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10 Years of the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home: Training for Life / no. 288 / august 2012


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A participant of the Línea Uno Consortium, responsible for building Line 1 of the Panama subway, Odebrecht América Latina helped develop the financial structuring to make the project feasible through a new type of guarantee.



Odebrecht Oil and Gas promoted a baptism ceremony in Singapore for the City of Itajaí FPSO, the company’s first floating oil production unit: it marked the start of OOG’s operations in the market of chartering and the operation of units in Brazil.

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Learn more about the 10-year history of the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home, which is part of the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation.



With the participation of over 100 Members, the Technical Mission of the Dam and Plant Knowledgeable Community was held at one of the largest hydroelectric power plants being built by Odebrecht: the Santo Antônio HPP in Rondônia.



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Odebrecht Supports Development of New Financing Structures A participant of the Línea

year, the agency issued

Uno Consortium, responsible a guarantee of US$ 320 for building Line 1 of the

million, with a 12-year

Panama subway, Odebrecht

term, which made the US$

América Latina also helped

250-million loan possible,

develop the financial

granted by Citibank, and

structuring to make the

which also covers the

project feasible. Through

financing interest. Citibank

a new type of guarantee,

is the leading bank in the

the Multilateral Investment

operation, which also has

Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

the participation of Bank

– the entity dedicated to

of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and

sovereign risk insurance

Mizuho Corporate Bank.

belonging to the World Bank group – is supporting the

guarantee structures that

Panamanian Government’s

make long term financing

efforts to finance the largest

operations possible is

urban transport project in

crucial for us to better

the country’s capital.

serve our clients,” said

On June 30 of this


“The development of new

Vinício Fonseca, responsible / no. 288 / august 2012

The construction work for the Panama Subway Line 1 began in April of 2011 and will receive investments of US$ 1.6 billion

for Structured Financing at Odebrecht América Latina. “We are honored to contribute, together with Citibank and MIGA, toward this pioneering project in Panama,” said Fonseca. The new financial structuring is considered first-of-its-kind for projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. “It is the first time that MIGA has issued a guarantee of this type for a project in Latin America, which represents yet another alternative for making new investments possible, both from clients as well as Odebrecht itself,” revealed Fonseca. According to him, the process began in March 2011 and MIGA examined several points for issuing the guarantee, such as the project’s social-economic and environmental benefits for Panama. “The agency also analyzed the engineering and construction methodology, attesting to Odebrecht’s / no. 288 / august 2012


> FINANCIAL STRUCTURING capacity for completing subway construction projects,” he said. Izumi Kobayashi, Vice President of MIGA, stated that the priority is for the agency to cooperate with projects that have large and complex infrastructure. “We are very pleased to be able to support a development that will serve residents and tourists in Panama, contributing toward a more sustainable environment,” said Kobayashi. Line 1 of the Panamanian subway is considered the government’s most important project after the expansion of the Inter-Oceanic Channel and will allow for a more sustainable transport system for the country’s capital. Extending 13.7 km and with 13 stations, the line will cover the NorthSouth axis of the city and will serve an estimated 15,000 passengers per hour, with estimated travel time of 23 minutes.

6 / no. 288 / august 2012

The LĂ­nea Uno Consortium is formed by Odebrecht AmĂŠrica Latina and by the Spanish company FCC (Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas) / no. 288 / august 2012



The Baptism of the First OOG FPSO

8 / no. 288 / august 2012

The City of ItajaĂ­ FPSO has the capacity to produce 80,000 barrels of oil per day and will operate in a water depth of 270 to 1,000 meters

On July 21, Odebrecht

Cidade de Itajaí FPSO,

been developing the

Oil and Gas (OOG)

Liss Marian Myklebostad,

concept of Integrated

promoted a baptism

wife of Arvid Skaar,

Operations Management,

ceremony in Singapore

Project Manager, broke

designed to boost

for the City of Itajaí FPSO

the traditional bottle of

operational safety and

(Floating Production

champagne on the ship’s

efficiency and reduce

Storage and Offloading),

hull to bless the vessel

costs,” explained Lemos.

the company’s first

and its crew.

According to him, 95% of

floating oil production

The Cidade de Itajaí

the crew members have

unit. The ceremony

FPSO is set to depart still

already been contracted.

marked the start of OOG’s

in August, with estimated

operations in the market

arrival to Brazil in October

has the capacity to

of chartering and the

of this year. The unit will

produce 80,000 barrels

operation of these units

operate in the Southern

of oil per day and will

in Brazil.

portion of Santos Basin,

operate in a water depth

located along São Paulo’s

of 270 meters. The vessel

presence of Members of

coast near the coast of

is also prepared to work

Teekay Petrojarl and OOG

Santa Catarina, in the

in a water depth of up to

– which together form

Baúna and Piracabas

1,000 meters.

the joint venture that


The event included the

will operate the unit – as

The City of Itajaí FPSO

Lemos stated that, for

For the operation, the

Petrobras, City of Itajaí is

well as representatives

joint venture structured

a FPSO of opportunity:

of Petrobras and the

a base in Itajaí which,

“If for some reason the

shipyard Jurong,

in addition to other

production in the fields

responsible for building

activities, will support

of Baúna and Piracaba

the FPSO.

the logistics of materials

is reduced, the unit can

and people for boarding.

easily be transferred to

of a ship or platform

According to Rodrigo

another site,” he said.

is one of the most

Lemos, FPSO Contract

“Considering the latest

emblematic moments

Director in Brazil, the

information on the

of its construction.

idea is to build a closer

reserves in these fields

On the occasion, the

relationship with the

and the nearby ones, it is

“godmother” of the

client. “Petrobras has

estimated that the unit

The baptism ceremony / no. 288 / august 2012



Members of Teekay Petrojarl and OOG and representatives of Petrobras and the Jurong shipyard take part in the baptism ceremony – considered one of the most emblematic moments in the unit’s construction

10 / no. 288 / august 2012

will remain in the region during the entire contract term, which is nine years, and renewable for six more.” The Contract Director also emphasized the Members’ work on the project, from winning the bidding to the baptism ceremony. “We will end the conversion of City of Itajaí on a high note with a major emphasis on Health, Environment and Safety. I would like to thank all of those involved for their dedication, from the financing to the conversion and finally, the baptism.” He further stated: “We need to maintain the focus and pace of the work to guarantee that the unit can leave the shipyard without any pending issues and ensure that it is approved to begin operating as quickly as possible after its arrival to Brazil.” / no. 288 / august 2012



Gove Hydroelectric Power Plant Facility in Angola Generates Energy The Gove Hydroelectric Power Plant Facility,

the Gove facility has the capacity to generate

developed by Odebrecht Angola in the Province

60 MW and consists of three turbines that can

of Huambo, is generating energy. With the start

generate 20 MW each. The project is set to

of operation of three turbines during the month

be completed in August. It is estimated that

of July, approximately 500,000 people are being

the hydroelectric power plant will benefit


3.4 million inhabitants from the Provinces of

Located 112 km from the city of Huambo,

Huambo and BiĂŠ.

