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No. 298 / JANUARY 2013

Casa Jovem State High School: Educating Youth from the Rural Zone

No. 298 / JANUARY 2013



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Foz|Saneatins Makes Brand Migration Official with Fundraising

M谩rio Amaro, President and CEO of Foz|Saneatins, and Cleci Maria Buss, Regional Manager of the bank Caixa Econ么mica Federal, sign the financing protocol.



fundraising was the

milestone for the brand transition


n December 13, the

state. The act took place during

Tocantins Sanitation

a meeting in Palmas between the

Company – Saneatins

Governor of Tocantins, José Wilson

officially changed its name to. The

Siqueira Campos, and 139 elected

important step in the Foz|Saneatins


brand migration process occurred

During the meeting, which

exactly on the day on which a

lasted two days, Mário Amaro,

protocol was signed with the

President and CEO of Foz|Saneatins,

Brazilian federal government

presented details about the

bank Caixa Econômica Federal for

investment program that should

the approval of financing in the

total approximately R$ 700 million

amount of R$ 588 million for the

over the next five years. Amaro

universalization of sanitation in the

closed the presentation with an



new visual standard is already present

in the communication materials and at the main points of contact with the public


institutional video that illustrates the

Communication, this is a natural and

company’s new phase. “The raising

progressive process that began with

of these resources is an indicator of

Foz’ arrival, and which together with

how we want to make a difference

the announcement of the signing

in terms of the operation of the

with Caixa, help add to the strength

water and sewage services, making

and visibility of the brand transition,”

Foz|Saneatins a source of pride for

said Vilar. “Within this context,

the population,” he explained. For

we launched the first advertising

Rodrigo Vilar, who is responsible

campaign on the television stations,

for Institutional Relations and

radio stations and newspapers,

presenting Foz and the Odebrecht

institutional video and part

Organization, with an emphasis on

of the visual standard for the

the program focused on qualifying

buildings already communicate as

and expanding the assistance that

Foz|Saneatins.“The other physical

will make Tocantins the first state in

structures that display the former

Brazil to universalize sanitation by

visual standard will be updated,

2017,” he said.

meeting the demands of the Line

Currently, the website, social networks, uniforms, call center,

and an analysis of the level of brand exposure,” said Vilar.

vehicle fleet, advertising campaigns,

internal communication materials,

To view the institutional

press support materials, the

video, click here:


Events Fast

NEW UNDERGROUND STATION AT LOS TEQUES On December 11, 2012, the Línea II Consortium - in which Odebrecht Venezuela holds stakes - inaugurated the Guaicaipuro Station, the first to serve Line 2 of the Los Teques Metro, which is located in the Altos Mirandinos region, in the State of Miranda. The new station can handle more than 130,000 passengers per day. With the station operational, the users’ travel time to the city center decreased from 20 to just two minutes. Attending the event were Terrestrial Transport Minister, Juan García Toussaintt, Metro CEO Haiman El Troudi, Odebrecht Contract Director, Marcelo Colavolpe, and members. The underground Guaicaipuro Station is the first in the country to be designed based on the miner construction method. The works were done by Venezuelan workers and created some 2,000 direct and more than 5,900 indirect jobs.


subway transport system contributes

to developing the region and to improving the population’s quality of life


TO BUILD THE LOWER IGUAÇU HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT Odebrecht Infraestrutura, in a consortium with Alstom, has signed an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) agreement with Neoenergia to deploy the Lower Iguaçu Hydropower Plant (HPP). The project includes civil works, electromechanical equipment installation, and assembly. Located on the Iguaçu River, in the municipalities of Capitão Leônidas Marques and Capanema, State of Paraná, the plant will have 350 MW of installed power.

MEETING OF SOUTH AMERICAN POWERS In November 2012, the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) held its 18th Annual Conference in Los Cardales, in the Province of Buenos Aires. The event was attended by the Presidents of Argentina and Brazil, Cristina Kirchner and Dilma Rousseff, respectively. Also present at the gathering were authorities and executives from both countries, among whom Marcelo Odebrecht, CEO of Odebrecht S.A.; Javier Madanes Quintanilla, of Aluar (Alumínio Argentino); Fabio Rozenblum, of AFAC (Association of Argentine Component Manufacturers); Cledorvino Belini, of FIAT Brazil; Luis Betnaza, of Techint; Julián Eguren, of Usiminas Brazil; Juan Pablo Bagó, of BAGO; Luis Blasco, of Telefónica Argentina; Enrique Pescarmona, of IMPSA, and Sergio Galván, of ABA (Argentine Bank Association). The UIA aims to enhance its strategic value and leverage the economies of Argentina and Brazil, which, together, represent the fifth largest economy in the world and account for 70 percent of South America’s GDP (gross domestic product).


Events Fast

ON THE LIMA STOCK EXCHANGE The Lima Stock Exchange (BVL), trading in the capital city of Peru, announced the entry into the stock market of H2Olmos S.A., an Odebrecht Organization company incorporated to finance, build, and operate the Olmos Irrigation Project. “H2Olmos’ entry into the BVL is greatly relevant, since it is a further demonstration that the Peruvian capital market is attractive to companies seeking funding for their projects,” said BVL chair Roberto Hoyle. Since October 24, 2012, H2Olmos has been listed on the BVL, by means of Corporate Bonds, carrying two loans: The first worth 77 million soles (about $30 million), while the second 252 million soles ($98 million). The company plans to use the funding to complete the Olmos Irrigation Project. H2Olmos General Manager, Alfonso Pinillos, stressed that the project will provide water to 43,500 hectares of land, generating investment opportunities and contributing to the economic development of the region of Lambayeque. “Forty thousand new direct jobs will be created. Furthermore, the project will consolidate the foundations for local development in agribusiness and in activities such as trade, transport, education, housing, and tourism, providing new dynamics to northern Peru,” he said. H2Olmos was incorporated in 2009 to design, fund, build, operate, and maintain the Olmos Irrigation Project for a 25-year concession term.



