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Sports Colours Awards—Juniors with Sam Nunn and Tommy Ramdhan (Pg 4)

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Autumn 2016 Issue 15

Record High Examination Results

Below: Some of our very happy top achievers on Results Day.

Once again Hurstmere is delighted that so many students have achieved good examination grades. The proportion of students gaining grades A* - C in both English and Mathematics (69%) represents another record high for the school, and students at every academic level have been rewarded for their considerable efforts. Hurstmere is very proud of all of its students and their achievements. Mr G Stollery - Principal

Left: Students access their examination results on Hurstmere’s Results Day.

Welcome to Year 7 In our first newsletter of the academic year we extend a warm welcome to all of our Year 7 pupils and their parents. The new cohort have completed their first half term at Hurstmere and have begun finding their way around school, meeting their new teachers and getting involved in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.

They have already received information about the end of year trip to Windmill Hill in East Sussex and at the time of writing over half of the year group are signed up to go! The new Year 7’s have made an excellent start to their secondary school careers and we look forward to them playing an important role in the school community over the next five years. Mr P Bolter - Head of Year 7

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The Windmill Hill swimming pool.

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Dear Parents

Their university destinations include Warwick, Birmingham, the London School for Economics and even the Guildhall School of Music.

As always, the first task in the autumn newsletter is to congratulate all those students who sat their GCSE examinations in the summer. Once again Hurstmere is able to report record-high examination results for the outgoing Year 11 students, with their very significant efforts appropriately rewarded. We wish them well in the next phase of their development - we understand that some 85% plan to stay in full-time education for Year 12 and, for many, beyond.

Parents will already know that the end of this term sees the retirement of Mr Stringer, who has served the school for some seventeen years, initially as Deputy Head and then for the last twelve as Headteacher and Executive Principal. It is he who has led the school into and through its most successful period to date, with skilful, caring, visionary and principled leadership that has been recognised by all within and beyond Hurstmere. I know you will join me in congratulating him on a fantastic 34 year teaching career, and in wishing him a well -earned, lengthy and healthy retirement.

In addition I was delighted to hear from my colleagues at Chislehurst & Sidcup, Townley and Beths Grammar Schools respectively, with regard to the 'A' level exploits of students who left Hurstmere just over two years ago.

Mr G Stollery - Principal

BOYS ACHIEVING THE BEST RESULTS – 2016 (Provisional) The GCSE points scoring system (APS = Average Points Score) is as follows A*=58, A=52, B=46, C=40, D=34, E=28, F=22, G=16, U/X=0 Sam Ward gained 4A* in Additional Science, English Language, History and Music, 5A grades in English Literature, Geography, Maths, RE and Core Science, with an APS of 54.67 Joe Barnbrook gained 3A* in French, History and GCSE PE, 6A grades in Additional Science, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Maths and Core Science, with an APS of 54 Johnny Eades gained 3A* grades in Biology, Maths and Physics, 5A grades in Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography and GCSE PE and a B grade, with an APS of 53.33 Jamie Moreland gained 3A* in Biology, Media and Physics, 5A grades in Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, French and Geography and a B grade, with an APS of 53.33 Alfred Mulvey gained 2A* in Biology and History, 5A grades in Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics and Product Design and 2B grades, with an APS of 52 Nishil Patel gained 1A* in Product Design, 6A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Geography, Maths and Physics and 2B grades with an APS of 51.46 Adam De Bolla gained 2A* in Maths and Electronics, 4A grades in Biology, Computing, Chemistry, Maths and Physics, a Distinction* in IT Application Skills, 2B grades and a C grade, with an APS of 51.4 Ashok Bungar gained 1A* in History and 4A grades in English Language, Maths, Product Design and Core Science, a Distinction* in IT Application Skills and 3B grades, with an APS of 51.33 Jack Agius gained 2A* in Maths and Physics, 3A grades in Biology, Chemistry and History, 4B Grades, with an APS of 50.67 Mitchell Isaac gained 7A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Maths and Physics and 2B grades with an APS of 50.67 Joseph Marshall gained 2A* in Electronics and Product Design, 4A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Physics, 2B grades and a C grade, with an APS of 50.67 Jamie Mitchell gained 1A* in History, 3A grades in Electronics, Additional Science and Core Science, a Distinction* in IT Application Skills and 4B grades with an APS of 50.67 Harry Barnard gained 6A grades in Additional Science, Computing, Electronics, English Language, Maths and Core Science, a Distinction* in IT Application Skills, 2B grades and a C grade, with an APS of 50.2 Oliver Natusch gained 1A* in Product Design, 3A grades in Computing, Music and Core Science, 1 Distinction* in IT Application Skills and 5B grades, with an APS of 50.2 Ryan Middleton gained 7A grades in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics and Product Design, 1B grade and a C grade, with an APS of 50 Henry Collis gained 1A* in Maths, 5A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, History and Physics, 1B grade and 2C grades, with an APS of 49.33 Alexander Phelps gained 1A* in History, 3A grades in Biology, English Language and Geography , 4B grades and 1 Merit in Sports Studies, with an APS of 49.33 Alexander Hastie gained 4A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Maths, 3B grades, a Merit in Sports Studies and a C grade, with an APS of 48 Luke Healy gained 4A grades in English Language, English Literature, History and Maths, 4B grades and a C grade, with an APS of 48 Jack Sproul gained 3A grades in English Language, French and PE and 6B grades, with an APS of 48

