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Index Design: Lauren Pettit The Crimson Report is a student produced news magazine published monthly by Aprintiss Publishing. Arvada High School: 7951 W 65th Ave, Arvada, CO 80005. The Crimson Report is a member of the Colorado High School Press Association. The views and opinions expressed within this publication are solely those of the writer and/or staff of the The Crimson Report and not necessarily those of AHS, its staff, Jefferson County Schools, or its board. First Issue Free / Additional copies are $.50 each Colorado revised Statue 18-4-419 -- It is illegal to possess more than five copies of this news magazine with the intent to block dissemination of the magazine and is punishable by a minimum fine of $1000.



By Tasia Nelson and Elaine Clark Staff Writers

Male cheerleaders a rare find

As a male cheerleader in high school or college, there is a lot of dedication that goes into learning all of the stunts and foot work that are part of a cheer. Maintaining the physical aspects are also a part of being a cheerleader. Male cheerleaders are asked to perform stunts most males wouldn’t do in a lifetime. Male cheerleaders have the ability to throw a 115 pound girl 20 to 30 feet in the air and then catch her successfully at the end of the stunt. Cheerleaders sometimes have two practices a day and often put in more practice time than football players. One benefit to all the hard work is that some male cheerleaders will get a full scholarship to a college and end up becoming a college cheer-

leader who performs bigger and greater stunts than the ones in high school. Ninety-seven percent of all high school cheerleaders are female. However, almost fifty percent of college cheerleaders are male. Arvada’s first male cheerleader tried out and made the team 1988. Lonnie Crawford started school and cheer at Arvada in his Sophomore year. Sherry McCain, who cheered and graduated with him said, “Lonnie was a very hard working and dedicated person who took a big risk joining cheer back then because male cheerleaders were not very common in high school.” After graduating in 1988, Anderson went on to join the military.

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October 5, 2012

Photo by Tasia Nelson

The cheer team is pleased to have male cheers that allow for a wider array of stunts which improve their performances.

Now, twenty-four years later, four men have tried out for the AHS cheer squad: Nick Reynolds, Adam Dejarnette, Rodney Selman, and Dakota Turner. Selman made the team but later chose to quit to focus on school and football. Selman’s friends, however, believe he may have quit because of pressure from others who felt it was not a masculine enough sport. Nick Reynolds started cheerleading his sophomore year because he thought that he would have a better chance of getting a scholarship for cheering than for football or baseball. But, after cheering for a while he realized he really liked it! Reynolds’ friends often joke with him about joining cheerleading, but he keeps going. He also plays football and does olympic training which helps him with cheer. The physical aspects won’t help him when it comes to dealing with the “girl drama” that goes along with the sport. Selman said he ignores their drama and focuses on the sport. “Maybe we should have a team full of guys to avoid all the drama,” joked Reynolds. Reynolds continues to work hard in school so he can play football and cheer. Adam Dejarnette started cheerleading this year, his freshman year, so that he can be with his friend Rodney Selman. He ended up liking it and continues to cheer, even though his father makes fun of him for joining. Teasing, joking, and sometimes outright bullying are often struggles that male cheerleaders will endure. Dejarnette finds that the physical part is not the hardest part it is just learning the cheers and memorizing them. He thinks that more guys are joining because of the girls, and according to a past cheer coach, “A lot of guys join for the girls, but they remain

The Crimson report

when they realize what a physically challenging and rewarding sport it is.” Dejarnette thinks that there are enough boys in the sport now and they don’t need any more. Dejarnette continues to make an effort to keep his grades up so he can continue to play football and cheer. Dakota Turner joined cheer this year — his junior year. Turner thought it would be fun, and he enjoys it. “It takes a lot of time and commitment,” said Turner, “but it is worth it!” Turner continues to work hard and plans on mastering the chair move (which is where the guy’s arm is in the air and the girl sits on his hand) by the end of the year. Rodney Selman cheered before in middle school and had so much fun that he decided he wanted to do it this year as well. He, too, believes that more guys have joined because of the girls. Selman also plays football. He soon realized, after a few weeks, that he needed to focus on football and school; therefore, he dropped out of cheer. So, we now only have three male cheerleaders. Selman continues to support his school whether he is on the cheer team or not. Every single male cheerleader has made sacrifices to better the team. Even though we started out with four male cheerleaders and continue with only three, they all continue to stay strong, and cheer to the end. “Hard work doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” At the time of this publication, Adam Dejarnette has quit the team as well.


