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sweet sorrow Carla Aragรณn


To my darling reader I doubt these will inspire anything within you. But still I’ll. Pour my heart out to you dear.



1. The children grow. Concrete poem. Simile, and metaphor. Page 4 2. Life, blood, bones. Haikus. Assonance, Consonance. Page 6 3. Soliloquy. Palindrome. Alliteration, repetition. Page 7 4. My weeping Angel. Pantoum. Personification. Page 8 5. Discordias. Villanelle. Sound device, figurative device. Repitition. Page 9 6. Cold curse. Narrative poem. Rhyme scheme, hyperbole, symbol page 10 7. Down, banana, lily. Limerick. Rhythm Page 11 8. Dead flowers. Sonnet. Page 12 9. Natural disasters. Free verse. Page 13 10.Oh darling. Free verse. Page 14



The dreary silence This bleak and weary life I breathe and die

To my dearest darling Father mine do swing your sword Spill your own blood

These bones shaking The grown men breaking Crack, Crush and Sally


Speak Bitter words through deafening silence. Captured light and hope. Speak Sweet words of love. Delicate warmth. Speak Stop wars. End lives. Soliloquy Lives end. Wars stop. Speak Warmth. delicate Love of words sweet. Speak. Hope and light captured. Silence deafening, through words bitter. speak


She wept for me. A bitter song over an empty grave. She would kill for me. A vengeful soul who wishes to save. A bitter song over an empty grave. Her salty tears soak into the ground. A vengeful soul who wishes to save. How sad to know my body had not been found. Her salty tears soak into the ground. My weeping angel I miss her so. How sad to know my body had not been found. My dearest love I had to go. My weeping angel I miss her so. She wept for me. My dearest love I had to go. She would kill for me.


I've loved you my son. My darling boy, You were my sun. Do not dare forget You were, and still are. my life's greatest joy. I've loved you my son. a I truly regret How I've served to destroyYou were my sun. My darling don't fret. Again, I regret. The care I failed to employ. I've loved you. my son. I wish you'd accept that I am no threat I know that before you'd wished me pure joy. you were my sun my last dying breath is still filled with regret over the lost time and love I never gave my darling boy. I've loved you my son. You were my sun.


My mother, she told me. She said I am holy. My father, he loves me. My sister, she loathes me. My life, it is lovely. I really do know this But it is so draining My bones grow to pain me. I am to rule over, My family's troubles. I am to be queen, But I beg to be free. I wish I could fly And dance through the sky. But I'm bound to marry, A husband who'd cage me. They know I've grown quiet. They see I am dying. So away I am sent. Where sweet snow melts to rain. Here I breathe just a little. But my body, it quivers. In my soul I am scared. But this young boy sits there. And his presence is warm. And his eyes they have sworn To watch me discreetly, To follow me sweetly. My love it has settled. For the court. For It's layers. My body has settled For his love I have chosen That cold curse Now Is broken.


To the dreadfully and deliciously wicked. The devilish heirs of sweetly sickening distrust and disharmony. To the fantastically demented and fabulously twisted. You fiery fiends that live for restless. relentless, trickery.

To the eternally. extravagantly, unholy. Who wish for all that is ferociously, fervently and unchangingly holy, To crash and burn. and fill all hearts pure white withering gold. The licentious, lying, vermin. with words I hold.

The lion child, the first disgrace. 10

The fallen stars banished from space. To all my children. My blood and bones. I made you all, such lovely thrones.


there was this girl from my town she seemed to really feel down I said how are you she said eat my shoe now that girl does not live in my town

there is a girl in la havana she was sitting in a white cabana her mom called her name she said what a shame now she cannot go eat her banana

my brother named me lily he went to sicily my mom called my dad he said this is bad now we all live in the city


The king of death, he needs no queen. But there she is the child of spring. He watches her, this gorgeous scene. Her hair of gold. how she will sing

With him she'll be, princess of sun. Below the ground will live his love. She'll be with him, she will not run. For he now holds this lovely dove. The queen of death, She now roams free. Below the ground her reign wont cease. They will be feared, by those not free. The poor dead souls that the two seize.

She's caught king death, power now flows He's caught child spring. Oh how she glows


As a child I thought they, natural disasters, were named after humans because only we can bring forth destruction that is parallel. A natural disaster and a war. you know. they both bring chaos, pain and suffering. at the end of each you may see survivors, crying, weeping, amidst the rubble of each home. broken and shattered in the maelstrom. hurricane Andrew. but what is andrew, more than a soldier. an unthinking, machine hearted, fool. simply following orders, not aware that his... its actions bring suffering for everyone around. As a child this seemed like a logical explanation. Not to say I don't still believe it to be true


You know I love you darling. Just, not as I love her. She is my heaven, my light. Yes, you may be my soul, but who needs a soul. I know I don’t. I’ve got a brain. Therefore I’ve no need for those unnecessary, accessory, items.


Sweet Sorrow  
Sweet Sorrow  

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