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Why Are Stainless Steel Appliances So Popular? In the past, stainless steel appliances were primarily used in restaurant kitchens, and considered solely commercial appliances. In recent years, however, they have become increasingly popular items to have in private homes as well. Those who are intrigued by the hype and are considering stainless steel appliances for any of the homes for sale in Longwood can read on for more information about the advantages of these appliances. Power One of the main draws of stainless steel appliances is their power. A commercial grade stainless steel oven, for example, can provide any of the homes for sale in Longwood with anywhere between 17,000-35,000 BTUs (British thermal units) of power in the kitchen. Considering that the average kitchen stove produces approximately 12,000 BTUs of energy, this makes for a serious appliance that cooks quickly and efficiently. While not everyone needs that much power in a home kitchen, it is often appealing to serious home chefs who want to replicate the experience of cooking in a professional kitchen. Durability and Longevity Another advantage of stainless steel appliances is their durability. This arises from the fact that such appliances were originally built to withstand the wear and tear of a busy commercial kitchen, and are constructed out of heavy-duty chromium that resists deep scratches, rust, and other natural results of long-term use. This means that purchasing a stainless steel appliance for any of the homes for sale in Longwood will be a sound a lasting investment, as these devices will often outlast the competition. Moreover, many of these products come with an extended warranty and, in some cases, even a lifetime guarantee. Status Many people believe that the increasing popularity of stainless steel appliances has to do with the message they send. In other words, a person who owns one or more of these particular appliances may often do so as an expression of his or her serious interest not only in kitchen design, but also in cooking. After all, these are not the most exquisite pieces, and many of the larger scale models are rather unwieldy. Nevertheless, if purchased for one of the homes for sale in Longwood, these appliances will demonstrate to visitors that the homeowners are serious chefs. Easy to Clean Another benefit of adding stainless steel appliances to any of the homes for sale in Longwood is that they are incredibly easy to clean. The material out of which these appliances are constructed resists dirt and debris, meaning that grime will not become embedded in the surface. To clean a stainless steel stove, all that’s needed is a mild kitchen cleanser and a damp rag to keep the appliance looking spotless. Because the surface resists stains and rust, it isn’t even necessary to do any heavy scrubbing. Germ Resistant In addition to being incredibly easy to clean, stainless steel appliances are already some of the most hygienic appliances on the market, and don’t need to be sanitized as religiously as other kitchen appliances. Just as the surfaces of these appliances are constructed to resist dirt and debris, their nonporous designs are also built to repel any germs or bacteria that might easily make its way into a less durable product. In the homes for sale in Longwood, cleaning stainless steel with a regular disinfecting cleanser will remove any germs that are merely sitting on the surface. Food Preparation In the past, one of the main concerns in commercial kitchens was that any food placed on counters or stoves would react with the chemicals on those surfaces and appliances. To avoid contaminating the food with any germs or foreign

materials that might be embedded in the kitchen appliances, commercial kitchens started using stainless steel, which— again thanks to its nonporous structure—resists contaminants. As a result, it will not transmit anything that would contaminate food being prepared in any of the homes for sale in Longwood, nor will the stainless steel surface alter the taste of any food that comes in contact with it. For anyone who cooks often, this is a major draw. Increasing Availability The popularity of stainless steel appliances might also be seen in terms of a “chicken or egg” scenario. In other words, their increasing popularity might be a result of their increasing availability, or their increasing availability might have triggered their recent popularity. In either case, the fact that the appliances have become so easily accessible has certainly added to the overall sales. Consumers can not only purchase stainless steel stoves and refrigerators, but also microwaves, countertops, toasters, and any number of smaller appliances. Stylish Another reason that stainless steel appliances have become such a popular option for homes for sale in Longwood is because many find them to be aesthetically pleasing. Because the stainless steel maintains its shine, it gives a kitchen a sleek appearance, and its simplicity appeals to those going for a minimalist design style. Because so many pieces these days are made out of stainless steel, it is also possible for homeowners to coordinate all of their appliances, which can effectively tie together the look of a kitchen. Cost Efficient The cost efficiency of stainless steel appliances also adds to its overall appeal as a decorating option. By outfitting any of the homes for sale in Longwood with stainless steel appliances, homeowners can save a significant amount of money. While other appliances might need frequent repairs down the line, or may need to be entirely replaced, stainless steel products are renowned for their long lives and sturdiness. They come in a range of prices, from $500 to almost $8,000, but even the lower priced models are a sound investment. The drawback of stainless steel appliances is that over time, they will sustain some scratches and scuffs. The general wear and tear, however, will still be minimal compared to other kitchen products, and stainless steel will maintain its like-new appearance for years longer than the average appliance. Thus, for those shopping for homes for sale in Longwood and looking for a durable and hygienic appliance in their kitchens, stainless steel may be the answer.

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