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Reservation Surname: Child 1:

Child/ren’s Surname: Child 2:

Child 3:

Room Number: Child 4:

Child/ren’s Full Name: Age(s): Date(s) of Birth: Home address:

School or Nursery child attends: Mobile contact number:

Secondary mobile number:

Emergency contact number: This number should be a person who is not staying at the hotel in case of an emergency. Arrival date:

Departure date:

From time to time we enjoy watching movies or cartoons to wind down at the end of a session. Are you happy for your child/children to watch PG rated movies? (E.g. Toy Story, Cars, Frozen, etc.) Yes / No Are you happy for your child/children to play in our soft play, ball pools, slide and trampoline?

Yes / No

At times we take the children outside of the BIG Country facility and onto Crieff Hydro’s estate. Are you happy for us to take them to the adventure playground, football pitch, putting green, etc.? Yes / No Terms and Conditions In the event of a fire alarm, BIG Country will be evacuated to the Bowling Green. The fire alarm systems for the main hotel and for BIG Country operate independently of each other. This means that a fire alarm sounding in the main hotel may not mean a fire alarm sounding in BIG Country. So that we can reach you promptly in the event of an emergency, parents/carers are asked to remain within the resort while their children are in the care of BIG Country. If you need to cancel a BIG Country session let us know the day before. Sessions start half past the hour, if you are running late please let us know as children’s spaces will be given away after the first half hour for example 10am, 2pm & 7pm. I agree to the Term and Conditions stated above: Signature of consenting parent / carer _________________________________________________


MEDICAL FORM Name and address of medical practice:

Does your child/ren suffer from any medical conditions; allergies; physical or social learning difficulties; behavioural challenges that we should be aware of? Yes / No If YES please complete the rest of the form, if NO pass to a member of our team. Name of child:

Age of child:

Please describe the signs and symptoms of this/these and any possible challenges:

If any of the above challenges do occur please outline the action you would like us to take:

Is your child taking any medication?

Yes / No

If yes, what medication and what is it for?

May this medication need to be administered whilst they are in the BIG Country? Yes / No If yes, please sign to confirm that you are happy for a member of the BIG Country childcare team to administer the medicine or action. Signature of consenting parent / carer _____________________________________ If you are leaving medication with us please now complete a medication sign in form. Data Protection Act 1998: The information requested is necessary for us to monitor and provide an efficient service. Details will be held on a database and we may use these details to contact you for the purpose of emergencies. Please now hand this form to a member of staff for verification. Staff signature _____________________

Revised: July 2016

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BIG Country Consent Form  

BIG Country Consent Form