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Special for World Environment Day: Organization’s actions celebrate the date / nº 260 / june 2011


4 noblesse residence condominium inaugurated

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On June 16, 10 months ahead of time, Odebrecht Angola handed over the keys to the Noblesse Residence real estate development in Luanda Sul, involving the participation of clients and Members of the company.

8 eth lays cornerstone of costa rica unit

On June 20, ETH Bioenergia promoted the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony at the Costa Rica Unit, the company’s third in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, currently under construction in the municipality with the same name.

10 projects celebrate world environment day


Special story shows the initiatives of the Odebrecht Organization contracts and companies in Brazil and in other countries developed during the celebrations for World Environment Week, celebrated on June 5.

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venezuela’s > 22 odebrecht metrocable san agustín receives award

26 one more step forward along the path toward sustainability

At the start of June, Odebrecht Venezuela received the 2011 Venezuelan Construction Council Award for the MetroCable San Agustín project, a cable car transportation system inaugurated in January of last year.


The Igrapiúna Rural Family Home (CFR-I) and Agroforest Family Home (Cfaf ), both in Nilo Peçanha, located in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands and supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, were authorized to administer technical courses integrated with the High School level.

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> angola

Noblesse Residence Cond On June 16, 10 months ahead of time, Odebrecht Angola (a subsidiary of Odebrecht AmĂŠrica Latina e Angola)


participation of clients and Members of the company. The condominium has a constructed area

held an event to hand over the keys

of 56,000 m 2, 260 apartments distributed

to the Noblesse Residence real estate

into 13 towers and offers its residents

development in Luanda Sul, involving the

modern infrastructure with an ample / nÂş 260 / june 2011

dominium Inaugurated leisure area, covered garage, parking

space for leisure, and the comfort and

for visitors and landscaping work. “The

safety offered help improve the quality

development brought a new concept to

of life of the families and offer urban

the country, that of the club condominium,”

requalification for Luanda."

said Félix Martins, Contract Director, during

Martins also explained that the company

the ceremony. “The integrated sites, ample

sought an opportunity to stand out among

With 260 apartments, the Noblesse Residence offers its residents comfort, leisure and safety / nº 260 / june 2011


> angola its clients and the market. “Delivering the development ahead of time even during a difficult moment for the country’s real estate sector reinforces our posture of seriousness and solidity, as well as our commitment to clients and the country," he said. During its construction, the Noblesse Residence earned important certifications, such as the Bureau Veritas OHSAS 18.001 for its Health and Workplace Safety and Health system management – the first on the African continent –, as well as the ISO 9.001, for its Quality System management. Ninety-three percent of the workforce was constituted by Angolans, who occupied the functions of engineers, technicians, foremen and operators. "This reinforces Odebrecht's image as a company that believes in and builds its developments using the strength of the Angolan people,” said Martins. Odebrecht Angola is now preparing to present the fourth phase of Belas Business Park, a residential and business complex that offers different service and entertainment options to residents and professionals.

The event to hand over the keys to the development involved the participation of clients and Members of Odebrecht Angola

6 / nº 260 / june 2011 / nยบ 260 / june 2011


> ethanol and energy

ETH Lays Cornerstone of Costa Rica Unit On June 20, ETH Bioenergia

from the state trade union,

held the Cornerstone Laying

members of class institutions

Ceremony at the Costa

and land leaseholders from the

Rica Unit, the company’s


third in the state of Mato

The Cost Rica Unit will

Grosso do Sul, currently

produce 360 million liters

under construction in the

of ethanol each year and

municipality with the same

generate 380 Gwh of electric


energy per harvest. Its

During the event, State

industrial unit will benefit from

Governor André Puccinelli and

state-of-the-art technology

his department secretaries

and efficient equipment

visited the installations of the

such as high pressure boilers

future ethanol and electric

and juice extraction using

energy production unit. The company’s plans for increasing the production capacity of Mato Grosso do Sul were also addressed during the visit to the construction sites. Also participating in the ceremony were José Carlos Grubisich, Business Leader at ETH, Jesus Queiroz Baird, Mayor of Costa Rica, other authorities from neighboring municipalities, representatives

8 / nº 260 / june 2011

André Puccinelli and José Carlos Grubisich during their visit to the construction site of the future unit

At the ceremony to unveil the plaque, from left to right: Roberto Hollanda Filho, President of the Mato Grosso do Sul Bioenergy Producers’ Association (BIOSUL); Diogo Tita, State Congressmen; André Puccinelli, State Governor; José Carlos Grubisich; Waldemir Moka Miranda de Brito, State Congressmen; Júnior Mochi, State Senator; Tereza Cristina da Costa Dias, State Secretary of Agrarian Development, Production, Industry, Commerce and Tourism; and Sérgio Longen, President of the Mato Grosso do Sul State Federation of Industries (FIEMS)

diffusers, allowing the entity

mechanized, boosting

Grubisich. “With the three agro-

to begin operating with an

productivity and eliminating

industrial units – Santa Luiza,

installed capacity to mill 3.8

the emission of gases from the

Eldorado and Costa Rica – in

million tons of sugarcane per

burning of sugarcane leaves.

full operation, we will achieve

harvest. In the agricultural

“The state of Mato Grosso

a production of 1.1 billion liters

area, the differential is found

do Sul is extremely important

of ethanol and 980 GWh of

in the planting and harvesting

in ETH’s growth strategy,”

biomass energy per harvest,”

operations, which are 100%

explained José Carlos

said Grubisich. / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization

Projects Celebrate World En

On June 5, 1972, The United Nations Organization (UNO) held the opening ceremony

week, has been celebrated by companies,

for the 1st Annual International Environmental

public agencies, the press and society as part

Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, involving the

of awareness raising and preservation actions.

participation of over 100 countries and 250 NGOs.

