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Foz Signs Contract for Brazil’s Largest Sanitation PPP in Pernambuco











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Foz’ Role in Brazil’s Largest Sanitation P



With the new operation in Pernambuco, Foz will come to benefit approximately 12.2 million people in more than 165 cities of nine Brazilian states


Fernando Mangabeira (to the right), Executive Director of Foz in Pernambuco, and Roberto Tavares, President and CEO of COMPESA, sign the contract


n February 15, Foz

Pernambuco. The contract signed

assumed yet another

between Foz and the Pernambuco

challenge: to offer

Sanitation Company (COMPESA) is

sewage services to a universe

considered the country’s largest

of 3.7 million people distributed

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in

throughout 15 municipalities in the

the area of sanitation.

Metropolitan region of Recife in


As part of a consortium

3 billion. The rest will come from COMPESA. According to Roberto Tavares, President and CEO of the state-owned company, the signing of the contract was the last act of a process that began seven years ago. “I have no doubt that the population will be the one to most benefit from this project, which will allow us to more efficiently offer services over the short term,” emphasized Tavares. The resources will be used to expand and recover the sanitary sewage systems, while also offering sewage collection and treatment systems. There are also plans for the acquisition of modern equipment and use of advanced technologies at the construction projects to prevent disturbances to the population caused by the opening of ditches. The contract also establishes that, for all interventions performed on agreement with the Pernambuco

streets, the paving services fall

company Lidermac, Foz established

under Foz’ responsibility.

a contract with COMPESA involving

“We have a 35 -year contract,”

a total investment of R$ 4 billion to

said Pedro Leão Neto, Director

universalize the sewage collection

of Foz responsible for the PPP in

and treatment services. Foz will

Pernambuco. “We are committed

be responsible for a volume of R$

to offering a high quality service,


working toward the region’s development and joining efforts with COMPESA to improve people’s quality of life,” said Neto.

DEVELOPMENT In 12 years, it is estimated that the PPP will allow for an increase from 30% to 90% of sewage coverage in the region and install some 9,000 km of sewage networks, including the replacement of the former piping and expansion of the coverage area. The 15 cities benefited include: Recife, Olinda, Paulista, Abreu e Lima, Igarassu, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Itamaracá, Araçoiaba, Camaragibe, São Lourenço da Mata, Ipojuca, Moreno, Itapissuma, Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Goiana. Starting with the signing of the contract, Foz will work for six months during a period of assisted operation with COMPESA. “During


the first 180 days, we will learn

or indirect interface with basic

more about the reality of the

sanitation to plan our future

services provided and the social-

actions,” said Pedro Leão Neto.

economic and environmental

After this period, the company will

characteristics that have a direct

receive a service order to assume

Current scenario in the Metropolitan region of Recife: of all the sewage, 28% is collected and only 7% is treated

the operation permanently. COM PESA will continue to be

assistance centers and the call center. The remuneration for the

responsible for supplying the water

private consortium depends on the

and caring for the relationship

fulfillment of service efficiency

with the final client, including




The unit, which is operated by the OOG TK FPSO Consortium, has been chartered to Petrobras for a nine-year period, with the option to extend this term for up to six more years

After arriving to its permanent site, located in the post-salt region of Santos Basin in the

FPSO NSP, which has been in the North Sea

Baúna and Piracaba fields, located in the State

for more than 15 years, contributed toward the

of Santa Catarina, the Odebrecht Oil and Gas

development of expertise in the area, reinforced

Cidade de Itajaí FPSO began producing its first

by the partnership with Teekay Petrojarl, the

oil. It is the company’s first production unit to

largest operator of FPSO production units in the

operate in Brazil.


The FPSO is connected to a well with a daily


The Odebrecht Oil and Gas operation of the

“The beginning of production consolidates

production potential of 12,000 barrels of oil,

our company as an operator of floating

and with a processing capacity of up to 80,000

production units as well as a provider of

barrels. The next steps associated with the

integrated services along the offshore

development of the production include the

production chain,” said Jorge Mitidieri, Managing

unit’s connection with five production wells and

Director of the Odebrecht Oil and Gas BU-

five injectors – four for water and one for gas.

Integrated Services.

TO REUSE WATER On March 7, the Rio de Janeiro State Water and Sewage Company (CEDAE) signed a contract with the Porto Rio Consortium – with the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura – to supply reuse water from the Alegria Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for the city’s Port Region revitalization work. For the first time, the water produced from the secondary effluents generated at the STP will be reused to supply rock drilling equipment and to moisten the paving, street and sidewalk bases. In order to produce reuse water, an effluent filtration, measurement and disinfection system will be installed at the STP. After the treatment, the water will be transported to the construction site in water trucks. It is estimated that 166 m³ of water will be consumed per day, equivalent to 5,500 m³ of reuse water per month. The resource will first be used at the Maravilha Port construction work in April of this year. “We will collect part of the treated water that would be returned back to Guanabara Bay, finalizing the treatment for industrial use,” said Ricardo Bueno, Contract Director at the Porto Rio Consortium. “With the partnership, we are reinforcing our environmental commitment to the project sustainability, making it possible to rationally use an increasingly scarce resource,” said Bueno.

Participating in the contract signing were Ricardo Bueno and the Managers Marco Antônio Marinho and Ricardo Pereira, both from the consortium, as well as the President of the Porto Novo Concessionaire, José Renato



Odebrecht Infraestrutura began

With 12 Generator Units that have a total combined installed power of 864 MW, Power House 3 will begin operating during the second half of this year

assembling the turbine and generator to be used in the permanent Generation Group 3 (GG3) well at the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant, with the descent of the first Distributor. The part is the first component of the Generator Unit to be installed after the paving of the bulb case, designed to control the flow of the water that activates the turbine movement. The permanent well is the site where the Generator Units are being assembled, prepared by the Civil Construction Work team, with activities alternated with the Electromechanical Assembly team. General Supervisor Carlos Kléber Martins dos Santos reported that it is always a challenge to begin the assembly in the well in yet another Power House. The Member, who has already participated in the installation of the two Power Houses (GG1 and GG2) at the plant, commented the following: “I seek to maintain the dialogue with the teams, motivating each Member so that we can work productively, safely and with quality.” The civil construction work at the GG3 began in August of 2011. The Electromechanical Assembly, on the other hand, began its activities in August 2012.