Odebrecht and BVL H2Olmos’

during the announcement of entry into the



stock market

FONTE NOVA ARENA AGENDA FOR 2013 Singer Ivete Sangalo will be one of the attractions of Fonte Nova Arena’s program for 2013. The stadium is currently being built by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS

A decade after recording her first

mark the history of the arena and the

DVD at the old Fonte Nova Stadium,

hearts of everyone who comes to be

singer Ivete Sangalo partnered with

part of this great moment,” said Fonte

the Fonte Nova Arena to record the

Nova Arena CEO Dênio Cidreira.

live album that will celebrate the 20

The DVD is expected to be recorded

years of her career. The agreement

in December 2013, and it will be the fifth

was signed on December 17, 2012,

in the singer’s career. “It is a huge thrill

at the construction site of the first

to be able to record a DVD in Salvador

multipurpose arena in Bahia.

again, and it could be nowhere other

“It will be one of the biggest events

than the Fonte Nova Arena, which is

in Brazil in 2013, capping the year

now much more modern and will afford

of our inauguration and seizing the

me and my fans a unique moment,” said

full potential of the new Fonte Nova


Multipurpose Arena. This concert will


Events Fast

CORINTHIANS ARENA FIGURES the literacy courses conducted over Measuring 75

meters in length and

weighing in at


tonnes, the parts

were hoisted and assembled by the largest crawler crane in operation in


a 15-month period by Odebrecht Infrastructure. Twenty members were trained in the basic and 33 in elementary courses, and they all received their certificates from the Ministry of Education. The manufacturing process for the precast concrete elements (beams and columns) to be used for the four buildings was completed, with over 16,000 parts having been manufactured at the site. The east, west, north, and

As of last December, the Corinthians Arena was about 60 percent complete, with

steps were laid, and bleacher finishing is

approximately 1680 members at work at

nearing completion. Two of the tunnels

the construction site, divided into three

that will serve as emergency exits are

shifts. One of the milestones achieved in

being finalized, and the underground

the last month of 2012 was the placement of

service gallery is nearly ready.

the east building’s seventh and eighth steel

Finishing services are being carried

roof structure modules. The sector’s ninth

out in several parts of the work, such as

and final module will be installed in January

in the restrooms and in spaces reserved

and, then, the crane that is responsible for

for shop and eatery concessions. The

the operation will be moved to the front of

electrical, hydraulic, sewage, and air

the west building to start placing 11 more

conditioning work is also in full swing at


the east and west buildings.

Also last December, 53 workers completed


south lower and upper section bleacher

DISCUSSING SUSTAINABILITY The environmental legacy of infrastructure works was one of the main issues discussed during the first

Public Works Company (EMOP), Ruth Jurberg. Monica Queiroz addressed the

Sustainability Meeting sponsored by

importance of sanitation to improve

Foz Águas 5, the concessionaire in

people’s quality of life: “Rather than

charge of the sewage of 21 districts

being viewed as a cost, sustainability

located in the West Zone of Rio de

must be understood as a result.”

Janeiro and comprising Foz and Águas

Luciano Bonaccini, in turn, spoke

do Brasil. Held on December 12, 2012,

about sustainability as a business

the event addressed the importance of

that must be well planned, managed,

coordinating and setting the society into

and deliver results. “Our role is to

motion in project development.

mitigate the impact interventions have

Foz Águas 5 CEO, Armando Goes,

on the communities and to create

opened the event highlighting the

transformative projects. Good initiatives

importance of the meeting and of

involve merging the intelligence of

partnering with society. Sustainability,

businesses, governments, and of the civil

Social Relations, and Communications

society”, he remarked.

Manager, Milena Brant, spoke about the concessionaire’s performance areas and about the planning of the works designed to expand the wastewater collection and treatment network. Among the speakers at the event were Mônica Queiroz, head of Sustainability at Foz; Luciano Bonaccini, the director for Sustainability at Odebrecht Infraestrutura; Fiocruz National School of Public Health professor and researcher Debora Kligerman, and the general coordinator

Armando Goes speaks to the 70 participants attending the gathering, including representatives of government and of the civil society

for PAC 2 at the State of Rio de Janeiro


Events Fast

REHABILITATION OF A ROAD IN SOUTHERN ANGOLA A Work Assignment Order was issued on October 24, 2012 for the Colui-Jamba Highway. The order for the rehabilitation of 26.1 km of the road was signed between Odebrecht Angola and the Road Institute of Angola (INEA). Expected to be completed in September 2013, the works will drive growth in the southern region of the country and socioeconomic development at the Jamba and Tchamutete mining hubs, which are located in the Province of Huila. “The project is important for the feasibility, access to, and operation of Cassinga Iron Project. It will also bring benefits to other mining projects in the region and improve the population’s access to health, education, and trade services,” says Contract Director Félix Martins. The project will create about 300 new direct jobs for helpers, signalmen, masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, drivers, equipment operators, technicians, and engineers. The new members will be trained through specific training sessions held by the project teams and by the staff of the “Aspire Jamba” Continued Professional Qualification Program.

“Believe Jamba”


170 people October

from the community between and


December 2012


Teachers and participants of Aspire Literacy Program pay homage to First Lady Maria da Luz Daí Guebuza

The First Lady of the Republic of

and Education Process. The First Lady of

Mozambique, Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza,

Mozambique stated that the Aspire Literacy

visited the Nacala International Airport Project

program, in partnership with the Government,

and its social inclusion programs, developed

is an initiative that should be followed by other

by Odebrecht in the District of Nacala-Porto, in

private companies. Books collected in Brazil

the Province of Nampula, on December 4 and

through awareness-raising campaigns carried

5, 2012.

out among partner companies and to be used

During the Forum to Reflect on the Importance of Literacy and Adult Education Process for the Integrated Development of

to create community libraries were donated after the debates. Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza also visited

Mozambique, Maria da Luz, accompanied by

Odebrecht’s Training Center, in Nacala,

Minister of Education Augusto Jone Luís and

and the social inclusion programs, and was

other authorities, handed over the certificates

introduced to the Aspire Literacy team. “If

of completion for the Aspire Literacy Program

we do not have literacy, we do not have

to the 45 participating teachers.

citizenship. This is why literacy teachers

The event’s theme was the Role of the Private Sector in the Adult Literacy

deserve special emphasis in fighting illiteracy in Nacala,” she remarked.