The supply of electric energy will also contribute toward the industrial and agricultural development of the regions of Huambo and BiĂŠ

12 / no. 288 / august 2012

Rota das Bandeiras Starts Second Phase of SP-360 Duplication Work

The second phase of the duplication should be delivered during the first half of 2013

The Rota das Bandeiras Concessionaire – an

includes resources of R$ 98.4 million to duplicate

Odebrecht TransPort company responsible for

the SP-360, which will receive a series of

the administration of the Dom Pedro Corridor in

improvements designed to enhance users’ comfort

rural São Paulo – began the second phase of the

and safety, such as the complete remodeling of

duplication work on the Engenheiro Constâncio

the circulation within the Louveira Clover and the

Cintra (SP-360) Highway, which connects Itatiba

construction of a lower passageway at Km 70.1, as

to Jundiaí. The project is advancing to the stretch

well as a walkway at Km 72.1 of the highway.

between Kms 68 and 70 and also includes the remodeling of the Caxambu Clover. During the first phase, delivered in March of this

Along the stretch between Km 68 and Km 70, the construction work began with earth leveling services. After preparing the terrain, a drainage

year, the concessionaire duplicated 1.8 km of lanes,

system will be installed, and then the paving of the

between Km 81+500 and KM 83+300, the urban

new lane will begin. Finally, a sign system will be

stretch of Itatiba. In addition to the construction of

installed for the site, with plaques and painting of

a new stretch, the project included the creation of a

the ground. On the Caxambu Clover, a second team

bicycle lane and the reformulation of the sidewalks

works to build two new access viaducts that will

for pedestrians.

facilitate access from Jundaí to the neighborhood

The Rota das Bandeiras investment plan

of Caxambu. / no. 288 / august 2012



Dom Pedro Corridor Shows Drop in Number of Accidents Involving Motorcycles In rural São Paulo, the number of accidents involving motorcyclists along the Dom Pedro Corridor dropped 12.8%

of services offered free of charge to the motorcyclists. The participants were able to perform

during the first half of 2012, compared

a complete inspection of their machines.

to the same period last year. According

The safety items checked included the

to the survey conducted by the Rota das

operation of the back and front brakes and

Bandeiras Concessionaire, a total of 252

lights, as well as the motor oil.

incidents were recorded during the first

“Rota das Bandeiras has constantly

six months of this year, compared to 289 in

undertaken awareness raising campaigns,


because it believes that they are important

To help reduce the rate even further,

for achieving a significant reduction in

Rota das Bandeiras took advantage of

accidents,” said Adherbal Vieira da Silva,

Motorcyclist Day on July 27 to promote

responsible for Social Responsibility at the

a new edition of “Smart Stop.” The event

concessionaire. “The drop in the number

occurred in Paulínia, on July 26 and 27,

of incidents involving motorcyclists

at Km 132 of the Professor Zeferino Vaz

reinforces our conviction of believing in

Highway (SP-332), and featured a series

the users of our roads,” said Silva.

Motorcyclists participate in “Smart Stop,” perform inspections on their means of transport and receive information for reducing the risks of accidents

14 / no. 288 / august 2012

Venezuelan President Visits Puerto La Cruz Refinery Construction Work

The Venezuela Minister of Energy and Mines, Rafael Ramírez, shows President Hugo Cháves the advances made preparing the terrain for expansion of the refinery

The President of the Bolivarian Republic

With investments of US$ 5 billion, the

of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, inspected the

refinery will have the capacity to process

expansion of the areas of the Puerto La Cruz

210,000 barrels of crude and extra-heavy

Refinery, belonging to PDVSA, in the state of

oil per day. The Processing Center will be

Anzoátegui, where the Converpro Consortium,

inaugurated in 2015. “This is a modern refinery;

in which Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial

a new refinery in expansion,” said President

participates, is currently preparing the terrain.

Hugo Chávez. / no. 288 / august 2012



Brazilian Captain of the 1970 World Cup Participates in “Breakfast with the Leader” at Maracanã Pleasant conversation


brimming with the memories

“Capita,” as he became

for all that he represented for Brazilian soccer.” Paulo Falcão, Contract

of important moments in

known after the victory of the

the history of soccer in Brazil,

global three-time championship

Director, summarized the fifth

and primarily the 1970 World

in 1970, remembered his career

edition of “Breakfast with the

Cup. This is how former player

in soccer, from his time at the

Leader:”“Carlos Alberto Torres

Carlos Alberto Torres marked

Santos Soccer Club to the

is an example to be followed.

his presence during “Breakfast

Brazilian National Team. Carlos

The meeting fulfilled the

with the Leader” on July 13

Alberto drew a name for a

objective of strengthening

at the site for the Maracanã

jersey from the 1970 World Cup

our relationship with the

Stadium remodeling work.

among the 15 Members who

workers.” For Wilson Busanello,

The meeting involved the

participated in the meeting. The

Administrative and Financial

participation of Members and

winner was bricklayer Francisco

Manager, the initiative has

leaders from the Maracanã Rio

José dos Santos Souza: “I was

presented good results.

2014 Consortium (Odebrecht

thrilled to win the jersey,” he

“Each team has a different

Infraestrutura and Andrade

said. “I really like the captain

opportunity and presents new ideas, promoting improvements that have had a positive effect on the daily routine at the construction site,” he said. Carlos Alberto Torres ended his participation with a message for Members. “Myself, Zico, Zagallo and Dinamite have already made history at Maracanã. Now, you are the ones making history. Good luck!,” he ended, referring to the presence of the former players who had already participated in previous

Carlos Alberto Torres, also known as “Capita,” delivers the 1970 Brazilian Team jersey to bricklayer Francisco José dos Santos Souza

16 / no. 288 / august 2012

editions of the event.

Coach Becomes Member for a Day at Corinthians Arena The coach of the São Paulo

satisfaction that I do this work

the construction site “whenever

Corinthians Sports Club, better

with you,” he said to the workers.


known as Tite, fulfilled a promise

“I had already tried to do this once

that he had made in March

at my home, but I got it wrong,

the Corinthians Arena is 45.17%

of this year: if the team won

since I put too much water in

completed and should be

the “Liberators of America”

the mortar. Now I learned how

finalized in December 2013. There

Cup, he would work for a day

to do it right,” said the coach

are currently 2,200 Members

on the Corinthians Arena

jokingly, promising to return to

working on the project.

