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Autumn 2015 Issue 12

Our New Website We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Hurstmere School website, designed and developed by website design agency Cleverbox.

Some of our top achievers on results day.

Hurstmere's class of 2015 achieved the best ever set of GCSE results in the school's history, with a huge proportion of the boys reaching their target grades and beyond. 129 boys (63%) achieved the headline benchmark figure of Grade A*-C in 5 or more subjects, including both English and Mathematics. The GCSE results in English Language (68% A*-C) and English Literature (68% A*-C), also the best ever in the school's long history, were a testament to the efforts and aspirations shown by a dedicated group of students, ably supported by their parents and teachers. Mathematics results were outstanding once again, with 85% of the boys gaining grade C or above, and 29 boys gaining A or even A*. Significantly, across the board the Year 11 boys at each academic level achieved their potential. All Hurstmere students achieved at least some GCSE qualifications. Special mention must go to Lewis Hines-Street, who achieved 6 A* and 2 A grades, and to Ben Dalton and Raagulan Umashanker who achieved 3 A* and 5 A grades each. Details of the achievements by the highest attaining Hurstmere boys can be found overleaf. Hurstmere School extends best wishes for the future to all our 2015 leavers. Mr G Stollery—Deputy Head Teacher

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Hurstmere WIN the Hackney Live Event with "Chicken Shop" "The winner of the G2M Live public vote is...The Gas Tanks! Victory for Bexley!" Congratulations to Gary Landick, Matt Morley, Sam Ward, Freddie Davis, Ollie Natusch, Ed Demi-Ejegi and Tom Monks - otherwise known as ‘The Gas Tanks’ (formerly called ‘Vanquish’). The boys performed 'Chicken Shop' at the G2M Hackney Live "Battle of the Bands" event and were voted winners by the judges and by the on-line audience. The band won a session at The Premises Rehearsal and Recording Studio, London and will have a professional video made of their song. Mr I Robertson—Teacher of Music/i/c Performance

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ear Parents D May I take this opportunity to welcome all our new Year 7 parents to the first newsletter of this academic year. Last summer we had an excellent set of examination results which are our best ever. 63% of students gained 5 or more A*- C grades including English and Mathematics

at GCSE. 68% achieved a grade C or above in English Language and English Literature. This is 9% above the national boys’ pass rate last year at GCSE English. As you would have heard me say many times, a significant 14% differential exists between the boys’ and girls’ national pass rates in English Language. In mathematics our boys achieved a staggering 85% A*- C pass rate. As usual we have been very busy with our Open Satur-

day and Open Mornings, last year we had an impressive 701 preferences for the 210 places, so I am quietly confident we will be as popular this year. It was great to see so many of you attend our Curriculum Information Evenings organised by my Vice Principal, Mrs Davis. Hopefully you found them informative and together we can motivate our boys to even greater success. I hope you enjoy this newsletter which reminds us of the many fantastic trips that took place during the sunny days of last summer. Mr A Stringer - Headteacher

