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Boca do Rio Submarine Outfall: Improvement in Bahia’s Basic Sanitation / no. 259 / june 2011


4 a new phase in basic sanitation in bahia






Installed by Foz do Brasil and Odebrecht Infraestrutura, the Jaguaribe Oceanic Outfall System was inaugurated in Salvador on May 27 and marks a new phase for basic sanitation in the region.

8 acreditar, in french


Odebrecht International launched the Continued Professional Qualification Program - Acreditar (“Believe”) at the Simandou Project in the city of Kérouané in Guiné-Conacri. The initiative is being held for the first time in the French language.

10 angola discusses sustainability

From May 26-29, the Angolan Ministry of the Environment promoted the 1st International Environment and Environmental Equipment, Services and Technologies Fair with the participation of several companies, including Odebrecht Angola.

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14 for the recovery of emas national park

On June 2, ETH Bioenergia and the Chico Mendes Institute signed a Reciprocity Agreement to recover Emas National Park, located in Brazil’s Central Plain region in the state of Goiás.

with culture and > 18 contact work at the construction site

22 caring for natural wealth for future generations

In order to promote the conservation of the region’s wealth, the Bahia Baixo Sul EPA Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS) promoted Environment Week from May 30-June 4.

Journalism students from the Federal University of Bahia visited the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena during the Corporate Communication Seminar organized by the Odebrecht Engineering and Construction Operations Communication area.


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> submarine outfall

A New Phase in Basic Sanitation in Bahia

4 / no. 259 / june 2011

To celebrate its 40 years, the

three months as established

Bahia Water and Sanitation

in the contract – and by

Company (EMBASA)

Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

inaugurated the Jaguaribe

which built the new system.   

Oceanic Outfall System (SDO)

In addition to its significant

on May 27, marking a new

contributions to improving

phase for basic sanitation in

the water from the lakes,

the metropolitan region of

rivers and streams, the SDO


will help improve the bathing

With investments of approximately R$ 259 million,

quality of the region’s Northern coast beaches.

the system – also known as the Boca do Rio Submarine

Benefits to Health and

Outfall – will benefit 2 million

the Environment

people from the capital and from the municipality of

Outfall System inauguration

Lauro de Freitas during the

ceremony took place at the

first phase alone. This will

Prévio Processing Station,

allow Salvador to remain

currently operated by Foz

among the cities with the

do Brasil, and included the

country’s best sanitation rate,

presence of 150 people,

reaching 85%.

including local leaders,

The Jaguaribe SDO was

EMBASA and Bahia

constructed through a

Government representatives

Public-Private Partnership

and Members of the

(PPP) – one of the first in


Brazil in the area of sanitation

During its first phase alone, the Boca do Rio Outfall will benefit 2 million residents of Salvador and from the municipality of Lauro de Freitas

The Jaguaribe Oceanic

The Bahia Governor,

– signed with the Jaguaribe

Jaques Wagner, and

Consortium after a bidding

President of EMBASA,

process. The Jaguaribe

Abelardo de Oliveira

Consortium is a Special

Filho, were welcomed

Purpose Company (SPC)

by Alexandre Barradas,

formed by Foz do Brasil –

Regional Director of Foz

responsible for the operation

do Brasil for the Northern

and leasing for 15 years and

and Northeastern / no. 259 / june 2011


> submarine outfall Regions and Goiás, and

Odebrecht Organization: “I

by Raul Ribeiro, Operation

was one of the people against

Director. Representing

the construction work in the

Odebrecht Infraestrutura

neighboring area," she said.

were André Vital, Managing

“After I learned more about

Director for Bahia and Sergipe,

the company, I understood

Roberto R. Santos, Contract

the importance of this work

Director, Jorge Ocké, Project

and the seriousness of the

and Construction Manager

local team of companies.”

and other Members who

The actions directed at the

worked on the construction

community also earned


special importance. “We are

During the event, Maria

very pleased with everything

de Jesus – who represented

that was developed here,”

the residents of the local

said the community leader,

community of Bate Facho

who participated in the

– spoke about the trust in

Environmental Education

the work developed by the

in Sanitation Extension

Community leader Maria de Jesus greets Jaques Wagner after his speech during the outfall inauguration ceremony

6 / no. 259 / june 2011

Bahia Governor Jaques Wagner emphasized the new outfall’s contributions to the population’s health and the environment

Course directed at the

concepts in the region.

