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Enseada do Paraguaรงu Shipyard: Incentive for the Brazilian shipbuilding industry / no. 287 / july 2012


4 THE DAY TO DAY WORK AT MARACANÃ AND No. Nº 260 Nº 287 260 ///

JULY 2012 JUNHO 2011 JUNHO 2011

AT THE FONTE NOVA AND CORINTHIANS ARENAS Check out the news and get up to speed with the progress made at the works that are being carried out to refurbish the Maracanã Stadium and the Fonte Nova and Corinthians arenas for the 2014 World Cup.



BRAZILIAN SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY The cornerstone of the Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP) was laid during an event attended by President Dilma Rousseff in the city of Maragojipe, state of Bahia.






DEVELOPMENT IN MOZAMBIQUE Check out the visit made by the President of Mozambique to the Nacala International Airport Project and to the main social programs Odebrecht is carrying out in the country.

32 ACREDITAR JUNIOR: MORE THAN 1,000 YOUNG PEOPLE TRAINED With the graduation of the 5th class of the Acreditar Junior Program, held at the works of the Santo Antônio Power Plant, Odebrecht Energia reached the mark of 1,100 trained teens.



Aiming to train middle management in its contracts and too develop more productive teams, Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial launched the Crescer Program.


Bahia’s Baixo Sul Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program, supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, was considered an example of practice that engenders social transformation.

> > 56 FAST NEWS - SUSTAINABILITY EDITORIAL STAFF ODEBRECHT NEWS is an internal newsletter published by the Odebrecht S.A. Business Communication Team Responsible Journalist: Fabiana Cabral Editorial Office: Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8.501, 32º andar, São Paulo Phone Number: (55 11) 3096-8171 Suggestions: Website:


> 2014 WORLD CUP

The day to day work at Marac Fonte Nova and Corinthians a

4 / no. 287 / july 2012

can達 and at the arenas

The renovation works at Maracan達, the stadium that will host the closing game of the 2014 World Cup, are more than 60% complete / no. 287 / july 2012


> 2014 WORLD CUP The Maracanã Stadium renovation works, which

there will be 60 bars, more

are being carried out by

than double than the

the Maracanã Rio 2014

current number of 24.

Consortium (formed by

Earth has started

Odebrecht Infraestrutura

being removed for

and Andrade Gutierrez),

the installation of the

are in full swing

field irrigation and

and upwards of 60%

drainage system, and the


construction of the four

The restroom masonry

Dutch Prince Maurits van Oranje-Nassau and representatives of UNAIDS visited the Fonte Nova Arena construction site, in Salvador

circulation towers, which

work is almost finished.

will connect the ground

In all, there will be 231

floor to the upper floors,

stalls, which will afford the

is at its final stage. The

users more comfort, and

two Monumental Ramps

67 stalls will be available

are being recovered and

ring, which will support

for people with special

the four new ramps,

Maracanã’s new tensioned

needs. All of the material

each measuring eight

canvas cover, is 56.7%

used in the restrooms,

meters wide, have been

complete. The cover will

both on the flooring and in


be 68.4 meters long and

the wall linings and grout,

The compression

will protect 75,000 of

will be of high quality and

the 79,000 seats of the

durability, as well as will

revitalized stadium.

the ceiling protection, which will be equipped with a protective lining for the light fixtures. The implementation of the bars is also moving along at a quick pace. Located on the 1 st to the 5 th floors, next to the


restrooms and bleachers, / no. 287 / july 2012

Click aqui to watch the video that shows the progress made in the renovation works at the Maracanã Stadium from August 2010 through May 2012.

VISITORS AT THE FONTE NOVA ARENA On June 28, Dutch Prince Maurits van OranjeNassau visited the Fonte Nova Arena construction site, in Salvador,under the responsibility of

Fonte Nova Negócios e

Relations, who explained

Participações (formed by

the multipurpose and

Odebrecht Participações

sustainable nature of the

e Investimentos and OAS).


Dutch outfit Amsterdam

Also attending the visit

ArenA is a partner of the

was the Dutch Consul in

arena in Bahia.

Bahia, Hans Leusen; the

An entrepreneur

Managing Director of

in the Sustainability

Amsterdam ArenA and

segment, Prince Maurits

Chief Executive Officer

was welcomed at the

of the Brazilian Arena,

Visitation Center by Lino

Henk Markerink; the Vice-

Cardoso, Director for

President of Strategic

Marketing and Corporate

Partnerships and owning / no. 287 / july 2012


> 2014 WORLD CUP Partner of the Arena in

Olivia Santana, and the

Brazil, João Gilberto Vaz,

Chair of the City Hall

and the General Director

Special Commission for

for Operations in Brazil,

Monitoring of Projects for

Carel Breen.

the 2014 Cup, councilman

On July 5, representatives of UNAIDS

The visit gives

- the Joint United Nations

continuity to the agenda

Programme on HIV/AIDS

of the Give AIDS the Red

were also welcomed by

Card campaign, organized

Lino Cardoso at the Arena

by UNAIDS to undertake

Fonte Nova Visitation

actions to combat


and prevent sexually

Participating in the

transmitted diseases

visit were the Director of

during the 2014 World

UNAIDS in New York, Dibril

Cup. Other similar actions

Diallo, Coordinator Pedro

were taken by the entity

Chequer; the Ombudsman

in South Africa, in 2010,

General of the

and during this year ’s

Municipality of Salvador

edition of the Euro Cup.

and councilwoman,

Click aqui to check out the interviews with councilwoman Olivia Santana and UNAIDS Director Dibril Diallo, during the visit to the Fonte Nova Arena.


Sandoval Guimarães. / no. 287 / july 2012

Dibril Diallo said

Children and monitors gathered in the recreation room the workforce member kids have the opportunity to v

JOY OF CHILDREN AT THE CORINTHIANS ARENA During the month of July, the school vacation period, anyone passing by the works underway

that worldwide there

at the Corinthians Arena, in

are 34 million young

the Eastern Zone of São Paulo,

people infected with HIV. “Working on the campaign during sporting events reaches more

notes the presence of children aged 5 to 10 years, wearing white shirts, in a few areas of the construction site. This is the “A day of leisure with my son

youth. Our organization

at Odebrecht” Program, which

is in pursuit of the three

brings together groups of 10

zeros: zero discrimination,

to 15 children of workforce

zero contamination and

members to spend a day at the

zero deaths,” he said.


m at the Corinthians Arena: During the July school vacation, visit the place where their parents work

The children arrive with

is amazing, for example,

soccer on the construction site

their parents, from 7 am, have

how good their notions on

court, the same one on which

breakfast in the cafeteria

computing are,” says educator

their parents compete for the

and are then taken to the

Márcia Cardoso, the leader of

“Brasileirinho” Championship.

recreation room, where

the monitors. “They already

they take part in activities

know how turn the computer

their parents, boys and

organized by monitors hired

on, access the Internet, and

girls are taken to the work

by Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

many of them are already

observatory, which is located

which is in charge of the

connected in social networks,”

behind the arena’s future

construction of the project.

she adds.

south grandstand sector.

