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Life at Seaside: Odebrecht Realizações delivered Vila dos Corais








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real estate developments

Life at Seaside

O 4

n February 23,

The development is part of

Odebrecht Realizações

Reserva do Paiva, a fully planned

Imobiliárias (OR)

neighborhood under construction

delivered its clients the Vila dos

by the company in partnership with

Corais condominium in Pernambuco.

the Cornélio Brennand and Ricardo

With the project by Jer么nimo da Cunha Lima and landscaping by Luiz Vieira, Vila dos Corais has an architectural style that combines with different unique spaces, a low level of unit crowding and privacy

Brennand Groups. With 8.5 km of paradisiacal

standards and includes residential and business condominiums, hotels,

beaches and 450 hectares of Atlantic

shopping centers, sports clubs, a

Forest, the city planning project in

marina, golf course and a series of

Reserva do Paiva meets international

high standard structures.


Residents from the 132 apartments of the new condominium gathered for a luau, complete with music and special decoration

Th e Vi l a d o s Co ra i s

to i n c re a s e t h e s a l e s s u cce ss

co n d o m i n i u m co n s i s ts o f

o f t h e o t h e r Re s e rva d o Pa iva

1 32 a p a rt m e nts d i s t ri b u te d

re s i d e nt i a l l a u n c h e s .

t h ro ugh o u t s i x d i ffe re nt s i xs to ry towe rs a n d t h re e u n i t

Co ra i s , M o ra d a d a Pe n í n s u l a

m o d e l s exte n d i ng a l o ng a to ta l

( fi rs t co n d o m i n i u m m a d e u p o f

a re a o f 6 0 , 0 0 0 m ² , wi t h 345

h o u s e s ) wa s d e l ive re d i n 2 01 0 .

m e te rs o f wate rfro nt p ro p e rty

Th e d eve l o p m e nt N ovo M u n d o

a n d a b e a c h fu l l o f n atu ra l p o o l s

Em p re s a ri a l a n d t h e re s i d e nt i a l

l o c ate d n e a r t h e co n d o m i n i u m .

d eve l o p m e nt Te rra ço Lagu n a a re

A m o ng t h e d i ffe re nt i a l s a re t h e

c u rre nt ly i n t h e t h i rd p h a s e o f

ga rd e n a p a rt m e nt a n d l i n e a r

co m p l e t i o n .

ro o f – e l e m e nts t h at p rove d


I n a d d i t i o n to Vi l a d o s

Members from the OR teams who worked to install the development celebrated yet another project completed

CELEBRATION To welcome the new residents, a

represents a milestone in the Pernambuco real estate market,”

luau was held at the edge of the pools

he said. During his speech, he

with an oceanfront view, complete

also expressed his thanks for the

with music and cozy environments.

efforts expended by the teams and

The event gathered clients, their

trust bestowed by the clients, who

families and the OR teams involved

acquired apartments still under

with the project.

construction and who believed in the

Luis Henrique Valverde, Incorporation Director, greeted those present and emphasized the responsibility involved to deliver a large development three months ahead of time. “Vila dos Corais

company’s capacity for innovation, quality and on-time delivery. Click to view the video about Vila dos Corais (in Portuguese).


fast news ODEBRECHT HISTORICAL RESEARCH AWARD ANNOUNCES WINNER The 9th edition of the Odebrecht Historical Research Award - Clarival do Prado Valladares

and Letters; José Enrique Barreiro, journalist

already has a winner. The research project

and editor, President of Versal Editores, the

entitled The Great Journey of Governor Luis

company that edits and publishes the books

de Albuquerque de Melo Pereira e Cáceres

from the Odebrecht Historical Research Award;

between Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Mato

José Murilo de Carvalho, Political Scientist and

Grosso and the Amazon - 1771-1791, by authors

Historian, member of the Brazilian Academy

Janaína Amado, Doctorate in History from the

of Arts and Letters and Full Professor of the

University of São Paulo (USP), and Leny Caselli

Department of History of the Federal University

Anzai, Doctorate in History from the University

of Rio de Janeiro Institute of Philosophy and

of Brasília (UnB), was chosen from among five

Social Sciences History Department; and


Zuenir Ventura, journalist and writer, as well

The study intends to investigate the travel

as columnist for the newspaper O Globo and

logs written in pencil, with detailed descriptions

author of Cidade Partida (“Divided City”),

of the sites visited by Luis de Albuquerque de

winner of the Jabuti Award in 1995 as well as

Melo Pereira e Cáceres, then governor of Mato

1968, o Ano que Não Terminou (“1968 – The

Grosso, from 1771 to 1791, through the vast

Year that Never Ended”).

area of Brazil that currently corresponds to the

Since 2003, the Odebrecht Historical

states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Goiás,

Research Award - Clarival do Prado Valladares

Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Pará.

has encouraged researchers to delve into

The judging committee consisted of


and member of the Bahia Academy of Arts

topics related to Brazilian history. This edition,

Fernando da Rocha Peres, Professor of

it received 198 projects from 20 states and the

History at the Federal University of Bahia

Federal District. Each year, a project is chosen

(UFBA) and poet and author, among other

and its author receives the necessary support

books of Memória da Sé (“Memory of Sé”)

for the research and publication of an art book.

and member of the Bahia Academy of Arts

Registration for the 10th edition will open up

and Letters; Francisco Senna, Historian and

on April 1. For more information, access: www.

