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OOG Presents its New Shareholder, Gรกvea Investimentos / no. 268 / october 2011


4 foz do brasil begins operating in tocantins and pará

2011 // OCTOBER JUNHO JUNHO 2011 2011

Foz do Brasil announced its stake in the private block of Saneatins (Tocantins Sanitation Company). The start of operations marks the company’s entry into the country’s Northern region, helping ensure Tocantins and five cities in Pará full access to water supply and sewage collection and treatment services.


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6 gávea investimentos acquires stake in oog


On May 5, 2010, Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG) disclosed the arrival of its new shareholder, Gávea Investimentos, one of the main fund managers in the Brazilian financial market. The company will hold 5% of OOG’s total capital, with the right to nominate a representative to the Board of Directors.

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10 brazil-peru integration also in gastronomy

part !


Inspired by the conclusion of the South Inter-Oceanic Highway, Odebrecht Peru launched the book Perú-Brasil: Sabor a Futuro (“Peru-Brazil: Flavor of the Future”), a gastronomic publication that features 20 recipes by renowned Peruvian and Brazilian chefs.

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editorial staff ODEBRECHT NEWS is an internal newsletter published by the Odebrecht S.A. Business Communication Team Responsible Journalist: Fabiana Cabral Editorial Office: Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8.501, 32º andar, São Paulo Phone Number: (55 11) 3096-8171 Suggestions: Website: share this newsletter at your company or your project!

> sanitation

Foz do Brasil Begins Operating in Tocantins and Pará Foz do Brasil announced

company Empresa Sul Americana

its stake in the private block of

de Montagens (EMSA), which

Saneatins (Tocantins Sanitation

already held stake in the block.

Company), equivalent to 76.52%

Foz do Brasil was responsible for

of the company’s shares. The

nominating the new Managing

other 23.48% remain with the

Director, engineer Mário Amaro

State Government.

da Silveira.

The start of operations marks


“This is a long term business

health, emphasizes the

Foz do Brasil’s entry into Brazil’s

that brings countless benefits

importance of the public-private

Northern region, helping ensure

for Tocantins, since Saneatins

partnership for the sector:

Tocantins and five cities in Pará

increases its R$ 700 million

“The Odebrecht Organization

full access to water supply

investment plan and accelerates

stake, through Foz do Brasil,

and sewage collection and

the universalization of water

in Saneatins, is proof that the

treatment services.

and sewage services in the state,

company’s operating model,

Through the contract, all of

in addition to allowing for the

which joins the public and

Saneatin’s private shareholder

development of new markets

private sectors, is one of the

ownership will be transferred to

in the region,” said Fernando

alternatives for the advancement

the recently-created company,

Santos-Reis, Entrepreneurial

of sanitation in the country,” said

Foz Centro Norte. The new

Leader at Foz do Brasil.

Campos. According to the

company’s corporate ownership

The State Governor, José

structure will be equal between

Wilson Siqueira Campos, who

State Secretary of Public

Foz do Brasil and the Crosara

considers basic sanitation

Management Planning and

family, a shareholder of the

fundamental for preventive

Modernization, Eduardo / no. 268 / october 2011

Foz do Brasil’s stake in Saneatins marks the start of the company’s operations in the country’s Northern region

Siqueira Campos, Foz do

offers treated water to 92%

vision and can accelerate the

Brasil’s entry will guarantee

of the homes and the sewage

company’s investment plan,”

more investments in the

collection services reach 19%

said Crosara.

state’s municipalities. “Over a

of the population.

With its entry into Saneatins,

six-year period, Saneatins will

Annibal Crosara Júnior,

invest over R$ 100 million per

Chairman of the Saneatins

benefit more than 6.3 million

year,” said Campos. “This will

Board of Directors, states that,

people in eight states. The

guarantee that Tocantins will

due to the perspectives for

company also operates in

soon become the first Brazilian

expansion, the 1,186 current

partnership with SABESP (São

state to have 100% sanitation.”

employees will be maintained.

Paulo State Basic Sanitation

“This is one of the country’s

Company), COPASA (Minas

operates 125 municipalities

most dynamic sanitation

Gerais Sanitation Company),

in Tocantins and five in

companies, due primarily to its

EMBASA (Bahia Water and

Pará, serving a population

business model, which helps

Sewage Company) and CESAN

of approximately 1 million

attract partners such as Foz do

(Espírito Santo Sanitation

people. The company already

Brasil, which has a long term


Founded in 1989, Saneatins

Foz do Brasil will be able to / no. 268 / october 2011


> oil and gas

Starting from the left: Marcelo Odebrecht, Roberto Ramos, Armínio Fraga and Luiz Henrique Fraga, during the announcement of the Gávea Investimentos stake in OOG

Gávea Investimentos Acquir On October 5, Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG) announced the arrival of a new shareholder, Gávea Investimentos, one of the main fund managers in the Brazilian