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


The slip casting process requires a porous plaster mould to pour the liquid clay within and which subsequently forms the shape. Joe therefore refined and fettled the overall surface of the 3D printed prototype ready to be moulded in plaster.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY This year’s GCSE Product results have produced a range of exciting outcomes. One Student in particular, Joe Marshall, was successful in gaining an A* in both GCSE Electronics and Product Design. This is quite an achievement due to the consistent effort required to produce the amount of coursework needed for both disciplines. Joe’s Product Design controlled assessment final product, a lamp, was particularly exciting. His design idea focused on angular yet fluid organic aesthetics. To produce a surface like this by hand would usually prove difficult. Joe endeavoured to learn the necessary skills to use Autodesk, a 3D CAD drawing software, which we regularly use in school. Although our department is equipped with a 3D printer unfortunately Joe’s design was too large to print in one piece.

The plaster is poured over the plaster model.

Once, he had made and dried out the mould Joe was able to slip cast a small batch of clay casts. Inside view of the mould prior to casting in clay.

The first cardboard model.

Once the plaster mould is dry, slip (liquid clay) can be poured into the mould.

The cast is soft and delicate when first removed from the mould. CAD renderings.

Coincidently, Paul Hammond, a prospective parent at the time kindly offered to print the product. Mr Hammond is employed by the University College London, based in 33 Queen Square, Hospital Outpatient and Research Labs.—“Internationally, Queen Square is known as the centre of the Neurological Universe!” Mr Hammond’s role as Laboratory Manager means he is responsible for “all the equipment within, which I either purchase, make in house, or design to be made externally.”

After drying the cast can be cleaned up and moulding marks removed.

After drying, the clay casts were fired to a temperature of 1100C which provided the clay body with a translucent tone when lit. The final product was a real success!

Joe’s product was clearly in 3D printed object, safe hands. courtesy of Paul Hammond. Mr Hammond kindly printed his product using his resources to Joe’s 3D drawing. Initially, the 3D prototype was to be used as the final product. However, once we received the model from Mr Hammond, it became quickly apparent that the shape would be ideally suited to slip casting in Porcelain.

Well done to Joe Marshall and the 2016 Product Design pupils, all of whom worked very hard on this year’s controlled assessment. A big thank you to Mr Hammond whose time and generosity enabled Joe to realise his design and make a very successful product. Joe’s completed porcelain lamp with oak base.

Joe fettling the final plaster model ready for moulding.

Mr S Taylor - Teacher of Product Design


A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

Right: Joseph Linda School pupils using the desks we bought with your support.

DONATE A DESK To everyone who donated to the "Donate a Desk Appeal" that Sue Allsop organised, a massive thank you. Here are some pictures of those desks and other supplies that we have helped to donate. These pictures were sent to me by the 19 year old Head Teacher of the Joseph Linda School, Lwiindi. Your donations also went to help her gain her teaching qualifications.

Left and Below: Science equipment purchased with our donations.

Although Tag Rugby is the vehicle by which we engage with the community, there are many other life changing and sustainable projects that we facilitate. We are having a video professionally edited for the Zambia Tour 2016 and I look forward to sharing this with you when it is completed.


Below: Our boys check out the chickens bought for the Joseph Linda School.

that we put in in 2014. The borehole itself is the only one on the whole compound that has never dried up, even in the dry season. This is also giving the school a sustainable from of income when it is used by the community (35,000 people).

Above: The thriving vegetable patch we help plant.