Professor at the UFBA School of Architecture

The user can obtain information on the company, its sites of operation and services offered projects underway and quality, health and safety initiatives

VISIT THE EEP WEBSITE The Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP) launched its official website at the start of March with information about the history, shareholders, job opportunities and commitment to transform the reality of the regions in which it operates. Developed by the company’s own Information Technology (IT) Systems team, the website uses the latest development technologies available. Its structure was optimized to give the user fast answers and allow for single viewing through a range of different browsers. One of the techniques used is the one-page concept, which replaces the scrollbars and presents the entire website on a single page through frames that move in different directions, allowing for more dynamic navigation. Visit the EEP website! Access:


fast news THE NEW PHASE OF LIVE HAPPY Odebrecht Infraestrutura and the Municipal Government of Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio

CEO of Odebrecht Infraestrutura, the project

de Janeiro launched the second phase of the Live

supports local industry and will generate 2,000

Happy Program, which involves the construction

direct job opportunities. “Campos is the largest

of 4,574 housing units, in addition to paving, city

pottery center in Rio de Janeiro and we are

planning and basic sanitation. The construction

prioritizing the use of ceramic blocks in the homes

work will begin in April and be completed within up

to promote this trade,” said Azevedo.

to three years. During the first phase, 5,426 houses were

Mayor Rosinha Garotinho cited the commitment to the population’s well being: “We are giving

delivered in 12 housing units, benefitting more than

new homes to those who lived in areas of risk

20,000 people over the past four years. With the

and allowing the families to dream again,” said

second phase, it is expected that more than 20,000

Garotinho. “The municipality became the 5th largest

people will be benefitted. The goal is to relocate

in Brazil and the first in the rural regions in terms

families that live in areas of risks, together with the

of investments and is also in the ranking of the 30

victims of floods.

cities with the best basic sanitation,” she said.

Leandro Azevedo and Rosinha Garotinho sign the contract for the second phase of Live Happy, the largest housing program in the country’s rural region


According to Leandro Azevedo, President and

MILESTONE AT TELES PIRES One of the three tunnels that will bypass the Teles Pires River for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 1,820 megawatts

At the end of February, the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) completed the excavations of the domes for Tunnels 2 and 3, which will bypass the Teles Pires River so that workers can begin the construction of the dam. In all, there will be the construction of three tunnels extending approximately 315 meters each, drilled in bedrock, which guarantees the stability of the terrain. The construction work was initiated on September 2012 and should be completed in May of this year. In order to guarantee the safety of Members during the underground excavations, there was the creation of a Risk Management System (SGR) Safety Committee consisting of professionals from the Workplace Safety, Health, Quality and Production areas. The idea is to monitor the activities and orient workers on the responsibilities and procedures undertaken in the case of emergency. One of the Odebrecht Energia investments, the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) is currently being constructed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura at the border between the states of Mato Grosso and Parรก.


fast news PROGRESS IN ARGENTINEAN PROJECTS The Waters of Paraná Project, led by Odebrecht América Latina in Argentina, completed the commissioning of the Module I – designed for water treatment – of the North Area Water Potability System. “With the commissioning of the Module 1 instruments, we are ready to begin operating the low voltage boards at the Output Lift Station that are necessary to power the equipment,” explained Celia Guerrero, Commissioning Coordinator. The commission activities have already begun for the shakers, fan and one of the pumps designed to absorb the water from the Tigre River. Over the coming weeks, the full water potability operating tests will began at the Juan Manuel de Rosas plant. Installed for the company Aguas y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A. (AySA), the system consists of the construction of the plant Juan Manuel de Rosas, in addition to the 40 km of aqueducts that traverse the North area of the Province of Buenos Aires, the absorption of the water in the Paraná de las Palmas River and a tunnel extending 15 km and measuring 3.6 meters in diameter that will carry the water to the plant.

The system will allow for the processing of 900,000 m 3 of water per day and will supply the North region of the Greater Buenos Aires Area, as well as the regions of Tigre, Escobar, San Fernando, San Isidro, Vicente López and San Martín


Weighing 2,000 tons and with a length of 120 meters and diameter of 11.5 meters, the TBM was transported in 12 containers with another 71 loose parts

THERE IS A ‘TATUZÃO’ IN RIO DE JANEIRO The equipment that will drill the Line 4 tunnels for the Rio de Janeiro Subway, located in the city’s Southern Zone, has already made its way to the city. It is Latin America’s largest Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and the largest “tatuzão” (which means “large armadillo”), as it is also known, used in the subway construction work in Brazil. The ship that transported the TBM was anchored out at high sea at the Rio de Janeiro Port, and the disembarkation began on March 4. For the first time in the municipality, the equipment was acquired by the Linha 4 Sul Consortium,

After that, it was placed on a ferry heading

responsible for the construction work

to Antuérpia Port in Belgium, where it was

for the new subway line, formed by

loaded onto the ship Thorco Copenhagem

Odebrecht Infraestrutura (leader) and the

to journey to Brazil.

companies Queiroz Galvão and Carioca Engenharia. The “tatuzão’s” journey began back

The parts of the TBM will be taken to the construction site in Leopoldina and after that, assembled underground next to

in January of this year in Schwanau,

the General Osório Subway Station, where

Germany. From there, it continued by

the excavations will behind in the direction

truck to Kehl Port in Alto Reno, France.

of the neighborhood of Gávea.


fast news The Moatize Expansion Project reinforced earth wall is formed by 1,098 pieces of precast concrete

RESISTENCE AND WALL RETENTION The Civil Production team responsible for the reinforced earth wall of the Moatize Expansion Project – a Vale project being completed by Odebrecht in Mozambique – reached the milestone of 500 parts placed at the end of February. The construction work for the wall is already 50% complete, without any recorded accidents. In addition to the installation of the parts, the wall construction work also involves the placement of steel straps and soil filling and compacting (a phase completed in partnership with the Earth Leveling team). According to foreman Claudivan Manoel de Lima, this team hopes to complete the construction of the structure by May 30 of this year.


ROBOT FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH For its research in the area of metabolic

operation, four researchers from Braskem will

engineering, Braskem acquired the High Throughput

complete a period of training in the United States.

