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Biocom: Angola Invests in Bioenergy Using Sugarcane / no. 253 /




No. 253 / MARCH 2011

4 new highway solutions for santo domingo

The Norte-Sul Consortium (Odebrecht Latin America and Angola and Estrella S.A.) and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Works and Communications signed a contract to build new highway structures for the city of Santo Domingo.


6 bioenergy is coming

Odebrecht Angola, Sonangol and Damer, which form the joint venture Biocom (Companhia de Bioenergia de Angola), are building the country’s first bioenergy plant in the municipality of Cacuso in Malanje.


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Members of Rota das Bandeiras are already working at the new head office of the concessionaire in Itatiba, rural São Paulo, which also houses the Operational Control Center, one of the most modern in the country.

12 to all our women…

The female Members of Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial, Odebrecht Latin America and Angola, Foz do Brasil and Odebrecht Infraestrutura were honored for International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8.

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> dominican republic

New Highway Solutions for Santo Domingo


On March 16, the Norte

structures for the city of Santo

Sul Consortium - formed by

Domingo, the country’s capital.

during the construction period. The new highway corridor

Odebrecht Latin America and

The Norte-Sul Corridor Project

will consist of eight structures,

Angola and Estrella S.A. - and

will receive investments of US$

three uneven and five tunnels,

the Dominican Republic

255 million and be completed

along a total extension of 6,200

Ministry of Public Works and

in 32 months. The companies


Communications signed a

expect to generate 3,500 direct

contract to build new highway

and indirect job opportunities / no. 253 /



Operating in the Dominican Republic for over 8 years,

“These projects will pro-

The illustration shows stretches of the NorteSul Corridor, the new project to free up traffic in the country’s capital

Víctor Díaz, member of the

duce significant savings in

Ministry of Public Works and

fuel, thanks to the increased

Communications. “We should

fluidity of traffic, and also

pay off the two developments

increase driver safety,” said

in five years,” he said.

From left to right: Manuel Estrella, President of the Estrella Group; Victor Díaz Rúa, Dominican Republic Minister of Public Works and Communications; and Marco Cruz, Managing Director of Odebrecht Latin America and Angola

Odebrecht Latin America and Angola is also responsible, together with Estrella S.A., for the construction work along the Duarte Corridor in Santo Domingo. The project includes nine highway projects that connect the city in the EastWest direction and will facilitate the commute of 1 million vehicles per day.

Over 1,550 Members work on the Duarte Corridor, already underway in Santo Domingo / no. 253 /




> angola

Bioenergy is Coming After five years of research, productivity

construction of the country’s first bioenergy

tests and the choice of the best species of

plant. It is an agroindustrial unit of Companhia

sugarcane for the terrain, Odebrecht Angola

de Bioenergia de Angola - Biocom, a joint

(subsidiary of Odebrecht Latin America and

venture formed by three companies located

Angola), Sonangol (Sociedade Nacional de

in the municipality of Cacuso, 350 km from

Petróleos de Angola) and Damer are moving forward with the

Luanda. During the first phase, the plant should process 2 million tons of sugarca-

6 / no. 253 /



ne per harvest. Distributed throughout 30,000 hectares of land, the sugarcane will produce 260,000 tons of sugar, 30,000 cubic meters of ethanol and 45 MW of electric energy. With the project, Angola, which imports sugar from other countries, should become production self-sufficient. “Currently, the country imports some 400,000 tons of sugar per year,” explained Rui Gourgel, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Biocom will help reduce exports and bring social-economic development to the country’s rural region,” said Gourgel. Furthermore, the operation of the plant will give the country the mastery of the technology it needs to manufacture ethanol. Biocom estimates that, in just a few years, the country will be able to export sugar and biofuel. The construction work began at the sugar production line and approximately 35% of the industrial assembly has been completed. During a visit to the installations on February 24 of this year, the Minister of the Economy, Abraão Gourgel, together with the Governor of the Province of Malanje,

Thirty-five percent of the construction work has been completed for the first bioenergy plant in Angola, called Biocom / no. 253 /




