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Foz do Brasil and the Rebirth of Streams / no. 251 /





No. 251 / FEBRUARY 2011

forging paths, achieving recognition


The Rota do Sol Concessionaire, responsible for the construction and operation of Sector 2 of Rota do Sol highway in Colombia received the Business of the Year award in the PFI Transportation Yearbook.

rebirth of a stream > 6 the With aims of cleaning up streams, Foz do Brasil developed the Clean Stream Program in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in EspĂ­rito Santo.

10 good for dominicans and north americans


The Coral Expressway project in the Dominican Republic will use North American equipment and services with the support of Odebrecht Global Sourcing and ExIm Bank.

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12 a new space to read

To promote the cultural development of children and adolescents, the CONPAR Consortium inaugurated a Reading Room at the Dom Inácio Krause Health Center in Paraná.


lives transformed > 14 The Rights and Citizenship Institute (IDC), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, reached the mark of 300,000 people assisted in the Bahia Southern Lowland communities.

> 17 fast news

> 24 survey

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> colombia

From left to right: Federico Camacho and Alejandro SĂĄnchez, from Corficolombiana, representatives of the Rota do Sol Concessionaire; and Rod Morrison, Editor of the PFI Yearbook; during the award ceremony in London

Forging Paths, Achieving Recognition The trip from Bogota, capital of Colombia, to the Caribbean coast takes approximate-

total of 1,071 kilometers. The road will begin

ly 16 hours and passes through the Andes

near Bogota and traverse 39 different munici-

Mountain Range. It is faster to go from

palities before reaching the port city of Santa

Cartagena to Singapore by plane than from

Marta, near Cartagena and Barranquilla.

Bogota to Cartagena.

Odebrecht Latin America and Angola and

To facilitate the center’s mobility to the


the Rota do Sol Highway, which will extend a

the Colombian companies Corficolombiana

country’s coastline, reducing the travel time

and Solarte are part of the Rota do Sol

to 10 hours, the government is expanding

Concessionaire, responsible for the construc- / no. 251 /



On January 26, the Rota do Sol Concessionaire earned the Americas - Transportation Deal of The Year Award from PFI Yearbook 2010 (Project Finance International) promoted by Thomson Reuters. The yearbook shows the main case studies for 2010 from the sectors of renewable energy and infrastructure among companies from the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The financing project earned the award for negotiating the total amount necessary for the construction project investment, US$ 1.2 billion, with seven local banks. “It is the largest financing agreement for the last 15 years in Colombia,” said Alejandro Sánchez, Executive Vice President of Corficolombiana.

tion work and operation of the highway’s Sector 2. The stretch, considered the most important and longest, goes from Puerto Salgar to San Roque and extends 528 kilometers. The construction work is set to begin in April of this year and should be completed in five years. The concession period is 15 years. BUSINESS OF THE YEAR No dia 26 de janeiro deste ano, a Concessionária Rota

Stretch of the Rota do Sol Highway, the main road connecting the city of Bogota to the Caribbean Coast in Colombia

do Sol conquistou o Prêmio / no. 251 /




> basic sanitation

The Rebirth of a Str

6 / no. 251 /



ream The construction work for yet another stage of the Clean Stream Program, promoted by Foz do Brasil at Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in Espírito Santo, is drawing to a close. A the Cobiça Stream, which passes through the neighborhoods of Coronel Borges, Novo Parque, Santa Helena, Nossa Senhora da Penha and Santa Cecília, all of the properties have already been connected to the sewage network. With the new 3,500-meter network that collects and carries the effluents to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Coronel Borges, the residents no longer have to deal with the problem of dirty water, which caused diseases and discomfort. The construction work began in 2009, in partnership with the City Government and Agersa. “The water from the stream was dirty and smelled bad, especially in the summer,” said merchant Isair Gaudêncio Máximo, a resident of Santa Helena. “There were many rats and mosquitoes because of the sewage. Now, the water is clean,” he said. The Clean Stream Program receives part of a R$ 75 million package in investments from Foz do Brasil in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. The goal is to clean up the streams that traverse 32 neighborhoods until 2012. “Today, we have 10 teams working on the Clean Stream projects and other investment programs focused on sanitation and the supply of treated water,” said Marcio Tanajura, Unit Director. “This means an immediate improvement Isair Gaudêncio Máximo, a merchant from the neighborhood of Santa Helena, followed the construction work for the Clean Stream Program: “The water improved 100%.”

