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Odebrecht at the UN Conference on Sustainability

4 odebrecht at rio +20 No. Nº 260 Nº 284 260 ///

JUNE 2012 JUNHO 2011 JUNHO 2011

From June 13-22, Rio de Janeiro will host the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20, which will gather chiefs of state, business leaders, representatives of NGOs and society in general with aims of renewing the political commitment to sustainable development

10 environment week mobilizes members and communities

A community planting action, ecological trail, cultural activities and lectures on recycling marked Environment Week at the Organization’s projects in Bahia and Pernambuco.


16 odebrecht discusses women’s presence in business


The Internacional Finance Corporation, a segment of the World Bank, held a workshop as part of its Woman in Business program. Odebrecht was one of the 10 organizations invited to participate in the event, which took place at the entity’s head office in Washington D.C.

Next Edition: june 26, 2012

20 saneatins holds first edition of “fireside conversation”

In order to reinforce integration with the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), approximately 150 leaders from the Tocantins State Sanitation Company (SANEATINS), controlled by Foz do Brasil, met on May 31 for the 1st edition of the “Fireside Conversation.”

> 22 leader from alstom and members of odebrecht energia visit odebrecht foundation

On May 21, Norberto Odebrecht, Chairman of the Odebrecht Foundation Trustees’ Board, received a visit from Philippe Delleur, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alstom, as well as Members from Odebrecht Energia at the Organization’s Head Office in Salvador, Bahia.


> 27 Fast News editorial staff ODEBRECHT NEWS is an internal newsletter published by the Odebrecht S.A. Business Communication Team Responsible Journalist: Fabiana Cabral Editorial Office: Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8.501, 32º andar, São Paulo Phone Number: (55 11) 3096-8171 Suggestions: Website: share this newsletter at your company or your project!

> Sustainability

Organization Companies From June 13-22, Rio de

will include seminars, debates,

Development and Eradication

Janeiro will host the United

technology exhibits and

of Poverty” and “The

Nations Conference on

plenary meetings, there

Institutional Structure for

Sustainable Development, also

will be en evaluation of

Sustainable Development” will

known as Rio+20, which will

the advances and gaps in

be the central topics of Rio

gather chiefs of state, business

the implementation of the


leaders, representatives of

decisions adopted by the

NGOs and society in general

main summits on the topic,

businesses, the Odebrecht

with aims of renewing the

in addition to the elaboration

Organization will sponsor

political commitment to

of new and emerging topics.

the conference and have

sustainable development.

“The Green Economy within

representatives at the main

the Context of Sustainable

seminars, debates and exhibits

During the event, which

4 / nº 284 / june 2012

Through its different

s at Rio+20 to be held during the event.

Board of Directors, together

important events to occur

Participants include Carlos

with the former Prime Minister

simultaneously with Rio

Fadigas, Entrepreneurial Leader

of Norway, Gro Bruntland, in

+20, such as BASD Business

at Braskem, in the debate

the event called “Meeting on

Day, the Global Compact

that will open the event,

the Sustainable Development

Corporate Sustainability

entitled “Business Action for

Economy” on June 17.

Forum, UFRJ/ COPPE – The

Sustainable Development

Future is Sustainable and CNI

- BASD,” representing the


International Council of

Braskem is the sponsor

Chemical Associations on

– The Industry Meeting for Sustainability. The company

of some of the most

June 19, and Rubens Ricupero, member of the Odebrecht S.A. / nº 284 / june 2012


> Sustainability use of plastic, creating a new cycle after its consumption. The plant will operate at Athletes’ Park, one of the sites of the event. An official supplier of materials for Rio+20, Braskem will provide the event organizers with 50,000 sports bottles made from Green Plastic, produced with raw material of a 100% renewable origin. Another 50,000 bags of the same material will be supplied for the conference, together with 600 containers, all made

The official suppliers will have their logos printed on the banners and publicity materials for the Rio+20 events

will also be present at the

recycling plant into practice

exhibit “Innovation for

during the conference that will

Sustainable Development,�

transform plastic waste into

to be held by the Study and

plastic wood parts. The public

Project Finance Entity (FINEP)

present will be able to learn

from June 15-21.

about the entire furniture

In partnership with Cetrel,


manufacturing process as part

its environmental engineering

of the initiative designed to

company, Braskem will put a

show new possibilities for the / no. 284 / june 2012

Rio +20. The Odebrecht

occasion of the first Supervia

Organization’s environmental

bicycle ride as part of the

a green economy without

solution company will supply

program “The Train Stops at

the involvement of the

the cups for drinking water,

Your Door,” which is designed

business community,” said

the same water consumed

to encourage people to use

Jorge Soto, Sustainable

by the residents of Limeira

bicycles in an integrated

Development Director at

(SP), the country’s first public

way with the train and as a

Braskem. “At Braskem, we

sanitation concession to

clean transportation option.

are advancing increasingly

receive private initiative

The 23- km bicycle ride,

more in this area and we

investment. Foz will also be

which will last two hours,

believe that the participation

present at Rio+20 through

will take place on June 17

in business forums, in which

the Aquapolo and Limeira

at 11:00 a.m. in Paracambi.

these practices are discussed

projects, which will be

Supervia will also offer free

and shared, is a good way of

exhibited in the SABESP/

transportation to students

moving forward,” said Soto.