Events Fast

‘STEEL GIANTS’ AT THE TELES PIRES HPP The construction works underway for the Teles Pires Hydropower Plant (HPP), an Odebrecht Energia investment, got an important reinforcement: Two tower cranes have been deployed to handle heavy loads such as ferrules and turbine parts. The first, measuring 79 meters in height, with a maximum range of 70 meters, and capable of lifting up to 60 tonnes to a height of 32 meters -, the largest in Latin America, is among the three largest tower cranes in the world. The others are in operation in South Korea and Mexico. Installed in the assembly area, the crane is mounted by means of the telescoping process, with the insertion of structural elements that make it possible to adjust column height. The second tower crane was assembled at the Power House. The second largest in Brazil, it is capable of hoisting 50 tonnes to a height of 24 meters and has a maximum range of 81 meters.


an investment worth


million, the

cranes are the first in the country to have an elevator to access the cabin and the only ones to be suspended as a bridge


The history of Odebrecht, its businesses and holdings and sustainability programs, publications and media center – all gathered into a single space. Get all the latest information on the Organization! Access:



Contributing toward Education of Youth f the Rural Zone


d the from

The Casa Jovem State High School taught 573 students in 2012



n the rural zone of the municipality of Igrapiúna, in the Bahia Southern Lowlands, 573 youth have access

knowledge in their communities. The educational complex also offers vocational and digital inclusion courses,

to an education that is adapted to the

aiming to train youth for work. The

reality in which they live. Mathematics

structure includes computer laboratories, a

and Portuguese classes are part of their

library, auditorium, industrial kitchen, multi-

daily routine and are not the only content

sports court and 10 classrooms. There was

developed. At the Casa Jovem State

also the implementation of the Industry

High School (CECJ), the middle school

of Knowledge – an initiative of the Social

students (6th to 9th grades) and those from

Industry Service (SESI) that facilitates the

the high school and vocational courses

installation of multimedia centers in low

in Agroecology gained more information

income municipalities – and the Military

on topics such as agriculture, theater and

Instruction School, the training agency of

poetry, and also learned to prepare breads

the Brazilian Army Reserve that allows high

and cakes at a school bakery and share

school students to provide Military Service.

Located in the rural zone of Igrapiúna, the institution offers courses at the middle school, high school and vocational levels in



Students from CECJ receive the Volunteer School Award from journalist Milton Neves in São Paulo

In 2012, the work undertaken with the students from the high school – one

VOLUNTEER SCHOOL Hearts beating fast. Tension in the air.

of the teaching units tied to the Bahia

Four students, representatives from CECJ,

Southern Lowlands Environmental

clearly thrilled. Seated in the audience

Protection Area Mosaic Program for

of the Itaú Cultural Space in São Paulo,

Development and Growth Integrated

on November 27, everyone awaited the

with Sustainability (PDCIS), supported by

announcement of the winner of the 12th

the Odebrecht Foundation and partners

edition of the Volunteer School Award.

from government and private initiative

When they heard the victors from journalist

– earned many different distinctions.

Milton Neves, the youth exploded with a

Whether by promoting volunteer work,

catching joy.

strengthening local cultural identity

“Being among the 10 finalists was

or encouraging projects that promote

already something great,” said Marcos

the generation of work and income,

Souza, age 16, a sophomore in high school.

CECJ was highlighted during the entire

“When Milton said ‘Go Bahia!,’ we got really

year. Odebrecht News reveals these

excited,” said Souza. Souza is one of 22


youth who took part in the Theater and


The Industry


Knowledge Library

is part of the educational complex that also offers vocational and digital inclusion courses

Poetry project, strengthening identities

was prompted by the experience in the

in communities from the municipality of

quilombola community of Laranjeira, also

Igrapiúna and surrounding area. “We did

located in Igrapiúna, where every month

some outstanding work and we are all

workshops are held that encourage reading

working toward the same goal: teaching

and the strengthening of cultural identity

our students to understand the importance

of children and residents. The students

of volunteer work in this country,” said

participate as volunteers and replicate the

Francisco Nascimento, Art teacher and

knowledge acquired at school. For Adeilane

coordinator of the initiative.

Souza, who is a junior in high school, the

CECJ’s participation in the award


learning is highly important. “We create

partnership with the Itaú Social Foundation. The finalists received training in radio journalism and produced a story to present the social project. Juliane Santos, age 17, was the presenter. “It was something very important in my life,” said the freshman in high school. “I learned to speak quickly, without forgetting commas and accents. We were able to transform a dream into reality,” said Santos. “We will continue with the program, ensuring that it grows. We have potential and we can make a difference,” she said. Antônio Matias, Vice Chairman of the Itaú Social Foundation, believes that the award is a way of recognizing and motivating the educators: “We are transmitting a message to society that school can indeed be a space not just for learning, but also for building citizenship,” said Matias. Thais Vilas Boas, age 15, who is a freshman, concluded that the most plays on topics that the communities most

important thing was the exchange of

need,” said the 19-year-old. “Our first job is

experiences with the community. “We

to visit them and collect information. After

donated knowledge,” she said.

that, we prepare the presentation. We feel

To continue forward with the activities,

privileged to receive this information,” said

CECJ received a check in the amount of R$


15,000. That same night, students from the

The content was the topic of a news

Alphaville International School in São Paulo,

story that aired in November 2012 on the

who came in second, decided to donate

radio station Rádio Bandeirantes, which

their prize, in the amount of R$ 10,000, to

promotes the Volunteer School Program in

the Bahia high school.


The Medicinal Garden Project


students to cultivate medicinal plants and make homemade remedies


The initiative seeks to map school practices focused on dealing with the topic of race. Of the total 486 that signed

at the high school, there was the promotion

up, the CECJ project was one of the 16

of actions integrated with the school

winners. “We aim to consolidate a new

curriculum designed to enhance a critical

educational culture, where discipline and

social awareness through study groups,

the contextualization of the rural life make

theater workshops and community visits.

a difference in the lives of the students

Lectures, the recovery of customs and

and community,” said teacher Francisco

traditions and the creation of a samba

Nascimento, who represented the high

group and interviews with historic

school on December 11 and 12 during the

personalities from the region were also part

award ceremony. “Therefore, this distinction

of the Local Cultural Identity Strengthening

has a special meaning,” he said.

Project, which received the Educate for


Racial Equality Award.

The teaching unit will be benefited

with a monitoring plan to promote

seedlings produced in the greenhouses

and maximize the potential impact of

are donated to the students themselves

the actions. The award is promoted

and to others from the community, who

by the Work Relations and Inequality

then continue with the cultivation on

Study Center in partnership with the

their properties. “Including the families

Department of Racial Equality Promotion

in the project leads to opportunities

Policies (SEPPIR), United Nations

for the generation of income, and

Educational, Scientific and Cultural

consequently, the expansion of

Organization (UNESCO), the bank Banco

knowledge,” he said.

Santander in Brazil and the Fund for Racial Equality - Baobá.