health, since we will no

state high schools located

Jaques Wagner highlighted

near the project and local

the partnership between the

as well as for environmental

residents. Currently, Maria

public and private companies.

preservation, with the cleanup

de Jesus works as one

“The new submarine emissary

of the beaches, rivers, lakes

of the multipliers of the

brings a range of different

and groundwater,” said the

environmental preservation

benefits for the area of


longer have open sewage, / no. 259 / june 2011


> professional qualification

Acreditar, in French

Called Programme Espoir Guinée in Guiné-Conacri, Acreditar is being applied for the first time in the French language

governments, the municipality

Professional Qualification

in the administrative zone of

has approximately 260,000

Program - Guiné.

Alta Guiné in the Republic of

inhabitants who live off

Guiné-Conacri, is the site for the

agricultural work, cultivating

installation of the Simandou

rice, corn and manioc root.

Mine, part of the Vale iron

Since the start of the project in

Kérouané City Government and

ore exploration project in the

October of last year, the families

local educational entity Direction

African country. Contracted

of the Damaro, Kounsankoro

Préfectorale de Educacion (DPE),

by the company, Odebrecht

and Linko sub-city governments

Acreditar - Guiné is training local

International is responsible

have been monitoring from

workers for the Simandou Project

for the earth-moving and

afar the construction work

construction work and the mine

infrastructure work for the mine

and exploration of the mine’s

prospecting activities. Called

processing plant platform and the

natural resource. Recently,

Programme Espoir Guinée, it is the

construction of the lodging units,

these residents have also

first time that the program has been

geologist laboratory and access

come to enjoy a perspective

applied in the French language.


of better days, including the

The city of Kérouané, located

Consisting of eight sub-city

8 / no. 259 / june 2011

Acreditar (“Believe") Continued

New Opportunities With the support of Vale, the

The initiative was first implemented in April of this

year with training for the

Student from the Basic Module receives his certificate of conclusion. Over 80 people have completed the training

teachers selected by Odebrecht International, administered by professionals from the school Ecole Normale d’Instituteurs de N’Zérékoré. The classes from the first Basic Module groups, which involve a course load of 40 hours, began during the same month at the NAFA Center facilities in Kérouané, and at the Damaro Primary School, where

Of the 88 people who completed

participants studied the topics

the basic course, 68 were hired by

year, Acreditar - Guiné will be

of health, workplace safety,

companies associated with the

expanded with the creation of

psychology, environment and

Simandou Project. The second

more basic and technical module


phase of the program, which

groups to meet the project’s

The learning level of the groups

will include different Technical

demand for labor in the areas of

in the classroom was 82% and the

Modules, should begin over the

civil construction and electro-

attendance rate reached 100%.

next few months.

mechanical assembly.

During the second half of the

After finishing the basic course, some of the participants formed driller teams and are learning technical skills through the work / no. 259 / june 2011


> environment and safety

A n go l a Discusses The Angolan capital of


Minister of the Environment

technologies for a sustainable

Luanda was the head office

from May 26-29. This was


of the 1st International

the point of departure for

Over 100 exhibitors from

Environment and

the implementation of the

11 countries, including both

Environmental Equipment,

environmental policies

companies and entities,

Services and Technologies

announced in the country and

participated in the event.

Fair, promoted by the

the promotion of the use of

The host country was / no. 259 / june 2011

Maria de FĂĄtima Jardim and Felipe Cruz during the opening of lectures at the Angola Environment Conference

Su s t a i n ability represented by 70 companies

The Angola Environment

At the opening of the

from the civil construction,

Conference was held as part

event, Angola Minister of the

agriculture, energy and water

of the programming, with

Environment, Maria de FĂĄtima

and transportation sectors,

lectures and debates by

Jardim, together with the

including Odebrecht Angola,

specialists and representatives

Ministers of the Environment

a subsidiary of Odebrecht

from local and international

from the Community of

AmĂŠrica Latina and Angola.


Portuguese-Speaking / no. 259 / june 2011


> environment and safety

At the Odebrecht Angola booth, visitors watched a play on environmental preservation that was produced by Members

Countries (CPLP), discussed

of the company’s projects in

expansion of the plant, focusing

the general strategic bases for

the country is the contribution

on the project’s construction,

environmental policies in the

to local development. “The

social and environmental


company has adopted social


Later, Felipe Cruz, the

Topics such as

professional responsible for

the creation of direct and

Competitiveness through

the Social-Environmental

indirect work opportunities

Sustainable Procedures,

Programs of the Odebrecht

and promote the social and

Non-Polluting Technologies,

Engineering and Construction

economic development of

Renewable and Alternative

Operations, presented

citizens,” he said.