During our visit we got the borehole connected to a newly installed water tower which will service the ablutions block. Along with the ‘Donate A Desk Appeal’ all of these projects have been started due to the money raised with your help and support. Thank you so much and long may it continue.

The trip was a great success. We travelled around all of the projects that had been started previously by our boys and all are going well. At Joseph Linda School the chickens set up by us in 2012 are gaining a good income through sale of the eggs. The vegetable patch that we first planted in 2012 is looking green and lush due to being irrigated by the borehole

Mr M Robinson - Head of PE



Towards the end of the summer term Hurstmere hosted its annual Inter House Athletics Day. Once again it was a competitive afternoon on the track with all four houses from years 7 - 10 competing very well in front of the whole school who sat by watching. Prior to the afternoon’s track events boys had competed in their field events so that the points could be added to the overall standings.

The awarding of the Junior and Senior Sports Colours took place in the summer term. Pupils were nominated by members of the PE Department based on the following criteria:

Year 7 Winners – Cobham House Year 8 Winners – Sydney House Year 9 Winners – Caxton House Year 10 Winners – Chaucer House Inter House Athletics Winners 2016 – Chaucer House

Represents the school in a number of sports

Plays sport at a representative level, i.e. district, county or national level

Regularly shows good sportsmanship and dedication to the school

Shows excellent leadership qualities

Acts as a role model to other students.

The ties were presented by past students, Sam Nunn a British medal winning rower, and European Junior 200m sprint champion Tommy Ramdhan—both are a true inspiration.

The Senior pupils wearing their ties.

Mr J Ball - 2 i/c of PE A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


Mr M Robinson - Head of PE

Making Hurstmere’s Cricket History Our u12’s cricket team, having been eliminated from the Kent Cricket Cup by Beths Grammar School, went into the Kent Plate. On route to the final of this competition they defeated Bexley Grammar, Wilmington Grammar and Herne Bay High. Hurstmere then met Kent College in the final at Rodmersham Cricket Club and got off to a good start with Daniel Bennett picking up a couple of wickets in his first two overs. Kent College then began to mount a good total with some excellent batting from their middle order but Hurstmere kept collecting wickets along the way. With some tight bowling at the end of the innings from Charlie Hills, Daniel Bennett and Rhys Wyborne, Kent College finished on 113 all out. In reply, Hurstmere got off to a flying start with Alfie Eldridge smashing the ball to all areas of the ground. He was bowled playing another extravagant shot and Daniel Bennett was joined at the crease by Charlie Hills, and this is where the game began to get away from Kent College. Charlie hit seven boundaries on his way to his 44 and by the time he and Daniel were out it allowed Imre Sandford and Freddie Kempson to finish the innings, winning the game with a boundary. This is the first time in the Hurstmere School’s history where we have won a County Cricket Competition. We extend our congratulations to the boys.

16 boys in Year 9 are participating in the Sky ‘Living for Sport’ Programme this academic year. The primary aim of the programme is to use sport stars and sport skills to help increase young people’s confidence, self-esteem, engagement in and attitudes to learning. As part of the programme we are assigned an Athlete Mentor and this year we are pleased to welcome Theo Spalding-McIntosh, GB Judo to Hurstmere to work with the group.

Team: Daniel Bennett, Alfie Eldridge, Charlie Hills, Imre Sandford, Freddie Kempson, Jack Wakeman, George Hunter, Josh Leach, George Bird, Tom Ash and Rhys Wyborne.

On September 26th Theo spent a day working with the boys in school where they looked at the ‘Six Keys to Success’ which are Mental Toughness, Hunger to Achieve, People Skills, Sports & Life Knowledge, Breaking Barriers and Planning for Success. The day involved a range of workshops where different sports’ challenges were used to introduce the key skills to the boys, and get them to identify the qualities they would need throughout the programme. Over the coming months the boys will set individual and group goals, plan and carry out a sporting event for other young people and identify how these skills and qualities can be applied to their academic achievements.

Mr J Eiffert - Teacher of PE

North Kent Cross Country Championship On Wednesday 12th October 21 boys from years 7 - 10 travelled to Hall Place for the North Kent Cross Country Championships. Racing in challenging conditions, the boys all acquitted themselves admirably showing great effort and enthusiasm. There were some very strong individual performances with several boys being selected to run at the Kent Championships. We are waiting on confirmation of the final results. Mr J Ball - 2i/c of PE

Here are some of the thoughts from the boys involved:

Bexley Schools’ Handball Tournament

“It was brilliant to work with a Team GB athlete for the day. He taught us the Six Key Skills for Success. The one I thought was the most important was Mental Toughness because it taught me to never give up even if things are tough and you’re in pain!” Omar Kasso - Year 9 Cobham X

Tuesday 4th October at Erith School— although this was Hurstmere’s first experience of this sport it did not deter the boys from giving a creditable performance. Hurstmere’s Year 8 and Year 10 teams were drawn against the favourites, Erith, in the first game. Even though we were beaten the teams gained some valuable tactical pointers for the coming matches.