FROM ONE BANK OF THE RIVER TO THE NEXT Little by little, a great rock mass in the bed of the Madeira River gives way to the assembly and paving

project as this one,” he said. More than efficiency and large volumes, the

activities for the first blocks of the Santo Antônio

activities in the river bed combine the Members’

Hydroelectric Power Plant Generation Group 4 (GG4),

knowledge and experience. Gustavo França, Civil

built in Rondônia by Odebrecht Infraestrutura. The site

Production Manager, explains that the challenge is

will house the Power House (4), two Assembly Areas,

to complete the work in a way that is increasingly

a Branch Spillway, Gravity Dam and a complement of

better and safer. One of the strategies adopted is the

the channel for the fish transfer process.

processing of steel at the Assembly Center, where the

Approximately 1,300 Members are distributed

necessary cutting and bending takes place. On the

throughout the activities focused on cleaning

service front, the hardware is precast in the yards and

the foundation and starting the paving, molding

then hoisted to its permanent position in the block

and assembly work. Bricklayer Edelcio Lins da

structure. The method offers Members more safety

Silva said that he feels highly motivated: “I’m

and comfort, reducing the work time at heights and

very proud to be helping to build such a grandiose

boosting productivity.

Power House 4, which will connect the dam from the left to the right banks of the Madeira River, will house 12 Generator Units and complete the plant’s full operation


fast news LAST REACTORS ASSEMBLED The CONEST Consortium, formed by Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial and OAS, concluded the installation of the last three reactors under the Hydrotreatment Unit (HDT) contract at the Abreu e Lima Refinery in Pernambuco. The equipment is responsible for the chemical reactions that remove the sulphur and nitrogen compounds and reduce the product quality. All of the reactions are exothermic, or in other words, they produce heat, and consequently, the process temperature in the reactors is high. A total of 12 reactors were assembled. “By reaching this milestone, we achieved an excellent result, since we surpassed yet another challenge: assembling the heaviest equipment at the Abreu e Lima Refinery,� stated Antenor de Castro, Contract Director.

The equipment, called R-32502, R-32003 and R-32503, weighs from 250 to 560 tons and is 20.5 to 32 meters high



The meeting was designed to strengthen the company’s institutional relations with the new Libyan government

From February 27 to March 4, Libya’s Minister of

of direct flows of trade and investments between

Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdulbari Al-Arussi, was in Brazil in

the two countries, as well as the support necessary

the company of the President of the Libyan National

to facilitate the Brazilian companies’ return to

Oil Corporation (NOC), Dr. Nuri Abdalla Berruien, and

Libya. The delegation met with the President of

by the Exploration, Production and Project Directors

Petrobrás, Maria das Graças Foster, to assess the

at NOC. The group was accompanied by Odebrecht

possibilities for partnerships and also toured the

representatives in the country, led by Fábio Januário,

Braskem unit in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro.

Managing Director in Portugal, Libya and the United

“The meetings represented an opportunity

Arab Emirates, as well as by those responsible for the

to reinforce diplomatic relations and promote

Institutional Relations and Business Development

the exchange of experiences between the

areas, Khalifa Ghannai and Ziad Hage.

countries, expose the businesses and potentials

During the group’s visit to the Minister of Mines

of our Organization, as well as develop a type of

and Energy, Edison Lobão, and the Minister of

coordination to resolve pending issues and evaluate

Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Fernando

the future of our contracts in Libya,” said Fábio

Pimentel, the participants discussed the feasibility



fast news Teams from Odebrecht for Latin America and Ecuador gathered at one of the Ruta Viva service fronts. The company operates in six contracts in the country

BRAZIL-ECUADOR INTEGRATION At the end of February, the Managing Director of Ecuador, José Santos, and his team welcomed to Quito Luiz Mameri, Entrepreneurial Leader at Odebrecht for Latin America, together with the team consisting of Edson Lemos, João Carlos Nogueira, Eduardo Gedeón, Mario Augusto Silva and José Pegoraro, in addition to Carlos Hupsel, Special Advisor. The delegation took part in several different activities, including a meeting in which José Santos presented the current political and economic scenario in the country and his Action Plan for the 20132015 period. The visitors also toured the Ruta Viva project, considered priority in the Quito Metropolitan District Road Plan, which will facilitate the mobility of its residents to the capital’s new airport. Gonzalo Díaz, Contract Director, presented the importance of the contract, its financing and progress made.


AN IMPORTANT MEETING From March 5-8, the Ethylene XXI Project

and social key performance indicators (KPIs),

in Mexico was visited by representatives from

Ethylene XXI received a positive report from

the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

the representatives for the first release of the

and the International Finance Corporation


(IFC), leaders of the financial institutions

Ethylene XXI consists of the installation

that support the contract, in addition to the

of a petrochemical complex in the industrial

international consulting company contracted

region of Coatzacoalcos for the production of

to monitor the works with a focus on the

1 million annual tons of polyethylene designed

categories of Sustainability, D’Appolonia.

for use by Braskem Idesa, a joint venture

The meeting constituted the first

made up by Braskem and the Mexican group

inspection since the signing of the financing

Idesa. The contract for the construction of the

agreement for the project, in the amount of

plant falls under the responsibility of a joint

US$ 3.2 billion in December 2012, and was

venture that consists of Odebrecht, Technip-

designed to authorize the first disbursement.

Italia and the Mexican company IcaFluor. The

After the meetings and verifications of

construction work is set to be completed in

the environmental, workplace safety, health

July 2015.

Teams from Ethylene XXI and representatives from partner institutions gathered for the project evaluations. The next inspection will be in June of this year


fast news HISTORY OF A LIFE On March 1, the Rota das Bandeiras head office, located in the rural São Paulo city of Itatiba, was visited

the medical prognoses of that time. “If the assistance

by triathlete Ana Lidia Borba, age 28, with whom the

had not come so quickly, I might not be here telling this

concessionaire shares an important history.

story today,” she said.

In December 2009, Borba trained along the edges

Rota das Bandeiras has recorded a drop in the

of the Dom Pedro I Highway (SP-065) when she lost

number of fatal victims on the Dom Pedro Corridor

her balance on her bicycle, fell onto the road and was

highways. In 2010, the first complete year of the

hit by a car traveling at high speed. On the occasion,

concession, 87 people died in accidents along the

the Rota das Bandeiras rescue car took only seven

administrated stretch. In 2012, the number was 65,

minutes to reach the site, stabilize the patient and

representing a 25% reduction. “The teams work on

get her to the University of Campinas Hospital. After

three fronts: initiating the assistance on the highway,

30 minutes, Borba had already received care at the

removing the victim without making the injuries

Intensive Care Unit of the hospital specialized in

worse and then sending the individual to a site with a

trauma in Campinas.

suitable structure based on the severity,” explained

Fully recovered, the athlete was able to go back to competing in the Ironman race (3.8 km of swimming,

Borba was reunited with rescuer Everton Monteiro, one of those responsible for assisting her


180 km of cycling and 42 km of running), disproving

the concessionaire’s Medical Coordinator, Rodrigo Barros de Carvalho.