6 / no. 268 / october 2011

financial market led by Armínio Fraga, former president of Brazil’s Central Bank. Managing private assets of more than US$ 7.2 billion, Gávea Investimentos will

res Stake in OOG hold 5% of OOG’s total capital, with the

portion will belong to Temasek Holdings,

right to nominate a representative to the

the investment company controlled by

Board of Directors. Odebrecht will hold

the Singapore Government that became a

81.43% of the capital and the remaining

shareholder last year and has two seats on / no. 268 / october 2011


> oil and gas the Board of Directors. “Gávea’s entry into the OOG shareholder

an investment manager with an excellent

structure is something to be very excited

reputation, together with its capacity to

about, since it incorporates into our

discover investment opportunities not

OOG has a fleet of seven drill rigs operating in ultra-deep waters and two production ships, with plans to invest US$ 5 billion by 2013


company the analysis sophistication of / no. 268 / october 2011

only in Brazil, but in other countries as well,”

Gávea has made in the Odebrecht

said Roberto Ramos, Entrepreneurial Leader at

Organization companies. In


May 2010, it acquired 14.5% of

This is the second relevant investment

the voting capital in Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR). According to Armínio Fraga, the new investment confirms Odebrecht’s competency in strategic areas. “Our vocation is to become the minority shareholders of companies of excellence and in important sectors like we are doing now at OOG,” said Fraga. Marcelo Odebrecht, Managing Director of Odebrecht S.A., pointed out that, in addition to the entry of a strategic partner, Gávea’s stake represents a demonstration of mutual trust between the company and an important investor. “It is also proof of trust in Brazil, since business is still being conducted,” he said. According to Marcelo Odebrecht, the investment shows that Brazilian companies can occupy an important space in the development of the oil and gas sector in Brazil. OOG has already invested US$ 2.5 billion since 2006 and plans to invest an additional US$ 2.5 billion by 2013. / no. 268 / october 2011


> culture

Brazil-Peru Integration

Starting from the left: Raúl Vargas, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Marilú Madueño and Pilar Baella, during the launch event for the book Perú-Brasil: Sabor y Futuro (“PeruBrazil: Flavor of the Future”)

10 / no. 268 / october 2011

also in Gastronomy Inspired by the conclusion of the South Inter-Oceanic Highway, on September 30, Odebrecht Peru launched the book Perú-Brasil: Sabor a Futuro (“Peru-Brazil: Flavor of the Future”), a gastronomic publication by renowned Peruvian and Brazilian chefs. The book consists of 20 recipes from the five top Peruvian chefs – Astrid Gutsche, Marilú Madueño, Virgilio Martínez, Rafael Osterling and Pedro

The publication represents the Peru-Brazil integration and recognizes the importance of the cuisine inspired by the Amazonian region / no. 268 / october 2011


> culture Miguel Schiaffino – and from

integration will enrich the

eight Brazilian professionals:

culture of both countries with

Alex Atala, considered the best

the exchange of resources and

in Brazil, David Edito, Helena

creation of production chains,

Rizzo, Daniel Redondo, Rodrigo

in which farmers, markets and

Oliveira, Felipe Riberboim,

export agents will relate in

Gabriel Broide and Thiago

different ways,” said Baella.


“There will be social inclusion

“The exceptional professionals that we present in the book come from a generation that

before,” she said. The elaboration of the work

values the cuisine of their

was coordinated by Pedro

native land from a vanguard

Miguel Schiaffino, famous for

perspective,” said Jorge Barata,

introducing native foods from

the Managing Director of

the Amazon into his recipes.

Odebrecht Peru. “Not only do

“Many of our fruits are not well

they feel a special affinity for the

known and the Amazonian

Amazon, they are also changing

countries have the opportunity

our way of understanding

to show them to the world, since

cooking,” said Barata.

we have the knowledge,” said

According to him, the book

Schiaffino. “What is needed is to

shows that the company’s work

communicate, transmit. Hence,

scope extends beyond the

the importance of the book,” he

engineering projects. “With the


South Inter-Oceanic project,


in places where it did not exist

Journalist and gastronomist

the publication represents the

Raúl Vargas, who wrote the

integration between Peru and

prologue to the publication,

Brazil, until then separated by an

reinforced: “The book is a work

intricate and abundant jungle,”

of art, and at the same time

he explained.

innovative, since it transmits

Pilar Baella, Institutional

the wonderful thing happening

Relations and Communication

between our two countries, Peru

Manager, added: “This

and Brazil.” / no. 268 / october 2011

Among the recipes are the Amazonian appetizers by Pedro Schiaffino, and the delicacy called juane with crioulo arboreal tomato sauce, by MarilĂş MadueĂąo / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Augmented Reality: View the 3-D Model of Maracanã

The Odebrecht at the World Cup website

During the navigation, which requires a

launched an augmented reality application for

computer or laptop with a webcam, it is possible

viewing the 3-D model of the Maracanã stadium.

to view the architecture of the new Maracanã from

Through the tool, visitors have the opportunity

different angles, including the new access ramps,

to embark on a digital journey to the largest and

roof, grandstands and field. Users will feel like they

most traditional temple of Brazilian soccer, which

are amidst the Brazilian fans.

will host the final match of the 2014 World Cup.

