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Timeliness, Cost and Quality: OR Delivers Boulevard Side in Salvador / no. 283 / may 2012


4 participate in the sport in focus contest!

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For the third consecutive year, Odebrecht Informa magazine launched yet another photography contest directed at Members of the Odebrecht Organization: Sport in Focus. Take photos and participate!

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6 a look inside the construction of the stadiums

In May, Brazil’s Minister of Sports, Aldo Rebelo, visited the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador, and Corinthians Stadium in São Paulo, both of which involve the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura.

> 14 or development joins work and

housing in salvador’s financial center

On May 10, Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR) gathered some 800 guests, including clients, Members, partners and professionals from the press, for the Boulevard Side delivery cocktail party.


> 18 fast news Next Edition: june 12, 2012

36 tocoma hydroelectric power plant in final phase of construction

The construction work for the Manuel Piar – Tocoma Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Caroní River in Bolívar State, is currently advancing at an accelerated phase, with nearly 87% completed and involving 9,000 Members. The commercial generation for the first turbine is set for December of this year.

> 40 civil construction reformulates products to boost ecoefficiency

During the year in which several different countries will meet during Rio+20 to discuss the “Green Economy,” the Brazilian civil construction market is proving that this is not just a recent concern. The sector invests in new products to guarantee more sustainable development.


46 eth launches project designed to integrate systems

> > 50 fast news – training

On April 27, ETH Bioenergia held a meeting to announce the launch of the New ERP Project, which involves the implementation of the new entrepreneurship support system and which will standardize and optimize the operational areas.

> 54 fast news – communities

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> odebrecht informa magazine

Participate in the Sport in F For the third consecutive year, Odebrecht Informa magazine launched yet another photography contest directed at Members of the Odebrecht Organization: Sport in Focus. As the 2012 Olympic Games are taking place in London, England, the topic chosen this year is Sports. Images of any sports practice in the communities in which the Odebrecht Organization is present are being accepted. The following can be portrayed, for example: soccer games, baseball or rugby organized at stadiums; a game of chess or dominoes in the city’s public square; kids playing soccer in an improvised field; a lone sailor; and sports activities at the construction sites, industrial units, etc. Amateur photographers can participate with a maximum of three photos in two categories: Camera (from 3 to 12 megapixels) and Cellular Phone (from 2 to 5

4 / no. 283 / may 2012

Focus Contest! megapixels). The second category will allow for the entry of images manipulated using applications such as Camera + and Instagram. The photos must be first-of-akind (never before published) and taken in 2012. Each one should be accompanied by the author’s name, a title and brief description of its content, in which the participant explains the context of the image in terms of the local community. The winning images, chosen by a commission made up of Members and a guest photographer, will be published in Edition No. 161 of Odebrecht Informa. A larger selection of images will be published on the magazine website. Registration will be open until June 22. Take photos and participate! Learn more about the contest rules and sign up at the website esporteemfoco. / no. 283 / may 2012


> 2014 World Cup

A Look Inside the Construction of the Stadium

6 / no. 283 / may 2012


In May, Brazil’s Minister of The Fonte Nova Arena physical work is already 60% completed and the roof is already being constructed

Sports, Aldo Rebelo, visited the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador, and Corinthians Stadium in São Paulo, both of which involve the participation of Odebrecht Infraestrutura. In the Bahia capital, the construction of the Fonte Nova Arena presents a physical advance of more than 60% and involves the participation of 3,000 Members, including workers, technicians and engineers, divided into 22 work hours in two different shifts. Rebelo visited the construction site on May 15, accompanied by the Governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner. “Bahia is fulfilling all the requirements and the construction work has progressed based on the estimated timeline,” said the minister. The Minister of Sports further stated that the global event represents a major opportunity for development in Brazil of a range of different segments, such as engineering, telecommunications, tourism, economy and sports medicine. / no. 283 / may 2012


> 2014 World Cup

In Salvador, the Minister of Sports, Aldo Rebelo, speaks with Members from the consortium formed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS

“The World Cup has already

or undergoing remodeling

generated 300,000 job

work to complete the roof

opportunities in the country,

and finalize the installation of

and the capacity for 50,000

and during the event, another

the grandstands: “The last FIFA

people, the arena will be

300,000 will be generated,” he

report indicated Salvador

ready in December of this


as one of the Brazilian

year. After it is delivered, the

capitals with stadiums that

Fonte Nova Arena will serve

that the Fonte Nova Arena

received the ‘green light’

as stage for events related

will be the first Brazilian

from the entity for the World

to soccer and also major

stadium under construction

Cup and Confederations

shows, conferences and

Jaques Wagner stated

8 / no. 283 / may 2012

Cup,” said Wagner. With a multi-use character

and Youth, José Benedito

integration of the Congonhas

Fernandes, by the Special

Airport with the metro-

Coordination Secretary for

railroad network were points

the World Cup, Gilmar Tadeu,

highlighted by the minister

the Executive Coordinator

and mayor as being important

of the São Paulo Committee,

actions focused on resident

Raquel Verdenacci, and

and tourist transportation.

by representatives from

“This here is São Paulo’s

Odebrecht Infraestrutura and

Corner of Gold: it will

the Corinthians club.

receive extremely important

Aldo Rebelo stated that he felt confident that the city will

private, supplied by a train

open the event according to

and subway system that no

expectations and emphasized

other point of the city has,”

that the stadium will satisfy

said Gilberto Kassab.

the country’s ambition to

construction work for the

have no doubt that we will

Corinthians Stadium is already

fulfill our commitments,” he

more than 35% completed


and involves 1,800 Members.

for the region and the

On May 22, it was the

Started in May 2011, the

host a great World Cup. “I

The road projects planned

business meetings.

equipment, both public and

One of the two tunnels that will serve as emergency exits Host of the opening ceremony for the 2014 World Cup, the Corinthians Stadium construction work is already more than 35% completed

Corinthians Stadium, located in Itaquera, in the Eastern Zone of São Paulo, that received a visit from Aldo Rebelo. The minister was accompanied by Mayor Gilberto Kassab, the State Secretary of Sports, Leisure / no. 283 / may 2012


> 2014 World Cup

on the days of the games and


be placed. In all, 60 rings will

shows has already been entirely


provide the support for the

completed, together with the



East grandstands and East


The first parts of the roof

The stadium remodeling

and West roof support walls.

compression ring at Maracanã

work is already 50%

The estimated delivery date is

Stadium, located in Rio de

completed. The installation of

December 2013.