Braskem and Piracicaba

from public schools for one

Basin, Capivari and Jundiaí

of the Rio +20 events and

programming, respectively.

will promote visits to the

from green polyethylene. “There is no way to have

Foz do Brasil will also be an official sponsor of

“The debate on

Morro do Alemão cable car

sustainable development

on June 16 and 17, showing

must involve a reflection on

the public the connection

how we are going to face the

with the train.

challenges of basic sanitation universalization,” said Mônica


Queiroz, responsible for


the Sustainability area at

The actions supported by

Foz do Brasil. “Foz supports

the Odebrecht Foundation

Rio+20 because it believes

in the Bahia Southern

that the debates promoted

Lowlands will be presented

by the conference will be

during Rio +20 as examples

crucially important in terms

of successful initiatives in

of contributing toward

Brazil in terms of promoting

this issue, which is vital for

local development and

Brazil’s social-economic

growth in a sustainable

development,” said Queiroz.

fashion, as part of the

Rio +20 will also mark the

Programming of Brazil’s

> Sustainability Ministry of the Environment Department of Biodiversity and Forests. Joaquim Cardoso, Chairman of the Deliberative Council of the Land Conservation Organization (OCT), the Odebrecht Foundation’s partner in the Southern Lowlands, will give a presentation on June 14. The Odebrecht Organization was also invited by UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) to participate in a roundtable called “Cities at the Heart of the Future We Want: Cities and Private Sector Dialogue on Social Responsibility.” The forum will take place on June 18 as part of the Rio +20 programming. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, marks the 20-year anniversary since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio-92). Brazil’s proposal to host Rio+20 was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations during its 64th Session in 2009.

The Odebrecht Foundation’s actions in the Bahia Southern Lowlands will be presented during the event as successful examples / no. 284 / june 2012


> Environment

Environment Week Mobili Communities

Seedlings of native trees were planted during the event that gathered Members and the communities

10 / no. 284 / june 2012

izes Members and A community planting

with the mobilization of

action, ecological trail

community leaders and

walk, cultural activities

public school students for

and lectures on recycling

the planting of 7,500 native

marked Environment Week

tree seedlings in degraded

at the Braskem Project,

areas of Dias D’Ávila and

undertaken by Odebrecht

Camaçari. Coordinated by

Engenharia Industrial,

the Camaçari Industrial

and Rota do Atlântico,

Promotion Committee

administered by Odebrecht

(COFIC) and the Costa


dos Coqueiros Ecological

From June 1-8, the

Corridor Institute (INCECC),

Braskem Project worked

the action was designed to

through the Furnace Area

raise the local population’s

to emphasize “The 5Rs

awareness as to the

of Sustainability (Reflect,

importance of restoring

Refuse, Reuse, Reduce

and conserving native

and Recycle) and Income


Generation” during events

In order to consolidate

that gathered Members

the knowledge acquired in

and the communities of

the planting activity, the

Camaçari and Dias D’Ávila,

students watched the play

in Bahia, in celebration of

“Planting the Future,” set

World Environment Day,

up by the Industry Social

celebrated internationally

Service (SESI) with young

on June 5.

actors from Camaçari.

The event began

The play emphasizes the / no. 284 / june 2012


> Environment

“Planting the Future:” theater presentation emphasized the importance of environmental preservation

importance of preserving

given by forest engineer

by the Camaçari Recyclable

the Forest Ring, an area

Loyane Borges.

Material Cooperative

under recovery located


Another important

(COOPMARC), which

near the Camaçari

moment was the Daily

discussed the importance

Industrial Center, and was

Safety, Health and

of the correct disposal

presented right after the

Environment Training Day

of waste and presented

lecture “The Forests, Man

(SHETD), held on June 6.

Members with a broom

and Life on the Planet,”

The SHETD was promoted

with bristles made from / no. 284 / june 2012

product. Also as part of the

programming focused on revealing the region’s

programming for

historical and natural

Environment Week, the

heritage, demonstrating

construction site hosted the

that development and

Axé Project stand, which

preservation can indeed be

demonstrated the results


of the partnership with

On June 2, the Members

designer Luciana Galeão.

of the concessionaire and

Through workshops, the

consortium participated

youth from the project are

in an ecological trail walk

being trained to create

through the Armando

purses, aprons, bags, toiletry

de Holanda Cavalcanti

bags and placemats made

Metropolitan Park, a Cultural

from re-manufactured fabric,

Preservation Zone located

used originally as uniforms

within the 13,600 hectares

by Members of Odebrecht

of Suape.

Engenharia Industrial – Braskem Project.

Accompanied by a Health team, participants toured the beaches of Gaibu,


Calhetas and Paraíso, the


observatories and learned


about all the heritage of


the historical sites, such

During Environment

as the Nazaré Village and

Week, the Rota do Atlântico

its church, the Castelo do

Concessionaire, which

Mar Fort, the São Jorge and

recycled PET bottles. The

administers the road

Calhetas Artillery Units,

group pointed out the

network of the Suape Port

Gaibu Fort and the former

durability of the brooms

Industrial and Port Complex

lighthouse. “In addition

(one to two years), their

in Pernambuco, together

to providing knowledge

efficiency during cleaning,

with the Expressway

about these environmental

the resistance to abrasion

Consortium responsible

treasures, the outing was

and their profile as a social

for completing the

also a way encourage

and environmentally-correct

construction work, prepared

the practice of physical / no. 284 / june 2012


> Environment exercise and promote increased interaction between the Members of the concessionaire and construction consortium,” said Júlio Perdigão, President of CRA. On June 5, there was the promotion of a group dynamic exercise focused on sustainability with the Consuart Theater Group, which raised participants’ awareness on the topic. After that, there was a planting of adult seedlings of native species at the future installations of one of the CRA toll plazas. “Because we are not yet operating, this first Environmental Week promoted by the concessionaire was focused exclusively on our internal public. “During the next editions, we plan to involve all of society in this awareness raising initiative, including the users of the highway and local communities,” explained the Social-Environmental Development Advisor at CRA, Joyce Melo.