Click here to view the new resource.

Braskem: Acquisition of Dow’s Polypropylene Business Concluded At the start of October, Braskem completed the acquisition of the Dow Chemical polypropylene business announced on July 27. The transaction was approved by the anti-trust agencies in the United States and Europe – the North American and European Union Department of Justice Federal Trade Commission and Antitrust Division. The acquisition consists of four industrial polypropylene units, two of which are located in Freeport and Seadrift in the U.S. state of Texas, and two in Wesseling and Schkopau in Germany. The assets in the United States have the production capacity of 505,000 tons per year, which represents a 50% increase in Braskem’s polypropylene production capacity in the country, for a total of 1.4 million tons per year. The assets in Germany have an annual production capacity of 545,000 tons.

14 / no. 268 / october 2011

Odebrecht Participates in 2011 Exame Forum On September 30 and October 5, the

education. Also participating in the discussion

publisher Editora Abril and magazine Exame held

were Gustavo Ioschpe, economist and writer

the 3rd edition of the Exame Forum, in São Paulo

for Veja magazine, Fernando Haddad and Maria

and in Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

Helena Guimarães de Castro, Member of the São

In São Paulo, the theme was “The Construction of a Competitive Brazil – how to make Brazil a more competitive country

Paulo State Board of Education and the Brazilian Academy of Education. The edition of the Exame Forum in Rio

worldwide, avoid the risks of the global crisis and

de Janeiro addressed the city’s preparation

take advantages of windows of opportunity.”

for the 2014 World Cup and for the 2016

Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, was

Olympic Games from the public and private

the special guest at the event, which also

perspective. Entrepreneurs, company leaders,

included the presence of Guido Mantega,

bankers, investors, government representatives

Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, Minister

and members of Olympic committees also

of Education, Fernando Pimentel, Minister of

participated in debates.

Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, economists and business leaders.

Marcelo Odebrecht, Diógenes Paoli Neto, General Director of Aggreko South America,

Marcelo Odebrecht, Managing Director

Élvio Gaspar, Social Inclusion and Credit

of Odebrecht S.A., participated in the debate

Director at BNDES, and Marcelo Haddad,

“The Training of Human Capital in Brazil,”

Executive Director of Rio Negócios, were the

which discussed the role that society and

debaters on the panel “The Olympics – Business

entrepreneurs play in improving Brazilian public

Opportunities for the Private Sector.”

Participants on the panel focused on the opportunities in the private sector generated by the Olympic Games during the Exame Forum in Rio de Janeiro / no. 268 / october 2011


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Sign Up Now Open for 2nd 2011 Run and Walk. Reserve your place today! Sign up for the second edition of the Odebrecht 2011 Run and Walk is open until October 21. All Members of the Organization and their families are welcome to participate. The event will be held on November 5 starting at 8:00 a.m. at the Villa-Lobos Park in S達o Paulo. The initiative, promoted by the S達o Paulo Office Health Support Area with the support of the People and Organization and Communication teams of the different companies, receives orientation from

and then are divided into

activities. Pets are also

the professors at the

running and walking groups


sports advisory Assessoria

to complete the activities.

Esportiva Marcos Paulo Reis.

While the parents exercise,

breakfast and presentation

The participants start

the children will be able to

by the Braskem Chorus.

their day with stretching


participate in recreational / no. 268 / october 2011

The event is ended with a

National Geographic Channel Shows Implosion of Fonte Nova The implosion of the upper ring of the

already completed 9,000 implosions and is

Fonte Nova Stadium, which took place in

among the world’s top companies from the

August 2010 in Salvador, was the theme

demolition and implosion segment.

of a documentary aired by the National

To perform the implosion, 962

Geographic channel on October 16. The

properties from the surrounding areas were

program rerun will air on October 23 at

evacuated and more than 2,400 residents

4:00 p.m. (BrasĂ­lia time).

and merchants left their homes and places

The National Geographic team followed the work of the company Controlled

of business as a safety measure. Learn more about the Fonte Nova Arena

Demolition Inc. (CDI) and the 2014

and the other stadiums built by Odebrecht

Salvador Arena Consortium (formed by

for the 2014 World Cup at the website:

Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS), during

the implosion of the development. CDI has

The future stadium will have the capacity for 50,000 people in covered seats, VIP boxes, panoramic restaurants and 2,000 parking places / no. 268 / october 2011


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Braskem Launches New Website with Global Language Braskem launched its new Internet portal at the start of October. The reformulation

website, with more accessible menus and specific

of the communication channel reflects the

areas for clients, suppliers, investors, the board and

company’s internationalization process, aims


to strengthen Braskem’s relationship with its

One of the highlights is the Career section,

different stakeholders and offers information more

which shows the company’s main programs, the

practically and objectively.