For Agroecology Technician Ângelo de Jesus, who graduated from CECJ in 2011, participating in the Medicinal

BAHIA QUALITY The successful experiences from the

Garden brought about positive changes in his life. “I convinced my mother

Medicinal Garden earned CECJ the Bahia

to care for the garden based on the

Quality Management Award, granted by

practices learned in school,” she said.

the Bahia Association for Competitive

“In this way, I prepared the area with

Management. The proposal is to train

dead coverage from dry grass to

students to cultivate medicinal plants and

conserve the fertilized and humid soil.

make natural homemade remedies and

After that, I planted medicinal seedlings

share their learning with the members of

and vegetables.” Jesus explained

their communities. The initiative currently

that his family members have already

benefits 381 people in the Bahia Southern

learned enough about cultivating and


warmly accepted the innovations he

“The Medicinal Garden integrates

brought. “We plant, harvest, extract the

the school with the community under

oil from the plant and make syrup,” he

an exclusively educational perspective,

said. “It is already possible to sell what

which maximizes the potential

we produce. I believe that every young

knowledge of the earth, popular culture

person dreams about having his or her

and knowledge of one’s ancestors,”

own business and growing together with

explained Ademário Reis, the high

the family. Therefore, I’m already living

school principal. Reis added that the

my dream.”


awards Fast

OR AWARDED BY ÉPOCA NEGÓCIOS Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR) was the most prestigious company in Brazil in the Construction, Incorporation, and Lease segment in 2012, according to the Época Negócios 100 yearbook, which was announced last December 5. This is the third time in a row that the company gets this award and, according to the survey, it stood out in the sector with 4D apartments and offices. In its fifth edition, the event, held in São Paulo, awarded ten companies that have the most prestigious brands in Brazil and those that stood out in 30 different sectors. Six aspects are taken into account for the selection of the most prestigious companies: Admiration, social and environmental commitment, trust and ethics, the company’s history and evolution, innovative posture, and product and service quality.

Marcelo Neves, Director for Finance and Information technology (IT); Paul Altit, Corporate Leader; Sergio Kertész, Director for Marketing & Communications; and Ciro Barbosa, Director for People and Organization and Sustainability, received the award



The Conquista do Pontal and Alcídia Units, in São Paulo, have already received the Bonsucro seal. ETH’s target is to have its nine Units certified by 2014

ETH Bioenergia secured the international

Agribusiness Operations, sustainability has

Bonsucro certification for its Rio Claro

always been center stage in the company’s

Unit, located in the municipality of Caçu,

operations, by means of actions that care

in the state of Goiás. This is the company’s

for environmental preservation and for the

third unit to secure the certification, which

conservation of the biodiversity and for the

attests to sustainable practices and allows

development of the regions. “The Bonsucro

sugarcane product exports to the European

certification not only allows us gain access

Union and Asia. The volume of certified

to international markets, but also shows

sugarcane is upwards of 737,000 tonnes.

that we have been operating correctly in all

The certification requires laws to be observed, respect for human and labor

our processes since 2007,” he remarked. The company is seeking other

rights, production sustainability, biodiversity

certifications for international markets.

and ecosystem service preservation, in

Seven Units have completed the U.S.

addition to productivity, and ongoing

government’s RFS2 (Renewable Fuel

improvements to the productive processes.

Standard), issued by the Environmental

The seal is acknowledged in the 27 nations

Protection Agency (EPA), which certifies

of the European Union, which need to

sustainable practices based on standards

significantly increase biofuel consumption

established globally and authorizes

by 2020, thus reducing greenhouse gas

certification holders to trade their ethanol in

emissions and the impact of the climate

the United States. The Costa Rica and Água


Emendada Units are expected to be certified

To Luís Felli, Vice President for

by March 2013.


awards Fast

BEST PRACTICES IN OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY Odebrecht, by means of the North IIRSA Construction Consortium, came in third in the Ibero-American Occupational Safety and Health Foundation (FISO) awards, in an event held on November 27, 2012, in Bogota. The company competed with 104 other projects from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador. The project that was submitted, titled “Let’s Play it Safe,” is being carried out at the Northern Inter-Oceanic Highway construction works and consists of an internal radio station used to divulge and raise awareness on the importance of safety among the workers. “The tool keeps members well informed and helps improve the work environment. ‘Let’s Play it Safe’ is an initiative developed based on the Organization’s culture of prevention, to promote a safer workplace,” said Delcy Machado, Director for Sustainability at Odebrecht in Peru.

Álvaro Mellado, Manager for Sustainability at the North IIRSA Construction Consortium, and Delcy Machado represented Odebrecht at the awarding ceremony, which was organized by the Colmena Foundation, from Colombia



that disseminate the best practices in

trophies for its Social Energy for

progress in the sugarcane industry to

Local Sustainability program, which is

promote gender equality, the eradication

carried out among the communities

of diseases, to combat extreme poverty

that are directly influenced by its

and hunger and to promote sustainable

operations. The awards are related


to two of the UN’s eight Millennium

Social Energy gathers actions and

Development Goals: Eradicating

investments aimed at sustainable

Extreme Poverty and Hunger and

development and welfare in the regions

Reducing Child Mortality. Since its

where ETH has operations. There are

creation, in 2009, the program has

currently 47 projects underway in nine

implemented some 20 projects to

cities, prioritizing education, culture,

meet the two principles.

productive activities, health, safety, and

Six other socioenvironmental

environmental preservation.

program models, selected from among 52 projects submitted by plants associated with UNICA (Sugarcane Industry Union), were also acknowledged. The initiatives were analyzed by a team of sustainability and social responsibility professionals. The awarding ceremony took place during the 3rd Seminar on Social Responsibility 2012, held in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, on December 6, 2012. The event aims to divulge successful cases

Carla Pires, Responsible for Sustainability at ETH, receives the award next to UNICA’S executive for social responsibility, Maria Luiza Barbosa


awards Fast

QUALITY IS KING Odebrecht, by means of the expansion works for the General Osório Station, in Rio de Janeiro, has maintained its ISO 9001 certification in Quality Management. Bureau Veritas auditors reviewed each project sector’s documentation and checked work flows, processes, and procedures for two days. The contract invested in training its members on the subject in order to secure the result. One of the opportunities to raise awareness was during the Quality Week, which was held from November 19 to 23, 2012. Odebrecht’s Quality Policy focuses on quality production, lower costs, on meeting deadlines and on customer satisfaction, without wasting materials.

The General Osório Station


and project teams have debated the topic on several opportunities, such as during the


Quality Week


2012 Distinction Award winning team in the Young Partner category

The Santo Antônio Plant (HPP), an

scaffolding for finishing concrete framed

Odebrecht Energia investment in Porto

with sliding formworks. The scaffolding

Velho, state of Rondônia, was granted

went on to be manufactured with the

the 2012 Distinction Award, in the

formwork fitted with a locking device,

Young Partner category, for the “Sliding

eliminating the need to halt concreting in

Formwork with Retractable Scaffolding”

order to assemble the finish platform.

project, which was developed by the

The winning project showed the

members of the Concrete Production area

exchange of experience among the Young

of the Santo Antônio Civil Consortium

Partners and team foreman. Antônio


Rios, Responsible for Formworks, Trusses

Designed to increase productivity, reuse

and Built-in Structures, was the project›s

materials, reduce costs and improve safety

mentor. “We need to innovate, insist on

conditions at the work fronts, the project

change, on what we experience in daily life

consists of the deployment of retractable

and on what works”, he said.