14 / no. 284 / june 2012

JĂşlio PerdigĂŁo, President of CRA, and Carolina Farias, Expressway Consortium Contract Director, participated in the planting of seedlings in Suape / no. 284 / june 2012


> People

Odebrecht Discusses Women’s Presence in Business

16 / no. 284 / june 2012

Of the some 130,000 workers from the Engineering and Construction business, 12% are women / no. 284 / june 2012


> People Th e I nte r n a c ional

Sustainabilit y program,

wise in the Engineer in g

Fi n a n ce Co r p o ration, a

focused his presentation

and Construc tion

s e gm e nt o f t h e Wor ld

on recent Engineer ing

business: 12% of the

B a n k , h e l d a wor kshop

and Construc tion

near ly 130,000 M embe r s

o n Ap r i l 2 0 a s par t of

exper iences,

are women.

i t s Wo m a n i n B usiness

emphasizing the lessons

p ro gra m . O d e brecht

taken from each case.

increase women’s

wa s o n e o f t h e 10

Under the title “Creating

par ticipation, the

o rg a n i z at i o n s i nvited to

New Wor k Oppor tunities

Organization’s strateg y

p a r t i c i p ate i n t he event,

for Women in the

has been to focus on

w h i c h to o k p l a ce at the

Enginee r ing and

recruiting young fema l e

e nt i t y ’s h e a d o ffice in

Construc tion sec tor,” the

graduates and promoting

Wa s h i n g to n D. C.

exhibit also showed the

local training programs,

Th e m e e t i n g

specific challenges faced

such as Believe, which

wa s d e s i gn e d to

by O debrecht in ter ms

has trained over 9,000

d e m o n s t rate t he value

of promoting advances

women since 2008.

a d d e d to b u s i n ess by

in the gender equalit y –

c re at i n g o p p o r tunities

both inter nally as well

by Odebrecht was

a n d i m p rov i n g wor k

as in societ y.

highlighted by the event

co n d i t i o n s fo r women.

The revelation made

O debrecht ’s challenge

coordinator Carmen

D i v i d e d i nto t h ree

was put into the contex t

Niethammer since it

ro u n d t a b l e s o f lec tures

of the cur rent scenar io

brings up issues such as

a n d d i s c u s s i o n s, the

of women’s presence in

local and cultural valu e s,

i nv i te d co m p a nies

the civil construc tion

mobilization and labo r

ex p o s e d c a s e s of ac tions

sec tor. According to

training. I n addition to

i m p l e m e nte d i n their

data cited by Brazil ’s

the invited companies,

o p e rat i o n s to overcome

M inistr y of Labor,

representatives from

g e n d e r b a r r i e r s.

women represent only

the United Nations

7.56% of employees

Organization (UN) and

O d e b re c ht, Al exandre

in the area. Within

the I nter-Amer ican

B a l t a r, f ro m t h e

O debrecht, the presence

D evelopment Bank (BI D)

R A E O p e rat i o n s

is highe r percentage -

also took par t.

R e p re s e nt i n g


I n order to help / no. 284 / june 2012

The increase in women’s participation is associated with Odebrecht’s local training programs / no. 284 / june 2012


> Integration

SANEATINS Holds First Edition of “Fireside Conversation” As a complement to the

entrepreneurial culture as the

Coordinator who has been with

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial

permanent base for alignment

the company for 14 years, stated:

Technology (TEO) integration

between its Members. He

“In the beginning, I was very

process, approximately 150

also shared the milestones of

anxious and a bit insecure. Today, I

leaders from the Tocantins

Odebrecht’s history, from its

make it a point to say that I’m not

State Sanitation Company

foundation to present day.

worried, but rather motivated.

(SANEATINS), controlled by


At the end of the meeting, the I realized that the values of the

Foz do Brasil, met on May 31

participants had the opportunity Foz/Odebrecht culture are the

in Palmas for the 1st edition

to ask questions and share

same ones that I practice inside

of the “Fireside Conversation.”

their own stories about the

my home, in my private life.

During the event, Odebrecht’s

arrival process of Foz do Brasil,

Now, these same values are part

Communication Director,

which assumed control of the

of my work,” he said. For Mario

Márcio Polidoro, presented the

company in January of this year.

Amaro, Managing Director of

Organization’s macro strategy,

Joaquim Maia Leite, Water and

SANEATINS, this opportunity to

emphasizing the role of the

Sewage Network Maintenance

exchange experiences is very / no. 284 / june 2012

Márcio Polidoro spoke about the entrepreneurial culture and events that marked the Organization’s history

Amorim, responsible for

1.1 million people, the

Administration and Finances at

company – which is controlled

SANEATINS, the meetings will

by Foz do Brasil – operates

be held every two months. “It

and invests in sanitation

is very important to receive the

projects in 47 municipalities

support of these colleagues

of Tocantins (which make up

with rich histories marked by

75% of the population) and

accomplishments and learning,

is a partner of the Tocantins

since the experiences lived and

Sanitation Agency (ATS) in

shared by them will help our

78 municipalities, which

Members put the Odebrecht

together comprise the state.

Entrepreneurial Technology

To the North, SANEATINS also

(TEO) into practice during the

operates in the border region,

day-to-day,” explained Amorim.

and is responsible for five

With over 1,500 Members and serving approximately

rich and reinforces elements considered important for the operation’s improved maturity.

municipal concession contracts on Paraná territory.