Braskem and Idesa established a partnership for the Ethylene XXI Project in Mexico, which will produce low and high density polyethylene starting in 2015

IN THE MEXICAN PLASTIC SECTOR For the first time, the Braskem Idesa joint

the plastics industry in Mexico and one of the

venture participated in the Plastimagen Fair,

most important in Latin America. More than 700

Mexico’s largest event in the plastic sector. The

exhibitors, including engineers, technicians and

objective was to present the joint venture to the

suppliers of raw materials and plastic product

transformer market, reinforcing the progress

transformers, participated in the fair.

of the Ethylene XXI Project – the installation

Jorge Riancho and Warney Aiala, responsible

of a petrochemical complex in the industrial

for Marketing and for Technical Assistance

region of Coatzacoalcos – and strengthening

at Braskem Idesa, respectively, gave the

the relationship with clients during the pre-

presentation “Competiveness, Technology and

marketing phase.

Services for the Mexican Polyethylene Market” in

Plastimagen is the main business forum for

partnership with the company Piovan.


fast news UN AND ODEBRECHT FOUNDATION PARTNERSHIP The main mission of the United Nations (UN)

on changing human beings, and primarily, forming

Center Report is to consolidate the results of a

good citizens,” said Cândida Maria Narciso, Governor

four-year partnership between the organization

of the South Luanda Province in Angola. “This is

and the Odebrecht Foundation to implement the

the right path to take. And that one day, we may

Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection

internalize these new ideas and generate knowledge,”

Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth

said Narciso.

Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS). The document presents a retrospective of the

The report is available at the International Center for Innovation and Exchange in Public Administration

inaugural events held in 2008 upon the creation

(CIIIAP) – the result of a partnership between the

of the Study and Practice Center in Participative

Bahia Government and UNDESA (the UN Department

Government and Community Development, also

of Economic and Social Affairs) –, which strengthens

identified as the UN Center. A total of 23 activities

and supports policies designed to improve

were promoted in 2012 alone, including workshops,

public administration, promoting the exchange

seminars, meetings and gatherings. Last year, more

of innovation and improvement of technologies

than 30 national and international visits were also

designed for the area.

recorded. Since it was first created, representatives from 34

Click to have access to the full report.

countries have visited the center. “PDCIS is focused

Aerial view of Serra da Papuã, home to the Center for Studies and Practices in Participative Governance and Community Development



The actions will include meetings,

Millennium Goals, the Odebrecht

lectures, seminars, studies and academic

Foundation and Bahia State Public

publications, among other initiatives

Prosecutor’s Office (MP-BA) signed a

designed to disseminate knowledge about

Technical Cooperation Agreement and

the Bahia community. The proposal is to

defined an agenda of events that will be

bring the Public Prosecutor’s Office and

promoted by the institutions during the

Odebrecht Foundation closer to society

year 2013.

by looking into problems in the areas of

The document establishes that the

cooperation, answering the population’s

integrated actions should take place within

questions about their basic given rights.

the two entities’ scopes of operation. In the case of the MP-BA, within the sphere of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) Program, focused on Quality Health and Education for All, as well as at the Odebrecht Foundation, through the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS). Public Prosecutor Clodoaldo Anunciação, who came up with the MP Program, reinforced that the partnership with the Odebrecht Foundation had already been in place. “Last year, we established partnerships at other projects, specifically in the municipalities of Nilo Peçanha, Valença and Piraí do Norte, said Anunciação. “Now, we will concentrate our efforts on the Millennium Goals,” he said.

The Millennium Goals were established by the UN in 2000 after an analysis of the major global issues, with the proposal to reach them in 2015



Focus on the World an


ust 79 days from the 2013 Confederations Cup, to be held from June 15-20, and 441 days

from the 2014 World Cup, each new edition of Odebrecht News presents the progress of the construction work for the arenas being built with the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura. Learn the latest information about the Maracanã Stadium and the Corinthians and The grass planted on a 9,000 m 2 area is already rooted into the terrain of Maracanã, which has the same fertilized area of the farm where the grass was grown

Fonte Nova Arenas.

NEW GRASS AT MARACANÃ The planting of the grass at Maracanã Stadium was completed on March 13 after


nd Confederation Cups

four days of activities. A total of 360

the Public Works Company (EMOP),

square plots were planted, previously

Ícaro Moreno Júnior, as well as by the

cut out of a grass field grown at a farm

management of the Maracanã Rio 2014

located in Saquarema, in the Lagos

Consortium (formed by Odebrecht and

region, and then transported in rolls to

Andrade Gutierrez).

the site. Since October of last year, the

According to Ícaro Moreno, the choice of the grass for the new game field was

seedlings were fertilized and received

based on previous studies conducted

adequate monitoring until they had

by specialists, and the “bermuda

grown and were strong enough for

celebration” type was determined to be

replanting. The cultivation lasted long

the most suitable for the stadium and

enough to allow for their rooting at

the Rio de Janeiro climate. “The grass

Maracanã. The process was monitored

is permanent and will be used both

by the State Secretary of Public Works,

during the Confederations Cup as well

Hudson Braga, by the President of

as the World Cup,” said Moreno. “It is


the best choice for our conditions,” he

between Brazil and England – under

emphasized. The President of EMOP also

FIFA management –, at 100% capacity.

explained that for the first time, Brazil is

“Maracanã is unique and like no other,”

using the planting system in the form of

said Braga. “We will deliver a beautiful

grass rolls, whose specific technology

stadium, one of the world’s most modern

and machinery are widely applied at

that will certainly be a source of pride for

the biggest European stadiums, such as

all Brazilians,” he said.

Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain. Hudson Braga confirmed the

remodeling work for Maracanã involves

scheduling of the first test event at the

6,500 workers on more than 1,000

stadium for April 27, with a capacity

service fronts, including the placement of

limited to 30% of the total 78,838 seats.

the new roof. Workers and Brazilian and

The second will take place during the

European mountain climbers installed the

first half of May, at 50% capacity, and the

fiberglass and teflon canvas parts for the

third on June 2, during the friendly match

roof that will have a total of 120 pieces.