Janeiro, have already begun to

the vents and air conditioning / no. 283 / may 2012

has already begun o take shape, together with the construction of the masonry for the development’s future bars and bathrooms. The construction of the overlapping grandstands on the upper level is also already underway. The slab designed to fit the 358 indoor parking places has begun to be prepared, together with the slab for the VIP boxes located on the second and third floors. The North tunnel is ready and the towers and access ramps are currently being constructed. Currently, there are 20 simultaneous work fronts dedicated to the construction, following the guidelines to help streamline the fulfillment of the schedule. The Maracanã remodeling work is being undertaken by the Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium, formed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and Andrade Gutierrez

In São Paulo, Aldo Rebelo met with Mayor Gilberto Kassab, local authorities and representatives from Odebrecht Infraestrutura / no. 283 / may 2012



Manager, who also coordinates the planning,


project development, budget, cost,


technological control and integrated quality

The Fonte Nova Arena project, currently being constructed by

implementation of the Completion Process

Odebrecht Infraestrutura and

since the very start, in October 2010.

OAS, received the Quality Systems

According to Guimarães, the continuous

Certification within the scope of

improvement was visible and real, due to

“Construction of FIFA Standard

the improvement of the office and field

Arenas.” The recognition, granted by

processes. “We saw improved performance

Bureau Veritas Certification - BVC is

among the contracted suppliers, improved

first-of-a-kind in Brazil and abroad

internal communication and productivity,

and means that the companies are

improved effectiveness between the planned

qualified to participate in bidding processes in which the client demands this requirement in the contract. At the start of the construction work, Alexandre Chiavegatto, Contract Director, included in the planning the set of good practice requirements described in the Quality Goals. According to Chiavegatto, this way of working, with increasingly more integrated processes, is crucial for all professionals, both in this and in future projects. “Improvisation without the due analysis, the lack of planning and work completed without an effective quality and safety standard will not be allowed,” he said. Alcir Guimarães, Engineering


management areas, has been leading the / no. 283 / may 2012

and executed services, security and control

from January to March of this year,

related to document use and technical

involved all areas and received the

standards and in terms of Member training,”

support of the Odebrecht Infraestrutura

he said.

Engineering area, led by Dante

The project completed three phases


until guaranteeing the certification. The

In April, external auditors from

initial phase was completed in mid-2011

BVC verified the arena processes to

after the approval of the Quality and

guarantee the project’s effectiveness

Technological Control plans. At the end

and efficiency. During a one-week

of last year, the first internal audit was

period, there was the evaluation of

conducted and the management team

the supplier quality standard, Member

received training from a specialized

training, good engineering practices,

consultant. The last phase, completed

work environment, equipment used, document control and storage and approval of the projects and blueprints, among other aspects. The Specification of Technical Recommendations and Requirements for FIFA Sports Arenas, considered the base for the Standard Certification, represents a quality model for the construction of soccer arenas and stadiums. The document is a global reference in the areas of architecture, technological innovation, technical and installation quality, durability of the elements that constitute a stadium and comfort and safety for the public.

The Fonte Nova Arena project earned the Quality Systems Certification within the scope of “Construction of FIFA Standard Arenas,” a first-of-its-kind in Brazil and abroad

360º View Click here and see what it is like to be inside the Fonte Nova Arena construction work! / no. 283 / may 2012


> real estate developments

New Landscape in Salvador’s Financial Center On May 10, Odebrecht

André Basto, Construction

Realizações Imobiliárias

Director, were the hosts of

(OR) gathered some 800

the event. “Boulevard Side

guests, including clients,

has the appeal of a modern

Members, partners and

residential development

professionals from the

for those seeking housing

press, for the Boulevard Side

near their place of work

delivery cocktail party.

and offers a state-of-the-

Abundant light sparkled on the two towers of the

art business building,” said Djean Cruz.

development formed by


The party took place at

a high standard business

the residential Boulevard

center and apart-hotel

Side and the guests were

service under the Mercure

able to get a closer look at

global brand (Accor).

the finish and infrastructure

Paul Altit, Entrepreneurial

of the leisure offered at

Leader, Djean Cruz, Director

the space, in addition to

of the North-Northeast

viewing the development’s

Regional Office, Eduardo

decorations: a hotel pool

Pedreira, Incorporations

unit and decorated loft on

Director in Bahia, and

the top floor of the building, / no. 283 / may 2012

which delighted many

Boulevard Side was

of the guests, who were

designed by the trio Jean

especially surprised by the

Gaston, Epaminondas

beautiful panoramic view of

Bebert and Ângela Gavazza.

the city.

“We translated OR’s

With a bold architectural

proposal of uniting housing

project that brings both

and work at a privileged

style and colors to the

location,” said Gaston.

region of Tancredo Neves,

The street Avenue

Salvador’s financial center,

Tancredo Neves was

Boulevard Side is formed by two towers: a high standard business center and aparthotel service under the Mercure (Accor) brand in Salvador / no. 283 / may 2012


> real estate developments

The development delivery event gathered approximately 800 guests, including clients, Members, partners and professionals from the press

benefitted by city planning

offers attributes such as quality, him, the product quality

interventions designed to help

style and the valorization

and timeliness of the project

improve the quality of life of

of the city. “Each OR real

conclusion within the contract

those that frequent the region,

estate project is unique,” said

term are characteristics that

and beside this, Boulevard also

Pedreira. “We identify the

have helped the company

has a common area inspired

needs of the markets and

build its market credibility over

by French gardens. “The use

interpret clients’ desire to

the years.

of the colors blue and coral

develop the product,” he said.

allowed us to explore the

The Incorporations Director

volumetry and arrangement of

in Bahia complemented:

each one of the towers, helping

“Boulevard is a project

Quality Management System

to valorize the city,” stated the

developed to the smallest

as a tool to satisfy the client,


detail, integrating the latest

with the generation of results.

in construction technologies,”

All of the teams involved

said Pedreira. According to

completed the processes

Eduardo Pedreira pointed out that the development

16 / no. 283 / may 2012

CLIENT SATISFACTION Boulevard Side used the

efficiently and synergistically,

whole,” said Ramalho. “With

a blank endorsement, or in

based on the defined

these actions, we were able

other words, without any

performance indicators, which

to obtain a growing gain

observation or non-conformity

were monitored on a monthly

in maturity and motivation

indicated in the Client


together with the Quality

Inspection Term. “This was a

Management System, and the

very satisfactory return, and

Manager, participated in

team grew together with the

certainly helped contribute

the project from the initial


greatly to OR’s image,”

Bruno Ramalho, Production

engineering phase, initiated

The clients demonstrated

said Ramalho. He further

in 2009, to its conclusion.

satisfaction at receiving

concluded: “Slightly more than

He stated that the focus was

the property on-time, with

three years were dedicated

permanently on results: “The

the guaranteed quality. A

in all to the development

teams received feedback on

total of 550 inspections

and I can say that the results

the work completed, and felt

were performed up to the

achieved were the product of

like they were a part of the

delivery and 95% were given

excellent team work.”