in the quality of life of hundreds of families from the city and districts,” he said. Through the project, the city should have 92.5% of its sewage collected and treated by 2012. The Brazilian / no. 251 /




> basic sanitation

rage is only 44% of homes with access to sanita-

until the end of 2012: 10 for the program alone,”

tion, according to a study disclosed last year by

said Marcio Tanajura.

the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Over recent months, the last connections were completed in the Gilson Carone, Vila Rica and Santo Antônio Streams. “By the end of

OTHER NEIGHBORHOODS BENEFITED Hundreds of families from other regions of the

2012, we should also reach the neighborhood of Rui Pinto Bandeira,” revealed the director.

city also began to benefit this year from sewage collection and treatment. The Clean Stream Program will also reach the Airport, BNH, Coramara and Caiçara regions. the same number of work fronts we have today / no. 251 /


Cachoeiro de Itapemirim receives other investments in basic sanitation that will take sewage

“To make this possible, we should maintain




treatment to large communities by the end of this year.

This includes the connections of some 300 properties at the banks of the Itapemirim River in the city’s downtown area to the network that carries the waste to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the neighborhood of Coronel Borges, as well as the construction projects that will take sewage from the region of the União and Monte Belo neighborhoods, using a special pumping system, to the same STP. There will also be activities to expand and modernize the center collection systems and install STPs in the districts of Itaoca, Córrego dos Monos, Conduru, Soturno and Burarama. It is predicted that the construction work will be completed during the third quarter of this year. CERTIFIED QUALITY This year, the Cachoeiro de Itapemirim sewage treatment obtained the ISO 14001, international quality certification. The Foz do Brasil concession in the municipality has had the ISO 9001 for 10 years. “We proved that the sewage treatment complies with all federal, state and municipal legislation,” said Adriana Altoé Pigatti, the professional responsible for People and Organization at the concessionaire. “Obtaining the ISO 14.001 was an objective of the Foz unit in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim,” she said. Members of Foz do Brasil work on the stream sanitation projects in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim / no. 251 /




> exports

Good for Dominicans an The Dominican Republic will use North


being installed by Odebrecht Latin America

American equipment and services to construct

and Angola, will connect the capital Santo

the 44 kilometers of the Coral Expressway

Domingo to the main tourist destinations in

through US$ 34.5-million loan granted by

the country’s Eastern region.

the Export-Import Bank of the United States

Odebrecht Global Sourcing - responsible for

(Ex-Im Bank). The Coral Expressway, currently

guaranteeing the use of North American equi- / no. 251 /



nd North Americans pment and services for the company’s projects

“The financing will contribute toward

worldwide - will export the goods of small sup-

the expansion of Dominican infrastructure

pliers and major companies from the United

and the country’s economic growth, cre-

States for the project. The Ministry of Finances

ating more job opportunities both in the

will reimburse the financing granted by the

Dominican Republic as well as the United

crediting bank, BNP Paribas.

States,” said Fred P. Hochberg, CEO of Ex-Im Bank. “The transaction will also help promote the continued business between the North American exporter companies and Odebrecht Latin America in the Caribbean and Africa,” he said. Ex-Im Bank helps create and maintain North American job positions, filling financing gaps to strengthen the competitiveness of U.S. exports. For Vinício Fonseca, the professional responsible for Export Financing at Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (CNO), the Ex-Im Bank guarantees and BNP funds give CNO access to new sources of financing. “The Coral Expressway is a pioneering project that results from the partnership between CNO and Ex-Im Bank,” said Fonseca. Juvenalito Gusmão Jr., Contract Director for the project, explained that the partnership for export credit has given the project access to lower interest rates. “We were