ORIGINS Emílio Odebrecht [1894-1962], the first member

“We are beginning a new phase

of the family to study engineering and the father of

in SANEATINS’ 23-year history,

Norberto Odebrecht, had the custom of meeting with

and the Members are being

his foremen over the weekends for study sessions

encouraged to take a leadership

at fireside. Based on his father’s example and an

role in their programs, working

education that prepared him to serve – instead of being

as entrepreneur-partners,” said

served – the young Norberto Odebrecht upheld the

Amaro. “It is this pro-active

practice, meeting with the foremen and workers at the

posture, one dedicated to the

construction sites. The conversation was a moment to

Client and focused on quality

listen to those he led and reflect on what went right and

and results, that will create the

wrong, while at the same time sharing the knowledge

environment for reaching the

acquired during the workday. This practice, backed by

challenging goal of being the first

strong values and moral principles, helped consolidate

state to universalize its water and sewage distribution, collection and treatment services within a

the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) over the following decades.

six-year period,” he said. According to José Roberto / no. 284 / june 2012


> Odebrecht Foundation

Philippe Delleur, CEO of Alstom Odebrecht Energia Visit Odebre 22 / no. 284 / june 2012

On May 21, Norberto Odebrecht, Chairman of the Odebrecht Foundation Trustees’ Board, received a visit from Philippe Delleur, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alstom, as well as Members from Odebrecht Energia at the Organization’s Head Office in Salvador, Bahia. The meeting was designed to present the foundation’s work in the state’s Southern Lowlands. Norberto Odebrecht highlighted the potential of a union to promote the “win-win” game and presented the history and activities of the Odebrecht Foundation. There was also an emphasis on the challenges faced by a social During the meeting, Norberto Odebrecht presented the Odebrecht Foundation’s history and activities

m, and Members of echt Organization

institution that works in synergy with the political and economic sphere to achieve its results. “Companies such as ours, which work on energy and transportation projects, help contribute toward the structural development of our country,” said Delleur. “As entrepreneurs, we can / no. 284 / june 2012


> Odebrecht Foundation do our part and form future

Organization (OCT ), which

featuring testimonials

generations with practical

is part of PDIS – also

from the youth supported

concepts of sustainability,”

presented the planning

by the Rural Family Home

he said.

for the energy generation

(CFR), an institution

project for the Bahia

benefited by Alstom

Southern Lowlands region.

through income tax

Also accompanying the visit were Members from Alstom Marcos Costa,

Visitors watched videos

Vice President of Energy Generation, and Juliana Souza, Communication Director in Brazil and Latin America. Representing Odebrecht Energia were Henrique Valladares, Entrepreneurial Leader, and Enio Silva, responsible for People, Organization and Communication. Maurício Medeiros, Executive Chairman of the Odebrecht Foundation, and Clovis Faleiro, responsible for Institutional Relations, welcomed the group. During the event, visitors learned the details of the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS). Roger Dittrich, from the engineering company Rischbieter – a partner of the Land Conservation

24 / no. 284 / june 2012

Juliana Souza, Clovis Faleiro, Enio Silva, Marcos Costa, Henrique Valladares, Philippe Delleur, Maurício Medeiros, e Roger Dittrich

deductible contributions

via the Tribute to the

“the programming was

Future Program. According

designed to further

R$ 260,000 in the Rural

to Clovis Faleiro, leader of

strengthen the relationship

Family Home’s Educational-

Tribute to the Future and

between Alstom,

Production Project. The

Institutional Relations at

Odebrecht Energia and the

year, the investment was

the Odebrecht Foundation,

Odebrecht Foundation.”

R$ 225,000.

In 2011, Alstom invested / no. 284 / june 2012


26 / no. 284 / june 2012

> Fast News

Malaria in Focus The Social Responsibility team of the Moatize Expansion Project, an initiative of the company Vale being undertaken in alliance with Odebrecht in Mozambique, promoted an awareness raising campaign on May 18 focused on the dangers of malaria together with students from the Heróis Moçambicanos Secondary School, located in the district of Moatize. The Health team, represented by the occupational physicians Dr. Ramiro Manjante and Dr. Alexandre Kala, promoted a dialogue on the transmission methods, recognition of symptoms, prevention and treatment of malaria. A theater presentation reinforced the importance of seeking out a medical service as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear. The students were encouraged to demonstrate the knowledge they acquired by taking a “pop quiz” on the disease and also took part in a dance contest.

During the action, all participants received free gifts, mosquito repellent and mosquito netting. PREVENTION AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE Members of the Moatize Expansion Project were also the focus of a mobilization campaign against malaria promoted by the project’s Health team. The activities included the distribution of folders and kits with mosquito repellent and netting. Some 250 Members received the kits during the first week of the campaign, which was held from May 14 to June 1. “Over 24,000 people contracted malaria in the Province of Moatize during the year 2011,” said Hortêncio Carlos, Health Agent. “It is necessary to adopt preventive behavior and use mosquito repellent and netting to prevent the proliferation of the disease,” he said.

The campaign to fight malaria brought information to Mozambique youth through dialogue and playful activities / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

Organization Receives National and International Students In April and May, Odebrecht received visits from students coming from international teaching institutions. The

idea was to understand the

market, business opportunities

business dynamics, specific

and growth of construction

characteristics of the Brazilian

projects and industries.

groups met at the Eldorado Business Tower Building in São Paulo, spoke to Organization leaders and toured the Institutional Space. On April 19, 25 students from the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) listened to lectures by André Amaro, responsible for Entrepreneurship Support (RAE) – People, Planning and

Students from UCLA listen to a lecture by André Amaro

Communication, and Mauro Motta, responsible for Financial Planning, who spoke about the Odebrecht Organization and its global operations. On May 16, a group of students from São Paulo’s INSPER - IE Business School, took part in a lecture on finances, administered by Jayme Fonseca, responsible for Entrepreneurship Support (RAE) for Engineering and Construction Finances. The

28 / no. 284 / june 2012

A group of students from INSPER meet at the São Paulo building

PROSUB-ENB Celebrates Mother’s Day

Eating Habits, Health and Beauty were the topics addressed at the event

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the Social

up techniques, emphasized the importance

Service team at PROSUB-EBN – the development

of reserving some time for personal care and

in which Odebrecht Infraestrutura participates

handed out free gifts.

