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SEX OFFENDERS NEED A TOP LAWYER NOW MORE THAN EVER If you have been arrested for molestation you need the best attorney you can get. There is no time to waste. The more time passes without action, the worse off you will be. Being proactive is absolutely essential to avoid having your life completely ruined. Do what you need to do and help yourself. Do not become a statistic in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors and judges have become increasingly harsh in enforcing the law against people charged with molestation. In years past it was much more common for charges not to be filed, or for casesto be dropped. Even where there were convictions, it was much easier to get lenient plea bargains or and soft sentences. Nowadays the tide has turned. If you are facing child molestation charges, you know you are big trouble. If you are put into jail you might be badly beaten. The guards don’t care about you. In fact, the guards actually want to see you suffer. They may beat you themselves. Worse yet, they often leave the room and allow other inmates to harm you in horrible ways. To protect yourself you need the very best child molestation lawyer to fight against this terrible situation. You owe it to yourself to protect yourself. Don’t let the system beat you down. Fight back. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Fight the good fight. In addition, rape defense has become far more challenging. Being accused of rape is a nightmare. Your life can be ruined. You can go to jail or prison. You can be forced to become a registered sex offender. You can be put onto a public website and people can harass you or worse. Anyone in this situation needs the best rape criminal lawyer they can get. The good news is that these kinds of cases can be readily defended. Often the alleged victim was drinking herself, and does not make a very credible witness. You need someone who will exploit the prosecution’s weaknessesto the utmost. A rape attorney can help beat your case. He can convince the prosecutor not to press charges, and can convince a judge to drop the case. If necessary, he can persuade the jury that you are not guilty and that you should be acquitted. Yet another situation that arises for sex offender attorneys is internet sex crimes. When a person views illegal images online the consequences can be brutal. What many people assume is a victimless crime where they are unlikely to be caught is in fact just the opposite. When people surf the net and download illegal material they need to know that government investigators are watching. Both state and federal authorities are devoting unprecedented

resources to getting you busted. You need the best child pornography lawyer and you need him right now. Law enforcement agents and detectives will find the address where your computer is. They will get a search warrant. They will come to your door some morning around 6am. You will never see it coming. You will be caught quite literally with your pants down. That’s not a situation you want to be in, and that’s when you need a top flight child pornography defense attorney on your side.

Sex Offenders Need A Top Lawyer Now More Than Ever