The construction work for

construction project, currently being undertaken by Odebrecht Infraestrutura, in São Paulo’s Eastern Zone. After the team won its first championship title on July 27, Tite went to the construction site of the arena that will host the 2014 World Cup, wore the same blue uniform as the Members, and put on his boots and helmet. Before beginning his work at the construction site, the soccer

Observed by workers and the press, Tite helps assemble one of the walls of the East building grandstand

coach visited a group of youth, children of the workers, who were participating in the program “A Day of Leisure with My Child at Odebrecht.” He was warmly received by the children, gave autographs and posed for photos. Tite then went to the grandstands of the East building and helped Members place bricks on a wall that will be erected at the site. “It is with much pride and

The Corinthians coach also visited the children of Members who participated in the construction site tour program during the school vacation in July / no. 288 / august 2012



Folha de S. Paulo Trainees Tour Sports Projects in Rio de Janeiro A sponsor of the Training Program for the

Odebrecht TransPort’s work on SuperVia,

newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, Odebrecht took

responsible for the Rio de Janeiro train lines,

the 11 trainees from the 53rd group to visit

when they visited the Operational Control

the construction work being undertaken in

Center and traveled on the company’s trains

Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup and

and on the Complexo do Alemão Cable Car. The

2016 Olympic Games, in which Odebrecht

group also toured the tourism projects for the

Infraestrutura is participating. The visit took

city, such as the Museum of Tomorrow and the

place on July 22 and 23 at the construction

Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art (MAR), and also

site for Maravilha Port, the city’s port region

learned a bit about the municipality’s history at

remodeling project, and Maracanã Stadium, at

the archeological site of the Valongo Docks –

the end of the 2014 World Cup.

the world’s largest slave trading market during

The youth also had the opportunity to see

Brazil’s Colonial Period.

Igor Lamy, responsible for Communication at the Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium, receives the youth at the construction site for the Maracanã remodeling work, the site for the 2014 World Cup games and closing ceremony for the event

18 / no. 288 / august 2012

Embraport Gathers 300 Children for the Enjoying the Vacation Program

The initiative received the support of the Aquário de Santos team, which took replicas of the species that live in the region’s swamplands to address environmental preservation

From July 10-13, more than 300 children

began the visit at 7:00 a.m. with breakfast at the

ages 7 to 14, children of Members, were at the

cafeteria. The group then went on a boat tour

construction site of the Embraport Project,

around Barnabé Island and a bus tour to see

currently being undertaken by Odebrecht

the construction of Brazil’s largest multiuse port

Infraestrutura in Santos, located in São Paulo’s

terminal. After a lunch held together with the

coastal region, for the second edition of Enjoying

parents, the youth took part in art workshops,

the Vacation Program at Odebrecht.

made kites and also learned about growing

Accompanied by their parents, the children

small vegetable gardens. / no. 288 / august 2012



Training for Life Prompted by the hunger


education adapted to the

“At the Home, I found the

for knowledge, Rosimare

rural reality. Daughter of

opportunity I needed. I

dos Santos, age 17, joined

rural producers, the young

wouldn’t like to have to

the Presidente Tancredo

woman wanted to develop

leave my region in search

Neves Rural Family Home

her skills in agriculture.

of work like my brother and

(CFR-PTN) last year. Located

“My life began to change,”

cousins did,” she said.

in the Bahia Southern

said Santos, a resident of

Lowlands, the teaching

Beira Rio, located in the

week as an intern at the

unit offers professional

municipality of Teolândia.

teaching unit, learning / no. 288 / august 2012

Santos works for one

During the three years of the course, the youth learn about a range of different crops, spending one week at the unit and two on their properties to apply the knowledge acquired

works; when we work with

included in the training.

technique, things change,”

“Here, we are all formers of

she said. “It was not easy

new cultures,” she said. With

to get my dad to plant

her dreams coming true,

differently, since he has

Santos is already planning

been a farmer for a long

her future: “I want to study

time. I convinced him with

Agronomy and then return

my results.”

to the rural region with

In addition to sharing the learning with her family, the youth also takes it

more knowledge to offer my community.” Stories like Santos’ have

to her neighbors during

marked the history of CFR-

the seminars held in the

PTN, which has sought

community, an activity

to contribute toward the Santos began her training at the Family Home in 2011: “When we work with technique, agriculture works.”

in both the classroom and on the field, and another two weeks on her property, applying the new knowledge acquired. The methodology is called Trade-Off Teaching and the training lasts for three years. “I see that agriculture / no. 288 / august 2012


> ODEBRECHT FOUNDATION development of young rural entrepreneurs for the past 10 years. The first steps were taken on August 2, 2002, when rural community associations from the municipality of Presidente Tancredo Neves mobilized to create the Rural Family Home Association. “The seed was planted with the hope that the children of the farmers, driven by their desire to

Balbino dos Santos, a member of COOPATAN, and his children, students of CFR-PTN, on their property: the cooperative and Family Home are part of PDCIS, which is supported by the Odebrecht Foundation

stay in their native land, would organize to fight for quality education that met their needs and that of the globalized world,

(PDCIS), supported by the

in Business Administration

valuing rural knowledge,”

Odebrecht Foundation.

and is responsible for the

João Neto, age 25, was a

said Juscelino Macedo,


COOPATAN Sales Sector,

Leader of the Manioc Root

student of the first group.

besides his own activities

Strategic Cooperative

He began the course in

as a farmer. “I am a rural

Alliance. In addition to

2003 and learned about

entrepreneur,” said Neto.

CFR-PTN, the alliance also

rural administration,

“I want to maintain my

includes the Presidente

cooperativism, soil

connection with the rural

Tancredo Neves Rural

management, irrigation,

region and always seek out

Producers’ Cooperative

drainage, as well as several

new knowledge, since we

(COOPATAN). Both are part

different cultivation

can never learn enough,” he

of the Bahia Southern

methods – techniques


Lowlands Environmental

that helped him develop

Protection Area Mosaic

his crops without

the Family Home brought

Program for Development

environmental impacts.