The youth is provided with

With the guidance of an

After having lunch with

The visit ends at 5 pm, when

information about the arena

expert on Sustainability, the

one of the work shifts ends.

that will host the opening

group also learns how to make

“I enjoyed it and learned a

game of the 2014 World Cup

toys with leftover materials

lot of cool things,” said Lana

and on the basics of recycling,

and cardboard and plastic

Paiva e Silva, age 6, while

computing, personal hygiene,

packaging. Additionally, the

learning to do makeup and

makeup and painting. “It

kids get a chance to play

hairstyles. / no. 287 / july 2012



An incentive for the Brazil

10 / no. 287 / july 2012

lian shipbuilding industry

Illustration showing how the Enseada do Paraguaรงu Shipyard will be, at the mouth of the Paraguaรงu River. The venture will start operating in 2014 and will focus on building and integrating offshore units / no. 287 / july 2012



President Dilma Rousseff launched the cornerstone of the EEP and took part in the christening ceremony for Petrobras’ P-59 Platform

The cornerstone of the

is under construction and

Edson Lobão, of Mines and

Enseada do Paraguaçu

will soon be operated by

Energy, Paulo Sérgio Passos,

Shipyard (EEP) was officially

a joint venture formed by

of Transportation, and Helena

laid on July 13, during an

Odebrecht, OAS, UTC and

Chagas, of Communications;

event attended by the

Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Bahia state secretaries José

President of Brazil, Dilma


Attending the event were

Sérgio Gabrielli, of Planning,

Rousseff. The ceremony was

the Governor of Bahia, Jaques

James Correia, of Industry,

held in the city of Maragojipe,

Wagner; Petrobras CEO, Maria

Trade and Mining, and

in Bahia, where the project

das Graças Foster; ministers

Carlos Costa, of Naval and / no. 287 / july 2012

the earthwork stage, are

be created after operations

expected to be completed

begin. At the peak of the

in 2014, but the yard should

work, estimated for 2013,

already be able to start some

55% of the professionals

of its activities in 2013. The

will be hired primarily in

EEP will be able to process

the region. To this end,

36,000 tons of steel per year

partnerships will be closed

to manufacture different

in order for the Continuing

types of vessels, such as

Professional Qualification

offshore drilling rigs and

Program - Acreditar

FPSOs (Floating Production

(“Believe”) to be deployed

Storage and Offloading

there. Petrobras’ Prominp


program (National Oil

With investments

and Natural Gas Industry

estimated at R$ 2 billion,

Mobilization Program) will

the EEP is the largest private

also be involved in training

contribution made in Bahia

the workforce.

in the last ten years. In April, the company signed


a Letter of Intent with Sete


BR - an investment company

After the EEP cornerstone

specializing in asset portfolio

was laid, the christening

management focused on

ceremony was held for

the oil and gas industry

Petrobras’ P-59 Platform,

operating in the Brazilian

the construction of which

offshore area - for the

is being completed by the

Port Industry; in addition to

construction of six drilling

Rio Paraguaçu Consortium

representatives, executives,

rigs Petrobras will use to

(formed by Odebrecht

municipal authorities,

explore the pre-salt region.

Engenharia Industrial, UTC,

workers and inhabitants of the region.

The shipyard’s construction work is

and Queiroz Galvão), in Maragojipe.

Created in 2010, the

expected to create 3,000

Fernando Barbosa, the

EEP will occupy an area of

direct jobs; additionally,

Executive Director of EEP,

1.6 million square meters.

5,000 direct and 10,000

highlighted the importance

The works, currently at

indirect jobs are slated to

of building a type of rig that / no. 287 / july 2012


> ENSEADA DO PARAGUAÇU SHIPYARD had not been constructed in Brazil for over 30 years. “After three decades, the Rio Paraguaçu Consortium delivers a platform the size of P-59. We hope this is but the first act in the resumption of the construction of hightech platforms in this region, devoted to shipbuilding,” he said. President Dilma Rousseff praised the planning capacity and the performance of the team that worked on the project: “They said it would be impossible to build such a platform in Brazil, and we proved otherwise. We are able to build much more than platforms, we are able to discover the pre-salt. We

Fernando Barbosa, the Executive Director for the EEP, highlights how important it is to resume the con

will continue producing and generating wealth,”

reducing interest rates and

investments the company

she remarked. Dilma also

taxes and controlling the

is scheduled to make in the

noted that the country was

exchange rate, actions that

coming years. “The P-59 and

once the world’s second

keep the Brazilian industry

P-60 platforms are samples

largest shipbuilding industry

from being scrapped. We will

of the special moment the

powerhouse and that it

not follow the same path as

shipbuilding industry in Bahia

lost this position after the

European nations; we will

and Brazil is experiencing,”

stagnation that occurred

turn crises into opportunities,” she said. “Over the next five

from the 1980s. “We are

she added.

changing conditions that in


Petrobras’ CEO, Maria das

years, we will invest R$236.5 billion in equipment that will

the past used to be obstacles

Graças Foster, seized the

allow us, mainly, to explore

to economic growth, such as

opportunity to evaluate the

oil in increasingly deep / no. 287 / july 2012

Peroá field, off the coast of Espírito Santo. The rig can operate at sites where water depth ranges from 10 to 106 meters, and is capable of drilling wells measuring up to 9,144 meters in length and under high pressure and temperature conditions. In total, about $360 million were invested in constructing the rig. In addition to the P-59, the P-60 is also being built at São Roque do Paraguaçu and is expected to be completed by August this year. The deployment contracts for the two rigs were signed in September 2008 as part of the Federal Government’s

nstruction of high-tech platforms in Brazil and to strengthen the country’s shipbuilding industry

Growth Acceleration Program (PAC). The work created 2,100

waters. The 33 drilling rigs

in the world and proves

direct jobs at the peak of

we will hire from 2016 will be

the company’s capacity for


fitted with domestic content

innovation. She said other

ranging from 55% to 65%,

investments are planned

and this will help leverage

for Bahia, for example, the

other industries, creating jobs

construction of drilling rigs

and income,” she emphasized.

for Petrobras at the Enseada

The CEO of the stateowned company said the

do Paraguaçu Shipyard. The new self-rising drilling

technology used at the

rig will first be assigned to the

São Roque do Paraguaçu

Peroá Profundo exploratory

construction site is unique

well, which is located in the

Click aqui to view the video on the laying of the cornerstone of the Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard. / no. 287 / july 2012



Organization posts its 2011 Annual Report Titled Odebrecht 2012,

main awards and recognitions

companies and their social,

this year’s Annual Report is

received, plus the full list of

environmental and cultural

available in print, online, in

projects undertaken by the


PDF, and for the iPad and smartphones in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The Report features the results – economic and financial, social and environmental, as well as the cultural and health and safety indicators – the companies achieved in 2011, it makes an overview of Odebrecht and of its Entrepreneurial Technology, and highlights the organization’s performance as a partner in economic, social and environmental development at the places where it has operations. With messages from Emílio Odebrecht, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odebrecht S.A., and of Marcelo Odebrecht, CEO of Odebrecht S.A., the publication also discusses the growing number of members and their distribution in the countries, the programs for Education Through Work, the

16 / no. 287 / july 2012

The 2011 Annual Report website is now on the air in three languages

Choose the platform you prefer to read on: ƒƒ Printed Requested through the Results Centers, by means of the Publications System. Ask your leader about it. ƒƒ On the Internet

Go to Browse the site or download the PDF file. ƒƒ On your iPad

Through the Odebrecht 2012 application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

LCB de Carvalho Power Plant Revamp completed

Brazilian hydroelectric plants in operation for more than 30 years can continue generating energy efficiently and safely for more years after being revamped

The Luiz Carlos Barreto de Carvalho Vendor

The contract included the replacement

Consortium, of which Odebrecht E&C

of the existing equipment by modern

Energia is part, was granted the Certificate of

machines. The generator and turbine sets and

Provisional Acceptance (CPA), which indicates

the lifting, hydromechanical and auxiliary

that the Luiz Carlos Barreto de Carvalho

electromechanical systems were revamped,

Power Plant revamp was completed. The

the digital monitoring and control systems

plant is owned by Furnas Centrais ElĂŠtricas

were deployed, the synchronous and the

and was deployed in 1970 in the city of

substation line protection compensator were

Pedregulho, in the interior of the state of SĂŁo

installed, and the civil and electromechanical


assembly works completed. / no. 287 / july 2012



Odebrecht Angola builds the 4th stage of the Belas Business Park To continue increasing the largest business

Belas Shopping Center and less than 2 km

and residential complex in Angola, Odebrecht is

away from the best residential condominiums,

currently building the fourth stage of the Belas

supermarkets, schools and hotels in the planned

Business Park in the capital city of Luanda.