Alexandre Chiavegatto (to the left), Jaques Wagner and Frank Alcântara: preparation for the big inauguration event at the new Fonte Nova

24 24

Already 92% completed, the

With 50,000 seats, the Fonte Nova Arena also has two big screens, 40 food kiosks, 94 bathrooms, more than 2,000 parking spots, 70 Skyboxes and nine elevators


another arena in a different place,” said


Wagner. Fonte Nova will be a gift to the

Accompanied by his delegation and professionals from the Bahia press, Bahia Governor Jaques Wagner visited the

Bahia people on Salvador’s anniversary [March 29]”, said Wagner. The governor also congratulated

Fonte Nova Arena and toured different

Frank Alcântara, President of the Fonte

areas, from the locker rooms to the

Nova Arena, and Engineer Alexandre

rooms designed for coaches and booths

Chiavegatto, Contract Director: “I wish

built for the television networks.

Frank and his team all of the luck in the

The event marked the presentation

world,” he said. The inauguration on April

of the new arena, which was praised

7 will be a magical moment with the Bahia

by Jaques Wagner. He pointed out the

and Vitória game,” he emphasized.

decision to maintain the characteristic

Bahia’s multi-use arena has 10 levels,

horseshoe shape of the former stadium

three grandstand rings and will offer fans a

and the demolition work of the previous

modern structure that follows the highest

structure. “It was a smart attitude, since

international standards. Over 10,000 people

we could not maintain the former Fonte

have been involved during the different

Nova as a concrete cemetery and build

phases of the project – from the implosion


of the former structure and building of the new equipment to the current phase of its preparation for operation. The first event at the Fonte Nova Arena will be the classic “BA x VI” as part of the Bahia Championship, preceded by an inaugural performance. The programming includes the return game on April 28, the Confederations Cup and a series of games under the Bahia and Brazilian Championships, as well as a live show by singer Ivete Sangalo in December.

CORINTHIANS ARENA ROOF The construction work for the Corinthians Arena, located in São Paulo, is progressing ahead of schedule. The installation of the second metal module of the West grandstand roof has already been completed, originally scheduled only for the end of April. There will be 10 of these in all, with an average weight of 120 tons and extending 75 meters long each. The earth leveling for the arena’s central area, where the grass will be planted with its modern drainage and heating systems, has also been completed. The grass will begin to be

outdoor areas, including the bathrooms,

planted at the end of May.

spaces for stores, floors, walls and

The pace of the finish services is also intense in a range of different indoor and


Skyboxes. Workers are also focusing on assembling the metal structures of the

The structures were hoisted by a team of 40 people with the support of a “super-crane” with a capacity for 1,500 tons

glass cladding for the West and East

With 1,650 workers at the

facades, as well as the indoor assembly

construction site, the construction work

of the air conditioning, electrical,

for the arena that will open the World

electronic, water and sewage systems.

Cup are already nearly 67% complete.


CSC ODEBRECHT VISITS CORINTHIANS ARENA On March 9-16, the Members of the Odebrecht Shared Service Center (SSC) and their families visited the construction work for the Corinthians Arena. In addition to providing a time for leisure and synergy, the idea was to show the professionals how a “small company” works and how the SSC team can influence the support offered to the contract on a daily basis. “In 2012, the SSC included 53 units in its operation, primarily the large Engineering and Construction projects, such as the roads and stadiums that will host the 2014 World Cup. We have Members in our operation since the beginning that never had the opportunity to see the structure of a project,” said Dilson Zanatta Filho, SSC Leader. Thinking along these lines and aligned with Frederico Barbosa, Operational Manager of the Corinthians Arena, SSC organized the visit, which included a

that the event was a wish come true:

brief explanation of the contract, a video

“It was incredible!,” she exclaimed.

about the construction phases and a trip

“As a Member, I am proud to be part

to the overlook.

of the Organization, which allows us

A fan of the team Corinthians and


to fulfill this dream.” According to

Member of the SSC Integrated Receipt

Lenilton Jordão, responsible for People

area, Nataly Leal Saula commented

and Organization at the SSC, bringing

In all, 300 Members took part in the visits, divided into six groups

the team closer to its user makes the

Barbosa. “The construction project is a

SSC feel like a part of the Businesses it

common one, but it represents a great


deal for the country, for Corinthians and

Frederico Barbosa emphasized

for its fans. What happens each day

the importance of each Member’s

makes the behind-the-scenes more

participation in the project. “It makes

interesting when it comes to delivering a

us very happy to receive the SSC,” said

well-done product,” he concluded.



New Bran the Same

Starting from the left:Amanda Zaragoza, Leonardo Maia, Rafael Lomelino, Domitila Carbonari, Juliana Cerresi, Sergio Kertész and Fernando Bammesberger, Members from the Marketing area

O 30

n March 15, Odebrecht

through a new brand.By adopting it, the


company reinforced its attributes.“OR

“wore” the color red and

speaks directly to the final consumer

aligned itself visually and nominally with

and has a relatively large number

the Organization’s other businesses

of clients with different profiles,”

nd, New Colors and e Commitment there is the need to reinforce that our essence and our commitment remain the same.” In its communication with clients and Members, the company adopted the phrase “New brand, new colors and the same commitment:to make our Clients’ dreams come true” and also explained the strategic objectives of the change, emphasizing its principles and values. “We believe that our clients will quickly identify with the new visual identity, since we remain strongly committed to meeting the deadlines and ensuring the quality of our projects,” said Paul Altit, Entrepreneurial Leader.“We want to make it clear that we continue to be focused on the main mission of Odebrecht RealizaçõesImobiliárias:making our clients’ dreams come true,” said Sergio Kertész, Marketing and

said Altit.“The brand will continue

Communication Director.“We need to

representing the permanent focus

take measures to ensure that these

on selectiveness, differentiation and

individuals understand the objective of

sustainability for all of our products and

the change,” said Kertész.“That is why

services,” he said.