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology and the

The website is now available in five different versions: Brazil, International, South America, United States and Mexico. The division was

professional opportunities available, and also includes an area for individuals to register their CVs. At the Media Center, the journalists will have

created so that the portal could contain specific

access to the press releases published, latest news,

and detailed information for the petrochemical

future events, multimedia material and can also

operations in each region.

sign up to receive additional information.

For the elaboration of the new portal, a mapping was developed to discover the users’


main needs. The result was a more modern / no. 268 / october 2011

The latest information can be found at:

First Port Project in United States

Satellite photo shows the Miami Port area, which will receive the Odebrecht United States Wharves Strengthening Program

On September 23, Odebrecht United States began its first port project in the country. The Wharves Strengthening Program involves the reinforcement of 1,600 meters of cargo dock walls at the Miami Port, and also includes the improvement of the infrastructure in the area of loading and unloading cranes. Considered vital for the port development, the project will allow the dredging of the access channel to the Miami Port to reach an average of 15 meters below sea level at low tide and later, the entry of large cargo ships along the East coast of the United States through the Panama Canal starting in 2014. / no. 268 / october 2011


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Iron Ore Project in Liberia Concluded

President of ArcelorMittal, Lakshmi N. Mittal, gives a gift to the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, during the event to begin the company’s operations in the country

On September 27, ArcelorMittal officially

Buchanan Port to the Tokadeh

Gustavo Guerra, Managing


Director for West Africa, and

announced its iron ore production in Liberia. The operations began with


The launch ceremony was launched in Buchanan and involved the presence of Ellen

Pedro Paulo Tosca, Contract Director. In April 2011, two months

the conclusion of the first

Johnson-Sirleaf, President of

before schedule, Odebrecht

phase of the Iron Ore Project,

Liberia, Roosevelt G. Jayjay,

completed the first trip with

executed by Odebrecht

Minister of Lands, Mines and

a locomotive with loaded

International for the mining

Energy, Lakshmi N. Mittal,

cars. The completion of the

company, which included

President of ArcelorMittal, Luiz

phase allowed ArcelorMittal to

the rehabilitation of 246 km

Rocha, Entrepreneurial Leader

transport the first 100,000 tons

of railroad that connects

at Odebrecht International,

of iron ore to the port. / no. 268 / october 2011

The hydraulic landfill at Sepetiba Beach covers a 508,000-m2 area that extends 2 km

First Phase of Sepetiba Beach Environmental Rehabilitation Inaugurated Odebrecht Infraestrutura and the State

and the population of Sepetiba.

Environment Institute (INEA) inaugurated

The Rehabilitation of Sepetiba Beach

the first 300 meters of the new stretch of

involves the opening of a hydraulic landfill,

sand at Sepetiba Beach in Rio de Janeiro on

with sandy material resulting from a

September 17, which marks International

marine reserve located in Sepetiba Bay,

Beach Cleanup Day.

near the Marambaia Sand Bar. The idea is

The event involved the participation of Marilene Ramos, President of INEA, Carlos Minc, Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of the Environment, representatives of local NGOs

to create a leisure area and promote the development of the local community. Click here and view the video about the event. / no. 268 / october 2011


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Odebrecht Energia Maintains ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications On September 23,

Borgatti, CSAC Contract

creation and application of

Odebrecht Energia received

Director, the intense pace

procedures at a construction

the recommendation to

of the construction work

project the size of the Santo

maintain its Safety, Health and

requires increasingly

Antônio HPP were the biggest

Environment certifications

effective management. “The


in the ISO 14001 and OHSAS

achievement reflects our teams’

18001 standards after the

constant focus on complying

Medicine Manager, emphasizes

Bureau Veritas audit at the

with legislation, the prevention

that the result reflects the effort,

Construtor Santo Antônio Civil

of work-related accidents and

seriousness and responsibility

Consortium (CSAC), responsible

occupational diseases and

of the entire team. “We have a

for building the Santo Antônio

environmental preservation,”

stronger and more technical

Hydroelectric Power Plant in

said Borgatti.

company that is better prepared

Rondônia. According to Leonardo

For Nelson Alves,

Francisco Sieiro, Occupational

for new and greater challenges,

Environmental Manager, the

said Sieiro.

Braskem Completes First-of-a-Kind Study on Recycling Cooperatives In order to contribute toward sustainable development and investments in the plastic

The survey indicates that the main difficulties

recycling market in Brazil, Braskem joined the

found at the analyzed sites refer to the lack of

Corporate Commitment to Recycling (CEMPRE).

training and organization of labor, precarious

The company undertook a study on the

cooperative operating conditions, the lack of

recyclable material collectors’ cooperatives

efficiency in terms of collection and screening,

in the cities located near its plants in the

the fact that the recycled material is not valued

states of São Paulo, Alagoas and Bahia. “The

and the misalignment of information in the sales

diagnosis is designed to orient potential


investments in the segment and help


the Sustainable Development area.