discipline and a vision of

and Growth Integrated

He is currently completing

the future. The resident of

with Sustainability

the university-level course

the community of Gendiba / no. 288 / august 2012

For Lucas Santos, age 20,

support of the program


“Tribute to the Future” –

In 2009, CFR-PTN was

which supports initiatives

authorized by the State

certified by the Odebrecht

Board of Education to

Foundation through income

administer the technical

tax-deductible donations

high school course,

by the Organization’s

becoming the first entity


with this type of approval

Santos joined

in Brazil’s North/Northeast

COOPATAN and the result

region. Previously,

from the cultivation,

those who completed

together with all of the

the training received a

family’s production,

professional qualification

will be delivered to the

certificate. “The Home

cooperative. “The price

guarantees access to

is higher and it is fixed,”

formal and professional

he explained. “It’s not

education, important for

like when we sold to

the development of young

I, in Presidente Tancredo

middlemen, with a different

farmers so that they can

Neves, is completing the

value every day. We only

act as citizens and as rural

technical high school

receive the benefits, said

entrepreneurs committed to

course in Agriculture. “With

Santos, who is one of

sustainability,” said Osvaldo

the orientation I found at

the 65 youth from CFR-

Barreto, Bahia’s Secretary of

the Home, I started up my

PTN who are also part of


own banana cultivation

COOPATAN. “For the past


10 years, the Family Home

history of CFR-PTN,

project,” said Santos. “I am

has been working together

Rosimare Santos, João

already harvesting and I

with the cooperative,

Neto and Lucas Santos

plan to buy a piece of land

offering education focused

are a few of the 250

with my earnings so that I

on the reality of the rural

rural entrepreneurs

can expand my plantation,”

region and on improving

that completed or are

he said.

the income earned,” said

completing the training

Juscelino Macedo. “We

offered by the teaching

implementing Lucas’ project

are promoting significant

unit. “This is a school that

were provided with the

changes in our region,” he

offers great knowledge,

The investments for

During the 10-year / no. 288 / august 2012


> ODEBRECHT FOUNDATION forms youth conscious of

advances,” said José

extension with the Federal

their reality in the rural

Raimundo Ferreira Filho,

University of Recôncavo da

areas and has helped

Agronomic Engineer for

Bahia (UFRB) to undertake

many families believe in

the EMBRAPA Manioc Root

studies with the manioc

agriculture,” said Rosimare

and Fruit Production area,

leaf in order to use it as in


who accompanied the

ingredient in animal feed,

installation of the Family

and with the manipueira – a


Home. “I saw producers

residual liquid generated


and their children gain new

through pressing the


perspectives for the future

shredded manioc root pulp

and quality of life,” he said.

–, which can be used to

Throughout the course of its history, CFR-PTN

There was also the

has worked together with

establishment of a

COOPATAN to establish

cooperation agreement

the inauguration of the

a series of partnerships.

in teaching, research and

Territorial Technological

Whether financial, political or technical, the support has helped improve the teaching unit’s actions. The first of them began to be constructed in August 2003, with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (EMBRAPA). With the support of the Bahia Department of Agriculture, EMBRAPA installed a Demonstrative Field of Technologies for Manioc Root Cultivation. “By educating the youth and introducing new technologies, the agriculture in the region made some important


produce fertilizers. / no. 288 / august 2012

The year 2010 marked

Vocational Center through

Economic and Social

the youths’ properties.

an agreement with the

Development Bank (BNDES)

“Our partnership makes it

Bahia Department of

are also contributing

possible to re-apply PAIS

Science, Technology and

toward the initiative. “It

in the Southern Lowlands.

Innovation, which invested

is a winning partnership,”

“There will be more than

R$ 329,000. The project is

explained Ângelo Fuchs,

180 units installed in

allowing for the diffusion

Head of the Solidary

the region and 25 units

of scientific knowledge and

Economy Department at

in Presidente Tancredo

improvement of the manioc

BNDES. “What impresses us

Neves,” said Jorge Streit,

cultivation through an

is this complete integration

President of the Banco do

analysis of the plant fibers,

and strategic alignment for

Brasil Foundation. “Besides

water and soil.

production inclusion,” said

promoting sustainable


agriculture that does not

Financial institutions such as Banco do Brasil and the Brazilian National

Fernanda Silva was a student of the institution’s first group and is currently Production and Technological Innovation Director at the Family Home

“For Banco do Brasil, it

harm the environment,

is a great pleasure to see

this social technology also

that we are able to promote

guarantees high quality

social transformation,”

food and the generation of

said Armando Soares,

income,” said Streit.

Sustainable Development

In 2012, the Mitsubishi

and Family Farming

Corporation extended its

Manager at Banco do Brasil

support to PDCIS and plans

in Bahia. “Family farming is

to invest US$ 1.8 million

feasible, strong and it ‘feeds’ over the next three years Brazil,” said Soares.

in three family homes

The Banco do Brasil

in the Bahia Southern

Foundation made it

Lowlands. One of these

possible to acquire the

is CFR-PTN. “The projects

agricultural equipment, and

are important for Brazilian

in 2011, it offered the social

society and perform their

technology called PAIS -

function efficiently,” said

Integrated and Sustainable

Minoru Akita, General

Agro-Ecological Production,

Manager of Corporate

installed at the Home’s

Social Responsibility in

head office, and which is

Japan for Mitsubishi. “The

gradually being taken to

resources will be used to / no. 288 / august 2012


> ODEBRECHT FOUNDATION fund the training of new


rural entrepreneurs,” he said.

the involvement of the

“The youth, which are the

to lead a project that I

families made a difference.

new generation, are learning

helped build,” said Fernanda

As the years went by, we

with hopes and dreams,” said

Silva, the Production and

only realized that this

Kana Hasegawa, responsible

Technological Innovation

was a victorious initiative,

for Corporate Social

Director of the Home, who

one consolidated when

Responsibility in Brazil for

was also a student of the

we obtained, in 2009, the


teaching unit’s first group

State Board of Education’s

who graduated in 2006. “I

authorization to administer

partnerships, CFR-PTN

know that we will reach a

the Professional Technical

receives support from the

future focused on education Education High School

federal, state and municipal

for life, through work and

course in Agriculture,” said

governments, the Municipal

with orientations on values.


Board for the Child and

I still remember our first

Adolescent; National Rural

day of class. Today, after

celebrate 10 years makes

Learning Service (SENAR);

10 years, I continue to help

me very happy,” said Clovis

Brazilian Support Service for

write this story,” said Silva.

