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What is CricketPredictions is a unique web based cricket league game where you get points based on the accuracy of your predictions. The aim of the game is NOT to score maximum points. Instead, you win by overtaking other participants by accurate predictions of your players of your choice. The more accurate your predictions of the performances of your chosen players, the more points you will get.

 How is it different from other Fantasy leagues like Crickinfo etc? Fantasy League by Cricinfo is about picking up the 11 players who you think will perform the best on any given day. CricketPredictions goes one step further and lets you predict their performances and give you points if your predictions are accurate. Your player doesn't have to perform best to get you more points. He has to perform as you predicted him to. (Yes, even a player scoring a duck can get you loads of points, if you predicted he would do so!)  What is the difference between "Play for fun" mode and "Play for money" mode? Play for Fun - you participate in the game without any fees and compete with other players just for fun. You earn CP bucks based on the badges you earn while playing which can be redeemed for prizes. Play for Money - Coming soon.  How many tournaments can I join at a time? You can join as many tournaments as you want. There is no restrictions on the number of tournaments you can participate in.  Can I join after the tournament has started? Yes, you can join at any time of the tournament. Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US & Canada 888-666-4316

 I have created a team. When do I start accumulating points? Points are calculated within a few hours of completion of a day’s play. The latest scores are available on the Dashboard page (visible on logging in). You will also receive an email when the scores are updated.  Do I get more points if my chosen players perform better than other members'? No. You do not get points on players performances. You get points on the accuracy of your predictions of player's performances. The closer your prediction is to the actual result, the more points you accumulate.  Why am I not allowed to select more than 6 players for my team? This is a new concept. We want to get your opinion on how you want this game to develop before expanding it further. So for the moment, we are starting with limited options for all users. Based on your feedback and our monitoring of how the game is being played, we will add more options at later stages.  Can I enter more than one tournament with the same team? Actually, for CricketPredictions, you have to create a new team for each game because you have to pick 6 players from the 2 teams that are playing that particular game. This is different from other Fantasy League games where one team of 11 players is created and then changes are made by transferring players throughout the tournament.  Can I submit my predictions for all games before the tournament starts? Yes, you can submit your predictions for all the games once you have joined a tournament. Just be informed about the players that you pick before the start of the game to make sure that your chosen player is indeed playing. Unlimited substitutions are allowed before the start of the game.

Developed by Galaxy Weblinks Call Now US & Canada 888-666-4316

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The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible with your team of 6 players for the match. Fantasy points are based upon how your...