The Social-Environmental Recycling Diagnosis,

strengthen Braskem’s activities as an agent of

complete with the information for each city, can

human development,” said André Leal, from

be found at: / no. 268 / october 2011

Inauguration of First BRT Express Corridor in Rio de Janeiro

The stations were designed to favor natural lighting with a long roof and wind collectors

On September 20, the Rio de Janeiro Mayor,

to the demand of each site, and may have

Eduardo Paes, presented the first of the 54

from six-12 turnstiles each. The level of the

stations for the TransOeste Project – the BRT

platforms will be compatible with that of the

(Bus Rapid Transit) express corridor that will

vehicle floor to reduce the boarding time and

connect Barra da Tijuca to Campo Grande

facilitate access for individuals with special

and Santa Cruz. Odebrecht Infraestrutura is

needs, the elderly and individuals with baby

responsible for building 30 km of roads and 29


stations. The Novo Leblon station, located on

The waiting time will also be standardized, from one minute to one and a half minutes,

the avenue Avenida das AmĂŠricas, in the

allowing the passengers to plan for the arrival

neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, will have the

of the bus. Information about the system

capacity for up to 5,000 passengers per hour.

operation will be available on panels installed

All of the stations will have a size adapted

inside the stations. / no. 268 / october 2011


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Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development Launched in the United States

The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is being disclosed at different North American universities

Working in partnership with Braskem America, Odebrecht United States

Undergraduate students can send their

launched the Odebrecht Award for

projects from January 2 to May 31, 2012, via

Sustainable Development in the country.

the website

The initiative is designed to encourage

In addition to the cash prize, the winners

university students to contribute toward the

will be classified for the final stages of the

country’s sustainable development through

Young Partner Program selection process

innovative ideas, taking into consideration

and their works may be applied at the

the five dimensions of the Organization’s

companies’ contracts.

Sustainability Policy: economic


participation and cultural recognition.

Created in 2008 in Brazil, the award is

development, social development,

also promoted in Angola, Panama, Peru,

environmental responsibility, political

Dominican Republic and Venezuela. / no. 268 / october 2011

Delivery of Housing Units Built by Bairro Novo On September 30, the

space, multisport court,

Paul Altit, Entrepreneurial Leader

bank Caixa Econômica Federal

playground, gatehouse and

at OR; Daniel Villar, Managing

delivered the 500 first housing

garbage deposit, in addition

Director of Bairro Novo,

units at Valdariosa Park, built by

to individual water and energy

Leonardo Picianni, Rio de Janeiro

Bairro Novo – the company

meters. The apartments have

State Secretary of Housing;

of Odebrecht Realizações

a living room, two bedrooms,

Cláudio Martins, Supervisor

Imobiliárias (OR) – in the

kitchen and bathroom.

of the West SR Caixa branch;

municipality of Queimados, in Rio

Governor Sérgio Cabral and

Neuma Martins, Supervisor of

de Janeiro. Directed at families

the Mayor of Queimados, Max

the Central SR Caixa and the

with a monthly income of up to

Lemos, handed over the keys

professional responsible for the

R$ 1,600, the project is part of the

to the first residents. “Today is a

“My House, My Life” Program in

Brazilian Federal Government

day of dignity,” said Sérgio Cabral

Rio de Janeiro; José Henrique

“My House, My Life” Program.

during his speech. “Odebrecht is

Marques da Cruz, Vice President

undertaking an important project

of Customer Assistance,

for Caixa Econômica.”

Distribution and Business at

Valdariosa Park will consist of 1,500 housing units distributed into three condominiums equipped with a gourmet

The following individuals were also present at the ceremony:

Caixa, and Andrea Mansur, from the Ministry of the Cities.

New residents of Valdariosa Park play in the condominium playground / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Odebrecht Venezuela Has New Head Office Present in Venezuela for 19 years, Odebrecht

Health, Information Technology and File areas,

inaugurated its new head office in the

in addition to the Odebrecht Venezuela Center,

country on October 6. The event included the

which describes the history of the Organization

participation of all the office’s Members.

and the company in the country.

The new space is located on the 24th floor of

According to Euzenando Azevedo,

the Torre Humboldt Building in Caracas, where

Entrepreneurial Leader, the head office offers the

the company already maintained its offices on

professionals enhanced comfort and integration.

different floors. Extending over a total area of

“The office is also the result of the effort of all

1,430 meters, the head office has individual

those who are part of the company, in order for

rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias and the

them to continue working there,” said Azevedo.