“On September 26th an athlete called Theo Spalding McIntosh came in to do various activities with us. The activity I enjoyed most was the one where we had to throw a tennis ball to each other in a sequence. This was working on one of the Six Keys to Success – Hunger to Achieve.” Luke Baldwin - Year 9 Caxton Y

Sadly, only one other school attended this tournament and so our second and final match was against Bexleyheath Academy, where our boys set up a much reinforced defence, and counter attacked with speed and agility. The Hurstmere Year 10 team won a close fought game 2 - 0. Our Year 8 team really showed off their newly acquired skills, and romped home with a 9 - 0 victory. The boys were a credit to our school, with Josiah Jones, Year 10, and Josh Leach, Year 8, both leading their respective teams superbly.

“I was chosen by my team to be Team Captain for the day. The team chose me because I am the school Rugby Captain; I am responsible and not biased towards people. As Team Captain I had to take charge of the team, make sure they followed instructions and understood the tasks for each activity. The activities were great and not only did I get to meet a Team GB athlete I had fun with my friends.” Spenser Joy - Year 9 Sidney Y

The teams included - Year 8: Charlie Hills, George Hunter, Isaac Jones, Alfie O'Neill, Ben Greenslade and Jack Wakeman Year 10: Tommy Kemp, Harry Kemp, Adam Cooke, Chi Enzennolim, Gavin Chana and Matthew Crane.

The day was very rewarding and inspiring for the boys and we look forward to welcoming Theo back to Hurstmere for a follow up visit later in the term.

Mr G Joyce - Teacher of PE

Miss S Allsop - School Games Organiser


A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

CITIZENSHIP NEWS First Give Project 2015/16 During the last academic year all Year 7 students studied the ‘First Give’ initiative as part of Hurstmere’s Citizenship programme. ‘First Give’ is a charity that gives secondary school students the chance to give their time and talent to local charities and social issues leading to improvements around the local community in which they live. The programme requires all students to choose and learn about a local charity and then create a team presentation to secure the £1,500 prize money. Eight groups were selected for the final which was held in the school hall in front of an enthusiastic crowd, which included representatives from local voluntary groups, the charities, the senior leadership team, governors and parents. All eight groups presented confidently and put forward their arguments focussing on why their chosen charity would deserve the prize money and the impact it could have on the local community. Three groups were selected as winners and are highlighted below. Those who attended agreed that the judges had an incredibly hard decision and any of the eight groups could have been considered for the prizes. ‘First Give’ wrote about the evening "Arguably the most enjoyable final I've ever been involved with. Brilliant teachers and very impressive students. A strong, strong case for more Year 7 teams I'd say!"

The Winners - 1st prize £1000 DANSON SPORTS Luca Treadwell - Sam Messer Oliver Moorhouse - Lucas Tsolakidies nd

Joint 2 - £250 each 1ST FOOTSCRAY SCOUTS – Lewis Williams - Charlie Turner Andre McSorely - Kacper Tyczkowski CANCER RESEARCH Ore Oluyen - Tom Hannaghan James Middleton - Frazer Holder

Jack Petchey - Award Scheme 2015/16 The Jack Petchey Award Scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people and receive additional funding. Achievement awards at Hurstmere are given to students who make a wholehearted, unselfish and dedicated contribution to the school. The winner then plays a major part in how the £250 prize money should be spent. This year’s prizes ranged from new cameras for ‘Hurstmere News’ to hooded jumpers for all those going to Zambia this summer. On July 7th the winners, accompanied by parents, teachers and senior leaders, attended the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards evening at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford to receive their medals in front of a packed out and lively auditorium. The pupils were accompanied on stage this year by Mrs Bennett who won the Leaders Award. Mrs Bennett was recognised for her tireless and committed

We were also accompanied by a school band called ‘The Gas Tanks’, who superbly entertained the audience with their rendition of ‘Chicken Shop’. The evening was yet again a fantastic, fun and uplifting event attended by most of Bexley’s schools. As usual Hurstmere’s winning pupils represented the school impeccably and received the adulation and recognition they so richly deserved. The Winners: Vinnie Newman; Harry Holyhead; Matthew Smith; Jack Smith; Tom Spooner; Bruno Di Castri; Gary Landick; Faizan Naveed; Ethan DriscollNiles.