In this article, you will learn more about the

It was the first time that governments


Since then, June 5, extended to last an entire

initiatives of the Odebrecht Organization

recognized the need to fight the pollution caused

projects in Brazil and in other countries

by man’s activities. From there on it, the date was

developed during the 2011 Environment

designated “World Environment Day.”

Week. / nº 260 / june 2011

nvironment Day Braskem during the Sustainable Festival On June 4 and 5, Braskem supported the first edition of the Sustainable Festival in the city of São Paulo, designed to promote a new perspective on sustainability and present it to the population using art and culture as the main communication tools. The programming included plays, movies, thematic installations, artistic interventions, workshops, music shows, dance, performances and exhibits, among others. The company also sponsored certain special activities, such as the presentation at Ibirapuera Park of a model that allowed visitors to learn more about the production cycle of green plastic, which captures up to 2.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton of polyethylene produced, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the Ibirapuera, Água Branca and Villa Lobos Parks, as well as in the São Paulo Municipal Market, Braskem exhibited furniture produced using recycled plastic, popularly called “wood plastic.”

Visitors look at the furniture manufactured with recycled plastic in Ibirapuera Park / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization

Arena Salvador Consortium Members learned to recycle paper

Recycling Workshop at the Salvador

use of disposable cups and the trash bags

Arena Consortium

cut down on the garbage thrown in the

With the slogan “Responsible Citizen,

street,” said Renata Ribeiro, the professional

Healthy Environment,” the Arena Salvador

responsible for Environment at the

Consortium (Odebrecht Infraestrutura and


OAS) – responsible for building the Fonte Nova Arena in Bahia – celebrated World

ETH Organizes Actions at its Four

Environment Day on June 2 and 3.

Production Centers

The importance of recycling discarded waste was the topic addressed in the play

activities for the third edition of Environment

“The Garbage Revolt,” presented by Members

Week at its four production centers – São

from the production and administrative

Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul and Araguaia

areas, as well as in films presented in different

– under the theme “Biodiversity Preservation."

sessions. In order to learn in practice, workers

The programming included the planting of

participated in Paper Recycling Workshops

seedlings in the Permanent Preservation Areas

and produced their own blocks of notes.

(PPAs) and Legal Reserves (LRs) located near

During the event, everyone received gifts,


One June 5, ETH Bioenergia started the

the Agro-Industrial Units, as well as lectures,

such as t-shirts, water bottles, pens and trash

phrase contests and social-environmental

bags for cars. “The water bottles reduce the

education actions for the communities of the / nº 260 / june 2011

cities located near the operations. At the Santa Luzia Unit, located in Nova

executives, also participated in the event. “Over the past two years, ETH has planted

Alvorada do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), 250

over 700,000 species at the four centers

native tree seedlings – Brazil wood, purple

in which it operates, 422,000 of which are

ipe tree, white ipe tree, Surinam cherry,

found in the MS Center alone,” said Grubisich.

cedar and royal mahogany – were planted

“Planting more trees on World Environment

at the São Sebastião Farm near a dam in

Day symbolizes our operations, which value

the Saltinho stream. According to biologist

business competitiveness, innovation and

Camila Guerbas, who is responsible for the


Environmental Management at the MS Center,

José Carlos Grubisich also cited other

the plantation covered 1.9 hectares of land

sustainable practices adopted by the

within the PPA. “This area is leased and we are

company: the reduction of water consumption

responsible for supporting the landowners

per ton of processed sugarcane; the reuse

in the recovery of the PPAs and LRs,” said

of vinasse in fertirrigation (fertilization


technique that uses water to take nutrients

José Carlos Grubisich, Business Leader at

to the cultivated soil); the cogeneration of

ETH, Carla Pires, the professional responsible

electric energy from sugarcane biomass,

for Sustainability at the company, Newton

used to supply the units and made available

Soares, Center Supervisor, Vinod Khosla,

for sale in the National System; the LR and

shareholder, other leaders and Members

PPA preservation and recovery and social

from the unit, as well as invited partners and

responsibility programs; as well as the “Social

Leaders and Members of ETH plant seedlings in Nova Alvorada do Sul / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization

Members participate in theater presentations at the Embraport construction site

Energy for Local Sustainability” Project,

population has more than doubled,” he said.

present in nine municipalities of São Paulo,

“Garbage is our big challenge and separating it

Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás.

at home is an act of citizenship." He also pointed out Embraport’s actions at the construction site,

Embraport Project Aiming for

such as water and material reuse and selective

Sustainable Construction Site

waste collection.