Screening (HTS) device from the North American

Hamilton also created a technical support service in

company Hamilton, one of the world’s most

Brazil to offer support when using the machine.

prestigious robotics companies. The device will be used in projects that are based

“The acquisition represents yet another tool so that Braskem and Brazil can accelerate the

on the genetic manipulation of microorganisms,

development of the competencies in biotechnology

known as synthetic biology, to create new

and earn a position as a key player for the

renewable polymers. Through the use of the device,

bioeconomy,” said Avram Slovic, Manager of the

the work conducted by a researcher could be

Biotechnology Program. “Braskem has results

multiplied from 100 to 1,000 times within the same

in the area of synthetic biology and advanced

space of time.

biopolymers equal to the most renowned

In order to learn the details of the robot’s

companies in this area,” said Slovic. The robot is Hamilton’s most modern one in use in South America and the first one with this application in Brazil


fast news NEW FINANCIAL TOOL Odebrecht’s new financial registration tool is now online: SISCAD. Created to replace the former ENGMAT system (now used only for material registration), SISCAD meets user needs, seeking to improve administrative processes. Among the differentials it includes is the end of certain manual processes, the monitoring of requests and more efficient assistance. In order to reach the public that most uses the tool, the SSC promoted a training session for the Organization’s secretarial areas. The team went to the Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília and São Paulo teams to administer the course to another 150 Members. In the case of any questions or difficulties, please contact the Registration Center team:

COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY Braskem was included on the

sustainability. “Since the beginning,

Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging

Braskem has adopted the strategy

Markets Index, the New York Stock

of seeking to improve its products,

Exchange sustainability index

processes and promoting solutions

for emerging countries whose

for society with its network of

first portfolio was disclosed on

clients within the context of

February 21.

sustainability,” said Jorge Soto,

The company is also a member


Sustainable Development Director.

of the BM&FBovespa Corporate

“By constantly increasing its

Sustainability Index portfolio,

contribution, the company has the

which gathers the shares of 37

vision of becoming a global leader in

companies considered references in

sustainable chemistry,” he said.

PEOPLE WHO LEARNED FROM WORK AND FROM LIFE. With each edition of Odebrecht Informa magazine, a Member from the Organization is invited to share his or her experiences lived and challenges overercome.

View the testimonials featured through videos on the website:



Project Becom

First phase of PROSUB completed: the UFEM inauguration ceremony gathered 1,500 people, including authorities, Members and press professionals


n March 1, the Metal

The unit is part of the Submarine

Structure Manufacturing

Development Program (PROSUB) –

Unit (UFEM) was

created by the Brazilian Navy to train the

inaugurated in ItaguaĂ­, Rio de Janeiro.


country for the design and construction

mes a Reality

of four conventional submarines and one

The event included the presence of

nuclear-powered one. The high-tech

the President of the Brazilian Republic,

industrial unit was constructed starting in

Dilma Rousseff, accompanied by the

2010 by Odebrecht Infraestrutura.

country’s Minister of Defense, Celso


Dilma Rousseff visited the South area of PROSUB, where the Naval Shipyard and Base are being constructed, also by Odebrecht Infraestrutura


Amorim; Minister of Science, Technology

and since then, all of this structure has

and Innovation, Marco Antônio Raupp;

been built,” she said. “I would like to

Navy Commander, Almirante Moura Neto,

compliment Odebrecht for the grandeur,

Rio de Janeiro Governor, Sérgio Cabral;

quality and speed [of the work],” she

Vice Governor, Luiz Fernando Pezão; and

said. Rousseff also emphasized the

the President and CEO of Odebrecht S.A.,

importance of the Believe program

Marcelo Odebrecht.

for the professional training of the

In her speech, President Rousseff

construction workers: “It fills me with

emphasized Odebrecht Infraestrutura’s

emotion to see the workers trained by

role in the program. “I was here in 2010,

Believe, which is to Odebrecht’s merit.”

TECHNOLOGY AND GROWTH For President Rousseff, UFEM has become a center of reference in technology. “Here, the technology is

incoming, reaffirming our commitment to eliminating extreme poverty,” she reinforced. PROSUB will allow Brazil to join the

produced and we have the mission

small group of countries that have

to transfer it, which allows for the

nuclear-powered submarines – England,

diffusion of knowledge along the entire

France, Russia, United States and China.

production chain,” she said. “PROSUB

This type of submarine is faster, can

is capable of fulfilling a double role:

remain underwater for longer and has the

generating knowledge and generating

capacity to patrol more extensive areas.


The President of the Republic also received flowers from Alcinéia Nunes do Couto Silva, a resident of Itaguaí and bricklayer trained through the Believe Program

According to Celso Amorim, the

projects in the state, such as the

project reflects Brazil’s industrial

Metropolitan Arch, in which Odebrecht

strength. “It is important to defend

Infraestrutura is also participating.

Brazil through adequate means,” said

“PROSUB gives the country a majority

Amorim. “The defense industry, which

like only few nations of the world

is an industry of peace as opposed to

have,” said Cabral. “And Rio de Janeiro

war, also generates job opportunities

is currently experiencing a unique

and good business. This project is

moment,” said the governor.

the symbol of the Brazil that is being created,” he emphasized. Sérgio Cabral commented on the


NEW HORIZONS Ilha da Madeira, a district of Itaguaí,

current phase of economic growth

is known for its fishing activities, many

in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro and

times the only means of sustenance

mentioned the other construction

for families in the region. With aims

of training local fishermen, the Brazilian

Navy’s name for the offshore job position

Navy promoted the Offshore Worker

that assists with the operation, maintenance

Training Course with the support of the

and conservation of the equipment on the

Ilha da Madeira Association of Fishermen

rig deck, the upper part of the unit. The

and Farmers (APLIM), the PROSUB Naval

students will be able to participate in other

Shipyard and Base General Coordination

courses and move up in their professions.

