned these simple letter forms into deliciously colorful patterns. With the help of CafePress, Shutterfly, and Zazzle we have a glimpse of my designs outside the screen or paper realm on actual products. Enjoy


or this pattern I utilized the linear letter ‘E’ in the font Synchro LET to create a pattern that feels organic while being a combination of vertical and horizontal. I chose Synchro LET because of the ovals used to create vertical lines to mix it up and make it have more variety.

I chose the palette I did because of the contrast evoked by it. I used the lighter and cooler blues and greens as my main palette and choose dark purple for my contrast by adding warmth and choose a purple that was almost gray to be a neutralizer and balance the two.

$3500 This Mini Wallet is a perfect. It is small enough to fit in any purse and big enough to hold cash and cards. The flip-top safely secures all contents. With a great design on leather be prepared to get asked “Where did you get that?�


ith this patter I threw legibility to the wind when I used the capital ‘J’ to make this. I used a Helvetica ‘J” because I wanted the pattern to be complicated and if I used a more decorative poster font or a serifed font it would be too jumbled and chaotic.

The palette choice for this pattern was chosen to be soft and light without a richer dark color. I wanted this to emit a happier more harmonic feeling than my previous and first design.

$2799 This Pillow is printed with the design on one side and finished off with ivory on the other to make the colors pop. It is made with a concealed zipper for easy washing. Since it is machine washer safe it is convenient for bedrooms of any age or as a lap pillow on a couch.


he goal for the design and palette for this pattern was to be fun. I used bright and saturated colors and the Bauhaus font which is rounder and unique to do this. I contrasted the colors on black background and used the black as a color because the vibrant colors stand out the most on black without any blending in.

$1995 This speaker is portable and fits easily in a purse or backpack. The sound quality for it is fantastic and the print quality of the design is very crisp. Very simple to use as well you can just plug it in an audio-jack on any phone, tablet, or computer and hit play. Immerse yourself in the music with this speaker.

Purdue University Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator Typefaces: Helvetica, Bauhaus, Synchro LET, Calibri, & Bruno JB Std

Zazzle, Cafepress, Shutterfly

Pattern Portfolio  

Project for my Visual Communications Design course at Purdue University

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