“It was a week for action and reflection about our role for environmental issues." This is how

construction site,” said Ana Carolina Ibarra.

biologist Ana Carolina Fuzete Ibarra, from the

The biologist also indicated other sustainable

Odebrecht Infraestrutura Environment team,

practices: the use of faucets with automatic

summarized the Environment Week at the

closures and double valves in the toilets to

Embraport project in Santos, a city located in the

reduce water consumption and the installation

coastal region of São Paulo.

of signs on safety and the environment located

Held from May 30-June 3, the event gathered 148 people, including both Members


“The idea is for us to have a sustainable

throughout the construction site. Members from the city’s Environmental Police

and outside guests. During the opening

gave a lecture on environmental legislation

for the event, Fábio Nunes, the Municipal

and donated 20,000 brochures, which will be

Environmental Secretary, gave a lecture on

distributed to children from the municipal schools

sustainability and on the wastes generated

of Guarujá, Cubatão, Itanhaém, Praia Grande,

by human beings. “In 40 years, the global

Peruíbe and Pedro de Toledo. / nº 260 / june 2011

The programming also included the theater presentations “Sentenced by the Environment” and “Motivational” performed by the Jordani Theater Group and a phrase contest. Moatize Coal Project Highlights International Year of Forests The Moatize Coal Project (Odebrecht International and Camargo Corrêa), in Mozambique, used the theme “Use the paper necessary and plant more trees” to celebrate World Environment Day. Based on the International Year of Forests, decreed by the United Nations Organization, the event highlighted the importance of preserving forests through the rational use of paper and planting of trees to prevent deforestation. Members participated in lectures, watched theater performances, planted tree seedlings through the “Doing Good” Volunteer Program and were encouraged to use e-mail to reduce printouts and cut down on the use of paper towels. All of them received gifts, such as ecobags, reusable plastic boxes and mugs. Over the upcoming years, the Moatize Coal Project will hold other Environmental Education actions that will address selective garbage collection and the rational use of water and paper. Clean Up Efforts and Workshops at the “Live Happy” Project From May 30 to June 10, Members of the “Live Happy” (Morar Feliz) Project – undertaken Milton Mucipo, from the Social Area, and Marcos Camargo, Construction Manager, helped plant seedlings

by Odebrecht Infraestrutura in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro – took part in actions to promote the adoption of healthy habits, / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization

Pedro Salino, environmental engineer, and children plant tree seedlings at the Senador José Carlos Pereira Pinto High School

conscious consumption and environmental

Pinto High School gathered to plant 300


seedlings on the teaching institution lands.

Under the theme “Take care of your home. After all, it’s the only one you have,” the programming involved video presentations and the puppet

The Members of the Macaé Sanitation Project,

show “Garbage? Not Me!” to address recycling

undertaken by Odebrecht Infraestrutura in Rio

and the reuse of waste, together with a phrase

de Janeiro, took part in the event that placed the

contest, clean up efforts at the construction site

city of Macaé in RankBrasil, the Brazilian book of

and workshops teaching Members how to make

records: the fastest reforestation in a single site.

soap from leftover cooking oil. There was also

The action, held on June 3 by the Department

the distribution of retractable cups to reduce the

of the Environment, involved the participation of

consumption of disposable plastic cups at the

companies and municipal schools. A total of 1,000


seedlings of native Atlantic Forest species were

In partnership with the Municipal Environmental Board and Campos dos


Macaé Sanitation Sets New Record

planted in 15.15 seconds across a protection strip. At the construction site, the Environment Week

Goytacazes Municipal Garden, Members and

programming, held from June 3-10, involved

students from the Senador José Carlos Pereira

the Sandra Maria Oliveira Araújo Franco and / nº 260 / june 2011

Sentrinho Municipal Schools for children with

Project, undertaken by Odebrecht Engenharia

special needs. The students completed works of

Industrial in rural São Paulo, organized phrase

art related to the environmental theme, which

contests and others involving the creation of

will be displayed at the offices, and also watched

objects with recyclable material.

the play Papo Cabeça (“Hard Talk”), which

In the selection of the best ideas, judging

playfully addressed topics such as garbage

committee members considered the criteria of

recycling and water.

creativity, quality, originality and innovation.

Members and partners also participated in

The chosen phrases were from electricians Jorge

the debate "Small Attitudes, Big Changes" and

Luis dos Santos and Gilvan Torres, who received

discussed the intelligent use of paper, waste

cameras as prizes. The motorcycle created by

disposal and the use of plastic cups and bags. At

welder Amalri José da Silva and the truck made

the end of the event, everyone received eco-bags

by heavy equipment driver João Batista Andrada

and retractable cups.

won the material recycling contest and each

ECOMP Promotes Best Ideas Contests

Member received a bicycle.

To encourage environmental preservation

As part of an action coordinated by the

and promote Members’ creativity, the ECOMP

project’s Environment team, 30 students from

(Guararema Natural Gas Compression Station)

the José Querino Ribeiro Municipal School, Participants in the reforestation effort celebrated the act’s inclusion in the Brazilian book of records / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization

First to fourth grade students helped plant tree seedlings in the Lagoa Nova neighborhood

located next to the construction site in the

in puppet show presentations, listened to

neighborhood of Lagoa Nova, planted seedlings

lectures about the activities of bees in the

of regional plant species, such as lychee, Surinam

environment and received water bottles

cherry, pepper tree, yellow ipe tree and purple

and sachets with honey. The activities were

glory tree.

organized in partnership with the Itaguaí Municipality Bee-Keepers' Association

PROSUB Initiatives Involve Ilha da Madeira Students

(APIME). With the support of the Municipal Secretary

On June 1-3, the Shipyard and Naval Base

of the Environment, Agriculture and Fishing,

Project - PROSUB, undertaken by Odebrecht

the UFEM and North Area construction sites

Infraestrutura in Rio de Janeiro, developed

hosted a Sustainable Development Fair

Environmental actions at the construction

that addressed topics such as the reuse of

sites for the Metal Structure Manufacturing

materials and recycling.

