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Project 1 Processbook

CONCEPT The concept for this project was to make it seem that the viewer is looking through a microscope. As it zooms into the jelly letterform the viewer will see small jellyfishes swimming around. As it zoom further the lens focuses on a single large jellyfish then it zooms out as if the viewers removed themselves from the microscope. The concept that I was trying to achieve was to make it seems as if the viewer is looking into the cells of the jelly letterform.

MINDMAPPING Mind mapping possible ideas and concepts that are related to the theme of jellyfish.

SKETCHES Brainstorming ideas with sketches and framing exploration




moon light


sea nettle


BLOOD CELL CONCEPT The images that were research jump-started an idea of blood cells. When moon jellyfishes swim in a pack, it resembles blood cells.

BLOOD CELL CONCEPT With the idea of blood cells, it elaborated into an idea of having a flipbook that makes the viewer feels like they are looking through a microscope and zooming into the letterform to possibly see the cells.

UNDERSTANDING JELLYFISH MOVEMENTS To fully execute the project probably it was necessary to understand the movements of jellyfish. Understanding and learning the technical skills will ensure to have a more finish and realistic piece.

JELLY LETTERFORM To achieve that concept of having a microscope zooming into the cells, I’ve decided to make the letterform J turn into jelly so there are a substance that the audience is looking into.

MEDIA With a solid concept the next step was the media of execution. A few media was explored for example vector, hand drawings and image manipulations. It was believed that image manipulation was best suited for this type of concept.

REFERENCES AND INSPIRATIONS Images that was search on the web to get inspiration, ideas and references.

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