The guests were able to get an up-close look at the finish and infrastructure of the leisure offered at the space, which features a bold architectural design / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Visit the New Odebrecht Cultural Center website The new Odebrecht

position in the country and

and partners a historical

Cultural Center website

is currently present on five

overview of the results

is now online – available


achieved. “The center is a

in Portuguese, English

The visitor will also find

symbolic representation of

and Spanish –, which

testimonials from leaders

our culture, or in other words,

reproduces the exhibit

and the complete archive

of a business philosophy

space located at the

of objects kept in Salvador,

based on principles, values,

Organization’s head office

including photos and

concepts and beliefs, which

in Salvador, Bahia.

descriptions of each one

provides a historical overview

of them. The virtual visit is

of the results achieved so

on a journey back in time

guided with a narration in

as to inspire them to seek

that begins in the mid-19th

three languages.

increasingly bigger and

The website takes visitors

century, with the wave of

According to Márcio

better results,” explained

German immigration to

Polidoro, responsible


Brazil. The website shares the

for Communication at

history of the Organization,

Odebrecht, the physical

go on a ‘journey’ to the

which for 68 years grew its

space is part of the mission

Odebrecht Cultural Center:

operations, consolidated its

to provide Members

Visit the website and

The new website, available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, reproduces the exhibition space located in Salvador

18 / no. 283 / may 2012

Braskem Project Installs New Base in Rio Grande do Sul

The new Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial base at the Triunfo Petrochemical Center already has 44 Members

In order to increase its operations in shutdown

According to Luiz Ubirajara Inácio de Sousa,

services and investments in the Braskem Basic

Contract Director, the installation promotes the

Raw Material and Polymer Plants in Rio Grande

development and permanence of qualified labor

do Sul, Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial

in the region. “The base is important in terms

installed its new Braskem Project base at the

of consolidating and supporting the alliance

Triunfo Petrochemical Center in the Southern

agreement with Braskem on a national level,” said

Brazilian state.

Sousa. / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

The New Features of the Braskem Idesa Ethylene XXI Project The joint venture formed by Braskem and by the Mexican group

the capacity to produce 1 million

Idesa announced the approval

tons of polyethylenes per year

of credit of US$ 300 million by

using an ethane cracker and three

the Board of Directors of the

polyethylene plants (two High

International Finance Corporation

Density and one Low Density

(IFC), an entity belonging to the


World Bank Group, to finance the

It is expected that more than

installation of the Ethylene XXI

9,000 Members will be contracted

Project, whose construction work

during the construction work.

began on May 18.

After the start of operation in

The funds, which together total US$ 300 million already approved by the Inter-American

2015, 3,000 direct and indirect job opportunities should be generated. On May 17, the project received

Development Bank (BID) during the

the Statement of Result of the

month of April, will be part of an

Environmental Impact from the

“A Loan” for US$ 600 million. This

Mexican Federal Government’s

credit will be combined with an

Department of Environment

additional quantity provided by

and Natural Resources, which

the IFC and BID of US$ 600 to 750

authorizes the start of the

million as “B Loan” credit, in which

construction work.

the commercial banks participate

Polyethylene is a basic raw

in the final approval processes and

material used to manufacture a

US$ 600 million, approved by the

wide variety of products in the

Italian Credit Department - SACE.

following industries: construction,

Located in the municipality of


and operation of a plant with

automotive, electronic, household

Nanchital, in the Mexican state

appliance, agricultural, food and

of Veracruz, the Ethylene XXI

beverage and primarily, packaging

Project involves the construction

and recipients. / no. 283 / may 2012

CONEST Consortium Receives First-of-a-Kind Title in the Top Social-Environmental Award Formed by Odebrecht

up three works in the same

for recycling the organic

Engenharia Industrial

edition and be awarded for

waste generated at the

and OAS, the CONEST


CONEST cafeterias. Through

Consortium was indicated as

In the Environment

a composting process, two

a Distinguished Organization

category, the consortium

tons of organic fertilizer is

during the 2012 edition of

received two awards. One

generated each month for

the Top Social-Environmental

of these, the Weaving Lives

the greenhouses, gardens

and Human Resources (HR)

Project, reuses the fabric

and plantations of small

Award. The award ceremony

from uniforms and banner

family farmers.

took place on May 22 in

and sign canvases to make

Recife, the Pernambuco

products such as backpacks,

consortium was awarded


bags and hats. A total of 340

with SOMAR – the Social

items have already been

Inclusion Program, which

Sales and Marketing

produced from 170 uniforms.

seeks people with disabilities

Directors’ Association

The second initiative, called

in the region to work on the

(ADVB), the award

Green Life, was recognized


Promoted by the Brazilian

In the HR category, the

recognizes Sustainability initiatives. “This achievement is recognition of the result of our team’s commitment to making the difference and serves as a source of pride for all Members,” stated Antenor de Castro, Contract Director. The title of Distinguished Organization, granted to CONEST, was delivered for the first time this year. The consortium was chosen for being the only one to sign

Starting from the left: Angelo Bellelis, President of Cone S/A; Newton Figueiredo, President of the Sustentax Group; Giseli Lisboa, Executive President of the Minas Gerais ADVB; Leopoldo de Albuquerque, President of the Pernambuco ADVB; and Antenor de Castro / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Coral Expressway Project Earns Certification

Members from the Coral Speedway Project, in the Dominican Republic, celebrate the certification

After one week of audits, on May 18, the Coral Expressway Project – developed by

Certification one year after the start of the quality

Odebrecht América Latina e Angola in the

program in the project, headed by Cassiano

Dominican Republic – earned the ISO 9.001:2008

Ribeiro Couto, Quality Manager.

certification for its quality program in the


The audit was conducted by Bureau Veritas

Extending 86 km, the Coral Speedway will

infrastructure and special civil construction

connect the regions of La Romana and Punta


Cana, the country’s East tourism center. / no. 283 / may 2012

NORBE IX Celebrates One Year without Time-Lost Accidents On May 17, the Odebrecht Observation Cards, which are