“Cross Country is doing well this year. We are placing this year and that’s something we haven’t done before.”

“It’s a lot better than last year. I like it because it gets me out there and makes me feel like I’m doing something.”

Speak Out


Alexis Prieto 6


“I feel our team is improving and getting better at softball”


“One of the best things about playing golf is getting to play all the different courses that are too expensive to play otherwise.”


“We all have a lot of heart on the Volley ball team.”

Justus Reid

“The football season is going good but could always be better.”


Kyle Recob

Eric Jeffries



Cross Country

Their Teams!

Garet Krohn

“Although were not the best, it’s still exciting.”

Cross Country girls Elexis Nguyen


John Martinez

Chris Smith


“Cross Country is fun until the race starts.”

October 5, 2012



Jeffco voters to decide future of education By Lauren Pettit Staff Writer You know how in time travel movies, a character does one thing, say, talk to the wrong person, and it screws up the whole future? Well, in this economy, it’s not a bum character that could possibly mess up the future, but a whole community. On November 4th, you have a chance to control the future; the future of this county, the school systems, and the future of your personal life. You can set it up for success or failure. There are two bills named “3a & 3b” that are at the bottom of the ballot. The bills will give money to the broken education system, and potentially save this county’s schools. The Jeffco school system has some of the highest standardized testing scores in the country and the second highest graduation rate. Why put the school system on the chopping block? Let’s keep the excellence going. Let’s set this generation up for success so that everyone after it can benefit. The money will be well used and will do nothing but benefit the system. The bill will provide money for teachers and supplies for the class room. It will allow classrooms to purchase new textbooks or art supplies. 3a and 3b will also provide needed repairs to the school buildings. Allowing schools to fix windows, replace aging fire alarms, and replace gross carpets; much needed repairs that they currently don’t have the money for. It’s not just the curriculum that needs saving; it’s the aging buildings too. The district spends $7,743 a year per pupil (that’s $761 less than what they got 3 years ago). Think that’s a lot? Jeffco county spends $40,000 a year on a prisoner. Why shouldn’t the community try and keep these kids in school and out of the court system. A misdemeanor stays with you forever and the typical response to getting a ticket or a warrant is to drop out. As the number of dropouts goes up so does the number of new prisoners a year. We’ll have full prisons, but what about our future schools or courts? All the costs come from tax dollars but where would you rather have your money go? Prisons or schools? 3a and 3b is a mill levy and bond. 3a, the mill levy, would change the taxes. And 3b asks for $345 million from voters. It would only cost you personally a dime a day or $3.06 a month on 3a and 3b. A total of $36.70 a year. That’s less than it costs to take a family of four out for dinner. If $45 million is cut from the budget, 5th and 6th grade band and

The Crimson report

orchestra programs will disappear. 6th grade Outdoor Lab will disappear as well. Do you remember how much you loved leaving your parents for a week? And living in cabins with your best friends? No one else will get to enjoy the adventure of Outdoor Lab. It may have been saved for two more years but there is no way the budget will allow for it to be saved in the 2013-2014 school year. After elementary school activities are cut, middle school electives are next. High schools will lose foreign language, music classes, and AP classes. In an AP class you can get college credit for only $15. Why would you spend $500+ to take it at just another building? That’s a huge difference. Why not invest in keeping the college class in a high school? But what if voters don’t have kids or school aged children? Why should they spend money on something they have no connection with? The reason 3a and 3b didn’t pass four years ago is because the people without kids involved with the school system outvoted the people who do. They should think about you, your niece or nephew, or the little kindergarteners down the block, or the incoming freshman across the street. They should be envisioning their future doctor, future banker, future lawyer, future CPA....or future prisoner costing them $40,000 a year. Do you have friends who are teachers or librarians? Their jobs risk being cut. Do you have friends who are student teaching? How could we give them jobs if we can’t even afford the ones we have now? The reason property values are so high here in Jeffco is partly because of the school system. If the school system tanks, so will your property values. If you want to retire and move to Florida, you’re going to have a hard time selling your house. These kids are your future. The kids can control if you go to jail or stay out of jail, if you get your surgery, or if there will even be a Jeffco county in a decade. It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently have school children. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get involved. What you vote will always come back to affect you. In some shape or form, cutting the school’s budget will impact everyone negatively down the road. Unlike Marty in “Back to the Future”, you won’t get unlimited chances to change your decisions. Why wait for the ultimate “I told you so?” Will you make the right choice on November 2nd?