Energies, Sustainability and

the theme “Challenges of


policies that range from

Gustavo Belitardo, Contract

Sanitation Strategies, Waste

Sustainability: the Case of

Director at the Cambambe

Management Development,

Odebrecht.” He pointed out

Hydroelectric Facility, spoke

Technology Transfer, Pollution

that the most important point

about the rehabilitation and

Prevention and the Carbon / no. 259 / june 2011

Market were also addressed

defined vision of sustainability

environmental issues can be

during the two days of

guidelines, with a focus on

resolved in the country with a


people and on innovation,”

transfer of knowledge. “It was a

“Our participation in the

said Francisco Sawaguthi,

success and we took advantage

international fair and cycle of

Sustainability Director at

of the opportunity to guarantee

conferences was an excellent

Odebrecht Angola.

the interest in continuing

opportunity to demonstrate

For Minister Maria de Fátima

that the company has a well

Jardim, the event showed that

Traffic Safety also Theme of Event During the week preceding

Over 200 children from the schools Wilson Macedo, N’Gola Kanini and 2027 visited the

forward with the second edition in 2012,” she said.

of pedestrians and drivers in traffic. The last two days of the

the 1st International

exhibit, participated in the

event were dedicated to

Environment and

workshops and listened to

the drivers from the Luanda

Environmental Equipment,

a lecture by Sub-Inspector

Expressways Project. More

Services and Technologies Fair,

of the Province Traffic Police

than 60 professionals listened

Traffic Safety was the theme of

Command, Manuel Paulo,

to the lectures and received

the event held by Odebrecht

about signs and the conduct

instructions on the topic.

Angola in Luanda. Through the Luanda Expressways Project and in partnership with the Luanda Province Government and Angola National Traffic and Road Department, the company promoted an exhibit on traffic education and safety for the second time, called “A Safe Route for Angola.” Held from May 16-21 at the construction site Information Center, the exhibit gathered police and sign equipment and educational panels.

Manual Paulo shows students the meanings of different traffic signs / no. 259 / june 2011


> partnership

For the Recovery of Em On June 2, ETH Bioenergia and the Chico Mendes Institute (ICMBio) signed a Reciprocity Agreement to recover Emas National Park, located in Brazil’s Central Plain region in the extreme Southwestern state of Goiás. Considered a Natural Heritage of Mankind by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the site is an important conservation unit of the scrublands and guarantees the preservation of the fauna, flora and river sources on a 132,000-hectare area. The company contributes R$ 500,000 as part of the partnership. The investment includes an emergency plan

From left to right: Neiba Maria Barcellos, Mineiros City Mayor (Goiás); José Carlos Grubisich; Rômulo Mello, President of ICMBio; Marcos Cunha, President of Emas National Park; and Maurício de Sá, Alto Taquari City Mayor (Mato Grosso)

for preventing fires, the


recovery of trails and the

vegetation recovery process

acquisition of an adapted

is already visible, since the

“We are seeking

vehicle designed for tours,

species of scrubland plants

to help improve the

among other initiatives. The

can resist the heat and

social-economic and / no. 259 / june 2011

drought periods.

mas National Park

Jos茅 Carlos Grubisich delivers the keys to the vehicle adapted for tours to R么mulo Mello and Marcos Cunha / no. 259 / june 2011


> partnership

Home to Brazil’s largest biome – the scrublands – as well as hundreds of animal species, Emas National Park celebrates 50 years in 2011

environmental conditions

Park is the way that we

native forest, the park –

of the areas located near

found, together with local

which celebrates its 50-year

our production units,

leaders and ICMBio, to

anniversary in 2011, was

seeking to strengthen

show our commitment

reopened for visitation on

our relationship with

to the preservation of

June 5, World Environment

these regions,” said José

biodiversity,” he said.

Day. The event was one of

Carlos Grubisich, Business


Closed last August due to

Leader at ETH. “Helping

the land burning operations

reopen Emas National

that affected 93% of the / no. 259 / june 2011

the ETH actions designed to celebrate the date.