System and uses the

Oil and Gas (OOG) NORBE

filled out for future reports

premises of compliance with

IX drill rig celebrated the

of safe or unsafe conditions

legal requirements, client

record of one year without

and behaviors. “The cards are

guidelines, team work and

time-lost accidents. From the

controlled by a spreadsheet

the constant qualification

signature of the document

that presents the indicators

of Members and partners.

to the delivery of the unit

requiring treatment,”

“This achievement was

in May 2011, there were

said Leite. “The feedback

possible thanks to the

a total of 485,264 man-

is presented during the

effort, dedication and good

hours worked without any

meetings and the conclusion

relationship with the client,


and closure meetings are

through the constructive

held monthly by the unit

spirit of a mature, competent

leaders,” he explained.

team committed to the

The rig has approximately 140 crew members onboard, including Members of OOG and Petrobras service

The NORBE IX is supported by the SiGOP Management

operation,” concluded Patrick Landry.

providers, who work focused on safety, environment and high productivity. According to Patrick Landry, NORBE IX Rig Manager, before starting the daily service, meetings are held to discuss the activities completed, possible operating risks and what the teams should do to avoid exposing themselves to risk. According to Máximo Leite, Training and Safety Coordinator of the unit, the NORBE IX also uses

The Odebrecht Oil and Gas NORBE IX drill rig celebrated the record of one year without time-lost accidents / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Executive Director of EEP Debates Todos os Santos Bay The perspective of

EEP is formed by Odebrecht

once the shipyard is ready,

development for the Bahia

Engenharia Industrial, OAS, UTC

we should have 5,000 people

inlet region through the

and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

working directly and another

Fernando Barbosa pointed

10,000 working indirectly,” said

installation of the Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard (EEP)

out the strong demand for labor


was the topic of presentation

that the shipyard will generate,

The injection of capital into

shared by Fernanda Barbosa

which will promote the training

the region’s economy through

during the seminar “Business

of local residents to work on the

the workers’ salaries will

Opportunities and Challenges

construction and operation of

strengthen local commerce and

for the Development of

the development. According to

help attract other investments

the Metropolitan Region of

him, the partnership with the

due to the new reality of the

Salvador,” promoted by the

Japanese company Kawasaki

economy that will emerge with

Bahia Commercial Association

will allow for the transfer of

the EEP activities.

on May 22. The Executive

technology necessary for the

Director of EEP shared the table

construction of offshore units

of its total area to environmental

with the Bahia State Secretary

such as platforms, specialized

preservation, the shipyard has

of Planning and former

ships and drilling rigs. “During

already invested approximately

President of Petrobras, José

the construction phase, we

R$ 7 million in a series of social-

Sérgio Gabrielli, among other

expect to generate some 3,000

environmental measures


direct job opportunities, and

that include the mapping of

Besides directing 400,000 m2

species and preservation of the regional flora and fauna, creation of greenhouses with more than 40,000 native tree seedlings and environmental education actions for the local communities.

Fernando Barbosa (First from the left) takes part in a debate on the investments planned for the Bahia Recôncavo region, organized by the Bahia Commercial Association

24 / no. 283 / may 2012

Amyr Klink Visits Teles Pires HPP

Brazilian yachtsman Amyr Klink (wearing black) visited the Teles Pires HPP construction work and spoke to Members

On May 12, the Brazilian yachtsman

the presence of 70 Members, who had the

Amyr Klink gave the lecture entitled “The

chance to speak with the yachtsman at the

Importance of Planning” to workers from the

end of the lecture.

Tele Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP),

For Antônio Augusto, Contract Director,

currently being constructed by Odebrecht

the meeting was an opportunity for Members

Energia between the states of Mato Grosso

to improve their knowledge. “We observed

and Pará.

that Amyr completes his expeditions through

The event was held in Training Room 1, at the Pioneer Construction Site, and included

careful planning, always seeking to overcome challenges,” said Augusto. / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Embraport Contract Hosts Odebrecht Infraestrutura Meeting

Leaders from Odebrecht Infraestrutura met at the Embraport contract for the AP Follow-Up Meeting

On May 8, the Embraport

participation of Managing

and management of the

contract welcomed

Directors and Members of

contract, participants went

Benedicto Júnior,

the team.

on a tour of the construction

Entrepreneurial Leader from


Marcelo Odebrecht,

site and got a first-hand

Odebrecht Infraestrutura

Managing Director of

look at the construction of

who held the 2012 Action

Odebrecht S.A., was also

Brazil’s largest multiuse port

Program (AP) Follow-

present at the event.

terminal, located in Santos,

Up Meeting, with the

Together with the board

along the São Paulo coast. / no. 283 / may 2012

Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial: Follow-Up Meeting for Venezuela and Mexico In order to support the project leaders and provide strategic

and added their own

commitments, including


the Believe Program.Â

The Contract Directors

The Members were

orientations for the

presented their

encouraged by Marcio

development of their

projects, considering

Faria in terms of the

contracts in Venezuela

the issues related to

importance of integrated

and Mexico, Odebrecht

work and people, new

teamwork, aiming to meet

Engenharia Industrial

opportunities, relationship

contractual commitments,

held the 2012 Follow-Up

with the communities

overcoming challenges

Meeting from May 15-

and fulfillment of

and maximizing potential

17 in the city of Caracas,

the sustainability

new opportunities.

Venezuela’s capital. The meeting, coordinated by Francisco Penteado, Managing Director of Venezuela and Mexico, and Paulo Cesar Fonseca, responsible for Administration, Finances and People, included the presence of Marcio Faria, Entrepreneurial Leader, and his Dynamic Organization. Also participating were the contract directors from the different countries, who shared experiences

MĂĄrcio Faria (fourth from the left) and his Dynamic Organization met with the contract leaders to exchange experiences and information with aims of improving results / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Partnership Creates Ultra-Protective Packaging Produced with “Green” Plastic Braskem and Plantic Technologies established an agreement for the use of “green” plastic in the packaging of the Eco Plastic™ product line. Produced by Plantic, the packaging is considered the first ultra-protective one made from material of a renewable origin. The use of the “green” plastic, produced by Braskem, will increase the renewable content of the Eco Plastic™ to more than 90%, without affecting the protective properties already offered by the packaging. The major differential of the polyethylene made from sugarcane is that it can sequester and fix up to 2.5 tons of carbon gas (CO2) from the atmosphere for each ton produced. The Eco Plastic™ trays and film do not require any investments in new processing or packaging technologies. The products are available in the transparent version and in a variety of other colors, or even in multi-colored shapes. “Braskem’s strategic vision is to be the global leader in sustainable chemistry by 2020. The union between the Plantic products and Braskem green plastic offers new packaging options that, in addition to being better for the environment, also offer superior performance to the retailers and brand owners,” said Marcelo Nunes, the company’s Renewable Chemical Business Director. According to Brendan Morris, CEO of Plantic Technologies, the new Eco Plastic™ is the protective packaging with the highest level of renewable content in the market: “The partnership with Braskem joins two plastics with excellent environmental performance to create an ultra-protective packaging with unique performance characteristics and environmental advantages,” said Morris.