Some of our best achievers on results day

BOYS ACHIEVING THE BEST RESULTS – 2015 The GCSE points scoring system is as follows: A*=58, A=52, B=46, C=40, D=34, E=28, F=22, G=16, U/X=0. Lewis Hines-Street gained 6A* in Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Mathematics, Physics, 2A grades in English Language and Music and a B grade, with an aps of 55.33. Benjamin Dalton gained 3A* in Biology, French and History, 5A grades in Chemistry, English Literature, Geography, Mathematics and Physics and a B grade, with an aps of 53.33. Raagulan Umashanker gained 3A* in Art, English Literature and French, 5A grades in Additional Science, English Language, Geography, Mathematics and Product Design and a B grade, with an aps of 53.33. Daniel Collins gained 2A* in Biology and Physics, 4A grades in Chemistry, English Literature, Geography and Mathematics, Distinction* in IT Applications Skills, a B grade and a C grade, with an aps of 52. Samuel Downs gained 2A* in Additional Science and Geography, 5A grades in Core Science, English Literature, French, History and Mathematics and 2B grades, with an aps of 52. Lewis Dowse gained 2A* in English Literature and French, 5A grades in Additional Science, Core Science, English Language, Mathematics and Music and 2B grades, with an aps of 52. Jack Hooban gained 3A* in Biology, Electronics and Mathematics, 3A grades in Chemistry, French and Physics and 3B grades, with an aps of 52. Harry Alpha gained 6A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, History, Mathematics and Physics, a Distinction* in IT Application Skills and 2B grades, with an aps of 51.33. Thomas Gomes gained 8A grades in Additional Science, Core Science, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, Mathematics and Music and a B grade, with an aps of 51.33. Callum Hilton gained 6A grades in Art, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Mathematics and Physics and 3B grades, with an aps of 50. Brandon Avgousti gained 6A grades in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Music and Physics, 2B grades and a C grade, with an aps of 49.33. Conor Carolan gained 1A* in History, 4A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and 3B grades and a C grade, with an aps of 49.33. Terence Hares gained 1A* in Electronics, 4A grades in Additional Science, Core Science, History and Mathematics, 3B grades and a C grade, with an aps of 49.33. Jamie Howatson gained 1A* in Art, 3A grades in English Language, English Literature and History and 5B grades, with an aps of 49.33. Benjamin Hart gained 1A* in French, 4A grades in Core Science, English Language, English Literature and Physical Education, 2B grades and 2C grades, with an aps of 48.67. Jack Monksfield gained 1A* in Geography, 3A grades in English Language, History and Product Design, 4B grades and a C grade, with an aps of 48.67. Henry Phillips gained 1A* in Mathematics, 4A grades in Additional Science, English Language, English Literature and History, 2B grades and 2C grades, with an aps of 48.67. A Specialist Sports and Science Academy



Citizenship education aims to help people/students learn how to become active, informed and responsible citizens. More specifically it aims to prepare them for life as citizens of a Democracy.

  

October – Careers November – Bullying and Cyberbullying December – Diversity

Finally, Year 7 pupils are currently following a scheme of work presented by First Give. The scheme which is led and taught by Mr Wright and Mr Davis, focusses on local social issues and in particular charities. During their lessons pupils will learn not only about local and national social issues but also essential presentation and team management skills. In the new year the scheme culminates in a presentation evening where pupils will present to a panel of judges in the school hall with the winning presentation donating a cheque for £1000 to their charity.

Our aim last year was to cover a wide range of elements that included:

Knowledge and understanding of topics and concepts such as – laws and rules, justice, equality, freedom, rule of law, democracy, media, human rights, diversity, money and the economy, sustainable development.

Skills and aptitudes such as critical thinking, expressing opinions, taking part in discussions and debates, negotiating, conflict resolution and participating in community action.

Values and Dispositions e.g. respect for justice, democracy and the rule of law, tolerance, courage to defend a point of view and a willingness to listen, work with and stand up for others. By ‘Theming’ each month throughout the school calendar we have enabled staff and pupils to discuss, plan and wherever possible, be active in their citizenship education. This year is no different and we are pleased to announce the following

Mr M Wright—Citizenship


When learning about the monarchy a number of the students decided to write to the Queen. Over the summer holidays they received replies from the Queen’s secretary and information about what Her Majesty does. It was very exciting to receive these replies and Miss Rosillo has displayed copies in Rochester’s form room if pupils would like to read them.

Letters to Buckingham Palace

Mrs C Fletcher Teacher of Science

Three of the letters Year 9 boys sent to the Queen.

In the Summer Term Year 8 Rochester form spent their Citizenship lessons learning about the British Parliament and our Monarchy. They were really interested in the exciting political climate at the time and discussed their views in detail in class. A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


THE MERSEA ISLAND EXPERIENCE Once again, the year 7 students enjoyed another successful and memorable year at Mersea Island. It was an absolute delight to run the trip this year. I would firstly like to thank Mr Ayo, Miss Clark, Mr Ball, Miss Parris, Mr Clarke, Mrs Lloyd-Wood, Mr Meheux, Mr Eiffert, Mr Macnamara and Mr Dye. Without the support of the staff this trip would be impossible to run. I would also like to thank the students who attended the trip. They made it a truly enjoyable experience, and provided many photo opportunities that will come back to haunt them in year 11! There were a number of highlights of the trip that stood out for me. As always there were some tears, a fear of mud, and this year, an unusual dislike for chicken. Sticking with tradition, there was no fear of dirt; the tents! Oh dear the tents…! But as always, this is forgotten and washed away with the fun. It is always remarkable to see students succeed, particularly when they are out of their comfort zones. It is equally impressive to see the encouragement and support the boys naturally provide for one another as soon as the activities begin. There is a team acceptance when a student cannot carry out an activity and the comradeship never ceases to amaze me. New friendship groups were formed and the boys surprised themselves by challenging their fears. This year we were brave (or mad) and decided we would hold a BBQ for 140 people

