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Windermere--The Little New England City in Florida When people think of living in Florida, they don’t often think of a quaint New England village; however, Windermere is the exception to this rule. Although it is a short drive from Orlando, Windermere has the quiet feel of a small town due to the tree-lined streets and quaint architecture of many homes. These factors make it ideal for potential homebuyers to consider the Windermere homes for sale in this area. About the Town Windermere has around 3,000 residents, which lends to its small town atmosphere. Education for students in grades K through 12 is offered here in the way of both private and public schools. The transportation system is dynamic, with well-maintained roads connecting it with other cities in the area. There is a strong city government here that includes a town manager, city council and mayor. Windermere also has ample fire and police protection, with emergency medical services provided by Orange County Fire and Rescue. There are plenty of Windermere homes for sale, so people who would like to relocate here can find a home to fit their needs and budget. New England Charm One of the things that is unique about Windermere is that it feels more like a town in New England than a town in Florida. Many city buildings have the same type of architecture found in that region of the country. The town hall is a Cape Cod style surrounded by mature oak trees and an oversized brick path leading to the front door. Windermere’s police station looks like a cottage, with a front porch running the entire length of it. While many of the Windermere homes for sale have more modern architecture, they nonetheless add to the charm and elegance of the town. Near the Lakes Adding to the New England appeal of Windermere is the fact that it is located near several local lakes. Lake Bessie is southeast of town, Lake Butler is to the west and Lake Down is on the east side. Several other lakes are nearby, all of which are connected via a series of canals. As such, this area is known as the “chain of lakes” in central Florida. Those who enjoy the boating lifestyle may want to check out many of the Windermere homes for sale that are located in or around these lakes. Housing Market Like many other towns in Florida, Windermere was also hit hard by the recent housing crisis. The good news is that this area is experiencing a strong recovery. Windermere homes for sale have increased in value more than 42% since January 2011. This is good news for people who would like to relocate here because this indicates a strong economy and stable housing market. Best of all, since Windermere real estate prices are on the rise here, homeowners can realize equity in their homes much quicker than they would if they purchased outside this area.

Windermere is an ideal place to work and raise a family. With a strong real estate market and the feel of a quiet New England village, this town is a peaceful oasis that is still close to major attractions.

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Windermere - The little New England City in Florida