Unit (UFEM) and North Area, as well as at


teaching institutions from the Ilha da Madeira

Archeological and Paleontological


Exhibit at Santo Antônio HPP

Over 90 students from the General

“Innovation, Technology and Profitability” was

Hildebrando Bayard de Melo and Elmo

the theme of the Environment Week at the Santo

Baptista Coelho Municipal Schools took part

Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant, built by / nº 260 / june 2011

Alunos de instituições da Ilha da Madeira acompanharam palestras sobre o trabalho das abelhas no meio ambiente Students from the Ilha da Madeira institutions listened to lectures on the work of bees in the environment

Odebrecht Energia in Porto Velho, Rondônia. “The three words represent the project’s pillars of sustainability: completing the construction work in an economically feasible, socially just and environmental correct manner,” explained Nelson Alves, Environmental Manager at the Santo Antônio Civil Consortium. The developed activities included the exhibit of archeological and paleontological materials with the support of the consulting firm, Scientia Consultoria Científica, the company responsible for recovering the objects. The exhibit took place at the construction site cafeteria entrance, where 17,000 Members pass through daily. Ceramic vases dating back over 2,000 years and lithic materials dating back up to 7,000 years were some of the objects found by the archeologists at the construction site and at

Members observe ancient materials found in the region of the Santo Antônio HPP during the archeology and paleontology exhibit / nº 260 / june 2011


> organization the plant reservoir area. In paleontology, animal fossils

The 3Rs of Foz do Brasil

approximately 46,000 years old, found by prospectors

Foz do Brasil marked Environment Week

from the state, were the highlights of the exhibit. “It is

with an internal campaign to raise awareness

incredible to know that these materials and fossils exist in

as to the practice of the 3Rs – reduce, recycle

Rondônia,” said Raimundo Rosenildo Costa, surprised.

and reuse. Each day, one of the items was

Besides the exhibits, there was also the dissemination, through Daily Safety Trainings (TDS) displayed on

addressed in actions undertaken at the offices and at the company’s operations.

billboards and brochures, of information on the

The Members received brochures on

technological innovations found in the project’s

the topics and participated in practical

environmental initiatives.

selective collection and the planting of native seedlings. “The campaign had a characteristic of a conceptual unit, since all of the environments developed the same theme at the same time, respecting the specific local characteristics,” said Monica Queiroz, the professional responsible for Sustainability. At the São Paulo office, the company promoted the project “Recycle with Art,” created and practiced by ETH Bioenergia, designed to collect the aluminum caps from the used cups of water and send them to the NGO Futurong, which supports youth and Foz do Brasil Clients receive plant seedlings in Limeira and children watch a puppet show in Santa Gertrudes

children from the region of Parelheiros. The company’s units took part in events in the communities in which they operate. In Limeira, located in the State São Paulo, the unit sponsored a children’s play that was performed free of charge to the population. In Rio Claro, the company inaugurated the Conduct Sewage Treatment Plant, which will treat 55% of the generated sewage. In Santas Gertrudes, over 3,000 students from the municipal school system watched puppet shows presented with the theme “Save Our Planet.” The distribution of seedlings and lectures

20 / nº 260 / june 2011

held in partnership with the municipal governments

project held the EcoARENA event from June 6-10,

were also part of the events in Mairinque, Mauá

consisting of different activities.

and the cities of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, and Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul. In Rio de Janeiro, the Swimming School Project at

One of the actions was focused on the topic “Atlantic Forest and Brazil Wood,” in which Members received tree seedlings and those

Sea supported the Rio das Ostras Unit in its activities,

of other native species to plant inside the

including lectures and exhibits focused on the

construction site.

importance of preserving the Environment and the possibilities for sustainable practices for daily life. Foz do Brasil also participated in the 50-year

The workers received water bottles, mugs, hats and t-shirts based on their participation in the event, in addition to brochures

celebration for Caparaó National Park, located at

entitled “EcoARENA” that contained the main

the border of the States of Minas Gerais and Espírito

environmental care measures to be taken on

Santo. The site is the source of the Itapemirim River,

the contract site.

which inspired the naming of the city of Cachoeiro

The Pernambuco Arena project is located

de Itapemirim, whose sanitation services are

in the city of São Lourenço da Mata, the

operated by the company.

municipality that earned the title of “National Brazil Wood Capital” from Brazil's National

Pernambuco Arena Holds EcoARENA To raise Members’ awareness as to environmental conservation, the Pernambuco Arena construction

Brazil Wood Foundation. The city has the largest native plant reserve, located on a 776-hectare area.