Just a few of the activities at Mersea Island

on the last night. Mr Clarke and Mr Eiffert were quick to don their pinnies when they heard the words fire and meat. Only a few sausages and burgers lost their lives to the ashes. Mr Ball naturally took on the role of Gordan Ramsay. Noone dared to go against his commands for fear of death, or even worse – cleaning duty! The boys were very quick to give their thanks to staff for running the trip, and before this trip was even over, wanted to know what was in store for them next year. A truly successful trip. “We are the Hurstmere, the mighty, mighty Hurstmere!” Ms Gallagher - Head of Year 7 2014/15

MERSEA ISLAND—a student perspective Excitement was gushing through the coaches as we drove out of the emerald school gates to embark on an adventure. Sweets packets were rustling as the tiring journey began to get the better of us. Cheers exploded from the coach as we pulled into Mersea Island. We were allocated our tent groups and told to organize them in preparation for the next 3 nights. After that, we were called to the centre of our area and were then told our activity groups. Following this, we went to our first activity. Apprehension was wafting through Hurstmere’s area when this was announced. After that, we went for dinner. This was spaghetti bolognese. Some enjoyed this but on the other hand, some thought it was not to their taste! To our surprise the teachers served this to us. We then did our evening routine – for some people – brushing their teeth and then bed. This was not the case for most of us as we secretly ate sweets, chocolate and talked until one of the teachers firmly told us to go to sleep. The next morning we woke up and went for breakfast. This was very similar every morning, sausage, bacon, croissant, cereal, a slice of baguette and a drink. After that we went off to our activities. One activity that gained fame over the trip was the ‘Adventure Course 2’. This involved a number of different tasks including a crawl through muddy water and a A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

task that consisted of climbing over and under logs of wood sitting just above more muddy water. People were horrified as wet and muddy pupils would pour out of the area, sometimes with glum faces but more often than not with smiles spread across them, laughing. Other activities included archery, aerial runway (a zip wire), high ropes, wall climbing, orienteering, caving, kit karts, swimming, team challenge and it’s a knockout – where all the different groups competed against one another. Every evening, we would have some of our own activities. On two of the nights, a cricket and football game would commence after dinner. This gave the pupils an opportunity to see Mr Ball’s left arm bowling and Mr Macnamara’s fantastic football skills. Ms Gallagher also held a cracker challenge. This is where you have 1 minute to eat 3 water crackers. This sound very easy but water crackers absorb all the moisture in your mouth and proved to be very difficult. Matthew Sowamber was declared the champion and won himself a packet of crackers. Ms Gallagher and Mr Meheux also held a spin and run challenge where you would have to spin around 10 times and then run as far as you can. Fortunately, a bucket was not needed after doing this! The tepee tents were very cosy to say the least! We would describe them as quite claustrophobic. On the other hand, they were fine at night when you were with your friends having fun.


Jake Parrot won the prize for the best fall

Many people had something to be proud of in the way of overcoming their fears. For example, the high ropes, the zip wire and wall climbing were all over 10 metres. Caving was very claustrophobic as we were crawling through very tight spaces. Many of the pupils enjoyed having the chance of being away from their parents. We were indeed very independent on this trip. We looked after our own clothes and possessions and we decided how to use our money. On the last night we had a barbeque cooked by all of the teachers. It was literal mayhem with the ‘boys’ (a name given to some of the teachers) pretending to be famous chefs in a Michelin star restaurant. At the end of our adventure Ms Gallagher handed out some awards. There were awards for each activity group. These were handed out to people that stood out over the 4 days. Also, they were handed out to pupils that had done something out of the ordinary, like not showering for the whole trip! On the last morning we packed our bags, cleared our tents and boarded the coach. The journey home was very loud and boisterous but as we entered the school gates we were all proud of what we had done and we were happy to be home. Ben Bleksley and Callum Deppe - Students


experience many of the rides. By closing time, some were showing signs of fatigue and so we headed back to the Cheyenne Hotel for some much needed sleep catch up.