Students vote for the

By Monica Mitchell Staff Writer

Cameron Gelak “Voting is an important part in the American political system; without our votes, our voices would never be heard.”

Josh Ramsey “It’s nice to finally be able to vote in the presidential election because I firmly believe that every vote counts.”

Democratic Party The two big names for the Democrats are Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Both President Obama and Vice-President Biden are running for their second term in office. Their platform revolves around the Democratic belief system. Health Care-The Democratic stance on healthcare supports affordable health care for all Americans. In 2010, their party got the Affordable Care Act (ACA) approved which lowered health care costs, improved quality, and expanded coverage of all insurance companies. Tax cuts will be provided to small businesses to offset employee coverage by the ACA. It will also provide tax credits to help families afford health care. The ACA is designed to improve Medicare so that the loopholes created by Medicare will be covered. The party view on abortion is that it is a personal decision between the woman and her family. Education-Democrats are working towards improving higher education accessibility to all young people. They have worked towards expanding financial aid for college students while also making the programs simpler and easier for students.. They are also working towards providing more resources to teachers so that they can improve the No Child Left Behind Act. Economy- The democratic plan to boost the economy includes tax-cuts for small businesses as well as increasing lending for the growth of small businesses.They plan on providing tax-credits to encourage the production of windmills, solar panels, and electric cars in order to invest in a clean-energy economy. The plan includes creating jobs working on roads, bridges, rails, and ports.


For many AHS senior will be their first chanc country’s politics. The coming a voice in how registering to vote. Th is this Tuesday, Octo days before the electio ister one of two ways line and can only b student has been issue License or ID. The sec registration form. Bo can be found at gov there is some questio vote, there are some must: be 18 or older a tion, be a United Stat orado resident and live 30 days or longer, and tence for a f

Once students have there are a few import mind. To vote in perso a valid form of ID. T ferent types of valid I these at govotecolor sources. To vote by m first time, voters must of their ID. The last th student voters, is to vo didates for both presi dent, however, the pre office position that vo state senate and house US house representati ucation members, an gories will be on the October 5, 2012

e first time

rs, the 2012 Elections ce to have a say in the e first step towards bew the nation is led is he deadline to register ober 9th. That is 29 on. Students can regs. The first way is onbe completed if the ed a Colorado Drivers cond way is the paper oth of these methods If n about eligibility to e guidelines. Voters at the time of the electes citizen, be a Coled in your precinct for d not be serving a senfelony conviction.

e registered to vote, tant things to keep in on, students must have here are thirteen difDs, there are a list of under remail-in ballot for the include a photo copy hing to remember for ote. There are 17 canident and vice presiesident is not the only oters can vote for. The e representatives, the ives, the board of ednd many other cateballot in November.

Shawna DeSersa

Kendra DiMucci

“I am excited to have my opinion count; I mean really count, as in a ballot, a vote. Also, I am the first person in my family to turn 18 during a presidential election year.”

“Voting for the first time is exciting because I know about politics, I’ve watched the debates and balanced it all out to decide who I am going to vote for.”

Braden Scarborough “Voting is cool and fun and important in our culture.”

Maren Blair “I am excited to have a voice.”

Republican Party One of the two big names in the elections this year is Mitt Romney. Romney is the Republican(GOP) candidate for president. Romney’s running mate(vice president candidate) is Paul Ryan. Their platform revolves around the Republican belief system. Health Care- Republicans believe in affordable healthcare with little influence from the government.They believe that a government run healthcare system wouldn’t protect the patient-physician relationship, promote competition, or promote quality health care that allows the patient to choose their physician.The party view on abortion is that it shouldn’t be considered health care. They believe that parents should have the right to consent to medical treatment for their children including abortion. They also believe that parental consent should be required to transport girls across state borders for abortion. Education- The Republican party feels that educational approach should be controlled at the state and local level. They believe that both parents and students should have a wide variety of choices on what they would like to see in the student’s education. They believe that education expectations should be raised and that money alone will not solve the educational issues that the country is having. Economics-The Republican view revolves around policies that promote the economy, entrepreneurs, and businesses. They believe in little interference from the federal government on industry matters. They believe that prosperity is a result of hard work and helps families become independent of the government; it is something that comes from work, savings and investing. They believe that everyone has a chance to prosper by working hard.

