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‘Hurstmere School for Boys is ‘a good school’ which successfully endeavours to enhance students’ life chances through an effective academic education. The school’s specialist status as a sports and science college pervades all aspects of the school’s work and promotes a wide range of partnerships which are used exceptionally well to add relevance to students’ learning and strongly supports their personal development. Students are very proud of their school and speak about the quality of the relationships and how ‘staff go beyond their role’ to help them’


Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent DA15 9AW T: 020 8300 5665 F: 020 8300 2039 E: W:


WELCOME to Hurstmere School

Activities Week

Hurstmere School is a well established and respected school for boys. Our academic achievements in the last few years have earned the school numerous accolades.

Enrichment is an integral part of life at Hurstmere and various opportunities are given for students to participate in residential visits outside the traditional curriculum. To facilitate this, during the summer term the curriculum is suspended with all students actively involved in enrichment. Many of our students have benefited from visits, both at home and abroad to Mersea Island, North Wales and Paris.

We are proud of our status as a Sports College, which is bringing enhanced sporting and educational opportunities to our boys and members of the wider Bexley Community. The school was granted High Performing Specialist Status in May 2009 following a very successful Ofsted inspection and now has Science as a second specialism. Ofsted judged the ‘care and guidance’ offered to students as ‘outstanding’. The school was also praised for the positive relationships between staff, pupils and parents. These form the foundation for the good teaching and learning highlighted in the report. Our committed and well qualified teachers offer challenge, encouragement and support, promoting an ethos and culture for success. Hurstmere School strongly believes that every child can make a positive contribution to the school, enhancing their learning experience.

Aims & Values • • • • •

To provide a safe secure environment in which students can achieve. To prepare students for the opportunity and responsibilities of adult life and citizenship. To develop in our students an understanding of the importance of learning for its own sake. To foster the moral, spiritual, cultural and social development of every pupil. To promote tolerance, trust and mutual respect.

To Achieve Our Aims,We Will ... •

Offer students a wide range of personalised educational experiences both within and beyond the curriculum

• • • •

Engage students and parents in regularly reviewing academic progress Provide a high level of pastoral care Celebrate success Work with parents, staff and students to produce happy, confident young people who enjoy school and leave with qualifications and independent learning skills

For those remaining in school, activities are arranged including visits to Museums, alternative sports activities, Technology challenges and Art workshops.

Extra Curricular Our extensive sporting facilities provide a wide breadth of early morning, lunch and after school activities for students to engage, develop students’ confidence and skills both individually and as part of a team. Students are given the opportunity to be involved in leadership, which may lead to them participating in the bi-annual Tag Rugby Charity trip to Zambia. Our library and ICT resources offer an environment to extend their studies both individually and with support, as well as opportunities provided with the Drama department to participate in school productions. Whether their interest is in History or Art, on the playing field or in Music, there are plenty of activities to extend students’ learning and develop their skills as part of our Extra Curricular programme.

We Strive to Succeed ...

Curriculum Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, enabling each student to become a successful learner, confident individual and responsible citizen. A wide range of teaching methods is used to enhance the learning experience of all students, offering challenge, support and encouraging a spirit of enquiry to develop the skills which will enable them to meet the challenges of the future with confidence. The progress of each student is monitored and information shared with parents 1 regularly through our tracking system.

“the curriculum is outstandingly well matched to students needs” Ofsted

Rewards and Achievements Hurstmere’s high standards of achievement are based on good working relationships between staff and students, supported by a structured system of rewards and sanctions. Positive reinforcement is a key element in enhancing teaching and learning and at Hurstmere we believe rewards motivate and inspire achievement. Our annual Prize Giving and the awarding of Sport and Science “Colours” ties offers opportunities to share in the academic, sporting and social achievement of our students with parents. Our Gifted and Talented pupils are given the opportunity to participate in public speaking events, language conferences and themed days. These events provide inspiration, challenge, fun and experience of working with others from a variety of different backgrounds.