After a long year of studies, where the pupils worked tirelessly to the end, we set off on our travels for our activities trip to Disneyland Paris.

Day 2 - with everyone refreshed and raring to go, we went to the Disney Studios. Again the boys set off to experience the attractions, with the bravest adventurers taking on the Rock’n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. Wow, they were exhilarating! After high fives from Mickey and kisses from Minnie, we had accomplished our aim of having fun on our travels, and the following morning, after our last breakfast, we headed home. The return was a much better journey and on arriving back at Hurstmere, we passed over our exhausted boys to their awaiting parents.

Well in fact we didn’t set off, not on time as assumed. Our coach driver was involved in an incident that Monday morning and became unavailable to drive us to our destination. Many alternatives were tried, and eventually we were able to get a coach for later that same day; much later. We travelled through the night and arrived at our Disney Hotel at 5.30am. Most of the boys had managed to catch some sleep during the journey, and so with another couple of hours of shut eye, the boys and staff were ready to venture into the Park.

A successful year, capped off with a well-deserved outing. Thank you to all the boys for making the best of a challenging adventure. Thanks also go to Mr Wadsworth, Mr Fujamade, Mr Wright and Mrs Day.

Day 1 - was spent in the Disney Park, where the queues were not too bad and so the boys were able to

Mr G Joyce - Head of Year 9, 2014-15


Day Three: Year 7- Dr Who The Dr Who Day, was designed by Mrs Elliott to be a day of fun and creativity based around the very popular television series.

Day One: Year 8 – Romeo and Juliet Day Two: Year 9 – Superhero and Super Villain with a focus on “Macbeth”

We began by watching the “Doomsday” episode. This features the terrifying Cybermen and Daleks in a battle with The Doctor to save planet Earth! After we looked at some of the extra features found on the BBC website to give us further insight into The Doctor and his enemies. The pupils then had to create their own aliens/monsters. They did this with great enthusiasm and came up with some amazingly detailed concepts and images.

We began by showing the movie of the Shakespeare plays, focusing on the key scenes to be looked at throughout the day. The ‘Say Two’ theatre company came in and ran a number of related workshops. The first was an acting workshop. The pupils were encouraged to lose their inhibitions and take on the roles of a variety of characters at the spectacular “Capulet Ball” for Romeo and Juliet, and the supernatural “Banquet Scene” in Macbeth. They dressed up in an assortment of costumes, including both male and female characters! They learned their lines, re-enacting the scene brilliantly!

We continued the day by making our own TARDIS! This proved to be a challenging task, but again the pupils approached the exercise with eagerness. We ended up with some weird and wonderful creations.

For Romeo and Juliet, the pupils moved onto the “Comedy and Cussing” workshop. Here, they learned how to be very rude to each other in the Shakespearean way. The comedy of Shakespeare became clearer to the pupils and they were able to “cuss” each other in ways which were 500 years old! Next the pupils were introduced to a collection of weapons including the rapier, broadsword and dagger. The instructor explained how sword fighting has developed through history. The swords were then handed over to the boys who were able to use them, fighting each other in choreographed battles! After we made masks, armour and weapons.

Year 7 alien/monster masks!

Their imaginative writing and production skills were put to the test next, with pupils having to create their own Dr Who episode. They designed a storyboard with Dr Who and their alien creation as the main characters, writing a script to compliment the images. The work was imaginative, scary and exciting!

Finally, we had storyboard and script writing activities where the pupils chose their favourite part of the play, usually the big fight scene, and created their own cartoon versions, using the knowledge accumulated throughout the morning. Both groups completed some excellent work and had a thoroughly enjoyable day while undertaking some beneficial preparation work for their Shakespeare studies next year.