The construction work for the Coral Expressway should be finished in 2012. With its conclusion, the travel time from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana, the country’s most important tourism destination, will be reduced from four to two hours

able to offer unique solutions to the client, the Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Works and Communications, adding value to the relationship,” said Gusmão. / no. 251 /




> incentive toward culture

A New Space to Re

From left to right (in the back, standing up): Salete Severino, Psychologist from the Dom Inácio Krause Health Center; Karina Zimmermann, Social Assistant; João Henry Muller, Administrative and Financial Manager at the CONPAR Consortium; and Antônio Costa

“Gabriel is reading increasingly better and is


The reading room where Gabriel learns and has

more interested in books,” said a smiling Lilian

fun is new. The room was inaugurated on February

Pires Ferreira, resident of the municipality of

10 by the CONPAR Consortium (Odebrecht

Araucária, in Paraná, commenting on her eight-

Engenharia Industrial, UTC Engenharia and OAS) in

year-old son’s participation in the Reading Project

partnership with the city’s Department of Health


at the Dom Inácio Krause Health Center. / no. 251 /



ead The space, created by the consortium, assists

“We want to encourage the well being of the

an average of 35 people. New furniture and

Araucária community and the cultural develop-

more books were donated to ensure the conti-

ment of the youth,” said Antônio Costa, Contract

nued success of the Reading Project, created by

Director at the consortium.

speech therapist Regina Gabardo five years ago.

Ferreira believes that the new room is yet ano-

“The reading room is a dream come true,” said

ther incentive for children and adolescents. “It is

Gabardo. “By creating the habit of reading from

a specific space for reading and Gabriel loves the

an early age, children’s speech and writing skills

workshops. “With the new books, the children

also develop better,” she said.

will love it,” she said.

The new reading room was assembled in two containers of the Dom Inácio Krause Health Center with more books and more space for the workshops / no. 251 /




> citizenship

Promoting social inclusion: this year, IDC reached the mark of 300,000 people assisted

Lives Transformed In her quest for guidance to resolve a problem


Separated from the father of her seven chil-

that had been bothering her for a long time,

dren for two years, the stay-at-home mom sup-

Veranisse de Oliveira, resident of the municipality

ported her family by herself. In the attempt to

of Presidente Tancredo Neves (PTN) in Bahia’s

resolve the situation, the IDC team suggested

Southern Lowlands, knocked on the door of the

the Conflict Mediation process, which uses dia-

Rights and Citizenship Institute (IDC).

logue to try and find the best solution for those / no. 251 /



involved. “After the settlement, everything got better,” said Oliveira. “I don’t have any more problems with the father of my children. The pension is being on time. I regret not seeking out IDC sooner,” she said. The idea to search for support at the institute came from her daughter, Jeane de Oliveira, 23, former student of the PTN Rural Family Home - a teaching unit that, similarly to IDC, is associated with the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), instituted by the Odebrecht Foundation. Jeane explains that the agreement was established during a hearing at the IDC. “My mother needed this support and everything was resolved with a conversation. Our family’s relationship improved,” said the youth, who currently works in the administrative area of the Pratigi Environmental Protection Area Guardian Association (AGIR), an institution that is part of PDIS, and is also the President of the Graduate Community - an initiative that gathers the former students of the teaching units to continue with their training.

Veranisse (to the right) with two of her seven children, Luciano and Maria Keilane. Through IDC, the family gained access to the Conflict Mediation service and drew up its documents / no. 251 /




> citizenship

IDC supports the development of citizenship in the communities of Bahia’s Southern Lowlands by raising peoples’ awareness

AT THE SERVICE OF THE COMMUNITY At the start of 2011, the IDC passed the

the services that also helped the Veranisse

mark of 300,000 people assisted in the Bahia

family. “I now have all of my children’s docu-

Southern Lowland communities. “It is a great

ments, including my own identification card,”

victory for citizenship and a result of the

said Veranisse.