Office and Odebrecht Infraestrutura. The ceremony to deliver the diplomas

Achieving the top ranking in the class, Sérgio Hiroshi Okasaki believes

and award the top students was held at

that the course will help create new job

the Elano Bastista Coelho Municipal School

opportunities. “I, who was born and raised

and included the presence of Commander

at sea, could only be a fisherman,” said

Gilberto Huet de Bacellar Sobrinho.

Okasaki. “With the course, I can support

He highlighted the importance of the

myself in another way.”

certification: “This is a longtime aspiration

For Iva Paixão, Environmental Manager at

of the fishermen and represents a new

Odebrecht Infraestrutura, the certification

professional phase in the lives of these

represents a crucial step in terms of

people, who will have the opportunity to

contributing toward the community’s

pursue the career of offshore workers,” said

development. “Maritime activities are


currently very extensive and qualified

With a duration of three months, the course trained the “Rig Deck Boys,” the

On February 19, 30 participants completed the Offshore Worker Training Course in Itaguaí

professionals will earn more visibility in the market,” said Paixão.


With more than 90% of the civil work complete, the delivery of the Pernambuco Arena is set for April 14 of this year


Closer to Being Ready Every Day


ust ninety-four days from the Confederations Cup and 456 days until the 2014 World Cup, Odebrecht

News presents the latest information on the construction work for the arenas that will host the games during the competitions and which are being built with the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura. Learn more and set your calendars for the countdown!

PERNAMBUCO: OVER 90% COMPLETED Eight months after the first visit, the General Secretary of FIFA, Jerôme Valcke, Brazilian Minister of Sports, Aldo Rebelo, and members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) were present at the Pernambuco Arena located in São Lourenço da Mata, in


The 4,600 Members who alternate in two different work shifts guaranteed their tickets for the World Cup games

the Metropolitan Region of Recife. On March

very satisfied with what I’m seeing,” said

5, the group – which also included former

Jerôme Valcke. “Congratulations to all those

soccer player Ronaldo, the State Governor,

who contributed toward this progress,” he

Eduardo Campos, and visual artist Romero


Brito – was received by the team directing the project from Odebrecht Infraestrutura. On the occasion, the visitors delivered a

installed the last of the 22 arena roof modules. “We have rigorously met the

symbolic gift to four Members – tickets to

schedule of the acceleration plan and

the World Cup. They represented the more

we delivered the roof ring exactly on the

than 4,600 workers who will be able to

pre-established day, which represents an

watch a game at the arena they are helping

important milestone,” explained Bruno

to build. “It was very thrilling to participate in

Dourado, Contract Director.

this moment,” said José Francisco Gomes,

The roof extends 20,000 m² and its

Water Treatment Plant Operator. “I never

modules were installed already precast on

thought I would receive a free ticket to watch

the ground, with the screens, lining and glass

the World Cup. I’ll never forget this,” he said.

cladding installed ahead of time, a method

The Pernambuco Arena is one of the

that had never before been tested on any

projects that most progressed in 2012. “I’m


Days earlier, on February 26, Members

of the other World Cup stadiums. The parts

were installed on 68 metal pillars supported on the concrete structure. Each one was

the Eastern zone of the São Paulo capital. The construction work is currently

hoisted with the assistance of a crane with

focused on assembling the metal structures

the capacity for 400 tons, an operation that

of the West building roof after concluding

lasted an average of 45 minutes.

this phase on the East side. The “super crane,” which has a capacity for 1,500


tons, finished placing the steel mezzanine

The stage for the World Cup opening

structures that will provide the support for

event and game, set for June 12, 2014, the

the central part of the West roof so that the

Corinthians Arena recorded progress of

technicians can now begin installing the 11

66.2% in February, exactly 21 months after

modules of the main structure.

the start of the project located in Itaquera, in

Also moving forward at an accelerated

More than 1,730 Members are working on the Corinthians Arena, divided into three shifts: the assembly of the last concrete slab for the building is practically complete


With hydraulic power shovels and trucks, Members began the excavations in the middle of the field. The arena grass will be one of the most modern in the world

pace are the services for the area that will

take place until the end of May of this year.

receive the grass – whose ground will be

In July, the grass will be nearly ready for the

lowered approximately 70 centimeters. It

maturation period, which lasts some 90 days

is estimated that 6,000 m3 of earth will be

and involves pruning, irrigation, fertilization

excavated, and that the material will be used

and pest and disease control, among other

to fill other construction sites.

tasks. The automated irrigation system

With the removal of the earth, vacuum

will include 48 sprinklers that are activated

drainage and grass cooling systems will be

individually, allowing operators to reach

installed. The cooling process is necessary to

different areas of the grass as needed.

guarantee that the winter grass can survive during the summer and remains healthy and firm during the colder periods of the year. After placing layers of gravel and sand, the grass sowing phase begins, which should


‘PERFECT GOALS’ AT MARACANÃ The Maracanã Stadium remodeling project received the highest award from one of the world’s most prestigious

The illustration shows what Maracan達 will look like after the construction work has been completed: the site will serve as the stage for the closing event and final game of the 2014 World Cup


At the end of February, former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, State Governor Sérgio Cabral and Vice Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão visited the construction work recently distinguished by the architecture award

architecture contests, called the Mipim AR

undertaken by the Rio de Janeiro State

Future Project Awards 2013. Promoted

Department of Public Works through

each year by the British specialized

the Public Works Company (EMOP) and

magazine The Architectural Review, the

executed by the Maracanã Rio 2014

award indicates the top projects in the

Consortium (formed by Odebrecht

categories of Skyscrapers, Sustainability,

Infraestrutura and Andrade Gutierrez) –

Commercial Buildings and Urban Design,

was developed by the architecture firm

among others.