Mrs J Nunes – 2 i/c English A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


ACTIVITY WEEK… Continued MUSIC ACTIVITY Josh Clarkson said he really enjoyed the music activity. He had the following to say:


"We made some compositions in the live music room and played as a band. We had a beat boxer who did beats with a drummer and there were lots of us playing in a band. From this, it made me more interested in playing the guitar. I started playing my brother’s guitar over the summer and I began learning tunes myself. I really loved working in a band playing the bass and the guitar." Mr I Robertson—Teacher of Music/i/c Performance

Alton Towers and Cadbury World This year during Activity Week we took 90+ Year 8 students to Alton Towers and Cadbury World. We travelled up to the Alton Towers Waterpark on Monday and spent a number of hours enjoying the flumes, rides and the lazy river before traveling to our accommodation for the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday we visited the Alton Towers theme park where the boys enjoyed rides like Air, Nemesis, Oblivion and many others. On Thursday the boys visited Cadburys World where they saw how chocolate is made and had some tasters before spending money in the Cadburys’ shop followed by returning to Hurstmere School.

At the end of the summer term the Hurstmere Year 7 cricket team were victorious in the North Kent District final against Wilmington Grammar school. Hurstmere opened the batting, and notable performances at the crease came from Ben Bleksley scoring 40 runs and Luke Jenkins reaching his half century with 52. Hurstmere managed to hit 124/3 in our innings. Wilmington went into bat and saw Dealie, Ritson and Singh scoring runs and pushing the game right to the wire. In Wilmington’s nineteenth over Jack Wilkinson from Hurstmere stepped up to bowl claiming 2 wickets to prevent Wilmington reaching their target. Hurstmere managed a narrow victory of 5 runs with Wilmington finishing on 119/3.

Mr A Davis - Head of Year 7

Well done to all the boys who have contributed, at one time or another, towards the success of the Year 7 cricket team. Mr A Davis - Teacher of PE

YEAR 8 FOOTBALL RESULTS On Thursday 3rd September a very enthusiastic group of around 70 boys came along after school to trial for the Year 8 football team. With lots of very talented boys on show it was a very difficult job to select boys for the initial few fixtures. So far over 30 boys have represented the school in fixtures against other schools and the results can be found below. Black = A Team 8th September

Maximise Your Potential

22nd September

All Year 11 students took part in a four-hour workshop aimed at preparing them for the upcoming 'Pre-Public' examinations and beyond. The 'Maximise Your Potential' programme covered revision skills, examination techniques and motivational items. Students' evaluation of the presentations and activities suggest that the programme was very timely, and wellreceived. A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

23rd September 24th September 30th September

Mr P Bolter—Head of Year 11

Red = B Team St Pauls Academy (h) Friendly 2 – 7 (Jenkins, Beadle) Darrick Wood (a) Kent Cup Rd 1 0 – 4 (Dolding 2, Dyer 2) Bishop Challoner RC (a) B ESFA Cup Rd 1 1 – 2 (Bryant 2) Oakwood Park (a) ESFA Cup Rd 1 0 – 2 (Dolding 2) St Pauls (h) Friendly 3 – 2 (Corbett-Smith, Keleher (pen), Bryant) Mr J Ball—Teacher of PE


Change4Life Celebration Festival In July Hurstmere Year 8 Sports Leaders ran a Change4Life Celebration Festival for children in Year 3 and 4 from various primary schools from across Bexley. The Festival was aimed at those young people who have been attending Change4Life Sports Clubs at their own school to give them a taste of a larger sporting event. Hurstmere boys organised a variety of fun games ranging from parachute games to the Dice Run – a great activity which was invented by the boys themselves and proved very popular. All the activities helped the children to improve their basic skills, build their confidence whilst having fun. The Year 8 Sports Leaders did a fantastic job, with teachers commenting on how well they interacted with the younger children especially encouraging them to try the games. Well done boys, you were a real credit to Hurstmere.

The Year 8 Sports Leaders at Change4Life

Sports Leaders One Day Training

Hadleigh Park Mountain Bike Schools Festival During Activity Week 8 lucky boys from Year 9 attended the Mountain Bike Legacy Schools Festival at Hadleigh Park which was the venue for the London 2012 Mountain Bike Races. The boys completed 3 different skills sessions during the visit working on bike handling on the skills circuit and boards, and they also got to ride part of the Olympic course. All the sessions were run by qualified coaches who took the time to teach even our most expert cyclists something new! The boys all agreed this was an amazing experience and something they would love to do again.

Our boys at the Hadleigh Park cycling event.