– promoted lectures on eating habits, health and

All of the mothers received beauty kits. At the

beauty, together with a breakfast for the some

end of each lecture, there was also a drawing of

250 mothers who work on the project.

kits for the participants.

The event included the participation of Ana

For Andréa Silva Ferreira, mother of five

Beatriz Duarte, responsible for Meals, who

children, the lecture on health was the most

spoke about a healthy diet. Dr. Silvana Castilho,

interesting: “She explained about how women

responsible for the Medicine sector, spoke

should care for themselves at all different ages

about breast cancer, STDs and uterine cancer

and it was really fun to present serious topics in

and answered participants’ questions. To finalize

an easy way so that everyone could understand,”

the event, the makeup artist for the company

said Ferreira.

Natura, Anderson Vieira, taught some / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

“AcculturACTION” Program Gathers Leaders at Project in Maranhão The Carajás Railroad Expansion (EEFC)

contract category, cultural differences between

project held its “AcculturACTION” Program on

ally companies, alignment-related difficulties

April 13, 14, 27 and 28. The target public of

between the construction sites, a delay in

the event, which was held in the Maranhão

the approval of environmental permits and

city of Açailândia, were the leaders from the

undertaking a construction project with the

production, quality and equipment area.

railroad in operation.

The main objective was to facilitate the

The first part of the program was focused

assimilation of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial

on the Odebrecht Culture, from the history of

Technology (TEO) and its fundamental points,

the Organization’s creation to the emphasis on

with a special emphasis on satisfying and

the practice of the spirit of serving. The second

winning over the Client through the Spirit of

module was geared toward communication,

Serving. The event also promoted the alignment

leadership aligned with safety and case studies

between the construction sites and reflection to

for the elaboration of an action plan.

generate job opportunities based on the specific difficulties found in the project.

Participating in the event were Mauro Neves, Contract Director, José Alberto Vieira Rosa,

The program was developed to support

Administrative and Financial Manager, and the

Members when dealing with certain specific

P&O team from Odebrecht Infraestrutura, with

characteristics of the business, such as a new

Savana Pires and Ana Clara Bastos.

The program promoted alignment between construction sites and encouraged reflection on the opportunities for overcoming challenges

30 / no. 284 / june 2012

SANEATINS Joins Municipal Campaign for Improved Safety in Traffic

In addition to taking part in dialogues and lectures, Members also watched theater presentations with the puppet “I’m committed”

The Tocantins State Sanitation Company

interventions, a road block in the parking lot,

(SANEATINS) – controlled by Foz do Brasil

dialogues and presentations, as well as the

– was the first company to take part in the

distribution of educational materials.

campaign “Life in Traffic: I’m Committed!,”

“It’s a way of reinforcing the safety actions in

promoted by the Palmas City Government in

the workplace, while at the same time engaging

partnership with the Traffic, Transportation and

the community to reduce accidents in the

Mobility Agency (ATTM) on May 23 and 24.

capital,” stated the professional responsible for

Some 400 Members were directly impacted by

Sustainability at SANEATINS, Wagner Vicente

the action, designed to teach them about the


correct attitudes to adopt in traffic to prevent accidents.

The awareness raising actions will continue on June 11, 13 and 15 with the lecture “Driving

During the two days of the event, the

without Alcohol,” administered by the Trauma

ATTM workers provided orientations and

League team in the District of Palmas, located

sought to raise participants’ awareness in a

at the Company’s administrative head office,

playful and interactive fashion through artistic

and in the District of Taquaralto. / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

Foz do Brasil Unit Celebrates 1,000 Days without Workplace Accidents In May, the Foz do Brasil industrial unit

at the Client’s industrial plant, the team’s

located in Otacílio Costa, Santa Catarina,

professional maturity and the involvement of

completed 1,000 days without workplace

everyone. Sandro Hansen, Operation Director,

accidents. The unit serves the industrial Client

pointed out that, besides all the preventive

Klabin – one of Brazil’s largest companies

measures, the key to success is the focus

in the Paper & Pulp segment – through the

on people, since it is they who during the

supply of crude, filtered and demineralized

day-to-day need to correctly assess risks,

water and industrial effluent treatment.

rigorously follow procedures and safely

The operation began in 2007, and since then, the Company has been undertaking

perform activities. In order to celebrate the accomplishment,

intense and continuous work to improve

a special dinner was held with the Members.

safety, based on four main pillars: Procedures,

There was also the implementation of

Discipline, Participation and Training.

awareness raising actions together with

This achievement was possible thanks to the permanent interaction between

the Client, focused on the importance of workplace safety at the industrial plant.

Members and the different areas of operation

A special celebratory dinner gathered Members at the industrial unit, located in Otacílio Costa

32 / no. 284 / june 2012

Odebrecht at the World Cup Website Presents New Version On June 1, Odebrecht Infraestrutura launched a new version of the website br, featuring information on the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena, Pernambuco Arena, Corinthians Arena and Maracan達 Arena.

generation and transmission in order to allow for a high number of simultaneous accesses. The page layout is also cleaner and more interactive, facilitating the navigability and access to the content. Other new features include maps with the location of

events related to the constructions is now available in the area dedicated to news. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which already existed in the previous version of the website, are still online in order to clarify any questions related to the construction work.

In the new version, online cameras are available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with images showing the progress of the construction work at the four stadiums. There is a one-hour delay between the

each stadium and links for sharing the content on social media. The new image gallery includes additional photos and a space with videos of the construction work. The history of the main

The construction of the four stadiums currently generates more than 13,000 direct job opportunities. When they are ready, the stadiums will have the capacity for over 220,000 people.