Alexandre Fregonesi, from the Legal area, and secretaries JoelmaPrestes and MaylingAkioka:the professionals are also responsible for integrating clients with the new brand


brand architecture model, aligned with

Bi-monthly column written by an OR

one of the main objectives established in

leader and published on the company’s

the 2020 Vision:‘to be one of the world’s


50 most admired organizations.’This new model establishes a single brand

“The Organization’s new visual

(ODEBRECHT) so as to allow for a better

identity:we are Odebrecht”

alignment of our culture, beliefs and

The Organization is adopting a new


values (TEO) in all of the Organization’s

Businesses.As we know, it represents

partners, suppliers, financers,

a major challenge considering the

society, etc., will relate to the same

diversification, internationalization

brand:‘ODEBRECHT,’ followed by the

and decentralization of the different

identification of the specific Business,


for example,‘RealizaçõesImobiliárias,

With the new architecture of the

’ ‘Energia,’ ‘Agroindustrial’ and so forth.

brands, the parties associated with the

Braskem and the EnseadaParaguaçu

Organization – albeit Clients, associates,

Shipyard (EEP) will continue to have their


From right to left:Daniele de Almeida Ceccarelli, Valéria Aparecida Adão Barbosa and Roberto Paulo Eleuterio, from the Information Technology area, and Melissa Tavares from the Finance area:Members wear red, the new color

current brand, due to ownership structure

diversification, capacity for delivery and

with other relevant partners.

internationalization) and the attributes

OR’s main mission naturally does not change:making our Clients’ dreams come

and making available in our products and

true.Our brand will continue to represent

services (selectiveness, differentiation

the main strategic foundation of our

and sustainability), resulting in major

Action Programs:a permanent focus

innovative and transforming projects

on Selectiveness, Differentiation and

focused on guaranteeing quality and the

Sustainability in all of our products and

delivery deadline.

services. The new brand needs to be


that our teams are gradually forming

Odebrecht RealizaçõesImobiliárias is a company that aims to satisfy a growing

understood by our Clients as a synergy

number of Clients, each one with its own

between the attributes that our ‘mother

specific characteristics.Accordingly, it is

brand’ presents (size, solidity, credibility,

very important that Clients understand

the reason for this change and have the

respect and discipline when applying our

certainty that the teams will be seeking

logo.This will be very important in terms of

their full satisfaction with the care and

us transmitting the image we want for our

zeal that have defined our operations

Clients, Members, Partners, members of

in the market.Integrating Clients with

the community located near the projects

our brand and vice-versa can only be

and other stakeholders.

achieved through the work of the leaders

I believe that we can summarize

and their teams.Within this context, each

what we would like to communicate with

one of us needs to assume his or her

our brand in a single concept: our main


mission is to serve Clients.”

It is important to consider that our brand has a life of its own:it reflects our

Paul Altit

values, culture and image.Because it is

Entrepreneurial Leader from Odebrecht

so important to us, we will need to have

Realizações Imobiliárias



Get Ready! The Run and


i th e a c h n ew e d i ti o n, th e O d e b re c ht Ru n

a n d Wa l k e a rn s i n c re a s i ngly m o re pa rti c i pa nts fro m d i ffe re nt c i ti e s of th e wo rl d i n wh i c h th e O rga n izati o n o p e rate s. Th i s ye a r, th e fi rst e d i ti o n wi l l ta ke p la ce o n Ap ri l 13 i n 13 co u ntri e s s i m u l ta n e o u s ly : Ango la, Brazi l , Cu ba, Un i te d Ara b Em i rate s, Ec ua d o r, Un i te d State s, M exi co, M oza m b i q u e, Pa na ma, Pe ru , Po rtuga l , Do m i n i ca n Re p u b l i c a n d Ve n ezu e la. Th e date ce l e b rate s Wo rl d H e a l th Day. O rga n ize d by th e H e a l th Su p p o rt, Safe ty, H e a l th a n d Envi ro n m e nt ( SH E ) , Pe o p l e a n d O rga n izati o n ( P & O ) a n d Bu s i n e ss Co m m u n i cati o n te a m s, th e i n i tiative p ro m ote s th e i nte ra c ti o n b e twe e n th e l e a d e rs, M e m b e rs a n d th e i r fa m i l i e s a n d a l so e n co u rage s h e a l th


d Walk are Coming Soon a n d i m p rove d q ua l i ty of l i fe. I n a d d i ti o n to c h o os i ng b e twe e n th e ru n o r wa l k, th e pa rti c i pa nts ca n a l so p i c k fro m va ri e d p rogra m m i ng that i n c l u d e s stre tc h i ng, yoga a n d da n ce c la sse s, c u l tu ra l p re se ntati o n s, ma ssage a n d a s pa ce fo r c h i l d re n’ s a c tivi ti e s. Sign u p, ta ke yo u r fa m i ly a n d e n co u rage yo u r fri e n d s !

Access the website to obtain more information about the Odebrecht Run and Walk programming and sites in your country: corridaecaminhada.


people fast news

MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR ANGOLANS In partnership with UniLins University in São Paulo, Odebrecht Angola granted scholarships to 10

With the support of those responsible for the

students from different high schools in the country

Odebrecht projects in Angola, there was an internal

for study in Brazil. During a five-year period, the

selection process in which 10 youth were chosen –

youth will complete the Civil and Electric Engineering

eight for the Civil Engineering course and two for the


Electric Engineering course.

The initiative is yet another one of the strategies

After their studies, the youth will return to

designed to strengthen the relationship between

their country of origin to work at the Organization.

Angolan students and the company, maximizing

“Our hope is that all of the students earn a degree

the potential of new and future Member. “In order

within the established period and can provide their

to earn the scholarship, the students need to be at

contribution, both for the country as well as for the

least 21, have completed high school in technical

Organization, which invests and believes in people’s

courses and be approved in the placement test and

capacity,” said Claudio Herrero, responsible for

the Odebrecht selection process,” said Guilhermina

People in Angola.

The students were selected from the 60 top ones in the Civil Engineering and Electric Engineering courses approved in the UniLins placement exam conducted in Angola


Narciso, Project Coordinator.

Built along a 136.80-m² area at the Inhaúma Shipyard, the site has the capacity for 13 Members per day

WELDERS IN TRAINING Created in February of this year at the

machines and automatic wire feeders.

Inhaúma Shipyard in Rio de Janeiro, the “Little

The gases CO 2 and argon, both used in the

Welding School” workshop is designed to test,

welding process, are transferred to the

qualify, requalify and train professionals from

booths through carbon steel piping, leaving

the Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP).

the Gas Center installed outside the school.

The space has 13 welding booths, a

During this first phase, the “Little School”

room for supervisors, inspectors and

is being used for the New Member hiring

documentation control, a test specimen

process. The installations will promote the

preparation room and laboratory and a

qualification of the welders, designed to

dressing room for use by the candidates

meet internal demand, and will house training

and Members receiving the training. The

programs elaborated in partnership with the

workshop also has 14 multi-process

EEP People and Organization team.


people fast news

STRENGTHENING THE SAFETY PACT To increasingly improve the workplace safety results at the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power

to improve our rates,” explained Délio Galvão. “This

Plant construction site, the Construtor Santo

program is yet another opportunity for us to unite

Antônio Consortium (CCSA) – of which Odebrecht

forces to improve what we have already achieved in

Infraestrutura is leader – began implementing the

the area of workplace safety,” he said.