A video of the visit can be found at:

Over 50 boys in Year 9 took part in a 1 day Sports Leaders training course during Activity Week which was led by Miss Allsop and Mr Reddy. The boys worked on generic Sports Leaders’ skills and qualities, completed team building challenges and planned and led sports activities for boys in Years 7 and 8. The boys’ attitude and commitment to leadership was excellent and they showed good creativity when inventing new games, some of which will certainly feature at future festivals which our Sports Leaders organise. Keep an eye on the school website where you will soon be able to watch the boys training. Miss S Allsop—Partnership Development Manager

INTER-HOUSE ATHLETICS DAY 2015 Towards the end of the summer term Hurstmere hosted its annual Inter House Athletics day. Once again it was a competitive afternoon on the track with all four houses from Years 7 -10 competing very well in front of the whole school who sat watching.

Track and Field event during the Inter-House Athletics.

Prior to the afternoon’s track events boys had competed in their field events so that the points could be added to the overall standings. Notably, 45 ‘House’ and 5 ‘Sports Day’ records were broken. In addition to this; one ‘Sports College’ record was broken by

Marcelo Pita jumping a very impressive 9.47 metres in the Year 7 triple jump. The results for the 2015 Athletics day are: Year 7 Winners

– Chaucer House

Year 8 Winners

– Chaucer House

Year 9 Winners

– Chaucer House

Year 10 Winners

– Cobham House

Overall Inter-House Athletics Winners – Chaucer House Mr J Ball—Teacher of PE A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


SPORTS NEWS—SPORTS COLOURS 2015 The following pupils were successful and received their ties: Junior:

The Junior boys wearing their newly presented Sports Colours ties

The awarding of the Junior and Senior Sports Colours took place on the evening of 29th June. Pupils were nominated by members of the PE Department based on the following criteria:




















Harrison Callard






Joshua Childs

Matthew Crane


Johnny Eades

Represents the school in a number of sports






George Harris

Plays sport at a representative level, i.e. district, county or national level





Regularly shows good sportsmanship and dedication to the school





Brandon Jackson

George Loizou

Shows excellent leadership qualities



Harvey Meech



Tommy Olanrewaju



Ronnie Richardson











Joshua Weller









But most importantly and the main criteria that must be met is  The student acts as a role model to other students in terms of their behaviour in school and when representing the school.












Yr 11





My congratulations go to these pupils and best wishes to those looking to achieve this prestigious award. The Senior Sports Colours tie boys


Mr Stollery presenting a tie

Mr K Wadsworth – Director of Studies


Sports Hall Athletics Club started on Tuesday 22nd September and will run every Tuesday between now and Christmas. Sessions are one hour long and start at 3.15pm. They will be led by coaches from Bexley AC and are free of charge. Students of all abilities are invited to attend these sessions to prepare themselves for Sports Hall Athletics competitions later on in the year. Mr J Ball – Teacher of PE

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

The Year 7 rugby team successfully won all their matches at the recent Met. Kent Festival. Mr M Wright – Teacher of PE



Our boys shared the same accommodation as the Romanians in an attempt to develop co-operation and teamwork. By the end of the week the bond formed between the two groups of students was amazing. With limited knowledge of each other’s language they succeeded in coaching Tag Rugby to over 140 children between the two venues, successfully organising and running 2 tournaments on the Friday and Saturday. From a very tentative meeting on the first Sunday, after the space of 6 days, the two groups had become one. A real testament to their development, hard work and maturity over the week.

On July 4th, following on from the success of the previous three Tag Rugby Tours to Zambia, a group of 12 Year 11 pupils embarked on our first TRT to Bucharest, Romania. The pupils were accompanied by Mr Jones, Mr Maher and Mr Taylor. Also, giving fantastic support throughout the tour, were TRT representatives Rob Davies, Toby Williamson and Sapphire Goddard. Thanks to the hard work of Professor Nicolae Ungureanu two separate bases were established for the 5 days of coaching. One at Grarita RFC, which is linked to the school at which Nicolae teaches in Bucharest, the second being in the countryside outside the capital in the village of Varasti.