Program Seeks Improve Areas of Workplace Safe



n September 2012, Odebrecht

Safety (ST) and Environment (MA)

AmĂŠrica Latina launched

engineers. The program is focused on

the Workplace Safety and

two crucial aspects:in the technical area,

Environment Engineering Improvement

it aims to guarantee development in

Program – PAE-STMA, with aims of

terms of understanding and applying the

promoting the updating of Workplace

Corporate Sustainability Program in its

ements in ety and Environment areas focused on ST and MA, and based

contract directors and their peers at the

on the standards OHSAS 18001:2007 and

construction sites.

ISO 14001:2004. In the Human area, it

The course, which is offered in the

promotes the development of a posture

distance learning module, was developed

that can exercise influence and qualified

in partnership with the GetĂşlio Vargas

impact in terms of the interface with

Online Foundation, the entity Life


Cycle and the consulting firm Qualifique

and environment issues and prepare

Consultores. Lasting 240 hours and

them to adequately implement the STMA

approximately 13 months, it is offered in

Integrated Program.

two groups simultaneously. There are a total of six areas taught, divided into

course is based on competencies and

15 modules and two on-site meetings.

content developed by combining technical

The main focus is to raise participants’

and behavioral aspects, focusing not

awareness as to the necessary change

only on the knowledge and experience

in posture in terms of workplace safety

acquired over time, but also on the skills

The first on-site meeting of the Workplace Safety and Environment Engineering Improvement Program was held in September, in Peru


The methodology adopted for the

and attitudes that will become the base for the change in posture. As part of the educational strategy, a mini-series that portrays real situations of the daily work situation was created to introduce and reinforce the technical content. During the course, there is also the presentation of the challenges in order to mobilize the participants to The course´s site, available in Portuguese and Spanish, promotes

offer advisory to the contract directors.

interactivity between participants

The teaching is mediated by specialized professor-tutors recommended by Life Cycle and pedagogically qualified by the

Environment from the Odebrecht

FGV Online Program.

América Latina contracts and all

The opening meeting for PAE

of the content was provided in two

– STMA was held in September

languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

in Peru with the presence of the

The course conclusion is set for

course participants. On the occasion,

November 2013.

LuísAntônio Mameri, Entrepreneurial

“I truly believe in the success of

Leader at Odebrecht América

this initiative,” said Antonio Luiz

Latina, highlighted the importance

Gaspar, responsible for Sustainability

of planning and diffusing knowledge

at Odebrecht América Latina.

in the area of safety: “We have to

“The result in STMA is directly

be multiplying agents of knowledge,

proportional to the qualification

transmitting our learning and

of the teams at the construction

influencing people at all the levels of

sites, aligned with the responsible

our contracts, so that each one can

operations of the middle leadership.

become responsible for his or her

With PAE-STMA, we are focused first

own safety,” said Mameri.

on the teams; involving the middle

The program is offered to 120 engineers in Workplace Safety and

leadership will be the next step,” said Gaspar.



Odebrecht Angola: A Sus

Present for 29 years in Angola, Odebrecht aligns sustainability with the growth of its business


n November 29, 2012,

Sustainability Award at the 10th edition

Odebrecht Angola earned

of the International Civil Construction,

the Sírius 2012 Award in

Public Works, City Planning and

the category “Company with the Best

Architecture Equipment and Material

Social Responsibility Program,” granted

Fair, called Projekta by Constroi Angola

by Deloitte Angola, which nominated

2012, held from October 25-28 of last

the 10 companies considered to be

year. At the event, which included

examples in the promotion of values

the participation of 380 exhibitors,

associated with social, institutional and

Odebrecht also received the Special

entrepreneurial excellence.

Award for its continuous, active and

The company also received the


dynamic participation during all

stainable Company editions of the showcase event. The

Cruz. “Perpetuity is only possible

company was also distinguished as one

in an environment of sustainable

of the six model companies for the first

development. At Odebrecht, the

special Sustainability edition of Exame

concern with sustainability is present


from the moment at which we begin

According to Felipe Cruz,

to think about a project, and our

Sustainability Director at Odebrecht

commitment to the countries in which

Angola, the company is able to

we operate and in Angola, in particular,

effectively balance sustainability and

is long-term,” he explained.

business growth, which naturally, has the potential to generate significant


social-environmental impacts.


“The Organization’s main point is Survive, Grow and Perpetuate,” said

Odebrecht Angola has developed several different social responsibility

In Benguela and South Kwanza, PES offers opportunities focused on training and the creation of small businesses and cooperatives


The Safe Blood Program, held at the Luanda Road System project, promotes blood donations

programs that contribute toward the country’s development. Odebrecht

and improve the quality of life of

News presents some of the related

the communities located nearby the


construction projects undertaken by

In the Benguela and Kwanza Sul

Odebrecht, offering opportunities for

projects, 2012 marked the start of

training, monitoring and control for

the Social Entrepreneurship Program

the creation of small businesses and

(PES), designed to promote the social-

cooperatives. Initially, 190 families are

economic development of the family

being benefitted.

unit by training micro-entrepreneurs


PES aims to help increase income

The program is divided into two

and encouraging individual ventures.

areas: Community Micro-Entrepreneurs

The initiative receives support from

- individuals who offer services or

strategic partners, such as the

have small and micro-businesses,

Province Government, the Ministry of

either formal or informal, in their

Education, Ministry of Social Assistance

communities; and Community Health

and Reinsertion and Ministry of Health,

and Environment Agents, who train

NGOs and the Family Strengthening

multipliers for the prevention of

Social Center.

malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis,

cholera as well for the promotion of

for the effective use of paper money.

environmental actions.

The event included the presence of more than 300 people.

TRANSFORMING ZANGO In Zango, a range of different

The initiative received the support of Odebrecht and will fall under the

activities are promoted to help

responsibility of the Neighborhood

promote the region’s development.