Talatona neighborhood -, the complex will

The new business tower has modern

encompass an area of 12,000 square meters of

architectural lines that communicate with

private areas and suites measuring 87 to 1,500

the development’s other towers while still

square meters. Moreover, it will house common

maintaining the standard of quality that

areas equipped and decorated to meet the

distinguishes the complex from other spaces

diverse needs of its users and will feature a

available and attracts the interest of major

Business Center with capacity for 120 people.

Angolan companies and multinational

All suites will be delivered with carpeted raised


floors, removable liners and an Information

Occupying a prime location - next to the

Technology hub already installed.

The Belas Business Park complex contributes to the economic development of the Talatona region, in the southern zone of Luanda

18 / no. 287 / july 2012

Teles Pires Power Plant: The left and right banks of the river are connected

The mixed bridge, made of concrete and metal structures, can handle heavy loads, such as vehicles carrying turbine rotor parts and transformers

Odebrecht E&C Energia, which is in charge of

During the six months it took to complete the

building the Teles Pires Power Plant (HPP), located

work, the Occupational Safety area held lectures

between the states of Mato Grosso and Pará,

on the use of personal and collective protective

has completed the construction of the bridge

equipment during the Daily Labor Training (DLTs)

connecting the left and right banks of the Teles

and monitored the work closely. “We made the

Pires River. The completion of the structure was

installation, checked equipment effectiveness,

considered the first major milestone of the project.

and prepared safety documents and courses for

About 200 members worked on the construction of the bridge, which is 200 meters long and 6.80 meters wide. Traffic will be flow two ways, except when heavy loads are being carried.

the workers involved,” said Safety Engineer Alberto Fraga. Odebrecht contracted steel mill Usiminas to assemble the 400-tonne steel structure. The

According to André Queiroz, Production Manager

material that was used has low carbon contents

for the Right Bank, the bridge will integrate the entire

and is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

development. “We save time transporting members

“This type of steel develops a highly protective

working on the right bank,” he remarked. Matheus

oxide layer when in contact with the environment.

Gontijo, Production Manager for the Left Bank, points

The main advantages this affords are increased

out other benefits: “Besides reducing time, it is easier

component life, improved rigidity and mechanical

to move equipment around and the members are

resistance,” says Civil Engineer Frederico Augusto de

safer during the transport.”

Almeida. / no. 287 / july 2012


> FAST NOTES Projection of the Corredor do Senandes Wind Energy Complex farms, belonging to Odebrecht Energia

Wind Energy Complex granted a PP for its transmission line Odebrecht Energia has been granted

The first phase of the Corredor do Senandes

the Provisional Permit (PP) to install the

Wind Energy Complex is formed by the

transmission line for its Corredor do Senandes

Corredor do Senandes II, III and IV and Vento

Wind Energy Complex, in Rio Grande, state

Aragano I farms.

of Rio Grande do Sul. Granted by the State

With deployment scheduled to begin this

Foundation for Environmental Protection

year, R$400 million are expected to be invested

(Fepam), the permit allows the deployment

in the parks, which should start generating

of 48 kilometers of lines to connect the

power in January 2014. About a thousand

four complex parks to the Fifth substation

direct and indirect jobs will be created during

belonging to the State Electric Energy Company

the deployment, and local workers will be



Odebrecht Energia in an event held by the BrazilChina Business Council Part of the panel that discussed energy and mining, Odebrecht Energia participated in

Roque, Head of Engineering at Odebrecht

the Bilateral Meeting organized by the Brazil-

Energia, presented the company and its

China Business Council, a nonprofit institution

performance to an audience composed of

comprised of separate sections in the two

representatives from both countries and

countries and dedicated to fostering dialogue

executives from Vale, Bradesco and BNDES.

between Brazilian and Chinese businesses.


At the event held in S達o Paulo, Augusto / no. 287 / july 2012

Governor of Pennsylvania visits Braskem’s plant in Marcus Hook Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett visited

the outcome both of the collaboration and of

the Braskem America plant in Marcus Hook,

the hard work of many teams,” said Fernando

where he held a press conference to address the

Musa, reasserting Braskem’s commitments with

Brazilian petrochemical company’s acquisition

its customers, members and with the state of

of Sunoco’s propylene separation assets.


Accompanied by Fernando Musa, the Vice-

During the event, Tom Corbett said the

President of the company for the United States

acquisition of the assets will maintain the

and Europe, the governor also visited the plant.

Philadelphia area as the heart of the country’s

“This acquisition will enable us to secure the

petrochemical industry and will guarantee job

future of our operations in the region and is

opportunities in the sector.

Governor Tom Corbett (in center of the photo wearing a suit and a blue and white tie) visits the propylene plant Braskem acquired in Pennsylvania / no. 287 / july 2012



Odebrecht Infraestrutura participates in the delivery of PPUs in Rio On July 9, two Pacification Police Units (PPU) were opened in the “Alemão” Complex, in Rio de Janeiro, in the Fazendinha and

host social projects, such as vocational courses. The ceremony took place at the

Nova Brasília areas. With earthwork services

Pacification Force Operating Base – which

performed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

became the headquarters of Pacification

the units’ headquarters will undertake

Police Coordination (PPC) – and was

administrative and logistics activities and

attended by Defense Minister, Celso Amorim, state governor, Sergio Cabral, the Secretary of Security, José Mariano Beltrame, the Commander General of the Police, Erir Ribeiro, and by the Head of the PPC, Rogério Seabra. “Today, the population living in the “Alemão” Complex is much better off than a few years ago,” said José Mariano Beltrame. To Sérgio Cabral, this is “a new chapter for the city of Rio de Janeiro.”

The “Alemão” Complex, a set of 13 communities located in the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, received two state Pacification Police Units

During the ceremony, Leandro Azevedo, CEO of Odebrecht Infraestrutura, received a plaque in appreciation for the company and the role it played in building the PPUs. SuperVia CEO Carlos José Cunha also attended the event. The Fazendinha PPU is located at the Palmeiras Station, while the Nova Brasília one at the Itararé Station of the “Alemão” Complex Cable Car system, built by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and currently operated by SuperVia.

Leandro Azevedo received from Sérgio Cabral a plaque of appreciation for Odebrecht Infraestrutura, which was in charge of the earthwork at the plots of land used to build the units

22 / no. 287 / july 2012

Supporting the expansion of accessibility in Rio de Janeiro Odebrecht Infraestrutura took part in the

different segments showcased new products

National Fair for Rehabilitation, Inclusion and

and actions aimed at accessibility and inclusion

Accessibility (REACESS), which was held in Rio de

of citizens through lectures, concerts and

Janeiro from June 29 to July 1. Considered the

cultural activities. At its booth, Odebrecht

industry’s largest and held in São Paulo for 11

provided facilities for users to register their

years, the fair aims to present solutions in terms

details for future job opportunities.

of accessibility, rehabilitation and inclusion for people with special needs.