The crimson report




Fight!!!! By Tyler Tapparo Staff Writer

Diagnosed with cancer for the second time, History Teacher Kay Evans knew her only option was to fight and to win.

Like a boxer coming out of retirement, learning that you have to fight cancer for the second time leaves you with only one option: to fight and to win! Shortly after celebrating her 10th anniversary of being cancer free, Social Studies Teacher Kay Evans went to the doctor for her regular check-up. She and her husband had just celebrated that ten year mark -- an important milestone for cancer survivors -- with a dinner out, students and staff at AHS had just written notes of encouragement on a huge poster outside her classroom, then her doctor’s office called with the results: “We found something on your mammogram. We need you to come in for some more tests. Evans said her heart sank at these words and she knew it wasn’t good.

“It’s not going to take me without a fight.” A couple of weeks later Evans was diagnosed with a new breast cancer. In the process of diagnosing the new breast cancer doctors found another form of cancer on Evans’ spine. “The mammogram result was a blessing in disguise because it lead to the discovery of the cancer on my spine.” The cancer doctors found on her spine was the same cancer that was originally diagnosed ten years ago that had, unfortunately, spread. The cancer spreading is very rare. At the end of school last year, while most of us were looking forward to a summer of fun, Evans was preparing for the fight of her life...AGAIN. On May 16, 2012 Evans endured an 11 hour surgery to remove the breast cancer. The surgery was a success.


October 5, 2012




“We are pretty sure that the cancer is out of the breast,” Evans said. The cancer on the spine has been treated but not fully removed. “The goal with stage four breast cancer is to control it, not cure it.” Scans in July showed that the tumor had shrunk. “Hopefully, it will continue to do so,” said Evans.

“The hardest thing is living with the uncertainty.” “It’s not going to take me withou a fight,” she said. Evans was in the hospital for four days after the surgery. The surgery went well without any complications, but there is no cure for stage four breast cancer -- only treatment. After recovering from the surgery, Evans and her family took a road trip. “I felt fully recovered by mid July,” Evans said. Evans family is doing well. “Life has gone back to normal,” Evans said. However, treatments from radiation and chemotherapy have taken a toll on Evans body, making her tire very easily. “The hardest thing is living with the uncertainty,” Evans said. Not knowing when the cancer might come back is that uncertainty. It could be a week, a year, 30 years, or never. Things are looking good for Evans and her family. But she isn’t out of the ring just yet. “There just isn’t any cure.” There are many drugs that will help if the cancer comes back. One of them being Pamidronate, which will help the bone. Pamidronate helps the bones that have started to break down from cancers such as Breast Cancer. Pamidronate is not a cancer treatment, however. There are many scans that will be done to help make sure that the cancer doesn’t return and keep Evans, hopefully, free of disease. Evans’ treatment and medication plan will depend on when/if the cancer shows up again. As a precaution, Evans takes Tamoxifen every day to control any cancer cells. Tamoxifen is a drug that is used by both men and women to treat breast cancer. This drug is also used to lower a woman's chance of developing breast cancer if there is a

The Crimson report

history of breast cancer in the family. Tamoxifen is an anti-estrogen drug; estrogen can help certain cancers grow which is why it is recommended for recovering breast cancer survivors. It has been an arduous battle, but according to Evans the gloves are off, “A little bit of cancer won’t bring me down. When you have so much to live for it’s easy to fight.”