> angola The planting of sugarcane occupies 30,000 hectares of land

Boaventura Cardoso, highlighted the progress

Students spent six months in the country

of the work. “We were impressed with the

and received certifications from industrial ope-

progress of the construction work and we are

rators to manufacture sugar and alcohol and

optimistic that the plant will begin operating

cogenerate electric energy. “We participated in

next year,” said the minister.

theoretical classes at SENAI and the practical classes took place at the ETH plant,” said Elias


Jorge do Nascimento Mouzinho, Head of the

Last year, 62 Biocom Members came to Brazil

Environmental Conservation and Control Sector.

to take part in training courses at the Dourados

“We learned about mechanized harvesting and

National Industrial Training Service (SENAI) in

sugarcane transportation and storage,” he said.

Mato Grosso do Sul, with the support of the

“This partnership is an example of success

ETH Bioenergia Eldorado Unit.

8 / no. 253 /


between private companies from the two 2011

For six months, Members of Biocom participated in a training course in Brazil with the support of ETH

countries,” said Gourgel. “Angola has all the climatic and infrastructure conditions to obtain the knowledge that Brazil has,” he said. According to Gourgel, the project should have a work force of over 800 people and could produce approximately 4,000 indirect job opportunities. / no. 253 /




> rota das bandeiras

All together! Since March 14, Members of Rota das Bandeiras have been working at the new head office of the concessionaire in Itatiba, rural São Paulo.

sionaire. During the construction and installation of the new head office, a great deal of care

Built along the edge of the Dom Pedro

was taken, such as the acquisition of ergo-

I Highway (SP-065), at km 110 along a

metric furniture to guarantee the health of

2,000-m² terrain, the building, which recei-

the over 100 professionals who work at the

ved investments of R$ 12 million, came to


house all of the company’s areas, before


synergy between all sectors of the conces-

Furthermore, Rota das Bandeiras built a

divided into two different sites in the city

cafeteria capable of producing up to 2,000

of Atibaia. The change will help improve

meals per day and offered a bus to trans- / no. 253 /



Operational Control Center (OCC), one of the most modern in the country. Since the start of implementation of the intelligent highway concept, the concessionaire has already installed 73 monitoring cameras along the 297 kilometers of concession roads. Over the upcoming months, another 15 should begin operating for the comfort and safety of the users of the Dom Pedro Corridor. In addition to camera monitoring, the OCC allows for the operation of 11 variable message panels (VMP) - seven already in operation - and 23 traffic analyzers. The tools are used to count and classify the flow of vehicles, in addition to analyzing the highway’s capacity. The concessionaire investment program plans for a R$ 1.2 billion investment in the improvement, conservation and maintenance of the Dom Pedro The new Rota das Bandeiras head office gathers over 100 Members

Corridor during the first six years of the concession alone.

port Members between the cities of Itatiba and Atibaia. “We are investing in stateof-the-art technology and the training of our professionals to offer safer and more comfortable highways to the users of the Dom Pedro Corridor,” explained Managing Director Luiz César Costa. MONITORING CENTER The new building also houses the Rota das Bandeiras

The Rota das Bandeiras Operational Control Center (OCC) is one of the most modern in the country: safety and comfort for users / no. 253 /




> tribute

To all Our Women… Scaffolding Assembly Assistant. This is the function of the 15 women who participated in the Acreditar (“Believe”) Continued Professional Qualification Program and who today are part of the CONPAR Consortium (Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial, UTC Engenharia and OAS) in Paraná. Elizete Pinto dos Santos stated that the new work has been a great experience. “In the beginning, I thought that this type of activity could only be done by men,” she said. “But I discovered that I have all the prerequisites to be a Scaffolding Assembler,” she said. The leader of the Members, Rogério Soares, Technical Scaffolding Assistant, explains that he had never worked with a team of women before. “The productivity is excellent,” he said. “They are committed and have posture.” For Fábio L. de Mattos, the Safety Technician