Jack Petchey - Public Speaking Workshop On Thursday 13th October 18 apprehensive Year 10's took part in a Jack Petchey Public Speaking Workshop. However, over the course of the day all of the boys, of varying ability and confidence, really engaged with the writing and performing of their speeches. The trainer said "Such a charming group of young men…" and "A delightful group of boys who visibly improved in confidence over the day." Six pupils are now through to the next stage: Aaron Niles Josh Eden Ben Luxford Matthew Smith Sam Whiterod Edward Brooker One of these boys will represent Hurstmere at the Regional Final on 30th March 2017. Henry Lawrence and Frankie Walker were also recognised and awarded Highly Commended certificates.

Mr M Wright - Citizenship

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

work with many Hurstmere students, past and present. In a number of pastoral roles over the years she has demanded that every pupil, no matter what their background, life opportunities or behavioural issues, has the right to a safe and caring environment especially whilst at school.


Pupil’s comments: Matthew ‘I thought it was a good experience. The training and trainer taught me very good skills and my confidence has risen from 4 - 8 after this workshop. I'd be interested in further speaking workshops.’ Frankie ‘It was nerve racking but very amazing.’ Edward ‘Well involved with everyone, enjoyable and funny.’ Mrs L Murphy - Head of Media Studies

Hurstmere’s Autumn Short Story Competition

Hurstmere hosted the Anne Frank Schools' Exhibition. This is a project run by the Anne Frank Trust UK whose mission is: ‘

Have you ever written a story? Have you ever thought you could write a better ending to a movie? If your answer is yes, then here is your chance… Hurstmere’s first Short Story Competition of the year is now under way. You must create a short story of no more than 1000 words. The chosen genre is crime or thriller. The competition is open to budding authors from all year groups. There are separate prizes on offer to entrants from KS3 and KS4. Entries close Monday 18th December. Get writing! Ms R Parris - Teacher of English

Come and practise your speaking and listening skills at ‘Speakers’ Corner’ Last year, the English Department began a club called 'Speakers’ Corner.' The club is aimed at KS3 students and provides an opportunity to practise and hone the invaluable skill of speaking in front of a crowd on a range of topics. In each session, three or four students present for roughly 3—5 minutes about any topic of their choice. Following this we open up for a group discussion/debate. The club was a great success and we had a number of students attend each session where we heard them discuss a range of diverse issues such as feminism, drug legislation, the EU Referendum and the importance of healthy eating. It would be an understatement to say that we have had some lively debates! If you have any further questions or would like some more information about Speakers’ Corner, please get in touch with either Mr Macnamara or Miss Parris. “We remain excited about this club, the opportunities it presents to its members, and we look forward to it continuing into its second year." Ms R Parris and Mr J Macnamara Teachers of English

Founded in 1990, the Trust enters the lives of young people across the country when they are likely to be at their most vulnerable and impressionable and imbues in them the importance of positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others. They do this through educational projects in schools, prisons and communities across the UK. The exhibition was on display in school for two weeks. During this time sixteen Year 9 pupils were trained as Peer Guides to lead others around the exhibition. Classes from KS3 visited the exhibition and attended workshops on such issues as:- human rights - understanding prejudice - identity and diversity. All of Year 9 attended the exhibition, along with some classes from Years 7 and 8. The exhibition was a great opportunity to start a dialogue with the pupils about the issues confronted in the exhibition, so staff aimed to incorporate Anne's story into their lessons or tutor time over the two weeks which proved to be incredibly valuable for the students. For more information you can visit the trust's website at Mr P Bolter - Teacher of History/Head of Year 7 During the last academic year Hurstmere’s Year 7 students participated in Accelerated Reading as part of their English/Library lessons. The aim of AR is to help the boys increase their vocabulary and literacy understanding which will help them with comprehension tasks such as examinations . During the year the boys read thousands of books, passed numerous book quizzes and in total read an amazing 64,849,277 words, which beat last year’s record winning total! This was an excellent achievement. Our ‘Million Word Readers’ were Finlay Mulvaney and Quincy Oshodin with over 3 million words read, Frankie Svoma, Leon Corcoran and Matthew Saunders with over 2 million words and there were seven boys who read over 1 million. Well done to these boys and to all the Year 7s who worked so hard.