Hurstmere as a Sports Academy Hurstmere has a Specialist Status as a Sports Academy and this has a huge effect on the curricular and extra curricular provision of high quality Physical Education and Sport at the school. A large number of our students follow specialist Sport qualifications and leadership courses, particularly at KS4, and there is a culture of sport being used across the curriculum as a stimulus for lessons.


Specialising in Excellence...

Our students participate in a wide variety of sports, with teams competing at local, county and national level in football, rugby and cricket. At an individual level, students can compete in national competitions in golf, volleyball, and swimming. Hurstmere enjoys the privilege of supporting the local community and our facilities are used by a variety of outside bodies and agencies for a variety of purposes. We are also privileged to be able to support local schools in their delivery of Sport and PE and with the local School Games Organiser on site we are able to do this very effectively.

“the school’s specialist status as a sports & science academy pervades all aspects of the school’s work” Ofsted

Hurstmere as a Science Academy As a High Performing Specialist School, in May 2009 we were granted Science as our second specialism. This enables us to develop opportunities for students to study Science beyond the school curriculum and encourage pupils to consider higher education and Science-related careers. Innovation and inspiring education in Science can lead to a better knowledge of how Science works and help build the responsible citizens our society requires. We seek to further utilise the impact of our Sports Specialism to improve learning across the curriculum and to build upon the cross curricular links between Sports and Science. By encouraging a broader understanding of Science through extended and enhanced enrichment opportunities, we are able to raise achievement.

Links with partnership schools, local industry and parents are part of our strategy to extend the impact of the Science Specialism beyond the classroom.


Hurstmere House System The House system is an integral part of life at Hurstmere School and aims to provide a sense of competition and fun through a range of school based activities. All students and members of staff are attached to one of four houses which are named after writers with a link to the local area; each house is assigned a colour. Caxton




House events run throughout the year with points being awarded for each event.


Student Voice At the core of our school ethos is a desire to create a cohesive community and a positive learning environment for all students. At the heart of the Student Voice is a drive to ensure a sense of belonging within the school, a sense of place in the local community and a culture whereby the progress of our school can be fuelled by the talents and insights of our students. The Student Voice offers pupils exciting opportunities to enhance the life of the school through becoming a member of the School Council, the Student Research Team or a Form Representative. Moreover, The Student Voice provides a mentoring scheme for younger pupils, strengthening the sense of community within the school. All of these roles are designed to give students an active role in the development of school life and to strengthen their voice as members of the community.

“students are proud of their school …… students feel exceptionally safe” Ofsted


A Specialist Sports and Science Academy

Prospectus Supplement 2013/2014 Contents Page A Message from the Headteacher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3 Admissions Arrangements for Entry in September 2013. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 Application Arrangements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5 Open Day and Weekday Tours, School Organisation, School Day . . . . . . . . Page 6 Student Planner, Home – School Agreement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7 Homework, Pupil Tracking and Reports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7 Curriculum 2013/2014 Key Stage 3, Lesson Structure. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8 Key Stage 4, CAT Testing, Citizenship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 Work Experience and Post 16 Guidance, Religious Education. . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10 Peer Mentoring, Student Voice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 11 Attendance and Punctuality, Uniform . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 11 PE Clothing, Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12 School Rules. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13 Ritual of Manners, Gifted and Talented students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 14 Additional Educational Needs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 14 Charging Policy, Complaints Procedure, School Dates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15