The new website offers users more information and interactivity / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

Odebrecht Venezuela Faces Logistics Challenge in Construction of Mariche Metrocable With complex logistics

will consist of 42 towers and

also facilitate the integration of

that demanded the use of a

158 cabins. The express stretch,

residents from the low-income

helicopter with an external

with 32 towers, will allow for the

zones of Mariche with the city

cargo capacity of 5 tons, 23

direct transfer of users from the

of Caracas, allowing for the

towers were installed along the

Palo Verde Station to the Mariche

connection with the rest of the

express stretch of the Mariche

Station, within an estimated

subway system in the Venezuelan

Metrocable, currently being

commute time of 17 minutes.

capital and providing access to

built by Odebrecht Venezuela

The Mariche Metrocable will

other regions.

for C.A. Metro de Caracas. The operation completes the total of 32 towers necessary to finalize the first phase of the project. The helicopter allowed for the transfer of the structures from the Mariche construction site to the installation site of each one of these, generally found in hard-to-access areas due to the mountain topography and the high population density. The installation of each tower took 30 minutes, a short period compared to the three weeks that would be necessary to place them with a crane. The Mariche MetroCable cable car system consists of two stretches: the local one, which extends 4.84 km, and the express one, which extends 4.79 km. The local line, which will take 25 minutes to complete,

34 / no. 284 / june 2012

The use of the helicopter helped streamline and reduce the time required to complete the construction work for the Mariche Metrocable in Venezuela

IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine Highlights Odebrecht Organization as One of the 50 Companies “That Do Good” IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine

Development Program (PDIS),

is strengthened when we

published the list of the “50

supported by the Odebrecht

have the opportunity for

Companies that Do Good” in

Foundation. The initiative

governments, civil society and

its last edition. Among those

was chosen in the “Partners”

companies to work together

selected was the Odebrecht


and help promote sustainable

Organization, chosen for its

PDIS has more than

development and growth,” said

support of the Bahia Southern

30 partners that invested

Mauricio Medeiros, Executive

Lowlands Environmental

approximately R$ 100

Chairman of the Odebrecht

Protection Area Mosaic

million in the program in


Integrated and Sustainable

2011 alone. “The social fabric

According to IstoÉ Dinheiro, over the years the discussion on social issues ceased from being something reserved exclusively to government agents and companies from a range of different sectors began to pay attention to this topic. An example of this is the Rio +20 event, to be held during the month of June, which will discuss strategies for combating global warming and guaranteeing the planet’s sustainability. In order to access the complete list of the “50 Companies that Do Good,” visit the Odebrecht Foundation website. Ivaldino dos Santos, a member of the Bahia Southern Lowlands Heart of Palm Producers’ Cooperative, one of the cooperatives associated with PDIS / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

OCT Promotes Reforestation Actions at the Pratigi EPA With the celebration of World Environment Day and with events

for Biodiversity (FUNBIO) and the

such as Rio +20 approaching fast,

Pratigi EPA Guardian Association.

the discussions on the environment

The activities are designed to

and sustainability have earned

recover the degraded spaces in

increased importance within the

regions of river and water source

national scenario. In order to

Permanent Protection Areas (PPA)

contribute toward these debates,

to re-establish the generation

and primarily, toward initiatives

of environmental services,

that generate significant results

for example, climate stability,

in terms of the conservation

improvement and regulation of

of natural resources, the Land

the water cycles, erosion and pest

Conservation Organization (OCT ),

control, improved natural fertility

a partner of the Odebrecht

of the soils and the sequestering of

Foundation, has reinforced its

carbon from the atmosphere. Some

operations in the Bahia Southern

500 families will be involved with


the actions, which consist mainly

One example is the

of small land owners and rural

implementation of the project

settlers who receive their income

“Restoring Environmental Services�

from the heart of palm, cabruca

in the sub-basins of the Mina Nova

cacao and rubber plantations. The

and Vargido Rivers, both part of

project lasts two years and one of

the Juliana River Watershed, the

its goals is the forest restoration of

largest drainage network inserted

40 hectares of riparian forests and

into the Pratigi Environmental

water sources.

Protection Area (EPA). The project


partners include the Brazilian Fund / no. 284 / june 2012

The new accommodations have the capacity for up to 480 Members

Belo Monte HPP Inaugurates First Condominium for Accommodations On May 23, the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) inaugurated the first

plant of which Odebrecht Energia is part. With the capacity for up to 480 workers,

condominium for accommodations at the

the condominium offers a TV room,

construction site, which was baptized as

space for a game table, laundry with a

the “MarabĂĄ Condominium.â€? The event

collection and return service and central

involved the participation of members of

air conditioning in all rooms. The first

the Norte Energia S/A Board of Directors

residents will be those Members who

and Construtor Belo Monte Consortium,

currently live in the Belo Monte Pioneer

responsible for the construction of the

Accommodations. / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

“Coffee Break:” More Interaction among Santo Antônio HPP Leaders Approximately 600 project service leaders

expected from our leaders and learned about

and supervisors from the Santo Antônio HPP,

their expectations and difficulties,” said Borgatti.

currently being built by Odebrecht Energia,

“It was a great opportunity to improve internal

participated in the “Coffee Break,” an initiative

communication openly and transparently. We

of the Santo Antônio Civil Consortium (CSAC)

have already seen the change in the leaders’

designed to improve leadership practices and

posture in the past labor movements,” he said.

strengthen the group’s relationship with Civil

The meetings helped strengthen the bonds

Construction Contract Director, Leonardo

between the group and increased mutual trust.

Borgatti. In all, 45 meetings were held in which

“The understanding and union between the

the participants disseminated good practices

teams increased and we were able to better

and presented challenges in the search for

understand the other’s reality,” said Laurício

solutions by working together.