All the coaching took place in the mornings with community work being completed in the afternoons. At Gravita, as well as local children, a group of 25 students travelled for an hour from Scoala Gimnaziala in south-west Bucharest to take part in coaching every day. The coaching at both venues was highly successful, great fun and carried out in very challenging hot conditions, with temperatures exceeding 40°c on two days! The community projects also made excellent progress throughout the week. At Gravita the stand was painted for the first time in 30 years. In Varasti some outer buildings at the village school and benches were given a fresh lick of paint. As well as the coaching of local children our boys also worked alongside similar aged pupils from Gravita Technical College teaching Tag Rugby and helping them develop their leadership skills. Working with their Romanian counterparts meant that language and communication were interesting challenges to overcome! Help and assistance was given in this area by four older students who joined us from Ramnicu Valcea in the north of Romania to spend the week with us. It is hoped that through TRT sponsorship, two of these students will be joining us on our 2016 tour to Zambia.

After the hard work of coaching and tournaments our boys then had their well-deserved R & R. We travelled north to Bran where we visited Dracula’s Castle, completed a high ropes experience, swam in the hotel pool and generally relaxed and reflected on the previous week’s successes. Wherever we went during our tour we were shown amazing hospitality and friendship. After each tournament day a bar-b-q was organised by the locals, where English and Romanians joined together in a celebration of all that had been achieved. In the space of 6 days everyone involved had learnt and developed skills which will be invaluable in the coming years and all through the vehicle of Tag Rugby. In September we held our Presentation Evening where the boys were awarded their TRT Level 1 Coaches and Young Leaders certificates. We were fortunate that these were able to be presented by Nicolae who was in attendance with his wife Emi. It was a fitting end to the project for the boys, who were all delighted, to meet up again with Nicolae, a man who through his hard work and never ending enthusiasm has had a wonderful impact upon their lives.

Mr A Jones—Teacher of PE/Head of Year 9 A Specialist Sports and Science Academy


X-FACTOR STYLE SHOWCASE TRIUMPHS! mere’s Mr Mackenzie-Ingle, had the difficult task of selecting three acts to perform a second song. The judges enthusiastically praised and commented on the high The Gas Tanks - Hurstmere School’s winning band quality of the songStudents from Hurstmere’s Studio Fix writing and the stage presence and conenjoyed a memorable Showcase, held on fidence of the pupils. Our presenters the evening of Thursday 25 th June. The for the evening, Mr Robertson and Mrs Showcase wowed the audience of fami- Day, ensured the tension continued as lies, pupils, staff and Governors. the winners were announced! The event was the culmination of a busy year for Studio Fix with the pupils writing and performing their own songs, all of which are being played around the world. Songs on the Studio Fix SoundCloud page have been played by nearly 43,000 listeners. The impressive Showcase provided nine acts with the opportunity to perform their own original material. A panel of judges, including music industry professionals Terry Ronald, Daniel Sherman and Ian Button, along with Hurst-

Whilst the judges had a difficult decision to make, the audience enjoyed a rousing performance by the Year 7 Samba Group, followed by Harmony Army – the Studio Fix Choir – performing ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ and ‘Roar’. The judges made it back to the hall in time to see a surprising and fired -up version of ‘Park Life’ by the Staff Band. The first award presented was the ‘Audience Award’, following a vote during the interval. Whilst it was a

‘THE GAS TANKS’ WIN G2M HACKNEY LIVE The show was presented by The Last Skeptik and the judges were Kwabs, a British singer/songwriter, Vanessa Sylvester, from the duo Navan, and James McKay, from Tomorrow’s Warriors music development. The positive comments by the judges included the song being highly original and that they were extremely impressed by the guitar solos. The event was streamed live on the internet, with Twitter going mad...

Mr Silvester claimed it was the best music show he had ever seen at Hurstmere and thanked the many people involved in putting such an amazing showcase together. Special thanks went to Mr Gilbert, our musician in residence, for his hard work in Studio Fix and for supporting and encouraging the talents and efforts of the pupils. A DVD featuring performances from The Showcase is available to purchase from the school office, along with a CD of Studio Fix music. Studio Fix material is available on the Studio Fix website or Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator

Above right: The Year 7 Samba Group

Above: Two members of the band ‘Fitz’

(Continued from front page)

close decision, ‘Se7en’, Hurstmere’s Year 7 boy-band, achieved the highest number of votes and appreciated the audience support. The judges awarded third place to ‘Fitz’, second place to ‘Se7en’ and first place was won by ‘Vanquish’ (now called ‘The Gas Tanks’). All the performers showed their appreciation for ‘Vanquish’ with their performance of, the now-famous, ‘Chicken Shop’.