credibility and trust that the institution has

The Southern Lowlands population has access

gained,” said Maria Celeste Pereira, Executive

to the services offered by the institute at three

Director of the institute. Pereira highlighted

Rights Desks located in the municipalities of

the partners’ efforts toward the practice of

Nilo Peçanha, Presidente Tancredo Neves and

Participative Governance. “We have the first,

Camamu. In 2010, the Justice and Citizenship

second and third sectors working in an inte-

Desk arrived to the Presidente Tancredo Neves

grated and synergistic fashion to promote

and Nilo Peçanha units through a partnership

social inclusion,” she said.

established with the Bahia Court of Justice. “In

Since 2004, IDC has helped develop citizen

this way, the agreements established will be

life by raising the community’s awareness

approved by a judge,” said Pereira. “We are hel-

and disseminating participative democracy

ping to reduce the legal demand and promote

by structuring and strengthening social

social pacification,” she said.

organizations. It promotes legal advisory,


issues basic free civil documentation - one of

Veranisse expressed her satisfaction with

supports conflict mediation actions, trains

IDC. “Here we are at home. “We don’t need

Guardianship Councils and Associations for

to pay bus fare to go to another city. My life

the Rights of Children and Adolescents and

changed.” / no. 251 /



> fast notes

“The wOrd ” with a New Look “The wOrd,” an internal newsletter published by Odebrecht United States, subsidiary of Odebrecht International, opened the year 2011 with a new layout. With a blog format, the website was reformulated to follow the trends of social media. Members have access to the latest news on the company and can also learn more about Odebrecht’s operations in the United States. Users can also share their ideas with other readers by posting comments. View the new “The wOrd:”

A New Financing Project The ELOS Consortium - Ligações de Alta Velocidade S.A., formed by Odebrecht Investimentos em Concessões Ferroviárias (OICF), Bento Pedroso Construções, Brisa, Soares da Costa, Iridium/ Dragados, Edifer, Lena, Zagope and CGD, responsible for the Poceirão-Caia PPP1 Project, earned the Deal of the Year award in the “High Speed Projects” category, granted by the Project Finance magazine, a global reference for the sector. The PPP 1 consists of the Portuguese stretch of the high speed connection between Lisbon and Madrid. The 1.5-billion Euro project for the construction and 40-year operation of the 170-kilometers of the Poceirão-Caia concession was recognized for the shareholder companies’ participation and for the competence when conducting studies and completing the bidding procedures, completed by RAVE - the company created to develop the program. / no. 251 /




> fast notes

In slightly more than four months of activities, the PVC MVC Project trained over 60 people as part of Acreditar

Training Local Labor Through an alliance agreement with Braskem, Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial and

blers took place on February 3.

Genpro Engenharia have become respon-

With the topic “Artists of Life,” the event

sible for the PVC MVC Project in Marechal

showed each participant’s progress during

Deodoro, Alagoas. Since October of 2010,

the two months of courses. Also pre-

the companies have been building the PVC

sent were the Marechal Deodoro Mayor,

and MVC Units with a production capacity of

Cristiano Matheus, and representatives from

200,000 tons per year.

Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial, Braskem

The project has already trained 66 people as part of the Acreditar (“Believe”) Continued Professional Qualification Program. The ceremony to deliver the certificates to the first


groups of carpenters and hardware assem- / no. 251 /



and the National Industrial Learning Service - SENAI (an Acreditar partner). Currently, 35% of the permanent work force consists of residents of the Alagoa city.

A Tribute to a Forerunner in Science in Brazil To celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, Braskem, in partnership with the Alagoas State Research Support Fund (FAPEAL), launched the contest “The Life and Work of José de Freitas Machado.” Designed for students from undergraduate and graduate courses of Brazilian universities, the contest encourages participants to reflect on the life and work of José de Freitas Machado, founder and first director of the National Chemistry School, founder of the Brazilian Chemistry Society and student of the scientist and Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie in Sorbonne, Paris. The works must be between 80 and 120 pages and follow the norms of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). The deadline for delivering the work is April 29. The three top projects are awarded. First place will receive R$ 10,000, second place, R$ 5,000 and third place, R$ 2,500. The best work will be published and launched at the Alagoas International Book Biennial in September of this year. For more information and to sign up, students should access the website

An Example of the Spirit of Serving

With the conclusion of the first stage of the taxiway, the second phase of the South Luanda Project should be completed during the second half of the year

“When the client requested that we deliver

stage of the taxiway was completed under strong

the taxiway at the Luanda International Airport

rains and higher-than-normal air traffic due to

ahead of time, we had only been working for two

the holidays, without interrupting the airport’s

and a half months, corresponding to 25% of the

operations. “We were twice as careful when we fit

total construction work. We mobilized the teams

the new lane together with the main one, becau-

and completed the 75% that remained in 20

se we had to guarantee the safety of Members,

days,” said Marcos Torres, Contract Director at the

airport employees and passengers.”