How does it work? It is simple, when you complete an Eiffel Tower chart in your French lessons for completing good class work or homework, your teacher will give you a credit as well as a special sticker. All the MyStickers rewards you earn come with a unique code that you can add to your MyStickers account. There are already many children using MyStickers. In fact, 700,000 children like you have logged over 4 million stickers since it started and over 1 million in the last 12 months! Every single reward you add to your MyStickers account is a raffle ticket to win amazing prizes! You also get your own Buddy who can be fully customised with accessories.

We are hoping that this year’s cohort can better this achievement. Already Darren Chipunza has reached his million words, so the challenge is on. Keep reading!

All you need is to keep doing good things in your French class and make sure you add your rewards to MyStickers… easy!

Mrs E Tubbs and Mrs J Dowse - Librarians

Mme L Notton - Head of French


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The Land of Fire and Ice Welcome back to the second instalment of the Iceland 2016 Diary. If you missed the first part, the whole diary and more photos can be found on the school firefly website. Day 3 (Continued)

After being given a stern warning and strict instructions from Mr Baston to not fall to our deaths, we carefully climbed Svinafellsjokull in single file up the crumbling and icy rocks by the side of the glacier. We could see black streaks in the ice where the ash had been left from past eruptions. We reached a flat point where we gathered and absorbed the view, like seagulls perched precariously on a safe cliff, before we headed back to the coach. We drove though the snowy lava fields back to Hotel Katla which happened to sit next to an active and overdue volcano. (Jamie Moreland).

We spent time learning and exploring areas of the island that are not very accessible to most tourists. The area is very intriguing due to the fact that it is constantly changing because of the diverse weather and constantly shifting glaciers. We also got to visit and learn about movie site locations such as ‘Interstellar’, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Noah’. This place just keeps getting better!

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

We had an unexpected treat on our journey home as we listened to some folk tales from our guide and an appalling story from Miss Parris about Katla's pants (we still have no idea what that was all about) and a fantastic reading from Mr Maher about Snorri, the fugitive's cave. I really enjoyed learning about the Yulelads (Icelandic Christmas folklore); my personal favourite was the sausage stealer . (Josh McAlpine). As the day came to an end, a very tempting warm hot tub was located outside the hotel which meant none of us could resist the temptation. I was very surprised as you do not normally sit and relax in a geothermal hot tub whilst it is snowing, with freezing cold wind blowing against your skin. A night to go down in the memory book! (Morgan Newman) Day 4 Up early and bags packed (we’re becoming experts now) we made our way back on to the coach for another busy day. We started with Skogafoss, another of Iceland’s famous volcanoes.

We walked up the never-ending steps leading up to the waterfall, gasping for air and struggled to the top. The views of the utopian waterfall were truly mesmerising. (Nishil Patel). The waterfall was amazing and we were all impressed by Mrs Bennett, who again faced her fears and climbed with us. It was almost looking like a successful trip for her until Albie skidded on the ice and nearly sent her flying to the bottom! We assure you, we didn’t laugh Ma’am! (Charlie Sharp)


After we came down the mountain we went in front of the Skógafoss; the thunder of the water was breathtaking. Some of us decided that the pull of fresh snow was too tempting and we descended into a snowball fight which the teachers could do nothing but smile at! (Danny Drinkwater)

We moved on to Seljalandsfoss and walking round the back of the waterfall was an amazing experience; to see the power that the water produces when hitting the lake was amazing. After escaping the clutches of the waterfall, we met the guides for our next activity – 8WD monster trucks! These trucks took us further into the Thorsmork Valley than we could ever have ventured by car or coach and we got to see the visible effects of the Eyjafjallajokull eruption first hand. The Thorsmork Valley can only described as a winter wonder land. The river couldn't have been more spectacular. The water rushed and meandered around us and the taste, although a little sour, puts tap water to shame. (Ryan Middleton)

Day 5

By far the most dramatic parts of the trip has been the ride in the converted missile carrier. Despite the suspension, the journey was bumpier than a camel doing the Harlem shake and the vehicle jolted violently whenever we splashed across a river. Then we arrived at a magnificent snowy wonderland where we followed the winding path of a small river between the rocky slopes to an even more magical sight; a cave, beautifully sculpted into the cliff with icicles like daggers dripping downwards. After a short trek we got back onto the beast bus and headed off to our next destination... (Jamie Moreland).