Always Safe Program, designed to support leaders as they learn more about the topic. The launch took place in February, with the

The second action was directed at the production and service supervisors, leaders and team foremen and women. Meetings and activities were designed

presence of managers, administrators, those

to raise participants’ awareness and promoted

responsible for the programs, Young Partners and

discussions on best practices. “I believe that the

general supervisors. The CCSA Contract Directors,

team’s attitude will change,” said Francisco Silva

Délio Galvão, Leonardo Borgatti and Miguel Figueiredo,

Nascimento, Earth and Rock Sector Production

presented the program and demonstrated the

Supervisor. “We will work in a united fashion in the

importance of everyone’s role in this safety “pact.”

field to ensure accident-free work,” he said.

Always Safe Program: supervisors participate in group dynamics symbolizing the alliance created safely


“We have made extensive efforts and invested heavily


Commitment to Safety: Members participated in the elaboration of an interactive panel, with more than 500 colorful handprints

The life story of Wesley Almeida – who 19 years

Engineer, Hacy Prado. For Production Manager,

ago suffered a 3,000-volt electric shock during a

Marcelo Santos, the goal was achieved “not only

work-related accident and lost his arms – was the

with words, but also with examples of life and

focus of the “Share Safety” campaign, promoted


by Odebrecht Infraestrutura for the General Osório Subway Station Expansion work in Rio de Janeiro. Held from February 25-March 1, the initiative

According to Wesley Almeida, the leaders’ participation helped promote the development of the action. “The leaders’ introduction into the group

involved 650 Members in a series of actions

dynamics helped promote dialogue and reinforced the

designed to leverage the project’s safety goals.

shared safety proposal,” said Almeida. Adilson Júnior,

The programming included lectures, interactive

Industrial Leader, commented that the experience

activities and visits to disseminate information and

represented a life lesson and motivated him to always

exchange experiences. “Everyone understood and

keep the topic in mind. “The risk is not having a second

was to sensitive to the messages,” said Safety

chance,” he said.


people fast news


Participants learned about the topics of Workplace Safety, Environment, Workplace Psychology, Quality and Health and received instruction material, a uniform, meals, transport vouchers and life insurance

The Estaleiro do Paraguaçu Consortium (CEP) – responsible for the construction of the Enseada

taking major steps toward growth. “Through Believe,

do Paraguaçu Shipyard (a development formed by

the participants will have more job opportunities

the corporate e Odebrecht, OAS, UTC and Kawasaki)

everywhere,” emphasized Araújo.

– began training the second group of the Believe

A total of 42 people, of which 55% were women,

Program, which is completing the Civil Construction

participated in the first group, which completed the

Assistant course. The goal is to offer operational level

course last December. “Believe transformed by life,

training and qualification to the residents who live near

since I began to think more about my future and I

the construction project, located in Maragojipe, Bahia.

saw that I needed to get qualified to achieve a better

The selection process for the second group took


Financial Manager of CEP, the new students are

professional placement,” said Maria Clara Gonçalves

place in January of this year and included more than

Conceição, age 31, resident of the community of

900 candidates, including residents from the region

Enseada. Less than two months after she completed

of Maragojipe and Salinas da Margarida. According

the course, Conceição was hired as a Kitchen

to Domingos Sávio de Araújo, Administrative and

Assistant by a restaurant from the region.

TELES PIRES HPP AND BELIEVE JUNIOR On March 8, Odebrecht Infraestrutura began to administer the Believe Junior classes at the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant, an Odebrecht

opportunity, since we will be prepared for the job market,” she said. Student Fabrício Lúcio de Almeida, age 17, saw a

Energia located at the border between Pará and Mato

chance to work on the development. “I found a way

Grosso. Undertaken in partnership with the local

to gain experience and earn the opportunity to be

branch of the National Industrial Learning Service

hired to work at the plant,” he said. He also revealed

(SENAI-MT), the program is geared toward children

that the classes are dynamic and cover a variety of

ages 14 to 17 who are completing junior and high

different topics. “I already learned a lot, primarily how

schools in Paranaíta.

to control money,” said the youth.

Of the 217 students signed up, 70 youth classified

According to Antônio Augusto Santos, Contract

for the Production Assistant and Computer

Director, Odebrecht fulfills a social role in a region with

Operation and Maintenance courses. Shaiane de

few job opportunities. “This gives the youth a new

Souza Cruz, age 14, stated that she has a good

perspective on the future market that awaits them,”

outlook for the future. “I couldn’t think of a better

said Santos.

The program includes 880 theoretical and practical hours and is set for conclusion in February 2014


people fast news

PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES The Moatize Expansion Project – a Vale project developed by Odebrecht in Mozambique

accidents and optimize the plan, for example

– promoted a Health and Safety Dialogue in

the installation of fire alarms. There were also

which the main theme addressed was the

simulations to orient workers during a real-life

Area Evacuation Plan. With the participation of


firefighter Bruno Segatto, the goal was to inform

“It is crucial that everyone have the conditions

the procedures in the case of emergency for

to evacuate the site of risk in a safe and orderly

evacuating the site and provide orientations about

fashion, aiming to safeguard their physical

the escape route and meeting point.

integrity,” said Roberto Salvador, Health,

Bruno Segatto informed that, in partnership with the Project Administration area, several

Bruno Segatto explained the Area Evacuation Plan, designed to train Members to act promptly in case of emergencies


different measures are being taken to prevent

Workplace Safety and Environment Manager at Odebrecht.

PEOPLE WHO LEARNED FROM WORK AND FROM LIFE. With each edition of Odebrecht Informa magazine, a Member from the Organization is invited to share his or her experiences lived and challenges overercome.

View the testimonials featured through videos on the website:



It i s T h e i



From Brazil to Angola and Mozambique, among other countries, a moment to pay tribute to the women at Odebrecht


n March 8, International

“In 2005 and 2006, the first

Women’s Day was

Brazilians began to arrive,” she

celebrated at Odebrecht

recalls. “The offices were being built

projects, industrial units and offices

and I made sandwiches and coffee.”

both within Brazil and abroad.

Today, Zeperino feels “at home”

Odebrecht News presents some of

despite the cultural differences. For

the actions designed to pay tribute

special events, such as April 7, the

to the Organization’s members. Learn

Mozambican women use capulanas


(a type of sarong) on their heads and put mussiro on their faces (a white

MOZAMBIQUE “The Mozambique woman has a

paste made from the stalk of a plant that makes the skin soft).

voice and important role to fulfill.