The women of the CONPAR Consortium represent 10% of the construction project’s total work force

responsible for the area,

12 / no. 253 /



The 412 Members participated in activities to celebrate International Women’s Day

organization and cleaning

Not only were the fema-

are strengths of the female

le Members of the CONPAR

Members. “They are extremely

Consortium honored for the

willing to complete the activi-

globally celebrated date. The

ties and attentive to the servi-

woman’s role was also cele-

ce” he pointed out.

brated at the Organization’s

The 412 women who work at

different contracts and compa-

the CONPAR Consortium repre-

nies, both in Brazil as well as in

sent 10% of the construction

other countries.

project’s total work force. On March 8, the female Members


were honored for International


Women’s Day and participated

Because Angolan Women’s

in an afternoon filled with acti-

Day and International Women’s

vities focused on the theme

Day are celebrated in Angola

“Quality of Life.”

on March 2 and 8, respectively, / no. 253 / march 2011


> tribute

In Angola, the month of March is considered Women’s Month

March is considered Women’s Month. Therefore, the projects undertaken by Odebrecht Angola, subsidiary of Odebrecht Latin America and Angola, are promoting different activities during the month for their female Members. The events began on March 8 with a networking lunch in Luanda. During the following days, the women participated at the contract sites in theater Folkloric presentations in the Dominican Republic marked the date

14 / no. 253 /



presentations and listened to

Members of Foz do Brasil de Limeira, located in rural São Paulo, received gifts

lectures on different topics,

ting the country,” said Ana de

from the communities located

such as Women’s Rights,

Sousa Sebastião dos Santos

around the El Rio - Jarabacoa

Nutrition and Beauty, Women’s

Lopes, administrative profes-

Highway construction work in

Health, Malaria, Uterine

sional. “We have several diffe-

the Province of La Veja, for pre-

and Breast Cancer and the

rent examples of important

sentations by the Nodestana

Acquisition and Legalization

figures in Angola’s history as

Catholic University Folkloric

of Lands, which were led by

an independent nation, such

Group, which showed the typi-


as Deolinda Rodrigues, Irene

cal dances of different regions

Angolan Women’s Day is

Cohen, Engrácia dos Santos,

of the country.

recognition of the role that

Teresa Afonso and Lucrécia

women played fighting in the

Paim,” she said.

resistance against colonial

In the Dominican Republic,

CELEBRATIONS IN BRAZIL Foz do Brasil undertook

occupation. “The woman has a

Odebrecht Latin America and

actions at its units to celebra-

fundamental role reconstruc-

Angola gathered 200 women

te International Women’s Day. / no. 253 / march 2011


> tribute Members listened to lectures

14% of the total work force -,

and received cards and gifts.

who also received free beauty

At the “Live Happy”

Currently, the 352 women at

consulting services. At the

the company account for 21%

COMPERJ Water Main cons-

Project in Rio de

of the professional work force.

truction site in Itaboraí, fema-

Janeiro, cards with

In several different Brazilian

le Members received a visit

photos of the female

states, the female Members of

from members of the Center

Odebrecht Infraestrutura were

of Reference in Women’s

professionals were

also honored.

Assistance on March 17 and

distributed to the

listened to a talk about the

50 female Members,

from the Recife, Rio de Janeiro

“Maria da Penha” Law, created

and São Paulo offices received

to combat violence against

together with flowers.

cards, mugs and makeup.


The female professionals

In Rio de Janeiro, the

Learn more about other

Metropolitan Arch project

actions to celebrate

held a breakfast on March 3

International Women’s Day at

for the 37 women working

the Odebrecht Infraestrutura

on the construction project -


At the Dom Pedro I Corridor in São Paulo, female Members received cosmetics as gifts.

16 / no. 253 /




Sul, the Communication team of the Nova Via Consortium Communication (Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Andrade Gutierrez and Toniolo/Busnello) delivered roses and cards to the Members.