Goddess Test provides entertainment for typical teen By Adrianna Hendricks Staff Writer Greek Mythology provides us with some of the most classical stories in existence. These stories of old are popularly exploited in order to provide our current generation with the entertainment it so desires. Sometimes it’s for educational purposes, sometimes it’s for money. Whatever it is, we’ve developed a sudden interest in Greek Mythology in recent years. One of the newer additions to that interest is The Goddess Test series, by Aimée Carter. The main character is Kate Winters, whose mother is dying. Her last wish is to visit the town where she grew up, a small place called Eden. There, she meets Henry, we learn very early on that Henry is actually the Greek god Hades. Henry wants Kate to become his new wife, as Persephone left him long ago. Kate isn’t the first to go through these tests, in fact she’s the twelfth person, and everyone before her died. Painfully. Murderly. Or maybe suicidally, no one really knows. And no one knows why. Slowly, she falls in love with the tall, dark, enigma that is Henry. The story is a bit typical, especially for the genre. Teen girl falls in love with someone she can’t really have — the only difference is that she has a chance to be with the tall, dark, handsome, strange, unpredictable, manly, wonderful, kind man who has caught her attention. The plot is too predictable in places. Usually plot twists are well loved, but The Goddess Test does a too great job at the foreshadowing. It practically shouts the plot twists. The only thing that was actually a little surprising was who or what was killing the girls.

The mythology is at times accurate. Ultimately, in the end, there are more wrongs than right. Disappointing, but expected. People feel the need to change the original stories, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with them— but wait! There is one thing that is the same from the mythology! Hades isn’t the villain. As in the original stories, Hades is a kind, but fair, god. Henry is almost enough to redeem the book and actually read it, if it weren’t for the awful character relationships and dullish plot. Despite the entire mansion being surrounded by death, the reader only sees one. As such, there is an extremely low level of action in the book. What little action there is poorly executed, and may have just been better off not happening. If it weren’t for the tests. Kate is being tested on the Seven Deadly sins — which have nothing to do with Greek Mythology — and that is the main pull of the novel. The main antagonist is these tests — which we never see happen. We never see the tests, though we know they’re happening. The tone of the novel, when the tests are happening, is nothing different from the rest of it. Kate is blissfully unaware as she continues to fawn over Henry and worry about her mother, only twice wondering if a test might be happening and if she should be careful. Although I am happy that Hades is making progress in the world — not being portrayed as the Satanic, awful figure people seem to think he is — this book was a disappointment, but not completely so. Expectations were low, but the book did exceed them. The only thing that overshot my expectations, though, was Henry’s role. Read it for the story and the romance, not the mythology, if you even read it at all.

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October 5, 2012



Walk for the Cure celebrates 20 years

der, Executive Director of the Affiliate. “Our efforts helped decrease breast cancer mortality rates by 39 percent, impacting the life of Coloradoans.” Even though it’s too late to register for the 2012 “Race for the Cure,” it’s not too late to start fundraising for 2013. “Yet we have much to do,” stated OsBy Lauren Pettit trander. “In Colorado this year almost Staff Writer 3,400 women will be diagnosed and 500 will die from this disease.” October isn’t just a month of costumes The race doesn’t just aide research and candy, it’s a month of hope and re- funds and uninsured women, it inspires lief. On October 7th Coloradoans in the and creates a sense of hope for everyone Denver Metropolitan area will come to- involved. Every donation helps; if you gether and walk in the Susan G. Komen can’t donate much just walk in the race “Race for the Cure.” This year, the to show your support. Every woman walk is celebrating its second decade of fighting needs a group of cheerleaders bringing scientists closer to finding a to cheer her on. cure. Ami Gerstner was diagnosed with The Denver Metropolitan Affiliate of stage 4 breast cancer in 2005 and has Susan G. Komen for the Cure was been walking ever since. Gerstner said, founded in 1993 to carry out their “Seeing people walk reinforced the bepromise — “to save lives, empower peo- lief in the goodness of the human spirit. ple, ensure quality care for all and energize It was impactful to see everyone come science to find the cures.” The Race is a together for the support and collaboraway to fundraise and donate money to tion for a common cause.” Gerstner also research organizations devoted to find- said, “It’s somewhat of an over whelming a cure for breast cancer. Over the ing experience to see all those that sufyears they’ve supported 64,640 cancer fered from cancer and those that didn’t screenings and helped 1,261 uninsured survive.” women through their treatment. “Early Although cancer simply takes an interstage breast cancer now has a 98 per- mission- the walk never will. It will be cent survival rate compared to about 74 here until we beat the disease. “I’m expercent in 1980,” said Michele Ostran- cited for the 20th anniversary” Gerstner