A message from the Headteacher Hurstmere School is a well-established and respected school for boys. The staff, parents, governors and, most importantly, pupils are very proud of the school and its achievements. We are a Specialist Sports and Science Academy which brings enhanced opportunities to our boys and members of the wider Bexley Community. The last Ofsted inspection in May 2011 judged the School to be ‘good with many outstanding features’. It said ‘The curriculum is outstandingly well matched to students’ needs, particularly in Key Stage 4 where its flexibility enables boys to follow courses which interest and engage them while ensuring a pathway into post 16 education’. Our committed and well qualified teachers offer challenge, encouragement and support to the boys to succeed wherever their abilities lie. We have a commitment to each boy entering the school. Our aim is to provide an effective and relevant education to equip our boys with knowledge, skills and attitudes which will prepare them for their adult working life. We expect them to maintain a spirit of enquiry and to develop their independence so that they can look ahead with confidence to the challenges of the 21st Century. Hurstmere School provides the full range of National Curriculum courses with additional subject options in Key Stage 4 leading to GCSE and vocational examinations. Continuity to higher and further education is provided through links with local sixth forms and further education colleges. Our boys benefit from a wide range of activities which enhance the curriculum and extend the learning beyond the classroom. The commitment of staff and the involvement of parents make school life more rewarding for all and helps to develop the caring and challenging ethos. Once again our results in GCSE this year have been excellent and stand the test of comparison with boys’ results in other similar schools in Bexley and beyond. The location and extensive facilities of Hurstmere School have a positive impact. Recent grants for improvements have been used to upgrade the school’s facilities. A block of six new rooms for Science and Technology, a new sports hall, learning resource centre, library and alternative curriculum facility have been opened in recent years.


Hurstmere Admissions Policy for Entry in September 2013 Responsibility for Admissions The admissions authority is the Governing Body of Hurstmere School. The planned admission number is 210. The parents of all applicants must complete an application form obtained from their home Local Authority. Applicants will then sit a compulsory ability banding test at the school.

Note: For this priority, brother includes a full brother or step/brother living at the same address. Please be aware that you must provide the necessary details when you apply. Children of multiple births will be treated individually under the banding system. Priority 4 – Distance Pupils who live within the nearest radial distance (direct line distance between the applicant’s home to Hurstmere School’s entrance on Hurst Road) to Hurstmere School on the close of the published admissions application date. Note: Home address is the address at which the child lives with a parent or registered guardian who is the main carer, defined as the parent eligible to receive Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit.

Hurstmere School will admit pupils representing all levels of ability from admission applicants. They will be tested and placed in one of nine bands. There will be 23 places available in bands 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 24 places available in bands 1, 5, and 9. In the event of oversubscription, applicants will be admitted using the criteria set out below:

Priority 1 – Looked after children Looked after children (in public care) and previously looked after children. • Children in public care at the time of application, or children who were previously in public care, but ceased to be so because they were adopted, or became subject to residence orders or a special guardianship order.

Pupils with a statement of Special Education Needs will be dealt with through a separate process. The Governing Body will admit those students whose statements name Hurstmere, after the process has been completed. Where applications exceed places, a waiting list will be maintained until 31st December in the year of admission, in accordance with the admission criteria. After that date a new Year 7 list will be created and held from January 1st to 20th July, containing the names of students whose parents have expressed (in writing) a continued interest in a place at Hurstmere. Similarly, Continued Interest lists will be created and held from September 1st until 20th July each year for Years 8-11 inclusive.

Priority 2 – Medical This is given where a child, sibling or a parent has a medical condition, which would cause significant hardship if the child could not attend the school of parental preference. In such cases the school will require confirmation that it is essential, on medical grounds, for the child to attend Hurstmere School. Note: If you wish to request this priority you must do so, and provide any supporting evidence, at the time of application. Later requests will be considered only if the medical condition occurs after the closing date for applications. Medical conditions consequential from a failure to obtain the preferred school, for example emotional distress (whether or not leading to a recognised medical condition), do not fall within this priority. “Significant hardship” will be interpreted as being greater than inconvenience, financial disadvantage or emotional upset.

Continued Interest lists will be ordered in line with the oversubscription criteria, and therefore positions on those lists are subject to change in the event of new applications. Unsuccessful applicants have the right to appeal. In such cases parents should forward their appeal in writing to the Clerk to the Governors, at the school address, within 20 school days of hearing that their child has not been allocated a place. An Independent Appeals Panel will then hear the appeal.