The next edition of REACESS in Rio de Janeiro was confirmed for 2013.

During the event, 90 enterprises from

Cultural performances and sporting activities were part of the program of the largest accessibility, inclusion and rehabilitation fair in Brazil / no. 287 / july 2012



The challenge of working offshore

Igor Carneiro’s team provides support to the Static Load Testing on Steel Piles, an important phase in the construction of Prosub’s Shipyard and Naval Base dock

The Submarine Development Project (Prosub), for which Odebrecht Infraestrutura

example, while one ferry is launching pre-cast

is in charge of building the Shipyard and Naval

structures, the second one drives piles and

Base (EBN), has 502 members working on

third installs the bracing [system designed

ferries to install the EBN dock, in Itaguaí, state

to protect buildings from the wind],” he

of Rio de Janeiro.


The workers spend their entire shift aboard

The crew on the “Survive” ferry, which is led

the project’s six ferries, where they also have

by Igor Cordeiro, is monitoring and supporting

lunch. The ferries have names related to

Odebrecht’s Tecnosonda partner in the

the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

procedures required to perform the Static Load

(TEO): “Survive,” “Grow,” “Believe,” “Realize,”

Test on the Steel Piles. The analysis will afford

“Perpetuate,” and “Conquer.”

important information on displacement, pile

According to Orres Vincente, Head of Marine Works in the Southern Area, the work


done on the ferries is very dynamic. “For / no. 287 / july 2012

load capacity, strength, friction, and the piling safety factor (pile placement), among others. / no. 287 / july 2012



Armando by Odebre Mozambiq programs

Odebrecht is a partner of social development in Mozambique The President of


social programs the

welcomed by Manuel

Mozambique visited the

company is carr ying

Veteran, Chairman

Nacala I nternational

out in the Distric t of

of the Board of

Airpor t Projec t, which

Nacala-Por to, in Nampula

Direc tors of Airpor ts

is being built by

Province. Armando

of Mozambique; Luis

Odebrecht, and the

EmĂ­lioGuebuza was

Rocha, then the Business / no. 287 / july 2012

EmílioGuebuza, center, accompanied echt leaders and members of Airports of que, got to know the facilities of the social in Nacala

Leader of Odebrecht

Cuereneia; the General

I nternational; M iguel

Delegate of the Cabinet

Perez, CEO of Odebrecht

for the Accelerated

in Mozambique;

Development Economic

Fernando Soares,

Area, Danilo Nalá; the

Business Development

Governor of Nampula,

Direc tor, and Fernanda

Felismino Ernesto Tocoli;

Reis, Administrative

the Administrator of

Manager of the Nacala

Nacala-Por to, Antonio

I nternational Airpor t

Pilale, and the Chairman

Projec t.

of the Municipal

Also attending the event were the M inister of Transpor t

Council of Nacala Por to, ChaleOssufo. The visit got under way

and Communications,

with a presentation

Paulo Zucula; the

of the projec t made

M inister of Planning and

by the Airpor ts of

Development, Aiuba

Mozambique staff, which

Click aqui to watch the video about the visit President Armando EmílioGuebuza made to the Nacala International Airport Project and to the social projects carried out by Odebrecht in the region Participants of the social initiatives introduced themselves to the President / no. 287 / july 2012


> MOZAMBIQUE showcased how the

More Health Program are

with the countr y,” said

work has progressed.

carried out. At the end

M iguel Perez.

Then, Adriano Mazula, a

of the visit, Armando

member of Odebrecht ’s

Emilio Guebuza received


Social Responsibility

a pic ture and a plaque


team on the projec t,

of homage from the


explained the scenario

Acreditar and the More

and the social challenges

Health teams.

the region has gone

“ The event reaffirmed

The Saide family consists of seven people and lives in the rural

through, the interac tion

Odebrecht Organization’s

area of Locone, in the

strategy created for the

commitment with

Distric t of Nacala. Due

Four Capitals (Human,

social and economic

to the distance between

Social, Environmental

development in the

their home and the

and Produc tion)

region of Nacala and

downtown area, the

as an alternative for Sustainable Development, the results that have been attained in 2012, and the plans for 2013 and 2014. The delegation also watched the video with testimonials of young people trained in the Continuing Professional Qualification Program - Acreditar (“Believe”) and got to k now both its facilities and the places where the Acreditar Apprentice Program, the Citizenship Desk and the

28 / no. 287 / july 2012

Pedro Saide shows the birth certificate of young Sauda Pedro Saide: The Citizenship Desk has provided the necessary documentation to the population of Nacala

newest member of the family did not have a bir th cer tificate yet. In July, young Sauda Pedro Saide, then aged five months, got her bir th cer tificate at the Citizenship Desk , an Odebrecht social initiative carried out in par tnership with the Central Registr y and Notaries O ffice and with the Youth Association of Nacala. “ The main goal is to facilitate access to justice and help people recognize themselves as citizens. Providing documentation [bir th

Young Anify Ossumane Arruda was among the 600 children who received birth certificates through the initiative, which was also carried out in Moatize

cer tificates for children aged 0 to 17 years] is but

their basic rights due to a

to have this ac tion

the first step,” explains

lack of guidance. They do

carried out here in our

Adriano Mazula, a

not k now the impor tance

neighborhood,” he added.

member of Odebrecht in

of registering.”

Nacala and the program’s

Sauda’s father, Pedro

Jair Matos, Head of the Central Registr y and

coordinator. He says

Saide, talks about his

Notaries O ffice, repor ts

that many people do not

expec tations for his

that 2,000 people will be

have bir th cer tificates

daughter, now registered,

registered within four

in Nacala-Por to. “Most

to study and travel in the

months. “Bir th cer tificates

people are unaware of

future. “I was ver y pleased are impor tant because / no. 287 / july 2012


> MOZAMBIQUE they give the citizen

sur veys of the public

a name and a legal

ser vices, hospitals and

personality,” he stresses.

schools required to meet

There is also a Citizenship Desk in Tete,

I n par tnership with the

in the Distric t of Moatize,

Government, Odebrecht

where Odebrecht is

will suppor t the progress

under tak ing the Moatize

of Moatize,” he said.

Expansion Projec t for

Attending the event

Vale. By means of the

were the Permanent

initiative implemented by

Distric t Secretar y,

the Social Responsibility

Tito Magasso; the

team under the alliance

Provincial Direc tor of

agreement, 600

Justice, DinisIsaque; the

schoolchildren got their

Head of the Provincial

bir th cer tificates on July

Justice Depar tment,


Rosa Nascimento; the

The opening ceremony

Representative of

for the program has

the Mozambique Tax

held a day before, when

Authority, Ossemane

Contrac t Direc tor Paulo

Domingos; the Head

Brito delivered the

of the Central Registr y

first four cer tificates.

and Notaries O ffice of

“ The purpose of the

Moatize, Rossamina


Citizenship Desk is

Elias; the Head of the


to include citizens in

Cabinet of the Chairman

society. People gain

of the Municipality,

an identity and are

João Liva, and the

recognized by the

Provincial Coordinator

Government, which,

of Community Cour ts,

in turn, can program

Fernando Aeroplana.

itself when under tak ing


the communities’ needs. / no. 287 / july 2012

Between July 10 and 13, the Moatize Expansion Projec t – alliance agreement between Vale and Odebrecht, in Tete – trained 25 health

The activists will instruct families concerning both caring for and preventing malaria, HIV and other STDs

ac tivists in the +Saúde

prevention of malaria,

are hoped to be ser ved

(“More Health”)

AIDS and other

within six months.