Fernandes Arquitetura Associados. The

The design for the project –


technique used, called retrofit, consists of

CORINTHIANS ARENA: CERTIFIED QUALITY The construction work for the Corinthians Arena has achieved a new record. In an audit conducted at the construction site, Odebrecht Infraestrutura reconfirmed the Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program (PBQP-H) quality certification, granted by Bureau Veritas, a specialized and internationally recognized entity. The engineers from the certifying agency toured the project for several days and confirmed compliance with each standard, including the sustainability and work safety items. All of the material that arrives to the Corinthians Arena undergoes a quality check. There are hundreds of items, such as cement, steel, piping, construction blocks, mortar, wires, cables, paints and screws, among others. The work is completed by a team of 18 Members who alternate between two shifts under the leadership of Mariana Godoi, the engineer responsible for Quality. “The steel and mortar, readjusting buildings to standards of

for example, already come with the suppliers’

modern use.

certification,” she explained. “Nevertheless, we

According to the contest judges, the project “represents a resourceful reuse of the structure that allows for

perform a new evaluation, guaranteeing that all products are checked.” The Odebrecht construction work follows

the inclusion of a spectacular roof,

the same quality standard as PBQP-H and

one which adapts the 1950s icon for

undergoes two audits per year to check the

perfect use during the next World

procedures. Only one undergoes an external


audit to renew the company’s certification.


people fast

MEETING OF PANAMANIAN RPS AND RCRS At the end of January, Odebrecht Panamá held the 1st Meeting of RPs and RCRs (those responsible for Programs and those responsible for the Results Center, respectively), geared toward local Members who were qualified during their seven years with the company in the country. The event began still at the construction site two weeks earlier when the professionals took part in meetings to share their highlights and points for improvement during their career, together with their expectations with relation to the leaders and the Organization and their challenges and commitments related to the 2020 Vision. Gathered in Panama City, the 90 participants consolidated their reflections, exchanged experiences and shared testimonials on life and career. Contract Directors and Administrative and Financial Managers reinforced the important role played by Members in the company’s growth and development, as well as in the formation of new generations. At the start of February, the group and André Rabello, Managing Director in the country, presented their strategies to Luiz Mameri, Entrepreneurial Leader at Odebrecht América Latina and his team, together with Carlos Hupsel, Odebrecht Advisory Board Member.

The Members shared strategies, life and career experiences and their future expectations with Panamanian leaders


As part of the first joint initiative between Odebrecht and the Emirates Foundation, university students visited the construction work for the world’s largest sewage pump station

NEW OPEN DOORS PROJECT The unique culture at the

to the project to build the sewage

Odebrecht Organization and the

pump station, currently being

importance of the Pump Station

executed by Odebrecht África,

Project in terms of promoting the

Emirados Árabes e Portugal.

sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi,

Students from the last semester

capital of the United Arab Emirates,

of the Health and Occupational

began to awaken the interest of local

Safety course at the Al Jazira

institutions from the region.

Institute of Science and Technology

In partnership with the Emirates

learned about the Odebrecht

Foundation, which works to help

Organization and toured the project

insert recently graduated youth into

together with Members from the

the job market, the project received

area of Workplace Safety, Health

11 students for an educational visit

and Environment.


people fast

GATHERING FORCES THROUGH TEO How to channel the efforts and competencies of Members of 20 different nationalities for a challenging project in the desert? Investing in the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) was one of the solutions discovered by the team of the Pump Station Project, developed by Odebrecht África, Emirados Árabes e Portugal. During a period of two days at the start of February, 84 Members participated in the first module of the Introduction to Culture Program, which will last three months. The participants received the books Sobreviver, Crescer e Perpetuar (“Survive, Grow and Perpetuate”) and Educação pelo Trabalho (“Education through Work”). After the first meeting, the learning will take place at a distance through the program’s online platform with the support of the leaders. The closing event will be held during the next on-site module. The Pump Station consists of the construction of the world’s largest sewage pump plant, located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Members of 20 nationalities work in the Arab Emirates: Angola, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, the Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States


Interns began the program at the Cambambe, Benguela, South Kwanza, Laúca and Jamba Hydroelectric Facility projects

INTEGRATING THEORY AND PRACTICE In 2013, Odebrecht Angola launched the Trade-Off Internship: a program for students

career at Odebrecht,” he said. During the program, the youth will trade

starting with their third year of studies under

off between on-site and virtual learning.

the Civil Engineering course that offers

“During their vacation period, they will serve

internships at the company’s projects. Lasting

as interns at the construction project and

three years, the initiative also allows the

during the regular semester, they can remain

Organization to strengthen its bonds with

dedicated to their classes, with the support


of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and the

During the program, the youth will be accompanied by Educator Leaders who have the fundamental role of orienting them in

universities,” said Guilhermina Narciso, Program Coordinator from the People area. “The internship allows me to better

terms of achieving the outlined objectives.

develop my activities, since I can balance the

“The use of new teaching methodologies

theoretical knowledge with the practical reality

helps the student during the process,”

at the construction site,” said Alvaro Kiabetela,

explained Claudio Herrero, responsible

who works at the Laúca Hydroelectric Facility

for People in the country. “The paths are

project. After completing the internship, the

focused on professional development and

participants can join the Organization as Young

the integration of the participants to pursue a



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FIRST INHAÚMA SHIPYARD SIPAT The SIPAT is an even held each year by Brazilian companies designed to raise workers’ awareness about taking precautions with health and safety

Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP) and its subcontracted companies - Petrobras,

There was also the distribution of kits in an

Fidens, Sondotécnica and Tecline. The

eco-bag containing shirts and pens.