> fast news

A new Leader in Braskem’s International Area Luiz de Mendonça was

S.A. The business area focu-

chosen to lead the Braskem

sed on renewable raw mate-

International Business Unit,

rials, which includes Green

which is becoming part of

PE, will also fall under his res-

Braskem America - a U.S.-


based operation resulting

“Braskem is developing a

from the acquisition of the

very solid international base

polypropylene assets of

by firming a strategic position

Sunoco Chemicals in 2010 -

in the world’s largest consu-

and all the company’s global

mer market, the United States,

expansion projects, including those underway in Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. At

Luiz de Mendonça was formerly President of Quattor and has also served as the Vice President of the Polymer and Basic Raw Material units at Braskem

Braskem America, with head

where our operation already presents excellent results, including record production and a significant increase in

office in Philadelphia, he assu-

Carlos Fadigas, the current

cash generation,” said Luiz de

mes the presidency to replace

Business Leader of Braskem


Recognition from the Client In February of this year, the

the mark of 5 million man-hours

The consortium is responsible

CONEST Consortium, for-

worked without time loss acci-

for constructing the eight units

med Odebrecht Engenharia

dents at the construction pro-

of the Abreu e Lima Refinery

Industrial and OAS, achieved

jects for its two contracts.

in Pernambuco as part of the contracts for the Atmospheric Distillation Unit (ADU) and Diesel Hydrotreatment, Naphtha Hydrotreatment and Hydrogen Generation (HDT) Units. The ADU achieved 2.8 million man-hour worked without time loss accidents and the HDT achieved 2.2 million. Last month, Petrobras delivered the ADU team with a special plaque for reaching two million man-hours

Part of the CONEST Consortium ADU team celebrates the client’s recognition

18 / no. 253 /



worked without incidents.

Aquapolo Competes for International Award The Aquapolo Project was chosen to compete for one of the world’s main awards in the Water market, the Global Water Award, promoted by GWI (Global Water Intelligence), one of the main publications on water and sanitation worldwide. Aquapolo, founded as part of a partnership between Foz do Brasil and SABESP, will carry industrial water (reuse) produced from the sewage processed at the Greater São Paulo Sewage Treatment Plant to the Braskem unit in the Petrochemical Center located between the municipalities of Mauá and Santo André, in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region. The project, currently being constructed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura, is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the 10 largest in the world dedicated to reuse water production. The choice of the Global Water Award winner will

be determined through a voting by the sector’s main executives. The award will be delivered in April by

The advertisement for the Aquapolo Project in GWI reveals the characteristics of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest project dedicated to reuse water production

the former UN SecretaryGeneral, Kofi Annan, in Berlin, Germany. / no. 253 /




> fast news

Cultiverde Products Now Online Strengthening the relationship between consumers and farmers. This is the proposal of the

“Culticasts,” as they are known, feature interviews

website for Cultiverde Produtos Sustentáveis - the

with the field workers, who share their life stories

most highly sold brand in Brazil’s Northeastern

and the results they have achieved, as well as

region and the third most popular in Brazil for

interviews with the educator assistants and social

heart of palm cultivated by members of the Bahia


Southern Lowlands Heart of Palm Producers’

COOPALM is an institution tied to the Bahia

Cooperative (COOPALM). At the space, users can

Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area

learn more about the history and obtain the con-

Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development

tact information for some of the rural producers.

Program (PDIS), instituted by the Odebrecht

The website also offers recipes using heart


radio program, which is aired in the region. The

Foundation, and includes 496 members.

of palm, the certifications earned by the coo-

Visit the website. Access:

peratives and recordings of the COOPALM / no. 253 /



Qualification for Venezuela’s Subway The Los Teques Line 2 Subway, currently being built by Odebrecht Venezuela and Vinccler, received the Caterpillar Certificate from Venequip S.A.

The South IIRSA Asociación Odebrecht Perú (part of Odebrecht Peru, a subsidiary of Odebrecht Latin America and Angola) and the South IIRSA Concessionaire - Stretches 2 and 3 (Odebrecht Peru, Graña y Montero

for its organization and dedication to complying

S.A., JJC Contratistas Generales S.A. and

with the 94 standards in the 16 categories of the

ICCGSA - Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas

Contamination Control Program. The construc-

Generales S.A.) launched the “South Inter-

tion project earned the maximum score in the

Oceanic Guide: From Cusco to Rio Branco,”

qualification system at the end of 2010, receiving

with aims of promoting sustainable deve-

five stars.

lopment and encouraging tourism in the

The Caterpillar Contamination Control Program


is a system created to provide support for equip-

The publication offers information on

ment users with aims of boosting productivity as

the tourist points along the new highway,

much as possible and cutting machine operating

which connects two of the most important

costs, extending the useful life of the components.