28 / no. 283 / may 2012

The Corinthians Stadium construction site in São Paulo hosted the action focused on Workplace Safety

In São Paulo, an Act Focused on Workplace Safety On May 14, the Presidents

arena – which will host the

orientations on how to use

of the Superior Labor Court,

opening ceremony of the 2014

them. Nelson Nazar reinforced:

Minister João Oreste Dalazen,

World Cup.

“It is better to celebrate

and from the Regional Labor

João Oreste Dalazen stated

the victories without work

Court of the 2nd Region,

that the action is justified by

Associate Judge Nelson

the high number of accidents

Nazar, enacted an act focused

recorded over previous years

maestro João Carlos Martins,

on Workplace Safety at the

in the sector. “In 2011, an

disabled musician Edsinho,

construction site of the

average of seven people died

representatives from the Civil

Corinthians Stadium, located

per day,” said Dalazen. “The

Construction Workers’ Trade

in São Paulo’s Eastern Zone.

majority of cases occurred due

Union, Presidency of the

to the absence of protection

Republic of Brazil, Minister of

Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

equipment and failure to follow

Labor and Minister of Sports,

the company responsible for

the safety rules,” he said.

as well as from the State and

Over 1,750 Members from

the construction, attended the

The minister pointed out

accidents.” Participating in the act were

City Governments, in addition

event in the already complete

that the companies should

to former soccer player

East grandstand area of the

supply equipment and

Rivelino. / no. 283 / may 2012


Fast News

Nacala Launches Productivity Program The Nacala International

reached the maximum goal

zero accidents, care with the

Airport Project, developed by

during the first four months of

environment, timeliness,

Odebrecht International in

the year and during the three

cleaning and organizing

Mozambique, launched the

consecutive months were

during the day-to-day,” said

Productivity Program, which



recognizes the Members who

Member José Lourenço,

According to Arabela

meet their goals and present

from the Electric area, was

Soutelo, Supply and Logistics

good results. The first phase

awarded for reaching his

Manager, the initiative

involved the participation of

results for four consecutive

encourages team work,

708 workers.

months. “The program is an

disciplining the production

opportunity for all of us to

process and participation of

International Workers’ Day

make more of an effort and

Members in terms of meeting

month, the professionals who

meet the goals – related to

the goals.

In May, in celebration of

Members from the Nacala International Airport are awarded under the Productivity Program

30 / no. 283 / may 2012

Miguel Peres speaks to Members during the 1st Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Social Responsibility Workshop at the Moatize Expansion Project

Moatize Expansion Project Debates Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Social Responsibility From May 16-18, the Moatize Expansion project, a

and representatives from Vale. During the opening

respecting people and life,” said Peres.

Vale project being undertaken

speech, Marcelo Martins

as part of an alliance

spoke about the company’s

debates on health, safety

agreement with Odebrecht

responsibility to mitigate the

and workers’ quality of life

International in Mozambique,

risks of occupational diseases

was Ergonomics. Coordinator

held the 1st Safety, Health,

and guarantee the health and

Juliana Torresan clarified that

Environment, Quality and Social

well being of Members by

the initiative reinforced the

Responsibility Workshop.

complying with Workplace

Ergonomics Program (PERGO)

Safety, Health and Environment

at the contract. “At the end of

(SHE) policies.

the event, we instituted the

Organized by the contract Health team, the meeting included the presence of

According to Miguel Peres,

The central theme of the

first Ergonomics Committee

Miguel Peres, Managing

it is important to implement a

from the international

Director in the country, Marcelo

SHE culture within the business

area, coordinated by safety

Martins, the company’s

sphere. “We developed a

engineer Leonardo Hellstrom

Occupational Physician, invited

specific Action Plan for the Vale

and headed by Paulo Brito,

Members from the Nacala

and Odebrecht Alliance, where

Contract Director,” said

International Airport Project

the main goal is zero accidents,

Torresan. / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Members of the concessionaires controlled by Odebrecht TransPort met for the first People and Organization meeting

Odebrecht TransPort Promotes First P&O Meeting On May 7, Odebrecht TransPort (OTP)


The event was designed to exchange

held its 1 st People and Organization (P&O)

knowledge between the OTP assets.

Meeting in São Paulo, which included

Present at the meeting were Paulo

the participation of 15 Members of the

Quaresma, responsible for P&O at

concessionaires Bahia Norte, Rota das

Odebrecht Infraestrutura, who spoke about

Bandeiras, Rota dos Coqueiros, Rota do

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

Atlântico, Embraport, SuperVia and Nascon

(TEO), and Vitor Azevedo and Leonardo

and the company’s P&O team, led by

Magalhães, from the Shared Services

Silvana Sacramento.

Center, who explained the team structure. / no. 283 / may 2012

Meeting of Physicians in Odebrecht Angola On May 19, Odebrecht Angola promoted

The topics addressed at the meeting included

the 3rd Meeting of Professionals Responsible for

Emergency Evacuations and Environmental

Health Areas, which gathered 35 Members for

Risk Analysis, administered by invited guests, as

the presentation of the Action Plan, which is

well as about the new programs focused on the

focused on reducing the absenteeism rates of

qualification of the malaria diagnosis.

each contract. The meeting included the elaboration of a document, with suggestions that may help

In June, the company will hold another meeting about the OHSAS 18.001 Standard and launch of the Health Checklist this year.

reduce such rates.

In Luanda, 35 Members from the Health area meet to elaborate new guidelines for the area / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News

Members from Odebrecht Peru Participate in Marathon in Lima On Sunday, May 20, 125 Members from different

Odebrecht Peru contracts

Adidas 42-K Marathon, one

gathered to take part in the

of the most important of the year, held in Lima. To encourage family interaction, sports practice and a healthier lifestyle, the company promoted Members’ participation. The process began two months before the run and offered training sessions and personalized nutritional support to the professionals.