Usinger, Production Supervisor from the

For Leonardo Borgatti, “Coffee Break” promoted important moments of interaction: “We presented participants with that which we

Cement Injection sector. The initiative took place from January to April.

Participants represent 75% of all the project’s leaders and supervisors

38 / no. 284 / june 2012

Members Take Part in Dam and Plant Community Meeting in Rondônia On May 31 and June 1, the

Organization this year. Zé

Santo Antônio HPP hosted the

Bodinho was surprised with a

meeting of the Dam and Plant

video featuring testimonials

Knowledgeable Community

by work colleagues and his

under the theme “Technical

children and wife. He also

Mission: Santo Antônio HPP.”

received a tribute plaque and

The first day of the event was

commemorative gift. “I didn’t

reserved for the presentation

expect this,” said Zé Bodinho,

of lectures, when Entrepreneur

visibly touched. The second day

Partners from different countries

of the meeting was reserved for

in which Odebrecht operates

a visit to the plant construction

were able to exchange their

site, which began operating in

experiences in the respective

March of this year.

projects and share knowledge.

Created in 2001, the Dam

The day also included a tribute

and Plant Community – the

paid to Odebrecht Energia

first Odebrecht Knowledgeable

Member José Osinair Rodrigues

Community – serves as a kind of

da Silva, better known as Zé

“social network” for its Members

Bodinho, who celebrates 50

and is designed to promote

years with the Odebrecht

an exchange of experiences,

The honored Zé Bodinho (left) and Henrique Valladares, Entrepreneurial Leader of Odebrecht Energia

provide support during the resolution of technical issues and dissemination of good practices, as well as work under the format of Technical Missions, with visits to the construction projects or institutes of reference.

The meeting included lectures and visits to the Santo Antônio HPP construction site

The group includes the Partner Entrepreneurs and teams that work on the dam, hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plant, nuclear center and energy transmission line contracts. The recommendations about the main topics discussed at the meeting can be found on the Corporate Portal for consultation by the Organization’s other Members. / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

The NORBE IX repeats the achievement of the NORBE VIII and achieves high performance levels in the Client’s evaluations

NORBE IX Presents High Performance in Petrobras Assessment The Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG)

and the Action Programs are systematically

NORBE IX received a high ranking in the

monitored. For Patrick Landry, Rig Manager,

Performance Assessment Bulletin (BAD) from

the daily tasks are undertaken with aims

the Client Petrobras. With averages higher

of satisfying the Client. “Every Member

than 90% in the evaluated areas, including a

onboard the rig is encouraged to apply all of

96% satisfaction rate with relation to Human

their knowledge and experience to achieve

Resources, the NORBE IX has been able to

results,” said Landry.

conduct its operations with a high level of efficiency. Installations, which was another area

equipment, fulfillment of the procedures and instructions are part of the NORBE IX

analyzed, also received distinction in the

routine, which justifies the high degree of

BAD, with a positive evaluation of the rig’s

Client satisfaction. All of the evaluations

organization, safety and conservation

presented in the BAD are discussed and after

conditions. According to Maximo Leite,

that, compiled into an action program that

responsible for Workplace Safety, the safety

includes deadlines, responsible managers

of all onboard is viewed as a value and the

and monitoring of the results. “Planning,

NORBE IX management participates closely

organization, supervision and teamwork

in the operations. Every morning, phone

are crucial for achieving the operational

conferences are held to ensure alignment

excellence established in the 2020 Vision,”

and monitoring of the work. The rig

said Landry.

manager frequently goes on tours onboard


Programmed maintenance, care with the / no. 284 / june 2012

ETH Bioenergia Promotes Cycle of Lectures at the MS Industrial Expo From May 22 to 25,

do Sul, which gathers

bioenergy sector over a

Campo Grande (MS) hosted

entrepreneurs, suppliers

four-day period.

the MS Industrial Expo,

and clients. ETH supported

the largest industry fair in

the event and promoted

the ETH stand, leaders and

the state of Mato Grosso

a cycle of lectures on the

Members of the Mato Grosso

In a classroom set up at

do Sul Center – which includes the Santa Luzia and Eldorado Units – spoke to visitors about technologies in the agricultural and industrial areas for the production of ethanol and electric energy, best practices in Safety, Health and Environment and about People and Sustainability and the History of the Odebrecht Organization. Eliandro Romani, Industrial Manager of the Santa Luzia Unit, answers visitors’ questions

ETH’s participation at the MS Industrial Expo also featured a lecture by Carla Pires, responsible for Sustainability, in the event’s main auditorium. Visitors heard about the topic and learned more about the Social Energy for Local Sustainability Program, developed by ETH in the municipalities in the areas of

The ETH Bioenergia stand offered a cycle of lectures on topics such as sustainability and technologies for ethanol and electric energy production

influence of its operations. / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

AirportLink Recognized for Voluntary Protection Program The AirportLink Metrorail Extension project,

their respective sectors. The safety program

currently being built by Odebrecht in the

undertaken at the AirportLink projects is

United States through a consortium agreement,

designed to cultivate the “zero accident” culture,

was recognized by the Occupational Safety

and had completed until then 983 days and a

& Health Administration (OSHA) agency, part

more than 2 million man-hours without time loss

of the United States Department of Labor, for


its Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The

The distinction ceremony took place at the

construction project achieved the “Start Status”

new AirportLink station, which is already 97%

– considered the highest level of recognition

complete. The event is designed primarily

granted by OSHA. Until then, only two projects

to celebrate the effort demonstrated by the

had received this classification in the state of

Members, subcontractors and partners involved

Florida, one of which was MIA Mover, completed

in achieving the established goals.

by Odebrecht United States in September 2011. VPP recognizes companies from the

To participate in the VPP Star Status program, the consortium presented its candidacy to

private sector and federal agencies that have

OSHA and was carefully evaluated by a team of

voluntarily installed effective safety and

safety and health professionals. To remain in the

health management systems, maintaining

program, the VPP participants are re-evaluated

the injury and disease rates below average for

within periods varying from three to five years.