Peruvian destinations - Machu Picchu and

It is focused primarily on the care and organiza-

the Tambopata National Reserve.

tion of the construction site areas, the correct sto-

According to a study of potential offer

rage of parts and components, the maintenance

and demand elaborated by Odebrecht

processes and professional training.

Peru and the South Inter-Oceanic Initiative (iSur), 60,000 Brazilian tourists from Rio Branco, in Acre, would be willing to travel to Machu Picchu along the South IIRSA. The highway passes through the Andes Mountain Range, rainforests and plains in the Peruvian Amazon, concentrating a vast biological and cultural diversity

The Los Teques Subway, whose Line 1 is currently operating, will facilitate the commute of Altos Mirandinos residents to the city of Caracas

along its extension. / no. 253 /




> fast news

Incentive toward Culture Ismael Mateus autographs his book “Laços de Sangue” (“Blood Ties”) during the launch, which included the presence of Angolan personalities from the areas of culture and politics

With the support of Odebrecht Angola (subsidiary of Odebrecht Latin America and Angola) and OLEX - Odebrecht Logística e Exportação, Angolan journalist Ismael Mateus launched the book “Laços de Sangue” (“Blood Ties”) on February 24 at the head office of the Angolan Writers’ Union in Luanda. Mateus’ publication, the seventh of his career, features an analysis of the country’s daily life, addresses social aspects, primarily those related to the current behavior of Angolan families, and encourages reflection on family values. Using a fluid style of language, the author also points out dilemmas and issues such as corruption, politics, old age and human relations. Odebrecht Angola was responsible for transporting the books, which were printed in Brazil.

22 / no. 253 /



Odebrecht Infraestrutura Receives Award a recommendation from Bureau Veritas Certification for the quality certificate based on the PBQP-H SiAC Level A standard, covering the scope of Building Project Execution. Responsible for the construction of the highway In Rio de Janeiro, 350 housing units are being built under the “Live Happy” Project

that will connect the future copper exploration and processing plant to the railway junction in Paraupebas as part of the Salobo Project in Pará, Odebrecht Infraestrutura earned first place among the VALE contracted parties in the Development Performance Evaluation Program in the items Health, Workplace Safety, Environment, Social

As part of the Salobo Project, Odebrecht Infraestrutura is building a road that will facilitate the transportation of copper

Responsibility, Administration, Physical Evolution, Resource Availability and Estimated

In February of this year, the “Live Happy” and Salobo

social responsibility. Undertaken in the city of

Earnings. The Salobo Project, under-

projects, undertaken by

Campos de Goytacazes, in Rio

taken by Salobo Metais

Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

de Janeiro, the “Live Happy”

S.A., a member of the VALE

were recognized in the cate-

Project – which involves the

Group, has the largest

gories of quality, health, work-

construction of 350 low inco-

copper reserve yet to be dis-

place safety, environment and

me housing units - received

covered in Brazil. / no. 253 /




> fast news

The teams involved with the P-59 commissioning test listened to lectures during the preparation for operation

Tests on the P-59 Rig On February 20, the Rio

along the legs. The test was

During the jacking process,

Paraguaçu Consortium

conducted with one-third of

the rig’s hull was lifted a few

(Odebrecht Engenharia

the legs assembled, since the

meters and since then has

Industrial, UTC Engenharia

structures will be completed

been maintained two meters

and Queiroz GalvĂŁo) conduc-

after launching the rig into

from the concrete blocks that

ted the main commissioning

the water, representing the

serve as the base for assem-

test on land for the P-59

advancement to the offshore

bling the unit. The idea is to

self-lifting rig in Maragogipe,

stage of the construction.

guarantee the space required


The entire procedure was

for the installation of the loa-

followed by representatives

ding skids to complete the

sists of the operating test

of LeTourneau, the licensing

loud-out and later launch into

for the lift system, the set of

company of the construction

the water, which will kick off

structures that characterizes

technology used in the P-59

the offshore stage of the P-59

this type of rig by allowing

and P-60 Project, and required

rig construction and assembly

for the movement of the hull

specific preparatory training.