In the Peruvian capital city of Lima, 125 Members participated in the Adidas 42-K Marathon

Teles Pires HPP Receives Permanent Cafeteria The permanent cafeteria at the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) – an Odebrecht

of Mato Grosso and Pará – was

distribute 120,000 meals per

inaugurated on May 7.

month. The Members’ daily menu

With a total area of 2,358

consists of breakfast, lunch and

Energia project currently under

m², the space has the capacity

dinner. The menu is elaborated

construction between the states

to serve 648 Members and

with the supervision of a team of nutritionists and cooks. The cafeteria has air conditioning, distribution counters (both heated and refrigerated), as well as tables and chairs arranged throughout the entire area. The kitchen and production area, which

The new cafeteria has air conditioning, distribution counters, as well as tables and chairs arranged throughout the entire area

34 / no. 283 / may 2012

are joined with the cafeteria, are currently being concluded and should be ready this month.

Agency Increases the Corporate Credit Rating of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A. and Odebrecht S.A. On May 23, Standard and Poor´s

“We believe that CNO’s cash

Ratings increased the long term

contributions to Odebrecht S.A.

corporate credit rating assigned to

to meet the demands for capital

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A.

contribution for the controlling

(CNO) from “BB+” to “BBB-” on a global

company’s new businesses will

scale, and from “brAA+” to “brAAA”

continue to drop over the upcoming

on the Brazilian National Scale. The

years, allowing CNO to preserve its

Odebrecht S.A. corporate credit

strong liquidity and conservative credit

rating was also raised from “brAA+” to

metrics even in a scenario marked by


stress,” stated the document.

The increase reflects the institution’s

With a credit profile classified as

expectation for CNO to maintain

“Intermediate,” CNO is recognized

a prudent financial profile over

by Standard and Poor´s Ratings

the upcoming years and continue

as an innovative and experienced

to present strong operational

company that stands out for its strong

performance due to the intense

relationship with the governments

demand for infrastructure projects

in the countries in which it operates.

in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela,

With the increased corporate credit

Panama and the Dominican Republic.

rating granted by the agency,

“The company’s strong market position,

the company has earned its third

its solid and well diversified backlog

investment grade, promoting it to the

and its strong operational history back

status of “Full Investment Grade.” CNO

our vision of a ‘satisfactory’ business

had already obtained the investment

profile,” indicated Standard and Poor´s

grade from the agencies Moody’s and

Ratings in a press announcement.

Fitch. / no. 283 / may 2012


> venezuela

Tocoma Hydroelectric Pow Plant in Final Phase of The construction work


on the CaronĂ­ River

nearly 87% completed and

for the Manuel Piar -

in BolĂ­var State, is

involving 9,000 Members.

Tocoma Hydroelectric

currently advancing at an

The commercial generation

Power Plant, located

accelerated phase, with

for the first turbine is set / no. 283 / may 2012

ower Located on the CaronĂ­ River, the Manuel Piar - Tocoma Hydroelectric Power Plant will consist of 10 turbines and will have an installed power of 2,160 MW

for December of this year.

(leader), Impregilo and

installation of the project

Vinccler, is responsible

for CORPOELEC – Socialist

Consortium, formed by

for the civil construction

Electric Company.

Odebrecht Venezuela

and hydro-mechanic

The OIV Tocoma

With 10 Kaplan turbines / no. 283 / may 2012


> venezuela

and a power of 2,160

km of earth dam with

14,904 m 3 of concrete

MW, the plant includes

an impermeable center,

at the Water Intake site,

an integrated 360-meter

located along the left

23,635 m 3 of concrete in

powerhouse, a spillway

bank of the river, in

the Machine Room and

with a flow of 28,750 m 3

addition to 7km of

338,286 m 3 of clay and

of water per second, 4

reallocated railway.

rock at the Right Bank

km of rock dam with a


In March of this year,


concrete front located

the project achieved

along the left margin

production records in

descended the plant’s

of the CaronĂ­ River, 2

its main structures:

first turbine, with an / no. 283 / may 2012

On April 19, workers

installed power of 216

during the event that

MW. The act involved the

marked the installation

presence of the country’s

of the first piece of

Minister of Energy, Hector


Navarro, Minister of

On May 5, the

Finances, Jorge Giordani,

consortium installed

Bolívar State Governor,

the last section of radial

Francisco Rangel Gomes,

spillway gates, part of the

and the President of

installation and assembly


process for the hoists and


hydraulic systems. The

“We have the Kaplan

spillway consists of nine

turbine in Venezuela,

radial gates with four

the most powerful in the

sections each, hydraulic

world, whose technology

hoist systems and two

is also being used in other

maintenance gates, as

Latin American countries,”

well as 18 plugs upstream

said Hector Navarro

and 18 downstream

In the front, the Minister of Energia, Hector Navarro, Minister of Finances, Jorge Giordani, and the President of CORPOELEC, Argenis Chávez, during a visit that took place in April for the descent of the first turbine / no. 283 / may 2012


> sustainability

Civil Construction Reformulates During the year in which several different countries will meet during Rio+20, from June 13-22, to discuss the “Green Economy,” the Brazilian civil construction market is proving that this is not just a recent concern. With growth estimated at 5.2 % by the São Paulo Civil Construction Industry Trade Union (SINDUSCONSP), the sector has been investing in products with new compositions to guarantee more sustainable development and meet the increasing demand for products with environmental differentials. Technology has been a strong ally when launching products designed to preserve natural resources while at the same time enhancing the efficiency and

40 / no. 283 / may 2012

Products to Boost Ecoefficiency

Technology is aligned with the new features of products designed to preserve natural resources and improve the efficiency and quality of the constructions / no. 283 / may 2012


> sustainability quality of the constructions. It is within this scenario that plastic becomes a source of solutions for the sector. “Civil construction is an area of strategic importance for the country’s development and has demonstrated its constant development since the launch of the Growth Acceleration and My House, My Life programs, as well as with the World Cup and Olympic Games,” said Marcelo Cerqueira, Vice President of the Braskem Vinyl Unit. “To support this growth, we are focused on expanding our business and, consequently, increasing the supply of raw material,” said Cerqueira. HOMES, GRIDS,

Built in only seven days, the “PVC Concrete Home” has innovative technology for the construction, on an industrial scale, of different types of buildings, helping to reduce losses with debris and material waste

MANHOLES... PVC, used heavily


and Braskem established a

Presented as the “PVC

in construction for the

partnership to launch a new

Concrete House,” the

production of pipes and

concept for residential and

technology represents an

connections, has begun to

commercial construction

innovative and fast way to

earn different applications.

projects in the Brazilian

construct different types of

In November of last year,

market using PVC as the

buildings on an industrial

Global Housing, DuPont


scale. The system helps / no. 283 / may 2012

home within up to one week (whereas 90 days are necessary with the traditional methods), durability, ease of cleaning and conservation and low required maintenance. Roofs are also being produced from PVC. In addition to the technical differentials inherent to the resin, such as its resistance to chemical agents, lightness and durability, the roofs are also proven to be stable against storms, hail and other weather conditions. When it comes to temperature variations, its structural stability and color are considered superior to those of conventional roofs. Furthermore, the product is environmentally correct, granted that PVC is fully recyclable and represents reduce losses with debris

higher productivity gains are a more eco-efficient

and wasted material, such

also some of the advantages

alternative compared to

as wood, which is heavily

offered by the product.

other materials.

used in civil construction.