Faleiro Jr., responsible

Micro and Small Companies

“My greatest link with

In addition to these recent

“Seeing to Home

for Institutional Relations

(SEBRAE); the bank Caixa

CFR-PTN is not restricted to

at the Odebrecht

Econômica Federal;

its structuring, but rather

Foundation and Executive

Michelin Group; Microsoft;

the possibility for us to

Director of the Home in

Dell and Oi.

consolidate a teaching unit

2005 and 2006. “I was

focused on rural education,”

able to contribute, just


said Joana Almeida,

like so many others,


Educational Advisor for

to strengthening the

14 Members on the

the Odebrecht Foundation,

institution, which became a

who also served as

reference for Brazil. “ There

educational coordinator

is no rural education and

at CFR-PTN from 2003 to

development institution

2007 and still accompanies

in the country that is

the team of educators at

capable of doing what CFR-

the Home. “This was the

PTN does. The institution

dream of many young

became a beautiful

farmers. Making it come

example,” said Faleiro.

teaching staff

150 youth trained in five groups

100 youth trained in three groups

65 students who are cooperative members


“It is extremely gratifying

true was not easy, but / no. 288 / august 2012

Aerial view from the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home: the teaching unit celebrates 10 years in 2012

SHARING EXPERIENCES Since 2006, the Family Home has received participants from the Organization’s and Braskem’s Engineering and Construction Entrepreneur Development Program. Members of Odebrecht and the graduates take to opportunity to discuss the dreams and expectations of those who have such distinct realities and think about the future based on a single culture: Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology. “They leave this meeting as new friends, colleagues with different stories, but with the same ideal: to exercise productive leadership within their contexts and make the world a better place to live,” said Olindina Dominguez, responsible for CIADEN – Knowledge and Information to Support Business Development at Odebrecht. / no. 288 / august 2012



Foz do Brasil Holds Technical Seminar on Water and Effluent Treatment From June 25 to 28, the

Engineering area.

Foz do Brasil Santa Cruz

The seminar addressed the

and Nalco, an Ecolab Group company and the global

industrial unit (TKCSA)

chemical concepts of water

leader in technologies for

promoted at its administrative

and the water and effluent

water treatment, together

headquarters – located at the

treatment unitary operations,

with the support of the People

ThyssenKrupp CSA industrial

presented operational and

and Organization team of Foz

plant in Rio de Janeiro – the

chemical processing practices

do Brasil. “It would not be as

Technical Seminar on Water

for effluent treatment, the

beneficial to hold an event

and Effluent Treatment.

steam generation and cooling

of this size if it were intended

The event involved the

systems and microbiological

solely for the Members of the

participation of Members

control, in addition to

Santa Cruz unit,” said Young

from the sanitation units –

allowing for an exchange

Partner and event coordinator,

Limeira, Porto Ferreira, Rio

of experiences between

Gustavo Almeida Pereira. “It was

Claro and Santa Gertrudes

the company’s different

better to have the participation

–, the industrial units –


of professionals from different

Klabin, TKCSA and VSB –, the

The meeting was held

industrial project COMPERJ

as part of a partnership

Water and the Foz Corporate

between the Santa Cruz unit

scenarios,” he said. For Thalita Lacerda dos Santos, responsible for Water and Sewage at Santa Gertrudes, the opportunity for synergy between the professionals from the industrial and sanitation segments was the highlight: “The seminar was enriching, since it strengthened the theoretical concepts and allowed for contact with different practices and new approaches, common to the

The debates and lectures during the seminar were used to define actions for optimizing processes and boosting the units’ operational safety

28 / no. 288 / august 2012

areas,” said Santos.

OR Earns Reinforcement from Young Professionals from Valença

Ariângelo Pereira during the theoretical classes at Build Better: an opportunity for growth at one of the Odebrecht Organization companies

As a result of the experience at the Build

Engineering and Construction Entrepreneur

Better Professional Training Center, supported

Development Program (PDE), in 2011. On

by the Odebrecht Foundation, Ariângelo

the occasion, Pereira met Paulo Carvalho, the

Pereira and Marcos Brasileiro, both age 22,

project’s Administrative-Financial Manager,

enrolled in the Civil Engineering course at a

who agreed to support him when he

college in Salvador, Bahia, and were allocated

completed his training at Build Better.

to work at Hangar, an Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR) development. “I’m ready to assume a new challenge,

“Everyone needs opportunities for development,” said Carvalho. “This strengthens the virtuous cycle of knowledge, which brings,

which will contribute positively toward the

among other results, the generation of jobs

training received at the center,” said Pereira. “In

and income. This is what is happening now

the end, I’ll return to my region and apply the

for these youth. Ariângelo and Marcos are

knowledge acquired,” he said.

living proof of transformation and inclusion

The opportunity for insertion at OR took

with dignity. I’m happy to be able to be a part

place during the “Social Responsibility and

of this story of overcoming and success,” said

Sustainability” module of the Organization’s

Carvalho. / no. 288 / august 2012



Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial and Engenharia de Projetos Promote Lessons Learned Workshop

Under the orientation of Saulo Vinícius, Managing Director, Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial and Odebrecht Engenharia de Projetos gathered specialists from a range of different disciplines

From June 25-29, Odebrecht Engenharia


The group discussed the Lessons Learned

Industrial held a Lessons Learned workshop

during the past years at the EPC (Engineering,

in São Paulo, involving the participation

Procurement and Construction) developments,

of 27 Members from the Engineering,

as experiences that have repercussions on the

Supply, Civil, Metal Structure, Piping,

next projects and which may help contribute

Equipment, Electrical, Instrumentation and

toward the OEP guidelines. There was the

Commissioning areas of the projects RNEST,

identification of 299 critical points and 244

PAT, POY and PET, PVC-MVC, Butadiene II

suggestions, recommendations and areas

and COMPERJ and Odebrecht Engenharia de

for improvement were recorded, with 30

Projetos (OEP).

immediate actions. / no. 288 / august 2012

Odebrecht Launches Pre-Professional Practices Program in Argentina On July 16, the Pre-Professional Practices

the construction work at CCR-YPF, Aguas

Program was launched at Odebrecht

del Parana, PAC SMS and the Rio Colorado

in Argentina in partnership with three

Consortium, together with Members who

universities from the country: Universidade

shared their daily work routine with the

Nacional del Sur, BahĂ­a Blanca UTN and Salta


Catholic University. A group of 10 students from the Civil

The program will continue with a distance education module, and during the summer

Engineering, Mechanics and Industrial courses

vacation time, the youth can participate as

were selected for the first group. Over a one-

interns in one of the Odebrecht projects in

week period, the university students visited


Young university students from the first group during a visit to the Aguas del Parana Project / no. 288 / august 2012



Línea II Consortium Promotes First Tunnel Construction Professional Training Program With aims of training specialists in the tunnel excavation areas, the Línea II Consortium, in which Odebrecht Venezuela participates, is holding

excavations using NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method) and TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The program consists of two distance

the “Los Teques Tunnel Construction Professional”

modules, with guides, books and videos selected

Training Program for the first time. The initiative is

in the Rail Transport Knowledgeable Community

also designed to disseminate technical knowledge

so that participants take part in the activities

– Education for Work – as well as train new and

online. The group is oriented by other specialist

better entrepreneurs, contributing toward the


Organization’s Survival, Growth and Perpetuity. Started on July 12 with the participation of

Besides this, the professionals will have two onsite meetings, in September and November, with a

28 Members from the Altos Mirandinos Mass

lecture on Sustainability administered by Manager

Transport System project – the Los Teques Subway

José Ricardo Salles Di Siqueira, which will address

– the course covers the theoretical and technical

the importance of Safety, Health and Environment

areas of the methodologies for underground

on the work fronts.