South Luanda Project. The construction work was

The completion of this initial phase of the

completed by Odebrecht Angola, a subsidiary of

taxiway helped free up the airport’s main runway

Odebrecht Latin America and Angola.

and reduce the take-off and landing times, facili-

Torres explained that the conclusion of the first

tating users’ travels. / no. 251 /




> fast notes Alan García makes a speech during the opening of the InterOceanic Rally: union between Brazil and Peru

High Speed on the South IIRSA From January 18-23, the South Inter-Oceanic Highway (IIRSA) in Peru hosted the Inter-

organizer, Ricardo Flores. Driver Nicolás Fuchs

Oceanic Rally. The race car competition gathe-

was the winner with a race time of eight hours

red 57 Brazilian and Peruvian drivers who raced

and 57 minutes.

2,280 kilometers, from the Peruvian city of

The South IIRSA extends 2,594 kilometers.

Nazca to the Brazilian municipality of Rio Branco

The South Inter-Oceanic Concessionaire, for-

in the State of Acre.

med by Odebrecht Peru (70%) and by the

“The Highway Corridor is designed to unite

Peruvian companies Graña y Montero (19%), JJC

Peru and Brazil and form a unit of growth and

Contratistas Generales S.A. (7%) and Ingenieros

development for the future,” said President

Civiles y Contratistas Generales - ICCGSA (4%),

Alan García during the

participates in the construc-

opening of the com-

tion, operation and mainte-

petition, held at the

nance of 649 kilometers of

Patio of Honor in the

highways along the Stretches

Government Palace.

2 and 3, which extend from

The race was star-

Cusco to the border with

ted by the Minister of

Brazil, in the region of Madre

Transportation, Enrique

de Dios.

Cornejo, Home Minister,

Nicolás Fuchs passes through Puerto Maldonado, the second stretch of the race

Miguel Hidalgo, Brazilian


Ambassador to Lima, Jorge Taunay, and rally / no. 251 /



Supervisors Gathered On January 29-30, Odebrecht Infraestrutura

relations, Adriano Verardo, from the Workplace

held the 2nd General Supervisors’ Meeting at its

Safety and Environment area, showed indexes

head office in Salvador, Bahia, involving the parti-

from the area and highlighted the importance of

cipation of 68 Members from 20 projects in Brazil.

safety aligned with production, Ivette Guimarães,

During the opening of the event, André Vital,

from Odeprev, spoke about future planning, and

Bahia/Sergipe Managing Director, spoke about

consultant Ricardo Guterres addressed topics

his professional career, about the 2020 Vision

associated with leadership and reinforced the role

and about the importance of supervisors for the

of the supervisor as a leader-educator.

Organization. Carlos Cezar, Administrative and Financial Manager of the Aquapolo Project, discussed labor

Participants also visited the Odebrecht Cultural Center, located at the Organization’s head office.

Odebrecht Infraestrutura gathered 68 construction project supervisors from all over the country

New Actions for a New Project On January 24, the team from the Converpro Consortium, formed by PDVSA IC and Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial in Venezuela, presented its 1st

costs US$ 500 million, is set for completion in December 2012. José Humberto Gil, General Manager of the con-

Action Program (AP) for the Puerto La Cruz Refinery. sortium, participated in the meeting through PDVSAThe AP associated with the preliminary construc- IC, and Paulo Sá, Operational Manager, Francisco tion work for the refinery was disclosed during 11