Other important factors

Known worldwide

Savings in water and

include the fast installation,

as “green� plastic, the

energy consumption at

since it is possible to

polyethylene produced by

the construction site and a

erect an entirely finished

Braskem from sugarcane / no. 283 / may 2012


> sustentabilidade ethanol made its debut in the

by the company Prysmian,

its production process.

construction market this year.

they are the first ecological

For each ton of plastic

cables in the world.

produced, up to 2.5 tons of

The product is being used by the brand Tigre to

The main characteristics

CO 2 are removed from the

produce the new line of

of “green” polyethylene

grids, now called the Tigre

include the fact that it

Ecological Grid.

comes from a renewable

the efficiency and quality

source and absorbs CO2

of sanitation projects

used since last November

from the atmosphere –

throughout Brazil, the

in the Afumex Green brand

the gas that causes the

plastic is being used to

electrical cables. Produced

greenhouse effect – during

manufacture cable vaults,

The resin has also been

atmosphere. In order to enhance

BRASKEM WILL TRANSFORM WASTE INTO PLASTIC WOOD AT RIO+20 Precisely during the Rio+20 event, Braskem will activate a recycling plant that will transform plastic waste into pieces of plastic wood furniture. The plant will operate at Athletes’ Park, one of the focus points of the global United Nations conference events to discuss the “Green Economy.” The public present will get a chance to learn more about the furniture manufacturing process, which is similar to that used for rustic wood items. The waste will be transformed into benches, planters and garbage cans. The initiative, undertaken as part of a partnership between Braskem and the environmental engineering company Cetrel, is designed to demonstrate the new possibilities for plastic reuse, creating a new cycle after the same is consumed. Braskem will also be the official supplier of Rio+20. The company will distribute 50,000 sports bottles and 50,000 bags made from the “green” plastic. Hundreds of “green” polyethylene containers complete the materials granted for use during the global meeting.

44 / no. 283 / may 2012

During the Rio+20 conference, to be h will transform plastic waste into plast

more commonly known as

is durability, since they

demonstrates the tireless


are highly resistant to

work of our Technology

breakage under pressure

and Innovation Center

the manholes are

and to impact. Accordingly,

to stay constantly ahead

produced using modern

they are less subject

of the market trends

technology, helping to

to cracks and holes

and find intelligent and

make the installation

that lead to leakages,

sustainable solutions to help

and maintenance tasks

thereby preventing soil

us overcome our clients’

simpler, more economic


challenges,� said Luciano

Made from polyethylene,

and ecologically correct. One of the characteristics

“Our portfolio of products launched over recent years

Guidolin, Vice President of the Polyolefines Unit.

held from June 13-22 of this year, Braskem tic wood furniture / no. 283 / may 2012


> entrepreneurship

ETH Project to Integrate O

46 / no. 283 / may 2012

Operational Area Systems

Luiz de Mendonรงa, Entrepreurial Leader, presents the new program to ETH Members / no. 283 / may 2012


> entrepreneurship On April 27, ETH Bioenergia held a

production centers. The ERP Project,

meeting to announce

headed by Alexandre

the launch of the New

Villeroy, involves the

ERP Project, including a

implementation of the

description of its stages

new entrepreneurship

and the Members that will

support system and

be part of this team.

will standardize and

The event included the

optimize the operational

presence of the presidents

areas, from the supply

and representatives of IBM

acquisition and

and Oracle, ETH’s main

agroindustrial production

partners for the project,

processes to the delivery

Luiz de Mendonça,

of the ethanol to the

Entrepreneurial Leader

clients, including all

and his team, as well

support sectors.

as the leaders of the corporate office and the

The occasion was also used to launch the brand developed especially for the project, which will be present on all visual communication: E+. The logo symbolizes the union of all Members in the search for the same result. “The ‘E’, from ETH, stands for ‘equipe’ (‘team’ in Portuguese) and the positive sign is the sum of all the work completed until now and all of the achievements that we

The New ERP Project brand features the motto “More Value for Our Future.”

48 / no. 283 / may 2012

have had,” said Luiz de Mendonça. “This project will standardize and optimize the ETH operational areas, from the supply acquisition and agroindustrial production processes until the delivery of the ethanol produced by our units to our clients, including all support areas as well,” reinforced the Entrepreneurial Leader. The project’s challenge is to finish by the start of the The event included the participation of professionals from the company and partner representatives

next harvest, in April 2013.

Starting from the left: Luciano Dequech, Hélio Novaes, Genésio Couto, Marcelo Mancini and Celso Ferreira / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News – Training

At the Pernambuco Arena, Members Undergo Training with Simulators In order to improve the movement of cargo inside the construction site and guarantee the safety of the related activities, Odebrecht

Program (PréVer) and addressed theory and practice. For a one-week period, 20 Members

Infraestrutura promoted specific training

completed their activities in front of a

for the signalers at the Pernambuco Arena,

monitor, with the technological assistance of

designed to demonstrate the work of the

virtual simulators. The programs are operated

machine operators.

using a joystick and simulate the detail and

The training theme – Cargo Movement – is one of the pillars of the Accident Prevention

difficulties of the real project equipment operations.

The objective of the training was to reproduce the equipment operators’ work for the project signalers

50 / no. 283 / may 2012

Odebrecht Angola Undertakes 1st Young Builder Program Module between the leaders and

and share experiences,” said

Odebrecht Angola promoted

those they lead and the spirit


the first module of the sixth

of serving through practical

edition of the Young Builder

lectures and previous readings.