Residents’ Association. Sandra

The month of October 2012 ended

Vieira said she was satisfied with the

with a new experience for residents.

initiative: “I took with me a few sacks

After completing the Entrepreneurship

of corn flour that we produced at home

course, the students from the Zango

and some pairs of shoes that, even

Social-Professional Training Center

though still in good condition, I don’t

(CESA) promoted the 1st Unified

wear anymore,” she said. “With the

Economy Fair at Praça da Paz, in Zango

exchanges, I took home a thermos to

IV. The concepts of unified economy

keep water cool and some clothes for

were used primarily to promote the

my children.”

exchange of goods, without the need

CESA is one of the pillars of the

In Honga, cutting and sewing and pastry-making courses are also offered



promotion of agricultural production

is among the social-environmental actions undertaken by the company’s contracts in such as at the


Catoca Mining Association

project’s social-corporate action. The

Employment and Social Security

program is designed to promote the

(MAPESS), as well as the United

quality of life of the communities

Nations Development Program (UNDP).

by helping them generate income and by developing citizenship. The


professional training is focused on local


demands and qualification is focused


In Catoca, the Economic and

on the provision of services. The

Social Development Support

offerings include English, computer and

Program (PADES) was created with

pastry-making courses, among others,

an educational and productive focus,

with the support of partners such as

promoting agricultural production. Held

the Ministry of Public Administration,

in the province of South Lunda, the

In Honga, the Luanda Road System promotes lectures on Food Safety, Health and Hygiene with aims of informing and training Food Handlers, and also offers cutting and sewing and pastry-making courses. Over 300 people from the community have already been trained. The contract also organizes blood donation campaigns within the sphere of the Safe Blood Program, which had more than 100 donors over past years. On December 1, 2012, World HIV/ AIDS Day, Members from Odebrecht participated in the Solidarity March, an initiative of the National Fight Against AIDS Institute and ANASO (Angola NGO Network). The company led the CEC – Entrepreneurial Committee program is the result of a partnership

group, which gathered more than 400

between the South Lunda Government


and Catoca Mining Association. Some actions are already underway, such as


the installation of the fish farming unit

To contribute toward literature

in the community of Mona-Quimbundo

course students’ entry into the job

and the construction of 10 tanks

market, Odebrecht Angola established

with the first fries. Two agriculture

agreements with Angolan universities

and fishing technicians are receiving

with aims of identifying common

training in Brazil through a partnership

policies and strategies for professional

between Catoca and the Odebrecht

training. Seven teaching institutions


are currently partners on the project.


The agreement consists in the offer of internships to university students or those who recently graduated through the Young Partner program. Includes visits to the company projects, the indication of laboratory materials and equipment, the holding of training courses with the participation of Odebrecht Members and support when identifying specialists to serve as faculty at universities.

ON THE ANNUAL CALENDAR As part of the calendar of social actions promoted by the Luanda Province Government and Odebrecht Angola within the sphere of the Luanda Expressways Project, November 18 marked the 3rd edition of the Independence Cycling Event – designed to promote leisure, sports and civic education for Angolan families. Cyclists of all ages were invited to ride along the capital’s main revitalized avenues. After the tour, those involved watched cultural performances and had the

the Ecological Christmas, held during

chance to participate in the drawing for

the first two weeks of December in

three bicycles.

the District of Samba in Luanda. The

The Luanda Expressways Project


initiative consists in the construction of

and the Provincial Government of

an ecological Christmas tree, produced

Luanda also promoted the 4th edition of

with PET water bottles. The program

The Continued Professional Qualification Program – Aspire began in 2009 and has already trained more than 2,900 people

involves communities – children, youth

with the set up and lighting of the tree.

and adults – in a fun exercise about

Revitalized and positioned in a new

environmental preservation that

structure that features the shape of an

begins with the collection of recyclable

octagonal star, the tree will be installed

materials, then continues with a

on the street Rua da Samba, similarly

holiday decoration workshop and ends

to previous years.


people Fast



training focuses on general

and specific topics, as per the standards required for the work, for participant integration

With the challenge of establishing, transmitting, and disseminating, in Ecuador, the brand and the philosophy of the Continued Professional Qualification Program - Aspire, which was conceived in Brazil, the Creer program was launched at the Pacific Refinery Project (RDP), developed by Odebrecht. To provide direct support to the demands for labor that have been created, Creer recruits, evaluates, selects, and trains beginner and experienced workers in the region. The program had already attained positive results by late 2012. In total, 94 people without prior experience in civil construction were certified under the Basic Module, of whom 33 have passed to the Technical Module, and 15 hired to do general jobs at the works. Additionally, the recruitment and selection team and the technical instructors interviewed 260 candidates with experience in operating heavy machinery, of whom 120 have been assessed and 25 trained and hired. Forty-four other heavy machinery operators were also hired. The RDP Project’s integrated labor training center consists of an administrative office, a meeting room, a simulator room, two theoretical training rooms, and a track used for testing and training for light and heavy vehicle use.


“FALL INTO THE NET” GROWS IN SÃO PAULO Representatives of the Rota das

Eiko Nagamoto and her husband, Tatsuo, attended “Fall into the Net” together: “I learned to do what in the past I was given already ready,” she said

world. We were afforded a better future,

Bandeiras concessionaire and of the

a new path,” said 45-year-old student

Itatiba City Hall, through the Social Action,

Rosana Simon Halasz. Dividing her routine

Employment and Income Department,

between taking care of cattle and making

delivered diplomas to the 97 students

handicraft items, she says she will use her

enrolled in the first “Fall into the Net”

new knowledge in her business. Retired

digital inclusion program classes held in

driver Waldemar Plácido, who is 77 years

Itatiba, São Paulo, on December 11, 2012.

old, had never used the computer and got

Commenced in may 2012, in partnership with local governments, the “Fall into the Net” program has ten

a daughter after the course. “I want to learn even more,” he said. To the Mayor of Itatiba, John Fattori,

classrooms in Itatiba, Igaratá, and Conchal

the course is a victory for both the

and has already benefited 497 people.

students and for the city. “I want to

In 2012, the company completed the

congratulate those who overcame

construction of another 15 classrooms in

their own limits and came in pursuit

the municipalities of Atibaia, Bom Jesus

of learning,” he said. In five years, the

dos Perdões, Artur Nogueira, Conchal, and

“Fall into the Net” program foresees 150


classrooms equipped with 1600 computers

Residents of the Afonso Zupardo

will be opened and training provided to

Residential Center, of Jardim do Engenho,

300 teachers and 36,000 students in the

of the João Corradini Residential Center,

17 Dom Pedro Corridor municipalities. “For

and of the Tapera Grande community were

2013, the challenge will be to extend the

benefited in Itatiba. “We live off of the

service to people with special needs,” says

land and thanks to Rota das Bandeiras we

Social Responsibility manager, Adherbal

have now been introduced to the digital

Vieira da Silva.