The effort of Members, subcontractors and partners was decisive in earning the distinction

42 / no. 284 / june 2012

Colombia Hosts 2012 Latin America Young Builder Program On May 12-19, the city of Bogotรก received 102

Organization business vision as a way of

youth from the seven countries that participated

supporting and accelerating the training

in the Latin America Young Builder Program,

process, promoting the development of new

held for the first time in Colombia. The members

and better entrepreneurs based on the 2020

of the group came from Mexico, Dominican


Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. The program was designed to provide participants with information on the Odebrecht

During Young Builder, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with and learn about other cultures, in addition to exchanging experiences on their environments and projects.

Group of 2012 Latin America Young Builders in Colombia / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

Opportunity for Colombian Youth

Young talents take part in the recruitment process to work at the Odebrecht Organization

Four prestigious universities from the Colombian cities of BogotĂĄ and Bucaramanga

(BogotĂĄ), Santander Industrial University and the

signed an agreement with the Odebrecht

Bucaramanga Bolivarian Pontifical University.

Organization with aims of identifying and

After the lecture, 326 youth from 19 different

attracting young talents to participate in the

majors signed up to participate in the first

2012 Young Partner Program. The teaching

phase of the recruitment process, during which

institutions chosen are located within the sphere

91 were pre-selected and invited to continue

of influence of the Organization’s projects that

with the process, which includes interviews

are underway in the country.

with leaders from the company. In June, the

To publicize the program, an informative


Colombia, the Colombian Engineering School

Organization plans to hire some 30 Colombian

lecture was presented involving the participation

youth, which will join the Odebrecht projects in

of 515 youth from National University of

the country. / no. 284 / june 2012

“Nosso super” Supermarket Chain Reopens Stores in Angola The Angola New Supermarket Chain

Angola. “The ‘Our Field’ project will help

(NRSA), an Odebrecht investment in the

identify and support the development of small

country, reopened “nosso super” on May 25.

and medium-sized producers from the Luanda

In all, 10 stores are currently operating in

green belt and the 17 provinces of the country,

the capital of Luanda. It is estimated that

with aims of guaranteeing the regular supply

by September, all 29 units of the chain will

of quality products to the stores,” said Cruz.

be opened throughout the entire national

With the campaign, “nosso super” will offer


more competitive prices for national products

With aims of promoting agricultural

compared to imported ones, increasing the

production in the country, the supermarket

purchasing power of consumers, who will

chain will adopt the “Our Field” campaign,

have access to an ample and varied array of

offering the opportunity for local producers to

national and international products.

distribute their products through the “nosso super” units.

The reopening of the supermarkets will also help create 1,800 direct job opportunities,

“This new phase of ‘nosso super’ will

98% of which will be filled by Angolan

contribute toward the development of the

professionals. “Nosso super” includes

food distribution segment value chain,” said

infrastructure consisting of 29 stores and two

Júlio Cruz, Investment Director at Odebrecht

distribution and logistics centers.

The supermarket chain was reopened by the country’s Minister of Commerce, Idalina Valente, and included the presence of Eduardo Salome, General Director of “nosso super” (in the foreground), and Júlio Cruz, Investment Director at Odebrecht Angola / no. 284 / june 2012


> Fast News

Members in Angola Participate in Course on Motivation

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Productivity were among the topics addressed during the course

In April and May, Members of the Structuring

area. “The leader must be a facilitator, a creator

Highways contract – currently being undertaken

of the conditions necessary for those he or she

by Odebrecht Angola – participated in the third

leads to be motivated,” said Geraldo.

module of the Seeking Excellence Program,


Since 2008, more than 10,000 Members

developed to improve dialogue and absorption

from different Odebrecht Angola projects have

of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

participated in the first two program modules,

(TEO) in the businesses.

focused on Self-Esteem and Communication.

This third phase of the program featured

The third module, directed at leaders and

lectures and discussions focused on motivation,

workers from the operational areas of the

with themes such as leadership and motivating

contracts, began at the Structuring Highways

factors. “Motivation is an internal process,” said

project, and involved the participation of 1,057

José Geraldo, from the People and Organization

Members. / no. 284 / june 2012

Braskem “Green” Plastic Present at 2012 Clean Brazil Event Braskem was one of the

which mobilized thousands of

by the volunteer city cleanup

sponsors of Clean Brazil - Let’s

invited volunteers to head out


Do It!, which took place on May

onto the streets and remove

27 in São Paulo. The company’s

the garbage littered on public

Do It!, brought to Brazil through

“Green” Plastic was present

roads. In partnership with the

a partnership with UNESCO,

in all of the collection bags

company Embalixo, Braskem

has already taken place in 20

distributed during the event,

supplied the plastic bags used

countries and has been held

The project Clean Brazil - Let’s

in Brazil with biennial cleanup actions for the past two years. The movement is designed to raise society’s awareness as to the problems associated with the inappropriate disposal of garbage. The campaign encourages people to change their attitude about solid waste, with a focus on environmental preservation. “It is very important for the population to participate in movements like Clean Brazil in order for us to make concrete progress toward sustainability,” said Jorge Soto, Sustainable Development Director at Braskem. “Braskem hopes to effectively contribute toward sustainable development, and green plastic is one of the main symbols of this initiative,” he Volunteers took part in the cleanup, which featured with sponsorship from Braskem

said. / no. 284 / june 2012


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