After breakfast we headed for Reykjavik the beating heart of the country. The bustling capital city centre was as busy as Sidcup High Street on a Sunday evening with the overpriced tourist shops thriving from our shopping spree. We were squished like sardines in the lift up to Hallgrimskirkja Church tower where the view of the city was more stunning than a fully charged tazer gun on Boris Johnson. It was incredible to see the old and new buildings surrounded by the rocky and icy mountains. Then we clambered back on the bus and soon we reached the bridge between continents where we crossed from the Eurasian Plate to the North American plate. Several photos later we were heading for Keflavik airport where we jetted off back to London with memories that we will never forget. (Jamie Moreland)

Sam Ward sums it up with this statement: This trip to Iceland has been

truly incredible. The land of ice and fire has astounded me. I could happily live in a secluded mountain-top home on this extraordinary island for the rest of my life. The incomprehensible sights of water rapidly gushing over cliff faces, snow-dusted mountains and waves pulverizing beaches will be imprinted in my memory forever. Everyone had a fantastic time plus the students were a pleasure to be with and have given me some great memories. Also, I must say a big thank you to the staff for their assistance; without them giving up their time the trip would not happen. If you are interested in going to Iceland then keep an eye out for information or Year 11’s see me as soon as you read this! - Mr T Baston

- Head of Geography

Once again, it has been a real pleasure to share this experience with a fantastic group of young men who have thrown themselves into every adventure with humour, interest and enthusiasm! (Mrs L Bennett)

Y7 MERSEA ISLAND 2016 During the last week of the academic year we visited Mersea Island with 144 students in Year 7. The boys took part in various outdoor adventure activities including rock climbing, mountain biking, kit car building, quad bikes, team challenges, high and low ropes, archery, zip wire, caving, and on the final day, taking part in ‘It’s a Knockout’. The students lived in 8 man tents for the duration of their stay and participated in evening activities run by the Hurstmere team that included football, rugby, basketball, cricket and beach walking. Midweek staff arranged for the boys to have a BBQ around our campsite which was very welcomed by the boys. During their free time it was amazing to see the

leadership and organisation skills of some boys who set up activities for others to take part in. Students were rewarded daily for their efforts in activities and helping others. All students were a credit to the school, challenging themselves in each activity in which they participated and supporting others who found these activities difficult. We had some amazing feedback from the instructors


who commented on how well behaved the boys were, how polite and courteous they were to staff and others in their group. A big thank you to all the staff who attended the Mersea Island trip, giving up their time and working hard with the boys to create a genuinely amazing experience for everyone involved. Mr A Davis - Head of Year 8

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

Art Competition Hurstmere's Got Talent!! Autumn 2016 Left: The winning picture by Will Gibson

For this term's House Art Competition, Year 8 and 9 pupils were invited to submit their own artwork which they had produced in their own time. The response was fantastic with nearly one hundred entries in every conceivable art form being entered into the competition - including drawings, paintings, graphic novels, origami, cartoons, abstract canvases, sculptures and conceptual art. All of the contributions were greatly appreciated and 25 exceptional performers will win house points and reward postcards. A display of work from the competition will be available to view in Room 21 - and well done to Will Gibson whose 'pointillist' Chelsea player will be presented to Mr Stollery. Thank you to all the Hurstmere artists who put their own work forward!! Mr D Blower Head of Art

Left and above : Some of the many art entries.

Lest We Forget... Silence fell in Hurstmere School at 11:00 GMT on the 11th November to remember servicemen and women killed in battle. During three special remembrance assemblies the students were told about the life and untimely death of Wilfred Owen, the famous WW1 poet. Poems were read and a presentation of slides were shown reminding everyone of why we wear the poppy. The end of the 2 minutes silence was marked by Gary Landick playing a moving trumpet solo of the ‘Last Post’ which resonated around the school. My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. Wilfred Owen (1893—1918) A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


ART BEATS The Earth Without 'Art' is Just EH!! Bexley Youth Council organised the ‘Art Beats’ event at the Bexley Civic Offices on Saturday 16th July 2016, as a show case for local young talent across the Arts. Hurstmere School was strongly represented with 19 of our artists successfully submitting and exhibiting their art work in the event. Without bias I can safely confess the Hurstmere boys dominated the show. Their exhibits looked fantastic on display, and our boys did themselves, their families and the school proud on the day. Well done!