Natural Scrubland Reserve Created in 1961 to protect part of the natural heritage of Brazil’s Central-Western region, the Emas National Park landscape predominantly features open field and scrubland vegetation, formed by shrubs and groupings of trees. Among the animals most commonly seen at the site are the rhea, wild deer, wild dog, banded anteater and 350 species of birds, including toucans and Canindé macaws. The drought period in the area occurs between the months of JuneAugust. Between December and March, the rains are more frequent, and starting in September, when lightning storms are common, the risk for fires increases. Considered Brazil’s oldest biome, dating back 65 million years, the scrublands occupy 23.9% of the country’s territory, extending through 11 states. Cradle to Brazil’s main watersheds, such as the Amazon, Prata and São Francisco Basins, the scrublands house 6,000 species of plants, 200 species of mammals, 800 species of birds and 1,200 species of fish. / no. 259 / june 2011


> infrastructure

Contact with Culture and Wo


comMunica seminar

18 / no. 259 / june 2011

ork at the Construction Site



“I had never visited a stadium construction project,” said Yuri Girardi, age 20, from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) School of Communication (Facom). “It was interesting because I had another vision of the project,” he said. On May 25, Girardi and another 19 university students visited the construction work for the Fonte Nova Arena, currently being completed by the Arena Salvador Consortium (Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS). The visit is part of the Corporate Communication Seminar, an initiative from the Engineering and Construction Operations Communication area in partnership with Facom, designed to meet the students’ growing interest and strengthen the relationship actions between the Organization and society. Created in 2009, the program – which has involved 140 students from the Journalism and Cultural Production courses during its six editions – is divided into two separate phases. During the first, held at the Odebrecht head office in Salvador, participants visited the Cultural Center and learned more about the activities of / no. 259 / june 2011


> infrastructure

Participants from the fifth edition of the program visited the Odebrecht Cultural Center, located at the head office in Salvador


the Communication area

construction site. The creator

the reality of a construction

designed to support

and professional responsible

site is a rich experience that

Odebrecht S.A., the

for the seminar, Rodrigo Vilar,

contributes toward these

Engineering and Construction

from the Engineering and

students’ learning, primarily at

business and the Odebrecht

Construction Operations

a time at which the World Cup

Foundation. During the

Communication team,

and intensive investments in

second phase, the students

considers this experience the

infrastructure demand more

go on a guided tour of a

program’s high point. “Seeing

extensive knowledge among / no. 259 / june 2011

press professionals,” explained Vilar.

Within the Student’s Reach Due to the growing demand,

The seminar is an integral

the Arena Salvador Consortium,

part of the journalists' training

in partnership with Fonte Nova

program, which has existed

Negócios e Participações – the

at the Organization for years,

concessionaire responsible for the

with support for the initiatives

stadium management over the next

undertaken by the Brazilian

35 years – created a construction site

newspapers Folha de S. Paulo and

tour program.

O Estado de S. Paulo, the publisher

Once per month, a multi-disciplinary

Editora Abril and the International

team from the consortium,

Institute of Social Sciences.

consisting of an engineer, journalist

“For the communication

and a workplace safety technician,

students, the visit helped to break the paradigm on the relationship between organizations and society,” said Claudio Cardoso, professor at UFBA. “This is fundamental for the maturation process of the communication professional,” he said.

accompany the group of visitors. The Members provide information on the progress of the construction work, orient the university students on workplace safety and environment issues, and also explained the communication plan for the implosion of the former development, which took place in August of last year and represented an important milestone in the arena reconstruction. The individual responsible for the consortium’s Communication Program, Carine Aprile Iervese, considers the students’ presence at a major project like this to be important. “We have the opportunity to show the reality of our work, and the efforts employed that are usually only witnessed behind the scenes,” said Iervese. “We can also learn about the population’s view of our

Journalism students are oriented by Members of the Arena Salvador Consortium during a visit to the construction site, part of the Corporate Communication Seminar Program

construction project. This exchange is extremely beneficial.” / no. 259 / june 2011


> odebrecht foundation

Caring for Natural Wealth Bahia’s Southern Lowlands are home to one

Integrated and Sustainable Development

of the world’s most beautiful natural sceneries.

Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht

The region consists of 11 municipalities that

Foundation, promoted Environment Week

form a mosaic of Environmental Protection

from May 30-June 4, gathering 4,900 people.