Zeperino is caring for the well-

She can express her opinion, has

being of everyone and is responsible

the freedom to say want she wants,

together with an 11-person team

because she is Mozambican.” This

that includes both men and women,

statement was made by Josina

for cleaning and the coffee service

Machel, a militant figure in the

offered to Members. “I like the

movement for Mozambique’s

interaction with the Brazilians

independence. She passed away on

because we learn a whole lot,” she

April 7, 1971, the date which officially

explained, stating that she is proud to

became Mozambican Woman’s Day.

wear her uniform every day.

“The Mozambique woman fights until she gets what she wants. And this is what I did.” This statement

The Odebrecht Angola projects

was made by Raquel Zeperino, one of

celebrate International Women’s Day

the workers at the Moatize Expansion

and Angolan Woman’s Day on March

Project, a Vale project developed by

8 and March 2, respectively, with

Odebrecht in Tete. At age 52 with

different activities.

four children and two grandchildren,



As part of the calendar of social

“Dona” Raquel is the contract’s

actions promoted in partnership with

oldest Member.

the Province Government of Luanda,

“Dona� Raquel began working during the first phase of the Moatize Coal Project in 2004, when the feasibility studies were still being conducted for the installation of the mine

The Moatize Expansion Project in Mozambique has Members of 11 different nationalities


In the Luanda Waters Special Economic Zone and Reinforcement, there were games, a fashion show featuring traditional African clothing and a visit to the Odebrecht Angola Center

during the month of March the Luanda Expressways project holds an exhibit

In the Catata/Lovua project,

at Largo das Heroínas (“Heroines’

besides a special lunch, there was

Square”) to honor the Angolan

the presentation of lectures on

women who contributed toward the

hygiene and sexually transmitted

growth and formation of the country,

diseases, supply of hygiene kits and

including Deolinda Rodrigues, Irene

the application of group dynamics

Cohen, Teresa Afonso, Engrácia dos

to promote integration, with the

Santos and Lucrécia Paim.

distribution of free gifts related to the

Open to the public, the exhibit

topic. In Benguela and South Kwanza,

consists of thematic panels that

woman also listened to lectures on

present the history of the creation

breastfeeding, the survivor’s pension

of International Women’s Day

and subsidies.

and women’s rights, illustrative


countries and periods.

In the Population Resettlement

maps about the living conditions

Program-Zango, Members began

of women around the world and

the day with a visit to the Luanda

advertising posters from different

Museum of Natural History. Ana

The women of Catata/Lovua also danced and sang in Kioco (regional dialect), accompanied by the voice and guitar of one of the Member


Female Members of the Porto Rio Consortium traded in their white helmets for new pink ones

Simão António talked about her first visit to a museum: “I learned a lot of things, and at the same time, I was able to interact with my colleagues from the company who work in other sectors,” she said. In the Luanda Road System, the date was celebrated with a fashion show, games and a special lunch involving the participation of 50 women.

MARAVILHA PORT: In Rio de Janeiro, the women who are part of the Porto Rio Consortium – responsible for the Maravilha Port construction work with the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura – received


pink helmets and congratulation cards. During the Daily Health

delicateness of Renata Furtado Fagundes catches attention. The

Dialogue, held in the morning in the

leader of the civil construction work

administrative construction site

and a Technician in Buildings, she

common area, Members gathered for

arrived to the project to duplicate

a tribute that included the presence of

the Engenheiro Constâncio Cintra

Managers Olívia Vieira and Margaret

Highway (SP-360) in February


of this year to head a team of 15 workers. “It is my first time working

ROTA DAS BANDEIRAS Amidst the concrete structures and primarily male work force, the

as leader,” she said about the new experience. Technician in Workplace Safety,

Every day, Fagundes gathers her team and defines the priorities. “After this, my role is to coordinate them,” she explained


More than 100 Members took part in the actions, received beauty kits and watched a video about the women who work at the São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador centers

Rosenelia Anselmo da Silva, and

with M for Mulher” (which means

Rescuer Eunice Cristina Cervantes

“Woman” in Portuguese). According to

Gama, are also examples of the

Lúcia Ribolli, leader from the Planning

feminine force in the concessionaire

area, the initiative was created to

controlled by Odebrecht TransPort.

recognize the value of the Members’

“When I began, my profession was

work. “The SSC currently has a team

exercised much more often by men,

of on average 300 professionals,

but today the reality is quite different,”

granted that half of this total is made

said Silva. “I have already worked with

up of women,” said Ribolli.

1,000 workers and only had issues in a single situation,” she said.

One of the activities underway is a course focused on facial care and fast massages, in addition to discounts

CSC ODEBRECHT The Odebrecht Shared Service


on beauty products. “Our tribute was wonderful and we only have thanks

Center prepared a month full of

for all of the care and attention,” said

actions focused on women from the

Andressa de Aguilar Barbosa, from the

team, with a campaign called “March

financial area.

ENSEADA DO PARAGUAÇU SHIPYARD “A time for you” was the proposal of the action promoted by the Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP), which offered its Members an individual Shiatsu session. In addition to the personalized assistance, the female Members received a commemorative card. “The massage session helped us relax a lot,” said Daniela Bacellar, from the Information Technology Bacellar and another 100 women were received at four EEP offices – three in Rio de Janeiro and one in Salvador

team. “It also symbolizes the importance of caring for our well being,” she said.


The Members gave speeches that highlighted the importance of women’s role in the job market and the project

CORINTHIANS ARENA The 94 women from the Corinthians Arena project, located in São Paulo, were honored before the start of the first shift. Surrounded in the South grandstand by the 1,200 workers from their shift, the female Members received a great deal of applause, flowers and gifts. They received specific tributes for the “Most Experienced Worker,” granted to Timekeeper Giselda Rodrigues de Souza and the “Most Attractive Members” (elected by the workers themselves), granted to Nursing Technician Vanessa Cristina Carneiro and Administrative Assistant, the Haitian Marie Yveline Milus.


FONTE NOVA ARENA The celebration at the Fonte Nova Arena was marked by a breakfast offered to 300 women from the project through initiative of the First Lady of Bahia, Fátima Mendonça. Three female workers were chosen to represent the group of women who worked to build the new arena: Cleaning Supervisor Lucimar de Freitas, better known as “Flower,” the project’s first worker; Assembler Vanda Azevedo Inácio, who participated in a program that promoted the inclusion of former homeless individuals;

The women participated in a special breakfast organized inside the Fonte Nova Arena


and the Engineer Responsible for Quality, Ana Boveri, who is five months pregnant. “We care for the arena like we care for

construction site cafeteria. “Last year, on this same date, we had approximately 70 women,” explained

our children – with love and dedication,”

Bruno Dourado, Contract Director. “Today

said Flower. “I hope that people come in

we have more than 160, which represents

peace, without violence,” she said, giving

a growth not only in the job market, but

the First Lady an iron flower she herself

also in the civil construction area,” he said.

welded. Fátima Mendonça thanked her,

The Administrative and Financial Manager,

visibly touched: “For me, it is an honor to be

Erisvaldo de Oliveira, Sustainability

here with you, the women workers.”