Program, conceived

sexually transmitted

to promote the

diseases, notions used

led by the projec t ’s

health and the well-

during visits made to

Social Responsibility

being of the Moatize

patients and families in

area, in par tnership


the ac tions promoted

with the Distric t

in the community. In

Direc tor for Health of

total, 50,000 families


Par ticipants learned the basics of the

+Saúdeis a program / no. 287 / july 2012



Acreditar Junior: more than 1 On July 6, 250 young apprentices were granted the cer tificate of professional qualification during the graduation ceremony of the 5 th Acreditar (“Believe”) Junior program conducted by Odebrecht Energia, in par tnership with SENAI. The initiative, carried out at the construction site of the Santo Antônio Power Plant, in Rondônia, has reached the mark of 1,100 teens trained. Created in August 2009, Acreditar Junior prepares the children of Santo Antônio Civil Consor tium (CSAC) and Odebrecht Montagem workforce members for the labor market pursuant to the Minor Apprentice Act. To par ticipate, the teens must be aged 14 to 17 years old and enrolled at

32 / no. 287 / july 2012

Currently, 443 enrolled teenagers have apprenticeship contracts: They are paid half of a minimum wage and are entitled to the Unemployment Guarantee Investment Fund (FGTS), to paid vacation, to the 13th bonus salary, to transportation vouchers and to life insurance

1,000 young people trained / no. 287 / july 2012



Acreditar Junior participants have two semesters of practical classes, which are held at the Porto Velho SENAI

least in the sixth grade of

students complete

course, says the program

elementar y school.

their training in the Car

changed his life: “It was

The program has

Maintenance Mechanic,

an experience I will

Theoretical and Practical

Diesel Engine Mechanic,

remember for the rest of

modules. The first one

Motorcycle Maintenance

my life. Today, I am a better

includes the Adolescence,

Mechanic, Building and

prepared teenager, I feel

Health, Environment,

Industrial Electrician, and

confident about competing

Financial Education and

Production Assistant courses.

for an opening in the work

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology ( TEO) subjects


is the son of electrician

and is completed in


Eraldo Vieira de Oliveira. “I

a month. During the


market.” The apprentice

After a year of studies,

am delighted with my son’s

practical stage, which

Erisson da Rocha Oliveira,

growth. To a parent, there

is conducted over two

age 15, who took the

could be no greater joy,”

semesters at SENAI,

Production Assistant

said the father. / no. 287 / july 2012

Marineia Souza da

graduates and parents.

take away from you.”

Silva, age 18, received the

“Acreditar is Odebrecht ’s

cer tificate for completing

greatest work in

graduation were Vivaldo

the Microcomputer

Rondônia,” he said.

Matos, Director for SENAI;

Operator course. She said

Antônio Cardilli, the

Antônio Campanari,

that the program directed

Manager for People,

the General Director

her career choice. “Our

Organization and

for T V Rondônia, and

minds were opened up

Corporate Relations and

Denis Rober to Baú,

to new ideas and they

creator of the Acreditar

Chairman of the Fiero

helped us figure out what

and Acreditar Junior

System. In his address,

we wanted for the future. I

Programs, explained

Denis emphasized that

am more responsible now,

that suppor ting young

the number of trained

because I see the world

people’s education is a

teenagers equals the

differently,” she remarked.

way of rewarding the

population of a district

Santo Antônio workers.

of Por to Velho. “If we

Délio Galvão, Contract

He also left a message

continue at this pace, we

Director for the Santo

for the graduates: “Seek

will have an entire city

Antônio Consor tium,

knowledge, because this

trained,” he said in his

congratulated the

is something no one can

concluding remarks.

During the ceremony,

Also attending the

Students from the 5th class received their course completion certificates during a ceremony held on July 6 / no. 287 / july 2012



Odebrecht Engenharia Industria On July 17, Odebrecht

aimed at those who are in

months, Crescer offers

Engenharia Industrial

charge of the works and

classes on Behavioral Skills,

took an important step

was conceived to drive

Health, Safety at Work,

towards empowering

the development of more

Environment, Quality and

middle leadership by

productive leaders and

Technical Knowledge.

launching the Crescer


“ The program arose from a

(Grow) Program, which is

36 / no. 287 / july 2012

Scheduled to last two

request made by Managing

The first class of Crescer, PET POY Project, in Pernambuco, is composed of 25 foremen

al launches the Crescer Program Director Saulo Vinícius

a technical committee

at the POY PET Deployment

Rocha, who challenged us

and an entire team that

Project in Suape, state of

to intensify the foremen’s

is turning this dream into

Pernambuco. The group

skills,” said Adriana

reality,” she added.

attends night classes

Lichtmann, the Coordinator

The first class,

at the construction site

of the initiative. “Today, we

comprising 25 members,

three days per week. To

have students, instructors,

got underway on July 18,

Fernando Barini, Contract / no. 287 / july 2012



Director, Crescer’s

also serve as practice to

for the Organization to

starting point is the

enable us even further;

grow. All participants are

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial

this is Education through

appointed by their leaders

Technology. “ The TEO

Work,” he said.

based on their potential,”

instructs us to transfer


The CONEST Consortium

said Marcelo Neves, the

knowledge, and that

(formed by Odebrecht and

Contract Manager for the

is what we are doing,

OAS), also in Suape, will


conveying the learning

be the second one to offer

made by those who are

a Crescer class, and this

Te c h n i c a l A s s i s t a n t a t

more experienced to the

is scheduled for August

t h e P OY P E T Pr o j e c t ,

younger people. Moreover,

this year. “ The program

a p p o i n t e d t wo fo r e m e n

the day to day work will

is essential and strategic

to take part in the / no. 287 / july 2012

A l b e r t o Pe l c ,

Program instructors gather for the inaugural lecture, held on July 17 in Suape

p r o g r a m . Pe l c b e l i e ve s Crescer will train, in the short term, good people t o wo r k i n t h e g r e a t wo r k s t h a t a r e c o m i n g u p. “ We w i l l e n c o u r a g e them to grow with t h e c o m p a ny a n d l e a d e ve n b e t t e r t e a m s,” h e r e m a r k e d . T h e fe e l i n g is one of anticipation a m o n g t h e p a r t i c i p a n t s. “ This is a unique o p p o r t u n i t y fo r u s t o put into practice what we h a ve b e e n l e a r n i n g i n t h e c l a s s r o o m ,” s a y s M a r q u e s J a c k s o n , Wo r k s Fo r e m a n .

Foremen who took part in the first class of the initiative attend the first classes / no. 287 / july 2012



The 2nd OOG Leadership Meeting of 2012 stressed the leaders’ responsibility

accidents at NORBE IX and the

Action Programs (APs) and

in the Organization’s synergistic

unit’s recognition as the best

enable synergy between the

growth: “We need leadership that

among Petrobras’ suppliers in

areas of Odebrecht Óleo e Gás

is committed and sensitive to the

May. Helcio Colodete, MD for UN-

(OOG) were the main objectives

moment we are experiencing.”

Serviços Especializados a Poços,

of the 2nd Leaders Seminar, held

In the accompanying PA

Monitor the Business Units’

announced the priorities for 2012

in early July, in Rio de Janeiro,

presentations, Jorge Mitidieri, the

and the start of operations of

and which brought together 90

managing director (MD) of UN-

the PDVSA Petrourdaneta mixed


Serviços Integrados, celebrated

enterprise (60% PDVSA and 40%

the milestone of 10 million man-

Odebrecht) in June this year.