Areas (EPAs). Within this territory, which has

The initiative was coordinated by the Pratigi

some of the world’s richest biodiversity, it

EPA Guardian Association (AGIR) and included

is possible to find waterfalls, forests, rivers,

workshops, movies and tree planting activities,

mangroves, sandbars, coconut palms and an

engaging residents from the five municipalities

extensive coast that attracts many tourists

included in the Land Conservation Support

every year.

Organization, tied to PDIS and responsible

In order to promote the conservation of such wealth, the Bahia Baixo Sul EPA Mosaic

for developing Environmental Capital in the region.

Residents from the city of Ibirapitanga, in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands, planted tree seedlings

22 / no. 259 / june 2011

for Future Generations Between the lectures, representatives from the Pratigi EPA (Ibirapitanga, Igrapiúna, Ituberá, Nilo Peçanha e Piraí do Norte) and from Presidente Tancredo Neves discussed different topics. “We promote activities related to awareness raising on the planet’s environmental issues as they relate to local issues, focusing on the conservation of the fauna, flora, soil, climate and waters,” said Ibirapitanga Municipal Environmental Director, Ezequias Eufrásio. “These actions are important for orienting residents on the preservation of the river sources and in terms of not using land burning processes to clean the soil, for example,” said Rosângela Gama, teacher at the Acarás Municipal School in Ibirapitanga. “We want to involve people with the topics that influence our day-to-day,” said the Piraí do Norte Secretary of Education, Deusdete Macedo. The event also involved a partnership with city governments, departments and municipal schools, in addition to the Brazilian Army and Industrial Social Service

The Pancada Grande Waterfalls is one of the region’s natural beauties

Environment Week is part of the PDIS calendar

(SESI), among others. Other institutions that

of events. Topics such as cooperativism and

are part of PDIS, such as the Family Homes,

culture are the planned focus for the upcoming

Youth Home, Rights and Citizenship Institute

mobilizations. Celebrations for Youth Day, Book

(IDC) and Bahia Baixo Sul Sustainable

Day and Work Day were the themes of some of

Development Institute (IDES) also

the events already held this year.

participated in the event. / no. 259 / JUNE 2011


> fast notes

Braskem Opens Office in Singapore Last May, Braskem took an

at Braskem, the choice was

market, as well as to search for

important step forward in

also influenced by the strong

opportunities for the company’s

strengthening its presence in

support offered by the local

growth,” said Carnaúba.

Asia. On May 18, it inaugurated

government for international

its first office on the continent,

companies to set up operations

basic petrochemicals. Braskem’s

estimated to become

there and the facility of

exports to Asia include olefins

responsible for 60% of the

adaptation for foreigners.

such as propane, butadiene

global petrochemical market in

The new office will allow

Initially, the focus will be on

and butane, derived from

Braskem to provide more

naphtha. The company expects

personalized service to its

to increase the sales of the ETBE

Singapore, a center for

customers located in Singapore,

bio-additive to the Japanese

commercial operations and

China, India, Indonesia,

market. “The country should

an important logistics point

South Korea and Japan. “The

triple its consumption of the

in Asia. According to Rodrigo

physical presence in Asia is also

product based on the new

Carnaúba, the professional

designed to allow us to better

biofuel law, approved during

responsible for the International

understand the region’s players

the second half of 2010,” said

Basic Petrochemical Business

and dynamics of the local


2014. The chosen country was

For the Protection of Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic Focused on preserving Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic, Odebrecht América Latina e Angola is supporting the

country, as well as a complex system of caves. The project to officially mark out the territory

Carso Los Haitises Foundation (FUNKARST) in

was presented on June 1 by Jaime David

its efforts to mark out the area. The absence of

Fernández, Minister of the Environment and

signs indicating the extension of the protected

Natural Resources, Frank Rainieri, President of

area has led to the poor use of the land and

FUNKARST, and Marco Cruz, Managing Director

degradation of the site due to the indiscriminate

of Odebrecht in the Dominican Republic.

planting by the local communities.