Priority 3 – Sibling This is given to a child with a brother attending the school at the time of admission. 4

Application Arrangements Common Application Forms should be submitted to your son's primary school by 26th October or alternativly to your Local Education Authority by 31st October 2012. Hurstmere School’s ‘Expression of Interest’ form to be returned to Hurstmere school by Friday 26th October 2012. Please note if you have indicated Hurstmere as a preferred school on your Common Application Form, you will receive an invitation to the Banding Test. The Banding Test will be held at the school on Saturday 24th November 2012 and, if a second date is necessary, on Saturday 1st December 2012. Please note, should you nominate both Hurstmere and Erith School on the Common Application Form, your son will be required to sit the Banding Test at only one of those schools. The two schools will exchange such data as necessary. In such circumstances you would receive a Banding Test invitation from both schools. As such we would ask that you communicate with the lower preference school to inform them that your child will sit the test at the higher preference school. In accordance with the Coordinated School Admission Arrangements parents will be sent a letter saying which school their child has been offered. This letter will be posted by first class post on the first working day of March.

Appeals for Secondary Transfer 2013 Parents have the right to appeal this decision. They may do so by writing to the Governors at the school address, within 20 days of receipt. The dates provisionally scheduled for Hurstmere appeals are between 29th April and 17th June 2013. Parents are asked to ensure that all details are correctly entered on the Common Application Form. Hurstmere reserves the right to withdraw any place offered on the basis of incorrect information. Such withdrawals may be made subsequent to a student’s entry to Hurstmere. Please note that, despite its status as a Sports Academy, Hurstmere does not give priority for admission to elite sportsmen.


Open Day and Weekday Tours Our Open Morning for prospective students and their parents (no booking necessary) is on Saturday 22nd September 2012 from10.00am – 12 noon. Prospective parents may join a tour of the school led by a senior member of staff, during a normal school morning, on the dates listed below. Tours will begin promptly at 9am and end at 10am, when the Headteacher will address parents for a maximum of thirty minutes. Because these mornings are very popular, tour places are by appointment only. Please telephone the school office on 020 8300 5665, to make an appointment. Monday 24th September, Tuesday 25th September, Wednesday 26th September, Monday 1st October, Tuesday 2nd October, Wednesday 3rd October, Monday 8th October, Tuesday 9th October, Wednesday 10th October.

School Organisation On arrival at Hurstmere each student is placed in a mixed ability tutor group. A student’s Form Tutor has a key role in monitoring his overall development and progress whilst at Hurstmere. He/She will get to know the student very well and will be the first point of contact for parents should the need arise. Each year group has a Head of Year who is responsible for monitoring and evaluating progress of all the students within that year group.

School Day All pupils should arrive in school by 8.25am for their first lesson.

7.45 8.30 9.30 10.30 10.50 11.50 12.50 1.40 2.40 3.00


8.30 9.30 10.30 10.50 11.50 12.50 1.40 2.40 3.00 onwards

Enrichment / Extended School Activities Period 1 Period 2 Break Period 3 Period 4 Lunch Period 5 Registration Enrichment/Extended School Activities

25 hours per week are spent on teaching, which excludes registration, assembly, lunch and morning break.


Student Planner Each student is issued with a Student Planner in which he will keep a record of homework and other information. Student Planners enable students to take control of their learning by recording targets and achievements, as well as monitoring homework, punctuality and attendance. Parents are asked to sign the Planner each week. Planners will be checked regularly by a student’s Form Tutor and Head of Year.

Home – School Agreement A home-school agreement is a statement explaining the school's aims and values; the school's responsibilities towards its pupils; the responsibilities of the pupil's parents; and what the school expects of its pupils. Home-school agreements can raise standards and contribute to school effectiveness by enhancing partnerships between parents and teachers, generating high expectations, parental encouragement and support, and strong home-school links.

Homework All students are required to do homework. Every student is issued with a homework timetable which specifies the homework set each day. At the end of the week, parents are requested to sign the Student Planner to acknowledge that homework has been completed. Homework tasks are also displayed on the ‘Hurstmere Boys’ pages within the ‘Show My Homework’ website. Students achieve more when parents take an interest in their studies. We hope that parental support is given in ensuring homework is completed to an expected standard. Homework is regularly monitored by the Senior Deputy Headteacher.