Manager, Cezar Rangel, and Production Manager, Fred Albuquerque, also made it a


point to greet those women honored.

At the Pernambuco Arena, the female carpenters, engineers, administrators, kitchen and general service assistants and

The Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium,

so many others with different functions

formed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura

enjoyed a special breakfast at the main

and Andrade Gutierrez, promoted an

The female Members received flowers and chocolates from the project leaders



During the final phase of the project, some 260 women are participating in the Maracanã remodeling work

event at the administrative cafeteria for those female Members who work on the Maracanã Stadium remodeling project in Rio de Janeiro. The women received chocolates and flowers and participated in drawings for beauty kits. Viviane Araújo, one of the drawing winners, said she was pleased to participate: “The meeting allowed for the interaction between the women from the consortium,” she said. According to Carlos Zaeyen, Contract Manager, Maracanã is committed to encouraging the good work of all Members. “It is inspiring to realize that the civil construction sector today has a space for women to work, for example, as forewomen, leading teams of up to 25 people,” said Zaeyen.


awards fast news

THE FINANCIAL OPERATION OF THE YEAR On March 7, the Braskem Idesa joint venture received the Financial Operation of the Year Award

Agency (SACE) or in the form of BLoans from

– Latin America, granted by the magazine Project

the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and

Finance. The dimension and complexity of the

Inter-American Development Bank (IBD). Intesa

financing obtained in 2012 for the Ethylene XXI

Sanpaolo served as the facilitating agent through

Project led to its recognition as the year’s most


important operation. The financing of the petrochemical complex in

Robert Bischoff, Vice President at Braskem responsible for Latin America, represented the

Mexico was structured by seven official agencies,

joint venture during the award ceremony, which

including two export agencies (in Canada and

also included the presence of shareholders from

Italy), two multinational ones (IFC and IDB) and

Braskem and the Idesa Group, representatives from

three development banks (Brasil and Mexico).

financial institutions and legal advisors that offered

Ten commercial banks offered financing under

support for executing the operation.

Members from Braskem and the Mexican group Idesa celebrate earning the award granted by the magazine Project Finance


the guarantee of the Italian Export Credit

Learn more about the history of the Odebrecht Organization, which began in the mid-19th century. Over the decades, a small company grew, consolidated its place in Brazil and also expanded into five continents. Embark on a journey through time. Access:


social actions fast news

NEW SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Through a partnership formed between Odebrecht

from the social areas of the Odebrecht projects in

and the Portugal Center for Training and Investigation

Mozambique, Nacala International Airport and Moatize

in Social Entrepreneurship (IES), more than 30

Expansion Project participated in the training.

entrepreneurs were trained in concepts and tools for

At the end of the training, the teams presented

developing social businesses in Maputo, capital of

their works to a judges’ committee consisting of

Mozambique. The event took place from March 8-10.

representatives from the government, civil society

The Portuguese institute brought the country the

and Odebrecht, which was represented by Miguel

first Bootcamp IES powered by INSEAD, training that

Peres, Managing Director of Mozambique, and Bruno

uses experience to identify and train IES entrepreneurs

Malaguti, the professional responsible for People and

and teach management methods applied to projects

Organization. “The actions designed to promote Social

from the French INSEAD Business Executive Training

Entrepreneurship are pioneering in the country,” said

School, as well as exercises in personal development

Miguel Peres. “Through them, we are able to help create

and in overcoming one’s own limits.

a network of excellence on the topic, train people

The training is focused on those who have ideas or social projects currently in the launch phase and

and identify synergies that contribute toward the sustainability of our social projects,” said Peres.

is designed to train these individuals in sustainable business models and synergy networks. Members

The training, which has a course load of 48 hours, gathered 32 participants who were divided into teams and developed new Social Entrepreneurship initiatives


To view the video on the initiative, click here.

It is expected that there be a 50% growth in participants’ income within one year

KULONGA PALA KUKULA GROWS The Odebrecht social project in the region of Capanda, Kulonga Pala Kukula, recorded a new leap

total of 13,000 individuals benefitted. In addition to the expansion, the program

in its development when it became the Capanda

underwent two major changes: a new approach

Agroindustrial Center (PAC) Family Farming

designed to permanently insert family farming into

Program (PAC) – under the responsibility of the

the formal food market with the partnership of

Capanda Agroindustrial Center Development

the supermarket chain Nosso Super for the sale of

Society (SODEPAC) –, adding new partners and

the products; as well as the collective organization


that strengthens associations for the creation of a

SODEPAC launched this new edition of the Family Farming Program in the municipality of

professionalized cooperative. The Odebrecht projects in Laúca and

Cacuso, in Malange, with the partnership of

Cambambe and Biocom also become partners. The

Odebrecht, Maersk, Sonangol, the Malanje Province

idea is to form a network of companies that are

Government, Cacuso Municipal Administration

“Friends of Family Farming” for the purchase of

and other entities. The initiative is designed

produce and traditional products such as manioc

to improve people’s quality of life by offering

root, yams and sweet potatoes, replicate the

sustainable opportunities for generating income.

model in other areas of the PAC and become a

Approximately 600 families will be assisted, for a

reference in Angola.


social actions fast news

RUNNING FOR A GOOD CAUSE On March 10, through the Healthy Lifestyle Program, Odebrecht in Argentina participated in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Run for Education, an event which attracted 9,000 people to the forested area of the neighborhood of Palermo, in Buenos Aires. Members from all the contracts in the countries gathered for the initiative. Some beat their own goals and others maintained their best running time. “My wife and I found the action to be different than the others, more familyoriented and fun,” said Fernando Resende, Health, Workplace Safety and Environment Manager at the CRC Project. “For us, it was important to take advantage of the moment, breathe in the fresh air and practice sports while contributing toward UNICEF’s work,” he said. For Martín Merlos, Young Partner in Infrastructure, it was a good opportunity for interaction with other professionals. “We integrate more for a good cause,” said Merlos.

The Members from Odebrecht in Argentina and their families were able to participate in two running circuits, ranging from 3 to 10-km courses


History, businesses and holdings and sustainability programs, publications and the media center, all gathered into a single space.

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