opening was marked by a General Health

The theater performance “It Just Depends

and Safety Dialogue (DSS), attended by

on Us” closed the first edition of the event,

representatives from the companies involved

showing the importance of safety in the

with the project.

work environment as well as people’s daily

On the days that followed, the participants


Example, the theme of this year’s SIPAT.

routine and raising the audience’s awareness

visited stands and listened to lectures on

as to each one’s responsibility to prevent

Health, Environment and Leadership by


AN EXAMPLE OF DEDICATION IN MEXICO Felipe de Jesús Victoria Santiago is 23 years old

the colleagues on his team, led by Sérgio Pelosi,

and works on the Ethylene XXI Project, developed

IT Manager. The youth is responsible for installing

by Odebrecht in Coatzacoalcos, located in the State

and connecting the computers of all the project’s

of Veracruz, Mexico. According to the three brothers,

Members, oriented by Marco Antonio Rojas. “It is

the youth currently works in the area of Information

great to have him on our team,” said the instructor.

Technology (IT) after standing out in the cleaning

For Santiago, this new phase is significant and

area during the first phase of the construction work

motivating: “I like to work with computers and now

(earth leveling).

I have colleagues who teach me lots of things,” he

The commitment and pro-active approach of Felipe – who has Down Syndrome – surprised

said. “I wake up early every day sure that something new is waiting for me.”

Professional and athlete: besides installing computers, Santiago is also a two-time champion in the 100-meter sprint


people fast

MUCH MORE THAN BOOKS During the program, the youth received advisory from tutors who are Members from different Odebrecht areas and projects in Argentina

If we ask the students from the Engineering course what they would like to add to their learning, the

projects, including the Expansion of the Gas Pipelines,

response would probably be “field practice.” Some of

Waters of Paraná, CRC and ACP SHE.

the students had this opportunity with the program

Agustín Skolak, from the Bahía Blanca National

E-Practices (Trade-Off Internship): pre-professional

Technological University, stated that his experience

practices, developed by Odebrecht in Argentina from

was very positive and highly recommended the

July 2012 to February of this year, and which will

program. “The distance learning content presented the

continue during 2013.

construction methods currently used and the latest

The initiative benefited 10 youth completing the last

technologies,” said Skolak. “During the period in which

years of the Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

we were at the construction project, the personal and

courses, who had the opportunity to learn more about

professional development was constant,” he said.

the Organization and the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial


chance develop their practices at the CCR construction

For Ignacio Almarza, from the National South

Technology, and who complete distance work during

University, the initiative was very enriching: “In the on-

the months of classes and on-site classes during the

site module, I was able to acquire and develop concepts

school vacation period. The university students had the

that the books cannot transmit,” said Almarza.

STRENGTHENING QUALIFICATION At the Paraná Waters Project developed by

Pedro Suárez, one of the participants,

Odebrecht in Argentina, the Strengthen Program

commented on the initiative: “The course

has trained Members in the topics of Workplace

helps us remember some of the knowledge

Safety, Quality, Productivity and Leadership. The

we gathered and encourages us to constantly

first group consisted of 63 team foremen.

continue learning,” he said.

“We are pleased with the first results

The project, which involves the construction

achieved,” said Program Coordinator, Pamela

of the North Area Water Potability System in the

Prieto. “We can already see the intangible

Province of Buenos Aires, has 2,300 direct and

aspects, such as an increase in the participants’

indirect Members.

motivation and commitment,” she said.

The 63 Members of the initial program group participated in 30 hours of theoretical and practical classes


United States

Always Available 40

In 2013, the OGS team will help promote transversal operations at the Organization, supporting Entrepreneur-Partners and Members in their quest to fulfill the 2020 Vision



n 2013, Odebrecht Global

structure is a complementary option

Sourcing (OGS) celebrates four

for the Entrepreneur-Partners in the

years of offering services to

search for improved efficiency along

the Organization’s businesses. From

the entrepreneurship line. “We also

2009 to 2012, it exported US$ 150

offer the option of U.S. financing via

million in goods and services, including

the US EXIM BANK,” said Bandeira.

engineering service subcontracts. This support structure was created

In four years, OGS has already assisted more than 100 of the

to meet the demands generated by

Organization’s business units. It is the

the projects in the search for solutions

exporter entity for the US EXIM BANK

in the United States, in addition to

in supporting the construction of

serving as an instrument during

the Coral Freeway in the Dominican

Members’ expatriation process to

Republic – Odebrecht’s first contract

countries in Africa and the Americas.

to use the institution’s financing.

Currently, there are 13 professionals

This financing option offers

working in other territories.

countless opportunities, primarily for the concession contracts in which

SUPPORTING THE BUSINESSES The Organization’s Engineering &

a difference for the client in terms

Construction businesses represent

of costs and deadlines. Besides

90% of the exports provided by the

this, it currently supports Mectron

unit. The remaining 10% are distributed

(an Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia

throughout the other businesses,

company) with all of its imports.

including Odebrecht Oil & Gas. “We


engineering and equipment can make

In the area of logistics, it

had encouraged and offered support

completes challenging operations

to all the businesses,” said Marcus

such as the delivery of materials

Bandeira, the professional responsible

at the Guinea construction site,

for OGS. According to Bandeira, the

located at the border with Mali.

According to Pedro Henrique

has a high level of competitiveness,

Costa, responsible for the logistics

and we also work with expatriate

program, completing the delivery

Members,” he said.

at the port is one of the ways to reduce the indirect cost at the construction sites. “In this way, we

NEXT STEPS The plans for 2013 are challenging

allow the local teams to concentrate

and continuous, with a focus on the

on the production and direct

projects undertaken by Odebrecht

cost,” explained Costa. One of the

África, Emirados Árabes e Portugal

highlights is the export of some

– with which OGS is associated,

10,000 tons of steel to construction

with 40% of the revenue in 2012 –,

sites located in different places

as well as offering support to the

through a partnership with North

other businesses.