During EcoARENA, the Members of the Pernambuco Arena planted seedlings of Brazil Wood, among other native species / nº 260 / june 2011


> awards and distinctions

Odebrecht Venezuela’s MetroCab

22 / nÂş 260 / june 2011

ble San Agustín Receives Award At the start of June, Odebrecht The cabins have the capacity to transport 3,000 users per hour and complete the route in 10 minutes

Venezuela received the 2011 Venezuelan Construction Council Award for the MetroCable San Agustín, a cable car transportation system. The project, inaugurated in January 2010, was considered the one with the most relevance and impact undertaken in the country last year. The engineering-related challenges, innovative technology used and interaction between the company and community were decisive factors for earning the distinction. Built to serve the population living in areas of difficult access in the capital’s Northern Zone, MetroCable San Agustín, which is part of the Caracas Subway system, connects the Parque Central Station to the new Homos de Cal, La Seiba, El Manguito and San Agustín Stations and benefits 67,000 people. Each cabin has the capacity for eight people, internal lighting provided by solar energy, a communication system and completes the 2-kilometer route in 10 minutes. The system can transport 3,000 people per hour. / nº 260 / june 2011


> awards and distinctions Community Participation In order to strengthen the relationship with clients and the surrounding population, Odebrecht Venezuela organized commissions during the construction of MetroCable that were formed by residents, members of trade unions, representatives of the Caracas Subway and Company Members to arrange visits to the construction sites. The experience led to the creation of the Community Support Group, which currently supports the MetroCable Agenda for Sustainability through

To the left, JosĂŠ Carlos Prober, Contract Director, receives the award from the President of the Venezuelan Construction Council, Juan Francisco Jimenez

24 / nÂş 260 / june 2011

The system benefits 67,000 people from the region of San Agustín, located in the Northern Zone of Caracas

the elaboration of tourism and

The company also developed adolescents, and also held the

gastronomic circuits in San

the Social Responsibility

exhibit “Constructing Memory

Agustín do Sul. The region has

Program “Together, we

with MetroCable: the Works

a valuable cultural and artistic

Construct Values” to publicize

of Natalya Critchley” with

archive, demonstrated by

and strengthen local cultural

artwork produced by the artist

the work of traditional music

diversity by offering art

during the construction of the


workshops to children and

system. / nº 260 / june 2011


> education

One More Step Forwar toward Sustainability

Theoretical classes are part of the training offered by the Family Homes

26 / nยบ 260 / june june 2011

rd along the Path y Bahia’s Baixo Sul Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, recently celebrated an important victory. The Igrapiúna Rural Family Home (CFR-I) and Agroforest Family Home (Cfaf), both in Nilo Peçanha, were authorized to administer courses integrated with the Vocational Professional Technical Education High School courses in Agribusiness and Vocational Professional Technical Education in Forests, respectively. The certification, recognized by the Bahia State Education Board (CEE), was published on June 9 in Bahia’s Official Gazette. “We are privileged to have access to an institution that encourages us to seek solutions to the problems faced by our community," said Rafael Souza, age 19, a student at Cfaf. For Alana de Jesus, age 21, also a student of the institution, the achievement represents a major advance: “We receive the assurance that we are at a certified teaching unit that offers quality education," she said. On May 24, the projects received a positive rating from the Technical Professional Education Chamber (CEE), under the coordination of the entity’s president, Aylana Alves Gazar Barbalho, and the reporting professional, Albertino Ferreira Nascimento / nº 260 / june 2011


> education Júnior. “It is yet another victory for rural education and proof that this is a model that truly meets the needs of the rural youth,” said Robson Kisaki, Executive Director of CFR-I. “I’m very happy to discover that there was the approval of a school practice adapted to the reality of youth from the quilombola and rural communities, which encourages them to become the leading figures in their own histories,” said Suzana Baiardi, Executive Director of Cfaf. Pioneering Approach The Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home was the first in Brazil’s North-Northeastern region to earn this type of approval. The youth who complete the three years of training at the teaching unit receive their high school diplomas integrated with the vocational course in cattle raising. Trade-Off Teaching The Rural Family Homes are responsible for developing human capital in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands region. The educational institutions associated with PDIS seek to offer a high quality professional education to the youth, encouraging their permanence in the rural areas and in family farming. The methodology used is called “TradeOff Teaching,” which allows the students to spend a week as interns with lessons in the classroom and on the field, and another two weeks on the properties, applying their new knowledge.

28 / nº 260 / june 2011

Youth from Cfaf during a practical class / nยบ 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Odebrecht Angola Invests in Children’s Education Children’s Park on May 28, located in a community that neighbors one of the project construction sites. The initiative received the support of the NGO Hope and Space, the Luanda Province Government and the entity Kambas do Bem (“Kambas for Good”). The 800-m2 space was designed to promote the children’s social and psychomotor development. Over 400 children participated in José Paulo Kai with the children assisted by the Suku Ondjali Home

In partnership with the

presence of the Province Director

in addition to a cement block factory

of Social Reinsertion, Augusta Dias,

government, local entities and

to generate the income necessary to

Ambassador of Brazil, Ana Lucy

NGOs, Odebrecht Angola (subsidiary

maintain the institution. The action

Cabral Petersen, Ambassador of

of Odebrecht América Latina e

is part of the Sustainability Program

Switzerland, Gian Carlo Fenini, UNICEF

Angola) began the construction

promoted as part of the Caála Ganda

representative, Koen Vanormelingen,

of a children’s community center in

and Ekunha Cusse Highway projects,

Ilha do Cabo Communal Administrator,

Huambo and inaugurated a children’s

called “Believe & Be.”

Cirus da Matta, President of the Ilha

park in Luanda at the end of the year.

To celebrate Children’s Day in the

do Cabo Homeowners’ Commission,

On the 22 of the month, the

country, the Luanda Expressways

Afonso Manuel, and Eduardo Badin,

activities to modernize the Suku

Project inaugurated the Chicala 1

Contract Director.


