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John Buchanan PR Avoid Jail for Impaired Driving in Vancouver Summary: John Buchanan offers legal services in Impaired Driving in Vancouver region. Impaired Driving is a criminal offence and can land you behind bars without proper guidance of a qualified Criminal Defence Lawyer. 16th March, Vancouver, BC: John Buchanan, an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer in Vancouver offers its legal services in impaired driving cases including DUI and refusal to bloe cases as well. Impaired Driving is treated as a serious criminal offence and leads to major consequences for the accused. In case you are caught over 80, for impaired driving or for refusal to blow; then you are in need of a highly experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer well versed with the British Columbia traffic laws. In Vancouver, it has become a common sight to find drivers speeding over 80, refusing to blow on the pretext of avoiding DUI charges and similar charges of impaired driving. There are DUI accused that are habitual to committing impaired driving offence and land up either in jail along with heavy fine. Most of the accused with a poor track of impaired driving and allied criminal offences are stripped off their driving license for a year and are also fined heavily. Therefore, impaired driving greatly hampers the track record of a citizen and can land you up in deep soup if not taken care of in earlier stages. In case you are fighting a criminal case or you need urgent legal help from an expert, you can count on experienced and trusted legal associates and lawyers like John Buchanan. John Buchanan is a trusted Criminal Defence Lawyer in British Columbia. He offers legal services in a variety of criminal cases inclusive of assault including domestic assault, theft, drug abuse, impaired driving, DUI, Communicating (for the purpose of prostitution); and 'Waiving' in criminal charges from other jurisdictions in British Columbia and the other provinces in Canada.

John Buchanan offers Legal Advice for Spousal Assault  

John Buchanan, a Vancouver-based professional Criminal Defence lawyer, offers legal services for spousal assault cases for representing indi...

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