Penteado and Paulo Cesar Fonseca, members of the

presentations for the leaders and members of the

Converpro Head Committee, were present to repre-

Head Committee. The construction work, which

sent Odebrecht. / no. 251 /




> fast notes

Tetra Pak’s Top International Supplier During the last quarter of 2010, Braskem reas-

in the ranking by volumes, in addition to an

sumed the position of top international supplier

exclusive relationship with the Tetra Pak plants

for Tetra Pak.

in Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, South Africa and

Since 2006, the company has established its place as one of the top companies. “Being num-

Kenya. “This achievement reflects the daily efforts

ber one is a difficult task and earning this recog-

made by the Product Development, Laboratory,

nition is truly the result of a great deal of dedica-

Applied Engineering, Quality, Production

tion and persistence,” said José Roberto Gracio,

(PE1, PE4 and PE5), Shipment, Supply Chain

Supply Director at Tetra Pak Brasil.

and Commercial Service teams, as well as the

The main products supplied to the Tetra Pak

Sales Assistants,” said Cláudia Arruda, Accounts

Group are low density polyethylene and metallo-

Manager at Braskem - PE. “They also deserve con-

cene, which guarantee Braskem the 4th position

gratulates for this new result achieved,” she said.

Maracanã against Dengue On January 24, 26 and

of the construction project.

Municipal Environmental

28, the Maracanã Rio 2014

The actions were developed

Department, as well as videos

Consortium (Odebrecht

by the Communication and

on how to prevent the proli-

Infraestrutura, Andrade

Health, Workplace Safety and

feration of the Aedes Aegypti

Gutierrez and Delta) organized Environment sectors.

mosquito. They also visited an

a campaign to combat den-

exhibit on the topic and par-

gue, designed for Members

The workers watched a play put on by the Rio de Janeiro

ticipated in phrase contests. The winning phrases will be displayed throughout the construction sites. On the last day of the campaign, some of the Members were chosen to form an Anti-Dengue Brigade, with the support of the Municipal Department of Health and Civil Defense. The members of the brigade received training to work as multiplying agents.

Members o the Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium gathered to combat dengue

22 / no. 251 /



Good Practices Make a Difference With aims of recognizing the good practices of Members and publicizing them, the Pirapama Production System, undertaken by the Pirapama Consortium (Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Queiroz Galvão and OAS) in Pernambuco, has promoted the Professional of the Month Program since January. Every month, five workers chosen from the Water Treatment Plant, Jordão Reservoir, Cabo Reservoir, Steel Water Main and Cast Iron Water Main receive medals.

Assistant José Cosmo da Silva, from the Cabo Reservoir, celebrates the recognition together with Sérgio Viana, Production Engineer

The professionals are recognized for the correct use of PPE, for their participation in the Daily Integrated Management Training and in other periodic training, for their knowledge of the processes implemented at the construction sites and for the good results in the qualimetry evaluations, for their activities to promote sign system and their noninvolvement in work incidents.

Carpenter Jerônimo Enrique da Silva, from the Cast Iron Water Main, receives the medal from Diogo Ortiz, Production Engineer / no. 251 /




> fast notes

Safety that Earns Awards

Part of the Odebrecht United States team: Celebration for the awards tied to Safety at two projects

The care taken by the North Terminal

incidents in September 2010; and “Excellence

and MIA Mover teams from Odebrecht

in Safety Training” for the continuous trai-

United States at the Miami International

ning of Members focused on the topic from

Airport when it comes to safety was recog-

September 2008 to September 2010.

nized by the MDAD (Miami-Dade Aviation

The North Terminal teams were awar-

Department). The ceremony was held on

ded for “Excellence in Safety” for the 1

February 4 at the airport itself.

million man-hours worked without time

The MIA Mover Project earned the awar-

loss accidents last October; “Excellence in

ds for “Merit in Safety Performance” for

Safety Training” for the 500,000 man-hours

reaching 400 man-hours worked without

worked without incidents; and “Excellence

time loss accidents in April of last year;

in Safety Training” – these last two in

“Excellence in Safety” for two years without

December of 2010.

survey Please take a moment to answer the survey on the new Odebrecht News format. We want to hear your opinion!

24 / no. 251 /



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