The new Odebrecht head office in Venezuela offers enhanced comfort and promotes interaction among Members

26 / no. 268 / october 2011

Connecting Mozambicans and Brazilians

Participants of the “Hit the Net” Program in Mozambique exchange experiences with Brazilian students through the Internet

Odebrecht International in Mozambique

of the “Digital Gift” Project, an initiative of the

and the Dom Bosco School in Curitiba

Paraná high school, can exchange cultural

established a partnership and created the

information, habits and experiences through IT

Cultural Exchange Project, which integrates the


digital inclusion programs of the company and the teaching institution. Through the agreement, the participants

In Mozambique, Odebrecht undertakes “Hit the Net” at the Moatize Coal and TCC8 projects, both located in the city of Beira. From 2010 to

of the “Hit the Net” Program, undertaken by

2011, more than 550 youth took part in the

Odebrecht in Mozambique, and the students

program. / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

ETH/Brenco Project Inaugurates “Hit the Net” Rooms in Goiás On September 23, the ETH/Brenco Project,

Santana, Vice Mayor, Eila Peres Scopel,

undertaken by Odebrecht Engenharia

Secretary of Education, Ednalva Rios de

Industrial to build the Água Emendada Plant

Queiroz, Coordinator of the PETI School,

in the city of Perolândia, Goiás, launched the

Antônio Carlos Peralta, the professional

“Hit the Net” digital inclusion program.

responsible for the project’s Administrative

Two classrooms were inaugurated at the

and Financial area, Jader Almeida, IT

Child Labor Eradication Program (PETI) School.

Technician, Luana Bragança de Souza,

The spaces were equipped with 10 computers

Administrative Assistant, and Lucas Oliveira

and with furniture donated by the companies

Brito, Technical IT Assistant.

Welding, Santin Group and Authomathika. Participating in the event were Paulo Pereira, Mayor of Perolândia, Edvino Vilela

The students who complete the course will receive a Microsoft certificate. Over 150 people are already signed up in “Hit the Net.”

Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial launched “Hit the Net” at the ETH Bioenergia Água Emendada Plant construction site in Goiás

28 / no. 268 / october 2011

Odebrecht Angola Promotes Career Entrepreneurship Program

Over 320 Members from nine projects in Angola took part in the Career Entrepreneurship Program

From June to September of this year, nine

to participate in group dynamics to discuss

Odebrecht Angola contracts undertook the

personal and professional self-awareness tools,”

Career Entrepreneurship Program with aims

said Diana Ortiz, the professional responsible

of providing group dynamics to strengthen

for People and Organization in the country.

the dialogue between the Leader and Led and

According to Ortiz, the initiative was also

focus on professional development. More than

fundamental for showing the leaders the

320 Members participated in the initiative.

importance of the Life and Career Plan. “The

“The program was an excellent opportunity for allowing the leaders and the led, together,

program will certainly contribute toward the day-to-day at the construction sites,” she said. / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Contributing toward the Training of Future Journalists Odebrecht is supporting the “Journalism

According to the Director of the Editorial

of the Future” Program, an initiative of the

Staff at Correio, Sérgio Costa, the objective is to

newspaper Correio and the Federal University

build a laboratory of innovation and a reference

of Bahia (UFBA), designed to strengthen the

training program for the Northeastern region

training of professionals who graduate from the

and the country. “This has only been possible

School of Communication (FACOM).

because Odebrecht, UFBA and the newspaper

The agreement was formalized on October 10

Correio joined forces to invest in an innovative

with the signing of the contract by the President

initiative,” said Costa. “Education is the path

of the Bahia Network, Antônio Carlos Júnior, and

toward the sustainable development of our

by the Dean of UFBA, Dora Leal. “It is the first

state. We are happy with the fulfillment of this

experience with this scope in Bahia,” said Leal.

dream,” he said.

Antônio Carlos Júnior emphasized the

For the first stage, students from the Journalism and Cultural Production courses

professionals. “It is more than an internship

were selected to experience the day-to-day of

program, but rather a way of giving the

the newspaper’s editorial staff. At the end of two

students a production environment,” said

months of work, the participants will elaborate a

Carlos Júnior.

communication product publishing project.

Photo: Arisson Marinho - Correio

initiative’s importance for the training of the

Antônio Carlos Júnior and Dora Leal sign an agreement for the Journalism of the Future Program, which is sponsored by Odebrecht

30 / no. 268 / october 2011

Odebrecht has sponsored the Folha de S. Paulo Training Program since 2007

Folha de S. Paulo Trainees Visit Fonte Arena Construction Projects A sponsor of the Folha de

arena and its multi-use

de Meninos, where they heard

S. Paulo newspaper Training

character, since it will host

stories from individuals who

Program, Odebrecht took

soccer matches, shows,

used to live on the streets

the 14 trainees from the 52nd

conferences, fairs and

and now work at the Arena

Group to see the construction

other events. The group

Salvador Consortium (formed

work for the Fonte Nova

also interviewed the State

by Odebrecht Infraestrutura

Arena in Salvador, on October

Secretary for FIFA 2014 World

and OAS).

4 and 5.

Cup Affairs, Ney Campello.