The jacking procedure con-

24 / no. 253 /



Developing Partner Leaders At the end of February, Odebrecht

Workplace Safety, Health and Environment,

Engenharia Industrial in Argentina launched

Engineering, South Conduits and North and

the Contract Team Development Program for

South Compressor Plant areas, gathered on

Partner Leaders (PDEC) in the city of Bahía

February 24, 25 and 26 for the program’s

Blanca, located in the Province of Buenos

initial module. The meeting focused on the


theme “Achievement.”

The first group of the course, which con-

PDEC will continue for three months with

sists of 28 Members of the Gas Pipeline

distance courses and on-site meetings. The

Project and the Documentation, Finances,

other two modules will focus on Mobilization

Commercial, Administrative, Communication,

and Execution and Demobilization.

Members of Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial in Argentina participate in PDEC: training of partner leaders march 2011 nº 253 / março


> fast news

Solidarity on the Field

On March 11 at Maracanã

and Petrópolis. According to the

Stadium, Odebrecht

Red Cross, 2,500 people are still

Infraestrutura delivered the Red


Cross the donations acquired for the victims of the floods

Business Leader Benedicto Junior,

that affected Rio de Janeiro’s

the company has been collecting

Mountainous Region at the start

products and cash donations

of this year.

from Members since January,

After visiting the stadium remo-


Based on an initiative by

which are being maintained in a

deling work, the President of the

special bank account. The dona-

Rio de Janeiro State Branch of the

tions include cleaning material,

Brazilian Red Cross, Luiz Alberto

personal hygiene products, dis-

Sampaio, received the material,

posable diapers, mattresses, pillo-

which will be sent to families in

ws, sheet sets, clothing, food and

the cities of Teresópolis, Friburgo

water. / no. 253 /



Members from the Maracanã Stadium remodeling work place donated items in the Red Cross trucks

Clean Energy for Teodoro Sampaio In March, the ETH

vering the electric energy

Despite the fact that it

Bioenergia Alcídia Unit, loca-

made from the biomass

is currently in the period

ted in Teodoro Sampaio,

sold under the 2010 Energy

between harvests, when

rural São Paulo, began deli-

Reserve Auction.

ethanol and sugar are not produced, the unit is expor-

Alcídia Unit Boiler Room: electric energy made from sugarcane bagasse

ting 550,000 KWh per day of energy generated from sugarcane bagasse. All of the ETH units cogenerate clean and renewable energy. In 2012, the nine agroindustrial units will have the capacity to pass on 2,700 GWh per year, a volume sufficient to supply 4.5 million people.

Opportunity for Growth Through a partnership with Petrobras, Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG) is planning to contract 20 new professionals through the

generate work and income opportunities in the country. As part of the program, Petrobras, with the

Federal Government’s National Oil and Natural

support of the National Industrial Training

Gas Industry Mobilization Program (PROMINP).

Service (SENAI), created training courses for

The contracting should take place still during

technical professionals (rig, tower and drill ope-

the first half of this year.

rators) in the oil industry, with a focus on the

The workers will be located on the Norbe VI,

operation of drilling rigs.

Norbe VIII and Norbe IX rigs, which will begin

Eight OOG Members participated in theore-

producing still this year. Until the end of 2011,

tical classes in January as part of the first tower

OOG plans to contract 60 professionals.

operator training course. These professionals

Coordinated by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines

will also participate in the practical module with

and Energy, PROMINP was created to maximi-

the mentoring of other company Members.

ze the national good and services industry’s

“With the course, I can have access to new

participation in the implementation of oil and

opportunities for growth within OOG,” said

natural gas projects in Brazil and abroad and

Tiago Perrout de Castro, one of the participants. / no. 253 /




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