people Fast


Vision for 2020; Clarice Romariz, who

Óleo & Gás (OOG) undertook the

described her career at Odebrecht

Introduction to the Culture Program

focusing on the characteristics and

for members of Local Offices in Rio

competencies of the Odebrecht Partner;

de Janeiro. The goal was to integrate

Emile Machado, who presented the

and acculturate the professionals and

PAAJ Cycle (Planning, Monitoring,

introduce and reinforce the principles,

Assessment, and Judgment), and

concepts, and criteria of the Odebrecht

Fabiano Sales and Elizeu Leonardo, who

Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).

debated the main issues concerning the

The event was opened by Executive Vice President Roberto Simões and

organization and culture. “The meeting was an excellent

by the CEO of UN-Integrated Services,

opportunity to get to know the history

Jorge Mitidieri, who underpinned the

of the Organization, to interact with

importance of the TEO practice. The

colleagues, and gain knowledge about

agenda also included the participation

the Oil & Gas business and about

of leaders such as Paul Boscoli, who

the nature and competence of the

presented the Organization and the

Odebrecht Partner,” remarked Jocelina Valle, from OOG’s administrative area. To Fernanda Brandão, from People and Organization, the highlight was the participation of the leaders, who have dedicated time and experience to contribute to the success of the event. “The leaders’ involvement was crucial, not only to build and complete the program, but also and above all to reinforce the importance of the


program also aims to contribute to

building and shaping the new members’ professional development

Pedagogy of Presence, vital in the members’ acculturation process,” she emphasized.



meeting was attended by



22 Angola

members of the

contracts underway in

On December 8, 2012, Odebrecht Angola brought together those responsible for Sustainability under its contracts for a meeting that discussed Socioenvironmental Indicators (ISAM) in Engineering and Construction. The goal was to align the new indicators conceptually, qualifying the company to systematically monitor the businesses’ environmental aspects. More than 30 members of 22 active contracts in Angola took part in the meeting and were able to get answers to their questions on the new indicator format. The discussions resulted in the creation of several actions and recommendations for the teams. “The meeting on the new ISAM was a moment of clarification and reinforcement of the understanding concerning the importance of this document to the company, which, if detailed and reliable, records both the progress that has been made and the opportunities for improvement in the socioenvironmental context,” says Cláudia Dias, the Sustainability Manager for the Jamba project. ISAM is source of information that qualifies the company among customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. “These meetings keep us united and assist us in sharing the best practices in our contracts. Integration is necessary, because this allows us to contribute to the mastery of sustainable skills and practices, which are requirements for us to perform competitively,” explained Sustainability Director Felipe Cruz.


people Fast


The Forum

divulged the system’s best practices,

introduced new technologies and trends, and discussed not only how they can be applied, but also the use of resources that are already available

In place at Odebrecht since 2007, the monitoring system provides electronic information on equipment to the contracts with a view to potentialize production, decrease maintenance costs, minimize environmental impacts, and increase operational safety. Aiming to strengthen these processes, the first Odebrecht Monitoring Forum was held on December 3, 2012 at Functional Equipment Support AFEq, in São Paulo – where the team in charge of system maintenance and development is located. The event was attended by members from Angola, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela with ties to the monitoring area.


NATIONAL COMMITMENT OF THE SANTO ANTÔNIO HPP On December 6, 2012, the Santo Antonio Civil Consortium (CSAC) and Odebrecht Montagem installed a Worker Commission

State of Rondônia (STICCERO) and join three company representatives. Contract Director Délio Galvão stated that

for trade union representation at the

the Commission’s appointment is part of the

Santo Antônio Hydropower Plant (HPP)

company’s commitment to bring dignity and

construction site, an Odebrecht Energy

improved quality of life to society. “The work

investment. The members’ appointment is

done by this Committee will contribute to

part of the National Commitment to Improve more responsive, close communications with Working Conditions in the Construction Industry, signed last November in an event

the members,” he said. The swearing-in ceremony brought

attended by the Minister of Labor and

together hundreds of members, leader

Employment, Brizola Neto.

teams, the Special Adviser for the

The Commission consists of seven

Secretary General of the Presidency of

members holding positions such as carpenter, the Republic, Jose Lopes Feijó, Ministry concrete vibrator operator, mechanic, and

of Labor and Employment representative

technical and administrative assistant. The

Serafim Silva Neto, and representatives of

workers’ representatives are chosen by the


Construction Industry Workers Union of the

The Workers Committee is headed by a woman for the first time


people Fast


is theoretical, participants

demand for cargo handling

discuss the concepts and

operation draftsmen and

criteria necessary to plan cargo

planners, Functional Equipment

handling operations, pinpointing

Support - AFEq has developed

the risks and controls. In the

a program to train such

second, members develop


planning exercises that involve

The training’s target audience real situations and present the includes engineers, technicians, work done remotely. In the third, and supervisors who work or

talks with professionals working

intend to work with rigging

in the area and practical lifting

planning and it consists of three exercises are carried out to phases.

answer all questions.

During the first stage, which


the end of the program, participants

undertake a final activity and visit the works of the


Corinthians Arena,


SĂŁo Paulo

MOZAMBIQUE FOR HEALTH To celebrate the World Hearing

“The watchword is prevention. Let’s

Day, on November 10, the Moatize

preserve our lives, our greatest

Expansion Project – a Vale work


carried out by Odebrecht in

Last December 1, Moatize

Mozambique - promoted preventive

Expansion Project workers took

actions in its service fronts during

part in the World Aids Day walk.

the week of November 19 to 23, 2012.

Odebrecht was present through its

Led by speech therapist Lucienne

+Saúde (More Health) program.

Corrêa, the activities provided information on hearing health to about 800 members. During the week of November 26 to 30 of last year, the project organized initiatives and meetings to address the World Aids Day, celebrated on December 1st, aiming to sensitize the participants on the transmission, treatment, care, and prevention of the virus. “According to United Nations (UN) data, 1.7 million people died of HIV/ Aids and 2.5 million people were infected by the virus in 2011. HIV is a global public health issue,” said Dr. Alexandre Cala. Contract Director Paulo Brito also left his message:


hearing health




well is good”

prevention campaigns were

carried out last





people Fast

SAFETY: TARGETS ACHIEVED IN MANDURIACU The Manduriacu Hydroelectric Plant Project works, executed by

encourages training and

Odebrecht in Ecuador, reached

awareness on issues such as

the milestone of 100,000 man-

labor and environmental quality

hours worked without time loss

of life, the goal is to attain a


positive indicator not only for

The outcome of the work done under the Integrated


Manduriacu hydroelectric plant, 60 MW, got underway in February 2012, on the Guayllabamba River, between the provinces of Pichincha and Imbabura construction of the

with an installed capacity of


Sustainability Program, which

the customer, but also for CELEC Enernorte and for Odebrecht.