American manufacturers such as

For those projects not financed

Nucor (largest steel producer in the

through the Brazilian National


Economic and Social Development

Pedro Paulo Tosca, Contract

Bank (BNDES), for which there is

Director for the Iron Ore Project

the requirement to use Brazilian

in Liberia – the railroad recently

content in the purchases of goods

delivered to the company Arcelor

and services, taking advantage of

Mittal – commented that OGS’

OGS’ support can serve as a major

participation in the material

opportunity. “We can support the

acquisition, supply and logistics

contracts that are not financed by

process was a crucial aspect in the

BNDES and the United States has

anticipated fulfillment of contractual

versatile technology, helping to

milestones and deliveries. “We

boost business productivity,” said

purchased 90% of the construction

Matheus Noronha, responsible for

supplies in the United States, which

the Engineering Program at OGS.



Support Heads to th 44

A total of 34 Members participated in the event, learning about topics that are part of the daily routine of those on the Line who are in direct contact with clients

he Line


wo days of presentations, debates, exercise and alignments. This was

the main characteristic of the 5 th Foz Communicators’ Meeting, held on February 26 and 27 at the Foz|Saneatins unit in Palmas, capital of Tocantins. The event gathered the communication professionals who work at the company’s sanitation, industrial operations and waste units. One of Foz’ differentials is the direct contact with the public. Offering the service to the final user requires a specific communication language and strategies, from the training of the Members who assist the clients to the company’s relationship with the communities and regional media. The Corporate Communication team has increasingly been present on the line to learn more about the operation’s reality and effectively support the contact with the client. To discuss the topic, Foz invited the team from SuperVia – the Odebrecht TransPort company – which completed work focused on the direct communication with the users of the Rio de Janeiro


The Communicators’ Meetings are promoted by the Foz Corporate Communication area every six months

trains. Members shared their

with the Odebrecht S.A. guidelines.

experiences and demonstrated

During the meeting, participants

how the use of social networks can

took part in exercises to apply the

benefit this communication process.

Image Risk Matrix to the company’s

Sérgio Bourroul, responsible for Press Relations at Odebrecht S.A.,

provided by the Foz|Saneatins

talked about the progress at the

team, the Members then analyzed

Organization’s other units, the new

real situations and applied the tool

Communication Policy – yet to be

with aims of minimizing impacts

disclosed – and general orientations

and influencing the leaders of their

about Image.


The construction of a brand


reality. After a practical example

For Rosa Malena, responsible for

and care for the company’s image

Communication at the Cachoeiro

were highlights of the meeting

do Itapemirim unit in Espírito Santo,

programming. The Foz corporate

one of the highlights was the

team presented the next steps for

demonstration of the practice of

a change in visual identity aligned

monitoring the focus points related

to the risks to the business’s

Members and serves 1.1 million

image. “The Communicators’

people in the state of Tocantins

Meeting is crucial for benchmarking

and in Southern Pará. Mario Amaro,

and for the qualification of the

the company’s President and CEO,

Foz Communication teams,”

welcomed the communicators and

said Malena. “With concepts

emphasized the importance of the

and practices that are updated

role played by these professionals.

and aligned with the Odebrecht

“In addition to the institutional

Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO),

presence developed through

we will all contribute in terms of

the support for building a good

the support for leaders and other

relationship with the government,

Members to ensure that Foz can

press and organized civil society,

achieve increasingly significant and

the Communication areas need

ample results,” she said.

to focus on developing tools and

The event programming also

organizing the discourse to offer

included a visit to the Foz|Saneatins

increasingly better assistance to

operation, which includes 1,580

the final client,” said Amaro.

Mario Amaro, Director and CEO of Foz|Saneatins, and Manoel Francisco (“Kiko”) Brito, Communication Director at Foz, spoke about the importance of Communication in the relationship with the final client


environment fast

A RARE SPECIES The Environmental team of Rota das Bandeiras

115 in Valinhos, and then sent to the Paulínia Zoo

– the concessionaire responsible for administering

under the care of the Chico Mendes Biodiversity

the highways that form the Dom Pedro Corridor,

Conservation Institute.

rescued a Strix huhula owl, popularly known as the

The Rota das Bandeiras Concessionaire is an

black owl, considered quite rare in the State of São

Odebrecht TransPort company that invests


and operates businesses in Brazil related to urban

The animal was found at the central construction site along the Dom Pedro I Highway (SP-065) at Km

mobility, highways and integrated logistics and transport systems.

The black owl, a nocturnal bird that can reach up to 35 cm in length, lives in certain regions of Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Argentina and almost always prefers high forest areas


The program included the participation of 36 volunteer Members, 23 residents, two specialists in landscaping and two members of the Lobito Environmental sector

VOLUNTEER LANDSCAPING Odebrecht Angola promoted its first “I’m a

maintaining the gardens. The idea was to raise their

Volunteer” action at the Benguela Infrastructure

awareness to incorporate the outdoor and public

projects in Lobito, including the planting of native tree

area as if it were each one’s own garden.

seedlings in the neighborhood of Luz. In addition to

Over the coming months, similar actions are

promoting the practice of landscaping, the idea was

scheduled in the other neighborhood zones

to awaken interest in and promote environmental

in partnership with the local government.

preservation and conservation in the community.