From May 7 to 12,

Program, designed to support

Environmental manager

For Cláudio Herrero, who is responsible for People and Organization in Angola,

and accelerate the youth

Dimitri Diogo, Young Partner

the first meeting had a

training process, providing

(YP) of the Cambambe

positive impact: “With the

an ample overview of the

Hydroelectric Facility,

ample vision of the advisors,

Engineering and Construction

stated that the meeting was

the participants showed

business with a focus on

important for strengthening

a willingness to learn and


the work relations with

develop in their areas of

the other YPs. “I had the

operations to later assume

modules involved the

opportunity to meet people

new and bigger challenges,”

participation of 58 Members

from other areas, exchange

said Herrero.

The first of three program

(85% angolans) and 16 company contracts originating in Luanda and from another four Angolan provinces, and the presence of certain direct leaders. The youth took advantage of the opportunity to interact and acquire knowledge on the processes from the Contract Winning phase, which included the price quote, insurance, equipment, contract administration, legal and planning. The program reinforces the relationship

The first stage of Young Builder also addressed aspects and information about the Angolan culture / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News – Training

Work, Justice and Citizenship Program Promoted at Fonte Nova Arena May 17 marked the start

with the Regional Labor

informative material.

of the cycle of lectures

Court of the 5th Region (TRT),

under the Work, Justice and

Association of Labor Court

there was participation by the

Citizenship (TJC) Program

Judges of the 5th Region

Judges Ana Claudia Scavuzzi,

at the Fonte Nova Arena,

(AMATRA) and National

President of AMATRA, and

currently being built by

Association of Labor Court

Soraya Gesteira, Regional

Odebrecht Infraestrutura

Judges (ANAMATRA).

Coordinator of TJC, in

and OAS in Salvador, Bahia. With a focus on Safe Work,

The program is designed

During the first edition,

addition to Associate Judge

to inform, clarify questions

Léa Nunes, Manager of the

the action takes place in

and reinforce the importance

Accident Prevention Program

seven editions, on Thursdays,

of safe work through weekly

at the Superior Labor Court

and is directed at project

meetings, with lectures,


Members. The initiative is

videos, theatrical plays

undertaken in partnership

and the distribution of

Until July 13, the workers will take part in meetings that will address the topics of Workers’ Brochure, which provides clarifications on the work contract, stability, accident prevention and just cause, among other topics, such as chemical dependence and domestic violence. For the program closure, a Public Meeting will be held, including the presence of the President of TST, Minister João Oreste Dalazen, to be

During each edition, Members received explanatory brochures about the topics addressed

52 / no. 283 / may 2012

held at the Fonte Nova Arena construction site.

Argentina Holds First Phase of Career Entrepreneurship Program

The program participants were encouraged to reflect on the relationship between the leaders and those they lead

May 10 and 11 marked the initial

participants to take on global challenges,

phase of the Career Entrepreneurship

proposing a strategic vision for self-

Program, with aims of orienting and

development and to maximize the

increasing the knowledge of the leaders

potential of those they lead, all with a

of Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial

focus on the 2020 Vision.

and Odebrecht Latin America and Angola in Argentina. With content that addressed the

The first phase of the program was coordinated by consultants from the company Career Center, who promoted

Concept of Career, Phases of Life, Life

presentations, debates, practical

and Career Planning and Dialogues for

activities, video presentations, case

Development, the course encouraged

studies and simulations. / no. 283 / may 2012


> Fast News – Communities

Odebrecht Trains Teachers in Dominican Republic Through the Coral Speedway Project,

the region of La Romana.

undertaken in the Dominican Republic,

With a course load of 100 hours, the class

Odebrecht América Latina e Angola

was completed by 20 educators from 11 public

developed a specialization course in

schools from the communities of San Rafael

Mathematics and Spanish geared toward

del Yuma, Batey Palo Bonito, Batey Magdalena,

the teachers of the public schools in the

Benerito, Batey Las Cejas, Villa Padre Nuestro

communities located near the contract.

and Bayahibe. Together, the institutions have

The initiative is part of the program Educating is Building – a partnership between

2,000 students from different school cycles. On May 18, Juvenalito Gusmão, Contract

the company and the country’s Ministry

Director of the Coral Speedway Project, Gustavo

of Education – and was undertaken with

Antunes, Administrative and Financial Manager,

the support of the Pedro Henriquez Ureña

UNPHU faculty and representatives from the

University (UNPHU) in the auditorium of the

Ministry of Education delivered the course

main construction site, located in Benerito, in

conclusion certificates to participants.

The program Educating is Building trained 20 teachers from public high schools in the region of La Romana

54 / no. 283 / may 2012

Consortium Supports Winning of Public Polices for Bahia Southern Lowlands Serving as a coordinator

In the environmental areas,

of Piraí do Norte and President of

between the federal and state

the consortium advised the city


governments and the city

governments of Ituberá and

governments of the municipalities

Piraí do Norte to win the right to

received support for CIAPRA for

that make up the Pratigi

grant the environmental permit

the elaboration, implementation

Environmental Protection Area

for completing activities and

and delivery of the institutional

(EPA), located in the Bahia Southern

developments with local impact.

documents necessary for the

Lowlands. This is one of the priorities

This result is the product of the

proposal to amend the popular

of the Pratigi EPA Intermunicipal

proposal that CIAPRA presented

initiative for approval together

Consortium (CIAPRA), an associated

the Bahia Environmental

with the Brazilian National

supported by the Odebrecht

Department for it to join the Shared

Congress Mixed Budget

Foundation that supports actions

Environmental Management

Commission. The amendments

designed to contribute, together

initiative – a program that

are designed to democratize the

with local administration, toward

fulfills a guideline of the Bahia

distribution of financial resources

the development of the cities of

Government to decentralize public

from the Federal Government’s

Ituberá, Igrapiúna, Nilo Peçanha,

management. “We are improving, in

General Budget, giving the

Piraí do Norte and Ibirapitanga. Its

a coordinated and planned fashion,

municipalities the chance to

initiatives are geared toward the

the sustainable development of the

present their needs and include

implementation and improvement

region,” said Heráclito Leite, Mayor

them in the planning.

The city governments also

of the services, infrastructure and the social and production actions in their area of operations, strengthening public policies. The construction of 170 homes in the region through the Brazilian Federal Government’s My House, My Life Program, is one example. CIAPRA supported Igrapiúna, Nilo Peçanha, Piraí do Norte and Ibirapitanga with the elaboration of the Local Plans for Housing of Social Interest, as well as with the dialogue with the Ministry of Cities.

Representatives from the five city governments that make up the Pratigi EPA defined as priorities the structurization of the health service and water supply network / no. 283 / may 2012


ON 283 ing2  

texto, foto

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