During the meeting, Business Leader Roberto Ramos

hours without lost-time accidents

addressed the current growth,

in the FPSO Cidade de Itajaí

Head of Sustainability, noted

the growth the company aims

project, which is expected to start

that there were no reports

to achieve, and the role of

operating in late October this

of lost-time accidents at the

the leader. “Our philosophy

year. Herculano Barbosa, the MD

GSNC Raso (Gasoduto Sul Norte

is based on the Leader-Led

for UN-Engenharia e Tecnologia,

Capixaba) project, in the Subsea

relationship: The leader must

showed the structure of OOG’s

area, which got underway in

devote time, presence, example,

participation in the management

2010 and is expected to be

experience and value the

of the construction of the drilling

completed in October this

results, while the led must have

rigs with partner Sete Brasil.

year. He also said that OOG will

ambition, commitment to self-

Pedro Mathias, the MD for

Marco Aurélio Fonseca,

complete a year without a lost-

development and to the delivery

UN-Perfuração, highlighted the

time accidents at all business

of these results,” he said. “While

12 months without lost-time

and activities in late July.

the leader inspires and informs, the led interprets, understands and acts in accordance with the guidance. It is the essence of planned delegation, trust in the potential of the led and the renunciation of power,” he concluded. Carla Barretto, Head of People and Organization at Odebrecht S.A., presented the history of Odebrecht’s business and

40 / no. 287 / july 2012

Roberto Ramos emphasized the importance of disseminating the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) and noted the pedagogy of presence to meet the goals and reach the expected results

Young Partners in a new phase of Technical Training in AFEq On July 23, Functional

the e -learning system.

and loading, leveling,

Equipment Suppor t (AFEq)

At the first stage, in

transpor t, compression

kicked-off the third phase

addition to presentations

and lifting of loads. “ We

of the Young Par tner

of equipment, the youth

seek to have the young

Technical Training, with

visited a few suppliers.

people adapt more

the par ticipation of 12

During the third phase,

quickly to their jobs and

members, seven of whom

the youth will attend a

to enable them to reduce

from Odebrecht Angola

second on-site meeting,

machine breakdowns and

and five from company

which includes visiting

to increase mechanical

projects in Brazil.

a dam construction

availability and

site and lectures on

production at their works,”

stage is to develop the

concepts related to the

says Edivaldo.

ability to manage teams

application of excavation

“ The proposal of this

and ensure the proper and safe application of ear th-moving and cargo equipment and of the industrial plants,” explains Edivaldo Freitas, Training Manager for AFEq. The training is divided into five phases, three of which on-site in Brazil and two by means of distance learning by per forming online tasks, reading and repor ts over

The first class of the technical training sponsored by AFEq brings together 12 Young Partners of the Engineering and Construction companies / no. 287 / july 2012



Odebrecht TransPort debate Information Technology On June 21 and 22,

Liquiport, Rota das Bandeiras,

projects developed by IT

Odebrecht TransPort (OTP)

Rota dos Coqueiros, Rota do

departments and their

held, in São Paulo, his first

Atlântico and Bahia Norte.

relationships with the financial

Workshop on Information

The goal was to enable the


Technology (IT), which

exchange of knowledge

brought together members

among professionals from

theme did not stop there.

of SuperVia, Embraport,

the assets and present the

Also in June, SuperVia and

The approach to the

Embraport held meetings at their offices aiming to start deploying the Oracle Project at the concessionaires. Members involved in the processes had the opportunity to get answers to their questions and understand the expectations. With the Smart Road project, the Rota das Bandeiras Concessionaire was granted the Distinction Award in IT during Odebrecht Organization’s 6th Annual IT Meeting, held on June 14 and 15. During the event, OTP presented the Point-to-Point case, a new toll collection model based on the distance traveled by the drivers without SuperVia and Embraport teams participated in meetings on the deployment of the Oracle Project at the concessions

the use of toll plazas. Rota das Bandeiras is a pioneer in the deployment of this system.

42 / no. 287 / july 2012

Odebrecht Infraestrutura begins Vacation Internship Program During school vacations in July, 20 Odebrecht Infraestrutura construction

de Lausanne. By providing an internship

sites have the support of 64 university

opportunity at one of its construction

students selected by the Vacation

sites during the vacation period

Internship Program. Altogether, the

established by the school, the program

initiative received over 2,500 entries

allows students to develop skills through

from 48 partner universities, two of

practical experiences.

which foreign - Maryland, from the U.S., and Swiss Ecole Polytechnique FĂŠdĂŠrale

In 2011, 47 students took part in the program.

Selected university students are interning at the Embraport Terminal, in Santos, during the July vacation period / no. 287 / july 2012



In Angola, a broadcaster takes part in the Daily Work Training

Broadcaster Jorge Gomes addressed aspects of Work Safety in a fun, interactive manner, with members of the Structured Highways Project

On July 4, Odebrecht Angola’s Structured


language. “It was rewarding to have the

Highways held a Daily Work Training (DWT)

chance to share knowledge with the workers

that was attended by broadcaster Jorge

and learn about the Odebrecht culture, which

Gomes, the host of the most popular traffic

values ​​the welfare of its members and of the

show in the country, who spoke to 150

surrounding population at its works,” said


Jorge Gomes.

The purpose of the special DWT was

Blacksmith Oscar Kicamba said that the

to raising the workers’ critical sense, to

lecture changed his view on Work Safety. “I

enhance their knowledge about the risks of

changed my attitude for the better, to give

the activities they perform and convey the

good examples to my colleagues and support

Workplace Safety message in a more popular

them in the pursuit of better results,” he added. / no. 287 / july 2012


Odebrecht among Exame magazine’s Best and Biggest Odebrecht ranks 4th among the

Accounting. The list of the thousand

200 private Brazilian groups in the

largest companies operating in Brazil

39th edition of the Best and Biggest -

was compiled from them.

the 1,000 largest companies in Brazil,

Among the 200 leading enterprises

published by Exame magazine in

in Latin America – a ranking that

July. The organization trailed only

premiered this year –, Odebrecht

Bradesco, which led the pack, Valley

came in 6th, the same position it

and Santander.

holds in the listing of the largest

The directory was created to

corporations by working capital, an

serve as a reference and mirror of

index which is also new in this edition

the Brazilian business environment

of the yearbook. In the list of largest

and to evaluate the companies’

employers, it rose from second to first,

individual performance. Over 700

while on the list of companies paying

pages long, it brings together 80,000

the highest wages in 2011, it soared

indicators listed in 300 schedules

from the 8th to 3rd.

and is one of the world’s largest

In the chemical and petrochemical

economy and business publications.

industry, Braskem is featured in 5th

Over the past few months, a team of

place, and appears in first both in the

100 people collected and analyzed

industry’s ranking by net operating

the 2011 indices for more than

income and on the market leadership

3,000 corporations, which also had

list. The company led the pack

their balance sheets examined by

among the 100 largest by region, in

technicians at Fipecafi, an institution

the area that includes Northern and

connected to the University of São

Northeastern Brazil, and moved from

Paulo (USP) College of Economics,

16th to 11th among the 100 major

Business Administration and

corporations in terms of investments. / no. 287 / july 2012




Odebrecht Projects among the most innovative in the world Five works Odebrecht is participating in are on the list of 100 urban infrastructure projects

Santos, in São Paulo, are featured among the 10

deemed most innovative and inspiring in the

Brazilian initiatives listed on the report.

world, according to a publication released by

According to Maurício Endo, KPMG’s head

KPMG during the World Summit of Cities, which

of the government and infrastructure area

took place on July 3, in Singapore. The second

for Latin America, the selection takes into

edition of the report, titled Infrastructure 100:

account criteria such as sustainability, social

World Cities Edition features initiatives carried

impact, technical complexity and/or financial

out in major cities focusing on innovations that

innovation and impact on society. “We have put

render them the “cities of the Future.”

together solutions that deliver improvements in

The Porto Maravilha project, which will revitalize the Rio de Janeiro port area; the TransOlímpico, a collective transportation

infrastructure wisely and taking the population’s demands into account,” he explains. The initiatives were classified into ten

corridor; and the Olympic Park, the main sports

categories: urban mobility; global connectivity;

facility of the 2016 Olympics, scheduled to be

urban regeneration; education; health; water;

held in Rio de Janeiro; and Line 4 of the São

new and expanded cities; waste recycling and

Paulo Subway System, and the Embraport

management; urban energy infrastructure, and

Terminal, the largest private multipurpose

communications infrastructure.