The participants got

The trainees also visited the

The youth also visited the Odebrecht Cultural Center

an up-close view of the

installations of the Trindade

and the Hertha Odebrecht

development’s evolution,

Church Community, located

Library, located at the

the project for the new

in the neighborhood of Água

Organization’s head office. / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Odebrecht International Participates in Forum on Health in Mozambique

Amândio de Oliveira shows the initiatives designed to prevent HIV/AIDS promoted by the Moatize Coal Project

On September 28 and 29,

representatives from

Social Programs and

Odebrecht International

the province and district

Communication at Odebrecht,

participated in the Province

governments, from

and JosĂŠ Piquitai and

Forum in Response to HIV/

companies and associations,

Amândio de Oliveira, Social

AIDS, held by the Tete

members of philanthropic

Program Analysts, presented

Province Government in

institutions and non-

the actions developed by the


government, military and

company designed to combat

community organizations.

and prevent the disease

One hundred and ten people participated in the event, including the

32 / no. 268 / october 2011

Claudia Andrade, Coordinator of

directed at the Members and local communities.

Foot Acquisition Program Recognized by UN The Food Acquisition Program (PAA) – a

A total of 317 families are assisted in four

Brazilian Federal Government action designed

cities. The farmers can receive up to R$ 4,500

to combat hunger and promote the distribution

per year by delivering the foods to the PAA. “The

of income and growth of family farming – has

growth in the family’s income and ease of selling

been replicated in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands

what was before thrown away as garbage are

since 2009.

the main benefits,” said Maria Celeste, Executive

The initiative arrived to the region through a technical cooperation agreement

Director of IDC. PAA was mentioned in the report

between the Odebrecht Foundation, Pratigi

Procurement for the Millennium

Environmental Protection Area Inter-Municipal

Development, written by the General Secretary

Consortium (CIAPRA) and the Ministry of Social

of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. The

Development and Hunger Alleviation, with the

program was considered one of the best global

support of the Rights and Citizenship Institute

practices in terms of its contribution to the


Millennium Development Objectives.

Producers from Bahia’s Southern Lowlands during the delivery of products to the Food Acquisition Program / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Itatiba to Receive Over 5,000 Native Tree Seedlings On October 6, the Rota das Bandeiras

duplication of Engenheiro Constâncio Cintra

Concessionaire – the Odebrecht TransPort

highway (SP-360). For each tree removed, 25

company – began planting 5,479 seedlings

new seedlings are planted. “Our concern with

of native trees at the Fazenda Country Club,

the environment and with sustainability is

located in Itatiba, in the rural region of São

constant, and that is why we invite children to


the planting event, giving them direct contact

Mayor João Fattori, students from the Sebastião de Camargo Pires Municipal Elementary School and Members of the

with nature,” explained José Luiz Moreira, Director of Rota das Bandeiras. Since the start of operations at the Dom

concessionaire participated in the event. “The

Pedro Corridor, which connects the cities

action helped improve the quality of life in our

of Campinas to Jacareí, in April 2009, the

city and is very welcome,” said the mayor after

concessionaire has planted over 24,000 native

planting the first seedling.

tree seedlings. The company estimates that by

The initiative is part of the concessionaire’s environmental compensation for the

the end of this year, it will reach the mark of 60,000 seedlings planted.

Over 80 students from the Sebastião de Camargo Pires School took part in the seedling planting event

34 / no. 268 / october 2011

AP Seminar Held at Corinthians Stadium Contract Site

Members and leaders from the Corinthians Stadium construction project take part in the meeting for the elaboration of the AP

Less than 970 days from the start of the 2014 World Cup, Odebrecht Infraestrutura

the contract’s entire management team. During the seminar – which was led by

promoted the Support Seminar for the

consultant Ricardo Guterres, Victor Falcão

Elaboration of the Action Program (AP) at the

and Juliana Fernandes, from the People

Corinthians Stadium contract in São Paulo

and Organization team at Odebrecht

on September 30 and October 1.

Infraestrutura –, the participants performed

The event gathered 27 Members and

an analysis of the contract scenario for

involved the participation of Antônio

the 2012-2013 period and reviewed the

Gavioli, Contract Director, Frederico Barbosa,

Entrepreneurship Cycle, the Odebrecht

Operational Manager, Domingos Sávio,

Entrepreneurial Technology concepts that

Administrative and Financial Manager and

orient the AP and the Dynamic AP tool. / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Embraport Promotes Introduction to Culture Program

Members from Odebrecht Infraestrutura gather for studies on TEO at the Embraport construction site

On September 19, 30 Members from Embraport, including leaders, technicians

understanding and acceptance of Odebrecht

and supervisors, participated in the

Entrepreneurial Technology.”