Future new Odebrecht Venezuela “tunnel construction professionals:” the company is participating in the construction of 71.3 km of subway lines in the country

32 / no. 288 / august 2012

Acreditar will Train Yet Another Group of Former Military in Angola

The group of Minister Fernando Fonseca also visited the Acreditar classrooms

The Population Resettlement Program and

In the beginning, the participants complete

Structuring Highways Project, both developed

the Basic Module, which covers the following

by Odebrecht Angola, are currently promoting

areas: Health, Quality, Environment, Safety and

the Continued Professional Qualification

Workplace Psychology. The group will then

Program - Acreditar (Believe) for 80 former

be divided into three groups to complete the

military personnel, with aims of reintegrating

Specific Modules.

them into the job market. The initiative, developed in partnership with

On July 23, the inaugural act for Acreditar took place at the Population Resettlement Program

the Angola Road Institute (INEA) and Ministry of

installations. The event included the presence of

City Planning and Construction (MINUC), offers

the Minister of City Planning and Construction,

courses in the trades of Bricklayer, Heavy Vehicle

Fernando Fonseca, Coordinator of INEA, Manuel

Diver and Motor Grader Operator. This year,

Molares D´Abri, Vice Minister of Social Assistance

Acreditar Angola is repeating the experience

and Re-Insertion, Miguel Ângelo “Vietnam,”

that worked so well in Benguela last year, with

Vice Minister of National Defense, Agostinho

a group of former military personnel from the

Nelumbra “Sanjar,” military authorities and

Province of Kuando Kubango.

Members of Odebrecht Angola. / no. 288 / august 2012



Converpro Consortium: Integration with TEO In order to integrate the professionals from the Converpro Consortium – in which Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial participates – and PDVSA

interaction. “It’s an experience to share our experiences and knowledge,” said Penteado. During the two days of the event, Members

in Venezuela with the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial

participated in lectures and group dynamics

Technology (TEO), the Organization held the

that address the principles, concepts and

Action Program (AP) Construction Seminar,

criteria of TEO and reinforced the Trust

encouraging team work focused on results.

between Leader and the Led. “One of the

During the opening speech, Rafael Gilly,

things that most called attention in the

General Manager of the consortium, and Paulo

seminar content was the importance of

Sá, Operations Manager, commented on the

Trust in the professional relationships,” said

importance of the meeting between the teams

Abelardo Sulbarán, responsible for Direct

that work on the construction projects to prepare

Compensation at PDVSA.

the terrain for the expansion of the Puerto La Cruz

According to Oscar Mata, People and

Refinery, being undertaken by the Venezuelan

Organization Manager at the consortium, the

state-owned company. Francisco Penteado,

PDVSA’s integration with TEO will help contribute

Managing Director of Odebrecht Engenharia

toward the project development. “Applying

Industrial for Central America and the Caribbean,

methodology to our project will add value to the

emphasized the importance of the workers’

development,” said Mata.

Professionals from Converpro and PDVSA gather for lectures on Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO)

34 / no. 288 / august 2012

Moatize Expansion Project Trains First Hit the Net Group

Participants from the first Hit the Net group celebrate their certification in basic IT and Internet knowledge

On July 26, the Moatize Expansion Project

encouraged them to continue with their

– a Vale project undertaken by Odebrecht

professional training: “I am very happy to

in Mozambique – held the graduation

see your interest in discovering the world

ceremony for the first group of the digital

of IT, the Internet and the new types of

inclusion program Hit the Net (Caia na Rede),

interaction between people,” said Brito. “I

which consists of 20 Members.

hope that they continue to seek out new

The certificates of course conclusion were delivered by Paulo Brito, Contract

knowledge forever.” Hit the Net continues with two other

Director, and Antonio Caiado, Administrative

groups at the Moatize Expansion Project and

and Financial Manager. On the occasion,

is also undertaken at the Dom Bosco High

Paulo Brito congratulated participants and

School and Cateme Secondary School. / no. 288 / august 2012


> KNOWLEDGE Luiz Gabriel Azevedo, responsible for Sustainability at Odebrecht Energia, addresses the sustainable aspects at energy developments

Dam and Plant Community M The last meeting


hydroelectric power plants was held in June and

of the Dam and Plant

currently being built by

involved the par ticipation


Odebrecht. The Technical

of more than 100 Members

Community was held

Mission to the Santo

from different countries.

at one of the largest

Ant么nio HPP, in Rond么nia, / no. 288 / august 2012

After the opening

Meets in Santo Ant么nio speech made by Augusto

listened to presentations

as the structuring of

Roque, Responsible for

about the projects

environmentally correct

Engineering at Odebrecht

under way in the energy

businesses, an over view

Energia and Community

sector. The event also

of the construction of

Leader, the par ticipants

addressed topics such

dams and hydroelectric / no. 288 / august 2012



Leonardo Borgatti, Contract Director of civil construction work at the Santo Antônio HPP, goes over the project’s details for the participants

power plants in Brazil and

and the learning obtained

at the Santo Antônio HPP,

worldwide and business

in that environment, as

a development with 3,150

oppor tunities in Africa.

well as to gather Members’ MW of total capacity that

The Knowledgeable


contributions to prepare

already has four turbines

Community Technical

the Organization for

in commercial operation.

Missions generate in-

the project ’s current

depth discussions about

challenges. Accordingly,

visited the construction

a specific construction

the second day of the

site and also listened to

project with aims of

meeting was focused on

testimonials by contract

recording best practices

providing an immersion

leaders about winning / no. 288 / august 2012

The par ticipants

the rights to the plant

Managing Director of E&C

construction project.


Directors addressed

The Dam and

the technical planning

Plant Knowledgeable

aspects, creative

Community was the

methodologies used,

first to be installed at


Odebrecht in 2001 and is

assembly and the

designed to promote the

challenges related to

exchange of experiences

labor and logistics, among

and learning among

other items.

Members, help them

The meeting was closed

resolve technical issues

by Henrique Valladares,

and disseminate good

Entrepreneurial Leader at

practices. To learn more,

Odebrecht Energia, and

access the Corporate

by Antonio Daiha Blando,

Por tal.