Organizers expect to reach the highest possible

The program supplied the seedlings cultivated

number of families living near the construction

at the Luongo construction site and offered

project and then expand the initiative into other

participants orientations on planting and

areas of the city.


environment fast

RAISING AWARENESS FROM DAYTO-DAY At the end of February, the Workplace Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) team

“It’s important for everyone to be involved

of the Moatize Expansion Project – the Vale

with the curbside collection, since besides

project being undertaken by Odebrecht

reducing environmental pollution, it avoids

in Mozambique – led a Health and Safety

the proliferation of venomous animals and

Dialogue (HSD) focused on the management of

diseases,” said Araújo.

the waste generated at the construction site. Environmental Analyst Xénia Araújo

According to Marcos Camargo, Production Manager, the content presented at the HSD

demonstrated how the Integrated Management

should be practiced on a daily basis. “It is

of Solid Waste is a set of methodologies

crucial to begin with the correct disposal of

that reduces the production of substrates

garbage, whether or not it is recyclable,” said

and contributes toward the process of


Members from the SHE team demonstrated that environmental conservation is important within the spheres of business and the community, similarly to encouraging the reuse of materials


monitoring the production cycle and its reuse.

Learn more about the history of the Odebrecht Organization, which began in the mid-19th century. Over the decades, a small company grew, consolidated its place in Brazil and also expanded into five continents. Embark on a journey through time. Access:


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THE LARGEST HIT THE NET CLASSROOM On March 4, Rota das Bandeiras inaugurated the first 2013 Hit the Net classroom in Artur Nogueira,

course conclusion diplomas to 55 students from

located in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas, rural


São Paulo. This is the concessionaire’s largest digital

Launched in May of last year on Rota das

inclusion program unit until now, with 17 computers

Bandeiras, the program has already set up 10 IT

and which already offers free IT classes. The 40-hour

rooms, received investments of more than R$

course will benefit at least 50 students.

620,000, trained 15 teachers and qualified 497

During the first half of the year, Rota das Bandeiras

residents, including children, youth and senior citizens

will deliver the first classrooms in the cities of

from Itatiba, Igaratá and Conchal. “For 2013, the

Atibaia, Bom Jesus dos Perdões and Mogi Guaçu. The

challenge will be to extend the assistance to people

municipalities of Conchal and Itatiba, which are already

with special needs,” said Social Responsibility Manger,

part of the program, will receive new units by July. In

Adherbal Vieira da Silva.

Over the next five years, the program plans to open 150 classrooms with 1,600 computers and train 300 teachers and 36,000 students in the 17 municipalities located along the Dom Pedro Corridor


February of this year, the concessionaire delivered

Jailton Ribeiro, who was trained at FR-PTN, is one of the youth considered to receive assistance through the Land Access Fund

OPPORTUNITIES COME FROM THE LAND The Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN) Rural

Leader of the Strategic Manioc and Fruit Production

Family Home was created to offer qualified education

Cooperative Alliance. “This is how the Land Access

and job opportunities to young farmers. The home is

Fund (FAT) came about,” said Macedo.

a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP)

FAT works to provide financial assistance to small

that works through partnerships with the public and

producers, giving them the conditions to care for

private areas. The first of its type installed in Bahia, the

their agricultural projects and so that they can live

teaching unit offers a High School education integrated

exclusively and fully from the income generated in the

with technical qualification focused on the rural reality

field. Seven youth will initially be considered for the

with a duration of three years. Founded in 2002, CFR-


PTN already trained 183 youth from the Southern Lowlands region. Despite the positive results, the Family Home team

The proposal is that as members of the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Producers’ Cooperative (COOPATAN), the youth take advantage of the

observed that former students still left the rural zones

partnership with the Brazilian Federal Government

and identified the lack of access to land to be one of

bank Banco do Brasil to gain access to an agricultural

the main causes. “When we saw that each youth had,

credit line. “With the incentive, I will apply new

on average, five hectares to produce and this was

technologies to my plantations,” said Jailton Ribeiro,

influencing them to go to the capitals, we thought

age 22. “I want to serve as an example for other

about helping them,” explained Juscelino Macedo,

residents by becoming a rural entrepreneur,” he said.


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SUPPORTING BRAZILIAN MUNICIPALITIES According to the Guia para Municipalização dos Objetivos do Milênio - Referências para a adaptação de indicadores e metas à realidade local (“Guide for the Municipalization of the Millennium Goals – References for Adapting Indicators and Goals to the Local Reality”), the municipality can and should assume a leadership role in the area of development. In order to insert the municipalities of the Bahia Southern Lowlands into this discussion, the 1st Seminar on the Municipalization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) was held on February 22 in the city of Valença. The event, which is an initiative of the General Department of the Presidency of the Brazilian Republic, the United Nations Development Program (PNUD) and the Association of Bahia Southern Lowland Municipalities (AMUBS), aims to form a Municipal MDG Center involving the participation of three different sectors of society. The proposal is to create a decree, law or seal that formalizes the presence and knowledge of the MDGs in the municipality as an orienting platform for resources and public policies. Mauricio Medeiros, Executive Chair of the Odebrecht Foundation, created an exhibit on the innovative system of Participative Government that is used for the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), an initiative focused on and oriented toward the eight goals. “The differential of PDCIS is the interaction between the federal, state and municipal governments, private initiative and civil society that is driven by a common, superior and noble objective: the structuring of the rural middle class, which earns control of its own destination,” emphasized Medeiros. The programming for the seminar also featured a lecture by Brazil’s National Secretary of Political and Social Relations, Wagner Caetano; former mayor of the municipality of Picuí in the State of Paraíba and President of the Federation of Paraíba Municipalities, Rubens Costa; Social Interface Coordinator of the Department of Institutional Relations and representative from the Bahia Government, Mary Souza; Advisor for Programs for the State of Bahia and representative from the “We Can Bahia” Movement, Frederico Lacerda; Public Prosecutor representing the Bahia Public Prosecutor’s Office, Clodoaldo Silva, and representative from the Álvaro Bahia League – the Supporting Institution of the Martagão Gesteira Hospital, Márcia Guimarães.


History, businesses and holdings and sustainability programs, publications and the media center, all gathered into a single space.

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