Police beat

said, “but I hope in forty years there will be no need for further funding.” Gerstner also stated, “Without organizations like Susan G. Komen- we would not be able to further our research and strive for a cure and ease the devastation of cancer for further devastation.” Is it a good thing that they’re celebrating two decades? Or is it depressing that this disease continues to burden science? Will our society ever be breast cancer free? The foundation itself has been around since 1982 that’s more than 30 years. We’ve created the iPhone and the internet in less time; shouldn’t there be a cure for cancer by now? Or is it that the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure more about assisting the women currently suffering from the disease and we should hope to have it around forever? Susan G. Komen is most definitely the most famous breast cancer organization but, is it going to be the one to find a cure? It may be that the Susan G. Komen walk is overshadowing other organizations that are closer to finding the cure. There are thousands of women suffering from the deadly disease each day; they need the cure now not in another 20 years. Hosting the walk for 20 years deserves a “congratulations,” but do they deserve to be congratulated on something else?

Useful information brought to by your local SRO Officer Chris Gomez Arvada Police Department

What is Distracted Driving? There are three main types of distraction: Visual – taking your eyes off the road Manual –taking your hands off the wheel Cognitive –taking your mind off what you’re doing

Did You Know? Research on distracted driving reveals some surprising facts: 20 percent of injury crashes in 2009 involved reports of distracted driving (NHTSA) Of those killed in distracted – driving related crashed 995 involved reports of a cell phone as a distraction (18% of fatalities are distraction – related crashes). (NHTSA)

In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in U.S. roadways and an estimated additional 448,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes that were reported to have involved distracted driving. Drivers who use hand-held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. (Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Using a Cell Phone while driving, whether it’s hand-held or hands-free, delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent. (Source: University of Utah)

Be sure to watch the Monday, October 8th broadcast of BDN for more on distracted driving The Crimson report


Family When divorce tears your world apart 45 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce By Sierra Cooper Editor-in-Chief Divorce is something that has become more common in our day and age. In fact, 45 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce in the United States and in 40 percent of those divorces, children are involved. According to AHS counselor Noel Sudano, divorce is so common that unless told otherwise, she assumes a students parents are divorced. Divorces hurt everyone involved, but we all already knew that. It hurts teens in different aspects of life and there isn’t really a certain time or day when everything can feel normal again. According to Jacqueline J. Kirby and Katherine Dean, a majority of children adjust well without problems and adjust in about two years, but some children who seem to be doing fine at first may have a reemergence of the problems of divorce during adolescence. According to Sudano, it’s okay for this to happen; it’s not uncommon for problems


to reemerge and getting over a divorce is an ongoing thing; there won’t be a deadline for everything going back to normal. “Your life has permanently been altered,” said Sudano. There are many things that can damage a child from divorce. On top of feeling in

“Your life has permanently been altered.” the middle or feeling you have to choose between one parent or the other, there can also be some deeper issues. According to many studies you may see those children who are from a divorced family more likely to be more sexually active, get into more trouble, more likely to abuse drugs and substances, become depressedor withdrawn, and have many other issues . But just like the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, sometimes divorce makes people stronger; according to Kirby and Dean; some adolescents may show impressive development in maturity, realistic understanding of finances, moral

growth, and other positive development. Divorce is hard on the parents and very hard on the children involved. There are times where you feel your having to become an adult sooner than you may need to. You’re exposed to the adult world and adult problems that you may not be ready for. Getting through a divorce may be hard for you, but don’t shut down! Keep talking about it and share your feelings with a friend, someone who is going through the same thing, a parent, or school counselor. “We are always here and happy to listen. Sometimes it’s nice to have a neutral place where they aren’t personally involved in the situation,” said Sudano. Sometimes you may feel betrayed by your parents, but don’t shut them out it won’t help you or them with the divorce. Being involved at school can help too. For some people, school is a safe haven and being involved in activities can surround you with positive people and keep your mind off of things at home. “Bottling it up isn’t a good thing. It’s more powerful to people going through divorce to connect with other people who are going through the same thing,” said Sudano.

October 5, 2012

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