Ondjali Home (also known as “Divine Providence”) began in the municipality of Caála, located in the Province of Huambo, with the presence of the Vice Governor for the Technical and Infrastructure Area, José Paulo Kai, local authorities and representatives from the company. The project involves the construction of housing with the capacity for 60 children, classrooms, training and qualification workshops,


the event, which also involved the / nº 260 / june 2011

In addition to toys, the Chicala 1 Children’s Park also has gardens and educational signs

ETH Inaugurates Laboratory in Nova Alvorada do Sul Through the Social Energy Program for Local

its own equipment and access way, allowing

Sustainability, ETH Bioenergia celebrated

us to remove a large number of people from

the June 14 inauguration of a clinical analysis

the hospital environment. “The Social Energy

laboratory in Nova Alvorada do Sul, Mato

Program will help us transform the city into one

Grosso do Sul, occupying 152.15 m² of area. The

of the best in the state,” he said.

project received investments of R$ 204,000. Participating in the ceremony were residents,

Carla Pires, Responsible for Sustainability at ETH and for the program management,

Members and leaders of the company,

explained that the initiative aims to develop

local authorities and professionals from the

actions that promote the quality of local

Francisca Ortega Hospital and laboratory.

life. “This is the first project inaugurated in

According to the Mayor of Nova Alvorada do

the municipality and we are counting on

Sul, Arlei Barbosa, the partnership with ETH was

the support of the City Government and

crucial for the solid progress of the construction

community for Social Energy to meet its goal,”

work. “The new laboratory is ample and has

said Pires.

From left to right: Antônio Ailton, People and Administration Manager at the Santa Luzia Unit; Carla Pires, Responsible for Sustainability at ETH; Fabiana Amaral, Municipal Health Secretary; Arlei Barbosa, Mayor of Nova Alvorada do Sul, and First Lady Daniele Mendes / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Odebrecht Green Building in Salvador Receives Certification

The Organization’s new auditorium is the first sustainable building in Brazil’s Northern-Northeastern region to earn a certification in the Silver category


One June 13, the Odebrecht Knowledge

region to earn a certification of this level.

Center, also known as the New Odebrecht

Installed between 2008 and 2009, the

Head Auditorium, in Salvador, Bahia,

building was constructed in compliance

received the Green Building certification

with USGBC requirements and was

in the Silver category from the United

evaluated within the parameters of

States Green Building Council (USGBC).

LEED NC 2.2 - Leadership in Energy

The building is the first sustainable

and Environmental Design - New

building in Brazil’s Northern-Northeastern

Construction. / nº 260 / june 2011

Braskem Earns 2011 ABRASCA Award analysts among the 23

important recognition. “It

edition of the ABRASCA

companies selected for

is an honor to receive it,”

2011 Value Creation

the main award. It was

said Drehmer. “Creating

Award, promoted by the

distinguished for its

value for shareholders is

Brazilian Association of

consistency in the creation

a crucial part of our work,

Publicly Traded Companies

of long term value, when

aligned with a policy of

(ABRASCA), with the

it transferred 38.8% of the

transparency and good

technical coordination

value to its shareholders

corporate governance

of the consulting firm,

in average over the past

practices. Being

GRC Visão. The award

three years.

recognized by the analysts

Braskem won the fourth

ceremony will be held in

According to Marcela

is a sign that we are on

August of this year.

Drehmer, Vice President

the right path and serves

The company was

of Finances and Investor

as incentive to continue

the top evaluated by

Relations at Braskem,

working in partnership

the capital market

the award represents an

with the market,” she said.

Odebrecht Infraestrutura Receives Client Recognition On June 17, Odebrecht Infraestrutura was

the area of accident prevention. At the end

awarded under the Vale Responsible Attitude

of each month, the contract with the best

Program (PAR) for its work on the Carajás

performance is awarded.

Railroad Expansion project, which connects

In May of this year, Odebrecht Infraestrutura

the municipality of Parauapebas in Pará, to

received the awards for “Top Company,”

São Luís in Maranhão – undertaken as part

“Top Manager” (Silvio de Godoy, Production

of an alliance agreement with the mining

Manager), “Top Safety Professional” (Jairo


de Almeida, Safety Technician) and “Top

PAR monitors the Workplace Safety actions

Construction Site” (Santa Maria). The project

undertaken at the projects of Vale – North

also earned the award for “Top Allied

Logistics Training, promoting the participative

Company,” received by Marcelo Furquim,

management of the production teams in

Contract Director. / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news The visit is part of the Summer Program organized by the Punta Cana Group Foundation to strengthen students’ theoretical and practical knowledge

North American Students Visit Duarte Corridor Construction Work Through a partnership between the Punta Cana Group Foundation and the Madre y Maestra

Latina e Angola and the company Ingenieria

Pontifical Catholic University (PUCMM), on June 1,

Estrella – will improve the traffic of the 800,000

16 students from Virginia Tech Institute and State

vehicles that circulate through the city’s Northern

University visited the Duarte Corridor construction

Zone each day.

site, located on the avenues Avenida Ortega y

The visit was directed by Professor Roberto

Gasset, Avenida 27 de Febrero and Avenida Defilló,

Bonetti, the PUCMM Civil Engineering Department

in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican

Director, with the support of consortium Members,


and was designed to show the construction

The project, constructed by the Corredor Duarte


Consortium – formed by Odebrecht América / nº 260 / june 2011

methods used in the development.