The initiative is part of a co-management

Located in the Los Haitises Prohibited Zone


birds, nearly half the total number found in the

agreement for Los Haitises National Park,

Forest Reserve, between the provinces of Hato

signed in August of last year by FUNKARST and

Mayor, Monte Plata and Samaná, the area is home

the Ministry of the Environment to undertake

to a high level of biodiversity from the Caribbean

protection, research, education, tourism and

aquifer, with the Rainforest as its characteristic

economic and social development actions in

vegetation. The park houses over 110 species of

nearby communities. / no. 259 / june 2011

Norbe IX Heading to Brazil On May 31, the Norbe IX drilling rig, owned by Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG), left the shipyard where it was built in South Korea to head toward the Mauritian Islands. It included 86 people on-board, including 57 Members of the company. The site will be the unit’s first stop during its 55-day journey to Brazil. Patrick Landry, Manager of the Norbe IX, and his assistants Clarisse Rodrigues, Paloma Ferreira and Rafael Maia were honored, and all Members who participated in the unit construction project received participation diplomas. The Norbe IX drilling rig has the capacity to operate in a water depth of up to 3,000 meters and is set to begin operating still this year.

The unit is the third of the new OOG fleet designed for operation in deep waters / no. 259 / june 2011


> fast notes

One of the Best Places to Work in Panama A subsidiary of Odebrecht AmĂŠrica Latina e Angola, Odebrecht Panama was considered an excellent place to work in Central America and the Caribbean by the Great Place to Work Institute. For the second consecutive year, the company took part in the study on the work environment, undertaken by Zoraida Chong, from the Communication and Image area, and Leandro Bastos, from People and Organization, represented Odebrecht Panama during the award ceremony

First Train to Buchanan Port

the entity through surveys with the professionals.

With 20 wagons loaded with iron ore, the first ArcelorMittal train traveled 245 km from the Tokadeh Mine to Buchanan Port in Liberia, along the railroad that is being remodeled by Odebrecht International as part of the Iron Ore Project. The company’s next challenge, scheduled to start during the second half of July, is to install the crusher to produce the ballast that will be used to maintain the line. It is estimated that the

The last time that a train transported iron ore along the railroad that is currently being rehabilitated by Odebrecht International was 20 years ago

26 / no. 259 / june 2011

construction work will be completed in May 2012.

“Brazil Cuisine” Program at CONPAR Consortium From April 25-29 and May

families, took part in the

is made possible through

16-20, the city of Araucária, in

event and learned to prepare

a partnership between the

Paraná, received the third and

healthy, low-cost meals.

CONPAR Consortium, Paraná

fourth editions of the “Brazil

Cook Antônia Rosa Furtado

Industrial Learning Service

Cuisine” Program, held at

took part in the event for

(SESI) and the Municipal

the Center for Full Attention

the sixth time and explained

Government of Araucária. The

to Children, in Jardim

that she always prepares the

event, directed at the general

Califórnia, with the support

recipes that she learned at the

public, is free and lasts 10

of the CONPAR Consortium

courses. “With the course, we


(Odebrecht Engenharia

acquire more knowledge to

Industrial, UTC Engenharia

improve our health and well

and OAS). Over 170 residents,

being,” she said. “It’s worth it.”

including Members and their

The “Brazil Cuisine” Program

The “Brazil Cuisine” Program, which has 30 mobile units located all over the country, was organized in Araucária, Paraná / no. 259 / june 2011


> fast notes

COOPECON Promotes Aquaculture in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands The result of the social

hope to win over a wide range of

head office in the municipality

mobilization of fish farmers

consumers and also improve the

of Ituberá six months later. “Here

and families from the rural

families’ quality of life,” he said.

it is all for one and one for all,”

zone, the Continental Water

Associated with the

said José Raimundo, cooperative

Aquaculturists’ Cooperative

Bahia Southern Lowlands

member and Chair of its Board

(COOPECON) supports

Environmental Protection

of Directors.

workers by providing them

Area Mosaic Integrated and

with technical assistance

Sustainable Development

supported the initiative: The

and contributes toward the


Brazilian Ministry of Fishing and

development of the aquaculture

has 30 cooperative members

Agriculture, the bank Banco do

activity in Bahia’s Southern

who work with the production

Brasil, Odebrecht Foundation,

Lowlands. Through such efforts,

of fish in continental waters,

AguaVale, Pratigi Alimentos, the

it seeks to align social inclusion

primarily tilapia and pirarucu.

restaurants Baby Beef Bahia,

with the generation of jobs and

Founded in October 2010, the

Noronha Pescados, Qualimar


cooperative inaugurated its

Pescados, Netuno Internacional,

“COOPECON proposes to offer

Different partnerships have

Exceler Pescados, Alliance for

a unique product, one with

Sustainable Production and the

certification,” said Cleiton Passos,

Pratigi EPA Guardian Association.

the cooperative leader. “We

The last two institutions are also associated with PDIS.