I would like to extend a big thank you to the boys, parents, guardians, friends and Ms Bates for giving up their weekend to support the event. Mr D Blower - Head of Art

Mathematics - UKMT Junior Challenge Hurstmere School was invited to participate in this year’s Junior Maths Challenge, organised by the UKMT (The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust). The UKMT is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in Mathematics. In the last academic year over 650,000 pupils from 4,500 schools took part in the three individual challenges which makes it the UK's biggest national maths competition. Our highest achieving 19 boys from Year 7 and 8 were entered to compete in the Junior Challenge in April 2016. They practised past papers in the weeks building up to the competition and showed real commitment to the challenge. Our boys did exceptionally well and received their certificates during a school assembly. These were the results: Best in the School and the Best Year 8 with a Silver certificate: James Ash Best Year 7 with a Bronze certificate: Thomas Hannaghan Silver certificate: Callum Deppe

Our young Mathematicians with their UKMT Certificates.

Bronze certificates: Omar Kasso, Ben Bleksley, Sami Salih, Thomas Bryant, Reece Hill, Adam Cronin, Jonathan Marsh, Luke Christie Participation certificates: Ben Crispino, Max Boles, George Snelling, Joseph Dannaher, Alfie Peacock, Harsha Batchala, Ronnie Campbell and Jack Ryan. Well done to each and every one of you! Ms M Davis - 2 i/c of Mathematics


A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

OTHER MUSIC NEWS - The Gas Tanks have


completed the professional shoot of the ‘Chicken Shop’, which is now available to view on the school’s website. Zak Conquest has attained a Grade 3 Distinction on drums. Finally, the Music Department this year achieved their highest ever results in getting 94% for GCSE and 89% for NCFE Music Technology. Congratulations to all the pupils and a huge thank you to Mr Robertson and Mr Gilbert for their hard work and dedication. Mrs A Roe - Head of Music


Studio Fix at The Royal Festival Hall

The annual Music Concert in July featured a wide range of acts showcasing all their work in both Studio Fix and the Music Department.

The Gas Tanks joined over 1,400 Bexley school pupils at The Royal Festival Hall on Friday 24th June 2016 for the Bird College Festival of Music. Gary Landick, Matt, Ollie, Sam, Ed and Freddie delighted the audience with their confident performance of ‘Chicken Shop’ and ‘Taking Care of Business’ – well done and congratulations to them all.

The school band kicked off the show with two Latin numbers, ‘Tequila’ and ‘Mambo No 5’, giving our orchestral players the opportunity to come together in an ensemble. Numerous bands from years 7 - 11 played an array of diverse music, including a rock band playing ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and ‘Hey Joe’.

Studio Fix pupils will again this year be visiting local primary schools to showcase their work and will take part in the regional heats of Music For Youth early next year. Our songs have achieved almost 10,000 plays on SoundCloud in the last year, in over 50 countries around the world –

Then followed piano solos by Joe Anthony and Billy Supple in Year 10. Year 11 gave a Steve Vai tribute by Sam Ward, and Cassius Hammond played a beautiful version of ‘Le Onde’ by Ludovic Einaudi. Studio Fix performers included 5th Lyrik, Lonely Hour, Se7en and I-Sol-8. A great version of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’ was performed by Adam Campion and his Year 8 band of Joe Sparrow, George Snelling, Tom Ashdown, Niall Hassan and Oliver Seal. This was followed by George Snelling and Tristan Freeman treating the audience to a rap song.

https// New talent is always welcome in Studio Fix – so if you sing, are an instrumentalist or have a talent for song-writing please see Mr Gilbert or Mr Robertson to arrange an audition. Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator

‘Samba’ from Year 7 featured our most talented group of drummers known as The Funky Drummers and included Zak Conquest, Billy Winter and Ed Demi-Ejegi. A choir singing ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's’ and ‘Talk Tonight’ by Oasis, plus The Gas Tanks with ‘Chicken Shop’ helped to round off a great evening’s entertainment. Overall, our Summer Music Concert highlighted and brought together our best musical talent.

ROAD SAFETY A polite reminder to all pupils to respect the rules of the road when making their way to and from school, and that the wearing of helmets is recommended if you choose to ride your bike.

Mr I Robertson - Teacher of Music i/c Performance

Mr P Bolter - Head of Year 7

The Funky Drummers

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The Gas Tanks

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Hurstmere Newsletter Autumn 2016  

Hurstmere Newsletter Autumn 2016

Hurstmere Newsletter Autumn 2016  

Hurstmere Newsletter Autumn 2016