ECOMP Project Inaugurates Hit the Net Room

Representatives from Odebrecht, the Guararema City Government, “Baby Jesus” Project and Petrobras during the inauguration of the Hit the Net room

value to the community and

Director at ECOMP, the

Compression Station (ECOMP)

attracts the attention of society

program contributes toward

– constructed by Odebrecht

in general, generating more

the growth of human beings,

Engenharia Industrial for

opportunities,” said Rosalina

since it gives them access

Petrobras in rural São Paulo –

Oliveira, Social Inclusion

to knowledge. “This allows

launched the digital inclusion

Director at the Guararema

individuals to transform this

program Hit the Net (Caia na

Municipal Department of Social

knowledge into something

Rede) at the “Baby Jesus” Project,

Assistance and Citizenship.

productive for themselves and

On June 9, the Guararema Gas

an institution that has helped improve the quality of life and

According to George Miguel, Administrative and Financial

for those around them,” said Miguel.

self-esteem of children ages 7-11 in the neighborhood of Lagoa Nova. The inaugurated room has 10 computers, a printer and also offers ergonomic chairs designed for use in computer labs, donated by the company Flexform. “The practice of sustainable social actions such as the Hit the Net Program adds / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Odebrecht Infraestrutura Receives University Students from Ouro Preto On May 27, 40 students from the Civil

construction projects on highways. The

Engineering course at the Federal University

meeting was led by Members from the

of Ouro Preto (UFOP) in Minas Gerais visited

areas of Environment, Quality, Health and

the Itatiba - Campinas stretch of the Dom

Workplace Safety.

Pedro I Corridor, located in rural São Paulo. The objective of the visit was to strengthen

The course of the Dom Pedro I Corridor traverses the cities of Atibaia, Campinas,

the relationship between Odebrecht

Jundiaí, Paulínia, Itatiba, Jacareí, Igaratá,

Infraestrutura and the university and offer

Nazaré Paulista, Bom Jesus dos Perdões,

its structure as a knowledge laboratory,

Jarinu, Louveira, Valinhos, Cosmópolis, Artur

fostering the exchange of ideas and

Nogueira, Engenheiro Coelho, Conchal

maximizing the potential learning of the

and Mogi Guaçu. Through the Rota das

participants with in loco experience. The

Bandeiras Concessionaire, Odebrecht

company also presented the main activities

TransPort is responsible for the highway

involved in road projects and special civil

concession for a 30-year period.

Odebrecht Infraestrutura and the Federal University of Ouro Preto: partnership that contributes toward the learning of future civil engineers

36 / nº 260 / june 2011

Moatize Coal Project Encourages Volunteer Work The Moatize Coal Project – undertaken as part of an alliance agreement between Vale, Odebrecht International and Camargo Corrêa in Mozambique – created the Volunteer Program “Doing Good” in April of this year to encourage Members to work as volunteers in the actions developed by the project. The workers can choose to participate in different activities such as Environment Week, milk and clothing donation campaigns and social-educational events for children from orphanages, as well as in the projects promoted by SERarte, an entity that trains craft artists and small entrepreneurs, and “Read+,” focused on the installation of libraries, educational training for teachers and the production of books. The latter will begin at the Armando Emílio Guebuza School in Cateme, and will extend to other teaching institutions.

One of the Best Places to Work in the Dominican Republic In May of this year, Odebrecht América

The company earned eighth place

Latina e Angola was elected one of

in the category “Companies with Over

the 10 best places to work in Central

1,000 Employees in Central America and

America and the Caribbean in the ranking

Caribbean” and placed sixth on the list

elaborated by the Great Place to Work

of “Best Places to Work in the Dominican


Republic.” / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Acreditar Participants Present Professions Students from Acreditar show other program participants and fair visitors more about the tools used by the industrial welders

On June 10, the PVC

Electrician, Industrial

also allowed us to better

Project, undertaken by

Plumber, Scaffolding

understand the chosen

Odebrecht Engenharia

Assembler and Coated

profession,” explained Paulo

Industrial for Braskem

Electrode Welder.

Medeiros, instructor for the

in the city of Marechal


During the event,

Coated Electrode Welder

Deodoro in Alagoas,

participants talked about

promoted the 1 st Trade

the professions they chose,

Fair for the Continued

sharing with the public

to learn more about our

Professional Qualification

present the characteristics

work tools, find out about

Program - Acreditar

and main tools used in each.

other courses and expose

(“Believe”). The event

The exhibit also addressed

that which we learned and

included the participation

the importance of Personal

produced in the classroom,”

of students from the courses

Protection Equipment. “The

said Fernanda Marcela, a

of Carpenter, Power&Control

opportunity to learn about

student from the Industrial

Electrician, Assembler

other areas of operation

Welder course. / nº 260 / june 2011

course. “We had the opportunity

Dominican Members Participate in Literacy and Sustainability Courses From May 30-June 3, Odebrecht América

certificates for the Literacy Program

Latina e Angola worked in partnership with

“Educating is Building,” an initiative

the Fernando Arturo de Meriño Agroforest

promoted by the companies focused on

University (UAFAM) to offer the 1 st Technical

adult literacy, with the support of the Santo

Course in Sustainability, designed for

Domingo Poniente Rotary Club.