José Raimundo says he believes that joint work should be a priority at COOPECON

28 / no. 259 / june 2011

Odebrecht Infraestrutura Awards Engineering Students

From left to right: the university students Pedro, Lucas and Felipe and the honored professors Bernardo Horowitz and Carlos Calado

On May 27, the Odebrecht Infraestrutura

Pernambuco (UPE), and Pedro EugĂŞnio Silva

Northeastern/CSN/Central-Western Office

de Oliveira, from the Catholic University of

held the seventh edition of the Odebrecht

Pernambuco (UNICAP), were the winners of

Engineering Award in Recife, State of

the 2011 edition of the award and received a

Pernambuco. The award recognizes Civil

trophy and R$ 10,000. The honored professors

Engineering students with the best academic

were Bernardo Horowitz, from UFPE, and Carlos

performance and honors professors from state

Calado, from UPE.

universities. Felipe Rodrigues de Oliveira, from the Federal

Created in 2004, the Odebrecht Engineering Award involves the partnership of the

University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Lucas

Pernambuco Regional Board of Engineering,

DurĂŁes Bezerra, from the State University of

Architecture and Agronomy (CREA-PE). / no. 259 / june 2011


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Embraport Members Participate in Introduction to Culture Program

On April 19, 28 Embraport Members participated in the Introduction to

organizational culture and emphasized

Culture Program, held at the Mendes

concepts such as Discipline and Trust.

Plaza Hotel, in Santos, a city located on

The program was led by Mariana Celete

São Paulo’s coast.

and Salim Khouri, from the People

At the meeting, the professionals

and Organization team at Odebrecht

learned more about the principles,

TransPort (OTP) and Odebrecht

concepts and criteria of Odebrecht

Infraestrutura, respectively.

Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) and

Embraport is a development being

watched the Organization’s institutional

undertaken by Odebrecht TransPort

video. The idea was to promote the

(OTP) in partnership with DP World, FI-

knowledge, understanding and

FGTS and Coimex for the construction

acceptance of the culture and foster its

and operation of the largest private

practice with the implementation of

multiuse terminal in Brazil. With

the Action Program (PA), for example.

plans to begin operation in 2013, the

Nuno Neves, the President of Embraport, opened the event,


reinforced the importance of the / no. 259 / june 2011

terminal will absorb investments of approximately R$ 2.3 billion.

All Embraport Members participated in the Odebrecht Introduction to Culture Program in Santos

Strengthening the Leader’s Role at the Construction Site To train and strengthen the leader’s actions during daily work and obtain positive results, the CONEST Consortium (Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial and OAS) held the Leader & Led Training from May 16-20, involving the participation of 240 Coordinators, Managers and Technicians. Members took part in individual and group activities and debates on self-esteem,

Leaders from the CONEST Consortium meet for the training

communication, planned

by consultant Samuel Salotti.

delegation, production and

For Antônio David, Quality

the Leader and Led. “CONEST seeks respect and balance in the

productivity and also watched

Manager, the initiative helps build

relationships to obtain positive

videos. The meeting was headed

a positive relationship between

results,” he said.

Members of CSN-Odebrecht Project Participate in Lecture on Alliance Contract On June 2, Members of the CSN-Odebrecht

“Because this type of contract is something

Engenharia Industrial Alliance in Volta Redonda,

new for many of the project’s professionals, the

Rio de Janeiro, listened to lectures on different

event showed how we act in certain situations,

aspects of contracts under the alliance mode

in addition to evening out the Members’

and learned more about cases of this type of

knowledge,” said Gisele Bueno, Contract


Administration Manager.

Roberto Bernardino Seixas, Supply Manager

In April of this year, Odebrecht Engenharia

at Odebrecht and specialist in the contract

Industrial and CSN (National Steel Company)

mode, coordinated the presentations. He

formed a partnership to install a rebar and

commented that the alliance contract represents

wire rod unit in Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro.

a cooperativism model where the companies

The unit will be called UPV - Long Steel and

involved form a unique and integrated team,

have a production capacity of 500,000 tons

sharing risks, problems and positive results.

per year. / no. 259 / june 2011


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Odebrecht International Participates in Campaign to Fight Malaria in Mozambique

The boy’s team, called “Preventives,” used an orange uniform and was sponsored by Odebrecht International

To celebrate the World


Council, BEBEC Youth Soccer

and international companies.