The Santo Ant么nio HPP, located in the capital of Porto Velho, will have a total capacity of 3,150 MW: four turbines are already operating / no. 288 / august 2012



Odebrecht and Braskem Considered Among Most Sustainable Companies by Imprensa Magazine In July, the magazine Imprensa disclosed

In order to elaborate the list, there was an

the fifth edition of the ranking “The Most

analysis of the news stories published in all

Sustainable Companies According to the Media,”

2011 editions of the magazines Época, Época

elaborated annually by the publication. In the

Negócios, Exame, IstoÉ, IstoÉ Dinheiro, Veja, Carta

overall ranking, which included 800 companies,

Capital, Amanhã and AméricaEconomia as well as

Braskem came in at 42nd and Odebrecht came

the daily newspapers Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado

in at 193rd place.

de S. Paulo and O Globo.

In the listing by sector, classified into

The survey indicated the companies that

Construction and Chemical and Petrochemical,

received positive news coverage for their

the companies ranked 3rd place. Odebrecht also

sustainable practices and actions. The survey was

came in at 3rd place in the ranking by topic in the

designed to reveal those companies that best

category of Transparency.

develop their image among opinion shapers.

Braskem Earns Transparency Trophy On July 17, the Transparency Trophy revealed the list of the 20 Brazilian companies

financial companies) in Brazil. Promoted by the

recognized as the most transparent in 2012.

National Association of Finance, Administrative

Braskem was included in the list of the

and Accounting Executives (ANEFAC), the

publicly traded companies with earnings

Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research

of over R$ 5 billion, which included SABESP,

Institute Foundation (FIPECAFI) and Serasa

CEMIG, CSN - Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional,

Experian, the award analyzes the clarity and

EMBRAER, Gerdau, Natura Cosméticos,

quality of the financial statements and other

Petrobras, Usiminas and Vale.

information disclosed by the companies.

The selection, which was made using the


commerce, industry and services (except for

The trophies will be delivered on

statements disclosed last year, analyzed some

September 20, the same date on which the

2,000 companies, divided among publicly

Distinguished Company of the Year will be

traded and private ones, from the sectors of

announced. / no. 288 / august 2012

Santo Antônio HPP Maintains Quality Certification for Odebrecht On July 26, Odebrecht confirmed the maintenance of the Quality Management

Environment and Workplace Safety. Antônio Sérgio Barbin, Quality Manager at

certificate under the ISO 9.001-2008 Standard

CSAC, commented on the results: “The audit

through the audit conducted at the construction

process guaranteed us the certification and

site of the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power

brought us some new learning,” he said. “It

Plant, an Odebrecht Energia investment

represents a source of motivation for us, since

located in Rondônia. The project was selected to

we have a system that works well. This gives us

represent the company’s operations in the energy

an edge, considering that our objective is to


grow, develop and differentiate.” According to

The certifying agency Bureau Veritas

Mical Muniz, Quality Manager for the assembly

Certification (BVC) audited the civil construction

work, complying with the ISO 9.001 standard

work processes, which fall under the responsibility

is the result of lasting and integrated work

of the Santo Antônio Civil Consortium (CSAC), as

with the development’s different sectors. “Our

well as the assembly work, being undertaken by

teams structured their activities and became

Odebrecht. The focus was to assess the quality

involved with the processes for us to maintain the

of the project, which also included the areas of

certification,” he said.

The opening and closing of the audit took place at the auditorium of the overlook along the left bank of the Madeira River. Present at the event were leaders and Members of the companies, as well as Alberto da Silva Mehes, a representative of BVC, and Renata Zamboni, from the Odebrecht Quality area / no. 288 / august 2012



1st Sustainability Meeting - Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial Social Projects On July 5 and 6, Odebrecht Engenharia

Odebrecht, opened the event by presenting

Industrial organized its first Sustainability

strategic aspects of Sustainability at the

and Social Projects meeting, involving the


participation of 32 Members. The goal was to

During the second day of the meeting,

align the Organization’s Sustainability Policy

Simone Coelho, from the Institute, Foundation

with the projects’ operations and provide

and Company Group (GIFE), conducted a

a space for exchanging knowledge and

training session on the Elaboration of Social

information among professionals from the

Projects, focusing on the importance of


qualifying the company’s operations. There

André Paraná, responsible for People

was also the presentation of the changes to

and Organization, Sustainability and

the new version of ISAM (Social-Environmental

Communication at the company, and

Indicators), a tool for the systematic monitoring

Sérgio Leão, responsible for Sustainability at

of social-environmental indicators.

Members from the Social Project area of the contracts in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela gathered in São Paulo for training and discussions

42 / no. 288 / august 2012

Santo Antônio HPP Launches New System for Reusing Water In the search for sustainable

Environment and Workplace

with gravel (to retain the solid

practices for preserving the

Safety Manager, explained:

substances) and a filter with

environment and its natural

“We decided to do more than

two passageways, made from

resources, the Santo Antônio

required by law. We treat the

charcoal (to eliminate odors).

Hydroelectric Power Plant

effluent and we reuse it, ceasing

After the process has been

developed a new water reuse

from releasing it into the

completed, the water is ready

system: separator of water and

environment and preserving

to be used once again. With the

oil within a closed cycle.

natural resources.”

use of pumps, it continues on

The structure was created

The products chosen for

to treat the water used to wash

the water treatment were the

trucks and equipment on the

Polymer and Organic Veta

construction site’s Washing and

(extracted from the bark of the

system is sustainable, since

Lubrication Ramp. With the

Black Cassia tree), the same

it brings environmental and

new system, the project saves

used in the Industrial Water

economic benefits. “It benefits

one million liters of water per

Treatment Plants. The former

the environment and helps


structure received a water

generate savings for the

mixer, decantation box, made

company,” said Alves.

The ramp is the site with the

to the washing reservoir on the Ramp. For Nelson Alves, the new

highest rate of oily effluents at the construction project. With the previous process, the water mixed with oil and grease was treated, meeting the legal standards for the release of effluents into the environment, and discarded into the receiving body of water. With the creation of the Water and Oil Separator within a closed cycle, the previously existing structure gained modern treatment resources, allowing for the reuse of water. Nelson Alves,

Together, the water treatment structures installed at the project allow for the 12.5% reuse of the resource collected at the construction site / no. 288 / august 2012



Neutralize Your Carbon Emission! How many times to you travel by airplane on

it is possible to decide to perform the action or fund

average per year? What is the fuel used in your

the service so that OCT performs the same. The

vehicle? Do you separate the waste that can

initiative, called Payment Program for Environmental

be recycled? The answers to these and other

Services – Carbon, is also known as Pratigi CO2

questions will define the number of trees that

Neutral, due to the institution’s site of operations.

need to be planted to neutralize your carbon

OCT promotes the reforestation of the Pratigi

emissions into the environment. The calculation

Environmental Protection Area, located in the

can be performed at the website of the Land

Bahia Southern Lowlands. “We are creating an

Conservation Organization (OCT) – an institution

opportunity through a social-environmental

associated with the Bahia Southern Lowlands

project, prompting everyone to feel responsible

Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program

for contributing,” said Volney Fernandes,

for Development and Growth Integrated

Environmental Service Cooperative Alliance Leader.

with Sustainability (PDCIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. The result is displayed in numbers of trees and values, in Brazilian reais, of the planting. In this way,

To measure how many trees it is necessary to plant to neutralize your carbon emission into the environment, click here to access the OCT website.