Pupil Tracking and Reports Reports on student progress will be produced three times per year. These report the student’s current progress and effort, attainment and achievement in classwork, homework and behaviour and form the basis for setting targets to help students improve. Two are brief Tracking Reports on these areas while the third report of the year will provide a detailed analysis of a student’s progress.


Curriculum 2013 / 2014 Key Stage 3 Between the ages of 11 – 14, these years of your son’s time at school are called Key Stage 3. During these years all pupils follow a broad, balanced curriculum which builds upon the skills and experience from primary school and prepares the ground for the more specialised studies that will follow in Key Stage 4. At the end of each Key Stage, each National Curriculum subject has a target: your child should have reached a particular level of skills, knowledge and understanding.

In Year 7 the allocation of 1 hour periods per fortnight is as follows:


Total hours spent on each subject per fortnight



























Teaching takes place in groups, set according to students’ levels of ability.

Lesson Structure In Key Stage 3, the lesson structure will be very similar to that which children were used to in primary school. A typical lesson will contain: • A short lesson starter activity with the whole class • The main teaching activity, consisting of teacher input and pupil activities • A final summary session to round off the lesson and confirm what has been learned


Curriculum 2013 / 2014 Key Stage 4 Our aim at Hurstmere is to ensure an appropriate and balanced curriculum for each individual so that educational and career needs are catered for. Most of our subjects lead to a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) at the end of Year 11. In addition, students currently have the opportunity to study vocational courses such as the OCR National Diploma in ICT, as well as BTEC Sport and BTEC Science. The structure of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum begins with the compulsory National Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. The current option subjects are Additional Science, Art, Business Studies, Drama, Electronics, Food Technology, French, Geography, History, ICT, Media Studies, Music, GCSE PE, Product Design, RE, BTEC Sport, BTEC Science and Triple Science. For the 2012 /2013 courses the examination boards are as follows:

Exam Board



Mathematics, Drama & BTEC Sport


ICT National, History, Music, Religious Studies & Science


Art and Design, Product Design, Electronic Products, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, Graphic Products & Physical Education



CAT Testing All pupils entering the school in Year 7 are tested using the Cognitive Ability Testing procedure. These give the school important information concerning the abilities of the pupil. They ensure that we can carefully monitor the students’ progress and plan according to their needs.

Citizenship Pupils must have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop a respect for facts and the truth so as they are able to understand their own values. Citizenship is about empowerment, relationships, rights and responsibilities. It is also about social systems, their structures and the forces of social change. Citizenship is delivered fortnightly by Form Tutors using a variety of resources including the school’s intranet as well as visits from outside agencies. 9

Work Experience and Post 16 Guidance At the end of Year 10, students are expected to undertake a two week Work Experience placement. During this time the students will be expected to perform duties in a working environment to gain some understanding of working practices. Arranged by the students themselves and verified with Bromley Partnership, these placements also generate vital documentation for students’ leaving files. A Careers Adviser from Bexley College is based in the school one day each week. The adviser offers interviews to Year 11 students to discuss education, employment and training opportunities and is available to see Year 9 and 10 students on request. The role of the adviser is to offer impartial information, advice and guidance to young people in Year 9 to 11 on all their option choices and Post -16 options. The adviser is also available at Year 9 option choice evenings and Year 11 Parents Evening. The adviser may also offer further support to students who have Additional Educational Needs, by attending some Year 9 and Year 11 Transitional Reviews, to ensure the students are receiving impartial support on their options choices. Students are also free to drop in and speak to the adviser in the Careers room by the library during lunch and break times on a specified day each week.