Malaria Day in Mozambique,

Association and the company

Odebrecht International

Odebrecht International

Brandel - Strategic and

supported the boy’s team

supported the soccer

Operational Marketing.

called “Preventives” from the

tournament “Child Without

During the event, 32 boy’s

Malaria,” promoted by the

and girl’s teams, consisting of

Office of First Lady Maria da

children ages 10-13, played

with a brochure on the disease,

Luz Guebuza in the city of

games in the group, semi-final

mosquito netting, milk and

Maputo, on April 22-25. The

and final stages. The teams

cookies, dental hygiene items

initiative gathered partners

received names related to

and a uniform and shoes, the

such as the Maputo City Youth

the campaign to fight malaria

latter of which were used in

and Sports Board, Maputo City

and were sponsored by local

the tournament. / no. 259 / june 2011

neighborhood of Urbanização. Participants received a kit

Acreditar Assembly Certifies Mechanics and Electricians Odebrecht Energia, in partnership with the

Plant (HPP). Renan Mota, age 21, completed

National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI),

the industrial electrician course and is awaiting

trained yet another group as part of the

an opportunity. “I completed the course

Acreditar (“Believe”) - Assembly Continued

because I identify with the area and because I

Professional Qualification Program in Porto

want to work on the project,” he said.

Velho, Rondônia. During the ceremony held

Implemented in January 2010, Acreditar

on June 2, 33 students from the Industrial

Assembly qualifies residents from the State

Mechanic course and 25 from the Industrial

of Rondônia for the Santo Antônio HPP

Electrician course received certificates.

Electromechanical Assembly work. The

The groups are participating in the selection

program has already trained over 400 people

process to work on the assembly construction

and approximately 300 of this total have been

for the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power

hired to work on the development.

Jorge Luiz Luz, Administrative and Financial Manager at Odebrecht - Assembly delivers the conclusion certificate to graduate Ivan Gomes Molino / no. 259 / june 2011


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Inauguration of Luanda Special Economic Zone Factories

The new industrial units of the Luanda/Bengo Special Economic Zone will manufacture items until then imported from other countries

Angola, was responsible for

development and encourage

Luanda/Bengo Special

constructing the structures

production for the domestic

Economic Zone (SEZ) industrial

and for the foundation work

market. Occupying an

units were inaugurated by

for five of the eight plants

8,300-hectare area, the

the President of the Republic

inaugurated. The company

project consists of four

of Angola, JosĂŠ Eduardo dos

installed transmission lines,

integrated structures: the first

Santos. The factories will

an electrical substation,

includes the administrative

produce articles that until

energy distribution,

area and part of the factories;

then were imported, such as

drinking water and sewage

the second, currently under

fiber optic cables, electrical

collection networks, in

development, includes the

and agricultural irrigation

addition to installing pump

construction and assembly of

materials, metal towers for


other industrial units; and the

On May 27, the first eight

telephone lines and energy

third and fourth are being

transportation and PVC pipes

in 2005 based on the industrial

prepared for the project

and accessories.

centers in China, Dubai,

expansion phase, which

the United Arab Emirates

includes the installation of

subsidiary of Odebrecht

and Manaus, in Brazil, aims

the steel and agroindustrial

AmĂŠrica Latina and

to promote the region’s


Odebrecht Angola, a


The SEZ Project, established / no. 259 / june 2011

COOPALM Featured on TV Globo Programs The 500 members of the Bahia Southern

On June 1, a news story on COOPALM,

Lowlands Heart of Palm Producers’

featured on the Globo Rural television

Cooperative (COOPALM) have plenty

network in August 2010, earned the

of reasons to be proud. On May 27, the

Support Service for Micro and Small

television program Mais Você, aired on the

Companies (SEBRAE) Journalism Award.

TV Globo network, highlighted the unique

Under the title “Heart of Palm Cooperative:

quality of the Cultiverde brand heart of palm.

Joint Action of Small Farmers in Bahia

Presenter Ana Maria Braga reinforced

Transforms Poor Families into a New Rural

that, by buying the product, consumers are

Middle Class,” the news story received the

both acquiring a certified and tracked heart

award in the category “Honorable Mention

of palm while also helping to promote the

for Cinematographic Reporter.”

social inclusion of hundreds of families of farmers in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands.

Click here to view the Globo Rural story, winner of the SEBRAE Journalism Award.

Click here to watch an excerpt of the TV Globo program, Mais Você. / no. 259 / june 2011







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