The Embraport Terminal project, in the Port of Santos, in the coastal area of the state of São Paulo, comprises the construction of the largest private multipurpose terminal in Brazil


terminal in the country, located at the Port of / no. 287 / july 2012

Odebrecht leads the pack in construction for the third time in Argentina For the third consecutive year, Odebrecht leads the Civil Construction industry’s ranking posted by the Mercado magazine, a leading finance and marketing publication in Argentina. Each year, the journal publishes the list of the 1,000 top companies in the country. Compared with the previous year, Odebrecht’s sales grew 77%, exceeding the runner-up by almost a billion pesos. Moreover, for the first time, the company was featured in the ranking of the top 100 in sales, in 81 st place, and of 100 with the best results in the Argentine market, in 67 th .

Among the projects in the country, the company is assembling the second module of the regenerator for the CCR-YPE Project, in the Province of Buenos Aires / no. 287 / july 2012




Among the Brazilian transnationals, Odebrecht ranks seventh The International Business Center at Fundação Dom Cabral

where they already operate,

(FDC) released the 2012 ranking

and 27.7% intend to enter new

of Brazilian Transnationals – an

markets. According Sherban

annual study that ranks the level

Leonardo Cretoiu, the Coordinator

of internationalization of Brazilian

of FDC’s International Business

multinational companies based

Center, the survey shows that the

variables such as income, assets

Brazilian transnationals consider

and number of professionals

increasing their brand’s value

in other countries. This year ’s

and the enhanced capabilities of

list features the “Benefits of

serving global customers as the

internationalization for the

main benefits afforded by their

companies and for Brazil” theme.

internationalization processes.

Odebrecht appears in seventh

Still according to the survey,

in the overall ranking, which is

Brazilian firms are more present

headed by JBS-Friboi, Gerdau

in Latin America (77.8%) and

and Stefanini in the top three

in North America (57.1%).

positions. The Organization ranks

“ There is a strong trend among

third in the list of companies

multinationals to begin their

present in more countries, trailing

internationalization in Latin

only Vale and Stefanini.

America. The study shows that

The study shows that the


plan to expand in the markets

63.3% of the companies that

Brazilian TNCs have gradually

were consulted installed their

increased their level of

first international subsidiaries

internationalization, at the rate of

in countries of this region,” said

1.0% per year. Furthermore, 60.9%

Sherban. / no. 287 / july 2012

Odebrecht Peru’s performance in Health and Safety acknowledged

Luisa Carrión (center, holding the plaque), Head of Labor Health and Safety at Odebrecht Peru, with Andre Veloso, Manager of the Sustainability Project in Olmos; Guilherme Queiroz, Contract Director at CONIRSA; Ronny Loor, Director at Odebrecht Operações e Serviços; José Luis Mogollón and Daniel Mayuri, Managers of Sustainability at CONIRSA and Odebrecht Operações e Serviços; and Oscar Acosta, Yuridia Solano and Ivan Koo, from the Health and Safety team in Peru

On July 11, Odebrecht Peru received from

Last year, the alliances resulted in over

Pacífico Seguros, one of the leading Peruvian

$260,000 being invested in professional

insurance companies and a company partner,

and technical training and in occupational

public recognition for its commitment to

hygiene monitoring at the enterprise’s

Occupational Safety and Health in its projects

projects. This year, nearly a million dollars in

in the country.

investments have been regulated for new

Odebrecht Peru has the support of the

lines of work in prevention and management

Pacífico and Rimac Seguros to provide

in the industry, such as the implementation

insurance and guarantees to its members, to

of ergonomic, risk prevention, mental health,

promote occupational health and safety and

clinical-occupational surveillance and healthy

to develop a comprehensive strategy for Risk

lifestyle programs.

Prevention and Labor Health Management. / no. 287 / july 2012




CONEST maintains its certification in the Quality area After an audit performed by Bureau Veritas

assessed the piping, welding, static and rotating

Certification (BVC), the CONEST Consortium

equipment, industrial painting, electrical,

(formed by Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial

instrumentation and civil systems, as well as

and OAS) maintained its certification in the ISO

training. Among the highlights were initiatives

9001 and TS 29001 Quality-related standards for

such as the Productivity Excellence Program

both companies.

(PEP), which seeks to boost productivity at the

According to lead auditor Alberto Mehes,


the consortium’s Quality Management System

“The team’s commitment was key for

has been maintaining a standard to meet the

the outcome to be achieved,” said Antonio

certifications. “The challenge is to always do

David, the consortium’s General Manager for

better than has already been done, and CONEST

Quality. Antenor de Castro, Contract Director,

is to be congratulated for being always on this

emphasizes: “This outcome encourages

quest,” he emphasizes.

us to continue in our quest for continuous

Apart from quality, BVC’s professionals


Members of the CONEST consortium and BVC auditors meet for the start of the audit that maintained Odebrecht’s Quality certification

50 / no. 287 / july 2012

Braskem: International recognition in project management Braskem received

“We started in 2004

sustainability, among

recognition from

and made significant

others. It also has

Independent Project

progress, with

techniques that guide

Analysis (IPA), the

the Best Practices

the structuring of the

leading American

ranking in 2012, the

team, the definition


IPA’s highest level

of the scope,

and consulting

of qualification,”

project planning,

organization, which

says Carlos Eduardo

and monitors each

undertakes an annual

Pereira, Investment

stage of their

evaluation of the

Portfolio Planning

deployment step by

effectiveness of

Manager for Braskem.

step. Furthermore

project management


it includes ongoing

at major industries in


assessments of each

the world.

assists in selecting

stage, minimizing

the best projects,

errors, optimizing

featured among

considering a number

time and the money

the 50 largest

of dimensions, such

invested. “A company

organizations in the

as investment value,

that does not manage

application of Front-

projected earnings,

its investments well

End Loading (FEL),


loses competitiveness

a methodology that

scenario, alignment

and cannot achieve

guides investment

with the business

its strategic

management and


objectives,” said

project deployment.

technology and

Carlos Eduardo.

The company is / no. 287 / july 2012




Cooprap wins the Sebrae Top 100 Crafts Award The Pratigi Environmental Protection

as the FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup

Rural Area Producers’ Cooperative

and the 2014 World Cup. Additionally,

(Cooprap) was the only production unit

yet in 2012, it will participate in several

in Bahia to be granted the third edition of

gatherings. The first will be held in

Sebrae’s Top 100 Crafts awards.