Members from the company’s projects in the Dominican Republic. The program involved the participation of

The ceremony was held at the project’s central construction site auditorium and included the presence of Luiz Sérgio

80 professionals from the Sustainability area

Ferráz, Contract Director, Flávio Campos,

divided into two groups. With a total course

Production Manager, Fernando Barros,

load of 40 hours, the classes were held at

Commercial Manager, consortium Members

the Duarte Corridor construction site in

and volunteer teachers from the partner

Santo Domingo.

entity. The educators receive recognition

On June 13, 31 Members from the

plaques for their work in the program from

Corredor Duarte Consortium (Odebrecht

Pedro Costa, Administrative and Financial

and Ingenieria Estrella) received conclusion


Members from the Corredor Duarte Consortium show their certificates from the “Educating is Building” Program / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Miami International Airport Receives A380 Superjumbo Jet

The A380, also known as the “green airplane,” is 15% more efficient than the Boeing 747-400, a smaller model also used in the Lufthansa fleet

The Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial passenger airplane, arrived to

and has the capacity to transport up to 853

the Miami International Airport (MIA) on

people. The South Terminal constructed as

June 10, sent by the German airline company

part of a joint venture formed by Odebrecht

Lufthansa for the Miami - Frankfurt route.

United States (subsidiary of Odebrecht

MIA is the fifth airport in the United States


which is 72 meters long, 79 meters wide

International) and by the Parsons

and first in the country’s Southeastern

Corporation, was designed especially to

region to receive the services of the A380,

house the airplane model. / nº 260 / june 2011

CCR Project in Argentina Completes Initial Stage The construction and precommissioning work for the Nueva Antorcha Unit (“New Torch”) – the first phase of the Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR) Unit Project undertaken by Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial for YPF S.A. at the Ensenada Industrial Complex located in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina – were completed in May of this year. The activities included the installation of three gas separators weighing more than 30 tons each and over 100 tons of piping, together with the assembly of the plant’s main collector. Over 600 Members from the areas of Engineering, Supply Management and Construction took part in this phase. The new plant will be completed in 2012 and will produce 200,000 tons of aromatic compounds per year to meet the growing demand for high quality fuels in the country. The new torch, which measures 120 meters high, uses advanced environmental protection technology, including smokeless emissions and reduced noises and vibrations / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

New OOG Office Supply Store Uses Certified Material To help preserve the environment and

The items sold – envelopes, paper

reinforce the importance of Sustainability

and folders, among others – produced

for business conducted between

using recycled paper, feature the seal of

the client and Members, Odebrecht

the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),

Oil and Gas (OOG) worked through

an international entity that promotes

its Communication area to create a

the sustainable management of forests.

new office supply store with certified

It is represented in the country by the


Brazilian Forest Management Council.

The items sold at the new OOG office supply store are made from recycled paper that is certified by FSC

42 / nº 260 / june 2011

Electrical Train Awarded by Engineers’ School in Peru

In the center, Enrique Cornejo (to the right), Peruvian Minister of Transportation and Communication, receives the award from National Dean Juan Fernán Muñoz Rodríguez (to the left), accompanied by Jorge Barata (third from right to left), Managing Director of Odebrecht Peru, José Graña (second from right to left), President of Graña y Montero; and representatives from the Electric Train Autonomous Authority, the Cesel-Pöyry Consortium and the Peruvian National Police

During a ceremony held on June 8 in Lima,

Extending 21.48 kilometers, the Electric Train

Peru, the Tren Eléctrico Consortium – formed

will traverse nine different neighbors of Lima.

by Odebrecht Peru (subsidiary of Odebrecht

The consortium is constructing 12.28 km of

América Latina e Angola) and the company

tracks and plans to modernize 9.2 km. The first

Graña y Montero – received the award for

phase of the construction work generated over

“Emblematic Peruvian Engineering Project -

5,000 job opportunities during the construction

2010-2011” from Peru’s Engineering School for

phase. After the project is concluded, it will

the construction work on the city’s subway.

benefit some 3 million people. / nº 260 / june 2011


> fast news

Santos Mayor Visits Embraport Terminal Construction Work accompanied the visitors through the construction site and pointed out the sustainable practices developed at the project, such as the reuse of water and waste and selective collection. The Mayor emphasized the importance of the terminal for Baixada Santista: “It is an The Embraport and Odebrecht Infraestrutura Teams receive the group from the Santos City Government

emblematic project for Santos and for the country,” he said. “We were able to discover a sustainable solution to grow Directors of Odebrecht

at the port.” According to

received a visit from João

Infraestrutura – responsible for

Fábio Nunes, environmental

Paulo Tavares Papa, Santos

the construction of the terminal.

preservation is the company’s

Nuno presented the timeline

great intelligence. “Embraport

On June 9, Embraport

Mayor, and the group formed by Sérgio Aquino, Municipal

for the construction work

represents a cut-off point and

Secretary of Port and Maritime

and its main highlights. “The

everything that came later

Affairs, Fábio Nunes, Secretary

environmental issue is a topic

was based on this project,” said

of the Environment, and

that receives a great deal of


Cláudio Trovão, Regional

focus,” said Neves. “There is

The Embraport Terminal is

Administrator of the Santos

strong interaction with the

the first for Santos’ continental

Continental Area.

surrounding communities.”

area and will generate 1,100

He also described the actions

job opportunities during its

by Francisco Nuno Neves,

developed in the region,

operation, scheduled to begin

President of Embraport,

including the installation of

in 2013. Currently, 772 people

accompanied by Valter Luis

the new electrical energy

already work on the project,

Arruda Lana and Henrique

line on Diana Island. Valter

90% of whom are residents

Antero Pio Marchesi, the

Lana and Henrique Marchesi

from the region.

The authorities were received

44 / nº 260 / june 2011






Young Par tner


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Community Relations

Utilization of the Knowledge

Health and Safety at Work

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