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Compass Hologram from ALL IN SECURITY s.r.o Leading Edge Hologram Counterfiet Prevention System In response to the growing demand for Holograms that are not only difficult to reproduce, but also easily identifiable by both the average person on the street and the forensic expert - and importantly – identifiable simply by the naked eye – AIS have developed and patented its unique Compass Hologram System

The Compass Hologram retains its orientation when turned - giving a clear, easy to read, confirmation of authenticity of the object that it is adhered to. All that is required (as with all holograms) is to establish the correct viewing angle and then rotate the hologram up to 180° to the left or right. The part of the hologram where the COMPASS feature is positioned appears to retain its original orientation.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Potential Applications Banknotes ○ Cheques ○ Government Documents ○ Identity Documents ○ Lottery Tickets ○ Passports ○ Certificates ○Other Security Documents ○ Branded Goods Benefits Difficult to reproduce ○ Easily identifiable by the naked eye ALL IN SECURITY s.r.o. Gen Sochora 705, 674 01 Trebic, Czech Republic Tel: +420 568 820 255 Fax: + 420 568 256 Email:

New Compass Hologram  

New Compass Hologram is a relovution in the bank notes protection.