Religious Education Hurstmere School is Christian in character but is non-denominational. RE is taught throughout the school and follows the ‘Bexley Agreed Syllabus’. There is an opportunity for students in Key Stage 4 to take a GCSE examination in the subject. An act of worship is held for each year group weekly during assemblies. Parents have the right to withdraw their son from RE if they wish. Any parent intending to exercise this right is invited to discuss the matter in advance with the Headteacher.


Peer Mentoring We are committed to supporting students facing social and emotional difficulties, and offer a system of Peer Mentoring. The positive contribution made by our mentors is indicative of our compassionate school climate.

Student Voice At the core of our school ethos is a desire to create a cohesive community and a positive environment for all students. At the heart of the Student Voice is a drive to ensure a sense of belonging within the school, a sense of place in the local community and a culture whereby the progress of our school can be fuelled by the talents and insights of our students. The Student Voice offers students exciting opportunities to enhance the life of the school through becoming a member of the School Council, the Student Research Team or as a Form Representative. All of these roles are designed to give students an active role in the development of school life and to strengthen their voice as members of our community.

Attendance and Punctuality Good attendance and punctuality are essential if a student is to achieve to their potential. Sixth form colleges and employers always require this information and it is included in their Open Reference in Year 11. Prompt explanation of absence greatly assists the school; parents are requested to inform the school absence line on 0208 300 5665 on the first morning of absence and provide a written explanation on their return to school. The school will fully support parents in ensuring their son’s good attendance and punctuality and will impose sanctions on pupils who are frequently late or absent for no good reason. This may require intervention through the school’s Education Welfare Officer. Parents are requested not to arrange family holidays during term time.

School Uniform Students are ambassadors of the school and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve. Full school uniform is expected to be worn. The following items can be purchased from the school stockist, Jay Sports, Blackfen Road, Sidcup: • Black blazer with embossed school badge • Plain white shirt with Hurstmere School tie • Black trousers (cords, jeans and chinos not permitted) • Plain black v-neck jumper or school embossed v-neck jumper • Plain black shoes (no boots or trainer-style shoes) • Dark socks • A suitable, plain overcoat for cold and wet weather, with no large logos. Leather, 'leather look' and denim jackets/coats are unsuitable • Jewellery, caps & hooded sweatshirts are not permitted 11

PE Clothing Outdoor Activities: Red shorts, red socks, football boots, all purpose reversible rugby shirt with embossed school badge, optional shower-proof training jacket. Indoor Activities:

Red shorts, white socks, training shoes, white polo top with embossed school badge.

Art, Technology and Science A protective apron should be supplied for these subjects.

Technology Equipment 1. A4 Ring Folder. 2. Set Square 30 /60, 45. 3. Pencil case containing a variety of drawing and writing equipment. 4. Geometry Sets must have 150mm size set squares.

Mathematics Equipment 1. A calculator (for lower school use) with a square root button; however, a Scientific Calculator would be ideal. 2. A set square.

General Equipment Each boy should provide himself with:1. Pens (blue or black). 2. Pencil, ruler and rubber for use in all lessons. 3. Coloured pencils. 4. Compass and protractor for specialist lessons. 5. Calculator. 6. Use of a personal computer should be encouraged, if one is available at home.


School Rules 1. Boys are expected to show courtesy and consideration at all times, to bring credit to both themselves and the school. This includes travelling to and from school as well as school trips.

8. Eating and drinking in classrooms is forbidden, unless specifically sanctioned in designated areas during wet weather. All litter and food waste should be placed in rubbish bins. Students may not bring items of food or drink into school for sale to other students.

2. Leaving school premises is only allowed with permission of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher or Head of Year.

9. All dangerous games are forbidden. The throwing of any object which can cause damage or injury will not be tolerated.

3. Valuable items such as jewellery and personal stereos are not allowed in school. Mobile phones are not allowed. (They can be left in the school office before school and collected after school). The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of clothing, money or other property caused by other boys.