The Gas Tanks performing at G2M Hackney Live

"The Gas Tanks sweep the board!" "You guys make me proud to be British." “Any band with a song called "Chicken Shop" are inspired.“ Well done to the boys for all their hard work, along with the support of Mr Gilbert and Mr Robertson. The Gas Tanks performance can be viewed at

cians, especially from the lower school. Any new musicians wanting to put their names forward for Studio Fix please see Mr Robertson or Mrs Ahern.

We are always looking for new musi-

Mrs V Ahern - Studio Fix Administrator

A Specialist Sports and Science Academy



Last summer’s Year 11 Art GCSE candidates managed to achieve an impressive performance in their exams with 84.5% of boys gaining A*- C grades. Well done to them all for their achievements and best wishes for their continued success where ever and whatever they have moved onto post-Hurstmere.

Above: Jamie—Collecting Left and below: Raagulan— Myself and Structures Right: Alex— Collecting

Three of these pupils gained the very highest of possible exam marks – gaining A* grade Art GCSEs. Alex Avis, Jamie Howatson and Raagulan Umashanker all produced amazing portfolios of Artwork over the 2 years of their GCSE coursework – and their individual talent, enthusiastic engagement with the subject and their dedicated effort and hard work is reflected in their exceptional performances in their Art exams. Congratulations to them for their success, and many thanks to these 3 for being an absolute joy to teach throughout their GCSE studies. Here are some illustrations of their amazing Art work. Mr D Blower - Head of Art Right: Alex —Fantastic & Strange Below: Jamie—Myself

Above: Alex — Myself Left: Jamie — Structures Below: Alex— Structures The Holocaust Memorial

Above: Jamie—Fantastic & Strange Right: Raagulan—Collecting

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I’m please to say that the new intake of year 7 students are settling into their new environment very well, with many positive comments coming from members of staff. All the boys should now be familiar with their classroom teachers and where their lessons are taking place. Please refer to the timetable and map provided at the start of year 7 should there be any concerns. At lunch times the boys can be involved in football games, which are run by 10 of our Year 11 Sports Leaders. It is run as two 11 a side games on the playgrounds with students queuing from the start of lunch to be issued with a bib to join in game 1 or a card to join in game 2. So far the system is working well with 44 students taking part in sporting activities each lunch-time.

15 Product Design students were chosen to experience a design workshop led by staff at the Design Museum, London. During this 1 hour workshop, students experimented with design strategies and idea generation methods. Afterwards, students visited the current exhibitions such as 'Designs of the Year 2015’. "Now in its eighth year, Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year." A great afternoon was had by all!

Students wishing to be involved in any extra curricular activities should either liaise with staff in their departments about what activities are available in their subjects or can access the extra curricular timetable on the school website. All of the schools sporting fixtures and team sheets, with important information, can also be found in this section of the school website.


23/10/14 - Collecting for Zambia

Please check your son’s planner daily to help him use it effectively and encourage him to use it to aid in meeting deadlines. On Wednesday during registration time your son’s form tutor will check his planner, you are expected to sign this weekly prior to Wednesday registration, looking for emerging patterns and tutors will use this as a vehicle for communication with you. I hope all students keep up the high standards they have set so far and wish them every success. Mr A Davis - Head of Year 7

PRIZE GIVING Hurstmere’s annual Prize Giving ceremony took place in the school hall on the evening of Tuesday 3rd November. Students received awards for academic, pastoral and interest-based excellence from the evening’s guest speaker Mr Huw James. An eminent adventurer, astronomer and outdoors enthusiast, Mr James also took great delight in making the annual award of Gold Ties to the Upper School students whose contribution to Hurstmere Science has been significant and sustained. He subsequently gave the students much to consider in his fascinating address that followed the award of the prizes.

Mr S Taylor – Teacher of Technology

This event will be featured in the next edition of our Newsletter and photographs are available on the school’s website—

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School photographs by Mr C Richardson and staff


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