LEADERSHIP IN THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE IN HSE As part of the company’s strategy

Accident” target. Paulo Brito added: “We

to achieve excellence in Health, Safety,

must show our level of commitment,

and Environment (HSE), the leaders of

reaffirm our values, and revitalize the

Odebrecht in Mozambique met for the

HSE procedures and management

Sensitizing and Training Seminar, which

tools.” The seminar also addressed

was held at the Moatize Expansion

the identification and correction of

Project on December 11, 2012.

deviations, in addition to the involvement

Attending were Miguel Peres, CEO in

of both leaders and led in accident

the country; Contract Directors Paulo

prevention. “We must lead, on a daily

Brito, of Moatize Expansion, and Nuno

basis, to multiply the HSE culture and

Teixeira, of the Nacala International

cause each member to realize their

Airport Project; Carlos Bueno, Director

role in creating a safe, healthy working

for New Business; Bruno Malaguti,

environment,” explained Adauto Martinez.

Responsible for People and Organization,

Osvaldo Adachi, the Senior Leader

and Francisco Sawaguthi, Responsible for

for Construction at Vale, stressed

Sustainability in Angola.

the importance of the seminar: “The

Adauto Milanez opened the event

indicators prove the commitment of both

and pointed out the goal of the

Odebrecht and of its leaders with HSE

seminar: “It is an opportunity to align


practices, learning and improvements, to reinforce people’s training, bring discipline for compliance with standards and procedures, and to implement the Behavioral Dialog tool, adding value to our business,” he said. Miguel Peres stressed the importance of visibility for the HSE Management System in order to show customers

The Sensitizing


Training Workshop will 2013

continue throughout the first half of

with the participation of middle leaders

Odebrecht’s efforts to reach the “Zero


people Fast

WORKPLACE SAFETY IN FOCUS Founded in 2009 to advance integration

anticipating events, interacting with other

among people of different Organization

leaders and teams and, above all, acting as

areas and to record and disseminate the

educators. At the end of the first day of the

learning acquired in the Sustainability area,

event, Sustainability Director Sérgio Leão

the Sustainability Knowledge Community

presented the Organization’s current Safety

held another meeting, on November 8 and


9, in Guarulhos. This time, the event brought

Group debates were held and internal

together the members of the Work Safety

project case studies made in different

Theme Group, as this was the central issue

countries were presented throughout the

of the meeting.

event. Participants were also able to enhance

Held at the Cesar Park Hotel, the

their knowledge in the area through lectures

event was kicked off by the then head of

made by external guests, who addressed

the theme group, Antonio Gaspar. Then,

topics such as the Improvement Program in

in his address Luis Antonio Mameri,

Work Safety and Environment Engineering

Odebrecht América Latina business leader

(PAE-STMA), Vision and Perspectives on

recalled the corporate role played by the

Workplace Safety in Petrobras Projects,

Occupational Safety leaders, which, he

Position of Workplace Safety in Brazil, and

said, should have a proactive posture,

Ministry of Labor and Employment Vision and Strategies to Promote and Inspect Workplace Safety at Major Infrastructure Works in Brazil. At the end of the event, Romero Carvalho, responsible for Sustainability at DS NE/ CO/CSN, was elected the new leader of the Workplace Safety Theme Group. All meeting presentations and videos are available on


the Community page in the Corporate Portal. gathering was attended by

members of nine nationalities


Click here to access it.

Learn more about the history of the Odebrecht Organization, which began in the mid-19th century. Over the decades, a small company grew, consolidated its place in Brazil and also expanded into five continents. Embark on a journey through time. Visit the Odebrecht Cultural Center website:


social actions Fast


A Mutual Aid Plan for Emergencies (Pame), conceived to respond to incidents taking place at the institutions in the Pontal do Paranapanema region, in São Paulo, was made formal on December 11, 2012. The Pame takes action in emergencies, when the help of several institutions is needed, and it uses infrastructure belonging to all participants. In the event of a fire, tanker trucks used in ETH Bioenergia’s agricultural areas may be used, for example, together with the Fire Department workforce. This provides more safety and agility in reaching solutions. The meeting in which the committee was established was held at ETH’s Conquista do Pontal Unit. The region is also home to the Alcídia Unit, which comprises the company’s São Paulo Hub. The meeting was attended by all plan members, including those responsible for Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) at the São Paulo Hub, in addition to representatives from the Sandovalina Umoe Bioenergy plant, from the Cocal de Narandiba plant, from the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), from the Morro do Diabo State Park administration, from the Pontal do Paranapanema Fire Department, from the Environmental Police, and from the Teodoro Sampaio hospital. To Talita Nascimento de Menezes, from the São Paulo Hub’s HSE area, the plan’s formalization represents the “joining of forces” among its participants. «We now have regular training and drills, providing knowledge on how all of the Pame members perform, and faster responses to incidents,» she explained.


participants together:

The plan will start January 2013 and is supported of Bioenergy Producers (Udop)

operating from by the



THE FIRST YEAR OF THE EDUCATION ROUTE Students of the Giácomo Corte Municipal School, in Conchal, prepared


book with drawings and collage showing all of the lessons they learned

“We need to wear seat belts, stop for red lights, and be very attentive.” The tip is from 7-year-old Felipe Gabriel Magalhães, a student at the Maria de Lourdes Negri de Oliveira Elementary School, in Jarinu, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. The school is one of the institutions that received the Education Route project, conceived by the Rota das Bandeiras Concessionaire to educate drivers and more conscientious pedestrians. In its first year, in 2012, the Education Route program reached 22 schools in seven cities in the Dom Pedro Corridor, serving a total of 1088 students. For 2013, the program is expected to be taken to another 10 cities in the corridor. Three schools prepared tributes to the concessionaire to end the school year. In Jarinu, the children presented choreography with important tips on crossing the street. “The partnership with Rota das Bandeiras made a great contribution to their own safety, in addition to making parent drivers more conscientious,” emphasized the city›s educational coordinator, Alessandra Busch Pelicer. In one of the its shows, the Mogi Guaçu Nova Comunitária FM (New Community FM) radio station interviewed 17 children from the Geraldo Sorg Municipal School on traffic safety.


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