10. Appearance is paramount. School uniform rules must be adhered to. Extreme hair styles are not permitted. As such, dyed styles and lines/ insignia cut into the hair are prohibited. The shortest style allowed is a ‘Number 2’ cut. 11. The wearing of full school uniform is compulsory. Boys out of uniform will be withdrawn from circulation at break times and lunchtimes. Jewellery is not permitted and outside coats must not be worn inside classrooms.

4. Smoking is not permitted. No boy may bring to school any object or substance likely to be of harm to himself or others. 5. Breakage, damage to or loss of school property will be paid for. This includes text books, library books and any item of school equipment on loan to pupils. 6. Detentions of 10 minutes at the end of the school day may be given without notice. For detentions of up to 60 minutes, 24 hours notice will be given in writing or by telephone. The Headteacher’s School Detention of one hour will be notified by letter. 7. Boys are expected to provide themselves with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and any other equipment required for their timetabled lessons.


The Ritual of Manners 1. Walk quietly and sensibly on the left of the corridors.

8. Do not call out in class, but raise a hand and wait for the teacher’s attention.

2. Use ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ when addressing all staff.

9. Do not pack away until given permission to by a teacher.

3. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

10. Enter and leave a classroom in an orderly way.

4. Do not eat and drink in a classroom. 5. Be silent when a teacher is talking to the class.

11. Arrive at lessons on time.

6. Work in silence when requested.

12. Treat fellow pupils with tolerance and courtesy.

7. Remain seated throughout the lesson unless otherwise told.

13. Abide by the other school rules.

Gifted and Talented Students We aim to provide opportunities for our most able students through high expectations and supplementing the normal curriculum with extension tasks and activities. To ensure students build on their learning experiences we offer taster sessions to further education involving a number of further education institutions and universities.

Additional Educational Needs We aim to provide opportunities for our students with identified Additional Educational Needs through intervention strategies to supplement the normal curriculum. Information provided by the primary schools and our testing of all pupils on entry to Year 7 ensures that needs are identified early. There is a variety of intervention strategies implemented so that all pupils, no matter what their level, can achieve their full potential. Statemented pupils are reviewed regularly.


Charging Policy Education during normal school hours is free of any compulsory charge to parents, with the exception of individual music tuition. However, there are many valuable curricular and extracurricular activities which will, in part, depend upon support given by parents. Parents are expected to replace lost text books or equipment and to pay for their son’s examination entry if he does not attend a public examination without good reason. Parents are also expected to contribute towards any non-accidental damage to school property for which their son is responsible.

Complaints Parents may contact teaching staff by telephone, letter or through the Student Planner. If a matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily then it may be referred to the Head of Department, Head of Year or member of the Senior Leadership Team. We are confident that issues can be resolved satisfactorily within school. If parents remain unsatisfied, they may make a formal complaint in writing to the Headteacher. A formal complaints procedure is available on request.

School Year 2013 / 2014 First Day

Last Day

Half Term

Autumn Term:

Tuesday 3rd September

Friday 20th December

Monday 28th October Friday 1st November

Spring Term:

Monday 6th January 2014

Friday 4th April 2014

Monday 17th Friday 21st February 2014

Summer Term:

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Friday 18th July 2014

Monday 26th Friday 30th May 2014

Planned Staff Development Days, when the school is closed to students: School Closed - INSET Monday 2nd Sept & Friday 25th October 2013 School Closed Friday 14th February 2014

At the time of going to print all the details were correct.


Produced by FM Litho Design and Print. Tel: 01787 479479 Produced by FM Litho Design and Print. Tel: 01787 479479

“Hurstmere School for Boys is ‘a good school’ which successfully endeavours to enhance students’ life chances through an effective academic education. The school’s specialist status as a sports and science academy pervades all aspects of the school’s work and promotes a wide range of partnerships which are used exceptionally well to add relevance to students’ learning and strongly supports their personal development. Students are very proud of their school and speak about the quality of the relationships and how ‘staff go beyond their role’ to help them.”


Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent DA15 9AW. T: 020 8300 5665 F: 020 8300 2039 E: W:

Hurstmere Prospectus 2012  

Hurstmere Prospectus 2012

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