Odebrecht Introduction to Culture Program

The event was closed by Reynaldo

in Santos, São Paulo. The course was held

Pincette Filho, Administrative and Financial

by the Odebrecht Infraestrutura People and

Manager, who emphasized the principles,

Organization and contract teams.

concepts and criteria of TEO and the

Henrique Antero Pio Marchesi, Contract


the Organization and generate knowledge,

characteristics and skills desired of an

Director, opened the meeting and highlighted

Odebrecht Partner. “New meetings will be

its main objective: “The program is designed

scheduled and the integration activities will

to accelerate the Partner’s integration with

continue,” he said. / no. 268 / october 2011

A New Source of Information at Santo Antônio HPP Formed by Odebrecht

content and will receive

responsible for the Generator

Energia and Andrade Gutierrez,

documents from the

2 Group, stated that the trend

the Santo Antônio Civil (CSAC)

Administrative, Equipment,

is to increasingly computerize

Consortium, responsible for

Contract and Workplace Safety,

the procedures. “The Santo

the construction of the Santo

Health and Environment areas.

Antônio HPP will not only be

Antônio Hydroelectric Power

Other equipment will also be

distinguished for the generation

Plant in Porto Velho, Rondônia, offered at the construction site

of energy, but also for the

created the Advanced

based on the demand of the

development of technologies

Information Terminal, a totem

different sectors.

that meet the needs of the

for the electronic consultation

Eduardo Camargo, who is

field,” said Camargo.

of data associated with construction work procedures. The first was installed in the Generator 2 Group technical file room and allows any Member to quickly access information. “The terminal streamlines and better organizes the control of documents and transfer of data, saving time and preventing the accumulation of paper,” said the coordinator of the initiative, Anita Cunha, from the Quality team. “The technology allows for the multiplication of the teams’ knowledge and training,” said Cunha. The terminal has Quality, Planning and Engineering

The terminal was inspired by the model developed by the Functional Equipment Support (AFEQ) area, winner of the 2010 Destaque Award in the Innovation category / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Barra do Furado Project Organizes Environmental Actions

Terra e Mar Consortium Members participate in the planting of seedlings at the construction site

On September 20 and 21, the Barra do

site and organized a volunteer movement to

Furado project, undertaken by the Terra e Mar

clean up the beach located near the project,

Consortium (Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Queiroz

where more than 100 kilos of garbage were

Galvão and OAS) in Campos dos Goytacazes and

collected. Members and residents participated

Quissamã, in Rio de Janeiro, held environmental

in the activities. “In addition to representing an

actions to celebrate International River and Beach

act of citizenship, preserving the environment

Cleanup Day and Tree Day.

is a commitment to sustainability and future

The Environment sector promoted the planting of 40 tree seedlings at the construction

38 / no. 268 / october 2011

generations,” said Helena Barreto, Environmental Technician.

Communities from Bahia’s Southern Lowlands Celebrate Tree Day To celebrate Tree Day in the Bahia Southern Lowlands, the Land Conservation

Program in Minas Gerais. OCT and AGIR are institutions tied to the

Organization (OCT) coordinated a special

Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental

programming with lectures and movies for

Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and

local community associations.

Sustainable Development Program (PDIS),

Gathered at the head Office of the Pratigi

supported by the Odebrecht Foundation.

Environmental Protection Area Guardian

Youth, Book, Work, Environment,

Association (AGIR) in Serra da Papuã, the

Cooperativism, Historical Heritage and

participants shared information about

Folklore Days were also part of the PDIS

the carbon market, listened to the lecture

calendar of events this year with aims of

by Guilherme Valladares, President of the

strengthening the relationship with the

Environmental VP, and the work developed

communities and PDIS.

by the Extrema City Water Conservation

Representatives from Bahia’s Southern Lowland Community Associations gather to celebrate Tree Day / no. 268 / october 2011


> fast notes

Live Happy Project Holds First SIPAT From September 19-23, the Live Happy Project, undertaken by Odebrecht

phrase contest and Safety Blitz completed the

Infraestrutura in Rio de Janeiro, held its


first Internal Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT). Under the theme “Commitment to Life,”

“The SIPAT is a moment for us to remember that Workplace Safety is the duty and responsibility of everyone,” said Elvis Alexandre,

the event included lectures on Accident

Safety Engineer. “Furthermore, the event

Prevention, First Aid and Defensive Driving

promoted improved synergy between the

for Motorcyclists. Theater presentations,

different contract sectors,” he said.

One of the theater presentations during the SIPAT focused on the importance of the correct use of Personal Protection Equipment


planting of seedlings, a vaccination campaign, / no. 268 / october 2011

The children had fun with the inflatable toys, the pool of balls and the candy tents at the event held by the consortium

CONPAR Consortium Organizes New Edition of “Happy Child” Program In the 2011 edition of its traditional social project, the “Happy Child” Program,

during the month of September. The donations were delivered to the 350

the CONPAR Consortium (Odebrecht

Primary School students at the Egipciana

Engenharia Industrial, UTC Engenharia and

School, located in the neighborhood of

OAS) gathered over 260 Members for the

Iguatemi, in Araucária, Paraná, during the

clothing and shoe collection campaign

party organized on September 29. / no. 268 / october 2011


ON 268 eng2  

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