September, in Rio de Janeiro, when the

With the achievement, Cooprap will have

awarding ceremony is also scheduled to

the opportunity to exhibit its members’

take place. In November, the work will be

production in major sporting events such

showcased at the 23 rd National Handicrafts Fair, in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. The cooperative was selected among 1,800 entries. Seven experts completed the selection of the one hundred winners in May. Representatives from the areas of d ​ esign, fair trade, from the press, the handicrafts industry and from Ministry of Culture were on the jury. The evaluation took 11 criteria into account, including innovation, beauty, social responsibility, commercial feasibility, and environmental and cultural character. “Handicraft expresses Brazilian customs. Ours, in particular, reflects the tradition of ‘quilombola’ descendants,” says Wellinton Silva, a Leader of Cooprap.

Santilia Santos, a member of Cooprap, and her daughter, Maria Aparecida, a student at Casa Familiar Agroflorestal, initiatives supported by the Odebrecht Foundation

52 / no. 287 / july 2012

In Alagoas, Braskem supports the environmental journalism award

The Octávio Brandão Award has leveraged environmental journalism and helped to raise environmental awareness in society, in Alagoas

Since 2003, Braskem,

On June 16, industry

previous edition.

the Brazilian Association of

professionals and

In addition to

Sanitary Engineering (ABES-

representatives of the

awarding journalists

AL) and the Alagoas Journalist

company and of institutes

in five categories

Trade Union have sponsored

met in Maceió for this year’s

– Print-text, Print-

the Octávio Brandão Award

awarding ceremony, which

image, Telejournalism,

for Environmental Journalism,

awarded work carried out

Web Journalism, and

which acknowledges the

from April 2011 to April 2012.

Cinematographic Report –,

best reports in the state

In total, 161 projects were

the initiative encourages

on the Environment and

entered, 80% more than

academic production,

Sustainability aiming to

in the previous year, with

awarding students who

encourage and increase press

a total of 106 participants,

produce texts, photos or

coverage in these areas.

compared with 70 in the

videos for university media. / no. 287 / july 2012



In pursuit of sustaina To the “Friends of Rio+20”


group – comprised of 26


there is no time to lose. The

global business and civil

world needs attention and it

society leaders, including

Environmental Protection

is necessary to act fast. Invited

the Business Leader of

Area Mosaic Integrated and

by the World Economic

Braskem, Carlos Fadigas –

Sustainable Development

Forum to collaborate

drafted a charter to suggest

Program (PDCIS), supported

with the United Nations

practical measures that can

by the Odebrecht

Conference on Sustainable

be implemented to meet

Foundation since 2003,

Development, Rio+20, the

the planet’s sustainability

was one of the initiatives / no. 287 / july 2012

Bahia’s Baixo Sul

Members of the Continental Water Aquaculturists’ Cooperative, which is linked to PDCIS, program fostered in Bahia’s Baixo Sul region by the Odebrecht Foundation

it is conducted. “The focus on developing people, especially

VISIBILITY With its inclusion in the

young rural entrepreneurs, is

“Friends of Rio+20” charter,

made possible by the spirit of

PDCIS, which had already

partnership that fosters the

been showcased to the world

PDCIS, bringing together both

when it was granted the

public and private players.

2010 Public Service of the

A project of this magnitude

United Nations Award, is once

requires leadership, and in

again under the international

this respect the Odebrecht


Foundation stands out for

“The program having

seeking to share its lead with

been mentioned as one

the various players involved,”

of the exemplary actions

he says.

of the coalitions focusing

The charter drafted by

on sustainability in an

the “Friends of Rio+20”

international publication that

advocates the need to blend

was delivered to Ministers

networks, knowledge and

Antonio Patriota, of Foreign

various skills. The document

Affairs, and Izabella Teixeira,

highlights how each person’s

of the Environment, is proof

commitment can contribute

positive of the success the

to help governments achieve

initiative has attained,” says

sustainable development

Jorge Soto. “This document

goals within a specific

is being disseminated all

deadline. “The group

over the planet and no doubt

believes that activities with

contributes to strengthening

identified by the charter as

multiple stakeholders are

the image of Odebrecht,

an example of a practice

usually able to accomplish,

because it associates us to the

that is engendering social

through collaboration

cutting-edge in the conduct


and innovation, a striking

of partnerships focusing on

size and speed that can

sustainability,” he concludes.

ability According to Jorge Soto, Director of Sustainability at

support and complement

Braskem, PDCIS was included

both government and

because of the results it has

international efforts,” adds

attained and due to the way


Click to view the charter, in full, and the exhibit to the document (in Portuguese). / no. 287 / july 2012



Braskem and Grace: Partnership to develop “green” chemicals Braskem and U.S. Company W.R. Grace & Co. signed a

“ The par tnership with Grace

par tnership for the development

will help us reach our goal more

of process technologies and

quick ly and effec tively,” he

catalyst systems to produce


“green” chemicals. The agreement

W.R. Grace is world-renowned

aims to develop processes to

for its innovative work in the

conver t renewable feedstock into

catalyst area and leads the

high value added produc ts.

oil refining and polyolefin

Using more sustainable

segments. “ We are delighted

feedstock is a growing trend in

by the oppor tunity to work

the global chemical industr y. The

with the world leader in ‘green’

technology the companies will

plastic,” said George Young,

develop is based on the use of

Vice President for New Business

renewable carbon produced from

Development at Grace.

agricultural processes, helping

Since September 2010,

to reduce carbon emissions

Braskem has been producing

compared to the traditional

polyethylene derived sugarcane

feedstock .

ethanol, a 100% renewable

“Braskem believes innovation


Direc tor of Renewable Chemicals.

feedstock , on an industrial scale.

is essential to consolidate

“Green” plastic makes Brazil

its leadership in the global

the largest polymer producer

biopolymers market, expanding

in the world. Identified by the

its por tfolio of produc ts made

I’m green TM label; it is present in

from renewable inputs,” says

many produc ts in the countr y

Marcelo Nunes, Braskem’s

and the world. / nº 287 / julho 2012

Certain destination for recyclable materials Saneatins, a Foz do Brasil Company, and the

to live, that is why it is so important to recycle

Tocantins Fire Department delivered, on July 19,

any and all materials,” he says. For the CEO of

at the headquarters of COOPERAN - Tocantins

COOPERAN, Otacílio Martins, these actions

Recycleables Production Cooperative, about

carried out by major companies are an

3,000 plastic cups and aluminum lids used by the

important contribution in order to increase

participants of the 7th Race of Fire, organized by

the income of the material collectors and raise

the department in early July, in Palmas.

awareness among people concerning recycling.

The action was part of the Foz|Saneatins

“In addition to ensuring environmental

drinking water cup Recycling Incentive

preservation, we also generate income,” he

Program. The project aims to encourage


company partners sponsoring initiatives aimed

Saneatins started to fill cups in 1995, in

at the communities and that receive water

Gurupi, as a way to raise awareness about the

cup donations, to return 70% of the plastic

quality of the water produced at its treatment

packaging and send them to the recycling

plants (WWTP). A year later, the operation was


transferred to Palmas, where it has remained

The General Commander of the Fire

ever since. “Ideal for human consumption,

Department, Colonel Erli Lemes Lima, says

the drinking water in cups, treated at WWTP

that caring for life is a daily practice at the

03 is the same as the water supplied to our

corporation. “Human beings depend on

customers’ residences,” says José Vicente,

nature and on preserving its sources in order

Operating Director for Saneatins.

Member of COOPERAN receives part of three thousand plastic cups donated by Saneatins and the Tocantins Fire Department for recycling


ON 287 in4  

texto, foto

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