Braskem Promotes Environmental Education at Over 3,800 Schools Students and teachers from 3,870 primary schools began to receive the kits from

Horizonte Geográfico, two posters with the

the Cultural Horizon Project. Sponsored

message “Attitudes at Home” and the Reading

by Braskem, promoted by the publisher

Incentive Guide, which addresses topics such

Editora Horizonte and supported by the

as conscious consumption and packaging in

Federal Cultural Incentive Law, the initiative

people’s daily lives.

is designed to promote the training of

In August, teachers from the Rio de Janeiro

the teaching staff and improve students’

public school network will be trained during

knowledge of environmental issues. A total of

on-site meetings. It is expected that five groups

10,000 kits will be distributed in the states of

with 30 teachers each will be trained. The

São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul,

events will be elaborated with a social-cultural

Alagoas and Bahia.

focus on the topic of “Conscious Consumption”

The Cultural Horizon Project was developed by journalists and specialized educators. The


material contains six editions of the magazine / no. 288 / august 2012

and will use literary and informative texts to promote debates and reflection.

Saneatins Delivers CHICO |SANEATINS Sustainability Trophy On June 23, São Paulo

and quality of life for people: “We

and education,” he emphasized.

filmmaker Daniel Rabanéa

are increasingly focusing our

Click here to view the awarded

received the CHICO|Saneatins

participation on projects that

short film.

Sustainability Trophy from the

promote discussion on the topic

Managing Director of Saneatins,

of access to water and sewage

and Sound Center (CIM) and

Mário Amaro. Rabaneá received

services,” said Amaro.

sponsored by the Tocantins State

the trophy in the category

Promoted by the Image

For filmmaker Daniel Rabanéa,

Government, the CHICO Festival

“Environmental Brazil,” from the

the inclusion of the video in

took place during the Tocantins

largest film and video festival in

the SANEATINS environmental

International Literary Fair. The

Tocantins, called CHICO.

education program brings him

programming included 113

personal satisfaction. “I have a

films and 75 hours of activities,

Palmas, included the presence

degree in biology,” he said. “It

including special and competitive

of the members of the festival’s

is really nice to see our work

exhibits, panels, workshops and

organizing committee,

being recognized and used as a

class entity meetings, among

Organization Members and the

mechanism for communication


The ceremony, held in

press. During the event, there was the presentation of the awarded short film “Essence,” produced and directed by Rabanéa. Lasting three minutes, the film addresses in a playful fashion the rational use of water and will be used in SANEATINS presentations at schools and for the community. Mário Amaro emphasized that SANEATINS’ commitment to universalizing basic sanitation in Tocantins is a fundamental part of its efforts to develop a sustainable development model in the state, one with more health

Mário Amaro awards filmmaker Daniel Rabanéa during the largest film and video festival in Tocantins. The youth won the trophy sponsored by SANEATINS / no. 288 / august 2012



Winning Schools of the Environmental Project Tour Braskem The students from the winning schools of

200 students. Among the proposed initiatives

the “A New Look at Plastic” Project, promoted

are the promotion of an ecological evening with

by the Akatu Institute and Braskem, had the

the presentation of a play, puppets, parodies

opportunity to visit the Triunfo Petrochemical

and an exhibit for the community and creation

Center in Rio Grande do Sul during a visit held on

of paintings made from recycled materials,

July 10.

addressing topics related to the environment,

The group toured the company’s units in the state, visited the Environmental Station and a

citizenship and conscious consumption. The “A New Look at Plastic” Project reinforced

screening unit in Dois Irmãos, where it observed

the importance of topics associated with

the separation of the garbage and processing

conscious consumption and sustainability among

of the plastics in practice. The students then

educators and students from public and private

visited the plastic wood production unit that uses

schools in Brazil. The initiative was designed to

recycled raw material from Acinplas in Estância

encourage them to propose solutions to current


problems, such as the choice of what to consume,

The big winner of the project was the Luiza

the differences in the production chains, the

Nunes Bezerra State School from Juara, Mato

inappropriate disposal of wastes and prevention

Grosso, with the projects “Environmental

of water and energy waste. The project reached

Education – Our Hands Can Save the Planet” and

more than 1,500 schools selected from the Faça

“Garbage Transformed into Art,” which involved

Parte (“Become Part”) Institute network.

Young students were able to learn about the complete lifecycle of plastic, from its production at Braskem, continuing on to the stages of recycling and then the final recycled product

46 / no. 288 / august 2012

Morumbi Stadium Receives Country’s First Sugarcane Seats Giroflex-forma, leader in

raw material, a renewable

the furniture market in Latin

energy source that replaces

America, launched the first

the traditional petroleum-

seats made from plastic of a

based compound,” said Vilar.

renewable origin in Brazil, in

Over the next three years, the

the VIP boxes of the Morumbi

company plans to invest R$ 6

Stadium in São Paulo.

million in the market of seats

Developed in par tnership

for spor ts arenas.

with Cromex and Braskem,

Manufactured by Braskem,

the chairs installed use

the resin from the “sugarcane

polyethylene (PE) originating

seats” is recognized

from sugarcane ethanol – a

worldwide for maintaining

100% renewable material

the benefits and proper ties

of high added value and

of traditional plastic and for


being more sustainable. The

“ The new feature is the

differential is its capacity to

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Foz do Brasil Reinforces Importance of Safety To celebrate National Work Accident Prevention Day, on July 27, the Foz do Brasil

de Itapemirim, in Espírito Santo, there

operations undertook several different

was the organization of initiatives that

actions to raise Members’ awareness about

discussed topics such as Unsafe Behavior,

Workplace Safety.

Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE),

From Uruguaiana, in Rio Grande do Sul,


and Mauá, in São Paulo, and Cachoeiro

Respect for Signs and Compliance with

extending through the cities of Mairinque


Mairinque: simulations of accidents and situations of risk were conducted with the workers’ participation

Mauá: the topics addressed in the lectures promoted a sense of responsibility among Members, reinforcing the precautions to be taken when completing tasks

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim: the Daily Safety Training (DST) presented a video produced by the unit’s Health, Safety and Environment team

Uruguaiana: special activities emphasized that the precautions with safety should be daily / no. 288 / august 2012 / no. 288 / august 2012


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